The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1933
Page 5
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PAGE SEVEN. BlYUHljlVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS t'ltlbAY, SEPTEMBEU 22 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per ime Tor consecutive Insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line V* Two Itoics per line p«r day OSC Thro", times per line per day Me Six times per lice per <Jt* .. Ko Mouth rate per Itae ••••"•• «* Minimum charge we- Ate ordered tor lliree or fix times and stopped beloie explra- SS?«IU be charged for the number of tunes the ad appeared and adjustment ol bill made. Ail classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing ouv- llde ol the city"must be accoin- panled by cam. Rates.may te tdslly computed from above table. No tesponslnmty will be tetai (or more Ihao one liicorrccl Ui- rf iliou ot any classified ad. .\avcrtisini; ordered loi Irresuia: IUMI-UOUS u*e Hie one tiule rate. Phone 306 or :>07 4 WHEEL TRAILER will hold bale cotton, cull 12-1. 22cl<20 REAL ESTATE WANT LAND—We have buyers for 40's, 80's and larger tracts. Can sell 640 trad. Sec THOMAS LAND Law's Long Arm Nabs Fugitive COMPANY. 29ckl2 Vdi can buy » Home in Blythc- v:lle on monthly installment? !«s than it Is r?nlins lor. I'd be Bind lo loll you how. E. M. IERHV, Ajcnl. Plione till or 340 8c klO-3 FOHREMT NICELY FURNISHED Apartment close in CIO W. Main. Phone Me klf 'URNISHKD Al'AHT«*KNT. •Wont Kentucky. Phone CB3. • 103 FURNISHED Bedroom, prcleraulj for man, furnncc heat. 5H Main Phone 98. 5cklO-5| ATTRACTIVE bedroom for men, close In. Mro. M. T. Moon. Coll S»-W. '•«<: M - 23 Modem 3 room furnished or un furnished apartments, newly dec orated, over Kirbf Drug Co. Also store building adjoining Roxy Tbe- Mer. F. Simon, 120 W. Davis. Call . 25C kO-25 CMC or two rooms o» iNorlli itailroad street, suitable fur totlun ollices. \ull lix to suit tenant oil, lease. Apply (Juurier 2 I-UONT ROOMS nl 511! W. Main, California Grape Grower* Ready for Repeal BAN FRANCISCO (UPI—Cnll- tornlR snipe men, who have been n virtual retirement fov 16 y«iu» linvc cmcigcd nl the .sound of (lie napping wines of I lie NRA him. eagle. BillcvliiK the lulinllililriuion soundly behind promised if lullon of Ihelr Industry, Ihc nieu held Ihelr llrsl "wliio con 1 itnce pic-prohlblthin dui's formed a new organization. I ho Wine Producers' Association, urn pledged themselves lo fimcllun '.in ricr NRA. Whllc-Uahed pslrlarclis, who li old days sipped »nd cliiwIllcU ex Jcrlly virtually every cask u[ Call oinlrt wine, werp on hand nn< were In5lrumcnlal":n .secsu'ins sage of stipulations winch - ; . [lifeguard wine quality through- clunse which prohibits sale of ; i» bill "sound mcVchauiaole win (hut comply wllh slanrtard food laws of .ill * n ilbns in slides." panith "Prisoner" Goes Modern in Hu Work MONTllEAl, lUl')— Tile famous Bpnulsh prisoner" who has lecn n juil since ihc days of ihu Wnr i! ll'.e Spanish succession, llai loiiBhl a mluuiogrtuh lo nU him n his Iflsk of Undine someone lo his llBhl for freedom. ....