The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE SIX 'Bi..rnrnvr].i..R. (ARK.) coimircn NEWS Practice Gives Idea of Way Locals May Go Into First, Game. World's Series? Lei's Go The Blylheville high school Chjckasaivs. rounding oui ihclr third week tr praciice, wcic scheduled lo see aciion in a lively scrlm- mag'e" session this afternoon. A picked first squad, which at this stage ol the season is largely .subject lo change, was to clash svllii .the grass cullers and luter Ite.up with the junior high aggregation. The Chicks "'eel the Osceola Seminoles in their first ginnc of the season on the nlelil of Sept. S9:m Haley Field, The Osceoln team plays Its first game against , Trtimaiin today and Chicks scouts will. probably be on hand lo give UiC-.boys Irom the .southern capila! of the county the once over. Early season praciice has indicated thai Coach Kramer will rtc- ])tnd mainly on a p.roup of about fix backs lo cany the ball anil <ln oU}'±;_ chert's such as the all tin- |.i:iwm blocking, passing ami '. kicking. Ii looks now like Mos!ey, . Moiur and Brogcion will probably do.' niost of the signal barking. Mw.U-v and flrcgdon called signals last-year. The lailer has been out ofVctlve praciice for several days : Dnil may not gel in the firs', came nccrtutc of illness. Other backs are Beck. leHcrman fro'm. lost year, iiasii Locke anil Blackwcll. a last year's cml con- vemed into a back, lien Fisher. Ih6; curly-headed boy who »•£•; CGmvkd on for heavy duly this f.eaioii, will leave for St. Loui 1 ; shortly and will be lost, lo l!>f Chicks. Mosley. Morse ami liui! Wjlson have all develO|>ed mio fair kickers though just what they 'will'be able lo do with an enemy lite charging in remains to ut> .'fin. In the center cf the line rc-ti- htaded Turtle Ls the logical choice for pivot, man with Lhulscy anil Blackard, tackles, capable or performing at the center post. Henry Lumlord, Scott Alley and Ha! Moore appear lo be the best guard pio:., ecu ot this stage with Mur- lay Harris to be contended with . : at tackle if he makes the eligibility grade by paying tuition before the deadline. The same applies to Rob. ert|Fisher, -a fast back and end. '.j . needed on the squad. ' Coaches Kramer and puckeil a few wingmen avail- just how they IBRUSHTNGUPSIPORTS FRIDAY, RRCTKMKER 22, 1833 By Laufer Bill Terry . the dubhous: manager ul Ibr . ready \ti gu! HC 2F SLIDES • have oulte "ab!6 though "dev'tlop 'Is still n question.' Dick Tipion, brother of Jimmy Tipton . star center of paw seasons, lias graduated from the Junior high .'quad, and looks like a starling choice -.'or One wing. The other may be Bud Wilson, holdover from ,!ast year, who should have the necesja'ry experie.Tr- coupled with his''rangy build to hold down the •posr. Others are Robert Fisher. Willingham and Johnson. A rough guess at the size of the .Chick squad now indicates that thf? .line may average around 150 poynds and Ihe backfield 150 1« u nds. Several injuries have cropped! out;.!n the sessions to far. ulack- well strained n shoulder ligament that'hns kept him favoring the injured shoulder. Charley Brogdon has been out of heavy practice lor I some lime but indulges in a light ' workout daily. ' O. M. Baxter, Jr.. of the junior high squad sustained n broken collar bone Wednesday when he I fell heavily on his sho'ulder. Half of the members of the squad were put through a physi- • cal- examination by a local physi- i cian Wednesday and the-others ! will be examined shortly. Those - having physical defects will be re- j quired to turn in their uniforms ' i«g_ardles.; ol how anxious they " play, the coaches declare. Some Tips, Free After Ihe dust, strychnin;, and heroin