The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1947
Page 10
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TBN BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WONUA, JULY 7, 1917 mington Takes Lead TWtmJon Center BHXNGTON (UP)—The capl- wlll become the nation's telecasting center, an RCA distributor predicted today. : the end 61 the year, Wnsn- shouid have more tete- vlsio nbroadc.islini; .stations In others InU'r Ihls operation than nny oilier-- city in' the country," according to \V. E. O'Connor, chief of RCA Victor television distributors In Washington. v The capital now has one television station, WITG, in operation. O'Connor said another, WKflW. will i>5 • completed soon and two year. The most effective treatment for jjcft .Ins bcfn. found lo be oi!, whlrh closi llic'lr 'pjies and causes Ilicm lo nut locum. The first head used on American coins was the profile of Geor;;c Washing ton. - f Copyright by Hilda Lawrence; * Diilribulccl by NffA SERVICE, INC. 1 I •*)•!,: iv."'"-'" ^NGELINE SMALL stepped out of the elevator at 5 o'clock .end norlded to Kilty Brice behind ilie swltcViboard. | "Cold!" she said with a bright .grimace. "Have they lighlcd the 'fire in the lounge?" t "Yes, Miss Small." ° ""' } "Good," Miss Small said. Eut she walked briskly across the. 'square lobby and checked tor herself. There was only one girl in the lounge, a night worker in a jWcstern Union oIUcc who went oil ,to her job when the other girls came home. Miss Small found this routine confusing. Whdn she went to her own he'd at midnight, after coffee and gossip with Monny, she wanted to Itnow lhat all of her 70 girls were safe and sound in their 70 good, though narrow, cols. Miss Small switched on more lights, approved fhc lire and the bowls of. fresh chrysanthemums, and spoke to the girl who was jhuddlod in a deep chair with her eyes closed. "Good evening, Lillian. Or ihonld it be good morning';" The girl looked up with a long, insolent stare and closed her eyes again. Time for ci litlle Itcavl-lo-henrl talk with this one, Miss Small decided. Mustn't have 'sullvs and surliness, such a bad example for Ihe others. Perhaps a liny note in her mailbox, an invitation to a'nice cup ol lea in my room. These poor, lovc-slal'Vcd babies, I must do a}] I can. "Isn't lhat a new coal, dear?" she asked. The girl got up and brushed by the outstretched hand. "Excuse me," she said. "1 forgot something." Miss Small watched her cross the lobby with an arrogant silicic .and enler the elevator. I'll win her over, she promised herself, but I. won't say anything to Monny. Poor Monny. Shu worries so when she knows I've b>.-on hurt. •,i ':--^ llhii'IrnlPil hy Yv'aU Kcott The ffivl (Tot up Riul linishtMl by her oulslrelclied liainl. "Uxcusc me," she said. "I forfjut scimclliiiiK." -^ 111 win Jier over yd, Miss Small promised Jicrsclf. ,U. ' unclcrwc ; tfhl. poor vision and leeih. J-robably tonsi'.s. Kecoin- •jir-n.led liy M. Smi'.li and M. Miss Small frowned. Tluit meant three girls from Blackmail's. It v.-asn't wise to have more than t\vo from tlic same place. Two could be friends, three could be troublesome. —.*.<. The front door swung opc;i, ad- r.itliiia a raw, damp wind iin:! " chattering pair wiio called "Good rt-enizig, IVIJss Smalt,'' as (hey Imr- ried tu the elevator. Tile evening had begun. From the rear ot the lobby a •' of ciiiiia and silver begun CHE returned io Hie lobby and I entered Ihc railed enclosure • that was the office. A broad, Hat desk laced the street entrance and behind U was llic switchboard. A j panel of push bells covered (lie j.willi -'i scries of staccato buzzes, wall behind the. board. The bells and the front door opened and the roms at seven in the shut at freijuent interval:.. In n morning and six in the evening, short time Ihc;iulional smell That was when the diniiu; room I "t larao-scalo cooking and thick, opened. Tliey also rang to' an-! damp clothing hrnl routed the nounce visitors, phone calls, and emergencies. At right angles to the desk stood an orderly hive of glass-covered rnnilbo.x'es, too often empty. . Miss Small glanccc? at her own box and spoke reprovingly. r "KittyJ» --. ./'>'£ . Kitly gathered herself together •-pri rose in sections. She v.'as a basement \vhcre yon can do 3'our own laundry, ll's lovely, and so cheap, and all the hot water you want. 1 iliink Dial's what got me. No h.