The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1933
Page 2
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FRIDAY, SKI-TUMI! trm m.YTHRVJLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NRW8 PAGF, THREE Gravel Highways in Need of Maintenance, Receiver Tells Court. Construction Work Is Pushed at Boulder Dam OSCEOLA. Ark.—Charles E. Sul- Uiiger of Osceola, receiver fur four .'ontli Mississippi county road improvement districts and lo; S'.ili- Districi No. 3 of Grassy liiXc i"'-' Tyron7a Drainage DLstrk'l Ko. 'J. tiled his first annual iep-,:ts chancery court this week. He directed attention ol lliu c=un I 10 Hie facl that in the road d,s- tricts the bond holder;, 1 sscuri'.y. lilt gravel roads, are depreciating lapldly and aic in need of main- i '.(•nance and repair work bof'-re (.-.;•] •*inler rr.onth-s. •|'s< Hrospeel Belter . He expressed the belief, however. | thai with the 1933 lav books Mil! open and present prohiv.-cls fur' greater general prosperity lliis full,. numbers of fanners would pay liiis i year's taxes, and ihni lands airi'ad.' told to the districts lor (Irllnqwm j taxes would be redeemed ;md thru : the road districts, which i:aiu Mil- : fered seriously, both from t.i\ payers' delinquency and from loss of f.1:<; county turnback fund from the 'gasoline lax, would be abl*j lo lUju:- !„ _ dale at least a portion or their :«.- | ' l crued Indebtedness. | .Interest payments In I'm 1 drain- as* dislric! are now hopelessly in default, u'iili no appamu disposi- • lion upon Hip part of land owners j lo redeem land.s from sale for de-l linqueni taxrs, according to the re- I port, which covers the period from j September 10li:>. to July 1933. I oils of the ilUlric'. were lurnc:! j I' over lo E. N. Ahlfeldl, federal re-1 ct-lver. Total cash receipts fcr t'.:c pcr'.o-.l covered by Ihe report, in St;l)-Dis- • *. ;t. ''ii* ! > •' /&' WiV PIGGLY WIGGLY Special For Friday and Sal- urdcij KROGER STORE m 1 ;.;!•* •':;••' v •\ is a do-cup of p. reinlorccd t-or.crele .section of Ihe Cilvenlii- lluulder I3.ini river, now tiMiiu bmll by the li.dcral government al a cost ol $105.031.000. The a liikc of -'75 uii'iure miies. control llocd waters and provide wiif.r for iriisation ai'.t 1 -v-^slern c-ities.tand generate an e:iornuHLS mr.ij'.jni of i ! lrjtrtL' L-urrc: 1 .! on the Colorado dam will eiente for tin- of soutli- FRING CHICKENS teaks Milk Fed, Full Dressed, Lb. I.din or Itiuird K. ('. Hci'f I'nuiul Irict 3 to Drainage District. No. 9, amount to $19.556.49 with disbursements of £0,553.9". The largest sin- Hie iu™ of expense amounting lo *,i.976.85. was incurred for legal publication incident to foreclosing and M-llIng lands for delinquent taxes. Tl:e receiver's salary and expenses imoutued to Sl.764.92 and maintenance work in the district called for the expenditure or $1.458.83. In Ihc Osfuo'.a-Uttls River. Head Improvement Dislric 1 .. liie largest of (our road dislricts in receivership, cash receipts amounted to S9.- 354.21 with disbursements of *'' 180.84; in Carson La/.c Eoad Improvement District No. 0 cash receipts totaled S4.252.M with <lis- bursements of $2,394.07: in Joiner Road Improvement District No. 7 receipts amounted to $1,804.29 with 'lUblirsements of S7B5.0D. and in TJointr Road Maintenance District this-.loial-rt-cipU: worc^ S5.- 189-J5 with, ill.sbiirsemenls of Sl.- 217.8). In each of the districts suits for the collection of taxes delinquent in 1931 and 1932 have been nroieuutcd to conclusion and title to the delinquent Untls vested in the uktj'icl. according Ir. the re- pi .-!. Governrnent 1 roops Successful in Clashes. I.jiixora Society — Personal 1 ler. Eslrllu, left tliir, moniini; foi . their I'.o:nn In St. Louis. i! .f. C'. Cook'.