or UK present ruling season hove cltaied away, it more than likely will -be discovered lhat the name or Uie. brat two-year-old Is Red Wagon ... a gelding who. therefore, was not eligible In: the Betmont Futurity. Just Nervous Boys This Is going tr> ix? a scries, six or seven games, and ills performances of .littery Joe Cronlu and Breathle.v, Bill Terry—who help their pitchers throw every bail —will make n seem longer lhan thai. * « • Why, HOM- UniMiiivy! Going far out- lo the lip 'cf n fragile limb, this operative \iishc-j to predict that Washington Slate I and the University of Southern Cal- | ifornia will play lo a scoreless lie October 7 at Los Angeles. iLast year's score wns U. S. C.. 20: Washington State, 0.) Toujjh ror the Army Illinois will defeat the Army b;- jM-iUKin!-\viniilns Oianls MACK'S FIND r«r>«m °° 80 ' 0fl0 . at Cleveland O: lobcr 21. and a fellow named Pros- 1 dinner will play an important pan iMeel In Feature Match At I -Amory Again On Mbn 'day Night. Rough House Sullivan of Unio: City, Term., will meet Charles Sin key ol Ripley, Term , in a relnrr engagement in the feature match ci the .wrestling card at the a.-mor Monday "night. In the preliminary match Jimml Morris or Memphis will meet Gal Slimson cf Murray, Ky. How They Stand American Lcarce W. t. PC I'Washington 07 49 65 IjNew York 87 55 .61 I Philadelphia 75 68 52 Cleveland 74 72 .50 UDetroit 70 7D .4' JjCnicago 63 82 A; [Boston 59 84 .4 ISt. Louis 55 91 .37 National Ltairne W |New York 88 Ittsburgh 83 Chicago 82 IjSt. Louis 80 IBceton 76 •Srooklyn 59 phUwtelphU M L. PC 55 Cinrtrmtti 65 67 67 68 M 85 57 90 that alfair. r Into Yuur Ijp The leading hitter of the world ries will be William Clifton I?o!n. a farm boy from North Caro- who lias appeared m only wut, 20 games Ihis year as a pinch tier . . . and j( given a cimic; > will kncck Mister Hubtell'si rew-ball right down Lefty o 1 -1 toil's throat. ! he Stronj Mind ' Wesley Ferrell, the guy you re-! icinber as one or the greatest, i oimg pitchers ever to come lo the '3rs, has looked more like Babe! :crman than he has Ty Cobb in he outfield so far . . . but lie has «t his mind on outfielding and he '111 be an outfielder . . . because •hen that young man sels his mind n anything thnt mind or his stavs • ut. ' ! Cmmio Mack is all -smiles tlu-su il.iy.s nver a l:ill-l>iily niDliic luirli't- fnitu KniiiHiicf, Ky. lie in .lulmny Mun-iiiii. above. « rii:lil-kiiLiili!r wlie. in lite lirFl two canu-s In- (lilrltcil bile lltii year, alhnved nnly five hiu in vacb. "lie's here iti slay," Mack s;iys ot Mm—wliirh is unite u staleuiaai (or Connie, CHERUBIC DID YOU KNOW THAT— Red Grange is back with the Chicago Bears pro outfit . . after eight years ol being punched, uummelcd, pounded and pinched in the ro'.;shesi ot all foolball . . . eight yravs of that after tr.rce years or college football gives the old Galloping Ghost another hold 'on the "greatest gridrter o! a u time" title. . . Willie -the 18-year-old Long Island kki who went so hot in the eariv rounds or the Nalioual Amateur, is the youngest of six golf ing bro'.hers ... A little light. Willie cats cheese sandwiches and drinks milk lo pick up weight . . . Brother Joe took him in hand when he was einht and then Brother Philip took charge . . . after which Brothers Mike, Frank mici Jimmv turned tutor . . . with the result lhat Willie knows all Ihe tricks. Todays Games . Boston at Philadelphia. Pittsburgh nt St. Louis. Only games. Refusal of Minor League Job Brought Terry Major League Offer. KlllTOIfS NOTE: This Is Uie third ci six articles on l.:e life »f Hill Tt-r/y,'' l;y Daniel M. Daniel, baseball urlti-r of the New York I1Y l>ANH-:i. M. IMNIKI, NKW YOliK.