The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 8, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Lie Says Time for New Effort To End 'Cold War' Is Here BLYTHEVILMS (ARK.) COURIER NEWS GENEVA, Switzerland. Hay 8. (/I'| + —United Nations 'Sccrotnry-Rener- «l "nygve Lie declared today the time has come for' believers in pence "to join !n new efforts to bring the cold war to an end." In an address marking the open* ing o[ the third World Healtli organization UVHOJ assembly here Lie declared: "It must be admitted thai immediate prospects (for i-nding the cold war) do not seem encouraging Nevertheless, we should not dcl.ij the search for a way out, of the present" Lie, who leaves for Moscow on Wednesday on ".savc-the-U. NV ' mission, declared the United Nations and fls special igencit's "arc founded upon the principle (hat lasting world peace can only bo achieved and maintained by world organization." "Specifically," he said, "we believe (hat it Is essential to the future of botti the United Nations, and Hie .specialised agencies that present political deadlock in the United Nations be resolved at the earliest passible moment." "Undoubtedly." he added, "it u-ill take time and patience and much exploration to bring about a reduction of tensions and to set the world once more on the United Nations road to peace." Could Ease Tensions Commenting on Hie u. N. pro gram from economic developmen I-ie said "a United Nations progran to raise living standards can am should be planned and carried ou on a non-political basis for th benefit of all humanity, withou regard for the cold war." he added "If our program of technical as Distance for economic dcvclopmen can be expanded and applied ti meet needs wherever they exist, ! believe it can also make a substantial contribution ton-am reducing the tensions of Che cold war am enlarging the area of conunoi ground. 82 Die in Train i Wreck in India NEW UKLHI. India. May 3, In'i- Sabolaee was blamed by investi- Kators (mlay for India's rorst train persons "Governments have It in their power to build over the next 20 years throng), the United Nations and the specialized agencies a fotin- dafcon of economic and social security for premanent peace that the world has never had before. "I submit that this is a wiser and more. constructive course for all governments tiinn to continue year after year the cold war with its always increasing costs and bitterness and its implicit denial or brotherhood of man. "I think that this Is the year of decision. We must work hard to bring about this year a new be- glning toward peace through the United Nations.'.' Twister: Steals Bed • • ' ; i HIAWATHA, Kan., May 8—(;T>— Hnrry Zimmerman was sleeping on the porch at his farm home when » tornado roared past. After dusting himself off Zimmerman' told what happened. He raid the wind crumpled the porch, whisked the mattress away and left him lying O n the bed springs. He was not hurt. SHE S TAKING A LETTER— Will, push-button cmilrois operating her electric typewriter, this Los Angles secretary takes it easy while wailins for a finished business Iptlcr to rail out The automatic typist desk, shown at the SmiUiern California Business Show, is designed wit]. || lc idea ti, at ill! ,,cr cent of all business letters say the same thins. Push ;i hiillfin, and entire paragraphs are typed automatic-ally. S. Africa Wants To OuS-iav/ Reds CAPETOWN. South Africa, Mav I—Wj—South Africa's government ha.s asked pnrliEunent lor power to outlaw Communism and to quc-s- tion. fine or deport, suspected wib- versives. A bill introduced by Justice Minister C. R. Swart would permit drastic restrictions on the activities of suspected violators. Practice.'; which would lie banned by the bill ranged from profcssio of Cojmtuinisnf to propagation of foreign ideologies, "undesirable" .. liens could be deiKirted without trial. Under the proposed legislation, tile Justice Ministry would compile a list of suspected persons. These would be subject to ministry orders. Outlawed newspapers or orgnn- zntious would have three months to bring court action auainst the government's decrees. Dormer Spanish Laborer Raised