„ the Insl few wctkx ul . 30 Monlrcul mf reliant li.ivc ecr-ived It'ltrr.s from the mylhlcir leaner, who Is offerlnu lo glM mr-Uilrcl ol a huge forlune he las hidden uwny lo nnyono wh him enough money lu renc' i's li^lu for freedom. Appiiirnlly llred of uilliu,; .' limy leltcis by hand. Ihe prisoner ..O'.V'LS iibing u inlnicuerupil. Tile U-M of every Idler received lui" Is exuclly alike. The nflinc 1 * of ihc 30 addressers lire cleverly iHiul- id In Ink of Ihc fame kind aiul color n s llial used In the mlmco- Kraph. dlicclurs to f.cek $2,600.000 from llic fctlpnvl lovrinnieitl lo Unancc subsistence, hyincslcnds. n[ '£> pcisons, luchulini! one rep hum Inine. liniislon will liu the, . iu>soi!l ntlon's hciuhiHiirlcrs. than 25 yours ol Miriurs coated wllh chromlmn '.and aluminum will ciilcli Invisible Muvllghl In urenler qmintllle.s Ihun •1'hp fo<xl and drink coiviimV tllvered ones, ncrurdlng lo Hie dls- by Ihe nveratsc mini fueh yeiir.lroveiy of Iwo Cornell Unlvcrslly vreifjbs aUoul ;\ ton. phssicbls. y\\ MillioDpire Aid* Pack to Farm Program HOUSTON, Tex. It)!') — Till' batk-lo-ilip-lmid inovcincnl, dronm ot miiny persons us Ihc aolc remedy for iineinploymcnl, 1ms been ijiv- cn fii*h Imiwtus In Tfxus by J. H. Culllniin, oil millionaire. Ciillliuui hciulf the community llomi'stend Awoclntlon und h" 6 bci.n cnnrawciert by the bourd ol OURBOARDiNGllOUSK \KNOW ... BOU6HT VRON\ VOU,VlOOPUt <-„ WE.U.,iT % WW3 ON ftCCOUMI OF UK •TOOvTwiW \— WEU,'SOR,NflftN V60T HIM VAOrAE, V&. WOOU3NT •=, AV A WORD.TOP. TWO Q/^/S 1 fit, SILENT A<b AWIJRR^A IN W APPLE? "Tt-VEN JTWS fV\ORN\N, H£ ST/\RT<9 IM TALKlN' UKt B«cr Vul Out Blue ',"'' UUlUiINOTON, Vt. tUP)-6ccu- iiiini>n:i w,,.,,... ,,,niUs ol a nurllntlon business diidini; one rep- block have Ijeer lo thank fonprc- wch conisressloii-! vcntlon of :i possible contiajni' t' i , ul dlslilcl and lour members at Hon. A flic burled In the base- . . . mcnl of tl:c building. The llam«>. melted copper colls through which — ijccr was pumped lo n first floiir More than liiilf Hie population jeilfliitaiit. The resulUnl . of l,ic Uamlnlmi of Ciinadu Is less l.wmini! brew eslln e nlsl!cd the By Ahern _ _^-^~~n^i E&/VO, MM3DEN. % -(OU ^-'^ " : F^ :! W u«r,, „* '-^ WRROT ?-A MAUVEV.OUS M ^•'A ./..^,-fl . T-I\> Tr\\./P- \' /•:': f 'j i;:ir.iisomeJy (Icconuod. Hem to ninnsh garage. KXPKRT Typewriting Machini! Repairing. U. b. kcnship, 118 E. Rose. Call^J; I-UHN1SHED Bwlreom. Call nuer •i o'clock. Mrs. Ei! Hardm, ID) I \V Bl IHIt. ^ I" 0 " 21 L. O. M° ss Blytbevillc's cut rate u FRESH COW willi young calf, giving -1 gallons day. Will WJ^ 5 ; 1 , Mrs. rride. CLEAN BBS- TAILORS For Quality Cleaning Phone 180 -"""* Nuwa "'^rkio-i Attraeiivo bedroom, 018 W. Mam. Mrs Mi-Mullins, phone G21-W. TO' y HIGHEST PRICES paid ior tires inner lubes, iron, metals, maga zincs, hides, cars to wreck. Wol Mian 128 E. Main, phone 176. 