The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 29, 1937
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VOL. XXXIV—NO. HU BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWi THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOIWIEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HJythevllle Courier Blylhcvllle llereUt Blythcvtllc Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader WIATHEVILLE, AKKANSAR, THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1037 SINGLE COPIES "FIVE CENTS -She|s''HoslCSS I College Student Dies Tir Sky Wigwam ot Aahmwbi'e injurus Grants Mellon Company Injunction Against Justice Department PITTSBURGH. April 23. (UP) — Federal Judge Robert Gibson today Issued a restraining order agaimt tile department of justice in Its New York district, court suit seeking dissolution of the Aluminum Company of America. The order prevented Ally. Gen. Homer S. Cummings from proceeding against the Aluminum company in a suit filed under tlie nntl-trust statutes. The petition for a restraining order was based on tils contention Hint the present suit is identical with a suit filed in 1012. In that suit attorneys for the company said a consent decree was cnlererl on June 7, 1912 and the company has been operating under its terms for 25 years. Aluminum company attorneys argued Hint if the attorney general is permitted to prosecute in New York, tlie company and its subsidiaries, its officers and directors would be subjected to MIR "peril" of two decrees on one and the same subject matter. Ths petition filed 'in the New York court on orders of -Atty. Gen. Cmnmings asked "rearrangement" . of the company's property "so as to break its monopolistic control." Among the defendants were Andrew W. Melloii, former secretary, members of his family and other offleeis and directors of the company and its affiliates: Tile Aluminum company was charged with oppressive and un- '.rcasbirablc ' price fixing. .• •' " •"' CONWAY, 'Ark., Apr. 29 (UP)— Leo Day, 22, Con way, junior at Oklahoma Baptist university at uiwnee, Okla., today died In a Faulkner county hospital of In- \ jirues .suffered In an automobile i accident near Menlfee, Ark. ' Wlbur Spin-lock of Miiskogcc, Okla., tcnlor at. the university, and /-, , . . , . , Mrs. Ira C. Prosser, secretary to;Lo}tOll Acreage UlllaU'ly President John W. Raley of the '" . - . university,'suffered lacerations and' .inor cuts. I Knocking at Door of Madrid Restricted Here Ira Crawford Says Tfiree Convicts Slain In Attempt To Escape MOUNDSVILLE, West Va., Apr. 29 ' (UP) — Three convicts were shot and killed today as they matfe a break for liberty through the main wagon gate of West Virginia state penitentiary. A fourth convict was -wounded, perhaps fatally. The prisoners were mowed down by .machine guns in the hands or guards, reports from the prison said. To Hold Funds For Refinancing Expense Litigation Ends Until Beth Peace, full-blooded Indian princess from the Crow Reservation at Lodge Grass. Mont., is. organizing a new tribe of which she. has been made chief—the stall ot stewardesses of Northwest Airlines. Miss Peace is a descendant of. "White Man Runs Him," a scout: in the service of General Custer-and is the .first -Indian to become a plane stewardess. —: Does LITTLE DOCK. Aqril •><!. Ill' Acting on Instructions from Attor- nc v General Jack. Holt, Kirl IMSL-, state treasurer, today sairl t'>"' h i" would not. release any of the Failure .to allot Mississippi county the base cotton acreage and base production to which It Is entitled Is driving Mississippi county farmers out of the soil conservation program, the Statu Soil c6n- scrvalion Committee nl Ultle Roclv i was Informed today Iril a stter' by Ira Crawford. $100,000 for expense funds for Gov- Crawford, farmer and glnilcr. was special cotton assistant in. tlie county agent's office here 'for j three years and In that capacity' made a ( . thorough study of the application of the AAA cotton -,_ ::-c°rnm in this county. Mississippi county farmers, he :'id in his letter today, arc declining to participate In the federal program not primarily be- ernor Carl E. Bailey's fcond refinancing program. Page said that Holt had ren.uc-.te.ii " cause of improved cotton prices Roosevelt Gets Noisy Welcome at New Orleans NKW ORLEANS. Apr. 29 (UP) —A huge chcci'lnt! crowd greeted | President Roosevelt today In this j stronghold of the late Senator lluey P. Long arch enemy of the M»U. I),.,,) administration. . The special presidential train arrived at the u. and N. station ut 12:30 P. M. The broad friendly presidential smile: bioiiuht cheers from crowds that were once roused against him by Long's oratory. Among those ureetlni! 