The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1947
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VOL. XLIV Acreage in Cotton This Year Shows 17 Per Cent Gain jl^AKKA^A^-mKSDAY, JULY 8. I'.MV Farmers Making iMgwes for Arkansas showed 2,070000 a gain of 20 per cent over last year's " " 'Hie 1947 indicated acreage for* ' the Southland was 3,199,000 o per cent greater than ' las year and "the first marked • increase in acreage since 1937" the department said. r,t compared with a 10-year (11)33-45) average acreage ol 2< 517.0^0 acres. The department had asked farmers' to plant 25000000 acres. Nearly two-thirds of the entire increase took place in Texas. 'Acre- s'Be under cultivation on Jidy 1 was large, than last year in' all slates except Oklahoma. Increases of more than 25 per cent were reported in Texas Missouri. Florida. New Mfxico. Arizona and California. Increases of 5 to 10 per cent were reported in Norlli Caroilm. South Carolina, Georgia Tennessee and Louisiana. ' The department said that during April and early May temperatures were generally below normal nnd PJIFIV CTVlirJll n,nf 1 ._ • rn's early growth retarded over . wm , openly seek a "working an;\n°c- menf for the two worlds. hopfii ,, o-".- un vm,-» ic i amcd over an extended area. I n late May and early June conditions were mostly favorable and cotton made good progress. However. af;ain in late June unseasonably cool weather prevailed and the crop now is later than average in Cento] and Eastern states. Yiflil Estimate Delayed No estimate of cotton production ml), be given for another month, but trade estimated have forecast a crop of snnl c 11,500,0™ bales The 1047 cotton crop u of greater importance because last year's pro- ^ " — -v.vt— v duction of 8.BOO.CCO bales wa s the ? rmert . tllc teeth—made a trini Plies are "barely ^^noughTi * ussU pla -« Drl a .vj nff o.'tme Russia's refusal to rear), agreement on Germany, and JUT rojcc- FDR's Plans For 'OneWorld'Fade Nation's New Leaders May Soon Frankly Admit Plan Has Failed Wider Use of Bank Facilities Key Banker Reports Operators in Strong Position Financially V Russia's rejection'of m,o "Marsl'iall Pl»n gave dramatic sunpnit to- f- -~ >vi,ii: allilpuj i I/)day to American foiei-n ]>olicy officials who believe ihe wnrtiine Brand alliance was an illusion aiul that the late President Rimscvetfs design for "one world" is dead Some arc proposing i!i,,i, tnc U. S. admit this publicly as it has oce:i recognized privately in these quarters for months. Th , v woul , nnnllllr conU ~ ,. . . Most of these officials, who a-c Secretary of Slate George c Mar- lh f d . v , iscrs ' ncvcr Have beiicv- that the Roosevelt conncpt of one world wilh a coonorallve Kns- sia wns practical or fcasib!" Mr Roosevelt bad doubts but,' ], 0 ' ^"S''. th . C , «Keni ? livc-tw,, worlds Estimated cotton flcreape hi itetes with 'percentage comparison vi») last year's acreage Include: Virginia 21.000 acres UD 5 r * nl ,, ; : N .° rlh ^ r 2"» a 625,000 acres cent; South .Carolina l.- cres, up 9 per cent; Kor- acres, up 30 per cent Tennessee SfS.oco acres up ^ cent; .Alabama H.5'0,030 - —= 2 per cent; Mississippi acres, up 3 per cent: 070,000 acres, up 20 per cent Louisiana 875,000 acres, up 5 per Trio in Jail After Chase on Highway 18 Two Phillips County youths and another «;io refused to rits- clcse his address arc in the county ja.l here today being held for Helena officers on two known and two possible charges. They are Abner Burl Boddie 1« Roycc Iran Claborn. 