— William lluroUl i Terry's real start toward the busc- ! ball pedestal he holds lodny, as pi| lot ul Hit champion Gianis, was . made ivilh Ills sale by Newimn. of : l!:e Georgia-Alabama League, lo . Shrevqiori of the Texas Longue, 1 Bill plU'hud well enough for Shrevo- jjort in 1016 lo merit a fine ad- i vance In salary, and a closer scru- • liny by llic agents of the major ! In 1017. Southpaw Terry devel- i opi-d into a brilliant )»xuj>ecl by I winning 14 games for S.ircvonort. i Tiie lil-ycar-old kid frum Atlanta | was a -Aillins; worker and hurled jV4(J innings In no fewer lhan 40 'j games. His fusl ball accounted for 81 slrikcouls. A Kkh Vount Alan Al! lluoiigh liis baseball career, Terry has been a shrewd business nn. rn rnet, ii is saio tlial with c-xceplion of Batv Ruih, wlio as aboul $400,000 salted away, erry is the wealthiest bail play- r In the country, lie owns con- dernbic real estate in Memphis ul iiis Bnglish-Scotch slfuln ul irilt and shrewdness has kejit him way from sucli tilings as slock avkeis mid oil wells. At the close- of lhc 11117 wa- in, young Terry, had mar- id n Memphis girl, began to take ; of Ills financial situation, his mutes and his future. War had been declared. Base- ill, especially in' the minor its, \vas very much unscltled. exas League salaries look a clip. Inaiiciir Terry decided lhat base- ail \vas not a good business al ia! particular time, anil in the pring of 1518 he quit [he Shreve- oit club anil look a job with an ';] company in Memphis. .Stays Out of Game Lillle did Terry dream that in- ead of moving away from base- all he was going deeper into the ame. and a career in it. What Vrry did not know when lie rc- ircd in 1018 was lhat Kid Elber- eltl, the old Yankee shortstop and lanager, hail bought him for his Little Rock team of '.he Southen: " eaguc. Elberfoid Iried every conceivable •'ay lo i;ei Terry to report, but it las no |ju. Tne oil company sup- wrtecl a ball club and Terry, tcoi harj;e o! that. Per four years Terry •.•emalned nit of league competition. Tinii ifter time EibcrJcld tried to ge lim lo rbnngc his mind. The wai lad ended. Baseball had comi back slror.ger lhan ever. Crowd: vcrc lai'scr. Players' sab.ries !:ai 'isen. But Terry had made a place fo ilmscli «ith the oil company ii Memphis. A son had been born t he Terry family. Hill i, n d Joined he Episcopal church in Memphis nnd was singing a rich b.irllone 1 he choir every Sunday. He had bought a home. "Kid, it's no use. r will not pla> niuoi- league baseball again." Ter-y loM Elbertelct. "ir you can ge nc a chance in the majors, and '•cy will give me what I want. I'l io back to baseball. But not will Little Rock, not with any olhc club either, ir it's in the minors; Terry had begun to p!ay tirs No More Minors! nase when he wasn't pitching fo ll:c Polarines. and now a nen Terry began to blossom. It wa Perry who had grace and skil in the field and n terrific vmn< at Ihe bit. A Icrt-handcd hilu with a natural, straightaway cut a the ball which producer! p:\verfi line drives. McCiraw Gambles Again Elberfeld realized that he had future great or the major league? He went about the business of sen ing Terry's release, which had co? Little Rock $500. Several major league teams de clincd Ihe invitation lo pay SIM fo rthe chance to satisfy the dr inands of the oil man,from Mem phis. Bui John J. McGraw. always II gambler, was willing to take i'- chance. The Giants took over Lit tie Rock's claim to Terry, and tlv It was up lo McGraw to gel Bin sign. (Copyright. 1033, NBA Service. In,- H NWiWS V10NDERFUL RECORD: 10 3 V/ORLD SERIK ' • y£& * ^4/^^ yg,'/if!