The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHfcVlLLE (ARK.)' COUKIER NEWS ~ '•-" For Safely, Health .and Comfort Section In Canada Remains One of Last Frontiers To Anglers SrtULT STB." MARIE, out,— Canada's Algotna region long will remain one of Ills last frontiers to Hie American fresh wntcr nngler. Roads Irive not penetrated very deeply into tills v-isl expanse of f-v?r<*:ccn m:fi liard\vo<xl forest Hidden In tills virgin timu;r are clear lakes anil , streams, tile ' rc- mov^l of wliicli nuiy be reaclut! only by (Ilin trails tlirou»|i bvsh Almost niiy road 'north through Micrl.nn winds im at S;uilt Sle; Muris, v.-lihh Si; t..j lr^:i t ;Uor .t. /il-'irr The Kind's Highway, running casl from tils Soo, will show the Imvi'hr Jrifji's of crasrecns and birch, and piliiuse.s of !;«o:l tinii- fny h!:e? w'-er.' all nmlcrn con- vn->< -"•'•?£ or tourists' camps are nf- forrled. But I'n r;nl SMI o! Al;nin:i lies In and ucyorrl fiul mn--> if '''n* la lie s?en nlon^ th2 main lilgli- :V.'nys Piir's will tin foiiml load- In? north fi'ori c inV.l flM l n*' 1 You cinnot fnllow tlies; roads imtiy ni'l's before t v cy e:-.:I. usu- tl]y on ths s'rcra o[ soma. hIJJen lake where towering, bald mountain:. fioun ovei 5011 and ..whore Ihe forest crowds arpumi. There you nnrt coinforliible lo< nnd clnobnard cabins (rr-'ii where you . vnn-iar. . over • welM.-'flnHl trails lulo lit? best fishing like 1 ; In Cin.iJa Lake Trout livoryivhere Fish arc. ssareffalfj in M ; :r'iin lakes. Some lakes cnntnln sp=rk'-?;l trout, some small 'mouth bnss. nlV .crs only largj mouths, and still .others only qreat mrl!i"i"i niV-" But almost always \ni: 'fln:l them to contain lake trout. Bass, pike.-aud p^rcli fall an easy .victim' to nlmosl.nny amlii!» lac- tics. ' Occasionally you find" large mid smnll mouth a problem wiih artificial bait. But you whip lhat problem by taking nlong plenty of worms 'and a trap In • which to catch minnows Both these live boils will take' fish when' artificials fail '. . Tlie greatest of big fish which the region holds forth to the angler is the b l -e trout. T< •./.-» •• lots of hlj f'l!o«s reitly to fi<r PVc.v. : If y»M are successful In hocklno; om or thes" puncstsrs. h? tows \our boat even If lr- <vphh' only five pounds If '12 wehhn T, you are forU">"te to land him after a lon» Vjatth If you arc lucky enough to be rn the snot hi elih n'rtn* or Ihle fall wh,>n thcjp fiih (nko phi's and nies in shalhw \\aier, you [>ol twice as much kick Summer. n=!i- ermrn nml to fish in from 103 t" 200 feet of viator, and need •"Sp->cinl trolling tackle * * * ' Trolling Triangle U>--d Copper' wira Is the c llne us;rt. Three hundred feer of copuar Mtw cramps a nsh's style. Choose tile lightest copner braided HDD. you cai. find By doiii" so you arc abl; to v;md a suffi-lsnt Icu-jUi an a li-lit r»el. The lighter the line the bett«r Most anglers i";c a stubby rot for lake trout, but (ha sjiort is increased In proportion to" the bngtl and lightness of the road. The trilling frian->l» <*. n-=»rt, Tone !>nd is attached th; line proper to the bottom a dipsey sinkei weighing about' two ounces or m'-'ro and on the end the lure traliln'< atoiit a three-foot length of lini Tlie purpose o( tbis atfcrmvti is to keep the line from twlstins and the lure off the bottom, will the lrian?!e It rides from six inch? to a foot and a half oil the bot torn. The p:?ce of lino used to u the sinker ta the triangle, goner attached nre milch better, for pnt- IIIB than the high chair. They not only train the child In table manners at an early afe, but they- do away with the bad psychological effocl of belli!; up high and away from things has on him. When net, used for meals, they make a t'rand