-'l water is awful." "No hot walcr is Ihe devil," IAr:,. Sutton agreed, "llow'd you ever lind it?" j "Two Elvis in otir stocltroom live there. I knew they made less than 1 do, but they always looked bolter somehow. Von know—nice coats and gloves, and permanenls, and ail SJo I asked them h'jv/ they niiaiagcd and Ihey lold inc. AIKI then 1 went over there and talked to the Head, a Miss Monica Urariy, and she said she Senators to Make Trip to Germany Long-Delayed Probe Ot U.S. Soldiers' Conduct is Promised WASHINGTON, July 7. (UP) — The loitii-Oclnycd Senate Investigation of (he American occupation of Germany, including reporUs of widespread misconduct and Immorality aniow; U, S. troops, Is expected to Bet under way this Summer, It v/n-s learned today.' Sen. Wayne Morse, R.. Ore., oT the Senate armed .services committee, who lias been plugging for Uie InvesliBalion, said he had been a.i- .snred by Committee Chairman Chan aiirncy, u., S. D., lhat, Uio group would consider the matter. Giirney said that .while, no formal decision lias yet been made, "practically all members of the committee have Indicated Informally to me Hint they'd like lo have some of us get over there during the congressional recess." A proposed Investigation or the American occupation of Germany last year was stymied after Mia State Department, objected it might seriously Impair American prestige in Europe. That Inquiry was sought on the basis o! a report, by George- Mender, former Counsel of the Sen- iU-j War Inveslluntliijr Commute,), alleging misconduct and immorality on tije part of u. S. troops in the' occupied Morse' said the chief purpose of the inquiry from his point of vhw «'oii!d he (o "lift the iron curtal-i of npnlhy" which he said has dropped before the eyes of the American people concerning their re- S|tonsibilitlcs In Europe. "There is danger of n collapse of Em-ope and of a turn to other ideologies which promise the people food and shelter," he said. Morse said l:c''was anxious to look into the progress of the de- nazification program, the food situation, the possible influences of Russian tfifiUrnllon in the American zone and the progress or education for democracy by the American military government. • . e .as a [fall, thin jjirl with poor skin and uiiv. that were f.->intlv hli:.->. . .• I "There's sometliing in my box,! itly, and you didn't give it to in u low key nntl sleadlly rose, tlw: i could i;ii-f me a room with an- silent switchboard came to life other r,ir>. Uight dollars a week, can you imagine, \vilh llic /ood and nil Ihose privileges! I move iu toniKhl and — " She stopped because Mrs. Sullon was staring straight ahead and her eyes were as wide iis a child's. ,-, P .'^"'"^ " fragrance oi bin-nine; loga and chrysanlhcnnnn;. -The Hope J-Iutisc girls had lived ihroiigl, {mother dii" Jind u r erc cominfi liojiie. -^/ A T S o'clock young -*• Stilton approncae Mrs. Micholas pproncaed her ravovilc c!t>fk in Blackmail's toilol-yuods department on Ihc main door. The clerk \vns 1'ailh Miller. Youns Mrs. Button, smi£ mid wiirm in I her ni-.w birlljdav sables, slid a shopping list ncroi-s (lie counter and made :in hcncsl apology. "1 ousht to be shot loi 1 eominn in i,a late," :;he said: "You've yol all yn-.iv adding tip to vlo.'