The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1933
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Served by the United Press KLYIHEVILLE COCKIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. .XXX—NO. Kil Blyi-hevllle Daily, Newi. blythevlUo Courfct. ul Vtlley Leader. Blytl*rill« H«r»ld. HLVTilKVU.LIO, ARKANSAS. I'RIDAY, SKI'TO.MIiKK '2'2 SEIZE _S1NP1,E QOPIES; FIVE, CENTO.'-; A MILLION & •A Pound Loan Huyii «Bml Man" Paid With His Lil'o For Bis Bullying Kidnap l''ut>s l^non- Drill h Tlnvals RESTING MELT Borrowers Will Be quired to Pledge Acreage Cut for Nexi Year. WASHINGTON, Kepi. 21. (UP>— j A loan of 10 cents a pound on ih;s i ),,.,, HAYTI, Mo—Charlev Kaulkix-r,. home, where Enis was slaying, p], i I ..-nKpvmnn slain paid v,-ith his life i and asked tor Mrs. Fellnmn's r |antel •<*"" Lumbeiman for his el fork to convince Owen [ daughter, Kale. Told ihat she hndj Sci'lOllslv 111 at Memphis j!. a newcomer in the commun-i tccn married the day uelorp lo ' . . ; .. . ' Re-lily, thai he was a bad and dan-! George Hicks, l-'rl.'co agcni at WlCUlOCllSt Hospital. ';M roils man.ii nppeutvd from ti-s-- Pnscola. Faulkner announced his limony heard yesimiay by a cor- j intention of taking her awny from unos-'s jury 'yh:ch found that i Hicks. l-'tiiilkntr w;,., shot lo death by j ,. rm g n j n g to ) lilv( , |, or „.. ,| ie •• Kll 'S. I j, c W;1S quoted ns saying, declaring Enis has not vet been nppre-1 that l.c would BCI ihe girl and ;im i ^ ,. ras ro-;arcled hen 1 that cither lie or 1 licks would die year's cotton crop to farmers was ! us doubtful if much effort would of the Inner tried lo Interfere ' MEMPHIS. Sept. 22 tUPl-H. E. Lve Wilson, of Wilson, Aik.. lur- RCEI ImMviduu 1 rolliin planter in :ii- woriil and friend of cduca- •.:-n. Is tci-ioiiiily ill at Iht? MRlho- iiorteil dist lios])Hal. but hr was re|: i'S "resting nicely" this morning. ............ „ ...... , predicted today by Senator Jolin | \ 1( . mil( i,. l(> fun! him. the opinion' rvitman und Enis heljM'd Faii)k-| H<- is 12 years old that under tlie ciicuinstan-1 ner gel his ear oui of a mud-hole, ecs a jury conviction would '» and iht latter set out for Paseola Air. WiLfcn has bi-rii sulferlng i uilrnri'.t for several years.. H. Bankhcad (Dcin.. Ala.i after conference at thc V/nite House wit!: Prestdenl RooscveU and adminis- j clidiciiU !o oblain. j to make good his piomise in re-jlle look Ircutn.ents nl Mot Springs! tr'ation agricultural pxper'A. | Sa[n Feltmin, at whose faring gard to the girl. i i/, '.o: lo cominu lo Memphis VTi-d-' T,.ie predicted :i'lvonce on the: Home wes'. of here Pnulkner was i Later Mr. ant! -Mrs. rcltman, | no':day. crop. Bankhcad explained, wonl'.l j yi ;l jn Wediiesc'iiy ailernoon. toll! of. accompanied by EnLs, who had! be predicated on a cotlon acreage I < yarns leadine'up to the :;liooli];g., been noticeably impressed by reduction program to te carried out | ; ,nd his story was confirmed by his Faulkner's violent talk, went, to 1 and woman who also witnessed In- th-j cotton farir^vs lor 1934. I wifi In a formal statement afte: 1 th? : conference Bankhcad said: i "I have no authority to sneak for j "I'll Have Her »r Die" the administration and tills state- FtHinan said thai Enis, named Kate Braggadocio to ivsil friends. Them they again encountered Faulkner. ; who had.been to Daseola and in i the absence of her husband had who I persuaded Mrs. -Hicks to accom- menfis to be considered as m v'per- here rretmly from Missis-1 Fany him. sonal impressions of the confer"!!'