The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1937
Page 7
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.WEDNESDAY, ATPRIL 28, 1037 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate y>er line for consecutive insertions: One tine per line Two times per line per day .. 08o Three Um;s per line per day •;.' 06c Six times per line per day .... 05c Munlh rate per line .......... OOc Cards of Thanks ...... 50e & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three of six limci and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment ol bill. made. All classified Advertising copy 6Ubmlt!«l by persons residing outside cf the'city must be accompanied By cash, Rates may be easily computed'from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion ot any classified ad. PHILLIPS WALNUT AT FIFTH ST. Only A Few More Days Left To Buy A Good Used Car During Our April Sulc Bargains! - More Bargains! '32 CHEVROLET COUl'E .... 5100 '33 FORD COUl'E . ......... $235 •32 CHEVROLET COACH .... 5195 ;Farm .Loans! Low Hnles - Slight Expense Terry Abstract.* Really Co. 213 W. Walnut 1'honu Oil Bus. Opportunities '34 FOlil) COACH '33 CHEVROLET COACH '33 FOHU SEDAN •32 FOHD SEDAN. Model "H" 51'S •30 CHEVROLET SEDAN . . . ? '20 I'OKB SEDAN .......... ? 95 The lloss Says Slake Iloom, S( Here Js Vour Chance To Buy A Your Own Price. Drive Uy - We Trade K>R SALE: MY HOMK, 1013, \V, Walnut. : ."l ;bediooms. rill cou- enlencrs. Bargain If sold at once. E. CooleJS phone 117. '/-ck-tf Automotive EASY CftEDIT Goodrich Budget Plan Tires - Tubes - Batteries Home, Farm and Auto Radios BUFE JONES-TIRES. Batteries f'«5 j 1SSU FOJIU' V-8 Cptl'U.',\%h 5:1131 '• H'aavj / ;..(..'..:..... 19SS CHlvVlfUl.KT COACH .... COACH ...I 19S3 CHEVROLET COUl'i; 1035 OIIEVKOI.ET SEDAN 1S33 eillCVKOI.ET COACH .WO ClIKVItOI.ET COACH CJoi$. Ticks Ut YMJS '"*'"*•--- -- ^P)_R«- I'JM F<)RI> V-8 COUJ'E. With Kaillo and llratcr ....'.. BATTERY SERVICE- Call J. Ben Clune Phone B at Tom Jackson's WANTED ! ! Ball Players . Between ages i> and 75 To Sec Our rtew Line of GOLDSMITH ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. J.W. Shouse i Wilson Henry Phillips Used Car Lot Phone 810 Key Calvin. Sljr. Used Car Dcpl. Seeds - Plants Beauty Culture 1C 1HE COMING PROFESSION Le.rn this pleasant work which pays well. New class opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. "OTllEim Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Business Directory COTTON' SEED Stonevillc No. 5 Prices Reasonable. Gay & Billings, Inc. Phone Ifi Shoe Repairing S 751 1930 FOIiJ) TUDOR 5 — T RUCKS — I03C CHUVROl.KT i\i TON TRUCK. 7.50x20 Tires ....; ?1« 1935 CHEVROLET I>-i TON TUUCK. 7.50x^0 Tires .;.... •.-..• ?335 iu:u ciiEVRoi;i;T picu-ur TUUCK •;...., ?nas 1U31 FORD.V-H 1'ICK-IU' TRUCK. • A-l Cumlilloii $275 .IWCKAI, T'KADU - - KASY G.i\l.A.C. TERMS MOLEfCO. 633, . , NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West' Main. P. 'Ai Beauveijard in clrarco Photos FREE with Each Order • for Half Sole Job i you think they r;m't tie lixed, avo them made like new at Die I'RUE BLUE SHOI5 ,t 1IAKNI-SS SIIOl' - - SIC E. Main Mamoloxi Soy Beans 1L M. FLEE^fAN MANILA, AKK. : For Expert Beauty Service Modem Beauty Shop 11Q S. 2nd Phone 249 Let Us Grind Your Lawn Mower A Trial Is' All We Ask Blytheville Machine Shop PHONES EQ8 & 848 COTTON SEED Half & Half big boll Planting Seed Grown and ginned exclusively I year from Crook Bros. $60 per ton Stillman Gin Co. Peach Orchard, Mo. CITY SHOE SHOP 'e strive to do the impossible— To Please Everybody! W!rt. FREEMAN & J. I). HOLT 4 Doers East of Penney's For Rent j Nicely l'"umlshed STEAMHBATED BEDHOOM, bath. Cull SUP. 4c k5- COMPOKTABLE UEUItOOM, 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Kil lliuxllu. • 20-ck-tf 5 rocra r.