'him AVIIS Seymour Weiss, lender of Louisiana politics. m Hie delay in payment of 193(1 benefits but because the inade .. .. I™' 1 ' i»isc acreage allotted to this him not to" pay any of the m~ney • county does not permit -them the out untii litigation over the pro-| co " on acreage to wlilch they aie gram has been settled by the courts. I -ntitled. He urges iccognition bs • Attorneys representing W. G: | " le state committee of the extent «:ougn'o, ' voavei'. who Uraui>ht '" which this counts s cultivated . . . the suit, announced that he would | ""'cage has -ben increased .and Rnthc1 ' tll!m mise teh siege on Madrid, rebel forces have countered appeal the decision handed down yesterday by Chancellor Frank Dodgs in which he upheld itute's demurrer in the case. the ill tne allocation to this count} Jn "xeM reverses by Intensifying their destructive- bombardment, spread- future of a bisq. that will m 0 death and desolation •New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 29. (UP) —I,atc selling caused by attacks in the United States senate on the administration'gold program today- beat down the cotton market SI.15 Not > Beli Bounding" Proposal Produce Results give this county its fair sharo-of the total state base. < Seeks Reconsideration .Copies of the letter. • Crawford said, will be sent to other delta comities, similarly les I severely affected by the alleged | unfairness in distribution of base [acreage, in an effort to obtain j consideration of the question by Uw state authorities, v -The. letter follows .IT j"Stnte Soil ConrervatTr,7"jommitte; ICVe Jm-I Little Rock, Arkansas over wide areas. In the bitterly fought Casn del Campo section, nearly every'building bears battle ruined by (he fierce shelling like this once-magnificent house of a high government official, House Passes Measure By Voice Vote; Quick Senate Action Exoecter! plil " as p^P 03 " 1 is practicable"" or i lnat il C!U1 be operated to accom- WASHINGTON. April 29. (UP) — Senate Majority Leader Joseph T. Robinson (Dem., Ark.) today said he is opposed to the plan to "impound" 15 per cent of the departmental appropriations in an economy drive. "I don't, think the 15 per cent WASHINGTON, April 29. <UP)- Thc house, hurrying its action because of imminent expiration of the nation's temporary neutrality act,- today approved a compromise permanent neutrality bill.' The measure now goes to the sen- to 51.35 a bale. open high ate. May July Oct Dec Jan March Spots closed quiet twenty-four. 1217 1286 12G7 1215 1277 1279 low 1285 1269 125Gb 129G 1208 1278 - 1248 1285 1255 1280 125(i 1284 1259 1203 1248 12S5 1KB 1259 nt 1308, olf Chicago Corn open high low closi May 12!) 3-4 133 3-« 129 3-4 130 1-2 1,18 1-4 120 117 7-8 117 7-8 ! Tlie compromise passed the house by a voice vote- without a single dissent heard against it. Principal debate upon Ihe con- Iroverslal bill was expected In the senate/ Approval was anticipated, however, In time to enable President Roosevelt to sign the bill before expiration of the temporary act at midnight tomorrow. It is planned to rush the com- ing to start on a tarpon fishing expedition. operated to accomplish notable economies," RoKnson said. s Under the proposal, reported to have the endorsement of President Roosevelt. 