.-.- i sippi. and Faulkner were vivlual 1 Threatened Enk with Use president, attended by Sec- strangers until Wednesday. Ihe | According 10 Feltmon. Faulkner, of Agriculture Wallace Farm day of the slayniK. That morning "who apparently v.-as drunk, be- r'aiilkiier came lo Ihe Fellinan. came iuvolvrd in an argument. rotary Administrator Peck, and myself. "I have definite belief thai a plan will bo worked out as quickly as possible to advance 10 cents s pound on this year's cotton erop to li-.nn- i-r.i in consideration of an a°rce- mt'nt by tlie farmers to conform with ihc. 1 federal acreage ved'.iclion program for 103-1." This, in effect, it was further ">'- plained. v:ould be in th? nr.tur? of a direct lean to cotton ^ro-.vcn Secretary Wallace indicated t.'al tile plan v.'oultl be laid h?fcre financial experts of the government for further 'consideration. The a"'.lministratl3n program calli for a. reduction of c.otion jcv-is^!^ raaiy, to-hokl -in -Blyihaville r-.'jx.' ijnext year to 25,000.000 acres. This xovember U the bifjzfji Armistice f year 40,000.000 «ve pianicd and bav celebration ever ir>!-l in Noiih- -j with Enis. lie brandished a re- Founded Six Communities H. E. l£c Wilson, 72, is tin- "fath- M cr 11 of seven Mississippi count-y com- inunllies, all ol which he founded.'; with one exception. Wilson, Ai morel. Maiie. Kelser. | Victoria, Ml-Perrin and the one ] In a huddle thai boded no tjood for .he allcsec' kldnapurs. Charles community he did not found. Bassett. are testimonials (o his 50 years Cotton Take $1,000 Prom Bank At Stuttgart | STUTTGART, Aiii., sopi. n tui>> I —Tliri'o men, one boasting that lie I v.-ii.s accrue "MiichliK- Gun" Kelly. j held up Ihe Peoples National bunk I loclay. klcTlmpt'd three women cm- Iphijcs. and scooped iip $1.000 In cimvncy. ' One of Ihe women. Miss Ksthcr I (jctlle. leaped from Hie niiinliU' . bo.ird of 111* unto and escaped, ife coiii|in»tons. Mlw Vcra Ncwkli | mill Mis. Jones lllauk, »w.»-l<V li'il on the wise of the city.'' V. 1 OHIcers chartered An open tockX ! pit. airplane, loaded it ivltli ammunition, niul sliiili'rt a seniv.i for Hhe bandits. Wllhln a lew minutes after Hie rubbery ot-curred lite ship Hashed llic mid-suite prairies In pur- biindll machine. AM of UP lESEt lell. llu-ir \lctlm who S200.000 for his. release; — -_•. I volvcr and, cursing Ems. lorced make their homes. HI ill Pt I I n D H TI i nira to get down on his knees and Contrary to gen 111 11 I 11 r ' I 0 !l H I 1 p! ' nv lor his !ifo St0ry of Nlr ' wilsm ' KB ILL ,ULLL.UIin I L | Enrly in [ne afternoon Ihcy re- '-be largest individu . __ •*••• iu,,,n,{ in 11,.^ pv.itnnn hnmp npnr er in tl'.e world is =*". are iwumu i, ,„ ,m =u y,-a,» j , B K| . mll cc . mer SV ,, M .,. s ,, sUllli u. s . uiiorney B«--m-rnl _____ off work in this county. Ills 50.000 ' ' ,,,,,„ ., , PT flT1 acres of land, 40.000 of which Is' in \ '" i'»'"'Bc of Unele .Sam s anti-crime war. and Herbert K. Hyde. L I Q I I farm laud, is spread around these I r:s"l. U. S. district attorney for Oklahmr.i'.. aie pictured at the- trial | J | || | [_ small towns where his employes lot Harvey J. lialley and 11 others In Oklahoma Uity for the: Uisrlic!' make their homes. eral belief, the 's rise to become ndividual cotton grow- j _ lo the Feltman home near er in the world Is not ane of tie- Havti. Fellman and Enis rode to-! fcatlng poverty when a young man. I u'.tlier and arrived there first.'Mr. Wilson's parents had a farm at' When they saw Faulkner ap- : what is now Bassett, and upon thc i Broaching, accompanied by Mrs.] death of his, Joe Wilson, he | FeHinnn," Mrs. Hicks, and the lal-1 kidnaping. Keenan mid Hyde have recSvi-d tiualh Ihrcat. 