18, both df Elaine. Ark., and J. E. Sullivan 24 who gave no address. They ' are known by state police to face charges of burglary and grand larceny involving the theft of n car in Oklahoma City, Okla., June 28 The trio was captured yesterdav afternoon after a 90 mile-an-hou'r rlwsc that ended when the 19« Bmck they .had stolen "threw" .1 Piston rod. siolc Policemen C. E. Montgomery and IA. E. Chronister nw tion of any role" .., lt r economic plan, combine co European ip'jrt claim tlmtV "™ AV "° 1- There are at least "i wo worlds';—led by the u. s. and the cilable for the forseawe futui^and maybe never. 2. Theise two systems urc dc«tined to fieree-Hncj probably last™?,.,^ lltic *' ,. anrt ^onomlc com- „ the Increased costs of piorinchif. crops and the availability ?m," 10 r, '",'" e< " li l >me "t. t"t volume of bunk credit used by ArkBii- Mis farmers Is currently higher n » w ? s " yenr aeo ' "Cording o n. A. Lynch, president of The Kanncj-s H : i nk & Trust &, w] ™ represcnLs (he Arkansas Bankers " 0< j,! ?" iis Mississippi County "However. Arkansas farm fauil- ies nrc probably in the strongest nnanclal position lhHl thcv ' ^. l ever been." Mr. Lynch said. "Less farmers need lo nse the bank oredl nvui nl> c to thwn because contl.u,. ing hiBh nu-m Incomes make It possible lo nuance operations out o income and when credit Is uwd i is retired when crops are sold " neporting on the results of a third nallojiiil survey of bank lendine 'ii«do by the Agricultural Commi" sion of the American Bankers Association, Mr. Lynch said that Ar- hansas farmers u.sed only a fraction of the bank credit RvaHoble lo them during 1940. However, the 206 insured commercial banks which serve S? 7rl ™!. t . 1 , l J 0l - ll V^!:I l tate marie 86.- toai Bevin Places Great Hopes For Success of Marshall Plan Club. lilbutlon lo (he unity „[ (i, c |>coii|es 01 ruro "•'" kC """' He made his prediction before the W'mdsv "Europe is bleeding-bl,. t . rt |i, K to»—-J~__!__.___ <l<-nth."l,e S1 ,ld."H,,mr,tbc s toppcO.|lc'iis of n ^moment I» slopping we have got lo rule out | "°" 'I'' 1 olhcr liund then- Is i| lr , •my Prejudice, either n'li«to M or) ofTT^ ~!"" vcry """»>' l'»'»IK'cl Iclcologlcnl. , . M I'lodudng (1 ,,ity without loueli- I", the jH.liticnl side nt ,,n," i, e i K. 'I 1 ' 01 " '' Klsln « ll «»< «' - lalnl.v not nccolorntliiR it. 'We have (| 10 opportunity of «p. IM-mrlim,. (lie problem upou un e • llnml.. I... ..i . ... . ""< "" "" I m COIOfilClll. .' 't Voa , llttvc K< ? 1 '» Prevent you*, •wives from becoming Irritated whi? ion are n(lacked. You have to llinitlKn« ll-. . . ""in Ml member (he ctinrucler \vhlcl reasons of hlsto *hcp i r«- pi'lcil e loans to 50.872 farmers. These ns aegrcKated W7.190.000 of whic J37.810.000 remained outstanding o n hart twice uwvful , LwiL-t! the amount in use at any time, available for additional loans to iarme.s if the demand existed. Farm Mor'tjajes Increase During 1946, loans on farm real estate „ Arkansas increased substantially. There were 8.173 farm mortgages made for a total amount of S10.367.000; «nd $8,410,000 oTlhi, volume remained outstanding on January i, 1M7 . Tn€ rt^ moS" enge debt 1s higher than it was a J[T 3 ^' lal[hou «h * still renulr^ oniw about one-half of the existed in rlod following World War Farm production Joans 46 8S ? 