{ju=c, Biira^e & garden. Mrs. Webb, 715 W. Ash. 27-pk-4 3 room house, garage, garden. Vacant- May !. Hurry Atkins, over Cism theater. 27-ck-30 Male liislruellou All popular brands'Of C! ft A R E T T E S 2 packages for 25c Good Whiskey 18 la 2J<j years old SOc..per,half pint Good Baseball Game Every Sunday HARRY BAILEY At tll'j Jilatc Line Cafe in- connection — Fresh Rivei . ' i . Catfish Sporting Goods : of all kinds Uniforms Ss equipment for base (•all, handball, Softball, soccer ball [cnnlS; track cv: boxing. Best Prices Ward Hdw. Go "MY COAL IS BLACK— B UT I TREAT YOU WHITE' I Also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 Half & Half Cotton Seed 1st year from breeder Fred Flecman CALL 204 For Sale I MEN. at once to learn bnrfcr- ing, skilled barbers in greatest emand in tlie history of fcarbcr- ig. Modern Collfge, 81 North Sec- nd, Memphis, Tenn. 23|) k30 ALLEY OOP. jarge 3-room furnislicd apartment. 120 Doiisan. Mrs. Belle \Yoocl. 20-c-ir Nice Large Bedroom. Mrs. Nolen, 311) Walnut. 20c , kit Three Unfurnished Rooms. Ad jotinn<r talli. 232 Dpugnn. 27pk •BtYTHEVItLE 2tflour > Wrecker Service Utst Prices Joyner Motor Sales Cnll 10CO Storage Melbourne * 1 raffle Hipha? iril Uccoullnz td Mrs ift^WalUi. ad- <?» cr' f aU P ° U | RNB ., lU , i ' > ~' r)nfrl0 ob - ^lUilUrativc asa^ant-iiV- thd corii*;'^f | (hanked ner ,'iorv KJIKJ ihsr^olflff ic who had.'glvoh'tlie rlghUsii;- 1 - - •- , ... • i for the right lurndurlng the' laiiCTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mf g. Co, 888 j* ! Wrecker Service f^fl^ iGarage, Work Roily it Fenders A BARNETT AUTO SALES , f t mi PHONE 19 FARM LOANS' l.QWfsl rales—lowest expense Also dly uroncrUes DON H. KASSERMAN Room 220 Ly'isli Bldg. 1'nonc 877, P. O. Box 410 2 or 3 room Furnished Apartment; with garden. 014 Heain..20pk5-<!0 i FOR SALE SOY BEAN HAY- VLANl'ING SEED STONEVILLE 5A STONEVH,LE.4A 1st year frbm.atoncvilie Station 8 DOB. PURE. URED'.'WHITE ROCK PULLETS Fresh. Heifers, with Small Cnlves ! H. C. Ktiappenberger ,\Vc Imvo on nuud several tons ot/Stoiicvllle No 4-A one >ea f|*i^ breeder, state tested. / few tons ot D. p L* No n Beans,' larcdo. Virginia, Delsfa and Manitriolli Browii. Pe'as^- nlxcd, New Er'a >( and • Whips Peas and Beans rccleancd aiid Bradcd'by us. Will trade tor cotton cccd. L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Uollc-n, C'ollon Seed and : Tc!c|ilioiie' 1511-l.'-3. Yarbro, Ark. HANNfi FUNERAL HOME A beautiful nml..sympathetic service at moderate cost. .Real Estate! Buyers' & Sellers' Exchange Terry Abstract & Hrally Co 213 W. Walnut Phone G17 en^ volume set of Shakespeare Good condition. Very reasonable Mrs.- H. E. Neblctt, phone 768-W 26-ck-tf WALL TENTS for sale a treasonable prices. Phone C43. . CARNEY AWNING CO. 113 S. First St. No. 1 Alfalfa Uay, $20 psr ton. .H. G. McHaffcy. Route 2, V,i- miles west Lutes' Gin. 27 pk30 FOR SALE—Pair good farm mules. Also want to sell several hundred bushels Delsta- soybeans $1.75 busliEl. Stock peas 52.75 bushel. PAUL BYRUM' 27c kU SLx room House, -with bath, servant house and double, garage. X 102 East Kentucky. S500 cash, balance like rent. Phone - 543-J.' Good hcavj' 4 'wheel trailer. Buch• anan Coal yard. Phone 107/3-c-tf Furniture — Majestic range, Red Star stove-. Mrs. S. S.'Slernborg Phone 984. , 3-ck-tf Poultry & Eggs POULTRY ' WANTED We pay highest market prices for all kinds poultry. Fisher & <3alnes nt Gaines Grocery & Market, 11 W. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Custom Hat :hini; MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy, 01 North, Blytheviiio Coal & Wood Alabama, Illinois. Kentucky C O A I, Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 278 Chicko yvwba & R. R. Repairing KINNEVS SHOP 129 S. First S(. Saws gummed, filed-, circular saws hammered. Furniture repaired, re- fintshcd. Five-burner Perfection Oil Stove. Cheap. 813 Chickasawba. Hew Bargains! We have some especially good bargains in car?,, Irvks and pick-up; See Our's Before You Buy! 133S Chevrolet Hi. Ton Truck 1D34 Chevrolet Sedan And Other Bargains Delta implements. Inc. Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. GOLDFISH MINNOWS G. C. Hawks, 300. E. Main Practically new Automatic Dclco Light Plant, with radio, fan and Iron, will sell for half price. Delta Implements. Incorporated. Personal Kirhy's Tasteless Wanted To'Buy WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HANI) FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd ' Hand Furniture Store Phono 1031 We Buv Contains ftlorc Quinine—More Ircn The necommended Treatment ICT MALARIAL CHILLS and FEVER SWAMP FEVER —AGUE FEVEK At All Kirby Drag Stoics Urcduce conUlns no dangerous dnigs. Scientifically overcomes cause of flabby fAt. Mailed postpaid. $1. Dr. Mcissnci', 159 N. State, Chicago, 111. Scrap Iron Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. Cherry & R. R. Phone 448 AT ONCE] New Ostrex Tonic Tablets cantarr', raw oyster invlgoni- tors and other stimulants. One dose peps up organs, glands. II not delighted, maker refunds few cents paid. Call, write Klrb? Bros. Ijrug Stores. . [ Ambulance-. Service I'l.oiic 58 * + + + **» *"+ * * *_\ Now Lc:ated r.', 101 North ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FD77ARUD, Proprietor Al! mnkn of RfliulK Tjiiewrltcrs, AilJInf Miuainti »D« Calculators—Rcpsirhig—1'arts—Klbl»'"» Nicely furnished BEDROOM, Oil W. Main. Call 280. Bess Hall. 12o ktf; RBCKI'TK N COMM 'n'KlC AM'ALLTH'IIME / V KNOCKED TI4' WKJfi LCOSE P I1WOU6MT TOOZV I HIS MICE; 5HlMVCROWM,AW'AbOWE AM W&5 1M PAWGER-f YuMA\DED,I CAPTURED bl5SEIOT'THATL!NE TU/.B16 WIWDBAG ••I5HAMD1N' ' OUT-P TO 5EEUMTHI5 BIG DIW05AU VOU GOT UM? WANTS I 1 ROOF! BOOTS'AND HER BUDDIES Mt .t^ftt^'-. &L\T .^Ux TtWWWXWfo-- KiOW AHW WE. HK\VE OUT WELU IF IT AIN'T I'OI'I'KK! IVASH TUIiHS THREE CHEERS FORVOBOVXC'MON, WE GOTTEE BARNACLE BEACH./I AWT V GIT HOME. UP. AMP PAKA:'.'1SE SEE \ BLftZE?'- SO THIS LOOK,THERE'S POPPER.- VOO HOO, 1937 DYjj£A SERVICI. INC.'_J_. M. R£O. U. S. i'AT. Off DIU3SS •:REHEARSAL! FRECKFjKS AND HIS FRIENDS THERES.SOMETHIM'Z GOTTA 1OJCSV.J/~jt>u WON'T HAVE ^ WhEM I COME BACK 1SI "THE If^t TRCXJa_E RWDJMG CTANC3 1M S -THE PLACE ....EGGS WILL MARk TrlE IF M/ KAIR COESNT PREMATURELY GFW.tH. BE SURPRISED OSSlE,>t)U LOOK LIKE SOMEBOCfl' DROPPED A -LOT OF CLOTHES, ^rtXJ WEPZE UWDER WHEM THEY THEY'RE WOT OSJLV THE BEST THSY'ptE -THE ONLY COSTUM5 V/E DIDS1T HAVE EMOLJGH HATS ID GC y SO POP LOAME&ME HIS HAT FROM THE ''MYSTIC SC*JS OF THE RCTyAL. GOSH,\VHAT A MOTLEY CREW!ARE THOSE THE WHERE M HECK C>IDYOU GET THAT HAT? WE HAVE ; 1 bic> "TH BEST I COULCi, E HIS SV/ORD,

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