1 ; from George c Machine Gun I Kelly, nalh-y lleiiter.nnl still at liberty. r>i Mli i ejttnjin, iMrs. MICKS, ana tnc iai-1 "^s . rlans IVIadC at ter ' s sma n daughter. Enis said: ]Tenn. atout 27,OCO,000 will be harvested. : oast Ar!cansa5 nr southeast MH- As the representative of growers, i souri weTO discussed at a mcs'.ing Bankheaa nrsi came to thn white , nsl nll , ht ,, U e.,,ied by about a doz- House yesterday wilh a uroup lv: m leaders in the American Lesion advance a prnpMa! fa:- the pur- j ., n(1 Amer ican Legion Auxiliary, chase by the eoveriimr-rit o! one- , Nem Rcod co-nmanuer of Du:l half or this year's cot'.on crop at Casoll p05 ,_ Ko _ 24 Amer j cln !jC 15 cents a pound in cons:cieration eiorl| wn _ s c ,,. K ,, n general chairman, of a coiton reduction program to ., nd cnairmf . n or , :1 s ,,b-ccminUtees the amount bought up by the p.ov- j wore „,„ nnmc[] . j Mrtl Brooks eriiment. ^ is aeiieral secretary. ' The njo'?rain committee, ron*''*- Spurs liehrf I'rnsratn I -„,„ of CI , air , lia ii R ee d and the siib- WAH11INOTON Sept. >'2 . UP.-1 ro ^ mltl( , c d , airm o,l. will ,«•*< at Pn-sidcni Roosevelt moved «yi!l^i lhc Armory M , „.,„_ Tl]Psday . Scp . loc'ay to exp«lile his S70.000.000 {tc . nbl , r SG p:-oram for surplus food pur-j 'pouowine are thc sub-committee chases fc:- Ihe nation's uiicin-1 c ], a i rniell ." plcyed. I Finance, ,1. A. Leceh- disUni'iiis^- He conferred on _ financing ,. d LrurJ . ts c A . Clinl11n . hnm .-„„,,. mrlhods villi Secretary ol Agn- , icily Q R n abcock; oaride. c. J. ,-,,lnire Wallace and Budget Direc- •• Liu j aj ( E B Gc( ,. concps . mr Douglas. Wallace intimated ; sions F /v whi , 0 nll ,, Mrs Jo!)n :.-.u3l operation of the program • ^^ ciiteitaiumeiit. n. n. Slnut: -.vmild b- nnclcnvay within 30 (lays, j |)rOTOSt , narah!ll _ E A Rirc . (bcn _ I rations. J. J. Daly: grounds and nrraiittements. (ie-?rse Muir: liaison oiHcer. Mrs. Howard Proct:ir: ' music. Beniard Gooch: trausportn- j sent to school at Covlngton, I near Randolph, !>•<* v>---" -ft ndparents. Ho later lived lo nphis with h!s mother before. death. . led a shot gun ami walked out to[ Another general belief that Mr.' jihn road as Faulkner-dr«r-u!>.> j Wilson, obtained .most of-thi larg.-i* Enis fired as Faulkner was get- fortune he is reputed lo have made I ling O:LI of '.he car am : Meotiny o( Legion Lead-1 -i wonder of heii two-ume what ^ e , • , 5 jhe said this morning." ( .we Ci'S Yesterday. I Euis went into the house, sclz-j" e r 1EHMS OF Lindberghs Arrive at Leningrad, Russia LENINGRAD. Russia. Sept. 21! iUP)-Col and Mrs. Ohnvles A, i Lindbergh arrived at 1:60 P. in. ON IflOPjilCT Smoke Screen and Machine Guns,Used in.Dar- iiijT Robbery. CHICAGO. Sept. 22. llll')—Six machine gun bandits held up a-federal reserve bank automobile In the loop today, sei/.ed four money bags, ' and lied umler cover of a du.nss smoke screen, killing a policeman In their escape. E-illmates ranged as high ns $500,COO at> the lo'.ai amount of securities and cash obtained by the ban- . dits. It was said, however, that nuch of the loot was