-'j!t ht^lSr^; JH l^S\ PiKCB'ONd ONCE — A.u. in A CAREER op 30 YEARS,,,, NEXT: How tlie GlinU. Terry sljncit v,jt American League Open date. See thai bis; crowil nlxiM-: H- S John.!,. Donovan wlio. ,i:;er serving several yearn on ihc reaching staff of liarv.u,!. i: is llcap«J lip avmnlupois >iul!l !-s weighs nearly 3vO. l)onov.n, , 3 line coach at tlic Comliri:l?e hi. stltution under K'ldie Casey Five-year-old whisky in .„.,,,. quantities can be made available mtnt within six months after repeal ac-' cordlns to estimates. • From three to five tons of old. worn and soiled currency h de- large ' stroj ' ed hy lhc Tteasur>' Depart' Want Aaj Pay _ Many big game hunfers co the African buffalo lo bo rianjcrous than the elephant, lion or the rhinoceros. Shop and Parts Dept. open 'til 110 p. m. every night Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Victory Yesterday Gives Nats Needed Triumph; Giants Are Idle. Tiie Washington Senators defeated tire St. Louis Browns yesterday and made certain their triumph in the 1933 American league race. The Senators will meet the Giants of Net,- York In the world series, the New York club having already cinched the National l.'aguc pennant.' The Browns gave ihe Nats a run for their money yesterday but finished up on the little end of a 2 to 1 hurling duel. Stewart was the winning pitcher and' Hadley Ihe loser. The Senalors scored In the second inning artel added another In tl>e seventh when the Browns got Uieir lone run. The Philadelphia Athletics a ll> to 3 decision to tne Detroit Tigers at Philadelphia. Jimmy Poxx was prominent even in "defeat, crashing out his 41th homer of the' season. Johnston also hit for ne circuit as did stone. Marcnai, rookie sensation Of the Macks, was the losing pitcher and Anker the winner. All other major league learns were idle. i —Tne New Orleans Pelicans. Southern League champions, defeated the I ALBANY, Ore. lUPJ — W. C. Sail ^Antonio Missions. Texas League | Gbermeyer. in jai' for driving a -i •. 7 lo 4 at San Anlomo • i ar while Intoxicated, wns granted and evened ;he series|d vacation so (tat he could har- I with the Texas champs, each hav- • ing won a game. ; The Birds tied (he score in i.-.e „ , : seventh inning and counted three OOUthern runs in the ninth to win. Gale- And Texas League " Ol ' se xvas the "'""""= r '"< ! W1U " ienes Between Champs Now Even. ! the losing pitcher. vest Ills was told reurt house in 30 days to finish .'is sentence. crop. The tanner lo report back al the Soda Pop May Decide Issuance of Beer Permit EIj PASO, 1'ex. (UP) - - Couniy Judge Joseph McGill temporarily withheld granting the bi-er sales application of Ihe Union Bottlins Company until he investigates to determine whether the company will sell more 'soda pop" than beer; i Tiie company's plant is within ICO feet of. a church. "If the principal business is beer sales, then the permit cannot be .granted," he said. "If the owners sell more soda pop, then they can have a beer permit, regardless of the church." Pc ' p| carrots and leave them in | <olcl water for half an hour before cooking to make them crisp and i fiesh. SAN ANTONIO. Texas. Sepl. 22. 'of channels in use. England has nearly 3000 miles j Read Courts tsews want Ads. To Insure Your Cotton Call Iffl Caudill's Agency GENERAL INSURANCE 106 North Broadway Six Letters . From Home Each Week There will be many a day that other duties will prevent you from writing to those at school, and there will be many a time that you aren't m the mood to write ihem a long newsy letter. Send them the Daily Courier News at our new reduced college rale. It's like getting six letters a week from home at only $A.OO A Per School Year COURIER NEWS

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