The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1946
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MAHCH 21, 1046 BLYTIIBVILLE (ARK.y COURIER NEWS PAGE ;N,1NB i ...» CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION flLly taic IKT Jltie for coiiti-cinivi* insertions: Minimum Churxo SOc I little per line 1 ">c I lime* j)*r line per day - -_ r>c 11 tut? 6 per tine per day Uc tiling IJIT lint* per Jny 7o 12 times per Jitie per Jay &« 1 Month per lini- 9Uc Count five average words to (he Line. At^'crdereil /or rltreo or six tiint-s au.l <?J be-fore expiration wJlL by charyml i/ie number ui limes tlii> ud appearM &Jjusim«nt of h FOR SALE for All Classified Advertising copy submitted l.y persons residing <na*iito of the illy must he ac.-oji!ljani*d by tash. JlaUs AJvr-Nisinir order for irre^uhir in<T- lions lakfs l!ie one time rate. No responsibility will )je l^V:rn formora tbsu on« incorrect iiiu«rii<j[i u! knv classified «J. .' •'.:••:• For Safe Jess Horner, I'hone 3107. Hlytheville. 3-9-pk-3-23 Eli-etric V.ioiiin Choir.' lialtery (ry,. ers Oil Co., Man . nl.ont 2 His. 1'lant C<JOJ ciilKliliu f>0 gallon eloctrk- hut viH X. I llli St. 1'Iiiiiie 2<i One we;'k old baby chicks. Chester Lewis' Poultry. 413 E. Main. 3-19-pk-3-22 One 1041 Dodfie pick-up. 107 H. ITlh St. Call ;ti:t:!. j8-j)k-^"» Warm Morning circulator In yoocl cotidi- tion. Heasonnble price. Call :1355 3i|;t rk-tt 708 \V. Main St. 5 rooms and bath. This properly located just across street from Methodist Church. A wonderful location. HouSe in i ifood condition. Can be ; bought on reasonable terms. 100 \V. Cherry St. 7 rooms, and bath. Corner lot, good: location. New roof just put on. You can buy this one for $li)00.00 cash, balance S10 month. Two acres land located one mil* north on Highway 61. Has two small houses and garage. ;iO.\40 It. City water. Can be bought. Worth the money. [ 521 Lumerale St. 4 room I house in fair condition. Has I water in kitchen, with half bath in home. $1850.00. 525 Lnmerate St. '3 room house with water and half bath, fair condition. Price SI 000.00. Have several other houses for sale. Call 801. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 3-18-ck-3-23 Two Moline Z Tractors and';, [i(||)m equipment. One practically |" Yml'im." new. Also new corn picker. „ 1(lnln fl] Loyd Williams, Imboden,!" runpiM Ark. 3-12-pk-4-3 ^7^,1] For Rent 4IH ri. I>Aviv uLslii-d »|iarlmr-nt. Ilp.iso unly. SID W. Ai,ll. iO chicks, nailoMe all the time. ! vy bircds. .Mrs. Hurt Mrhivrg, ;m "in. lilioiie 018. 3tplfVll j d rilling. f;on<] locnlioii. r... only. Phone 4yG. ^0 pk-21 nparlmrnt, liOfi 12 ft., c-nrnly counter, n shelves. J'icknrJ's Giroc^rr. 1011 i:]iickn ' Apply Sleeping' room. lot niiBC — S rooms with Ijath. Large with tenant quarter i[k rear. I'l to ai'll now lit §1700. Located r>00 N. 5th St. :!'/• Mocks ol Hith Hronl ticluinl. .See -Mrs. A. Uuinn, l.cucli- 2731). ville. Ark. I!ox 16. 10 |ilt-20 100 -j.crp S. K. .\l. cash rcTit inyinrviuc, 12 ,„!],., [ r o, n lllyihtvill ... IJUILSO.S, .\Vi]l sftare rrr^i*. r crop rolil. \V. A [,r-\Y[-i. 111. J. llox GSU. lS-!ik22 a.ljo "K bath. I'houe 3000 drums, steel galvanized 5-gaIIon with carrying handle (Blitz Can). Earls Sales Co., Steele, Mo., I'hone 218. 3-l!)