15 per cent of all departmental approprialions would be impounded and authority would be given the president to release portions of that 15 per cent as he sees fit. ' "In regard to the farmers of Mississippi County and other delta counties of Arkansas in signing up and reducing their cotton acre-, age this year as they have in tlie j nast. 1 would like to give you the WHEELING, W. Wheeling ' Tackles Third Rehabilitation Task This Year April 29. Bailey Tells C. of C. of "Perplexing Problem" It AVill Create ' !! in behalf of the farm- (UP)--The Ohio river receded to- rs of Mississippi County. "There has been much said as to the reason the farmers have not been signing up as freely this year as they have in the past. It tins teen intimated by some that day almost ns rapidly as it rose early this \vcek and for the third WASHINGTON, April 29. (UP) —Gov. carl E. Bailey of Arkansas warned the United States Chamber of Commerce today that when 011- M ... ,, — vjwinmn i.u iuuuy unit, v.lldl <J|J- time in four months Wheeling dis- cratlon of mechanical cotton plck- trict communities began clearing crs Is perfected "thousands of s lhclr street5 ° ml ! dividual* in the cotton bell" j be rendered jobless and there will trict homes. •he advance price of cotton and Sections of various cities and | be created "tlie most p2rplcxing the slow delivering of the 193UI low '« along the river remained in- | social and economic problem with diversion payments are the causes ""dated by the Ohio's overflow but! which we have yet been con- Robinson said he preferred the' ,°™"\ ™". la lorizontal 10 per cent cut in all ,. . , s ^ T€LL YOti BY BG& BURNS cut appropriations proposed by Senator James F. Byrnes (Dem., "s. C.) Legislation to authorize the impounding was introduced by Representative Cannon (Dem., Mo.) and Speaker Bankhead said it had President Roosevelt's approval. Some Democratic leaders contended that the president, who re- y announced an economy cam- cretion in making cuts. Other l>a- ,~, t-icnun ju muring cius. uuicr iz2- Tne compromise neutrality bill | islators expresssd belief, however, designed to keep America out of I that the senate "economy bloc" war, carries discretionary powers • - - for the president, to establish "cash and carry" requirements under which foreign nations would be required to move war.mafcrials from the United states at their own risk. You never ran judge a person's character by the way they when people are watchn' cm. 1 sup- j pose politicians are Jest as kind) hearted as anybody else, but I've vCen a lot of 'em make over children and pet dogs Jest to get votes. H's when a man gits away out in the open where nobody can sec him that his real nature comes to light. My Uncle Hod was about animals and he Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, April 53. (UP) — The stock market continued in a highly nervous stole today but a majority of issues held advances A T and T ....; ........... ico 3-8 Anaconda Copper ......... 43 1-3 Bethlehem Steel .......... 81 1-4 Chrysler ... ................ 112 7-3 Cities Service ........... 3 3.3 1 actl ?ola -- - ............. 1501-4 ' General Electric ____ k ..... 513-4 5fi 1-8 would insist on more mandatory reductions. Senator Byrnes declared that his proposed Hat 10 per cent slash in all appropriations, would save between $350,009,000 and 'ands $4000.000,000. While legislators discussed the problem of eliminating the $418,- COO.OOO deficit President Roosevelt predicted for the coming fiscal year, business leaders learned that federal farm administration officials hope to develop a long-range ag-1 -educing their acreage. Base Is Inadequate. "After working with the farmers in the farm program for almost three years and- being in constant contact with them since, true. In farming, just as any other business. we must have e^ual showing and squal opportunities with our competitors or we cannot survive. "The farmers of Mississippi County and other delta counties that have been developing the farm land for a number of years ave failed to get their share In 'he division of the allotment to 'he various counties in the state, both in base acreage and base production. For example, I quote below some statistical records for Mississippi County. "After the drainage system was completed in 1924 with the heavy burden of tax and rich ferli.e of them not signing for 1937 and | darl gcr was believed past. Red Cross 1 fronted." Parade, Local President Declares > ( If there Is a parade in Blythe- vil'e Balm-day it will not be under the sponsorship of Blytheville Local No. 23(1 of 'the Southern Tcn- unt Farmers Union, the Courier v '':\vs was Informed today by W. U, Moore, lo:nl president, who snid llmt Individuals who. recently ap- pli?d b Ihe city tor a parade permit did sn without the