10 " nS to T "^« 46,823 were made by- Arkansas ' smou .. was outsUnding uary i of this year. The^roauotto loans averaged only *1,1J4 each.' Apparently the ••farmer*' abort and net in the way lliey do;," llllcnl dllTpi-cnces uddrd (o thVproip- Romania Denier Idea of Boycott Paris Conference On Marshall Plan Starts Tug-of-War i , 1 :^: s ;^:.«:. «j"-» - -n,c ^ FTVE CENTO — i _^ ~T riTB UEfflB Lewis Wins New Victor^ Adding Billion a Year to Fuel Bill for Americans earlef r,' L, b '' 0:u ' ra ' st a (ew I""'™ eailler fion, Moscow provided si route new evidence llmt „ diplomatic Ur -of-war was in DI-OBI-CSS over the bovct satellites h, Eastern E,n Ihc spokesm,-,,, . sa |,| taken n o decision „, ila had the Anglo*»o refused to - when his Rovernmcnt would - -- —^" "i.^ i;"vt:rnmcnt decide or what its decision i)D. H,^ 0 *' hncl 1)ron(I <«i<* ""dor a "ueharest dateline, " nK |, n !,,,..„•„" know,, here, the Homanian ..over ment decided not to ink" ,»"",, .flf. PnTifot-ft«n^ i> ' * * * tl the conference. T1C 8o»1ot radio Fair Board Lets BuildingConlract Kennctt, Mo., Firm Gets Award for Two New Structures o faircrmmtls hen- was let l,y I 10 Mississippi Counlv ).•,,),• Aw , ( , to , night ... L. If. Autry said today |u. Km "IB to ijtllc nock torn,),,-"!!, :llsens.i with S |,, (( . offjclnh mi n|>nro|irinllnii lor tlif woiil'.l lie nvnllnbic. The contract „„., , fft tn „ Kc ,,. Mo., rirm it n Hll , Uic Fiili- Associntloi, last r "'"nl work Is not i'N|n>i-(r- until Hie stiito fiiniJ.s ivailablo by tlic fitalo ri- trol lioard In Littlj- Rod:. »*ll'. Alltl'V Mill! bin ,..!! • ins of ;'it but In he- rclunl Thn consirucllon Incluik'.s -i row Ncero CKhiblt buildin.. to replace KKO a,',d l J ln J...!"!™"'".»•« ym« petition, conflict, rivalry In which and the dan B or war always is inherent but not necessarily inevitable. 3. It is not. necessary to'jump to the conclusion that u,,, (wo systems must fight it out now lo- Determine whlcl^is the better, jj,°" L,,rt f, u ' s ; is to prove '" R»«ia and the rest of thc world that Ms system is best, it must remain constantly alerted w,, wi ^ moves and unfuUillable tin eats" indecision, disunity ,,t ill1m ., .„ ,{ internal polilical. social and economic disintegration. Roosevelt's idc.i j)j M ,, a ,,^, v ijif^f In Beneral t cfnl?t Unl L , 1)rob . as close as it is possible *. —„, ,1^ ItJ i:t ij'j.sjilr some at this time to statin-, policy, toward Russia. to arc . i nf:l -cas- American officials ,,.„ . lllrl - cas iBly convinced that the "sham" I unity must l re abandoned TPuv f "Lift? H llllk U is "ecessnrny since it is so although they bbtfowed mor list year, their outstandlngs at t hc year end were less. Another favor- 1 lint % "f the Prw>nf«tuatton is that the fnrwers own substantial savings in cash, bank deposits and United States Bonds. P ° Slts ' A possible wiirce »r d»n«*r lire •n the trtnd toward, the higher cost of equipment and improve- wh± Th D " y reach » P»"" where these purchases cannot be financed out of current Income. "Another