2cklO Hats Blocked Loo's Ukc New Unique Cleaning ^^ 10 .., 0 CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY UOckO-2 Kmniott licek. ahnve. wlio es- cipecl from a prison farm at London, 0.. (lie day before l:e was ti iinvo liceu parolnl, llien married and lived for Hire" yrars as :i respecleil ciiizen umlcr an as- suuicd name in Cliic-.ic". lias been arrested ami will bo rctiirneil to prison lo serve Uic rcnwiiilne plain years tif a 15-year sentence imposed for burglary. He'.ow arc shown Hock's wife anil Ihrcc- -inonth-Oii t^l>y. A Si^SY ? Harold Slcrnbcrf Manager There iirr k-n n" 1 "! reasons why Stcrnlii'i-jr (Jins Should Handle Your Cot Inn No. 1(1—(.'ninmixlimts. unil rmpfctablc olTiocs where your wives :intl children rimy rtsl without I'tur of insult while yOur collon is boinj; ginned. -JOVE KNOW, 1 HADN'T -SOLD HIM,- l.V=,P--ANT WE CCXUS ME A\-6\ f <PECIAl- WEEK.? #3.;-. GRAND 0"P£RA CANARIES f SOPRANOS HUMAN NATURE! SPORTING GOODS We arc i-ontinuing cur Gnlf Ball Sale OHer—Come in anil liuniiic about it. Hiibbaril Hardware Co. - .u-i^ ALL KINDS Men, Women anc i-hililrcn's used elotlilng and price. Lclgli- OcklQ-3. shoes." Highest cosh ton's. 320' E. Main. WANTED Drink ll:c best for llic same, price, Bl'DWEISEK kins of bullied beer. 20cklO-20 RAB10_SEKVtCE "EXPERT RADIO SERVICING^ j-esi Equipped Shop In I"- 1 -"' 1 HAROLD SCDBl'It'l' — 'BATTKRIKS MALE HEI.I' WANTED NEW FORD UATrKRIES Itenlal-Rccharging-Rcpairing TIKE & BATTERY STATION y.Aj^ \Vanl?tl lo lake caie of ar established hiisincss in Ills sale -,t'. Products in Mis-sis- -:ppi. Ciaiahcad. Poinsett. Crilten- ron. Randolph. Lawrence anc Green counties. Good MvinK righ' is'.': with iiu:r;a.siii3 profits as yov ,c'.o!i'.c acqnalDlod willi cusloai- ,-rs and b-jsincss. We finance re- "i,oia:blc per-sons. Kx]>cricncc no 'craaary. Apply bv letter to Me COMPANY, Dcpt Kor Vronipl llaltcry Service I'hone i! Ben Clune 31 c l.J- AUTOiJIOTIVE dalcway Uarace Mccharilf - Work Guaranlccil I'rircs Right 19pk26 WBM-397, Winona, Minn., 20;> 1:2 STRAYED STRAVSD—1 Bay MuU- nnd I Blac Mule. 1 vrs. nki. Wciali about 12K) RKWARU". A. A. Ouiuir. I mute - Blylhevilk-. 22pK ''•~'-*^"|-'"^'i-u in* NV^ ,___M!m^ Martin OV\0 MA h \\OW ttOrAV. i \\OV\t I MV «OT VOtVv.WUtW WSL WOUT TOft WASH TIIBBS /J'UKLLETOM CReeK IS AWftUENED tv MORNING 6'/ THE RO^R OF lRPLftME OMFRHEAD. A NEWCOMER! Day A: N'igh' Service Station Complete Lino Shell Products Repair Wo:* at Any Time Fhunc 1 GOa Milton Stcrnucrg. I3c klO-10 "Of.ik Jersey Cm ;ikoin 3 years olo short lef : horn, idl ttalc lin:- Ni-lify Willis Cliiss. Judge Cini- :nr.qh:'in'.s place. Rcivanl L'lp k2". LARGEST STOCK I'SEI) I'AUTS Between Memphis and El. Loins Also Anlo Glass — Phone 05 JACKSON AUTO I'AUTS CO. Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10cklO-10 Ited's Vlace—118 E. Main Call SOS for Aulo Painting Body and Fender Service Formerly ntlh Shousc-Lillle Co 26p-kS-2(. RIISSKI.I. ANnr.itsox In eharge Chrysler Garage ^Vo^k Guaranleed on any niakr ear New Vail Norman Unrtng Machine 1'honc 588. WANTED TO KENT MODKRN HOUSE—i'reforably ir! district. "S". Courier Nc'.vs IMlKSSiHAKING SEWIN'O. allcrnnlions. very rca- . . le. Miss Louise Crar.?. /T\HD THE U1KOU6 TOWW RUWS DO*)M TO THELAKE Lrii -rn vJryrcH IT t-AWD AMD TW1 TO SHORE. . .iow IT steps one. OF 7HE 2 MIFTieST ORE.S3ERS EVER 5EEM1S1 A MIMING CftHP. By Cran JIHE HEIA1COMER SSEMSTOBB AC.QUMMTBP WITH I a - n V. s —*\ s —' ' --• ^ ^~ — 0 * ' HELLO, \f. JUST 'DROPPED ''^ *^~ SALESMAN SAM WHO'S THIS, EQUIPOISE; "BLOSSEK A F KM A uT 22ck29 A NTEI) i c\it" I ' TO Kearefs for E^rcral houwwnrk cookine. Apply 203 Doucan si 22 tf l.KGAi, NOTICES DOGS, I'KTS authority Notice is hercbv aiven that the unJersiar.ed. as administrator of the e.v.aic of Mrs. I. N. L'ry. decease;! v.ili aopl'. to the Probate Conrl of tirj chicka.sjwua Di.~lvict tor Mis- s'i-ipiii County. Arkaiioaf. on li:< • 301' (iav of September. 1033. fo' I • ' • • ^ell the following land.' For Healthy DORS Iced j b^longm? lo baid estate • cr so Miller's Ratioru, & Quick Lunch I much ihereof as n;ay bo ncccisaiy to-nit: Lot 1C in Eiock L) ol Barron •t Lilly Addition lo the City of Blylhcville. Mississippi County. Arkansas. Said sale Is made for the purpose , HUBUARn IIARRDWARi; CO. llcklO-1) FOR SAL¥ OK TKAnr, WfLIj SELL cheap my Iw.ii2 and 2 lots in nlyll'.eville cr trade for Vised car. Bos 05 or D21 S. Lliy St. 22p'x25 FOR SALE The BEER wise arc drinkiti' Blin- WE1SEH, king nf botllrd lierr. 20cklO-20 FOR SAt.E—NetsVborhnxl crorery wiili llvmi- rooms, ll^old tliw ucek will 'discount tl5tWO.v-.Phon; 798-W. 21pk2r OH, WELL, B=S FRIEMDS ' C«UDI>J<S-! ! INFIELD MIST' ffo POMLSSI?^ I'RKCKl.KS AM) HIS FRIENDS WHAT AILS I'OODLK? of paying Ihc debts of said estate. . Administrator. 1-8-15-22 MADRID iUP) - The famous Emuisli wllisl. Pablo Casals, has rejecied an offer to join the Ber-. iin rhilharmonlc Orchestra, de-i claiinc his refusal was intended i ns protest apainst the anVi-Seinll- Ifm si»nsovcd by tlie German government. . : TfiO^ T1IE.WW POOOli CHTWU006LV 6Wf R5, " BOY/ RED'S POP WEM HE. SEES WIIW !\ HEALTOV DO6 Wi *RE, CO.VWREO TO V.MAT j^. ' j)' VOU WERE. NW1IEM Ht ••'>-'•/ SWV'VOU L«,OT P.WCK OF >CR MIHD-.— . _ IHILE.. JUST or TIHCM, W1D MR.GEEIA W5E RE.TURUIWG 10 THE HOTEL WTER k 0 WALK AROUUD town — V5EE GO&....UOV/ \ ALL RIGHT-at 6O ,. S'OO UNCW MOSV (1HROU6H WfTH VOU OM SIMPLE IHE. WHOLt ) THI5> ONE DEN.~THEM.VM LAYOUT fc THE. / GETTIN' OUT, DLCK IS CLEAR-IT'5 )_ SLICK! PEfiFECT6e.TTIWG-y.-.. 0 : .-c>.-. ^•^t ; '\! ,-—-\\- :-.>>-; "••fWXJ-V 1

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