The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1937
Page 6
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•,f»AGB SIX (ARftj 4 COURTED NEWS SGEDU PILOT When the Pirates Saw Red Kirchoff Holding Daily Piaclice Sessions; Needs Southpaw Hurlei 1 By J. P. -FRIEND QSCEOLA, April 28.—John SliefjAn, Greenville, 111, iliorlstoi>, and Glen Fletcher, rlglil )mi<i pitcher from Dimllle, ill came into camp of the Osccola Indians (ocl<iy and just about completed Hie i-os'tci- of the Northeast Ariiiinsa.'i League entry. Sbcfpka win tattle It out with Ofne Williams, Qrcoiuirl n who (ilcl th3 sliortsloppin,; most, of list season, while Flctchei will try to 'niuECle In" on (he already overcrowded pitching list.llurlers already- In camp inc-lu^c: John A Miller, Gcorze Wesl, Texas, who was picked \i>> at the-Sun Antonio Mlrshn Kihool al I,are<lo, Texas; Harold : Burnett, ' Electric Mills Miss.', sent hero from the Mrrtilfnu. Mlfs.. school; John Sain, Dcllcvlllc, Arkl, who won 5 civ. '"->. 3 campaign and ranked fifth in' earned runs; Wai'.-i 1 "Uiiu 1 Lute. 1 !, Blvthfvllle. '.vhorc; IW, -•, . opd was 8 wins nnd I loss,.with a 4.45 c.irne;i run mark; Horriii'/. <i local semi-pro, and Jcc Musick Joiner, Ark. They sirs nil rlght- handeis Malinger Orr of lAfny- ette, IjS, of the Eiaty'dliic- Icasu? hUS'promised to seivj a southpaw t4"help out With the e\rx>of[on of the Initial sack, all positions are contested John SenUnos, former star center at Los Angers IH^h school his been given n cl:nr title to first Ijasa. Jack Fournlcr. former MI league firslsacker, personally scouted ^nnd signed him, and says ho has the goods. He .Is n left-hand hitter and thrower. George Carson," Denver, Colo., boy, has'been . stationed at second. Oeiie Williams lias hud exposure tlie r e GPII 'c Weliei New Orleans, an'l the skipper,, Elmer Khchoff, arc candidates for the hot corner. if Weber comes through Klict-oIT cm play oilier positions. Seven .outfielders nrc battling .Tor the, three places Tney nrc Thomas Mabry, Con way, and orady Mills, Grccnbrlar, holdovers; ilal Berna.£!k. 'iSt Louis. Mo.; Paul Lnnge, Liivcmbuig, Mp, a protege ol Johnny Tobln, ex-Brownie; Williati' JamesrJollet, 111, an nil-round athlete at Jollst Catholic bugli io Wilson Thocle, St Louis, a stu- \ (lent, of Missouri School ct Mines, Rolla, Mo, George Ksarn-, Oian, Mo , n piaduaU ot the Riv Diiii rchool at Hot Springs; and Gnry Joiner a semi-pro James Awhile, Muskcgon, Mich., ana Robert .Lynch jr.. Electric Mills Miss nre the two rilchen- In tie fold and both probably nlll be rc- Intned Willie can piny third If ' necessary Klrchoff Ins done spins WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 1D37 Golfed As Sideline Early in Career Home mils get the cheers, but. there's nothing like a good scrap to bring the crowd to Its feet. .When 1'iralc Catcher Al Todd and Cincinnati Pitcher Lee Grissom tangled In the National League opener tit. Pittsburgh as shown In uujrcr picture, it was the signal for nil hands to "conic running. The scene below shows both teams gathered around the separated pair. Both scrappers were banished and the yame went on, Pittsburgh winning, 4-3. stuck behind his left ear, a habit carrying ovef, probably, from his days when he was a file clerk nnd used to park his pencil tliere. He works hurriedly on the' golf course, wasting little time between strokes. He Is kind to the caddies, re- jnemberlnK when he used to be one himself. , Nelson Is the golfer's golfer. Jib early t days—and they weren't far bock—sound like the days of a million other American golfers Unlike most- etnr golfers who are either the sons of wealthy men with lots of tltno to spend on courses or fellows who grew up „„._.„„ „ ... from caddy to pro shop helper to READING, Pa., April 28.