uutliorlza- llon of tin. union. ; ,; Mcor;, who offered to -produce credentials to shew that he spoke for _ the duly chartered local -unit of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union, snid that Ills organisation how has about 100 dues' paying members here.' it Is not confined to farm laborers, he said, but in- vltas the membership of all working men. City, officials this week agreed to grant a permit for n parade Saturday, waiving the 850 fee provided for by city ordinance. They understood that the permit wa sought''in behalf of.the Souther Tenant Farmers Union. Moore Issued the following statement: Consider Wholesale Evacuation of Besieged tyon- Combatants Hy LOUIS "f. KKEMLE,! United Press Cable Editor"- ,. Britain ' and nance considered plans tcday to evacuate the clvil- | Ian -population or Bilbao under the guns of their warships to save the people from mass slaughter. The Basque loyalist army is |n- full retreat on Bilbao' before t the advance of the besieging Insurgents . and the fall of the city was believed' Inevitable. 'Ilic countryside around Bilbao ~' was maiked by names, towns de- >' strayed and civilians mowed down ' by thousands by the bombs and ' machine gulls of Insurgent airplanes. British parliamentarians 'have ' been profoundly shocked 1 by the- slaughter and hence serious consld- - being given to the suggestion for evacuation, which might have.grave consequences if Insur- '' gent wiuslilps try to Interfere, fore- • l"g Fioncli and British ships'to shell them Would Ncc.l 150 Ships ~. Dispatches from Paris estimated that theic aie 200,000 non-com- bnlants to evacuate. The French believe It would lake \ 150 ships to evacuate 150,000 of them and that it would cost $100000 per day to feed and house them , when they reach France. The suggested plan Is to care for some In France and to send others to Britain, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries. Eleven British merchant ships ire already In Bilbao harbor, hav- iderstood that the permit was '"S' 111 " the blockade with' food. light 1 ' in behalf of- the Southern otner sh| l B presumably would be chartered in Trance and Biltain if the British government consents to ' officials said. "Tlie present problems created The Ohio river stage In mid- I by thc slow growth of the evils morning was 40 feet, only four feet I of fnrnl tcni >ncy CII assume huge nbovc nood lever. Thousands of i l )r oi>o r 'ions,'' he said. refugees, cared for in three big emergency relief centers here, prepared to return to their-homes or 'Mechanical cotton pickers have already been built. They function, it is true, with Indifferent cfTicien- practically alt of Ihe merchantable limber removed, it was necessary to' either develop this or allow the land to go back to the state or improving districts. In the ten year period of from 1925 to 1934 inclusive, we cleared and put into cultivation an average of I4.11C acres of land each -, whcc " llsr lslan < 1 »n<l i" East and i cy ' ""lelr construction, however, is South Wheeling. ,- Crest P.TSSCS Marietta MARIETTA, O., April 23. (UP> —Tlie Ohio river reached a crest of 40 feet—four feet above floryd level—here today and began receding slowly. Merchants in that part of the Marietta buslnessydistrict nearest Inrm ,,„„„„, ,the swollen river kept all night I £"" *rMn V^ vloll n .,ioi,i n » n.,, .,,..,1,1 _... I eon meeting of tl j warning enough Hint operation ibe perfected. When that is done they will displace thousands ot individuals in the cotton bell. thus. creating suddenly the most per- j the people several important ~ni'es- plexing social and economic pro!)