The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1933
Page 6
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RIGHT N R A News To help, the people of till» community In understand, and co-operate In the national recovery program this column will appear dally or as'occhslon demand*. persons uncertain about any requirements of the President's Re-employment Agreement or other features of the recovery movnm-nl :irc Invited to .submit. Inquiries. Since . announcement of the or-. Esnlzatlon of the lilythcyillo NRA Cc.'npliancc Board. reports ure oc- in» received of various violations 01 the agreement, some specific' nncl some general. They wilt be silted out and hearings started fisi toon as the co:npluiner s file lliclrj i(ports in writing and the person complained ajnlnst can be notl-i tied. I NSWERS O1KSEL S "" Ff Di,™d u£ C.J U ' S '.?' ^Mexico''." in'^r^rtouS^MoHe' FRIDAY, ROXiY LAST TIME TODAY .MAT. and NITK—Iflo - USr BLUE ROOM SERIAL CARTOON Sunday - Monday MAT. and Nile—Kit 1 - 25c : ..Wit/) STUART ERWIN, DOHOIHV WllSOk'i WASNEB OlAND] 3UDIEY DIGG . Directed by bring'Act el' «no «£/?MNC. COOPEK, «»OK> _execu('>» producer '*"•'«. COMEDY'— "Mickey's pis- guise' 'with Mickey McGuire One 'complaint, reeeivort yr-si'-i- day was In regard 10 one of lii' 1 most glaring violations of ilirl President's neemplnymenl Ai'n<--l inenl thiit has Wn reporli-d m| Ilio commute*. i Paragraph 14 of the Aisreeiiii-in provides very sprciflcnllv Ihn*. i!;r-n shall bo no 'reduction in rjn. ua; of nn emnkxen cviii ilinueii ihi hours of \vorfc mav Ijf- n'lliir-ftj mi come within tin 1 mr.nrcriKiils of' the Agreement. ' jth« (Vinrnlttpn vherr'n emriliw-i!; I lui'< shortened th^ haur* of ihel i-r^nloven nn'> reduced ihf u-ii'p nnld him «•• Her lo itw ven- mini-1 mum nrovld"(l for thm. nnri'miliiri HASI "f iHiiolavniciil. 'nil's vil! not b» tolerated. If nn pmploytr "':- ivcle to "Hal'i tlie nr'Hlop" ft .n-- i>iii«ln<t 'he Bliw Kni'le. "vlnlii(IOR<i nt tl>!« diiraclcr must be fnrr"c:'fil l»iTn«ill|tlplv us I'w :'-" 111 rli-f'l~t ' vlolnllon anti def"-"! Hie tun iirw | "f the nmiHBin. if i)ii> pninlovcr! '•; nit "'•ililii- I" cin-i'i-i IhLs vlo-1 Intlon. Ih^ii Ilinr^ i.^ ^ni' 1 OM^ ••«'- "•oin-jip mid tlml Is revoking of Hie B 1 '"? EiiKle nrivilcge. It Reeim tn tin' coinmltirp nmt " siiffiel«nt nmomit -f i">ni:innllnn 'ins been Riven to Hie I'rcslilcnl's RoemntovmeMt Ay^'C^incn'. for ev- "evv rmnlover "f Hl'-or li nnd*?r- stand tjioifluelilv wliat must ta • lone to etiiov t.he. nrlvilet'es itntl lieneflK of mcmberslilii i'i NDA. in cas" tliere i.": nnv emnlnvrr wno is still In dfttib'. nboi" in 1 " partlcu- •-•• "i-fiu^ions t)ie committee ImiiiB Itself renciv to supjily llu> neces- snrv liifonr.alluii. Snnie eniDlovers nre atteninllni; 'n'folMw tile n»rccin«nt iicconllm; in Kior|ii.s npivtariiiL' in tli'- vtiri^us nr-tt'iiuiiers. Oiie whn ilocs ihfe »'l" finil lilmsclf soon confused nnd eniirclv omslde Die Only officlul inlcri>rot!