-Thn ci iddy master to assistant, pro to n cmlwrslilp of the Heading pr0p Nc)son wol -ked In on office Country Club lias increased 25 Even as you and I, he had to let per cent In n month. Thai's how his golfing wait until late after- long Byron Nelson has been here • «n n- week-ends as head golf professional. Laughing Kyes and a Sense of The townsfolk have gone crav.y Humor about their Master of the Mas- Nelson's success k the result of l»is. Tliey didn't dream that when bullciojj determination. He ovcr- Jolin S. Giles, chairman of the came the two greatest obstacles— ticens committee, signed Byron lack of time and money-to reach l>elson hi February that he was he top. getting the future winner of the Nelson Is rather tall, slim, with Augusta Masters Tournament. It ruddy cheeks, iirown hair nice -- the biggest break ..Reading feature.'!, and bright, blue eyes had In n sports way since that laugh much of the time. He Danno O'Mahoncy, tile rassler, has a good sense of humor, agreed not to cpme here-. . (so has Mrs. Nelson. She was In fact, lie makes more speech- In a trap the other day. One two, es than the mayor, nnd, If you three strokes she wasted, then know anything about mayors, finally on the fourth swipe tit- you've got to admit that Nelson ball she blasted It out und over mist be doing almost as much j the fueen into anther sand trap alking as your mother-in-law. ] on the far side. Gordon Williams, sports editor oil "Now. look what you've done" The Rending Times, In an odd sntd Hubby Byron. "You've tang- noment figured that Nelson had n. intb the other trap" .alkcd for slightly more than 450 "Yes," said Mrs. Nelson with a minutes at various banquets, cute little shake of lier head "bin unchcons, sewing clubs and Elks' m out of this one." meetings. Now they're trying to get him to learn the speech-In German so that he can talk to the Dculschland Society come next Monday, at 8 p. m. Nelson has made the town golf- minded. He had hardly shaken the dust of travel from liis clubs was tins BETTtB ST PLfllE Rookies Pound Ball Harder In' Practice New Bals ' With catching, too On panel the club slacks ers^standing more than c feet, and neighing in the neighborhood of 190; and evidence'ot power at ths .plate They have bsjn handicao- pert by the wealhci but all icport- ed from the St Louis Bvowir .canms at'Terre Haute, Larsdo. am Meridian, Miss and ars In gooa physical condition. House of David Team Will Play Booker' T's Sunday The famous House of David bise- ba'l lenm vill meet Harrj Biiloy's Bobk?r T's in a game, at Bailey's state liiia'park, "on Highway 01 at HermonddU, Mo, Sundaj afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The Booker T's, a negro team, will be strenithened and • will present tlieir strongest line-up agarnst the House. or "David nine. The latter aggregation Is one of the best known of independent baseball clubs in the country. The players wear long tresses and ..;. UY J, i>. FiiiGNn Manager ITcrshell i3obo rcceiv- :d an , extra , supply of new bats intl judging^ from 'the way the jlant-s were'.walloping tl-.e horsu- licle yesterday, It was just what tlie; doctor ordered. Nearly ,;,'hll tli'c-.youngsters, in :hidlris several\of the hurlers who ire : not expected to bat more that: C 7-8, were 'laying the wood or the ball in a manner that brough 1 smiles of satisfaction from tin Giant boss. Mast damaging were Frail-, Byrkctt, Pavic.h, Maiicuso Stewart. Miller,, and nine. Hobo continued to devote large'.part 'of the time to tli inside phase of the game, thn of llircwliij! to bases', holding "th beards nnd not only are plcturesqu but are fins ball players. The have EDinc of the outstanding In Miners on, stealing, running uses, etc., and the defense againsi , all. They have proven .ndepi u)>lls as evidenced by their 1m- roveniciit, Frnnk Hlnc, eatclier-oiitneider :as arrived from Mississippi title Baseballjtandings BEG YOUR PARDONl-j - - By,Ki;enz ook part in the Us yesterday. former Mis.sissis>pl State star Ihlttc, Frank . is expected to hare, the catching duties.