The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1947
Page 7
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Brooks Trio Bags Big African Game Party From Memphis Includes Former Blytheville Resident BY Virginia Walton Brooks Member., of (lie merry Brooks ino have become .seasoned Afn- Beware of Dogs BLYTHEVILLK <A»K.) COURIER NEWS Froth a noisy, rushed world limy liavc entered a still country wiili "o telephones ana no commitments. Berry bugged a leopard, the fourth oi Die Bif; Five animals, out In ine open country to prO ve his skill •i* a jiuu-ksniim. The natives call iiiR Bwana One Shot" to show tlielr npprccinlion o! his talent He lias many line trophies of the InmlniR field as well as movle.s "nil stills of Hie wild life of Africa, "South of the Equator Down Kenya Way." •We are encamped in a forest Blade beside a crocodile infested river whose banks arc Hashed with deeply worn hippo paths for the hippo .swimming hole is at the bend below our camp. They have left 12 inch foot tracks hi "the grounds around our campsile. In the nearby ;orest a herd of elephants their resentment at our nearness and their tremen-, dons stomachs nimble, like distant Uuimlcr, as a warning or danger to the herd, which is likewise a warning to us of their mighty mv- sencc. Lions stalk into camp in broad dayllsht for they fear nothing. Oiir other near neighbors arc the r imo. buffalo, water buck, bashful baboons and many sons birds with resplendent feathers of it '' aV ' ! * Cea within six Wte grass to .spring upon their prey „ i _ ' utcisif meet ut closcj Honolulu Chinese Test foreign Language Ban' 1'i.Wn 1 -"-, T ' "' W>-™a •• «l Honolulu's Chinese rain- ^''"V'f;!^,/ 1 ;-^;;;;;^; 1 ^^ \iiiil l '<ir"''i".' '•"•''"."' " xiwl.'il Iri- 1-Vileral Jndne Delbt'rt F Mel/ ;;;«'">»',. uuitr.i .SLUM s tl p m ,; t . "I ASM'!",! """" 1Vl ' (1 hls Sflftloil Jf Hie Nlntli Clrnilt (,-ourl of "IH'le s to hear the i'i"si>, J'liajie schools arc seeking | o ir»l f, 1 '" lonxlllnlloimlHy of a lirrlior! , G. I. — MECHANIC ' Norn. .......................... ........ r. o ......... ' ..................... ••MI.-*-* "'« H 0 M • |T~ 5QPL Of MECHANICS __!M1 Uo,JtK. ^ _ll»,»rfc,^,™. Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Find Albinn IViboon The "White Goddess" is a snow while Baboon, an albino among her black comrades. By night we arei serenaded by the' screeching of baboons and Bush .Babies nil aboi't nrn n' S '" UlCI '™<''°f thcSollth- rrn v. WhCre HlCrC ar « ^™ Crosses. The Lesser one is the Bom Pide one which it's lnr S er sister tries to outshine Paradise Plain ana our svlvnn Bade are the home of this array of African animals found in this lemtory. They serenade us as we sit around our campfire to relieve i™ T^ n(CI1CCS a " d WOIKicrs O f th <= u^. me trees about us are denuded of bark by the tusks of the elephants who nibble dainty morsels of dee bark and uproot them 'or a tasy meal A rare opportunity presented it- movies o" aWC WOIC abl<! to take in^"i bra kil !, f ° 1 ' " lis nocuS rt aii" mal is seldom seen in the dav- timc and practically impossible to photo K rapb due lo his nntura Eugene McCulley, left, looks ii in, 11, near u crowded swiinniini. « >l"" ,! ) L POl ' CC> t ' llI>1 ' B " 1 I'MlrolJiwii LmWmsso lorn trousers alter u slink back into the ,.• ., felv or h!s forest. These should be our pin-up movies of the entire safari. Tsetse Fly''',ef U^y" that'^'h safari scribe Iras ,, o t felt Iho piercing stin B of more than a dw.