The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1933
Page 3
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PKIUAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1933 BLYTHEVILLK. (A1UU COURIER NEWS PAGE MVfc BOTH FIGHT ON Winged Silhouettes That Herald the Dawn of Fall •ti\*u.-*aalM«i St. Louis and Kansas City Wels Oppose Local Option Proposals. H\ KICIIAItl) I-. HARKNKSS I'nllcil 1'rcss S(all Corrcspjndenl JEPJ-'ERSOS CITY. Me.. Sep'.. •M. njp)_A slate system of liquor control will provide a b!oo:ly battlefield for Missouri politics lor scm2 lime to come. The imminent special session ct the legislature will make ?ne!iiits either of t'.:e wets or the 'Jrys regardless of what kind of a bill it passes. I( Is impossible o pleas? both sldej.. T;:C metropolitan ivcis are in- i sistins on no local option. The rural drys arc demanding thai t'e 5^ counties voting against pvahiti- tlcn repeal in the Auyust 19 election, Ii2 pretexted in their aridness. J Gov. Guy U. Park's advisory com- ' mlltec on liquor control appointed by the executive to draft a central plan and recommend ils adoption to the legislature, is having a -f.ard time o; it. Want Salnnns Hack Vint, the city politicians of St. Louis and Kansas City insist en a wide-open, bars down law. Rotund State Sen. Joseph Broe,an. a power to be reckoned with, made the bold assertion that he favors return of the saloon "a place wr.ere men can meet and buy a drink." All the St. Louis delegates arc ivel and will fight against any regulation imposed "by their less dripping brethren in Ihe senate and house of representatives. Second, the rural leaders, close to the people in their hcnie.ccinmuni- ties. are insisting on outlawing th? saloon and passing strict local option measures. They arc d?mand- inc; that Dr. Walter Williams of Mi'scuri University take his commission into the rural sections and hear what ll:c country folk have to say about the situation. Tile commission is finding itself between (he wet and dry fires, with scarcely n way to turn lor aid. Drys Have Strength In attempting to predict v;hai the legislature will do. tr.e stale's 57 dry counties must be remembered, 'ihey have at leasi 57 voles in the ho'-ise. slightly more than one third or the total. They must be reckoned will:. Tf the legislature passes a 3!/Uc liquor law without a local option c'ause, the drys will start immediate p'.ans to refer it tu tits; voters in 103-1. .If the solons write In a local op lion clause, ills metropolitan wets will be m^rtinUed. and start, fcnn- hi5 the!'.- forces for t!:e 1035 legislative session. One way or another. Missouri is in for a bitter fig.:t over prohibition—a fight that will enj only in complete annihilation of the drys, OL- such a smashing victory for (he slate Anti-saloon League and the W. C. T. V. thai t!:e wets will tow lo strict, regulation. 5ISTER 'MARY'S KITCHEN j HV SlSli:il MAUV i \i:A Smlu- Wilier . liL'ir aie various acroiufwnl- iriii's for neam foup.s thai hi- i!MM' iiu> puliitiilnhty of the soups; mm miikr for i-cnii'/iny us well.. Kind- bu'.ul is usnl lo yplt'lidlil ad- i:ini.i".i' fur bo'.li Mulbii chilis nnil ns. ui'ii cif Ihe most iHipnlnr DMi's fur rii'inn soups »f all Monkey (Joes Sightseeing at Fair ; . make Mi'lba rlili . nil Male lliln Muv 'I'lU mils in very .• of Hie I'nli. I'l lit; imire (him an eighth Inch lldrk. Spread llieni »n .-lialliiiv 11.111 iitul put In ii slow i-ii mull crisp unil Ijiown ilmnivlmm. Their crisp crundit- makes llu'in dr-llrlmis wnli nil klnd.s (if MUlp.s. \V»y< of Maklm I'liilltiUIs CnuMmis nil- ivp.Tlally urcepl- . • vitli I he \vi',i'l:ili!'.> cream Mmp . dolrnble for chllilren'r. lunch- • i-i>n>- T'lie .eiimoliy richness of j I car, hilly made croutons ndils tin 1 i ,•:: lihii'. tmicli I" a delicious P'UT, 'I hi-iv HIT (TV-cral wnys itf miik- j liv: <routons. Some rooks dip the! i'i-ir. t-.ilu's ol bivml In inched but- 1 li-i ami (hen brown Hum In a ! innii-iuU' oven. Others drop till' i iilii's into deep liol fat and fry tin-in a Kiililrn brown In sixty si'i'- ' n:ils. I ai:i- F-i" dims and with the first glint of th lnn( ) s O f the v^-v-'.'