The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1952
Page 3
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•ATORDAT, AFRIL W, 1991 A Con Bill Vtcck Do It Agoin?-New Browns Seem to Be Cooperating •hides of Horatio Alger. what's with these fired up Browns? We Vi " ^ E-or>ufiy—- Mississippi County hogged mosl t»k« »d»y o« from the sports pages and what'happens? Boom, there's -Pi? 1 ? '", .?, D ^ tl " ict Three track meets here ye » strange face In the first division of the American Le»gu«: * lth 1-eachville winning the Class A crown, Wilson Or <vuiirf it. ho fhai-. r rt ,«. ,,.v™ ,-.. tile Class B title 3nri RK'Hi^triJi^ ?;»;,.i*;,..- ..-„-.-.1 • , •racking printer's d«vll has set the landings upcidc down? ™The Brownies' resurrection, after being buried In the dismal quarter of the league eel- lar for nigh onto 10 years, has been hot conversation for morning coffee sessions. Baseball fans are asking "Is this guy Veeck going to do it again?" Veeck, as you probably know, is known as baseball's H o u d 1 n 1. Show him a club RJJI that appears absolutely hopeless and what does he do? He buys it, turns it Into a three-ring circus and walks away with his pockets bulging. His secret is psychology. HQ peddles his product by ridiculing it. For instance, the day he.took over the Milwaukee club there were 22 people in the stands. During the game Veeck introduced himself to the "crowd" and offered them their money back. But there were no A few days later this sign was painted on the center field fence "If you .think today's team is worse than yesterday's, wait until you see tomorrows'." Veeck 'operates on the principal that you have to make money to stay open so he doesn't watt until he gets a pennant contender built before he goes after the crowds. Instead, while he's building, he builds up the crowd appeal with uncanny Ideas. And so far it's worked. After the second year with that Milwaukee club, Veeck and his partners paid off an $85,000 indebtedness and still had money in the till. "Keep 'em Guessing" Veeck's idea of crowd appeal is "keep 'cm guessing." Never let the fans know what to expect. In his baseball years he has given away as door prizes, such items as fresh lobsters, a 'swaybacked horse,- nylon hose, orchids. 200 pounds of ice. stepladders and uncaged pigeons. All this, plus free beer and hot dogs, he parlayed Into record- breaking gates on two different oc- wlse- caslons. , After Milwaukee and World War II, in which he received his crippl- , - ing leg Injury, Veeck went to Cleve- The situation at Cleveland was almost the same as Milwaukee. But not for long. Veeck went to work. Hn moved real Indians Into center- fieM, free beer and cokes flawed like water and fare-paying customers were escorted to their seate by Veeck himself. And while he was building up the gate receipts, he was building „„,- ._....,„_. .... .._- „„....... a _ B [0[a , 0 , 37 pojnis, Bl pennant winner for Cleveland. His score d 34 3/5 Jonesboro first year there Cleveland .finished Leachville 17 Wilson in sixth place but more than a mil- Osceola failed to score' lion people paid their money to see In the A divhlm ol ' tne cen(or "ec-ck's side enow high meet Blylheville's Chicks The next year, the Indians fin- scored only one first place victorv ished fourth but in 1948 Veeck's That was in the sso-yaea run which •""""""' •"••-"- -'"•'•- was won by Billy Phillips in 2 51,600,000 "white elephant" came home. The Indians won the pennant and beat the Boston Braves In the World Series. That season the Tribe's attendance zoomed past the two and a hnlf million mark. Two years later, Veeck scld his Indians for a reported $?,200,000. Hopeless Case? Now Veeck has come lo St. Louis to take up another "hopeless cause," the Browns. St. Louis fans got a taste of the Veeck showmanship for a short time last year. He gave them the same treatment he did fans in Milwaukee and Cleveland plus baseball's first midget, and they liked it. But this Is » new year and Veeck is trying hard to give the loyal Brownie fans some new Browns. And. to go with Veeck's magic touch, the Browns are on fire under the guidance of their new manager Rogers Hornsby, the old St. Louis Cardinal. Just how long It will last only time will tell but regardless of Us longevity, it is adding prestige to an already popular Veeck. Nobody thought the Browns could do it, with or without BUI Veeck. Nfaybe Veeck meant what he said last winter when he described his secret weapon for the 1952 season as "get a couple of Browns on every other team and louse up the league." ".