- en biles m the entire four weeks that we have been which ullnrkrcl mid );|! ilojjs, Iwo of wfitcli were ,,. „ ">-m iu lllc l sei,.sc fly Belt where no human bcitif! lives very long <iuc to their undesirable, fatal presence. Oirl 1'rovcs I'rowess Virginia shot a SCO pound lion one week after she was H years old. She was within 4S yards of this n , , ,? S(S> wllich measured nine feet three inches, from nose to tail. The victory left the young When Virginia reUu'nY-d^r'camp; her triumphant success was celc- bratea by the 13 pyo lls natives w'lo Assistant Named For University of Arkansas Head VAYRTTEVIIAJ!, Arsk., Ji,ly 7 , of l) ''" i '"" 1P " L Of T <H Stinnett , o ]{ock. no«' executive w- of tho Arkansas IKtucaiion Association and former nsslstin-l slate commissioner of education as executive assistant to •, k J I J"J«H^ iKltLM 1 , 1 ! W.1O jrcctcd her with shouts, dancine chants, hand shAkhi" and c-irrvinir her about on their slmdv shoulders for her trophy was one to be prized by the experienced hunter. On June u she had shown promise of becoinijiB a skilled and intrepid huntress. So far she has bagged 13 species of African game. Water Buck have cxcri]cii"\n c Iw- Phics of he,- father who has been ever more pleased over her success than Virginia. f.e.vis Webster Jono 5 of. the u n . rversily or Arkansas was announced Saturday night. Official announcement of th c an- poinlmenl or Mr. Stinnett was released by President Jones' office in Payetteville. The announcement did <Iid not say when Mr. Stinnett will lake jjffice. but he is expert- polary relief. Nose irritations caused bv 10- barco and alcoholic bevcrapci fn-- ijuently are erroneously diagnosed as sinus infections, the specialist s:ud. Many other ailmcnls similai o sinus infections arc caused b heating units which absorb to' "inch moisture from the- iitmos I'licre, he said. I'-'vll'lr^n"",-' r'' S lu ' w (I "" PS « l ^^'^liTo^K" ot ^^ >n ^;^\^:^ or"m-'' S -" " 1: ' J "'' sl1 '" '" ""' fc- •ml""'' "' l "° u " lvp '" sll > - "f'Ark- crffcllve by many of (in, j(> iK i|'inr state universities. It was .•xplaimd Mr. Stiinicli, n nath'f or .fuiiutlo-i •Ity. Ark., has been active in ( . ( |- cntlonn] affairs of Arkansas for « 'luarter of a century and has screed at Viii'ioiis Unto ,m Ihe faculty nt the University of Arkansas summer sessions. He received a bachelor O f nrls Jleurre from freiKlciiion-Hrown Coll l"«c at Arkadclphla in 1922 „„<] „ niasler of 6 oienec degree from (he University of Arkansas In 1DK. W in l 'diS^ S? ; ^,.f »'* "^J, Men a " d W ° men Over40! GET UP WIGHTS Sa C s°lar 0f ma " n " a hyellii ' s - r ' e Pound bulk "of the zebra 2u fe™ He performed by running ur> 'a rec and down again between the times when he cautiously woulc PHONE I 524 i I ABC 1 |Cab Company! >; Courteous Scrvfcc « the baboons scamper and the Braceful palms line u lc - ,-ivcr bank .A birdI-lover | would revel in thc Hocks of marabout .storks, the'li- lac breasted Hollers, crested cranos. seci clary birds, saddle bill storks mw, greater and lesser bustards and even the king vultures have their charm The anvil bird has flic most, enchanting chant and sons He calls out the name of the gnn- ftearcr. robasio. and then calls .hippo 1 and "reed buck- for he is a most loquacious versatile sin|j- So far lhe nerry B. Brooks Expedition has taken 2.030 feet- tif color film. The next dispatch will be sent out from the Northern frontier where the Ion;; tusk elephants are round. Nose Drops No Cure, According to Doctor PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Doctors vsomelimes prescribe ,,ose drops only because the patient demands -hem. according lo Dr. Austin T. Smith