plac; to ]>lny In, Toys won't scratch I'M highly iarnlsli«t lops. ' WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 1937 Toivii!:cnd Spender Tails CANTON, O. (UP) — The old •"•andfi'llKjr dock in D. M. Essig's home has been faithfully ticking the hours away for HI years. Es- '•'tr says It does not vary more than a minute a month. The (imc-piccc Is made of wild cherry' v.'coci and has linings of brass find steel, and brass mechanism. , ally is much weaker ihnn the res of the outfit; thus, if the sink foil's, the lln; can bo broken 1 all yen lose is the dipsey. Given this outfit in ths'ond of rowboat pulled slowly— not mo, Iran two miles an hour— nnd yo have a good chance of a fighting lake trout: Read Courier News Wn,u Ads lirtt Hnrtc's poem nbout a Chinaman's uncanny skill at cards, that has appeared in thousands of children's school primers. Is the famous noem ever written on the subject 1 ' of cards, curve of the shoe." • Feted "as Maker .. of First Auto • :ar CT.V Iran the urriryiit!)ly fussy, jjlnk and clue nurseries of yesterday is this simple hut bcau- tl inoilcrn ixam fur the ycuujest member of the family. The furnishings include sturdy- maple'crib, £!.l-un-chi'st of duuvcrs for,blankets and layette, a chilfcrobe for toys and little dresses, bookcase (1 nil-ill table with matching chair, Also fishnet curtains which do not shut out tin sunshine, simple pictures, interi'stlng'lamps, an all-over, rug and a scatter rug. (From !i. AUmnn, New York) with them, Besides, a tiny baby is simply lost In n large ci'lb., A*" buyer, once a child nurse, gives some "do's" and • "don'ts" lor a nursery. Choose the sun- and most airy room In the house. Cross ventilation Is wonderful, hul beware of drafts. A mplicily Key n o I e of Room (or F a ni 11 y's Yctmgcsl Member li.v NKA Srrvlco NE\V YORK—The nicdcrn mir- ry lias been graduated from n tie corner nook, smothered in ik bows and blue rulllcs, to a in-steel room done In smartly lior-made furniture. Slmolicity In' furnlshlm;s Is 1 the \itolc of the 1937 nursery. The nillurc is modern, in maple or alniit. and with few .exceptions decoiiitlcin /of liny sort, 'trything Is ttone with tin eye e> ihfort, safety and durability well as streamlined beauty. . The old-fashioned nursery used consist of just three Ilcms— adle, Iron 'bed and a rocking ialr for mother al feeding lime. ow it is' furnlslied like any it-wn-mi's ''room with a .crib, lUrorobei one straight chair (iio ioie"i'ocking, pleaspt. one sinall mp or floor, lamp, ruu and <li-a- ciies. In addition, you mn have clicst-on-chcsl for extra draw- r space,' a blanket chest : llinl can e used for a toy chest- later, and small dresser with mirror. C'rilis Modernized, Also Thin in the line of necessities re such tilings as a scale, elec- rlc c.r non-electric bottle sterl- .?.cr, tllapcr pail, bottle warmer, athanette, ami a footi'fst tollei et for later training. Sturdy, attractive maple cribs iavc replaced old fashioned iron cues. The crib, as always, is the nost important, item in the nnr- .ery, so don't scrimp here even f you have to cut clown on somc- hinj else. Incidentally, modern \uthoritlcs . agree that . a crib should not be used after Junior .s three. He is supposed to have j real bed then. EaslnclUs, of course, are ilill .he best things for the first six iicnths because -you can follow the' sun from .window to window !