-! lions. , . "We. as officials of Blythcvllle Local No. 23G of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union, want (o Inform tlie public that we have not asked the city officials for a permit to promote a parade of our organization, although we very much apnreciate the courtesy of the city officials In waiving the $50 .fee. "Our organization is not try- Ing to put on any show Or radical excitement on the public. We only hope to promote a better brotherhood and better wage scale and our rights under clean principles and to be brought about In a collective organization. "Now, as officials of Southern Tenant Farmers Union, we do not call a parade at Just this time. "W. B. Moo«e 1 - "President." Farm Bureau to Hold Meeting Next Week Tlie County Farm Bureau is S|»nsorlng a series of meetings the first week In May to bring- before lem with whlcl confronted." have yet been vigil, watching the muddv water creep slowly, into their pfaccs of i business. The water barely covered first floors of several. Bailey, who is a member of President Roosevelt's committee on farm tenancy, addressed a lunch- the 2.000 business . men gathered at the final session nual convention. twenty-fifth an- I Ontario Flood Recedes LONDON, Ont.. April 29. (UPI — Relief workers were mobilized today as flood waters in western On-. tarlo started receding. The Red Cross issued an appeal for $200,000 to aid flood sufferers. Cars equipped with loud speakers toured the flooded areas, broadcast- ricultural program which would noti^' oar ' require additional funds. H. R. Tolley. farm administrator, told members of the United States chamber of Commerce than a farm program embracing soil conservation, crop insurance and sur- Base Cut 20 Per Cent "The statistics of 1929 show that the farmers of Mississippi County were planting to cotton per cent of their crop land. Using Ihe base years of from 1928 to 1932 •n? instructions Inoculations. for anti-typhoid of his way Jest to bo considerate of 'cm. He was goin' through the woods one day and he heard a noise back of him. When he turned around, he saw a great big. ferocious man-catin' bear snimn 1 at his Iracks. Uncle Hod watched the bear jcslj a second and then he says, "Oh, so you like my tracks do you?" "All right, I'll make ya some morel" Copyright 1937 Esquire Features, inc. national Harvester ...101 1-2 i-Robbins 13 3-4 ornery Ward 55 3-4 York Central 45 1-2 ard 9 i_.j 'liilllps Petroleum 55 1-8 woSg"out't^!^>^cuco-::: ?i-s Simmons Bed 45 1-2 Standard of N J . . . 04 3- Tcxas Chicago Wheat open high May 128 131 Jill 117 1-8 118 1-2 io w close ]M 1-4 116 plus removal programs "probably ] with "the small overrun that we could be financed" with funds ear- were allowed, it has gradually re-1 marked by congress for agricultural activities. duccd our base acreage In the perccntual way to where we are I now allotted less Ihan 60 per cent T . . | of our crop land for our base LlVCStOCk acreage. This simply means that I If the farmers of Mississippi EAST ST. LOUIS, 111.. April 29. I County remain in the program on (UP)—Hogs: receipts 7,000. Top, 10.35 170-230 Ibs., 10.15-10.25. Light weights, 7.40-10.15.' Bulk sows, 9.40-9.65. Cattle: receipts, 2,800. Steers. 8.25-10.75. Slaughter steers, 7.00-15.75. Mixed heifers and yearlings, 80010.25. Slaughter heifers; 7.00-11.50. Beef cows, 5.50-7.50. Cutters and low cutters, 4.00-5.25. jllils basis that they will have to !reduce from the base acreage that |they are Justly entitled to, approximately twenty per cent of their base acreage to become cli- i glble to participate in the pro-' gram and this means a total loss of more than 5600,000.00 to the farmers of Mississippi County. "Therefore, as I see It. the reg- '. illations as they have been inter-' preted are forcing the farmers of (Continued on Page Three) Virginia Sitimlinu Bcllcr RICHMOND. Vs., Aoril 29. (UP) —The Red Cross and the Salvation Army reoortet! "improved conditions" in Virginia's flood areas today. ^Thousands of persons were glv:n aid at Fredcricksbur^ where the Rappahannock river overflowed. Damage there was estimated at $500.000 and five persons lost their lives. The James rivor rose to near record levels here bill was receding rapidly today. Crilica] of New Deal WASHINGTON, April 29. (UP) —Tlie United Slates chamber of Commecce resolutions commute: recommended today that the chamber endorse a series of sharp criticisms of New Deal policies. Resolutions presented for approval opiwsed President Roosevelt's supreme court, plan, urged reduction of federal expenditures and recommended broad amendment of the IVagncr LaTior Relations Act. New York Cotton YORK. Apr. 29 (UP) - c °tton closed barely steady. Dec Jan March open hich 1291 1302 1292 1304 1267 1278 12C3 1273 1269 1273 1272 127:1 low 1215 1270 1253 1250 1252 1255 close 1275 1276 1253 1250 1252 1255 the plan While the Basque towns and villages