factor in the ArkansTi agricultural picture which bankers are watching carefully Is the nrlcp of farm lands. Based on 1912-14 a v erases at 100. fche averse farm land 1 « CS ° f jL C ^ <»• March f. on le Premier Lnjols Dlnnyes was " -Smith mid pi,, e uinif.' iwnllablo n s sor.n" iis ii\' a '-'•: in ihe fjtl *rtion Fm-.d from current Osceola Paving Project Outlined City Plans to Spend $40,000 to Improve Principal Streets C , { ! r: . l ; OllAl ll|lly »•—'"Inns for i. Mii|:e-«-tih' street iinpt-civemeni foi Osei'olii (hut w lll cost im <-sti- nmled S-iD.OBti were unnomu-od to- <lny uy MII.K"- Hen (.-•. untlcr, The |iliin:< o,,n fnr | iu , hl , (ck _'liu: mid widening of nil (.ravel i'lM, . . 0:iw ' olil - ciuliliiK of in K^t, , "^ fi'om the O.iceola lilBh £>;:lion| I 0 Hi,. Wcoleni cltv limlls. the wldenln,. ,,f inuhwiiv 111 iron, Us inlersccMon w ,u, Highway -10 South (t , Kclm , A enue. ami n, e erection <,[ whilc- wiiy poll's ulniii; Highway 01 over (he i.iune aren. The |i:ivn m r ,f (jrm-cl Wl . wls - Heen uiven priority ov .:r the ci her p^u In the rlly Imnrove- 1111111 uimpiilitn mid ui, r-slhualed Northern Mine Owners Yield- Pits Idle in South and West CHAKU-S II. IIKHROI.I) Democrats Admit Tax Bill to Pass House Rules Out Consideration of Any Amendments >,.„«.."~* "."", ''"-' Ult i«« that the regt of ™_«ncl Kar WcBternow-would fall line witliin / " The nnt-ycur 51.105 baa Ju), «, ( u r ,_ July 1 8. (UP) . !io l n r ,[°;'^ ^!"*^ ™»^onl- &1 calis irtL'^c-l,,,;'",? itoSM^ b5 ' "'""* Ollt — Si,,?:,,:;:,,--;!,;;* »„ «$ ?s «• r-- - ™ » sta*a,sa SB L™'^.^?.;: Finland, loo, wns striiBKli nK ,„ decide. Unofficial sources I," ? [C |„„.,' "Parted that the Finish cabinets niter-ministerial commlttr-" voted 4 to 2 to reject the Invitation. This decision wns not final, ho w : 'i >Cd 2U ' com P ar «» with peak OI the lRtl<1 boom . . nser arrest after overtaking « e the ....^., u rtiw;!- ovt'riaKini the damaged car near Poplar Cor- iier. nird-wny Iwlwecn Manila and Leaclivillc on Highway -18. With the trio were two young f,v,v h^°;\ C prKsm ^ I" the croup ^r-^^^t^Se? «',. Kiltic . ,^y ««rk. 18 of Mosby *""• ra "<J, Y' vinn Colleen Chamness 15. of Wabnsh, .Ark. Parents of both said thc cirls were forced to accompany lh< throe yoHlhs. State Policemen'Mont- Bomery reported. The girls., however, refused to comment on'their r»r»r*intt ^>)^i,.^_ .-„, . . . parents clams. Slal The girls were P °' icC Sullivan, who rcfus-J to rive officers a specific -add.CM, told them lie was from somewhere in California but wns born in Lee or •Phillips Counties in Arkansas. Claborn told officers he was born in Portageville. Calif and Boddie said he was born in" Mar-1 veil. Ark. Sullivan's right arm is missing from the elbow. He told officers he was run over bv a train. Officers said Sullivan was the apparent leader of the trio. Black Dahlia Strikes Again in Los. Angeles . T-O3 ANGELES, Julv 8 fUP)_ Thc nude body of Mrs. Rosenda Mojfdragon. 20. garroted with a a desirable factor seldom attainable. • These officials believe tip irrei! powers should frankly ra o,>d M hat the grand niii, mcc is dc;u( that their systems :,re incompatible on n working basis and that only stalemates result from (ol- lowm ff the present courw Bluntly this would be'recogni- tion of the division of Germany Europe, and (he world in t wo ;.' would establish a balance of power spheres of innumTC^anTihc hop! it would provide .1 clunce ofav.