The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1950
Page 9
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«, 19W Americans Agree on Need For Urgent Action in Korea *T Th» AHoeialed Prr« hoUi»» j ..-.. ... (ABKA COURIER NEWS Am«rlc«u debited the Korea "isls. with growing anxiety toda '* the face ot threats of anothe ip wd w«r »nd the posslbility'of th B)r»t niilltir'y 'disaster lit Unite i history. y ««reed that the need to -i 1» urgent. . .But there was disagreement as to [he ways and means oi dealing with ine desperate.situation p0 std by th •ttacklnt Chinese Reds. •• * wide sampling'of editorial com <n«it. in the press of the countr indicated generally a strong hop that the United States—and ' th UN—will stand firm In opposing th Communist aggression.. : In, New York City, the Interna tional Council of Christian Churche advised President Truman to "stani ijrm" against appeasement of tin i»hines« Communists. Churches Atk A-Bomb • The council, representing 84 Pro testant denomination.;.in 43 coun tries, also asked Mr. Truman to use "the atomic bomb "if necessary" to defend human freedom. In Boston 21 business leaders — known -as the Dover Group—suggested • "withdrawal of United Nations troops from Korea, withdrawa of the . 7th Fleet from Pormosan waters; the seating of the representatives of the Chinese People's Republic at the United Nations.". WThe Dover Oroup's proposals were offered.subject to these conditions"That the Chinese also withdraw from Korea; that a United Nations commission, primarily of Asiatic membership, be formed to hold a free election for all Korea; that a United Nations force be authorized to police the terms.of this agrcc- - "lent in Korea; that the Chinese agree to arbitration of the Formosa question through the United Nations." "U.S. Would Sell Out" Sinclair .Weeks. Republican national commltteeman for Massachusetts, countered the Dover Group's proposals with a statement saying the U.S. would be "selling out every nasic principle for which It stands" !( it got out of Korea and accepted Hed Chinese^ armistice proposals "Communism Is on the march" Weeks said, "and the free peoples of-the earth better be on the march —and'fast." " : •James P. Warburg, yhose background -is that T of- a Wall strei banker .and undersecretary of the treasury under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, led another group of dozens calling on the President "to demand a cease-fire and wltlidriw- «1 of all foreign troops from Korea." i M £ S frroup « nt • K"*ram u, Truma " s»S'tng there was no choice but to "break out of the Kiemlln trap designed to pin us . leaving Europe and le East defetiseJess." Long-Winded Phone Talkers Prevent Call to Fire Department/House Burns BLUBPIELD, W.Va., Dee. 0. (AP —Some long-winded telephone con versationalists .wouldn't get off th party line so that Mrs. O. C, Mad dox could call firemen to put pu fire in her home, she «aid today. As a result, her farm house was destroyed. Only some of her furniture was saved. Mrs. Maddox is on an eight-par- ly telephone line. When the fire Peoria Farmer Claims/Beast' Is Killing Stock PRINCEVILLE, III., ' Dec. 6. (AP)—A Peoria County farmer asked the sheriff's office for help today In tracking down a huge, mysterious animal that has killed more than 50 head of his livestock. Fred Pefdclvrilz said the ma- ruder has an "awful roar" that sounds something "like a lion's," and that It has left tracks "as large ns your hand." He told the sheriff that since the 1 animal lirst raided his farm several weeks ago, he has lost 42 pigs, four calves, several lambs and a dozen chickens. Some of the livestock'. Perdelwitz said, simply 'disappeared but that he had found badly-stashed carcasses of some of the lambs. Pprdelwitz said the killer has made almost nightly raids on his farm and that he saw It one night in a field. He. saw the animal "circled me several times setting up an awful roar" anoT finally fled. Lignite, started In the flue of her home yesterday, she tossed some water on It and then tried to get on the phone to call the lireiignters.' ' ' ' Some neighbors were using It and wouldn't, get off. She had to leave the telephone to put more water on the growing fire. Then she pleaded with the telephone talkers again. But they were stubborn, she said. BeU-een trying to get a clcaj me and throwing water mi the fire It was about 30 minutes before Mrs Maddox was able to get a cal through to the Bluefield lire Department- One of the. items the. firefighters managed to save, incidentally, was the telephone. Pray da Sneers At Mac Arthur'i War Tactics , •• • Dec. 5. \lf) —Pravda said today Russia's defeat of the German armies at the gates of Moscow fn 194i (s a | e5 . son Gen . MacArthur apparently never has Soviet Lt. Gen. v Poznynk, writ- ng in the Communist Party organ to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the Soviet victory, s at<l: "The victory below Moscow had an Immense effect on the course and result of the second world war. t would seem the crushing of the German armies outside Moscow could have taught much to all claimants to world domination. However,.as the facts demonstrate, such sorrowful commanders as the \IacArthur type could not master these lessons In history." 