^ Stranahan, Strafaci In North-South Finals By KEN ALYTA P1NEHTJRST, N.C. (Ft— The fellows named Prank—Slr«ruihan »nd 8tr»faci—each with a pair of North and South Amateur Championships In hi« collection, went after » third title In today's 38-ho)e final*. BWL Teams Will Begin Play Monday The Blytheville Y's Bay Window Bo (t ball League, for men 30 years of age and older, is scheduled to open Its 1952 season at Little Park Monday afternoon, ^ the 1952 curtain raiser will be the American United Life Insurance Company Lifers and the fll implement Company Plotvboys. The game la scheduled for 5:30 p.m. The Lifers last year finished second in the league running while the Plowboys finished In the second division. Play will be resumed Tuesday afternoon with the defending cnam- plon Sullivan-Nelson Chevies meeting the Moose Club. Wednesday afternoon, Mead's Clothiers are scheduled to play the sixth team In the league,-a sponsor for which has not been found. -» Stranahan, 29-year-old Toledo, Ohio, muscleman whose hobby Is weight lifting, continued on his program of winning every third year with a 3 and 2, 36-hol» semi-final victory over Mai Qalletta, St. Albans, N. Y., yesterday. Stranahan won in 1946, repeated three years later, and now, ag/irt three years later, is one victory away from the title. Lange, Sudbury Win at Softball Lange's Softball teams divided a double-header yesterday afternoon in "Y" league play at LIU 1<* Park, as the fifth grade team defeated Central by a score of 23-12 .while <%• sixth grade was losing to Sudbury by an 8-7 count. The Fifth Graders had two bfe Innings, ringing up ten runs In the first »nd seven in the third frame, >nd coasted In. Ronnie Huey and Russell Smith were the winning battery. For Central Tex Turner was the pitcher and Phil McDer- the catcher. Lange almost pulled the 6th Grade game out of the tiro In the final inning. Trailing by 8-2, they rallied to push across 5 In the fifth to give Sudbury a scare. Batteries for Sudbury Danny bratcher and Charles Coalter: for Lange Larry Fitigerald and Talbol Wictner Qtkk RELIEf FIICHM MISERY OF man to win two in a row (1938-39), outlasted Harry Hnverstick ol Lancaster, Pa., for Ms fourth successive one-up victory. Stranahan, playing much sharper than in earlier matches, was slx-under par for 34 holes against Gnllettn, who was two-under for the distance with occasional bursts of putting and chipping brilliance. Strafaci 8 Over Strafaci was six-over par for 36 holes, turning in B pair ot 7i s for his two trips over the 1,001-yard No. 2 course of the Pinehurst Country Club. Slrannhan's performance was remarkable considering the weather. It rained heavily throughout most of the morning rounds and the first nine holes of the afternoon. The course, scorched by several days of near-90 temperatures played much longer as a result, but Stranahan didn't seem to mind He was over par on the very first hole, but never again. He handled his irons and putter exceptionally dropping one 45 footer and two from 30 feet. Galletu led one-up after 18 holes by virtue ol an eagle on the 16th and a birdie on the 17th Stranahan and Strafaci, who tied at 70 with Billy Joe Patton of Morganton. N. C., for the medal in the qualifying round, have met once before In match play. Stranahan was the winner, 4 and 3 In the first round of the 1»« National Amateur. (ARK.) COURIER OTJWS ^ A V^MEJ P il S Leachville and Wilson Win District Track Titles, Paps 2nd . /^L't-.I._ Jt.t • A f* • « _____^__ * Chticks 4th in A Running; Osceola Second in Class B 41 /-.. V. *'ii ••••--""« "•!