-lti- mg the war neither side wants.' high this kind of thinkhu IMS iSc.rx° mc i ! ^ l r r .f« i « world" objective has ] : ecn abandoned. But it ha.'s been dead i,, fact, for many months. And many to say so frankly. • in™ e Rtl< boom n 1920. During the past year the increase has been 1 1 9 per cent The Arkansas Bankers AssocK t|oi) and the Agricultural Commit sion of the America,) BankerT A - mciation are working together to P " 1Crs ° f our i nd r c financial position. We in a arc como on. e arc wrgmg our customers to limit their farm indebtedness to an amount which can be paid from norma™ rm incomes, figured from the long term average prices of fnrm produc™ We recognize the unusual character of farm income and the farm land P"f slt " ;lti °" »t the present thne and as bankers we 'are pledged to di.scmirnEe borrowing to speculate o" farm iand .or borrowing to buv SflrJi h' 8 ',' PrlCCS whlch arc "^ justified by long term income pros- l>ects." Mr. Lynch said. "We are encouraging Arkansas farmers to round out and diversify their production and to conserve am .build up | i)c productivity of Iheir soil. Another important part or this program is concerned with he education of farm youth Flying Saucers Worth $3,000 When Lassoed <n.v Dnitcrt Press) A "flying saucer" jn tbn > H was worth .$3.005 today, but those f c " '" l 'f s ky were still a dime i dozen, -uicre were no takers for rewards of $|.ooo each olTered ?n Clilrago. Los Anglos and Spokniie for a Rcnulnc nying saucer Ilic Army Air and Oround Forces amiouncerl Ihat Ihcy were imS' BnlitiB the reported cloud-Hopping ™T,v WI !l,""?!. ) =" m '""-»«i W vTnv 1 ,"" " 1 ,' CU """"• »« l>rl- Fli 'B»"'» will IK poso, ,,t both nW k. 8 , , railk , lnE Arm V ofUccrs c ", rts " f tllc <--o,i S t n ctl m , e-, hr said i hey believed the .saucer..- ,.-„,,. '-"Id. Onc-w.-iv , r ,,,r,,, ,..„, P '"' " c Manufacturer of Toys 'Explains' Mystery of All the Flying Saucers HOANOKE, Vn.. Ju) y 8 (Vf ,, _ "y' c Walkcr ' B to - v inanufaeturc' said today that Hie inystcrioiL? fly-' ng saucers that have kept thc nation guessing for several weeks ,<-e j^ncw type flying^toy mamilactured "'"" ' with helium they float, he said •••"•• "i tiiiiii YOULIl through activities such as the 4-H Clubs and Future Farmers." Cool Weather Prevails Highest temperature here yesterday was 85 degrees and the low during the night was 63 degrees according to Robert E. Blaylock' official weatncr observer. N. YTstocicT CLOSING STOCK PRICES . . ": CT , "-"'b ^iiiny o leers said i hey believed the saucer, were n honx and that some pcrso^ r c the victims of hy.sleri.-t. 50 Die During Riots In Heart of Calcutta CALCUTTA. July 8. (UP> _ JV . cc fought a gnu battle wilh In- linn rioter s in downtown Calcutu •in i; n ," tlin 5 " Cw c"-'' 1 " 11 "^ to the •50 dead and .wo Injurect alre-.Cv "bitted in the year's ol i- >reak of Hindu-Moslem tlglillng M^lr BC Br °V,? S " f ' rate Hln(Uls »"rt Moslems mlltcrt - h, ihd street, c sreet,at «fx.ntnne despite strong police%nd Highway Crew Assigned to N. Missco Job SUtT r Hlg^w"y t I?'Ki'-'tT Al ' li ' lnslls lold the BlythevIHe''^'^'.'