-rrv ??!?•«; r^.-.r..'»TiJ-'?:5-'.«.-ii~ sun on clouded skies I hat hint of winter, enures take ui: Noith....answering the call of the Southland's lazy '>..)< lllKiit fr»M I he misty snarsh children. They will make their lomc here. N'om:un Johnson of Helena. Ark.. pent the week-end here. He was ccompanied home by Mrs. Johnson and son Howard who had been visiting here for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Tompkins ajul Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ridge, Mo., spent Dollar of Oak _ t Saturday' and Sunday with relatives here. Mrs. Howard Bowcn tins, returns! from Yazoo City, Miss., where she spent a week. Roseland News Mr. and Mrs. Noble Smith and children moved to Cariuhcrsvillc. Mo., lasl Saturday. Mrs. Smith's sister, Mrs. Mitchell Johnston, and Ex-Senator Lcnroot j Has Faith in NRA. 's Air Lines Set New Flight Record huusr-wife reall/.es. Mali- but not too r-umbliu;:. A fliu: anil clo:;< „ i-d '.I'xiurc is essential. Cut hi Mi'-i'r about one-half Inch thick, lemmv riusU, and nil ''mil flU'i 1 j Inio cubes wllli a very sharp knllc • t;> liiMiri: iwnnetrlciil neatness and I at-cinncy. Tin-' cubes me dried un, III th.-y are crisp clear ItiKiuiili. | Alter lliLs they can lii: loasli'd or filed in dncp fat. Ciipuchln. a IKtlo black spider uionk,\v wllli a jjray beard, was chlcll iillracllon ill Ihr Chlcnso World's mlr lor a day wlwi) he cscapcil Irom n cuuci'sslon and eluded policemen,. Mr employes and vlsltorsp Jin a clmsc lliroutth. the mounds. Finally he look refuge among the ll" 0 ',',^,', 15 I fitly Bird;IT. of ihi' sky rldo. as shown above, where he defied cllorlsl ll'j-houlil of n siiuclural sl.'Cl worker lo capture him. •rimilly Cnuuuchln wenl| ' y and] home of his own accord. , . little daughter, Wanda, accompanied them lor a short visit with relatives (here. Mrs. George Farley and childrenjj- ll<l " '" of Poplar Corner vislied her sis- | lunohcui ter, Mrs. Cayce Johnston, Sunday, j senator from Wisconsin, who bien out ol polities for four y< urged support of the NRA Poplar Corner Hospital Notes Admitted lo Ihe Biyth=ville hos- . pital: Caranza R«e, Rulevillc. I ULss., Baby John Wesley Aharl, Lcnnard iJifoon has returned to| Porta«cville, Mo.: Dismissed: L. W. hi s home after spending a month j SWhner. Stcele. Mo.. Oscar Elho.t, with his pr.rc-nts "M Russellville,' city. •. i Ark. — Mr. and Mrs. Pete Rice are the! parents of a son and daughter.' September . ;i>1 - Holland News Notes The 1 '.- pounds. Hay and Mis- Irene Jewel Warren. 15. and James W. Best. 17. were married Eauirday evening by the Rev. Ii. G. E!:veiron al his lio:»c here. The fat!> of t're young couple were the only attendants. Mr. Best is a junior in Holland high school and plans to cor.tpletr his school work. Mrs. Best, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emmet" Warren, is ;i ficsi man in high nhool. For the present Ihcy will make their home with Mr. Best's pp.rents. Mrs. Gertie Ladd and daughter. V-.-.:c'.. ai:a Mrs. L. Ii. Hayes vis- il:d Mi6. Hatlie Milligram of St. Louis ever the ucek end. Violet remained lo-.- a two weeks visit. John Coi'con. who has .been suffering from heart trouble for two mcnilis. is improving. Mrs. Elmer King is critically lii nt I'.er home here. Miss Hazel Cohocn and her sister. Mrs. Russell Devore. are al lending the state teari'crs college at Cape Girardeau. Miss N'ina Hairis icfl Tuesday i' enroll in the college at Capo Gi rsrdcau. L. Y. yates anil Jamos Bernar Rpaulding are attending the fai ot Chicago this \\rek. O. J. D.'cds. princijial of the hia school, left Saturriiy fcr Vis hem in Waterloo. Iowa, where he \vi fpctiri thn six wrrks vacaticn [ic riod with his parents. Mis.s Ida Marie Sample, who in charpc of the commercial cl pnrtiuent al t'rc high school, r turned Sunday to hci l-.omc at Ca| Girardeau. The Rev. r,. G. Stevenson. paM t>[ the HapMsl church, has rcc crcd siillicicnlly Irom his recent i rrss to conduct (he regular scrvic Sunday. 