<= vjiuris n uiuivil, n HSUn TaKHlfr the Class B title and Blytheville finishing second in the junior division. L«achvllle won the Class A championship with R total of 50 relay teams both came in first. Hill placed second In the shot putt, Weinbcrg was second In the Boston •-— high Jump and Dunn was second in phii»,iM,>hi» In the Class B division, Wilson the <»scus. I'miaclolplua carried off Ihe championship with (otal of 54 & points. Osceola was with 45',i, Enrle third with . Brookland fourth with 10 and Cash scored only six points. Blytheville's Papooses placed ce second to Plggott In the junior division. The Fisgott Juniors scored total of 37 points. Blytheville , Jonesboro 19 1/5 Leachville 17, Wilson 13 3/5 and mins, 13.1 seconds. Montroe Holland, the Clucks' big weight man, placed second in both the discus and shot and both times Nelson of Leachville beat him DiJohnson Leads Noogans to Win Lookouts Trounce Barons 8-2; Memphis Clucks Whip Mobile Ky T)ie Associated Pres. „„„, Henry DiJohnson belatedly got ymi c (>>lanrQ In nil., r, n ~ n ~~ _* r, ... IJHll out. his chance lo play a game of Southern Association baseball last night .„ , for Chattanooga and nil he needs „' £ 111 to B o rlBhl on to the major leagues E^"?" 1 ? Is to keep up Ihe good work. Birmingham Nelson Won Shot Nelson won the shot put with n loss of 46 ft. ll}:, inches. His discus throw of 131 ft. 2}j Inches was good enough for first place, too. Blytheville placed second in two relay races, the 880 and mile. Jonesboro won the 880 relay with a timing of I min 40.2 seconds. Piggitt took the mile relay with a timing of 3 mins. 53.7 seconds. Leachville copped five other first places. Bryant won the 100 yard dash in 10.4 seconds; Jones and Nelson won the high hurdles 18.1 seconds; Jones and Littlefield tied for first place in the pole vault, vaulting an even 10 feet and Nelson and Jones finished one-two in the broad jump. Nelson's winning leap was for 20 ft. 10 ins. Blytheville's juniors carried off four first places, und two seconds in the junior division. Little Sammy Lum stepped off the 50 yard dash in six seconds flat to win first place, Danny Cobb tossed (he shot 41 feet, one inch to take first place In that event; Danny Edgmon hurled the discus 122 ft. 4!i inches to win and the Pops' 880-yard relay team came home first in 1 min, 48.8 seconds. Cobb also got himself a second Place In the low hurdles which was won by Hipp of Leachville in 18.5 seconds and the Paps' 440- yard relay team came In second. Teal or Wilson won the 220 yard dash- In 25.9 seconds nnd placed DiJohnson came to bat three times and got three hits; one hit was a much needed triple; he knocked in three runs; stole a base. st T „„,= K pm ,! f"!, and got himself hit by a pitched r h 'i^» , V li ^ u ^ "„ * hall which sent him to first base ™ c "?° 7 tCi " cin ™ li ' . _ free of charee Brooklyn at New York, postponed . . ham-Chattanooga games this season Birmingham hasn't won a putt. 5 Firsts fnr Wilson In the B division, Wilson captured five firsts and seven seconds 'to cop top honors. Osceola Strafaci, 35-year-old insurance high' hurdles, Preels the shot y f ars ^o. The »'"* slz , ed , *"»»man from Pushing. N. Y., last P»«.and Roberson the high Jump, tt?^"?^^ ^I? £ Robinson placed second in t h ^ low_hurdles, Jones was second in the pole vault, Roberson was second in the broad jump and Wilson's 440, 880 a'hd mile realy teams all came in second. Hill mid Weinberg placed one two in both the 100 nnd 220 yard dashes and Hill won the broad Chi™™ jump. Osceola's 440 and 830 yard j cin ™*° NATIONAL LEAGUE W i, Pet GB Brooklyn 7 1 .875 8 2 .750 1 5 3 .025 2 S 4 .556 2'.'4 4 .500 3 4 1 .364 4i' 2 2 6 .250 5 2 8 .200 6 ||GS Chipper Cubs Refuse to Fold, Now In Striking Distance of First Piace cinrinnntt yolr Pittsburgh AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet GB Louis St Boston Cleveland j Washington New York Chicago Philadelphia Detroit free of charge. With that display to lead them, the Lookouts again whipped Bir- rain mingham. 