^!!,', 0 "^ Commerce that resurfacing of Him t?r y ™ I ,r ild , b ° 8ln l ;'»™*«™" tcr road equipment'became nvnll Norn""* ," SkC<l the ™°l«r«ll!m V, nortii Mississippi Crjiinly drive,- Mr Prt,,T 0rk . W " B " 11(ld ™"-v- kansariiilH'H?^^^ SoiUUwnrt] nnd Dial the «« tic bhicktopped one Wbilc work on one lane Is" under- one H 1 " 6 Wl " """'Airily be on v °'*, '»"<> open to truffle ,,,„, ,, c asked motorists of tWs seclim, o »;.c caution „„(, co-ope,-,,!,; will, oiling I"" 1 * '^Wrtmcnl In con"oiling the one-way tnr'ic ,H^:V"j vm ..*? " f ^"'"t not., lust Fall. -'nu the cocnptcMon of the 1 "I these .stri'Ul.s, IjJuck- lue fr V '"' ' )C|!ln "" - 11 '"" Avc- Sd.ool' T" H\Xl™rsLe°Tc'™n ^ JTi M- 0 "«" to E """ )ctl1 *™< * ••llwibetli street will b" extend.^ i|)j>ro.vl(,,;,tcly 200 feel, and • street will be imvcd' wilh Tniffl Fo " nh strcc:, !,„ 51 ild. These streets will be widened In accordance I,, the n,m«,nt of raf-^ He over eueh. with the stveut? wlildi ,1,0 ,m«, JM fcct , w[ l j? "L,";;. 0 "" 1 ; 1 ",^ "=« ».«i £ --" »• n * would not, If he (l(x«, Altc on strike however, mid they "can take it or Northern operators M ld t Bi-eement 1 5 .. Ulc '".maintain the '"ton" Althoug oor nV W0 " lrt " lcreiUM! th<! l ^ «n nverage of II a ton Ijjwls CritlchM T»f» x>wlv fncc broke Into . , nut at a press conference "'' t "' lh6 '« " , dcr «,. 7 I™" 6 ' ^PMbllcai, Le A . der clmrlM A. Hfllleck:Interpret^ *'" c - ho " r wntriicl bc (lie ,!*•„, < , "• •*' 'eei, nnd to —••»"» miaweniern c a ml ? Ulul nVo W..W wide » vloforj' fwtheT.fW f l ,' h cnl> "" ''<'< l »-loii»l tlueef 1 ft '"'I'the-coutrJwt , n feet, will be mldcrt tn tt,»i.. ..,,.,. -sldent Trum.n-. ,..;i .---.-..*, ,, tl lumiT.lOM feet will be nddett to th Mr. Ilutler slated. m I ?,^' c ,1!. op ! 1 '"'! of ".'«« Mrocl. will liclp lion —j ., t »,i ln . nj .£ fiiiua- ,. CO !.'*"' lbl ''' I!?. *!<!. Pro- y' o ^'^™™cfe ml three ["""''''Wie.coiitrfccl-.n.w^'ftji iclr wldth,7 denL Trum.n'» prediction, that me new act "U unworkable, arvt cripple., worker^ r i K ),t .nd collao- «ve bawlninfc." H « 6 «id tli»'l» w d Pro- ,' r « elve « "•". nclrt t«t _ 7 "'« '-- Cn Sr S ^' h -^''«ver t cd, 1 PiirkJn.( filtna- -id. 0,,e-^y traffic ^ ^p^ ^Ar^r^--""" ,.,^''. c " "Us crew begins v;nrk at "'cstiilchne. another crew w "- Mfc rCSllrf:ifh '8 "Pcratlons I,, .%,„„ M|«-ssii,plCou,,ty and work Nm-tn. ».ii(1. accorduiH to present pi,-,,,.,. N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK. July 3 (U ,.,-Co'- lon clcscd firm. ... oiw'i 'iigh Miv clo.^e J;- 11 " 3C34 3139 3C31 a 139 •^J- 2965 .IBM 2}80 3'.(H ^'7 :i680 3775 3G<7 3773 °cl 3ir.'i 3JBS :«89 3 -«| ^ 3CS7 SlflSl 3083 3IP8 ^pot.s closed at 37.06; up 101 I'lans for the wldmiln'ir nt 1,1 wuy 61 in the city ]| m i t ., ,,, '"If.';' <>li and th c erection O f whltew-iv J'"l™ over the same urn | nve been formulated hut work „„"",= S c 'l!!ll!.'»''««"' .'*•«« ...x° voln at . _. • ir"°" ''• " win vom ui 4 p.m. EOT. Approval w« s predicted despite the objections of Sen W Lee Q'Oanlel, D,, Tex: Would cnrh Pririll. 5f JKJ-fsST-S ^sru-.-aiias - ' A "" wfe? "°" "' Muslcl.n., to let school children make inu*lc»l,. Al his union wanl* 16 do, he M ld ib to keep children from compctlrij with men .»ho make their llvlnJ out of music. The subcommittee it nek ng for . w«y to cnse Petrlllo'; l-n M™,^^™^ Jaycee Janes To Organize In Blytheville ~ ,f^^ «: ??