-with "rank Mancnso, and also help nit' In the outfield. He appears o be In fair shape ami was lilting the ball solidly. He was vitli Osccola n short lime last icnson. Guy Davidson, second bnsEinan, s nursing a bad cold and was given a large dose of castor ol| and; sent lo bed with instruction'; :6-stay there until tic gets well; u Jack "Nifty" .Kelly's ailing arm lias company. •'Arquitt, Memphis right haiitler, has developed "• a catch In his'salary wing and both have been taking treatments. They are expected lo be okny soon, Lliuugh. James Rushing, Ihe curve ball arlist from Tuscaloosa-, Ala., who crested a furor his first day witii a_ L baffling curve, continues lo be the talk of the camp. If he continues at the rate he is before lie had signed to give 210 lessons, at 45 minutes a lesson. Nclion Wears Same Size Hat I've spent a week here with Nelson, .collaborating with him on a . series of autobiographical stories and Instructions, and I have found 'him to be one of the most Intelligent and most likable of athletes — be they golfers, ball players, football players, boxers, nnd so forth. He still knows himself when. He coiild still wear tlie same tattered .cap that shielded liis head from Texas sun when he- was bright-eyed caddy. Thai wasn't so long ago.- He's just past his 25th birthday. He was born on Feb. 4, 1912, on i farm'about a No. 2 li-oii shot froi: Waxnhachle, Tex. His parents are comparatively young. His father Is « and his mother 43. Tliey didn't want him | to be a golf professional because they had been led to believe' that such fellows were roustabouts. Tliey know better now. At lenst, -hey know, that one of them isn't. That's Byron. He doesn't smoke; or i's To Jfoiesboro Sunday For Tourney Play Blythovlllc golfers will Journey to Jonesboro Sunday for the first inter-club match ot the season with their oldest rivals. Rivalry between the two clubs is usually Intense and a hard fought tournament is anticipated. Toiir- ncy comrriitteemen urge members of the locid club to turn out In force for the trek to the Cralgliead county capital, pointing out that the hopes of the Blytheville club rest mainly in the large number of golfers who play under Hie banner of the •.Blytheville club. / HAD My MART OMSK 6/lAJfi... lias made good so far as no dispo- Little Rock Memphis . Nashville S Chattanooga 5 4 Atlanta 5 ft N Orleans 4 7 Knojivlllc 3 7 Birmingham St, Louis Pittsburgh New York Philadelphia Brooklyn Boston '....'. : 2 Chicago Cincinnati AmCi-it'an New York Detroit 2 Philadelphia 3 Boston '2 Chicago Cleveland . St. Louis Washington Yesterday's Results Southern League Memphis 8. Atlanta s. Little Rock 3, Chattanooga 1. Birmingham 3, Nashville 0. New Orleans 10, Knosvllle 0. National League St. Louis 3. Pittsburgh 1. Cincinnati at Chicago, rain. Boston .at Brooklyn, rain. New York at Philadelphia, rain. American League Washington at Boston, rain. Chicago at, Cleveland, rain. St. Louis at Detroit, \vct grounds. Philadelphia at New York. rain. Rucker and Kelly Sent to Meridian OSCEOLA. April 28.