- is a jiatlrnt nl Hie • j liapll;;', hospital :iL Mrmplus. I | Mr.s. Hern-j' Yalcs o: llfrnnmlu. I | Ml>sifsi])|ii will arrive this :illcr- j i noon to be the ( J I cuts. Dr. nncl Mrs. R. of her A. Kim- Tlic W. M. U. met TiieMlay af- UTIICOH at the Baptist cliiirch with I r hi tniv;h. for lt l n •i HAVANA. Si-pt. 22 (Ul'i-Gov- iimeni iroops t-laslral indecisively \vltli smfill j'rbel bands in the province.? lodny as President R"- nion Gran Han Martin maintfilueu liv, poMX-r a! ihe capital. Two rebels were killed and one .soldier was Injured when loynl forces clashed with a rebel .band of umlcteimincil but probably lit- ilc strengih in the Moron section New School for Farmers InrWUivp fifl «n members pr^ient. Th L > mcci-j pi; P rnv !nrf> Plans inaccisi\t, iinK 1VBS Olxncd wlth lhl , w . M. u I\-anaaian rrovmceBrians : hymn, "Je.sus Calls Us." after | wliich Mrs. B. O. Wilkias coiuluct- <-d Hie dcvollonul, the subjcci ol which was "Overcoming Difficulties." The remainder uf ing was ilcvuted lo Bibli.. bt wltii Mrs. R. A. Kimbro'.igh leader. Sausage >acon Snuiliid Hy the I'ii-i-o I'OIIIK! SaltMeat Ittllk's, LI). 7'/jf' liullj-', LI). PorkRoast Bacon Swift. Sli. Kind- Irss, 1,1). IliVji-, MONTREAL (UP)--A cnllural school where ni'W Kjf/l- liirniL'i-.' .,.., jV'lil" f.! «ns will be taught practical ia,,ni"u and murketing p.oblems Nirs. Tiios. !•". Hudson ciiiirtain- (dthu thrce-Uible bridge club to which she belongs Wednesday afternoon. A 1 , the close of live pro- gieEsions of bridge the of CamatLiiey province. This was Kcn . e( [ sandwiches and iced leu. Ihe force oi Capt. Juan Bias Her- Mf!i _ Elizabeth Killermnn wns win- revolntlonisl. While Hernnndez'r, son was here negotiating terms with the president under which hi s father would lay veteran revolutionist, ner Qf tlle W(!h _,„„„ p ., Mi Thc the skirmishing went on tr ii ov: ! n? members were present: Mesuames Elliot-. Willlnms. J. D. Hires, Russell IJo'.ven, Sam Bowen, Jejsc Brown. Elizabeth down lite arms. i nnd MJ^ carrye M ;!<; Hires. IIDK iKjen oi-Tiied ul Ste. Miirtine. Que.. by Hie Provinicial Government. Its object is to produce educated farmers. It. is an iiHcrmediale ngiicultur- al school where so:is of fanner:; 17 and over will be given a two- year course. Associated with the school pruclicnl woik will be done. Tlie Lchool is .so designed as to make It possible lor the average farmer's boy of 17 to qualify lor admission. Smoke Causes Damage in Hardware Store, Grocery Fire, originating in the Burke Hardware Company store, 312 West Main street, caused smoke damage lo the hardware store mid thr r.ilx-rly Cash Grocers store. 314 West Main street, enrly this morning. The fire was discovered by Duck Tomlinson, merchants' patrolman, about three o'clock this morning. Firemen v:ere unable to find the rourcc of smoke which filled both stores for some time but linallv discovered a small fire in the back end of the hardware store. Fire Chief Roy Head said that a heavy tnrpanlin. soaked in oil and lefi folded on the floor, had apparently ignited by spotilaneoiis combustion. About 10 o'clock last night micl: and sasoiine pump at Trinity Farms office and waro- hoi'se. Ash and Railroad slrcels. i were ignited, hut the damage small. An attendant was filling the I tiuck tank with gasoline when the p broke out. Chief Head says .'.ployes of the company denied iat any person at. the scene was I smoking and he. was at a loss to explain the fire. The damage to Hie truck was small. F.ighu-intn. apparently the main i body of another rehcl band in the | Spiritus .section of Santa! Ctara province, wt-ro captured by sjovernmcnt troops under • a corporal. Included in thp captives was lh^ revolt leader. F.steban Ferrer. UnveriFit-il vcjioriE from Santiago i .'