The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 8, 1950
Page 13
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OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople COURIER NEWS w^HaaM-aMlaaBB THE OLD MAkJ Al.VU4.ys FEELS COOP AFTER H6 6erS HrS SUPPER, - CWrfer* CAUSE OF MOST OF C>e SBMACH TROUBLE a\J D1S COUNTRY-- P6V CAINTT DtSEST MUFFIN " WHY WOM'T OAKE HOOPLE LET f, ,,.! NIS ESKIMO WRESTLER MEET & P| C U! \3* an, MW Mttkl ^ ^---^Bu /E Ke^^I|^MV A M F% FDC. HIM TO FEEL. OOOP BEFORE. TH6V > ) TELL HIM THey WRECKEP THE OVR TODAY' HE CAIW'T PfesesT MUFF*/ PAM OF TAPFV/" —-j i ( ' line Hews ON AMD SAKE'S HEROES ARE MAPE-Mar BORJ-J BY HERMINA BLACK WMCT Television on Mondnj- 1:30 p.m.—News Roundup 1:45—Newsreel 2:00— MldSoulh News 2:15—lloiisehnld llinls 2:30— Fashion Tanide 3:00— Hello Ladies 3:30—Howily Doody 4:00— Cactus Jim 4:30—News Koumlup 5:00—KuJda, Fraji ,t OJ« 5:30— Roberta Quinlan 5:4 5—Xew.s reel 6:00—Teletheatcr 6:30— IfoHiirri Karlow 1:00—Lights Out ^0:30—Show Business ^i:0»—Jackpot Calling 8:3»^Crusade In Europe 9:10—Carnival Home Tour 9:30— Wrestling We offer complete Television sen-Ice., supplying and Installing 'General Electric, Motorola, and Capehart models. FOR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISION & RADIO SAIES AND SERVICE 1 38 E. MAIN ST. 81YTHEVIHE, ARK. Salesman Wanted FABULOUS prollts to salesmen imd distributors. N'cw OUTDOOR FLUOR .ESCENT LIGHTS sweeping country Enormous demand fiom gas Rtattons' stores. nlght-spot!T, drive-Ins, auto _ asjcnclea. Every bvislness your prospect. No-samples-to carry.-No Invest " Powerful talcs helps. Mnke bit '"WtJ. Write W. H. LONG CO.. Chic ago II), llllnoli. 5;S pit 5 For Sale. Con and Trucks or JOB a»4 !»rri«- AHbT- J*-). wbo live Ml1h JOB'* mralhrr I'ler* ID nn fiinlBted ••< IBxBriuu* Nnrik Afrloo. knar. Slrrlr ••' **>«• Jentuwi* wkr* K h F ••«• Cle«- cner vrltb I'lrrn and »ad wHrartf ClejMeary taar I'lrra waa a a kurB hnelielor." Tara nar aifcai • llrp alMiToni can N fji Plrra'. ear l« akjd whllr ar lirlre* ClFivfMrr from IM.ikra l^or a aattMeal ar bnlda <.lt-meDrr rjOMeJr. I waa laf« (hat ah« r«altM ..IGHEST PRICES PAID BURNETT AUTO SALES . 603 • Ualn , Pbons 2031 CALL OR BEE CARL PAUL New Pontlacs, New Pickup* NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, Inc. .Phone «3.10 or <37I 3|< ck Used Cars—All makes and models: From, $50 to ?L505 61 MOTOR CO. Hwy, 61 North—Ph. 2142 2-4 ck U to Buy REAL ESTATE WANTED ? * BEt >ROOK HOME. EAST ft T SIDE SOME LOW PRICED tb ANY LOCA-.JON. TO SELL ON Tw^v* 300 PAVXIE NT. BALANCE THL\ AT «%. DOVER WAITINQ PHONE FIELD 2394. 1-3 pi 10 Dining room table and chairTor CO plete mite, reasonable, ph. 6366. 5; 6 pk 10 CHICKENS BLAYLOCK'S Nortb Hwy 01 Ph 3172 "A 8 "" 1 prK «" P»>« 'or OHKtKENS- fU W A«n "' ° r ° C " T * Mar '« l til w Asn ( , ck Higlicst Prices' Paid for HENS & FRYERS Nabcrs Gr o . & Mkt. STAMP COLLECTIONS D. S. or foreign, old u. S. Envelopes Confederate or cull \Vnr Envelopes' Duct Stumps. Goon prices piild. Call or B>[! t «4. -r i, 1 ' Scclt - c «° Telephone Co. EVjll^Bls-therllle. Ark. 5;6 ch 6,6 Loans Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U tnterestec ID Buying or ^cMlnp •=£• Noble Gil I Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Bldg. Ph 6868 _ __ One of the world's oldest highway the Appian Way In Italy, was built in 312 D. a I • Among lt^ other duties, the U. S Coast au»rd nrovlries vital n -e»Uiei' Infoimatlon to ships and airplines \ XV) IPIIAT evening, alter she had put * Baba to bed, and eaten her own solitary dinner] Clemency Sound a book among the beloved collection she hnd managed U) nave sent after her. and settled riowi determinedly to read. But she had not turned many pages — and to tcl) the truth she did not rind it very easy to concentrate on those — before there was a tap at 'he door and Justine came in Clemency stnred at tier In jmazement. "Hello! 1 thought rou had gone to Algiers," she said. 'Mrs. Amberley told me that you were following her today." Justine shook her head. "No, mademoiselle. Madame wil! share ner hostess' mend. 1 am— sup- oosedly on 'olirlay. 