8-2. Of Pour Binning- game. A Third Baseman DiJohnson, a third baseman up from Niagara Falls, has a lusty hitting average of ."37. Memphis whipped Mobile 4-3 to end a 7-Inm'ng game losing streak and put a stop to Mobile's 3-game victory string. Tom Breisinger made his first start of the season with Russ Opplfnger finishing. Atlanta defeated Nashville 8-6 In -- weird game of wild pitching and ortd fielding and New Orleans won from Little Rock. 6-4. Two Midgets Are Booked On Mat Card Two midget wrestlers who made quite a hit with Blytheville wrestling fans in their first appearance second in-the sITnlheTunio'rdr- h «e two years ago are booked Vision. Blocfcer of Leachville won ?? the Amenciln Legion's card for the junior pole vault, vaulting %[& tconfm -SL s s^^^-xs^ show Monday night with midgets Tom McRay and Tiny Roe scheduled to perform their a ntlcs in one. In the other 90-minute time lim wnn iiv» first V,i j ,.•""•""" In the o her 90-minute time llm- ZV'hT V^X" second"" 5eC - !< "<>"_<• .'» m Be " di * *"> ""• «• For Wilson, Payne won first in Lee Fields. the 880-yard •run7c;rant'\vo'n"'th"e- , MCR " y ","" *° B W " e tW ° ° f thC low hurdles, Robinson took the '»"•• midgets_that showed here two but they know and can do all the tricks of the trade. -In their first showing here, the midgets made such a hit that they were held over by Promoter Meroney for a second week. Read Courier News Classified Ads. PLANTING SEED SOYBEAN SEED We have Ogdcn and.., Dorlch No. 2 Cleaned $ J\ QQ and Sacked. Ready for ** '* w immediate delivery. 4! COTTON SEED Empire Cotton Seed, first year from breeder. Discounts on large lota. 6 50 PER HUNDRED RED TOP GIN CO. N. Highway 61 Phont 3756 .815 .818 .800 14 .500 3'i .444 4 .125 6>,i ,000 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Mobile Ne\v Orleans tie Rock Chattanooga UlanU Won Lost Pet. Memphis 10 9 6 7 6 5 5 « YESTERDAY'S RESULTS National League rain Philadelphia at Boston, postponed AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland 5 Chicago 4 New York at Washington, postponed rain Boston at Philadelphia, postponed rain Only (amei scheduled ......... A year ago the windy town ran a fever over lis While Sox. The go-go Sox were the rage. Paul Richards was the reigning genius. Now the Sox are struggling along In sixth place. Wrigley Field in- '.erest Is perking up. , K .,=n ,,, M °5 l o f Ihe National League 7 i« rr owners ridiculed Ihe Cubs all win- 1 " '' " '.cr for not making deals. "What can they do with (hat club?" they asked. "How can they afford lo st.ind pal? Eddie Miksis Is the only pro on the roster." That was (he way the conversation ran at the winter meetings and around the training camps, too. Sure they won the Grapefruit League title. But they did that last year. It didn't moan a thine. Or did It? The Cubs have carried (heir fine pre-scnson play Into the regular senson. With a 6-2 record they're within clutching distance of the lead, trailing Brooklyn by only one game. Prankie Bnumholtz has been a spring sensation. In ycslerdny's 7-3 win over Cincinnati, he rapped a triple and two singles lo boost his average to .455. He has hit safely In all eight Cub games. Hank Sailer's home run and two runs tatted In boosted him into a second place tie in both departments wllh three homers and 12 .7U .600 .545 .538 .462 .455 .357 .308 Southern Association Chattanooga 8, Birmingham 2 Memphis 4, Mobile 3 New Orleans 6, Little Heck 4 Atlanta 8, Nashville 6 TODAY'S GAMES National League Brooklyn at New YorJc Chicago at St. LouU (night) Philadelphia at Boston Pittsburgh at Cincinnati American League Cleveland at Detroit New York »t Washington (night) St. Louis at Chicago Boston at Philadelphia Southern Association Night Games Memphis at Mobile Little Rock at New Oriesru Birmingham at Chattanooga Atlanta at Nashville Texorkana Skeet Champion Dies KANSAS CITY (IT) — Horace M. Barnes of Texarkana ,Ark., 46-year- old national skeet champion, died In a Kansas City hospital yesterday. His death was attributed to a head injury suffered in a fall on a Texarkana street last month. Read Courier News Classified Ads BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING Monday, April 28 8 p.m. A-ulfl 5 Oc-Chiidr« n 15e MIDGET WRESTLERS IJ TINY ROE TOM McRAY vs. On« Hour Tim* Limit — Best 2 Out of 3 Falls SECOND MATCH JIM BENDIX v.s. LEE FIELDS 90 MinuN Tim* Limit—Best 2 Out of 3 Falls SERVICE-, - will keep your TRUCK POWER j tUP EXPENSES DOWN* PROMPT MRVICC REASONABLE PRICES per By JACK Aseorlilrd fin* RAND Sport* fl'rllcr s iThn'^hc^rockrtrwkle"* 1 ^^ '"V"""^ Tha( dub '" scc<md " lace lsn '' the "*"* horse" Phil- York Qlants. C-h-1-c-a-B-o Is the word. yesterday, had boon so hot at bat Early Wynn and Billy pierce until that ho chased Miksts over to short- tho ninth. After stop when he returned to the line up. Bob Kelly silenced the Reds with f!v« hit. r M,' , innings. Given a two- five hits for his first win while run lead In the first of tho ninth handin Ewel! Bl ' ' e ea n e handing Ewel! Blackwcll hi, sec- ha couldn't stand -,~ ;, , — ..