>?)'csn will solve this - problem adequately. Keep the bed turned away from the window so the" baby doesn't face the light. _ Decorations should be soft ami simple.' If animal patterns arc used, be sure they are household psls', for any olhcrs will frighten the child. Don't have anything in the nursery that is stimulating (too bright a picture, for example). All-over Hug for Silence Use an all-over rug on the floor for the puriXKe of silcVice more limn nnyihlng else. To go over It, there nre nice scatter rugs with baby's nnme worked on the ctlsf. If tlicsc are used, the largo rug .should he of a |:!ain, neutral color. If no small rugs nrc used, the lnrgc one. may have a drsl<>,n — though not too large or gaudy. Appliqucd curtains to ma'c'.i Ihe spread.are poiMiIar. Or Ji:sl I'laln oyster white ' or beige (trapes of a heavy net, hung simply and straight to let In plenty of sunlight. There are two marvelous new discoveries for nursery windows. Cnc is a tarred wooden window Biiard. 'Tills is put In the window like a screen, and adjusted to the correct size. It is absolutely safe because It won't, buelgc, and the child cannot possibly manipulate It. Yj. Sunlight Without Draft The other Is the new adjustable window insert frame. li, has two sliding frames, each of which contains a sheet of cellulose material that is highly permeable to the ultra-violet rays ' of, the sun. They are inexpensive," and make 11 ]x>ss!blc for mothers everywhere to give their babies i<"re. natural sunshine 'regardless of ''the temperature or time' o[ year. - - •, Une new little tables with chair Charles E. Duryea holds the trophy presented him in Springfield, Mass., at the -iDth anniversary luncheon saluting Springfielel as Ihe birthplace of the automobile industry! The affair also honored Duryea, called the inventor of the fti'st successful automobile built In America, anel the first auto manufacturer to use pneumatic tires " E Sprina IMMONS YOUR SPRING SHOUJ.D BE AS MODERN.AS YOUR MATTRESS The illustration above shows wlnil happens lu your inatlress on nn olil fusll- ioncd .spring—the coils of llic mallress arc forced rtown into the coils ot the spriiij. Result— less comfort and |ir£- malure break-do\i-n. The iliuslralion below shows how tlic Ace prevents this, and allows the coils of the mattress to adjust themselves to your weight, llesult—maximum comfort aiul longer life for combined equipment. offered on Special Terms "An Up-To-Date Spring" U'c'vc changed from old-fashioned nmUrcsses to luxurious iniicr : Eiiringr niallresses. These modern niaUvessrs demand a «c\v kind of spring. Tlie usual .s|iiiu<r. allows the malhess coils to-he iinslioil doun into the sluing- ceils, which means dial Die; comfort built into Hie miittrtss is lost. The New Simmons Ace Spring hns metal cross hands .covering each cell. Thrse in:ihe n flexible phifforin foe I he mattress—result—Itss wcnr and far mere comfort. The Ace gives controlled resiliency—not too soft, net loo yielding. !)9 double deck ecihr. Stnl)i]i/.t'is. Smooth borders. Aluminum finish. Miule _to last for years. Its cost is SI9.75 and you can buy it now on special low terms. Furniture Co. BIGGER'" BETTER DeatK rides in every car, See us before he lakes the steering wheel out of your hand* FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE.'AGENCY , . Phone 12 Good things fiotn Smokers always get more pleasure from a cigarette made of the right combination of our best home-grown tobaccos blended with the bast aromatic Turkish. That's why Chesterfield tobaccos come from far and near... aromatic tobaccos from the Near East...sun- ripened tobaccos from our own Southland. . '' . • •• 'i • • ' - ,"•,-' . - ' ' ; • • / 0/tr buyers pay the price and get the - best tobaccos from all the leading markets of the world to give men and women the best things smoking can give them .., refreshing mildness, pleasing taste and aroma. blend of the worlds finest cigarette tobaccos i 1937, l j s.- MVIM Toxcco Co.

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