-' Uull: Miller toul; the li : ;t ar.J smiled. In the year she worked at Blackmail's Mrs. Sntlon \vns the only woman \% r lio had regarded the rnu •• ., be- t'rr-jr them as ••; 'unujji. 1 , i,- 1 n ba-. -^ . li ro'^wuc.ici', sV.e gave iM r r. ..SJ- .- -''.same dc-vocjo «» v WUTll MILLER turned her 'own iicacl lo iuvcslignlc, and her heart ^avc a sickening lurch. On the roar wall, above the olevalors, a small red liijht blinked steadily and c-vculy. Ono-two-lhrcc, otic- two; ono-lwo-lhrce, one-two. The li^ht was little more than a crimson blur, bul she could read its I silent message too well. f "I tuinv what llial'r. for_" Mrs. Suttnti said liilicm of 1 and October will not nllow iinpor- oranKcs between July 31 of each year. Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMM1E EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 313 E. Main Phone 2487 7-7 Club 61 lllytlicvllle, Arkansas Highway til North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nighfs Weekly Owned By W. A. (Red) Blckcrslaff and Decree Ford For Reservations Telephone 94-1 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the, left at the Arch "Mother s.iys I'm not ;\ very good cook, darling, l>nt I'll make up for that and give you loads and loads of food!" FKECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MEUIULL ULOS3ER Will They Gel II? SM4L Li- 13 ' rtO URGENT '•t5SAGES .RE RUSHED "fltKDUGH Tit AIR. ' 'A VI. rt, 5lh 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Culvert 1.35 2,65 4.15 Schenley 1.35 2.65 4.15 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4.15 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor /. . . 4.35 6.90 Four Roses 2.85 4,50 S'/« Beer . pc r Case $3.35 GAS, reg 17.9c; . .Ethyl. 19.9c All Brands ilTES - - $1.35 On. Btsy 'em Here! r, vVELL.THHRl-'S LACDlS ^Suf5E--'5NAPPy .SOME SWAPP/ I LIKE TWO FEET '-•e&\0i HE MADE TO J OF DAMP NUTTY.' f <(• SPAC-HOTI / A I, ^7V-jv uluST TO (\H DlFP- ETREWr,WE'LL StMD Cue. ME^SAC-J;: IM FRENCH.' Chamblsn Sales Company Siilcs — Stutk'lwkcr — Service You've llCL-n hearing a lot :ihuiil btlidrllalu liiivo you noticeil what Kludcta!,- or trm-Ks I" I'nslwiir curs are ilninx? Kut Buy With Confidence Trom Chamblin Guaranteed Used Cars"& Trucks 1!)17 Chevrolet \<. ion pickup lillli Kliulcbakcr ',<• tun picliiip 1SI5 DutlKi: !i ton pickup 1DH Chevrolet v 1 ', ton UUfi r'ncd .Sttper t-'lo<ir Sctl 1UI1 Stuilebakcr Cliainpiun cloor l!lll ronllac 8— 4 Door ScM 1911 I'ljinoulli l)elu\c -T d LOTS OF OTHERS TO SELECT FROM . . . Complete lane of Sludubitker 1'atla and Accessories CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY I "Headache," Kilty murmured. ("I'm sorry, Miss Small, but you rtvent by so fast before, and it's [only a nolc Miss Brady put in." "Miss Brady? Hand it lo me at ince, please." Miss Small tried to (keep the pleasure out of her vo.'cc. [Darling old Monny, she told her|self, she's thought of somc'lv'tit: tnice for us lo do later on. Maybe ithe theater, or a really goo.l mo-.'ir.. I : '^"_."ice give* . ^'al• oi> tuv • 1 a |or a lillle supper at that nciv ; Cr.ri.--itr..-;s tree; i:-.'-y vcv<- '•«?•'" reach place. £ihe opcnc<l the en- elope carelessly tituier Kilty's urious gaze. Angel (Monny v.-fole), I'v*o "^ol to see Marshall-Gilt about the parly, she- phoned. Vcu'll have to take over tiic cte:~k for ine unlil Plumincr K'JCS on :u £. There's a ne;v j!irl ron:in£j 1:1, Hulh Miller, I'm r.fraid I forgo: if, ti;ll yon. Forfiive? She's lo go in with Aniil Hooper. Explain t<\ her , 'rii, will youV That's ^ vcr..oto vet intlraatu but r.or.i. Mr.-. Siillon smiled Inick al Ihc pliiin, p'.cn.sanl girl ;m d wondered lor the third or fourth Uim: v.-hy .«.!»-• didn't t.ilic iu:r nv.-tsy (mitt thing clsu I forgot, but you'll <lo it so r.iuch belter .than I jyouid! Ya-ar5, M. |"VriKS SMALL tucked the nolc in :_li j, cr lj; ousc nnc ; Eat nt -I H , (i CF j : Sutton nuiT.ery. !-:he'd be \vo Tu'i with baby. '-iTov.