\tlon'i iitifl nillnns are Rt)l>lienblc. nnd these are in i)v> liands nf tlie rnmmllice, nnd itvnllnble to ilur public. Due to tlie fact iluu ihc eom- mlUee hns . been ircelvinc' ornl complaints from persons rllrectlv affected by the ojierailon of the nvreenieiu nr Ule lallnre of em- plover lo rollow the rules, the eoni- initlce wank- 10 rci»a( its advice nr lo filing complninis which is ns follows:—All complaints must be Hied In wrlllns and addressed to the NRA rnmnltBprc nonrd, lily' h evll!e, Arkansas, f^o person need fear reprisals on the-part of employer or ollier F ns n result of n complaint filed by him or her, ns the Board will hold the name.'; of nil compldiners in strictest confidence.. The person complnlncd nviliut will not be advised ns to the nnme of the compinlner. Com- ulaints should not be llled Hie basis of the complaint, is fair mid. just: All-complaints must deal with violations .of the agreement, v.'hcther' intenliohaU or ' otherwise, amj may be either by employer, employee, consumer of other iu- tej'ested party. Enforcement of the NRA in nly- thevillc l>as been delegated 16 the Compllance'Boa'rd. iiwofar ns liear- liur'.compluims. passing ii|»n tt-.eir fairness, attempting to adjust 'the differences nmlcablj* through med- liill ltoliiii.ini) In a foremost TAI> l).\.\vi:t; nf Hit Anierlcon Slain. 1 , 'flic piano uliown it a 1IKXACIUM. Tbe n>h In n iiAM.Mi:niii;An SHARK. SAN FRANCISCO. (UP) - For! more tlian 30 year/i Sail Pr'nietf- cos policemen submitted to-. jib°s of contemporaries in neorby 'clt'es with commendable stoicism ii'i't now their ltnec-lc-ngth coats have Jtcn doomed to -follow their Vll hnts and liiindlc-bar Jinisluches in to discard. Ti:t old 18'JG models have h-c found sadly out of si op wilh . Hit day necessity O f no!l«;i!i'-ii ' v.lio mtul Ixf fast on the draw Ti"i new blue uniforms will I* nii !v u W " l ' iallon. I! this meiiicif fail5. IIIPII t!u> eonisr.lnce passes the matter ulcnt' In W:i*iliini;l"n. 'I'lir Uuinpijiinci 1 lioard i.s no 1 , n (ii-lcfi^'c iiK«'n'jy nor a police budy n.s [uitcliiyn is tiut to go utit und hunt tlijwn violator* of the ugtrt- niiriit. inn oiily [o consider com- plulnts [Jl((i with Li and those ur- lieles are iH-Iny carried In Hits ruliiiiiii In an effort to educnlv the public to the ii'oceednre, purpose and oiwrlitioii of Die Hoards. - ers can wear tlich- »„,,; " and draw speedier. ' ' VKI,I.OWSTONK r'A»K l ."' (H Wv,, ' 'Ul'i —l''lshlns srejns to be iinpnn- nn In yellou-.Mijiit Park, onici^i •<<>'->n !f> An-. 15, vKltors cnu-- ••• >', the jwrk by niitomobilc ir- ;K-I!CI| catching 'i-ifrx j] s |, a _ t i'-i] number. Tlioiisiinds 'of (.. n 1 'ai'tln hy iriiveli-rs entering .' !u .: I-N-K by train wf-.-e not report..;!. I Head Courier StwTw'am Ads. rhone Service to Turkey STOCKHOLM lUPi _ Fw( , c w. has direct telridmne coni^c* n wlili every prlucipm coinitvy IP. tln> world, exropl China and cur-an. The Ininst j|.]'vice lo OWI , if to Tiirkr-y. Jt was inu.,,1, ^ by Conni Ailoll ILiiniHon. !„..,,'[ of •!i n Swedish Telephone ami TM,.- Jews control 00 1*1 cent of in v woild's trade in furs. California has «,180 reBisto.