10. who weighed 5 and 5 Dave been named Van W:imlii Fay. I Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Giililand and daughters. Bc.tty Jane • and Dorothy, were here Sunday visiting Tvlr. and Mrs. Joe R. King. Harlar.d Cilmer of Bragg City. Mo., visited here Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. George Farley have returned after spending two weeks at Dell. Clarence Williams of Brown Spur vas the sues"- of Helen Totn- linson Sunday. Miss Uhlan King and Mrs. George Karlcy siiopjKd in Rlyllie- ville Sat'irday. The Rev. Mr. Catrington ol Senath, Mo., is conducting a re- ; mectiiif; here, thus week. SUPERIOR. Wis. (UPl— Jiii'.-iv 'VASIIINOTON 'VM'l 'r.-inc Lenroul. former Repubhr.m S'.i us nirllnc pliinos ir.-Uvil :-. :i vv venircl in .July. 1333. by llylir; .''•Jo.717 lulks mori' than hav: i en liov.n in any Mnf'.le monlli In, two sjiecches lo S'.ipi'rift.-• Ih,' lu'l'.ny i:f :ch:dulcd air trjiis- cliib^ ;:: nation, uctoulni" Ii an mi- Lcnro,, «„- :„„:„:,««. :. >• ,.- ' T"^"^^^ "' o' Ih-.- U. S. Ci^im:.- t»:;r ,.: ( l ,^'- 1 '^^" ^.. "^ Ap|x?als by I'rosident lloavi-r ::"•'.? lie was crcdlled ivllli Impoii..!" •vcrk in swiiv.jing supiwrt to Hi-.i- vi r at the I'j28 Hepubiican- d>ii- vcntlon at Kansas City. It- •.'-' known as lln 1 man v,ln> "i'.inr'ii i town a clumce lo i),? presideni ' .n ! ;h,? result of his rr! Hi a:"-ii ! . .j'.hL' nomiiiulion. tor viec-pri^iJ/.'nl. I -.v!-.ich went lo Calvin Cco!id;:i'. ! In hii andiesfes hr-ro h" nwd all flepiiblicaiu; to withhold critic i£in of the Roosevelt adiui:iistrs- t.c-n "lor a vr-ar at least'. He s.iul he Ijelieved Roosevell wnuld ,- -- . living Ihe country safely through pDStofflce at Widnoon. Pa.. 15 aiiles | ,, K depression. ' mi's one Is pu* .•:erve crouton::. to Croutons miiy !)<• properly served In two ivnys: ill They are pusseil lo each periini Immedlirli'ly after his soup is placed bilorc- him and he helps HElKAlvl-'AST: lltincyitiiw melon, cereal, i-reum. scrambled eggs willi bin-on, lonsl. milk, coffei'. LUNCHKON: Criinm »f onion =o«l>, croiilons, Jellied voidable iiiliid. jiumpi-rnlckle, apple sauce, nilmeal cookies, Brape Julc.e. DINNER: I'lunkon llsh with Iwr- c!er of iioliuoes mid bccla and Ri-eou bciin.s, pepix'r mid cucumber salad, chocolate cream roll w'" fudge sauce, milk, coffee. IS plaCUll ULIOle Jlllll IIIIU m: lli.Ji'.Tj ... iuiin?ei[. -rhi' disii that Holds the j Quebec Reports Forest croutons may be an iinllnaiy vcg- ^ I J ' 11 Midshipman Arrived Home on $30 Bike HOl'STON, Tex. tUP)—Majl Stiles M. Decker, hardworking NHfl executive, ivns'cnjoylni; a few hotirl of well-earned resl when a wricl of popping explosions under .hll window awnkcncd him. Gelling his shotgun put of th| closjjt, he went to the window. . "HI, dad!" sold ft voice Irom-b: low. ' •'•0' It was Midshipman Stiles 4.:^4.12l mill-!, in Anolhcr lituid was I ill July, v.ith a tnlal Id passt'iit'cr uiili the pinions nconi. A n mill 1 's eipiivaUni d 'n:.i-r ilown oni- mile. able dish 'with ii tablespoon It. 121 If Hie soup Is served by | Ihe hnsi al. the table. Eniill.sli rl.vle. he drops one or two tablespoons of croutons Inlo each nliUi; ejtab-l uf soup as he seive.s It. of Jl.-| Croutons, unlike crackers, are flown, an i tuippcjed to b o rl«hl Into llii: soup pas- 1 mid form n parl of it. Conse- Industry on Upgrade MONTREAL. (UP) -- A neutral Improvement. In (he Province of Quebec forest Industry Is announced by Hon. Houcre Mrrcler, Minister of Lands and Forests. "Reports to my department. 