>*-.Mn^V w ^i,^; ^..ff S^'h^ffi- or * : P «nJ.y.!,i" 1C ''", 1C " 1 ° f tlle •'•'"I'o.^'l or- r" id u,' "', n J ? J ' CRC ""*lll»ry- Hiri , ' yccc Jn "" - "'.is ^ o "I n meeting o f u>e clllb , a ^ IL -a-ns nnnfliinccd that the nn- icld *l ,t i S Arkansas Coal Mine Owners Sign Contract FORT SMITH. Ark.. Julv 8 (UP> —The Arkansas-Oklahoma"Coal On- erntors Association today signed an nt>r*>ni««nt .,,111. «v._ ,. .. . ' MOBciragon. w. garroted with a erntors Association today signcdT,, silk stocking and her right breast agreement will, the United Min» mutilated, was found .today, a Workers (APLl in the two st t AT&T Amer Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Beth steel ... Chrysler .... Coca-Cola . Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward "-^l Workers"(AprT iTV"ih UllUC;n Mlnc NY Centrnl... and an estimated 4 to U '° statcs 'l lnl Harvester ....'.'.'. vjm> ^11.1 nn, ^L.T.L.[I vifjuni it^ tlio return to \vorW tonm'i ***" | J»ortn Am Av'iitfon iK D ,an ia 'i 5 T?,r S,~ t \llt,cIuTt,t lchofn f, rCCmcr " rare "•e,,-l- CP ' Ub " C SM the nude, bisected body of ^ilza-led by President Johr? 1 both Short. 22. I *>,« TIMXX? f«^ XT I, .Mrs. Mondragon'. face showed' wLtSU*,^ "™. ^ n signs of beating, an<i bnn« r-.iul lower reelonil wipr< Hi I im<-l..n n .^ ».'...,. ii. I'.'^'viium IS I'flCK _ . Steel 50 North Missco Rural Club Women Start Sightseeing Tour Ar»nvnvltii^l«l>, en -..- Corp Approximately 50 no-uc -jcm- oiislration Club member.-, of North Mississippi County left this nnrii- ing for a four-day sightseeing tour of Central and Wesle,-/i Arlcnti- Accompaincd by Norll, 'Afississ ippi County Home Demonstration Agent Cera Leo Colc.iian. tl:o women will drive to not Springs today and will spend this afternoon and tonight, Tomorrow Ihc group will hurray to Alma, aiVrt Thursday thev will drive to Faycttevillc for ft ' visit lo the university of Arkansas and wlil begin their homeward trip Friday morning coming bv wav of Fort smith, x,*^!" 11 years members of the Norlh Mississippi County clubs I'.flVn ^Mrt»ll c-nt'n.^1 J- .. . . I i.5 the first year they have elected lo embark tour Among those members makiiw Ihc trip arc Mrs. NeU Hunch Mrs. Zoa Thompson. Mrs. nav c Abbott, Mrs. W. O. Anderson. Mrs lafl Mclzgcr. Mrs. c. U. Patlci- son, Mrs. n. n. Garner. Mrs. w L. ^mllh. Mrs. p. ir. Roberts, Mrs! T. A, KciiJietl. ,\frs. Finnic Noic, Williams nnd Mrs. G. p. "scrape These club members alonr; wilh ^flss Coleman left from thc courthouse this morning ami the remainder of th c members making thc trip were picked up in outlying communities. Last year the clllb women .spent their vacations at Rcelfoot Lake i>i Tennessee nnd were joined bv thcii- hatbands on of their encampment. the final day SSB f o Provide Better Service in N. Missco »>oro office of the Social'sccilrll'v Bonrd will be r,t ,,,„ Arkansas s atc Employment Offleehcre.on Th,rr' todav ° ' WC ° k ' U tt ' as a »"<»mct<l Previously a representative [rom he ofhcc visited BJylhcvllJc only t»l<.e a month. The new schedule will become effective Thursday, '.tie report slated. North Mississippi County r CS |d e , lti wllo wlsh ^ net the reprcscntnllvft may do so ^"ShJitay" 1 - """ ' 2:3 ° " m ' Services for South Mississippi County remains unchanged w th lie reprcsentathve visiting OSCCD- «• "'ice a month. Tlic representative be in Osceola from II a.m. until 12 noon Friday H i . . - nm t tu tnac recriiiri .1 light control over broadcasting and recording of music, Propaganda _ Chairman Forrest A- Harness of > House commltlec Investigating propaganda said much of the news,material pin out by government agencies Is "Just pure ho?