Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 23, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1891
Page 3
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D. B. PRYOR The Druggist handles the purest drugs which the market produces.— PRESCRIPTIONS A specialty. 516 E. Broaday st. Real Estate. FOP Sale orTrade In all parts of Logansport. .Residence and Business'property. Sole Agents for the "West End Addition." And Johnson's Riverside Addition. Vacant Lots, on Monthly Payments. Bargains in lands close to city. E. N. Talbott & Son, Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Bloek. Broaaway DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE and Residence orer 201 Sycuraoro St. LOGANSPORT, - - . IND. Special Attention Given to Acute and Chronic Disease and Diseases of Women and Children. Consultation Free. Night Bell Promptly Responded to. THE MONEY IS COMING IN. Further Prostresn of the Park Fund Subscription—The People Becoming' GlltllllNed, • On tke title page of a subscription book now being- circulated.among the people of Logansport appears the above zinc etching. It is doing- a great work among us and possesses the power of magic as a money getter. The considerable sum of '$700 vrhiqh in tiro hours day before yesterday adorned its white blanks was yester- very purse strings seemed to unlatch of their own accord. "Cut the. park in' two?" ejaculated tho old financier. "Never! Tou should raise ten .thousand dollars on the Assembly Park project. 1 ' Mr. Frank Rice was then met. Mr. Rice replied that nothing'pleased him betier in the progress of Logansport than the Assembly Park project; that he was not yet determined as to the exact amount, but that he would do as well as the rest. Mr. Rice further said, "I fear the grounds area little too small, but of course we will have to accept them as they are." . Capt. W. H. Snider was then met. RAILROAD RUMBLINGS. ItouiM] [from tlio [Note-Book of On Railway ttcporter—Points Per- •oiiul and Otherwise. The committees of the conductors and brakemea on the Wabash road have returned from, their conference with their officials and settled down to work, feeling satisfied, it is stated, with what they accomplished. Dating from Feb. 1, 1891, on through freight runs conductors will receive 3 cents per mile and brakemen 2 cents, the same as before, but a new regulation that no run shall be counted less than one. hundred miles will make the rate really higher on short runs. Another new regulation that will make the rate higher is in regard to overtime. Whenever ten miles an hour is not made on a run conductors are to be paid 30 cents and brakemen 20 cents an hour for all extra time they are out. Through passenger conductors will receive §100- per month, as- heretofore, but they'will also receive 2 cents per mile for everything over 5,500 miles. Through passenger brakemen are still, to. receive $50 per month, but will also get 1 cent per mile for all over 5,500 miles. The same scale of wages will apply to the branch lines. A special from Terre Haute says: Grand Master Sargent,'of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, said this afternoon that he had given no order for a strike of the firemen on the Chicago & -Erie. road. The only information he had of any trouble was a telegram received last night from well satisfied SANTAGLAUS SOAP is Ibe BEST LAUNDRYSoAP igtfje World wid LChictfo . M * OC ERS KEEP IT. Mileage Tlclcetsjon tl>e Pennsylvania. Daily Journal; FRIDAY MORNING, JAN. 28. [CCT THIS OUr, YOU 5UT WISH TO REFEIt TO IT.] head d6t muslin. Beecham's 'Pills cures sick ache. Read our advertisement on Golden Rule. For rent, several desirable houses Apply to C. E Hale. novidtf Misses spring heel shoes, all sizes .and kinds, at Murdoch's City Shoe Store. "Blue Friday," to-day we give 10 per cent, discount on all purchases, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. SHILOH'S CUKE will ^immediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. Sold by B. F. Kees. ling , 8 THAT HACKING- COCGH can be so quickly cured by .Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by B. F. Keesling 1 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS made miserable ijy that terrible cough.. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. Sold by B. F- Keesling. 2 QRemember, for one hour only this. afternoon, 2 to 3 o'clock, any glove in my store at 75 cents.—Patterson, the Haberdasher. WHY WILL YOD cough when Shiloh's Cure will give immediate relief? Price 10 cents^ 50 cents and ijl. Sold by B. F. Keesling. 7 Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence, sexual weakness, pimples cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free a(,B. F.'Keesling's. ' (6) H. G. Uirich and Miss Emma Boyles of Bethlehem township, were married on Wednesday at.2 o'clock, Eev. W. S. Peters, of the Bethlehem Pres- bytgrian church officiating. To-day is what is called "Blue Friday." and will make it an inducement to all to come to-day by giving a reduction of 10 per.cent, on all sales, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. When the Bee Hive advertises special sales or specialties, the ladies are quick to respond, for they know they can put v eliance on every word that is promised in the advertisement. To-day from 2 o'clock to 3, one hour only, I will sell choice of any glove in my store at 75 cents, this includes all gloves from. $1 up to §2.50, for men and ladies.