non-ncsto- labic. Two nationally notorious, .crlmt- . nals, George "Machine Gun" Kelly and Verne Miller, are suspected, police disclosed today. Machine gun clips found In' th& bandits' car fit only n special small suit of the bnmlil machine. A1J of type uf weapon constructed by Mil- tile plane was expected to be val- I "-' r . authorities said, liable in view o! the almost im- Smoke Screens Robber* limited visibility on the prairies, 'liming tho robbery lo a split Posses were formed here niul a second, the bandit-,, descended oil land search wai; also In progrcu. , the bank car III which two mes- 1 singers and two guards.were -riding. Just as It puDed up to ilie federal reserve door at Jackson ar.* 1 . La Salic streets in the heart of the financial district. . . Using two automobiles, t'ney 'Operated ruthlessly, shooting down the policeman In cold blood a few blocks from the holdup seen? after one of their automobiles collided with another machine. A second policeman barely escaped a similar death. Five machine gunners were riding In the first car as it jioppi'd alongside the bank. car. As they leaped out huge clouds of black smoke pouted from then- machine I Prosecution Turns Ils Attack on Passers of Ransom Bills. OKLAHOMA OITY, S:pt. 22. oday after a WO-mile night from ( rjp> _ unrelenting prosecutors ;1 the lat- from farming, is not true, accord- ter° slumped "down." dying almost ing to his most intimate friend?. They say that most of his money drove Enis to was made in industries, such as i.-.e immediately. Feltman then Hayii. un'iPr the impression that saw mill and lumber businesses, ho'wisl-cd lo give himself up to Kriend of Education officers, bin when they got there Mr. Wilson's biggest hobby is cd- in Hours of La- W Will Go Inlo Elfccl Monday. DETROIT. Sept. 22 (UP)—Henry Ford, who alone of the major industrials turned a deaf ear to Ihe NRA. today took steps Ihat will bring huge plfinLs In , Enis walked o!f. saying lie would ucation. Realizing that, he needed compliance with all terms of (he "have lo thine; about It" Before more "book learning'' than he oh- automotive code, a high Ford of- sin rendering. tallied when a youth, he acquired ficial revealed - to thc United New York Cotton ,'f NEW YORK. Se:>'.. 22 I UP) — rotton closed siratly. open high low close act !ISO 910 M3 Ml r,ir 903 U5S 97i< OM Jnn 998 1003 118-1 9i)5 ?.!,-. rch 1010 1023 1003 1010 M:i>- 1C36 1039 1021 1027 J;ily 1033 1053 10-10 1016 ticn. Dr. A. M. Wnshhurn. Those prerent. nt last night's meetin? were N'fili Pr-el c. A. Cun- ninel'am. E. C. Pallon. Officers who commenced a an education through diligent study search shortly afterward found no which made him on unusually good trace of Enis but did find and. de- bookkeeper and lawyer—though he stray a larije sliil. said 10 have never practiced law. been operated by Faulkner. His dreams for providing the best I of education facilities for the chll- ( dren of his employes have been rc- ' allied in the handsome buildings and well equipped grammar and high schools in the communities where his interests are centered. Not satisfied with this he has given generously to thc Arkansas Slate | A. and M. college at Jonesboro. of which lie is a member of the board of directors. Mr. Wilson has a wife, Mrs. Llz- •zie Bealc Wilson, one son, Rol Wll- j son, who live at Wilson, and two I daughters. Mrs. Frank Wesson, of ] Springfield, Mass., and another fTEELE. Mo. Sept. 22 - Thc |^ughter *"o resides In Florida. ,;-dies of MilSnirn While. 