The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1944, • , _ ^ -•--•- - • • • ...' ' ^ ! ,, C| ',\\ . jj (AUK.). .COUB1BU NEWS Democrats Hope For JjKje Vote State Party Leaders v Afrajd Republicans T WH! Be Strong >' *'( "' i By JOHN' II. BUI.rOKD Uniled Press Staff Correspondent LITTLE RCCK, Scr>t. 25 <UP)-^ That the Arkansas Democrats are a little'worried ' about Uic coming' presidential election is putting'it mildly. Representative J. W. FulbriglH, while in Little Hock to speak at Uie Democratic state convention, admitted to reporters Dial Roosevelt is goiii!; Urliayc a - toiigli mill this time. But he said Devvey is' gohig lo liave just as lough a pull. "We aren't sure.'of Anything/' Fulbright • replied In answer to a question as to whether the Democrats in Washington were sure .of winning the election. "I feel—and I thljik the majority of Democrats in Washington feel the same way —that this election is going to be n 50-BO proposition." It's Tough, Beating an 'In' By PKTElt EDSON Courier News .Washington Corre- ... ^ There are so .many, nice lillle .ways a. candidate in office and ruiining for i'e-eleelio:i .lias it oil over a candidate not in "the office lie "is teeklng to. .be .c'lepted to. . . ' . Governor, Dewey may not have' (lie responsibilities .tliat v Ropseyelt, lias. Pewey can do a porlant folks from all over, subtly putting across the Idea tliat he should therefore be continued in office to carry on. Just bcfdre an election, he can get tlie iilnns nil started for keeping tlie.peace, preventing future !wars, doing away with the wicked cartels, .feeding the hungry., bring- .ing relief and rehabilitation to the .... ...... .... _ .,.,,.,,„_ 'dispossessed, educating the dumb, fancy-free shooting from ."•.lire'..lilju" stabilizing (he world's currency, . small .worry. abput,l)reakliig',a' few \ylndows in' '..other, 'people's. glass houses.' But President ijt.b.ose'- : veil can liidulge'J'n a lot ' moi;e'iijgli- : powered precision bombing ;-fro)i) his ; exalted pffice \yiiliout eivliig (ihy too obylous appearances ,pf playing polilies" and willwut ,cveK inciulonliig .his .jyortiiy ' 'opponent 1 once, by .'name or inference, v • For .Insiahce, the "President dashes off '.ft direcl'ive' to^' Budget pi-'. rector Harold ;li°. Smith '• telling" jiim lie's Bp'tia itart .figuring" how -to reduce the . number of .'government employes as 'soon as the war's over. Thereby Ihe President, in-'olflce,' And br. R. B. Robins of Cam- pels credit for a beautiful assist at den, Arkansas national Democrat- cutting down federal r expenditure''"-' ic commitlceman, was far from on-{ The President signs the G"l Bill timistic when he reported to the o r Rights, 'and 'life administration" convention .concerning a meeting cets credit for being.good to the he attended with Robert Haimegan, I ^Idlers • • chairman of the Democratic par-1' " As "commandcr-in-Chief, the President., goes'to Africa, the Middle: more than ever before. To Urge .Voters The Democrats are hoping for a big vote—and the Republicans, Robins said, are hoping for a small vote. > "If tlie people of the country get to the p.oll;;. in great, numbers, there is no doiib.t' as to!who will win." the .bespeclacled Camdcn man said. ' Therefore! a major part of the Democratic' campaign will, be to the-people-to vote. f "The true Democrats in Arkansas are, by their own 'admission; worried about-the half-way Democrats. They feel, that these half-Mayers may toss their votes for the Republicans—thus giving the GOP an unusually large vote. ."''". In fact, the Republicans have already predicted that they will poll tlie largest .vole in modern, Arkansas .history in tlie November election. Wallace Tpwnsentl .of Little Rock, GOP national comniltteemaii. said tliat "minimum" county quotas aggregating 80,000 votes have been" set .up. by ..state headquarters' in Little Rock. His fellow canpaUn- ers think this is'a conservative fig- ure—Miey think tlie Republicans will poll even a greater number of voles. " ' .' ' '.'•'•' Lancy To Hack Drive - As for the-financial end of the national Democratic camoaign, governor-elect Ben Lancy Saturday, stated his intentions of working in cooperation with Col. H. I... MbAlister and Sam .\Vatkins, co-chamfie)i_g.r J,hc Democratic'/i- nance 3!