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Denton, Texas
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DENTON i i Service -CHRONICLE Unequaledi 32,000 Population; 2 Major Universities El Paso Kciiti On Winning. Page 8 63RD YEAR OF DAILY SERVICE--NO. 2 PENTON, TEXAS, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 13, 1065 By BILL RtVES Si Ragsdale the bouncing ball of energy who masquerades as manager of Chamber of Commerce, has composed a song about his favorite city, Denlon. He'll sing it at the drop of a hat; or, it you haven't got one, he'll sing it anyway, (And I do mean any way.) At Ihe chamber directors' meeting this week, Si liad his daughter Janie with him. Si sang his song, with the assistance of Janie, a lovely little lass who made it.

possible for Si fo escape Ihe hook. Here is the song (Janie sang (he parts which are in parentheses): There are cities (all and wide and handsome. Dallas). there are those with hospitality. Fort Worth).

of all the towns that make Big Texas. is (he one of which I boast. most). Because there are no dents In Denlon, no dents in Denton dents in little D. There is TWU and North Texas Stale, loo.

there are no dents in little D. the top of the Golden T). Denton sits atop (he Golden T. has unlimited possibility. education, research.

a Texas cordiality (You'll see). That there are no dents in Denlon, no dents in Denlon. No denis in liltle D. Garza-Little Elm. Whitson at the helm.

a top-flight of C. least, that's what my Dad lelJs Then Si says, "Why, kid, you know it's a fop-flight of (And Janie sings "Your members say it better Cigar Smoke David a who used fo lake pictures for Ihe Record-Chronicle when he wasn't sludj'ing at North Texas, is now a Peace Corps trainee at a camp near Taos, N.M. He has survived some eli- i a i tests, including a rugged four-day trek into the Wilderness area near Santa Fe, on which he climbed two mountains by fool paths. One mountain was 12,500 feet high. Earlier in his training, Walvoord was stationed at Albuquerque.

The Peace Corps Irainees have given Albuquerque a quaint sobriquet. They call it "The Armpit of the Some Folks Can Be Too Literal Department: Mayor Erik Jonsson of Dallas says there's such a thing as being too def a i in carrying out a mission. "Once I asked for a good stiff drink and the bar- lender put starch in my Scotch and Scene on one of Brad Gibson's American Airlines flights: A passenger who had boarded while smoking a cigar asked Ihe stewardess: "May I con- linuc to smoke my cigar?" "Sir," she said politely, "we leave it to your discretion. You may smoke if you don't annoy Ihe lady passengers," ''Then 1 won't smoke," he said. "I'd ralher annoy the lady passengers." 14 Pages 5 Cents Comic Gregory Shot In Rioting TAXI OVERTURNED DUKIN LOS ANGELES RIOTING A Yellow Cab Was Amon Several Cars Set A i --Associated Pfesi School Plans Remain Same LAKE DALLAS (Staff Special) School plans will go on as usual, even though a petition calling for a vote on abolishment of the Lake Dallas Independent School District hangs over the heads of school backers.

Lon Brown met with the school board Thursday night to say the district would revert to a common district instead becoming absorbed by the Denton and Lewisville districts. Viet Cong's Letter Depicts Woes Inflicted By War And By Nature Brown, after the meeting, said he would turn in the pe PLK1KU, South Viet Nam A "It is terrible and miserable," wrote Nguyen Chanh Ngoc. "Enemy mortars shell us day and night. Airplanes bomb and 5'trafe and we can do nothing about it. The fighting situation is lough, too serious and difficult." Ngoc was a political officer with a Viet Cong company operating near Ihe Special Forces camp at Due Co.

lie had heard his battalion was coming to join him and was writing to his ''comrades" Lam, Trung and Dinb. "We have been taught lo win. lo meet every difficulty and emergency in waging warfare," he wrote. "We are ready to con- i the fight, but we are all a liltle low in spirit because of the difficulties and the lerrible conditions of hunger. "Half of our strength is sick, some of them with bad illnesses.

we can muster only one platoon for military operations. "1 am sick almost every day with stomach pains and go for weeks without food. Yet 1 still have to move back and forth from the front every day because we have dead and wounded and other problems, and 1 need lo deal with other friendly unils in the area. "Drugs are low. We arc so far away thai if a comrade gets sick and lapses into unconsciousness, we have no pill to refresh him and we cannot move him.