1 ' i Mcrcler slulrs. "show Ural the com- 1 piinles enenccd in (hi: cudliii; ol Decker, Jr., U. S. N.. who had jusl arrived from AnnaixilL; on 1 a $3l motorcycle. He is a second-classj man at the naval academy and ureal-grandson of Gen. Sam Hou ton. - ' PostmaElcr's Term Longest , FORD CITY, Pa. (UP) -T. T 1 . oaDie.s,; ^[p^djti, 10| e ,icl«i [he longest term of any postmaster in I h e United Stales recently, when Hie iixpress carried lotaled in July as as.UnM isri.ieil: 12-1.29."> Just, idinply add few teaspoonsl ful io each gallon water and drlnl rcyularly Famous Crystals ' ml watch good results. Robinson Drill Co., Fowler Drug Co., S(. Francl Pl.arinucy^ • \ ~ norlh or'1'.crc. Meredith served 50 vcnvs. was discontinue;!, ns postmaster for I Read r<uwi \vant •h thick 3-4 inch wide and 'he (act that stocks linve been de- Inches loni!. H is then loastccUPlelcd.. Last ycnr Uiey cul tipproM- '.'.-J.; in JmV- a.d'iii.VO-l pum«U ill a hot uven and served, unhnl-1 malcly CK)0,OW).MO «iiiure feet o "HIV 103" K'leil, like crockcrs. Ench person wcwl and (his whiter It Is expected ' l>- i,(| r , |.| m . e lf aril bultCLS his Hint t!:c output will reach 1,000.00(1.- i . in ili«" WlcU«ka salt mine, al slick or tint ns he prefcis. Toast | m square feel. There in no doubt V.•!<(,"• Poi-id Ihcve are 'i'nr< sticks arr- not broken Inlo Ihe | that conditions are improvine slow•1,V. sh'mu"and 'statues made of'salt. soup. f.Uy "«t surely In that Industry." IIEMORRIIOins iriln) cw-,. rd wllliout the kcile. 'Skirt cancer, varicoscd veins, tonsils removed non-3ir|icjlly.; DKS. NIKS and NIGS , Ollice 514 Alain Phone M. " < .'*«'*» %<* t ' ( '.i Hound Lake News Mr. and Mrs. M r.. Hirks a Ml. and Mrs. Hicks and cl tircn visited relatives at Holla Mo.. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lane and N J. A. and daughter Blj'lhtvillc were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. .lolin Wagnon Si:u- riay. Jack Byiuiin ol New Madrid. Mo., is spcndine a few days with friends here. Paul Haw aid .it i.a»lcy. K,a..-»v- nvcd Saturday lo join his wife and Midway Notes Miss N'c-vn Williams of Hickman. Ky.. is vi.sitinc her auiil. Mrs. K, M. McDnnaid. L. H. McOehcy of Black Rock d Mrs. Kalhcriuc H. Sanders of [ vtheville were united in mar- ge Salu:'dr.y uizlil by the Rev. J. Hili. Geoige Crawley of Ckolnna vis- el Mr. anti Mrs. tveca Crawley ^l week. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. McDonald sited in Stock' Sunday. Mis. Curtis Plasco has entered a at Memphis to receive catmcnt for a nervous disease. Mrs. J. S. Byars is ill of malaria. | C. R. Ramcy and-John Evans <• ?>*' -1. . . BlylUcvilia vtsilcd their farmers ere Monday. Read Courier want Ads. At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic Pcchci-tci. Minn.' the health of- "i,-rr. Dr. D. C. Lockiiead. recently in a rtalemcnt through (lie .i.-ss. "We in (lie heallh deparl- ,-.util are coiirerncd about milk iviu two angles, nccansc it Is In- bost Iixid obtainable, we want ALWAYS the finest tobaccos . tn src it consumed in great quan- t Hies, and bcr.iu.-:e of the lly of its spreading disease, we \,aiH to know that cur local suppi: is produced under all the re-j fiiicmcnls of pnxrjction commcr- j i;,iliv possible and tlial it be pas-' Iucri7cd sn thai we can guarantee! il safe." | I Telephone No. 71 ; Bennett's milk is ! rate — It's properly p.t&ieurizcd. Bennett's Dairy ALWAYS the finest workmanship "Site's Why (lo we bay "Always i Aick iw Please" ? Well, one reason is thai every Lucky is m.ulcof choice, ripe tobaccos—the Cream of tlic Crop. Another reason—I.uckics ,I;T always round, tirm, fully packed— witli no loose ends to sputter and spark. ALWAYS LUCKIES Careful cxainiiiadon ;n\d inspection by over 60 prcciMoniustriunciHsaJid 17 alert scientists guarantee uiifailing uniformity. That's why Luckics draw 50 easily, burn M>evenly—always mild and smooth. And that's why-"Always Liickics Please!" ''.it's tousled '' FOR BETTER IAslL-1 OH 1IMOAT I' •.-v.. J

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