$ve. in" lljeV state, "in rais-' ins Arkansas' .$50,000 campaign nuotii, -.-••• , .. , ' • "Dunn? flic presidential campaigns ,pf 1938 and,ISjlo!-Democrats f Arkansas'made outstanding i-ec-' J~"~ in"^assistance given the Deiii- pc'-atic Nationa] Committee." L'aney ' said.""As as result,'ail' of the people of '-Arkansas bencfitted. On issues iii which .Arkansas competed . enuallv with another state or re- pion for favorable action in .Washington our record 'contributions of 1936 and.. 1340 undoubtedly inllu-. .'. we'can do and nation , a. fer'yice by again raising a substantial fund for the' Democratic national treasury." Mav Ask Priscn Reform : State Senator G. W. Lrakadco of Arkadclnhia disclosed Ihe other (lav that he is planning to inlio- ciuce a prison farm 'reform bill in tho 1945 session of the senate —'if governor-elect Ben Lancy is sy.m- pnthetic. Lockadoo, in little Rock for two days to serve £is acting governor, durin? the absence of Governor Ad- fclns and Lt. Gov. .T. r,. Shaver, fold reporters that his bill would segre- pale the seasoned criminals at the Arkansas prison farms from those in.the penitentiary for minor vio- J he senate president pro tern, in ;r to betler acouaint himself with the operation of prison farms, made an inspection tour of Tucker prison farm. And vvlien the tour was completed. Lookadoo seemed to » doubt that his bill is needed—for lie found that the farm, under Superintendent Lee Hcnsiey, is being run in excellent fashion. kissing-, a. single baby or. r giving: iwny one cigqr or .cigaret he Quakes: lisi. presence felt nnd .thus appeals'- o a few humlred thousand ,p9(eii-! tial .voters,, ,, which his,, opponent (annot. do. .'. ,: . ..'..,, \ ANP, THEKE ARE THE ' regulating the world's aviation, jub-ber and every other thing that Is .unregulated. . • • . , .All. this Is not playing politics, but,..who would dare propose swapping planners i'n the middle of a' plan. It Is very nice to be President.' when you want lo be .President. ; Hc ; ca;i, throw in, along ...with list of .descrying promotions ,,of : caieer dlploatsi.Uie .appoiijtuiiait /of' i. fprmer. Democratic -NaXipn'ji Com- iiittecJ.iiaji, Charles Sawyjpr ' L of^Ohid, :o be..ambassadpr to .Belgiuiii'.'aiul he can', thereby pay off a "political debt. ........ " ' . ..... " ,; ...... ,"" , He can inak,e reports to the na-' llon from "your gpvenimciit" and he can make .fireside . chats from secret naval .bases on Use \vdst coast "wllhqut' ..i.nentioiiing ' iiplitiiis, while at the- same tline. giving" you very .assurance, that .y'!.are nbyv !cUli)g!th'e.ljesl poislbiftjilcal.'.oif all.' He can send jneisagfs to. Congress asking .for., iiatippal.. service' legislation, , higljer , taxes .and ' mpre' subsidies 'to' keep .down the!.coXl of Hying. !3ucli 'a message rnakes hihv a areat. hero .\yith people who bn-' licvc there . slip'uld be!!a national service, bigger" taxes' and 'better' subsidities, eyes though U! is a' .' f pre'- : gbn? .conclusion .'Uiiil ; cbiigress' ; wili never approve ' such laws'./ He can appoint n., committee to survey "'(lie .cost of ''"lijing'.i which makes a. great hit with folks who beiieye '. the cost of 'living is "top high, -as who" doesn't: " • Without a';om!hini,\a 'b reau .of Ills • administration .can,, in fiis Stoop Disqbled Vets As Journeymen Uy 1IAZF.I, .IIAiiTKOO United I'r.css Staff! Corrt'spomtenl ,LOS ANGELES (U.P.) .— ..Witt Juniper,, a gentle-eyed Pole who learned (lie of loolmnking two score.years ago in Riga, today, H'ps. teaching his trade to disabled war veterans In n project in "social" .engineering. ; .in .his modest one-story frame machine shop, the • Juniper Tool .Works, Juniper's experienced helpers ; a re .turning out handmade, precision metal dies find molds to help win .the war. . forking beside these experienced craftsmen are crippled veterans of this . war, learning the . trade—but not as apprentices, they journeymen.. . /•That is Juniper's program— to teach, these young men a profitable and,.useful Irjidc, .at. thp same time diced the decision ourselves,, our state paying •support For Best Swine ' i \ > i i County Hog Growers Will Vie For friies Here This Week \ 'Mississippi County farmers who go In for raising good • hogs will