-i'i beamy experts or cosmetologist. For Greyhound Lines It.ites and Timo Schedules Transcontinental and Wosf- «rn Air, IIH-. Postal above [lit- l :i5-ftliL' prep absence latest type uf ared to leave ot a wire or Uncle Sam.s war ve. -si-Is. t;:e lec'inditloned U. S S. Ntw Mexico is piciiireti 'he Philadelphia Navy Ycud lo join ihc flea in C-utan waurs. Nuie trie tripod mast, a new innovation in Ijaiileslnj) cnmlrnriion. Srrvifo TRADE WITII NRA MERCHANTS ••MBW"..- T^nMM<!VR_*w'>ivjHnWvCTfrHA-3!>tf:?i('"i.if.-}¥v- -••••» AND HELP NATIONAL RECOVERY Coolest Spot In Town! SATURDAY MAT. & N1TE— l(lc - 25c Zane Greg's I Tbthe lastMan 4 tjfanavj Re.,-, .4* ' RANDOLPH SCOTT ESTHER RALSTON BUSTER CRABBE | MCI U Ull itlUT I SERIAL - - 'CARTOON Last Time Today MAT.—10-25c NJTE—10-30c "One Sunday 'Afternoon" * *AV WRAT^^NBtllAMlnoN COMEDY - - CARTOON "Give Him .Ix)ve . ..:and You'll Hold .Your Man" MONDAY and Nile— Iflc 7/0/d yt>V,P man LATEST NK\VS : ; With STUART ERWIN COMEDY 1 A Sam Wood Production The Business Concerns lislnl on I his pa-ix- havi; signed tlie President's blanket rode 0!'' shorter hours, higher wages, inon- jnhs and fair competition. Yon can do your part by j>;ilronSy,iii!i them. \Vc belong to Ihc NRA became we w;m( (« ilu our part —NOT for sicllish business reasons. Wo respectfully solicit your jjrocerv.- busincs-j on (lit; Imsis of KAlit I'UICKS, GOOD Ql'i.VUTV and f'OK- HICCT WEIGHTS ;m<! MEASURES. Rite Price Grocery &Mkt. T. H. Van IHbber. rroprielor 1'hone 233 Cnrnor M:iin & First OT PIG BARBECUE ODGES CHILI UNTS HOT TAMALES ALSELL'S PIES OT COFFEE ¥TC*nmr/~^ T^THkT LiSlIC INN \Valnul anil Division Beauty Need Not Suffer Our pick-up lucial ni^jsni-r . vcfrtslu-s and softens skin winch has been exposed lo the harsh iiinue::ee of .summer. Try our trcni- n-.uiiLs yo'.i will b-.' (U'lialm-j with the improved appearance of your rtiii. INTHODUCTORY OVFKK WITH EACH FACIAL SI WORTH OI-' I'OSMKTICS FlttE Alodern - - Sanitary - - (lonvcnieiil Broadway Barber Shop A .\!iis!er r>;irl,ci- At K:!t.-li Chair DU'k KolKM'ls liill iik-vms Wiirri'n Jackson Kdwin .Innus Visil ilio Ri-oitilway—We Cuaraiitee You Will Be i'toasecl Next Poor to Farmers Bank FA'CLrTSTVEXIiW Every kind of fi'll hat- from Hie .sui:v liiile ynoiiu! hats lo the scriuus minded brim each with it; o«-n little loupli that makes i! oiitstancliugly -.mar;. All are re.i- ibly jiriced. $1 to $5 THE LADIES TOGGERY MARGARET DEEN BEAUTY SHOPPE Plymouth SIX Tlie Plympulli Six has everything that makes a car stand lip's hydraulic brakes are always equalized... .:t's welded safety •;lccl body has no Joints to loosen -xnd the Iloruir.g power engine mournings help keep the car llgnt. Drive a Plvmoiith once and we ;ire confident! you will choose it over oih.'r low priced curs. Sl-15 and l?i>— V- 0. H. Factorv. Oelroit W. T. Barnctt Auto Sales Three Doors \Vcst of Kress' FOR THE REST —Alabama Coal— i\lnntav:illo New River Km pi re —Illinois Coal— Premium —Kentucky CoaJ— Ml Si/.w of Kentucky Coal • WIRING SRRVTCE • LIGHT FIXTURES • ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES MOTOR REPAIRING Gay & Billings, Walpole Electric Shop

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