-pk-24 Com fort iilik- Iji'clrnoin with plpnsnnt kit- eh .'it privilegf},. S17 Ohiclvnsuwhn i lG-]>k-23 Our Boys Have Returned ... So Has Our Service! Hey, Ya Got The Time? SPEAKING OP TIME, WE THINK IT IS TIME TO PREPARE FOR SPRING AND SUMMER CHANGE OVER •^ Drain—flush and refill transmission and differential •fc Pull and pack front wheels with grease. Best insurance for safe driving. •A- Remove and replace cartridge in oil filler. if Drain—flush «nd refill crnnkcase with ESSO MOTOR OIL NO. 3. •jt Thorough lubrication — which covers chassis, spring's and motor. PARDON US FOR MENTIONING TIMU AGAIN, BUT WE THINK IT IS AHOUT TIME PRE-WAH SKKVIGE WAS RE- STORED ON SERVICE STATION FRONTS AND WE'RE PLUG- GING EVERY DAY TRYING TO MAKE OUR PRER SERVICES SUCH AS AIR - WATER - WINDSlilEUJS CLEANED ETC., EVEN BETTER & MORE COURTEOUS 'JUAN HEFORE THE WAR. WELL, JUST TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, OUtt ROYS HAVE rtETUHNELl AND SO HAS OUR SERVICE. DROP IN AND SEE US—WON'T YOU? NEW DAY! NEW TIME! GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! THE FORD DOH CROSKY SHOW Every Wednesday Nlglit. 9:30-10:00 EST on the CBS Network. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Political' Announcements The Courier Newi hu b«en authorized lo announco the following I'tmdiaates, iiibject lo Uio Democratic primary: 61IK1UFF AND COLLKCTOB JACK F1NLEY UOnrNGON WILLIAM BliRRYMAN cou.vrv Jimc'.K OKNK B. BRADLEY ROLAND OHEEN KOH TAX ASH1-:SSOR DOYLE IllMDERSON CIUCU1T CI.EHK HAKVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CIJ'KK KLIZABETH DLYTTIE COUNTV TRKASCRE« DELL A PORTLK STATK KIIPHFSKNTATIVB ALKNK WOR15 E. C. FLEEMAN LESIiIE "DUKIE" Hl'ECK L. li. AUTRY STATK SliNATOK J. LEU BKARDEN Tho following arc ctvmUdiUcs for office In tii c mythcvlllu Mimlrlli 'Ctluii to l» In-Ill April 2: C'M'Y fl.KHK 1'HANIC WIHTWORTII CITY A1TOHNKY PKRCY A. WRIGHT CI^)r Rc-elcttloti) HOWARD N, MOORE WAKI1 ONE AI.DKKMAN JICSSR M. WHITE AI.DI:KMAN WARD TWO JODIK L. NAI3RR3 AI.DKICMAN WARD THRKE RUl'HRT CRAFl'ON Order Your New Elcctrolux Cleaner Today For I'lTfeiTvd Delivery It's the New Cleaner (lull does every- Uiinir. easily mid ef- fick'i\(ly. You've Mulled fur II. Now yuu ran ^ct It. Just Phone 2650 K. M. Gruvi'M, Ltu'ul AltnaEe RM<| Courier News WimL Alls, Help Wonted uiu->?. 1 !-'> 2U-1.IC-23 .rnisliod tront bedroom, Kleam >t \vAt<-r, Piione 326 S. l3-i>fc-4jl3 From W.Iroom Surplus l.ii,l: ."U Cfiiiipse Elm. Q ft, 50c. Heil ]l;isiK-rry. l()c Fn-ncli Lilac. 1 (l. •>! -May Day Tn-cs. G fi. ?i. Vni-er shell Mnlr.n, ti ft, $3.75. It.-.1 KJowiTiti)* 1'oacli, V^. " t*»ll or see \V. S. Laiis-don, IMione T>:Hn of 5 vcar old horses Cliaranteiil EounJ. Wurk liny |ilncc. 0. K. Kollison. I'riik: AdiUti'Mi i-l -Mill. ll-t-k-2-l Massi-y-Marris cuhivnu.r. NVw Sr trnrtnr. tnit.-J i-innte , ,1oiu!&boru. willi anil Ann Arljnr .Ir.'Jiick-up liay baler. -Tt liail«y Rutle.lto, .Sttrlc. J'lionc afl.-r f» p.m. : lG-p Fnmily lo ikhittit M. K. Fbk. innkf - ],l;u-< sliart* rrop nnil liplp ISiio-l li'int-i'. Mrs. I'. .im-, 1' 7U!. \'jr\;:t Wanted To Buy PEIOTKCT 'vn /or SO run l t »r ll.-rl.iu ] linriLwiirc iiv»* on rpp.i pJir nf v:n HM'i Ash. - >•*•(! Mitt "drink IK«. IMiimo *30«:i. i,, . 20 j)V;-^.1 \\> jiny cnsli for us^d' fiiTiiilorc. ^ pifi-o or u Innite full. Call 21102. Alvin linnly Furniture C». 20-ck-^7 ill carp fo i>.in. Api.l 'll II 2771. r'or expotl oil slo\v For Sale or Trade » Arl.'-i nil lln/i I fAllr.-. 110 tii»lj<-r. On liiliiic gravel l'iir»i;»n|il. Will Irailo for i-riy. HITI Tm-ki'r, Hi. 1, K 1 U. S. Approved Baby Chicks. very best grade seed oats, hybrid s?eed corn, and Sudan seed. L. K. A8HCRAFT CO. Phone 493 Straw berry plant*, BlakemorB, Mnrie XJarrmb. 17Ly Chick»sawh». 7-pk-4[7 Baby cliicks, different varieties. Also poultry anil poult rr loeda, Cliesier Lewis, 1'oullry, 4111 K. itnin. 