have an opportunity Id pnrllclpnlo In Ihe distribution of $2000 In cash prlncs which the Mississippi Covin- ty Fair Association will. award "t Hie : 1S14 county..fair" opening tomorrow.. " ' " ' ', Local hog j-n'scrs have made such great Mi-ides during the few years ,'lticc life annual liok show was stalled lliat nationwide .attention Ims been focused : on the c hnnunl show. L«s year, two rational'cliaiu-! plon Durocs were cxlilbilcd nl-'llio fair. ' ',' . !'l')ie vnhie of the hog shoiv, niiil Us Influence oii'Uie production of meat ho«s In Mississippi Cduirty, Ncrlheasl Arkansas and Soulheast Missouri, 1ms been so. putslnii.diiig lliatt, Ihe association , liji?,. decided tg ral^e Its appropriation for Hog Shoiv cxnc'nse from $875 to $2,000. ;Tlin Mississippi County Ouroc Association ,wilt have an outstanding exhibit this year, all Its: members , getting ready to bring their best stock. L. u. Aulry, chalrmarl "1 Hie Hog S!:ow for the association, predicts (hat the 131-1 sljow will rival, any iiiitlouiil sliow over held. , Growlnu from Hie first annual hog show, several years ago, when only aboiil n <ta>n liogs v\'i-re' c\- lilblted, the show hits grown Into one of (he outsUimlliig hog shows of the mld-wost, and "fjilr lissocln- lion ofriciuls ure toiiiu all out this year to nial:i> it. nn own blsuor show by apprupiia|lng $'2000 111 cnsli to lj(> paid lo fanners and hog misers of this territory, all this In addition to l!u> ilbljoiis, banners and other pri/.es that will bt- awarded. Judging ( if i) u . hog show will take i;lnce on Hie Ihsi day of the fair so tliut (lie .winners' (ii nil flfisscs may be moved into specl(il- Jv pi'cparcd pens \\hf re'visitors will be able to view Hi.- wlners On-ough- out tlie week, and sei> sonio'o("l|ic liogs thai class ns the best, In llie nalbn, - HlK Tiiriuiut fur Cat COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP)—The Co- Imnbln lire dcpurlmcnl, (he police department nud the city ilofi calcli- er all turned out here recently' to rescue an alley cat reported hiui'uliw uy her hind legs from wime telephone wires at tin IntersectUm. ije- fore tin' rescue parly could arrive, however, someone dlinhfd the teli'-'i phone pole and curded the crying nud frightened animal (o stitelv. can carry on our skills." . Hopes Idea Spreads Juniper would like lo see every craftsman in America with sufficient plant capacllj to piece clip- pled veterans on the pas i oil ns Journeymen am) tencli them the trade. ille's doing U now—and lie's look- Ing for five more medically discharged servicemen who want .to learn the trade. Juniper is confident, too, thai he will be able to provide jobs for more veterans-because his business Includes making molds for the new plnslic Industry., Juniper ivns njiiireiillcecl .. 16' n tool master when .lie was 14. He them wages .sufficient tol cl ! me lo tlic> United States- many " Iheni am; adequately. Prefer Trade lo Collcec families J'* nrs "So and. has lia.d 'Ms business since 1028. •.'•' V He has two sons. One, GranvlDc, ,. n . ,, , .. . 24. a musician! °wm;".'|icririnncnlly •Doubly hamlicKpiMd - without crippled In' the Canadian C'om- Tum T E ft T" 1 Ilvl T' lnnl "»° raid on DlCDPf .'in -iM. 'Th d without arms and legs and at ho olte " . Gordon, 19,. a master lonl- hobble off and the dream of their 6(inailiai7 Amy ypu.lli dies in perhaps a night- watchman's Job,'; Juniper explains. "Tlic .pi-Joe 'bill'.of. rights''gives many .lads .the chance lo go' la college and learn a profession. But every, fellow doesn't jyaiH .» college education. Many would have liked to be journeymen,in.the traditional grades—printers, machinists, • tool-] makers—and ".so on .'through the whole list,of skilled and honorable ' the normal courie of ifs business get ready to'say that millioiis of people should ' have their /wages raised. Andi "you 1 know who gels the credit for lhat. " ' POOR-TOM 'HAS TO GET IN"A" TRAIN WRECK .."