1 am. in fact. off for a few days tomorrow." "1 see." said Clemency; and adrled. pleased for once to have the French woman's company: "Do sit down." Justine drew forward a chair. Then, unexpectedly: "He is kind and very charming — the Colonel." said Justine, with evident sincerity. " 'E is 'uman enough to make mistakes, but it (s ver 1 'ard If 'e 'ave to pay for them too dearly." She flicked the ash rather angrily trom her cigarel, and the fact that ner aspirates had almost all become mute and her English was much more broken than usual, advertised the fact that she was up- iet "Did you encounter Mr. Jon •Vmberley while you were in the own?" she asked. "No," replied Clemency without my hesitation, as she rose to fetch her Icnitting. II you to tell a He you might as well make it sound as convincing as possible and she felt that she had to tell that one The last thing she wanted to admit was that she had seen Jon An)ber,ley. But if she had hoped m that way to avoid discussing him. she speedily discovered her mistake. * • a S she sat down again. Justine paused to admire the delicate nightdress which she. was making for herself. "You sew beautifully. Miss Norton. If you want patterns for lingerie, remember. I 'ave many—1 make mnsl of Madame's And silk is to be bougm most reasonably from the shop of Mamoud-Ah in Biskra—tell him you are a friend of mine " Clemency thanked her and after a moment's silence in which she lit another eignret Justine continued: "Yes. Colonel' Am- berle.v is too good for this menage Today (here has been big trouble Did Mr Amberley come up here?" "Yes," said Clemency -I thought he Inoked very ill." "But naturally. One supposes that he Is ill One might be sorry for him. but there is something so despicable about the weak." Justine shrugged her shoulders Now for the mistakes ot the strong one can feel sympathy 1 must say mine Is with Colonel Amberley They should nevaire 'ave come 'ere in the first place. But what would you? For myself, I beiieve firmly it was tor his brother's sake 'e did it. And now today -e reached breaking point. And what a row! Apparently the Colonel saw Monsieur Jon In Biskra—drunk, 1 suppose. And look at Mm today! Plainly the whole thing has crashed to pieces." Plainly also Justine meant to talk, and somehow—apart from realizing that it would be tutile to try to stop her—Clemency felt that the time had come when she would have to know what all this was about. "Now Jon Amberley 'as gone ofl —when he 'as drunk trrsell sodden he will probably coiie crawling back naain." Justire looked m Clemency "You are shocked. Surely you guessed «hat wai wrong?" ^ "You mean that Jon Amberlej drinks?" asked Clemencf. "But that is why he' t. here,Justine told her " 'E «as drink- Ing 'imself to death In England. t( is in the family— in f tne blood. A— what you call It? iTEreditary thing." i "In the blood." Clemericy stared at her companion In honor. "Colonel Amberley's brotherf" " 'Art-brother." said Justine firmly "Though always'the Colonel 'as thought and acW « if they were full brotriers-Lu,i« fact of their 'aving different trot hers is ignored f (ell you this all hi con- lidcnce. but you would hive been bound to find out something was wrong. Wait till Madami comes back There 'ave been lapses before—for the last six months 'e has been drinking steadiJf. But except once, not so much that there 'as been an outbreak) Jules tell me that last night the Colonel saw him drunk In a cafe oniy Ire- quented by the lowest—* '. "I see." said Clemency. 1 gave ,,er a sharp look. "You think I talk gossip. Mist Norton, but 1 like you. You are _ Dleu help you— one of this 'old now. You are bound to' b* mixed bn this." I "But 1 don't want to be milled In It," said Clemency. "1 am here to look after Baba. Truly. Mademoiselle. the private affairs of rr.y employers are nothing to do wita me Don't think I'm trying to oi superior, or — " : "No, I'thlnk nothing like thai," Justine told her frankly. "You are a lady — you mind your business. But you were bound to know there is 'ell let loos* In this place. All 1 wish to do Is warn you— as s friend. Never get the wrong idea. Colonel Amberley is a Br» man— too fine to IM torn 10 pieces between these two. 