to Sainthood VATICAN CITY, May 8. Mf — 'ope. Pins I'aised a former Spanish abnrcr to sainthood in papal pnmp •estcrday while 55.000 faithful, in- "hidlng IS cardinal.'; and SI bis-hops. ookcd on. Anthony Maria Claret, textile vorker who Iwcame Roman Catho- tc archibishop of Cuba inn years so. was elevated in the second anonization of the Holy Year. He oimded the missionary Sous of the Immnculalo Heart of Mnrv, known British Havy Divers Certain They've Found Treasure-Laden Galleon TODEHMOHY, Scotland. May 8 I/TI---Royal Navy divers claim they have fuiind a 10th rcntm-y Spanish linlloon. whose hold—according to ler/cml — carries some Sli8.000.000 worth of (?old coin. Old stories say the satleon W MS the Dii<|i;e Florencia ol the Spanish armiKta. .supposed In have been sunk ill 1588 ivhile carrying fold to p[iy .Spanish flfjlitrrs p.l tempting a conquest of Orilain. Her hold was reputed tu contain 30,000,000 r. o ld du- eaus. ° j Divers who liave been striving tor I reeks to uncover the old hull came I up the other day with two silver I medallions from the imirl. j The discovery led Lt. Ciiulr. licay ' Parkinson, head of the treasure '• hunt, to notify the British admlr- ! ally (hat the Diifjue Florencia liad ' been found. "In IIIF opinion." lie said, "(hern can be no doubt that we have found the Balloon," he declared. wreck in which at least died yesterday. The track "Punjab train pluni'cd 50 feet from a bridge In lilhar State. The chief of the Dirmr criminal InvcstigatRin bureau said saboteurs bad rcmoml fishplates holding the rails together, Elsluy-lwo bodies had been recovered today and more victims were believed burled hi tlie wreckage. More than 100 were injured. A. Q. Ansnrl, nihr.r minister of relief and rehabilitation, said nearby villagers bcf-an lootinu among' the dead and injured until he ordered his personal bodyguard to open fire. Ansari was on tlic train but escaped Injury. A similar attempt to wreck a train was made at the same spot n month ago. railroad officials said The wreck oocflrrc J between Jasidili and Simullala. The train was traveling from Calcutta to Ncv: Delhi. Nicaraguan Congress Names President MANAGUA, Nicarai-ua. May 8. tip, — The Nioara«uan Congress has named -Senator Amslar-io Homozn to fill out (he term of I'lcsldcnt Victor Manuel Romany Reyes, who rtic<( .Saturday in Philadelphia So- nioza will serve until May. insl fioio/a is the liberal pnrlv cancli- diih> for the presidential flections whediiled for May 21. Tl:e winner will take office a year later. Yesterday's Consrcwinn:)! elrclinn was necessary because Nicaragua I no vice nrt'sidcnl • XOTIC'E Notice Is hereby piven that th" tndi'rsigneil ha.s filed with the Commissioner of Revenue:! of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell also as the Clarctian Fathers. RADIO AND factory-Tniinetl Mechanics Any [Make or Mnilol Prompt- Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver 1 Fred CoHihcsn Tirst St., BlythcviUc and dispense beer at retail on the pmnist'.s do:-tribed us "ICH) 112 K Main, Blythuville, Misii.'isipp! coun" ty. The nndciML'nrd .statw that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral i-harncter, timt lie has never bee convicted of a felony or other crlir Involving moral turpitude; that i. license is, sell beer by the under fllincd ' lias been revoked wllhl five years last must; and that th inidcisisned lui.s ju-vcr been coi victcd of vinlatiiiK the laws of ih stale, or any oilier state, relatlv to the sale of alcoholic llquorfi. A]i])!icaUon i.s for permit to be D. ^ued for operation beginning on til 1st day of July 1050, and to explr on the 30 day ul June. 1951. Fred Faught Subscribed 'and sworn to befor me this t> <i:ty of May 1Q50, Mrs. Marshall Blackard . (Notary Public My Commission expires: 3:9^53, '5-8-5 NOTKJK Not Ire is hereby given that th Undersigned ha.s filed with the tammis.siotier of Revenues of tilt State of Arkansas for permit to sel and dispense lieer at retail on tin prnnLsc-.s <k->;cribed as HG-Wes, Muin St.. Hlytlu-vilte, MissL'sipp County. Tlic tmclersliin'en stales that he Ii a eitizcn ,,f Arkniisii.s. of sood mora ehai jictt^r, Hint he has never beei , convicted of a jiy or othei crime involving intjrnl tinpitudu; that license to sell l)fer by the under- .sluneU has bivn revoked within five years last |KU; ana mat the tin- dr-rsiuni'd it;,.' never Ijet'ii convicted of violatin;; ihe laws of this state or any other stale, relative to the sale of nlrulirlic Honors. 