"Three of our four duty attendants arc sick. Our comrades groaned at them and said to them that as crooks they had less right lo be sick than the soldiers. "Our activities continue, and we work without sleeping or washing our hands and (aces or laking a bath because there is no water on the ground. Our soldiers operate around the clock. They fight in daytime and at night.

Thev destroy Hie roads by digging into them. We just sleep four or five hours A night. "All our clothes, blankets and hammocks are the same color as the red ground. We cannot evade Hie red earth because we sre constantly digging our foxholes and trenches. "The rice we are being supplied is so bad that it gets sour after it is brought to us.

We eat just salt. "We would like the battalion commander to handle this problem for us. Is there some unil to relieve us so that we would have some time lo reorganize and return lo the after that? That would be the most realistic thing to do." Ngoc never sent his letter. It was found on his body Thursday by government troops searching outside the Due Co camp. Vietnamese and U.S.

military authorities said they were convinced (he letter was authentic. titious sometime today if he could find time to come lo Dnntou. "If I can't come up I can find someone who will take the petition," Brown added. It must be delivered lo County Judge K. Baldridge.

The Dallas law i of McCall, Parkhursl and Horton said Iho Lake Dallas district would be absorbed by surrounding dist i "The county board of trustees is authorized' and required to add such territory lo an adjoining district or districts," Ihe letter stated. There were more than 20 people meeting vvilh the school board to express their opinions. The major complaint was paying taxes. Brown said (he petition lo Restlessness High In Santo Domingo As Talks Drag On SANTO DOMINGO, Dorain( cr)sis drag on with no agree- ican Republic A Restlessness appears to be mounting in Ihe rebel sector of Santo Domingo as negotiations lo end the INDEX Amusements Church News Classified Comics Crossword Puzzle Editorials In The News Movies Sporls Town Topics TV Log Page 10 6-7 n-n it i 1 0 8-9 1 0 II Women's News 5 men! in sight. Two members of the Organization of American States peace committee Ellsworth Bunker of the United Slates and Ramon de Clarimonl of El Salvador -were booed when they arrived at the rebel headquarters Thursday to meet with Col.

Francisco Caamano Deno, the insurgent chief. The day before shouting demonstrators prevented the OAS committee from leaving Ihe rebel quarter until Caamano in- lervcned. Shortly after Bunker and De Clairmont left Caamano Thursday, three shols rang out in front of rebel headquarters. Bystanders said rebel soldiers were disarming a guard who was drunk and the guard's gun went off. League Votes Not To Form I New Chamber UKE DALLAS (Staff Special) Lake Dallas will not 'tavc a chamber of commerce, at least not now.

The Lake Dallas Citizens League, at its regular meeting Thursday night, decided not to turn Ihe organization into a chamber of commerce. Howard Davis, president of organization, and Wood have been discussing with Jusinessmen from Shady Shores, -orinth, and Hickory Creek the formation of an area chamber. At the league meeting SO FAR, AT LEAST Friday The 13th Brings Only Luck abolish the school district is "simply a way to abolish fax- He said the school "has run liirougli 15 school superintendents" and asked II. T. Mahati "should you mess it up and put high tax on us?" Brown insinuated thai Ma nan was running (he school, not the board.