25, and j _ r-L-u I D .. Lawrence Harvey While. 4. fa-1 IjUard Lhlld Is Better Funeral Held Today for Victims of Near Steele. Prres. Effective Monday. September workers in Lh= Ford plants are to be placed on n vealed. This Is a the United Press 32-hour week reduction of Informant rc- ctsht hours from the present 40- hour week. It is the present tention Helslngfors. Finland. across ;ulf of Finlaml. lllc turned ihe government's leidiiig force on ihe ~~ ."money, changi ! lar Urtchcl kidnaping" while death thrcals of tlie terrorist George" Kelly hung over tho courtroom. Harvey J. Bailey, notorious criminal, was ready to testify that he was not one of the u alleged conspirators In UK- $200.000 abduction. and blinded their victims. • • . Tho bar.dlts grabbed t^e-mohey>: Edward Bell, Bassett Youth, Injured in Accident Last Night. nASSETT, Ack., Sept. 22.-Ed- wnrd Dell. 10-yenr-ulrt son of E. B. Tiell. prominent planter and a sevon Twin Cities bags jro, n the floor of..the J»nk' -rt_»c«j l,yjr.. ',TI>e • jnessengera^-ri'd..guards^ •loflayl Surrendered'wIthoTirrSilstance.' .Meanwhile a. secoixl bandit car had drawn up behind the first.'To this the machine gunners ran. Shoot Down Policeman .' As they sired down Adams street they collided \vllh an automobile In which three girls and three boys though he was captured on the farm | were r hi Ing. Both cars overturn- In Tpxns where the oil mlllionnlre ; ed. the bandits' mnciilne - swerving was held. • j >ip on the sidewalk. Patrolman' An accusing finger was pointed [ Nfllcs Cunningham slopped over to for the first time ai the St. Paul investigate. Without warning three and Minneapolis defendants, who machine gunners opened fire. He arc accused In connection with ef- | fell with a dozen slugs In his bo4y7 forts to dU]»sc of $10.000 of the , A patrolman who was marked ransom bills which the gov- , with Cunningham took refuge -be* ernment says Kelly and Albert . hind a signboard. He exchanged - - " ;ek. It is the present In-, „„,,„,,„ „; thc ,,| nno Grocers' com- " alCK omama. to operate the plants foil .,,„„,. nrm wns re coverln K today I tcrmccllary. .... .... ,n , • Bates obtained from an I several shots with thc bandits but" without effect. injuries received when the | As lllc government, ncarcd the, A dozen persons standing at the at least six weeks on the 32-hpur j rronl i s „.., ,^., tu ....„., „.„, _ ,.„.,,•...,schedule and then resume the nor- ] cnr . llc wns ( i r i v iu ? crashed Into Clos 2. ° r ils CII5C Jose P'j B - intersection were endangered. mal Ford -10-hour week with only (lle rcclr of n co tton 'wagon on the such variances as will give suict- highway near here last nlghl. est compliance with the 35-hour YOUIIE Bell's wrist was fractured week maximum set up In the code, j 11|1(l | lc vns b n ,\s u \ and shaken •mere was no indication at prM- j U]> _ bl|t hk i,^!,,-^., WC1 - C nol Ijc- cnl of any inlcnlion lo alter the n c ved serious wage policy of the company. How-1 ever the Ford wafie scale Is ap-' «e scae s ap- at set as a n In- I preciably above m imum under he code and Mui'r. F. A. White. R. n. swut. Ed thrr and son victims of an acd-, ^j. Dl J Crouch. Dr. A.M. Wsshburn. E. n.l^-nt which occurred near here "Her DIOOQ Gee. J. Mell Brooks. Hownrt Prrc- j ypj.tercJay. were laid side by side tor. Mrs. John I.