-,- . ; He can attend conferences with Nimitz and MacAi-tliiir in,Honolulu, calhngs!withoui'.wliicli society^couid iiot functiori. .. " "Now It's a fact that the government doesn't provide much of an loppirtuui'ty for sen-icemen .really to learn these vocations for the trades -hqld out on ready- welcome to . vocational school Journeymen, besides, many a lad .has mar- with Churchill in '" C. Chiang; Kai-shek" in -Cairo 'and Joe -Stalin in' .These have iiothlrig to' do.with domestic politics, but.they make an 'awful 'lot of 'front''"naga' 1 iiewi.; without His party's"'pre'ss iigchts having to turn' a - single' liaiidspriiig. Meanwhile,' tife opponent has to get in a train wreck to compete. . . ; He can receive ambassadors and ministers and heads of foreign governments with ..the fame .official rightness, while /.iashbuibs pop and the resulting pictures lii the papers attest to one and ail (.hat the man in tlie White House knows the im-i How To Hold '" '• FALSE TEETH More Firmly Iri Place Do your false teeth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping or wabbling when you cat, 'laugh of ta!):? Just 'sprinkle a little PAS- TEETH on your plates. This alkaline (non-acid) powder holds false teeth more firmly and more comfortably. No gummy, gooey, past!y laste or feeling. Doesn't, sour. Checks "plate color"" (denture breath). Get PASTEBTH today at any drug store. ' vied. and.lie ub'w cannot"affprd"lo go. through n long,' low paid ap- FrenllcpsMp jn ,r. "shop." ' ."'' ,-i Juiiipbr.'s plan—laid out like onj of .his ,bluepririls-T^voiild solve this problem. .-"It"would'.pay...our debt Ip.Uiese men and -It would',provide theni /with, -training so that -they KEEP YOUR in place.'Tamertitat unruly look. Add lustre. 'Keep .l.i.nir well Broomed with Files May Lead to Chronic Ailments KHRE HObk^F i cs' and Lafe<it, Treatment Are you suffering f rain • Pllesi 'Pis- tula, rectal abscess : pr a rectal or. "colon disorder?.., illustrated Free Book will .be , |;ent lo you which explains these ;iveach- erous ailments and'ilic serious (JoMU plications indicated on the diagram below. '.'," LIFE'S Litlle TROUBLES -CAN'T SLEEP- No need lo lie in [jcd-r-toss— worry niul fret because CON- STIl'ATION or GAS 1'UES- SUUtt won't let you stoop, lie, Ecrisiblc—get up—lalco'-.a (lash of ADLER-I-KA . as (Urcclct.1, to relieve I he iircssurC' of larjjc mlesliiiC3 on ncrvca ht'ul 1 organs oUlie t!iv,cslivclrflct. M-' Icrika nssiBly old footl waslcg ai'ut: R:IS through a coinfprtalilc ,bowcl luuvuiucnl so llinL bowels jel'urri lo noriunl SI/D and Uic (IJscoinforls of pressure blop LJeloie j on Icnow it, yon arc nslccji. M6rnii>i; .finels you feeling rlerm—rrcfrcslicd 'ntul ready for a KOO<! ttay's work or (tin. <7*l AJltiilie liont your ^riftltit to Jay. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. THERE ARE TWO THINGS A\Y TOMGUE LIKES TC DO', TOTE DR. PEPP£« ANO LJCK WAR 5TAMP5 dress to Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 2172, 820 McGce St., Kansas DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Hlan". ' .."' ROYAL, SMITH, COPONA, AND REMINGTON " •• . . . • -TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET " • PHONE 33821| (Every Transaction Must Ke Satisfactory) FOR SAil Property norlh of Court House, running' from Kailroad east lo becoi.iil Street, apprpximately 175'feet deep Will consider all offers. '•>•••• Permanent Address Mrs. S. S. Sternum P. 0. Box 387 ! Biythevilie; Ark. Note: If I am out of Hie city your letter sent to'my Blylhevillc address will be forwarded. J.H^V'K- ,Fpr Good jlnsurqnce CoH W. M. Burns Agency, Ph. 3361 Writing complete Automobile insurance, Plate Glass, iWork- manVCompensallpn, Public & Contractor's Liability 'and Flro Insurance on anythlne insurablc. : W KX BURKI^ AGENCY TT. IYI. DUI\INJ nsN.Se* . Second St. Tlie WyiheviUe Tire Co. has been purchased by .,.'.•<.-" j . G. 0. Poefrz oncl C. To gel maximum service from your tires, bring them to iis for repair and recapping. Expert lire men plus modcrn'cauljrinjtrit insures your salisfaction with every job. .. , . ' '.] .':,..' GUARANTEE D WORK 4-' CflLIHG PRICES MODlNGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Hwy. 61 Norlh STATE AND COUNTY M ON REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY WITHOUT PENALTY DRAINAGE IAXB ARE ALSO DUE NOW! .,..,. '• ' u- ->j —Septemfeer 30 Is Deadllrie for Payment pn Poll Tax — HALE JACKSON SHERIFF, AND EX-OFFIGIO COLLECTOR .1 ' r ' To Be Able to Vote at the Genera! Election You Must Pay r. < * Your Poll Tax By September 30th ;;

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