-'ve you :Mf.s^ -Miller? And why aren't yuv. wearii-.s yaur I'Uiisca'.' Tliat'a cra^.y. you know." "Tlu'.v'rc broken," Tiulh Miller raid. "Hut I'm geViitis new ones." ! "I should cetUiiniy Iic.ix 1 :o'. ioftly. "Old man lUackman is n Triend of my fu- toi.'r's. Ilut what's Ihe dope'; I mean v.-hai doei Ihe bliiikcly-blink say';" , Kulh Miller looked down at her 'mid | hand.-! and saw thai Uiey were trembling. She tried to fill in the sales slip, but it was useless. I'm a foi; 1 , she (old herself; I've got to ' to:- acting like this. Shu didn't look up'when she answered. '-Onc- t*,(;-ihrcc, one-two rncaiir, llic. 111.L'II aiulc, hosier:.-. . . . It's a" i "The iclin!," Mi's. Stilton ol>-' j=i;rvcd ci:cr.'i fully. "1'nlling a thins ' lik'.: thai when tlic store's almost j cn,|.Jy. She deserves to be ; ; cau^.hT. Idiot, sho must be cra/y. i n |. . . Hey, maybe it's nol a profcs- u; j, maybe it's n kleptomaniac, i .'- 11-Vr heaven's sake, maybe it's • I know! I'm coing ; Free Delivery Call PiCKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20i3 1044 Chickasawb* \ Crazy to put off tiling like Hint. Ur.l olhcnvire you iooi; very chio- pcr." i?uth Miller's pr:!e chcc'is nushtil. "I'm just !inc," she said. She'd icil Mrs. Suilon why rhc w.-.s fine. lr,;). Home people inir;ht think it was silly, hut Mrs. Kuton UMiM niniri'ri'.niul. M;.: ;5iriilitig; at the daily report thai j-was f jstcncii io the blotter. Moni•ca Brady's sprawling hand :t,V.aye.d n uustiicion of mice 0:1 the hon always yurpri--cd vou ;b-i> ^second Hoor, uncovered a flay,- in All !'"c j-orev j-i i;^ \v.i-\i" !ir the addilion rtf a plumber's bill, - - • " .and questioned roem SOl's o£ but .-he nndcr.-.ti: ay. "I've cot a new rcame the confidential nformation It's a kind ol club, a holA for in Ore staff code. Middle class, girls, with ;md dim,refinement, shy, not u raixer, and they even have a room u the iVlC FLINT IJtith ^\.'i!lri''s h.-mcU gripped the I cdi;e c>! H-.L- cntinlcr. "No," she ; It's mil, jf.; :,v.-[ul; don't go, i Mrs, Sutlon, please." i Mi 1 ;!. Snlton a.i\'c !)rr n ciniclc, ' Em-prised look. "Okay," she said rare.'c.:.'!y. "Vou'.-i: ,-, iiicc (jirl, ; ?.!i:.s MiUi-r, ;,iiii i'ai n nu-accoimt' lurr. V.'cll, M li.ii:;. c:i-,arse cmd scud :'.-.c ; liifs. V.'e'ic ;!oim: down ' rst toui-.!vi--;,\-, he t^one ^n'-.'-r^vi::;;. See you h.-.- :.^bU- coat. "Bo ," U.v: >•.;•.;led. i!;>. T.!i!!ci- v:;-.lihcd the rliri^, ' :;'.! :!.-.-,'.r.-c :-.-, it w:\lkjit \vithlie: iL'Uio:'. lo t'.ic sirle-:,ti'Cot cxi',. r.irs. t:u;u:i: V.'.*K avoiiiin;; liic. innin a!<!n v.Ttere a high voice \v;.j raipcd i:i tc.ivful expojliilalir),!. i U wau tlvn f«:is. In a-.-.atb.ei- 15 minutes ,>-!ie wr.uld begin r. new- life. She iillcd Mrs. Sulton's order and suit it down the chute. (To lie Con'.huica) li; Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER IJILL WILSON i! NEARLY 4 IN THE MORMINSi DIDN'T REALIZE I'D ettu (it 1 WITH THE D.A. SO IONS— I'W 60NNA SIEEP No HttlTV B didri'-t know ho-,v close I was at that moment to the BIO slecjp. IJY MICHAKL ()'MAI,LKY and RALPH LANK, Your S( udo baker Dealer First hy Far With a 1'oshvar Car" WASH TUBBS The Soai> Uaby HER TRWS ftKE IM PLJ>.CE...THE BOSS PEOPERTV WM) now RICO FOE 1SHE WPZVS WITH OUT TOE MET FEW PEOPIS OTICE THAI HE -TAND THECE TO RV AND BREAK . FALL IF Mil- HIMS G HE OPEM1NS SPECTi».CLE WWTS TO SEE THE ORISINH " An An Interrupt ion KDGAH JVlAK'J'IN C OF THIS G/XDSET IS TO RECORD ON SCREEM THE MENTAL IMAGES B> THE SUBJECT HE READS... r":*. AIJ|Ol - \.E ET SOMS V? ^"' P015CNC " S " }'- TAOTIN' STUF- l.s, /;• POISONOUS * MY GCSH. DO -v, -NWM* ,•:> M >' '»'E. ^'- 1 ~ ™^ T !•! t'iXx" 7 ;l "i' •'') BlSD_\V^JU5T \~i IfofrW'tr (^ I' BOOTS AND ITKR BTODI&S I'UKO JtAHi\5AN r-r;,- cr,<vrc: VT BlVX TO VrtiCVt DUO r-,^ WHV\ NOViR II O ; ,J

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