*nti. and Mrs. How- j in r. cemetery here today. Spo(;: closed sler.dy :U 9BO. up 15 . | arc! Proctor. New Orleans Cotton\ Driver of Sp.pd Truck NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 22 (UP> — Colloii closed steady. oncn high low Funeral services were held Jointly for the baby boy. who was '. killed when a car plunged through I into four feet of water, and his Fined $25 at Bassett father. «•'«> was fnta!1 >' ' m ^ r ^i A third victim of tlie tragedy Blyl'.'eville. Ark., jiegro Out DfC •l:ni Knrcli Mnv 9S-1 9Ti 0!>2 1012 10aB 1049 9G7 993 ICOfl 1019 1037 1049 947 970 982 9«l 1017 1039 losc firlvrr of , McDonaH seen truck of Hayti. Mo., was fined S25 and or Thc condition of Terry Emma Guard, small daughter of Mr. Mrs. here Terry Guard, formerly of and now of Caruthersville, Mo.. U Improved following a blood iransfusion ot a Memphis hospital. The child, who is a niece of Mr aud Mrs. J. L. Guard and n 960 985 995 1012 1020 1046 f.-pots closed steady at 050, up 20. Closing Stock Prices A T. and T 125 3--1 Anacondn Copper 15 3-4 Bethlehem Steel 58 Chrvsler 45 Cities Servke 21-2 Geiv.'ral Air.u-ican Tank .13 General Electric 205-3 International Harvester 38 Montgomery Ward 22 1-4 New York Central - 42 Packard 4 Phillips Petroleum 16 Radio Corp 73--, Simmons Deris 22 3-: St. l.otiis-Sjn Fvr.ncKco 3 ^- ; standard ot N. J 41 1- Texas Co 27 U, S. Steel W 3-4 costs in Magistrate Milliard Smith's •otirt at Ba^seti loday on a charge if -rckless driving. FuMicv was taken in custnrtv ate of three who were in when it plunged inlo thei!'.'-<at niece of Mr. and Mrs. E. .1. lo i mve rc- s of an ap- wlmlcd Ucll w)10 t he , cMon n ~ CC | dt , n , b ^> "the and Fovrt conditions ' the matter of hours nient. ]Mxn i n ahead of him. The wagon, driven of employ- A. A. Arnold New Head HI 1 School by James Short, negro, nnd own- ert by the Lee Wilson company's U. S. attorney general, announce;! \ While one of the machine gun- government agents had evidence ners kepi up a running fire the oth- whlch linked the fugitive, bragjlng, ers halted the car of S. W. Knowles and death threatening Kelly with [ of Park Ridge. Tlie men fled sev- thc remnants of the old Canone gang in Chicago. Though authorities would not admit it. It was learned they were near thc point of asking that 1111- cral blocks, abandoned Knowles' car, commandeered another,' and continued their night. . „ ,.. The first car which the bandits- abandoned bore a Florida license.' nols national guardsmen be called The second bore a Kansas license', out to search every house In Cicero ( H w as reported stolen last June,- -the day Kelly's death threat letters were received from Chicago. - gro. Bell's car wa s badly damaged of Local A. A. Arnold, of Little Rock. 1-as been selected principal of thc local i negro school which will open on j H--- ™riKt"w»ricd rtS&ir Seize Payroll -]' ; I iveoilc Fiuin at Bassett wns said I 'Hi plan was conea on w.-umot SCRAbfTON, Pa.. Sept. 23 (UP) lo have been unlightcd ' ' il inl S hl - liinder the administration's | —Four machine gun bandits held The wagon wns trailing another j Plan for a national curb on crime, up messengers from thc Dunlap cotton wncon driven by the nc-| details of which were announced ^ Silk company nnd escaped with : an County officers today were rc- ' " ,g Hie accident .. Monday. October 2. Arnold sue- , " ^ ceeds the late J. A. W. Shivers who i an> °"es ' hnd est nan made. today. • S8.100 payroll today. the Clyde Moser. ot Judsonia. Ark., Tt.o was living tem]>orarily on White's farm nnd was also in the last' ni'h't bv"dcpiit'y "slreriff j car. was retried Unproved today Jnss Greer on his return from Memphis after he had collided s Her sufierin? from exposure. White, driver of the car. sue nil automobile near nas.