Mahan said lhaf he, unlike several people in Ihe community, had Ihe interests of the children in mind. Following another burst of conversation Pat O'Brien asked Brown: "Are you making the accusa- Cross May Learn Thursday Whether He Will Stand Trial By I COCHHAN AUSTIN (AP)-A suave University of Texas student may learn next Thursday if he will stand trial for what police say was the sexually motivated slaying of coeds Susan Rifjsby and Shirley Ann Stark. Authorities presented Travis County grand jurors Thursday with i to support charges that Cross strangled the brunette beauties from Dallas on the a of July 18. Dist. Atty.

Tom Blackwell later told newsmen he had been authorized "lo tell you they will not possibly have any formal aclion until at least next Thursday." There was no indication that th? grand jury would subpoena more witnesses or request additional testimony. If the grand jury returns an Indictment as expected, (he case probably would be called Aug. 26, at which time criminal court Dis(. Judge Mace Thur- man would set a trial date. Defense attorneys have said they do not expect the case to go (o trial i early next year.

The grand summoned as witnesses Thursday five officers who a i i a actively in the investigation. They included Texas Rangers Jim Riddle and Rill Wilson, Austin Police Maj. K. R. Herbert, Police Lt.

Cicorge Phifcr and Sheriff's deputy Billy Webb. Also available for grand jury inspcclion were police lilcs, an autopsy report from a Dallas medical examiner nnd a written statement which i a Cross volunteered the night of Aug. 6. Cross did not appear before the grand jury. Although police have not issued a formal report on the ease, investigators said the girls, both 21, visited Cross' Best of the Western on the Conn West Show, 1:00 p.m.

KDNT, 9:15 a.m. (Adv.) apartment July 18 lo shower and change clothes and died violently in a scene of passion and panic, They said Miss Itigsby was choked into unconsciousness nnd raped while Miss Stark showered, that Miss Stark was then strangled and, finally, that Miss fiigsby was slranglcd after regaining consciousness, Police say the i lay crumpled in a closet the night of July 18 while Cross entertained a dale and a and then were removed in the predawn hours of July IS and dumped in a weed-covered tied. The girl who dated Cross that night said he appeared neither nervous or upset and "acted no differently than he did at any other time." Judy Elam, 20, a pretty brunette from Lampasas, who attends the university, said she and Cross had dinner, attended a movie and listened lo records in his apartment. MAYSVILLE, Ky. A It's Friday Ihe 13th, a lucky date for Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Bisotli. They were married Aug. 13, 1913, had 13 children and 13 grandchildren. Although Mrs.

Bisotti says (hey have "nothing special planned," they celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary fo- dav. Things started coming up in 13s for the childhood sweethearts when they were married in La Follcttc, Tenn. July representatives from" must llave 1)CCIT ahout (ive West Texas and Arlington al tlie time my lamilj camc Chambers of Commerce met frpmJVortlicrn a to Amerj- with Ihcm and outlined procc- durcs for forming such an organization. However. David said, not enough support was received from outside businessmen In form an area chamber and i( too small to form a chamber on ils own.

Members of Ihe league voted to try and expand (he league and get new members. The organization Davis said, is a non political one devoted to improving Lake Dallas. It has most of the same by-laws and objectives found in a typical chamber of commerce. The league welcomes all citizens of Lake Dallas as members, despite any differences thev may have about other civic issues, Davis said. A committee was appointed by Davis at the Thursday meeting to raise S450 In hm- a water sprinkler svslcm for Ihe Lake Dallas athletic field.

WEATHER AND VICINITY: CJear (n cs'Hv cloudy And warm tonlghl and Sniufdsy Lais showeri In 10 per cent nl area Lnw lonfoM )o 75. H-flU Salurrfay fo TOO. A Slillon Report) tew Thunrtiy 94 Low tow Year 77 Sun rcls loday rlics Salurflflv al am, RAINFALL (In EXP. Oiuit 1.80 1.K Lull 24 Hour; This Monm Aug. Average Tlili Year Trustees Pick 12 Teachers l.cwisville a LEWISVILLK Lewisville School trustees clcclcd 12 new teachers at a special session of Ihe school board Thursday night.