of Jefferson Hospital Dr. Smith added that nose'drop,-, lo not provide a permanent cure ° r "asal ailment:; but only ton- DUE TO KIDNEYS? • Many folks 40 pnj oy« ha»,., o j. t up nights-liavo frequent dciire" to pan water liavc backnchei, too, because of minor functional kidney diiordws, 1 If this is your trouble, Hush out your kidneys and bladder with Dr. Kilmer 1 , ivvanip-Root. It quickly work, to increase the How of urine, help relieve excess acid- Jty, an<l cnso burnins sensation helps bladder irritotion Uiat gets you up nighli. Sa-omp-Root is truly /iotutc'» own way to relief. Millions Imvo t»ken it for three Renorotions . . . often with wonderful re- tullj. Caution: Take a, directed. For free trial supply, WI jt a Dl , pt- B Kdmcr & Co., Inc., Box 12SS, Stnmford Conn. Or - get full-sized bottle oi Stvsrap.Root today at your dru E store GOSPEL MEETING Church of Christ 1210 West Main Street July 6th to July 17th STOY PATE, Evangchst Shawnce, Oklahoma J. G. PEEVYHOUSE, Song Director Caraway, Ark. SERVICES: Sundays 10:50 a.m. and 8:00 p.m Weekdays: 8:00 p.m. Announcing 'S ELECTRIC SHOP • House Wiring • Farm Wiring ** Repairs Phone 2397 Dividend tt; Net Cast I'ryUvlltm •:. D.U-I.S HI., r. (,. „„., 1' 2187 IIMhvHI,.. Ark SALE CASH YMG.I $500 _$750_ $JOOO^ 1 Intl.i,, CrW |, 13.M IS. SO 27.73 44.75 MONEY IN A HURRY can s«e for yourwft 69.38 92.50 . •LVIHEVIlll CO., . Wilson Auto Service Second and Ash Struts —Dial 2611 — Dial 2611— G. E. Vacuum Cleaning For All Cars. Let Us Clean Your Cor! '- ........ Ncoprene Tubes, Mode by the Make,* o f H, PHARIS T,R fS . Ncoprene better 7 different ways! Export Washing « n i Lubricating STANDARD ESSO GAS and OILS Homer Wilson, Owner & Mgr. are ROOFING -__ /ic i t° W B * » rice . s i inco Bcforo thc w «"' 45 Lb. Rolled Roofing $ 55 Lb. Rolled Roofing $ 65 Lb. Rolled Roofmq S (Ji-ccn or Rvd sialc % ~ '•'.•• •• •?• 90 Lb. Rolled Roofing U "CI •f'-.OVII . Kexogon Shingles '.... $4.98l . Square Butt 55 rt 105 Lb. Brick Siding, all colors $3.'j IT'S A PLEASURE WHEN EVERYTHING «UNS SMOOTHLY A cranfty, troublesome car can ruin a ]ierfcct v»ca- fion. i\l;ilvc sure your car is in A-l cuiulitinn before you sfarf off for vacationland. Drive in today and let our expert staff check your car from bumper lo li(jrii|iL-r. Time n|f (fie motor, adjusl. (hi; brakes, cJianye oiJ—do everything so important to your car's-"hi-alMi" and your happiness and safely. Still & Young Motor Go ^^ u ^^ff°S^W . MTLTON E. WEB1J Optometrist 109 K. Main ; Blytheville, Ark. >' I DON EDWARDS Trpewriter M»n- Day Phone 3371 Night Phone WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second St. KiyU.cvii.e, Ark. Estimates Glncily Given WO North 5th Street Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil Work Guaranteed CMC TRUCKS PHONE 519 OLDSMOBILE INCORPORATED - -- Williams SAV.MATOR — WH6N DO YOO FACE OLD NINETY o/\vs"30D£ EMCHV IM TRAFFIC COURT ? VOU C?, You KMO\VJ WET-TIMS THE THUMB to Tefv? A BUNCH OF PAeas off- Yo CALEWDAC. ?. /tt.' yf-^"*-*~*>"»::*:»:>::«::<vi>:>"«'»-vy^i^.-,.. t .. t . ~ Payroll nnd Income T;ix Si-rvice Itookkccpitit; am] General Secretarial Service LARRY KNEAS Public Accountant & Auditor Kes. Phone 3715 Office Phpne469 I • * >>>>>ro>::«»:%»>:>;>:»V!? It's a Cinch, Folks Voii'ro hound t o look cool . be cool if you sonrl your "lollies lo be cleaned by us. iwlivifluai care given cacli garment. DIAL 474-475 Nu-Wa Laundry-Cleaners KEROSENE & FUEL OIL "Th« Old Reliable" *n« ww Reliable" G. O. POETZ h^ »••• -_. DE^PD^\T -EtTTk*

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