=elt while Climbed at the Blythevillc mospltal ;-,pter(!ay nll^rnoon about eight rout? to Iiremphis. Injuring Mr«. Edsnr Moore, her husband and three children ot Fayette, r\ln.. ato;it 5 o'clock Wednesday nftcrnooii. Levee Worker Hurt after the accident occtirred. Phillips Dealers Will Icnlon, is sulfering from one of • ne rarest infections known to had been principal of Ihe sc'rool for twelve years previous lo his death in July. Arnold is a graduale of phibn- mcdical science, purpura haemorr- der-Smith college of Little Rock l.agica. This disease of the bleed | ail( j (,as n itt>i;ded Norlhweslcni University lor two summers, work- tav.w.s blood to oow from tho skin nil over the body. Following the transfusion the child was returned home for a lh:ee weeks rest before returning '.o the hospital for another treal- Qucbec Church Fire Caranza ROM, employe of the Trinity Farm company, was treated at the Blythevllle hospllal to- dav for Injuries received while employed In levee work for the construction company. Details of the accident were not Chicane Corn clo.-e nvailablr but Hose w'as said have been slruck by n tract some manner. Rose lives at vllle. Miss. to Dec May open open high low ol 1-4 517-3 48 50.5-8] Dec 903-4 57 1-2 58 1-4 54 1-2 57 | Mny 9;> Dealers and salesmen of the Pnlllips P^lroleum company In Elvtheville and thc surrounding territory will meet here Wednes- riry for a personnel meeting that <.v']! be featured by dcmonslia- tiois of Phillips products with a "volatility -test-engine", which Is a 1933 model automobile engine, taken from slock, equipped with virious Instruments to duplicate actual driving conditions. Comparative lesls In accelera- 1 lion, starting, fuel consumption I and crankcas-- dilution will be high low close I i:"de under the direction ol R. SI 1-4 81 1-2 89 3-8 K DangcifielJ o! Ph*h>s' St. 05 1-2 01 1-2 93 3-8 Louis oilice. VALLEY FIELD, Que., Sept. 22 (UP)-Shlfting winds today halted tlie fire that destroyed church property valued at Jl.000.000. and saved this village from partial destruction. Tlie lire razed the beautiful cathedral, the convent, and girls' school of thc Sisters of Jesus and Mary. Ing on his Master of Arts degree. For the past two years he has been principal- of the high school department of Philsmder-Sinlth college. Previous lo holding tins pDsi- tlon he was principal,of ire Nashville, A rk.. schOD'. lor fo'.ir years. The other teachers-in thc colored school are Bessie Partee. assistant principal. M. J. Shivers. Maude Tol- llvcr. Ophcrita Daniel, ami Octavia Shivers. Seeks Divorce In Cross Complaint A cross complaint to the scp- ; rote maintenance suit by Ills •.vlfe, Mrs. Mamie Little, was filed fway by Curtis J. Little, Missts- i-ippi county representative. wlH> asks the chrnccry court for an rb.'olute divorce. Mr. Llllle in a lengthy com- Chicctffo Wheat 106,000,000 Trees Planted HARRISBURG, Pa. (UP)—More than 106.000,000 trees raised in state forest nurseries have been planted on privately owned land in Pennsylvania sice 1910. according to records of the Department ol Forests and Waters. Lutheran Minister Opens Lecture Series The Rev. H. J. Klelndienst. pas- 