7-iik-4[7 tit stove noeils ch'nninir Poultry, cora iind , hay. Rly- theville Grain and Elevator Co. >forth '1th St. Phone 21121 8-15-ck-3-22 Silver service in good conili- tion. Write P. O. I*ox 3SO, • 3-12-ck-tf for Trade Taxi Far From Homo ASTORIA, ore. (UP)—Astoi'iiins. wllo ntlcmptCfl to linil n .sU'alii;p tnxiciilj Iji'ni'iiiff n Nortli Carolinn llt;ciisc soon round the vehicle wns not for hire, Th c taxi oucrnlcd. In J. D. Askew of Honnoke Rapuls N- C., was only ijasslnjj Ihrougli Askew, his wife nncl son were 01: (heir wny home vin the Orcuoi: Coast Highway and California fron Sratlle. Wash., where they had beer called by (he illness of a daughter When It's Refriseration You Want Call In ROWEN ELECTRIC CO. Phono 2180 1N-111 Bonth Railroad Bt / Commercial Fro/.cn F(wd Locker Planla — Walk-in Boxes — Quick Freeze Home Cnhinets. BRING YOUR ELECTRIC PROBLEMS TO US W<* Imve pli-nly of oviinlcnccil lirlji uiul :ini|v!o snppllcH In give vou in inniit M't'vU'i 1 on nil yuiir i-lcctrlcul ni'ctls. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE 118 Tlrsl Ht. I'ltone MSII a«.?t)K c I LAWN CHAIRS end PORCH SWINGS Made lo Your Order. , Order Yours NOW! Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop 308 South First Street We give prompt service on repairs to electric refrigerators, washing machines and electric motors. Our price reasonable. Full stock of repair parts. TOM LITTLE APPLIANCE CO. Phone 415. 3-18-ck-3-25 imiJI trartnr and c iiniliti<ni lur -II <>r lilt l>iM-rt- trnclur Lcnchvfllej Alfalfa Ha7 And inulo dra^vn farm implC' inents. Telephone 33, Vf. A. Jenkins, aicele. Mo. l-lik-411 Rabbit manure. &0c n bushel. Best for Mower* and fr»rdcn. S12 .N. 11 Hi Ht. Cliickasnu- Rabbit Farms, l-i>k-4ll 3ta,lk cullars—2 row heavy duty type. All welded atcel construction. Blytha- Tiile Machine Shop. 27-ck-lf Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Electric wcliler, 200 amp. TTob.irt. Cm driven, mounted nn trailer. Frac-tiraHy J\-u-. Hrndy to go. Blytheville. MBChirto liam R. Ov,-rtc veyor. I.anil Sur tt <l]tclies, lino . nrea for ',10 ye: T. aeltriK Connly eys and ilrai: nil levels. Kervi-il ra. lG-].k-4;16 MACHFN'K.S serviced anil TO- paired. When parts nre not avaitnblc we manufacture them. Gns enslnes ovcr])5uEcd on gaa driven machines. All for vices guaranteed. Herbert Graham ia now in charge of this department and will t« g]»d lo service Ins oM customers. Dlytheville JUn thine Shop Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delia Implement Co. Phone Sfi-k 3-15-ck-t£ Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member Nat/I. Put Control Ass'n. 115 8. Third St Phone 2751 Read Courier News -Want CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOCB SERVICE" Phon. 2241 I'errecL rciKiirlnfi for Utility's rv- (liiisitc footwear ussurtd ulii-H rebuilt in our modern shop. .::H-fl LTt „ ^ UflLn-YSWOS SKOt» 111' W. M..R.1.N ST*. Announcement LKU'IS tni will siU'rl \vurk. ttrl" pmhlnns i IMNION lins just nr^:nit/alU)n uiul U/i- In srrvlcn us. Just Received — A slilumnil Type I'llcc'lrlc (if Apartmunt llnngrs. Charley's Electric Service 11C Norlli 1st G.M. STRIKE SETTLED Bring Your USED CAR In Tocfcry While OPA Prices Are Sfill High, Take the Cash or Deposit On New Car LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO; Texaco Gas & Oils 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshtnt Stock Gunranlecd B*st PricM Kirby Drug Stores FOK BALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL HIZE8 Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Thone 691 Oiceola, Ark. Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist JEWELRY 209 W. Latest model General Electric vacuum sweepers. Hnbbard Furniture Co. 2-6-ck-tf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway LAWK .MOWF.HS Bhariicnoil ami Ttl'Hir- cd, Ench bludo is precismn ^rouiul (in. our fnclory method machine. Brine yonrs in now and avoid the rush, while v.