- wnsh.:' ih, pointed to a stack of , re cnscs nearly a foot high n,,d I said It provided "some slight Indication of whnl causes the chronic paper shortage." Cotto,, — M. K. fforne. Jr., of the National Cotton Council told a House subcommittee that If th« government doesn't get to work en cotton research at once, thero <v'll he "staggering losses for thc coi- ton farmer In the, years ahead." He said the research program would have to be "big enough and elf.'o tivc enough" to meet the challenge to cotton posed by other mutcrlvOj such as rayon. ^ his chancci for th* TrL 01 the Ulllted ^t"' Lewis npliarently got provision or the Taft-h by sotting R ,, rovWon that the contract covers onl' able anri witling" to woW""-™"- was rieslgned top^r*' ™" thtth . wed lleallh Funit Pro«B»rk rnci which expired June »e shrugged O ff the nc contract, on prices «y irollts of the steel and coil t of meeting at 3 Association scheduled ' Byed Unl1 ' The wake agreement w lth North" Midwestern owners 'ended the Plague Warning Sounded JERUSALEM. July 8. (UP) CIXWCct in an l to Intercept nnri dislu- <=ct 14 ships which salted from H,ii, , s i',°''" y be ' orc bubonic ulaiftic was discovered there. Rites in Manila Tomorrow for Mrs. J. H. Bruce Funeral services for Mrs. Margaret Luc Bruce of Manila, wifo of J. H. Bruce, who died .vcstT- day afternoon, nt her home, wlil be held tomorrow at 2:30 p. m. nt Manila Baptist Church, slie \ The Rev. c. J. Rushing, pastor, nsslsicd by the Rev. H. H. Zimmerman, Mississippi county Baptist Missionary, »m officiate. Dur- Inl will be at Manila cemetery. Mrs. Bruce had marte her home in Manila many years after soine there from Kentucky. Other than h?r hiwbsuir], she Is survived by a son. c. P. Bruce of Fulton, Mo., antl a d«0*hler, Mrs Maggie James of Hickmnn. Holt Funeral Home is in charge. threat _. „ .„„„ strike nt a lime when"th'e*™atiorr-» economy _was rolling^high gear. Investors Still Hold Two-Thirds Of All E Bonds WASHINGTON. July V (UP)_ Die Treasury Department reoorted today that BS of June 30 If had redeemed 35.32 per cent of .1Tserl« E Savings Bonds Issued since Jfay 1, 1941 ln totaled $47, 8 04,000,000. n Oii^dlnl nt the end of last month were * on,S lrC<)emptlon ^ t.egion'i Nominating Committees to Report Two Dominating committees will £""„',' ', Ste °, f . "«"!»<». for the ! HIM Weather ARKANSAS - Clear and partly cloudy (onighl,.and le change In temperature. Dud Carson Post 24 liolds its - t 8 o clock tonight. Each committee will name sii '' C ? .J" rt "^ elccUon *'» at the July meeting of the Post. Soviet Warning tgnond By Disarmament Group LAKE SUCCESS, N. T <UP> - The United curity Council adopter » can plan of work Tor th* armament commission regarding Soviet w« action would invite UN

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