Named to the elementary staff were: Mrs. Winnie Duncan of Lowisvillc; Mrs. Jerrye Umphrics of Hurst, Mrs. John Crew of DeKalb, Hubert Mc- Kinncy of Cooper and Dwighl Joiner of Pilot Poinl. High school teachers named were: Ronald Daum of Greenville, freshman football coach and social studies; Mrs.

Doro- Ihy junior high English, of Lcwisvillc; Burl Slater, high school main of Monahnns; Ixniisp. Hray.cll of Albuquerque, Lillian Linebarger, home economics, Denlon; John Crew, junior high math, DeKalb; Jean Lockridgo, special education, Denlon. Trustees voted fo give head custodian at each school $25 a month raises, bringing their salaries to $300 a month. Other custodians were given $5 raises to J275 a month'. School bus drivers were also given $5 monthly pay increases from $120 to $125.

The board discussed possible building sites for a new high school but look no aclion on the matter. ca," recalls Mrs. Bisolli, 65. Bisottt, 69, came from Italy in his early teens and worked in Kentucky coal mines. On their wedding day, Mrs.

Bisotli said she thought she was 18. Hut a birth certificate obtained from Italy many years later showed she was 13. They had nine sons and (our daughters, and 13 grandchildren. The Bisoltis moved lo Kenosha, and lived there 13 years, before returning to Ken- lucky, on I-'cb, 13, this year when four sons bought a restaurant in Aberdeen, Ohio, across Ihe Oliio River from Maysviile. lion dial property is appraised for less for the school board?" "I'm not making the accusation," Brown answered.

"It's the in two cases." li. ,1. Howard said the whole, scat of Lake Dallas' problems stems from the lack of a sewer system. Howard said he had voleii against the school bond issue and had signed the petition to abolish the school. Brown asked Mahan lo explain the needs of a high school.

Mahan said there will be 78 students in the district this year for the last four grades and estimated there will be more than 100 by i i the 12lh Sec SCHOOL, Page. 2 Rioters Use Guns, Rocks To Battle LOS ANGELES (AP) -Rioters fought police on the streets of Los Angeles' South Side today with guns, rocks and five. Negro comedian Dick Gregory, hit by a bullet, was among 100 persons wounded. Police jailed 72 rioters in the second night of violence along Central Avenue in the city's Negro district. More a 700 officers enforced a brief calm at midnight.

Then, before dawn, mobs filled the streets again in an outburst of burning, shooting and looting. Gunfire erupted just before Gregory, 32, had urged a throng of 500 Negroes to return to their omes. Outbreaks of violence continued elsewhere in the area. Police warned motorists, "particularly Caucasians," to slay out of (he section today. Gregory, a night club entcriainer, has been (raveling Ihe nation to assist in the civil rights movement since 1963.

He said Ihe shooting was directed at Ihe police, not at him. Doctors at Central Receiving Hospital termed bis injury minor. He was hit in the left thigh by a small-caliber bullet as he stood amid the battle-scarred scene of rioting (he Wafts district of Los Angeles. Buildings and a lumberyard were set ablaze in Walts early today as rioting renewed in ferocity after tapering off at midnight, Police said Gregory was attempting to mediate between police and rioters. He was hit as he slood in what police called a no man's land -Central and Imperial Highway.

A liquor slore, a drive-in restaurant and a small clinic were burned lo the ground. A nearby lumber yard was set ablaze. Firemen, attempting lo answer the calls, were lurned back by barrages of windshiold- shatterhig bricks and bottles. Don Smith, chairman of the Los Angeles chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality, said Gregory was urging rioters to go home when a burst of about 20 sliols came from the mob. "Dick was talking to a group of people, telling them that their wives and children were in danger, when guns were fired from across the street," Smith said.

Gregory fell, got up, then con- See GREGORY, Page 2 AGAINST HIGH TAXKS C. JSIiradcr, Pointing, And Lon Brown, Standing Lcff.

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