—Secretary- Business Manager D. Pre<l Taylor jr., has been advissd by officials of (he Terrc Haute, Ind., club of the Three I league, that Paul Ruck- cr, catcher, Bauxite,.Ark., and Air frcd "Kid" Kelley, piteher-inneld- er and jack-of-all trades, who were sold to Terrc' Haute on condition, have been sent to Meridian. Miss., of the Southeastern League. Introducing - Bobo's Giants FRANK MILLER, first baseman. Home, Orange, H. J. Born April 21, 1C14. Graduated from high school afc Montclaire, N. J.. 1933 and attended the • University of New York. Completed the four year advertising course in three years. Played ba.'kethall in high school, was center and guard. Tiie pinphed a contract for the Giant m manager. Officially got him from || the Georgia-Florida league through N'ashvilie after his graduation in June. His father is supervisor of all the electrical work at Montclaire. Did the first basing with Greenwood, MIES., last year. Was second best fielder but was shy with Hie willow, u-d the league in assists, though he is a right- bander. Besides baseball his fav- oiitc spcvt is watching football. He't care to piny, though he is G feet 1 inch tall and scales j an even SCO. a strong re- i semblance to Bill Terry. Could j .be easily nicknamed "Beau Briuu- j me!." Is a handsome boy and I i wears his clothes well. ' ' fan in i that i it Isn't nt he. will get nil improbable the first call against Osccola here May 6, dependent ball players In the conn- | The Giants play Jackson, Tenn. try on the squad. | of the kitty League here Sunday drink, or curse. He. goes tp church —Church ..of ,Chr|st—every •. Sun- clay/ That's 'where;'he'.ine^t. petite, black-haired, V flashing-eyed . Mrs Nelson. • They . were In • .the , same Sunday, school class, in Te.xarkann, where . Nelson was /golf pro. Hard to Realize He's on K\g Time Byron 1 likes .to. eat candy — he nibbles at It all the time—but he doesn't- want people to : go' around calling him the Candy Kid/ He still gets, a : klck out-'of playing with the blg-tlme . professonals nnd. admits 'that he' has a hard time realizing that'-he's one of tli em. He always plays • with a 1 tee GUIDE, TO' OOOft HQUOItS: Give ine a man who keeps his promise - and a whiskey that , does the same" yi-i,-KJ_J&±^iSV?« -X^ There is no more central a location - no more renowned an address-than that of the Melbourne Just a few minutes from all points of inUrcst-and at ihe same time, the luxuries of a truly fine hotel ...Not only an ideal location, but also an 'deal place to stay! 4QO ROOMS* WITH BATH from i. K. BRYAN, Manner •-Me Or,D TOWN TAVERN KEEPER. W HEN you find a man or a whiskey lliat won't let yon down—hold on to lliem, Misler.They arc rare! That's why millions of men slick to Town Tnvcrn. It's an outstanding rye buy in its price class. ?\ XN Jonesboro golfers arc usually exceedingly difficult to trounce over Browns extensive farm they didn't attend the tournament. their. home course and the saina Japanese jugglers use n goes for the Blytheville squad. er. who was included in the deal, IT'S TIME TO LINDELL AT GRAND RADIATORS NEED A "SPRING CLEANING'! TOO] A rtdiaior clogg«d with ruil r icale and ledi* mint CAUtei ovtrhaajing j • • increased, gaiolin* and eil contumpilorf . . . ponlbly a. bl(/ repair bill. ; ; : MOBIL RADIATOR FLUSH qiikVly mmovei troubUiocn* dapoiUf Iron tha I'ny radtafor pdiugqi . .. ptrmili your cooling lytlem lo function tfficUnlly «i il should. Ail {or Mobil Radiafoi Fluin when you itop for Summerho- S«ryici. F OR safe/ economical driving your car needs a bumper-to- bumper spring cleaning such as you get in Magnolia Summerize Service. The light oils you used for quick winter starting should be replaced with tough, heat-resisting summer Mobilpils. and Mobilgreases. Antifreeze should be drained and your fadiator cleaned. In addition to complete engine and chassis lubrication, Summerize Service includes a morough inspection of your battery, tires, lights and othei important parts t You'll enjoy trouble-free driving and definite savings in oil, gasoline and repairs. Depend on your friendly Magnolia Dealer at the sign ol the "Flying Red Horse." Change Noiv to Summer Grade ', MajrnoHa Petroleum Co. B-Sum-20 AT YOUR F R. 1 E N D -i: .Y * M N 0 L I A

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