.aid thr.; tilt: brgcr. rebel force in the field which seized con'.ro! ot (he eastern sea]H)it of Gibara really did so in behalf of Iho govern-, mcnt. to prevent any foreign in-: 'erference. Miss Uurotliy Duvis of St. Lou'is, \^ho was called to Memphis by Ihc recent death of her sraiiUfathci, William Davis, is visiting friends here for a few days. Shi- will return to St. Louis Monday night. Mrs. J. N. Hunt. v:ho was re-! cently operated on at the Baptist; hcrpitnl ni Memphis, will return ] home Sunday. Mr. Hunt \vill drive . down for her Sunday morning. i Mis. Titos. F. Hudson and Mrs., Spencer McHenry and daughter. CARDUI Used By Women! For Over 50 Years I Head Courier Hews Want Art.s. I Wade, speni Thursday' in Mem- i.j. George Wunderlich and riaugh? : BEER 51- - Ilk - Ifii- BORUM'S Beef Roast ShuuldiT, 12 i<e 'lllfrk Kill, Ik I Clunk, l.b. 3c ( Illlsket, round" Spare Ribs Fresh & Mi'iily I'otinil Unit or Whole LI). l7'/jc Hltml, Pound Wisconsin .Milk Kcil Steaks, Lb. Iflc Koast. l,li. Hlc ('Imps. 1'iniiul Hams Ciri-lc (S) I'ivnirs I'Dtmd Cheese Wisconsin !•'nil Cri'iim i'uiind CABBAGE """"S ONIONS lfa g. a ^ Y "K V l.»i'. ai/ 2 tan ( -' crtu ' 11 Arniniir. Ni>. 2 Can IES r "" ( u. WESCOTEA '\S,23 i i> l(i !; Crisp 1A*.. 1 Ik-iid-i. lOii. IV APPLES "a^ a. 2» L CHERRiES^^-t^nZr Ol'I.NACH C. C. l.iirjtu 1^ CANDY c " W! r H( .",l£ TOMATO Jl! S rii° e 5 t; BAN ANAS "a.".^.^ Thompson Setd- QC It'.ss. Lt). 0 P INKAI'I'LK JUICK C. (.'.. Nn. 2 Can COOKIES IImwy ( ^[ 1'ineaPPle Itor or Anitlefrmtl. KiV. OLIVE 01! Accused of Disposing Of Mortgaged Properly ,!.ike Vaughn waived prelimin.irj ^yuriry on chnrecs of dupcj r.f \»rnpertv .subject to lien pioperlv subject (o retainer o i'lli- before Judge C. A rriinninjliain yesterday afternoon Komi was S2l at $150 in r.-.s cnnd S250 in the other. j-tsnk Wisdom o! Steele. Mo ;.\id lo appear In court to an : lo a charge of illegal IKU fMSlon of IntoxVating liquor am 1>I ; C-'iO carli 'x>nd was forfeited. Uyron Harris wss linsd S10 lo> to riv street lax for th :ci:,C half of 1933. rhilip Moore, negro, was fir.n Slj lor petil Lircrny. .-\ cliar^" of inffic \ioliiiii"i r/l:ctid a?r.i:':-.t Vcnil'a S:: Ono nf our v3\mge^l stars. Bele I gcuse. has a volume more than million times greater lhan that ofj the sun. I No bncl ta-ite at all to The Fa- ninr- Crvstnls, and r-«sit |v cly g"a>'- ed to please or vour inon^y lifrnded. Robinsoii Dru? Co.. St.' 1,'vinicls Pharmacy, Fowler Drujl —Adv. | WE DO OUR PART Make This Your 5c & We Store BEN FRANKLIN STORE Across from Kirby Bros Druf) Co. 22-D/. Loiif - - lOc. ll-m. live - - - me 17-oy.. Whole \Vh«at Each lOc Apricots Country Club Tree Ripened l,iir<ro 21/2 dm 2 for 35c Potatoes IU>d Tritiniphs- Limit 1'on nil 2!c Butter Spring Brook Pound 22c Peaches Country Cluli In ileuvy Syrup Large 2^ Ci\n 15c Flour I'lain or Self (iuaranleed 21-Lb. Sack 85c Oranges Juicy California Si/.c 288'.s Dozen 15c Pickles Swccl, Quart - 19c . Sour or Hill Quart. 12V 2 c Di-SHcrt 1 C»J C. C. •! for 1J SALMON "t^cUF FRESH EGGS ..«. 19 L CLEANSER ^ ^^W 1C HOMINY ,,,'^o.n 7^ ftRACKRRS Graham or ICC \J Sniln. 1-Lli. HIIX 1 FItlHT c - c NO .2 can S I'AOIIETTI, Macaroni 111- or Nowllos. C. C. 2 Phtfj. 11 Gdld Hand or I'. X (i. (i LKC H'- 1 WESSON 01L <lI " rl ,?,S 18 C CORN' FLAKKS C. .C. MOTOR 'Suf-a.^n 29 (; SALAD c. c. NO. 2 Cm 2 lor 0<J & IIEANS c. c. ]& 2^ Oui. 2. for U Stokky's ICC No. 2 Can. 2 for 13 OLEO SODA WATER 2 ,Si c 10 c Milk Counlrv ('lull :i Tall or ii Snnill (.'ans 17c Coffee C. C. Lb. Can 25c Trench, Lb. 2)c Jewel, 2 Pounds 35c Pure Lard« 65c Cherries ^ lOc Mustard :; 1 ; ,: Meal lirsl Cream. Made l» duakor Oaf Co. Limit 2-l-Lli. Sack 39c Salmon Mackerel No. 1 Tall Can 3 for 25c Preserving Pears I). S. Inspected, No. 1 While they last, Bushel

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