'or of thc Pilgrim Lutheran -'hurch, will begin a scrips of lectures tonight, f o'clock. While these lectures, lo be on "Fundamental; of the Christian Ta-ih" are primarily for those who >-c prospective members, there is f;sj n message in them for every- rnv, accordin? lo the Rev. Mr. KMndicnst. who extends an invitation to Ihe public. charges his wife with desertion and alleges Ihat on one r«asion she threatened to kill n'ni and at another time altcmpl- rri to run him tiov.n when he attempted to cross a street when shr was driving by. Among other 'cU- he charges ihat she rcmovec In m olflce a government (.hock made l/> him. ... . Virgil Orcrne is counsel for Mr. :ut ,. nroseculor, this afternoon. Little. S<*k Kansas Bandits HAYES, Kans., Sept. 22 (UP)— .Kansas and Oklahoma officers The government was ready to rest j Tlie quartet of bandits stopped its case after testimony against the . thc as they were about to seven well dressd, suave, Twin Cit-. enter the company's plant. The ies defendants. From Urschel, who money was being transported from was taken from his palallal home _ a bank in Peckville. here the night of July 22 while play- Ing bridge, it had testimony identifying Bales and Kelly as the actual kidnapers. . searched today for four machine f 11 D' I - W_._.J i 8"n tandils who robbed the Far- LOtton Tickers Warned mcrs state bank of $3,000 yester- to Quit Work, Says Farmer ^'"ot ( 5o ZccnprcsE ^ a £ d , mad flight. The first report of an attempt to i Th( , twelve hostages, Including Intimidate labor since the cotton \ a g | r) bookkeeper, were released season ojwned reached the munict- [ tm | inn ned and the outlaws appar- pal court clerk's omcc here today. I mtlj . ] la j escaped despite the ef- Ben Darbcy, farmer living south for[s 0( a ] Qrgc posS( , i assisted by ot town, complained to officers this ' na ttonal guardsmen and an air- afternoon, stating that a while man. plane from Qreat Bend. whorn he said was known by the | : name of Webb, entered his fields , and warned negro and white cot- , Sudburv School to Hold tnn «'(*VAI-C tn miU n-nrlr. DArly.v Is I ' ... ton pickers to quit work. Darbey Is I paying 65 cents per hundred pounds' to his pickers, It was stated. Family Party Tonight Arrangements have been corn- was toj plelM i for the sudbury school's an., aep- n , lft) pg m iiy party, held each year August A. Busch Weds i at New York Issuance of a warrant was expected momentarily. Darbcy was to confer with W. Leon Smith. " ^ __ j shortly afte'r the opening of school. ! All patrons, pupils, and friends of. WEATHER I ' n <> school are Invited to attend the . I affair, which has for Its purpose an Arkansas-Partly cloudy tonight evening of enjoyment and an op- and Saturday, warmer tonight. Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy I roCl!!UIU!> all« Vll.1 NEW YORK. Sept. 22 (UP) - tonight and Saturday. August A. Ditsch. member of lhe| portunity for tlxvse interested In the school lo become better acquainted. _ __ _ , Tliere will be a program In the . Louis brewing family, and] The maximum temperature here'school auditorium, tor which no Mrs. Elizabeth Ovrrton Dozler. of j yesterday was 82. minimum SI, i charge will b< made, and refresh- Krinphls, Tenn.. were here this alicrnconi married clear, according to Samuel P. Nor-fments will be roW on tlie play- Iris, official »ealher observer. 'ground,

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