'E needs someone to protect 'unselt from them —perhaps from the consequences of 'U own tollj. But do not let your mind be poisoned." (To B» Cautioned) Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection m w *sb at OUNCOI HOTEl BUlLmNO 418-cfc-tl FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP SaTe With gafet Without Sacrificing Protection W. L. WALKER— Phon« tllj RAYMOND ZACHRY Phone 2Z66 200 luan Buildint, Phone M»« RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DPS. NIES & NIES IAD Tjprs Encepl Cancer! Clinic 514 Main RlythrTille. Ark. New 4-rooni' house, ph. 2885. 6 pic 13 Foe Rent run R«NT n rxxw K>ck«r« l Pnnne 3172 l!25 ct U f tare »nd tlxtures tor rent Phone JZO pk 5H5 Room wltl>. utchra prlialesres. Mnr- rlcd couple or Indies Ph 2423 or 62« 5.4 pk Furnished two room apartment 137 - Cheiry share b B tt. Butane E as Bits, water mrnlshed. J3J Inquire rcnr apt or phone 2052. s-3 pk 10 -*:f?? nl ' m ; 'I 11 - with rriitinairc ^n^sr 1-109 w Ash i-3 px 10 Need- House for rent or tale S nam. 324 N 5tn st Bedroom, convenient to bath ill Vest Mnln ph 33Z5 < 24 pfc 524 ComfortabU bedroom Ph 2675 pic 5!13 Comfortable oedroom. conTentcnl to own Men only 310 w Walnut i'13 pk 5|13 Bedroom Close In m 2101 5-3 pk 10 Vincenncs was the early capital f Indiana Territory. Thr Society for the Preservation nd Encouragrment 01 Barber Shop Quartet Singing In America, Inc laims 30.000 members. SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Cuslorn w»rk for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing i/p (o 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop H7 South Hrondway Phone 2651 Hearing Aid Users Now, you can gel fresh. pre- tested Balleries for Any Kim) of Hearing Aid at WRBY STORES FOR SALE CencreU CTlyerU, It Inch U> u Inch, plain <r reenforced AI M C.ncreU Biildlni Block, cheip- er th»n limbci for barm chlrkra holm, pimp hoiM*. Unaal ho«sei too) ihcdi We tfeUrer CalJ u r.r free TILE OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO For and Loundry w A SETTER LAUNDRY Dry Cleoning— Call 4474 NU-WA Our Tclcphoru Number 4438 Sftelfon Motor Co. Ciiamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • » "Your Friendly Studebaktr Oeo/er" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 MONDAY, MAT *, 1900 Go CfJ. UVEBWOPE/ T Swa? II^^I^T y ^«?« DISPUTATIOUS! BUT WMA.T ABOUT? we DISCUSSIMS SOFTBALL OR FARMING? Si WEEL.WHOOK OH 1ER WEE MIND ? . UN6ENUEMANLY/ »e TT mi. man, me. r. m. ma. u. » . I don t see much use in breaking our backs in -this 1 garden—we re just giving the government a tougher problem with the surplus food!" PKISCILLA'S POP Whnl Every Husband Knows n\' AL VERMEEB OH, JU3T BECAUSE MONEY FOR THE 4 VOU'RE SO NICE TO BE PEAR- AND *s EXTRA Jed Looks In BY JVUCnAEL O'MALLEY and^ALPH LANS SO WHILE THE FOLKS WAS SO 61AD NOtl COULD COME, MR. Hi. WILIVOU EKTER- TAHJ B068Y (?ANO WHILE I SHOW ALEC /Wf KIEW WUt, CYNTHIA BdKER MAY NOT BE TRYING TO Kill YOUR flAMCE, BOBBY YOU . COULD FlfJD IN MR. FLINT'S F ROOM, EH, WRS. KYLE ' THAT 60H you ABSENT- MIWDEOLY PICKED UP.' , BUT SHE UKC5 to HAVE , I WAS JUST PUTKNG SOME THINGS AWAY. HOW GIT, JED8RCW- 1 STEC/ CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURN KB THOSE PUSH BOYS HAP THOUSAUC5 Of in IVHICH TO HIDE DAN'S BODY WHERE irfi NEVBK 8E FOUND. IHE^'VE EUEW GOT AN ftLIBl! KOtV CAN WE'VE GOT TO FIND THE FElLft X SAW HT TKE CME! 1 THINK THEY DEHIEP HIS KISTEHCE MIHEP UP IU i THeV'EE MEMO HE'LL TM.K MA,vee THEY DIDN'T KWOWOFtev E6SY! HMD YOU THIMK. \ EXACTLY I »ND THEY CObLON'THAVE-l CAN'T SEE HOW THE KNOWN ABOUT TOUT J STRANSE DEM WITH UNLESS HE TOLD/ MRS. COWDKCY FITS IN, UNLESS M40THEK IS INUOLUEC WITH THENM HE CODIDM'T HIBE FROM THEM LONG! AND WEWECE SPOTTED TOO QUICKM IM SPITE OF OUKCAUnOOl WHVJ^.BECRUSE THEY EliPECTEO WE TO RETURN HMD HUWT THftTGUV T. STUMBLED OMtO BUGS BUNNY Good Deed for EKH, HAVIN' TROUBLE,) YEAH. TH KIP ? v — ' TRIGGER ON MY SOUIRT GUN'S STUCK... IT WON'T WORK. THERE VA, ARE- CICERO.' NOW, TRV IT.' BY V. T. HAMLIfl YOU MEAN ITS REAL? I'M NOT JUST IMAGINING IT. ? 05CACJ, r DIDN'T AND HER BUDDIE: BY EDGAR MARTIN O'i'bV tWMV£ VOO 'W MOMKV

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