17-Month-Old Baby Loses Seven Pounds after Pet Dog, Abdullah, Leovei LOS ANGELES, Dec. 6 m _ Baby Pamela Ls toddling around the house today, callliu- for her missing playmate, Abdulah. Not running and dancing, as the used to do. Just toddling. '" H n amela nR5 »'t ' eaten since Ab- auiiah. an Afghan hound cllsap feared Thursday. Her father, Robert' Lord, a screen writer, says the "11- month-old baby has lost seven pounds. She would have lost more except for intravenous injections. Lord values the Afghan, a.cham- pion of his breed, at $25000 He ia s offered Pamela new dogs,'new toys, even searched the county pounds. But Pamela still whimpers for the shaggy beast s h» has known since her bivth. Phone 591 with for him! 0 I' '•""•"" V 1 • h'« a Big w/'/i-HP motor. 199.50 Tilting Table Bench Saw Capacity 12" Disc Sander • h't a Vertical Drill Preii • h'« a Woodworking Lath* • »'« a Horizonlol Drill Prest OUTSTANOfNG GIFT 5-IM-l POWER TOOL VALUE1 The most versatile gift y ou can give him . . . SHOPSMITHI It's a complet, . pow«r vwrkshop (flat costs fess than /i o« much at 'comparable single-purpose, tools. ;.»h up in about '/ 4 the jpace. And changes from one tool to another take less than a minute. It's rugged, compact, precision-built. Big 1 4'/jxi7"tab!« has effective size of 54x17". See it demonstroted at Wards todoyl COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that In pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the de- cretal order of the Chancery court of Mississippi County. Chickasavvba District, made and entered on the I3lh day of November, 1850 in a certain cause (No. 11,341) then pending therein between Federal National Mortgage Association nnd D. p. Taylor, <ur Trustee, "complainants, and Willard Glover and La- drcnia Glover, defendants, the undersigned ,.is Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vendue to tlie highest bidder, at the south door or entrance of the County Courthouse In Blytheville in the County of Mississippi, at n A.M., on December 20, 1950, the following described .real estate, situated in Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wlt: Lai Nine (9), Block Three (3), of the David Acres Subdivision Hollywood Continued' frum 'page * (n * il f," lor JI "g» signals f" ' h ?, cameras to turn and An 1 r orcnt> "shcrs Rlcardo int ~ oi the bedrooms ot the oh >rnte Inn. v/hen RIcardo sit. »» the edge of the bed, there is n .nueal (, OII , UMgcil, She's ,,,,de Iie covers heating U p the bed fo riiilV.i.. " lrlnl " ben lnd H>e bc< miners and actor cnla Rtos niav i"f_ Br Wgetf s boy friend,; peck The director explains that cv- .vbody is nervous about the scene Ihi ™ e .' h1e «'""'vlnee,l(h»t fill i J 0 " n sloii censorship offic '"at ou*U to be titrvoiif. Should Be A Smash lilt The special effects crew Is un to fc'^L°" ."» «« of -up Front. n.r e on wlllc » =»»"- ncler actor Sylvlo Mlnncloll and " wJi 1 ii " . & ' al !'<lln's famous Worl< -n1 < ? ry ,""" lhc ""'I' 1 <">» r Ilicm !o burst Into the roou d upset the ivlne-makinc 'ap laUis. As they lunge ngalnst th, on >l the tl whe.' eCl " 1 efr ° CtS mc " ""' 1 bubbling grape juice come crashing to the floor. The Iwo actors have grown Ilielr own facta, , lubble fo> . ^telSZ but make-up men apply beards to .to the city of Blytheville. Ark- TERMS OP SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being, required to execute a bond as required by law and the order <md decree of said Court in said nuse, with approved security, benr- ng Interest at, the rate of 4« per nnum from date of sale ,, n tll paid, nd a hen being retained on the remises sold to. secure the pay- lent ot the purchase money GIVEN under iny hand this 21 ay of Nov., 1950. • Harvey -Morris, Commissioner in Chancery • 11!22-2P-12,6 lywood and Iht Screen Extras' -.. inch on lu mlnut« an actor »glCHTEN YOUg CHEKTMic W|TH CAS CAD' MELLOW AS MOONLIGHT Give Cnscnde. Servo Cascade yourself. It's holiday bourbon — Straight Kentucky Bourbon-rich, light, ready to ndtl old-fashioned flavor to the festivities of the season. Distilled from Hie famous Dickel formula. a*. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON m THf Lift AND VIGOR Of JH[ GRAIN* YouTl be thrilled at the new Hie BURLINGAWE by DU MONT 17-inch Rectangular picture. Buill-in KM __ _ . radio. Plug-in for record player .,,.,, 479 . (Plus Installation) Ye,, you'll be thrilled with the lifelike piclurcs,. Ill* gorgeous cabinets of ihcse wonderful new Du Moots. Here is real big picture television on pant 17- anil 19-inch picture tubci-at prices lliat make news! Styled to y o ,, r lasic, priced to your purse, now you can have the set you've a | !va>8 wanted-, Du Mont-Television's Proudest In- •trumenu Conic in and 6« them Boon.' bigger, newer, better than ever..; priced lower than ever before! 1. Big See the n,' £ netc D,, Mont l.ijctone' ftlclnrcs on 17. incA Roc4a:i£ular atul 19-incI, Life-Six IU)KS! 3, Sharp Tuning Sec llw. BTO; T),, \l n ,,l ScnsiHincr' l,,nc in m ,cl frequency n/tcfc both picture and sni,,,il arc IK.-H. 3. Level Confrost SCT howific nao Du Mom Sla:,libmm' ,;/,„„! rnm . pmsulorgiicsyou uniform signal are,,ffl,nn,l,,iclnre contrail uj,clhcr nation i, navly or exlra-Jiaant. 4. Sfecdy Action See the nm D,, Mom Siywtock' automatically lock futures in, screen italic out! 5- Many Extra* See the mmy Du Mont extras that gh-e yon fmnl found and sight, longest lijcl •!.=*. »*,k ... , , >h« TARRYTOWN by DU MONT H«$T WITH THI FINEST IN TELEVISION .u^ al !l"l" n ^' lar piclwe< BMill : in A ^' FM » J i<>-Tlir«. S] an authorized Du Mont dealer... so you're sure to be satisfied YOU'RE INVITED TO PURCHASE YOUR SET ON OUR CONVENIENT TERMS BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. Installation) I 138 East Main Street FELIX CARNEY, M 9 r. Telephone 3616

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