weic being blown to pieces by the Insurgents. Madrid was belno- pounded by rebel artillery on the sixteenth day of a bombardment V which Is estimated to have killed-, nearly GOO persons and wounded l.OQO. * Kciiorl Civilians Slain PARIS, Apr. 29 (UP) _ Basque sources iicre estimated today that •1,000 civilians have been killed' (11 -. the Bilbao area, 800 of whom" vere killed at Guernica. ' ,. The silver sword plant grows on- y in the crater of Haleakala, Hawaii, Mrs. Kleindienst Wins Recipe Prize This Week Have you tried any of the prize winning recipes, published each Thursday in the weekly food section of the Courier News? The winner this week is Mrs H. J. Kleindienst, who was awarded $1 for her Salmon Circle Loaf recipe. Look for il on Page 7 of this paper. Next'week the $1 prize will be awarded for the best gelatin salad recipe, Send yours, making certain that it reaches the Courier News not later than next Tuesday. "Can the coopcralors in the 1937 program obtain a subsidy payment on this year's cotton crop?" and "How electricity mav be had In every home at a very low cost?" are the questions to be discussed. These questions affect the dally lives of practically every person in the county, say officers of the County Farm Bureau who will be present, along.with L. H. Autrey special delegate to the National Farm Bureau convention. Meetings will be held at the places and dates listed below at 8 o'clock pm.: Last Cane—Friday, April 30.' Dell—Monday, May 3. | Forty and Eighth-Monday. May 3 ' Manila—Tuesday, May 4. Yarbro—Tuesday, May 4 Leachvllle—Wednesday, May 5 Half Moon—Wednesday. May 5 Gosnell—Thursday, May 6. Three Named to Local Constitution Committee Marcus Evrard. attorney. Mrs Sclma Lent?. Morrison, member oi ths high school teaching staff, and W. J. Wunderllch, president of the Lions club, have been named on the local committee for observance of Ihe 150th anniversary of the United States. Constitution. They will cooperale with the Untied Stales Constitution Scsgul- cenlennlal Commission ill plans for 'observance of Ihe constltu lion's anniversary. Tlie appointments, mnde by Cecil Shane, former mayor, were announced by Representative Sol Bloom Of New Ins u reen t s rress Forward ~_ SALAMANCA, Spain, Apr. 39,<UP)—The Spanish nationalists, -~" smashing their way toward BilSaol x On the northern front, today an- r riounccd the capture of" the towns 'of Guernica, "holy city" of the" ' Basciues, and Durango, gateway to H •Bilbao. The Jubilant- troops of the' Insurgent chieftain on the Basque.' offensive, Gen. Emilia Mola," 1 pressed forward along the Biscay coast from Lequeitia in their vie-* 'orious march to the sea in one' of the most significant campaigns of the Spanish civil war. The insurgents earlier had an-.; nounced their capture of Durango ,-' gateway to the strategic- port of Bilbao, their goal on the northern front. Loyalist casualties were heavy, army dispatches Indicated.' The high nationalist comiriand at Held headquarters : here, however, reiterated denials that insurgent flyers had bombed Guernica before Its capture. '-, York, director commission. general ot the One person In every iO of London's population is either Scottish or Irish. Utley-Barnett Trial Postponed Until July CARUTHERSVILLB, Mo. -.,The trial of Hubert Utley and J. D "Speck" Barnett, jointly charged In the slaying last .October of Louis Howard, 24-year-old Per- • tagcrillc youth, has been continued to the July term of circuit court. Both are at liberty under $10,000 bond. • , . Defense attorneys entered motion', for continuance, displaying a telegram from a Paducah Kj, physician, who stated that Utl«y, I recently injured in a car wreck t near that city, was still In bed 1 and unable to be present for the j trial. ' „..! 1 WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy, sliow- crs In extreme cast, cooler in west and central portions tonight. Friday partly cloudy and cooler. Memphis and vicinity—Mostly cloudy tonight and Friday, probably local showers, hot much change 'in temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 68, minimum 48, cloudy with .03 of an Inch .ralnr fall, according to Samuel P. Norths, official weather observer,

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