-c liavo » ]nr^re stoek of pans. ^Ve pickup and deliver. Dlytlicvilto Ma Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAP SERVICE Blan Heath Auio & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street 61 N. 2-2G-pk-4-26 LA GRANDE. Ore. (UP)— Latest course to be taught, at La Grande high school is fly tying, the art, of twisting bits of fenthcrs. fur, yarn, tinsel and thread about a fishhook, in such a way as to fool the dlscerninst eye of a trout. Dee McLin. manual training instructor, ~ js. teaching the class. Itaby chicks. Thousands every week. Several breeds. Get them, at store. IJlythe- ville Grain and Elevator Co. Feed Store. North •llh. I'hone 2112. 3-15-ck-3-22 f rnnftPR, llowon St. I'honc 21AO. Commbitds Hawaii ra pood clerl c Co. I2'.l s. rnrpry Ftnr. K.'lh>>r wit irttnirly 'J H«y. *•!, . .11. *K.. * ;ith living n»"H»' rental honfipt!. A »-s, of luntl. Frni ritt'rrt' on Cotton local iVin for ind itx .. s Much Mian's Grocery. N, Hwy. lit. ^ P-.10 Trarlor nnil ' CnUivnlor. 2 bolloin disc lirpukinff vl« w ' S mules smoolli* liniuth OilLi-rl I.j-tich, Victoria. ArV. Ogdcn Soy Beans from Pedi- KTeerf "Seed. Crockett Wright, Manila, or call Wanted to Rent Lot* Garnet chiFtcr fine, seven sols, yollow pnlcl mountEn K . Reward. Write P. <"«. I!ox 863. 20-[iV-23 n: 20 in. hi cycle with rod frfl d wlifclji. hlnck fcnilrrs. tip 1 * l»nint- -uluminum. ^fl rnwRrH. 0. fl. B tt, [ihone 327*). or n.iT. CI-pV Maj.-Gen. George F. Moorev above, irtillery commander on Gorregidor at the time ot Pearl Harbor, has been named tempo-: rary. successor to Lt.-Gen. Robert C. Rldiwdioii, Army Com-i mander o£ Hiwsli and the MidJ Pacific.' Generni Richardson is k- bring ratired. ^_ Just Around the Corner . . . It's SPRING Again! and automobiles arc another Year Older!! SO... It's time U> come in for that Spring checkup. Here arc just a few of the things that your war-wc;iry car needs: • Drain & Flush. Radiator Cooling System • CHECK BRAKES • Check Fan B«lt and Hose Connections • Tighten Cylinder Head Bolts • . Check Wheel Alignment to Prolong the Life of Your Tires. / Tiring Us Your Paint and -Body Needs . . Equipped to Handle Them See Your Studcbakcr* Dealer First. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Bm CluunbUri SPRING OATS Sec us about your mechanical trouble; Our expert mechanics working with modern tools and equipment can put your car is (op condition. We also have a pilint and body Hhop repair service. We will fix your car or buy your car FOR CASH. Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lcspedcza Soybean and Garden Seed. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Hlylhcvillc, Ark. 1800 West. Main DON EDWARDS "I'M TT»«Wrl(«r Hut." T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complrte Stocks of Tnrls For Chrysler Products E. Main Phone Z1J2 CORONA, AND BEMRNOTOB TYPEWRITEM BY EDGAR MARTIN" iOOTS AND HER BUDDIES RY MERRILL BLOSSEff, FRECKI.KS AND HIS FIUKNDS L KNEW IT WOULD , \ MOT per OVER, ^^y ANf-i-es! I STAND OM POOR. Mel MOWLL L GET ACROSS? YOU WERE SIR '.V&LTER: NOU'D PUT VOUR. T DOWM ME To ST£ BY V. T.' HAMILTON ,(nsl So We I'lnderstaiul DOM'T LISTE.^ TO HER, OOOLA.. SUES PULUSia RA-MKi'LOOt, GOT TWO 6TRIPES ON WE; i/ CM.OHi , . CA.M 1 GET DIP VOO SAV "STRIKES': I'M rJLAO I «AP A V AT THE OUTSET, HAU5 IM THS1F1 CE-/ PERHAPS. BUT IT SHLOPVE^T... 3UT vVAS THEIR USE BV IT'S OSCA13 HE'SE I VCD Fi6HT)WG MEN WHO'S THE FAIR- X T HW MA.DE 6OV! / ^ THEM &OOD.' SUP! SER6EANT BOP WARREUf ITS 6OOD TO •5-EE YOU

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