*,.,.,..o BJ1U io c.nb L ei a uy wim me winning run. HBIS - Bol) Rammnzzotti, hltless It was a tight bnttlo between . straight losa. Blacky blew » 2-0 lead and reliefer Nilcs Jordan didn't do any better. Gerry Staley of lh« St. Louis Cardinals needed help from reliefer Al Brazle and solid hitting by Wally Westlake, Stan Muslal and Steve Bilko to whip Pittsburgh, 6-4. The 28-year-old curver hnd a shulout until the seventh, when the Pirates Jumped h| m f 0r i«. 0 m0 re In the eighth, Brnzle came In. Wcstlnke, a former Pirate, hart threa straight hits, ona a dotible. nntl Muslal smashed three singles to account for half the Cards' 12 hlls. Bulky Steve Bilko had two doubles and a single In the attack on loser Joe Muir nnd four others. Hurry Simpson, who floundered with a .229 average In his rookie yenr, wns the big notse In Cleveland's 5-4 victory over the White Sox. The fleet outfielder capped a three-hit day by doubling home two runs In the last of tho ninth to tio Ihe score after Chicago scored two In the top half. Simpson then came hrwn« on Luke Easter's fly with the winning run. Tha upstnrt Brownies and Do- .roll wera not scheduled. Everybody else was rained out, Including the first '52 Polo Grounds meet- Ing of Brooklyn and tho New York Giants. Got What I Deserved,' Umpire Scotty Robb Says CEDAR DROVE, N.J. (*V-Umplp. Dougla. (Scotty) Hobb sayj he deserved tho public wrlst-jlopplng handed him thin week by National League President Warren Giles and hopes the incident Kxm will be forgotten. At the same time, from his home here, the umpire denied reports he may be planning to resign anri snld he would be in St. Louis today to resume his duties. "Mr. Qlles made tha only decision he could have made after hearing the report," Robb ndded. "I mtule a mistake and was punished for It. "No. I'm not n. bit resentful of the way the matter was handled. I think I deserved what I got," Reports that Robb was planning n',.;ht after he had failed to show ufj for his regular uslgnmctit In Pittsburgh and hnd returned to his home here. "I Just had some personal business I wonted to clear up," the umpire Bald. "I got permission to get the day off. It was just a colnct- ilence. that's all." Robb wns fined and disciplined publicly by Giles for shovfng- Eddie Stanky, manager of the St. Louis . ,-ar - ncnnati to cunt sivcpt baseball ranks last I night af Cincinnati. Card - Cincinnati game Tuesday . Ray IJ o o n a homered in the second, Pierce shut out the Indians on one hit through the next six innings. Given a two- icrity. Still & Young's New Service Manager T. H. "Tim" Est«« KM been appointed S*rvic« Manager at Still & Young Motor Co., Liiicoln»Mercury dealer in Elytheville, it was an- nounccd. For 3'/j years Tim has been Parta Manager of this firm. Now, as Serric* Manager, he invitee you to bring your car in soon. Enjoy the personal attention that's always your* at gtiU -~-~.....j, .....iiuf,*., ul me ot ,_ LjOUlS --•">•" "* TT iij o juuta HI Ollu Cardinals during a flareup In the & Young Motor Co. Walnut Card - ClnnlnnaM onm* T*H Q ...J n »-,. , ~. , n«*».*»» & First Streets. HTIHCHT < L0«6i» Phillips Motor Co. 300 Broadway Phone U53 Want a Good Job? In Your Bfyfheville's Big New Modern Safeway on or about May 5th Safeway will employ • Meat Cutters • Meat Wrappers • Food Clerks Women - - 18 to 30 years of age Men - - 21 to 35 years of age Group Insurance wllh rlepencJonfs covcrBRe. .. Sick Benefits. . .Paid Vacations.. .No Experience Necessary . . . Persons will be given complete training in (heir phase of work ... Interviews Will Be Held Saturday: April 26th 2 till 8 p.m. Sunday: April 27th 1 till 3 p.m. At fh« New Sfor« Location 224 W. Chickatawba St. ' SAFEWAY

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