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ADAMS, Mgr. 206-208 West Main Phone 2071 sued Jor cfjcralton beginning on tl 1st day ol July 1950, and to «xp! on the 30 day of June, 1951. Duford Martin Subscribed and iv.'orn to befo me this i day of May 1950. Irene Wallace Notary Hub! My commission expires: j.j 1051. ' S-8-5 NOTICE N'otict ta hereby given that tl undersigned has filed with \| Co»unL ( sioner of Revenues of tl State of Arkansas for permit to se and dispense beer at retail on t|- premises described as 211-We Main St., Blytheville, Missisj County. The undersigned states that h Is a citizen of Arkansas, of goo< mroal character, mat he Das nev A REPORTER QUESTIONS... KyKOr.ANDBKOWN (litre art fictuiitty title experiences of ptvplt Jrficient ill vilumiHi 11, „„„ 11-,, irtiti inul iiluciti who willtl to sttnre. lfir-ir gauil fortune with olliert.) THE QUESTION Are you taking that remarkable ne'.r ifAOACOIj medicine, and wl are the results? THE ANSWERS .Mr. ,Jay Barnhardt, a skilled te>- tHe v.-orker in ttie great Cannon Mills of North. Carolina: "I al- hail to give up niy work. I suffered so fronl summrh distress. I couldn't hold my food. No food agreed with me -^^ from these stomach disturbances I hoaidaboutllADACOLand after tin second bottle r began to feel bettci mill regain the weight I lost. No more indigestion. Yes. I now tnke HADA- COL regularly to help stay well." Mrs. L. E. Mitchell of Wndsworth Texas: "I'd been suffering from wcnk SP 011 ". lack of energy and never felt like working. After taking HADA- COI, fm doing . my work l)Dlttlr than in years. I have no more ' bam? "r am"? ' years old. I was run - down and had an awful time trying to go to school. Mv mother had tried many different things, but nothing seemed to help me much, r - ----was skinny and didn't want to eat We heard about HADACOL and i ;an truly say it's a fine medicine.' Mr Pml Eirnlnrt a grocer from ' Salisbury. North Carolina: "I war » t'lk. run ~do«and couldn't. sleep. Had nervous indigestion and suffercc, from stomach bloat and gas . J ', After taking \-* HADACOL for 3 ,-nonths I ha\ e no more stomach disturbance.*. I sleep well and can work longliours, 05 my business requires." Mrs. Barney Ballard. of Luclcn Mississippi: "I .lave been suffer I n g from itomach distress (or sotpe time. I couldn't keep anything on mv stomach more than a few minutes at a time I started to take , xa-vais&i ••-»..•.- HADACOL and I began to improve hM?' thTcrnr f t .. botUe - 1 am so much better. I feel like a new person." NOTE: If you would be Interested in having your name appear in thh Column along with other leadim- citr/cns - Just drop a line to the LeBlnnc Corporation, Lafayette Louisiana, and tell of your experiences from taking EIADACOL Remember there Is only one Ecmiini- HADACOI, Trial si/e. inly $1 2S Large family or hospital si/e. Ss'sb' ©135n Ttic I.oBlnno Conwratlon Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. You'll l.ovo Our ('lowers! Bl.YTHKVH.t.E FLOWER MART Mcmplib iriwaj ['hone 6002 Corrugated Mefof Culverts Sizes up to 8t In. Automatic. Flood Gates Concrete Culvert Tile Slrc.s up (n 3G In. Cnncrele Scplic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile llcsl I'riccs \Yc Deliver A. H. WEBB Highway Gl at SI.Kr I.lnc rlirmr 714 been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; .that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last, past; and (hat the undersigned'has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other slate, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be ^MONDAY, MAY 8, T9SO Issued for operation beginning on tne 1st day of July, 1950. and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1951, Buforii Martin Subscribed and sworn to b*for» me this 6 day of May 1950. 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