—Patterson, tho Haberdasher. The Young People's Society • of the Christian Endeavor of the Broadway Presbyterian church will give! a supper at the residence of F. W. Mu'nson this evening beginning-at 5 o'clock.- The proceeds are to add to the fund of the Christian Endeavor Society," A Washington .special to the Indianapolis Journal says, "The reception of Mrs. Owen, of Logansport, at the Ebbitt this afternoon was a great success. The parlors were beautifully decorated, and a delightful collation was served' amid music. Hundreds of men. and'women. including Hoosiers here, were among the callers." day, in about the same number of hours, swelled by a raise of perhaps $700 more. Progressive George Forgy was the first man met yesterday. After a careful reading of the stipulations .and several wise comments he liberally set down the sum of §100, stating that he would, increase the amount if necessary. Mr. Webster then approached the wholesale firm of Elliott, Shroyer & Co., whose dealings extend for hundreds of miles around and who have carried the name of Logansport farther than any firm in the city. Here was a surprise. The Elliotts set. the high water mark. Two hundred and fifty dollars was their kindly offer, and all so generously given . that the He may be relied on for the sum of $100. Mr. John Gray was then approached. He is an enthusiastic supporter of tne project and immediately subscribed $100. Shall Logansp.ort have a park or shall the ground lay idle and finally be sold to land sharks? ' Don't buy a foot of it. You can. not get ' a title. This property was bought by the city solely for park purposes and can be used for nothing else. This fact is a matter of -record. The money already raised .by the subscription method is a most encouraging starter and will be rapidly increased until a sum is raised sufficient to make the substantial .and beautiful improvements proposed. . How much will you give as your Huntingdon. Ind., asking-him to come there at once. Any grievance, he said, must come to him in the ma'hner prescribed by tee constitution, and after every effort to amicably settle the difficulty has failed. This has not been done, and Mr. Sargent said that, under the rule recently adopted, anv firemen going out on a strike without being authorized was liable to expulsion. Mr. Sargent says he will give the matter attention only after a grievance has reached him in the proper manner. . On and after' January 20th. 1891, individual and non-transferable One Thousand Mile Tickets, good over all Divisions of the Pennsylvania Sysiem West of Pittsburgh,, will be sold at rate. of two cents per mile, or $20. 00 each. by Line Agents at principal points. All forms of mileage tickets heretofore issued for the Pennsylvania share in this -fund? " .. AmnKemcutH. On Saturday evening Oliver Byron will appear at the opera house in his new play, "The Plunger." Mr. Byron "has spent the greater part of two years in arranging for its production, and is thoroughly pleased with the result. His part of Dexter Digit, "The Plunger," gives him ample opportunities for showing his abilities. The Widow Clover was written expressly for Miss Kate Byron. The widow is wealthy, and, of course wears many beautiful dresses. The scenic effects are made a prominent feature of "The Plunger," There are many new and striking ideas such as a,New York elevated railway station, with train in rapid motion, and a violent thunder storm,, which ends in a steady downpour of real water." A New Wholesale Firm. Delphi Journal:. Logansport has a new wholesale establishment. the Shroyer & Uhl Co. Senator A. R. Shroyer is the senior member of the firm. He will give the new business the benefit of his valuable experience and take supervision of the concern, which starts out by, absorbing the Conner & Trick Notion Co. W. C. Uhl and W. J. Uhl who are associated with Mr. Shroyer, are among the most promising young business men in the Wabash valley. Logansport is becoming quite an important wholesale point and she ihould congratulate herself on the formation, of this new firm, embracing as it does, her most distinguished business man and two vigorous young men of ability who will go right to the front in the commercial world. An Iiidluna EditOf'M Lament. Morocdo Courier: Dont go so far away neighbors we also have a county named Newton, where the county seat is located on the south line and people snmononed on the Jury fsomthe north No Wreck Ashore Was ever more' hopelessly stranded than a wrecked constitution, whether Its disaster be the product ol some formidable malady, or that slow, premature decay that seems to fasten upon some constitutions without apparent adequate cause. An excellent means ol checking this gradual . drain of the sources o£ vitality is the beneficent Lake Village, Rose Lawn, haf to drive tonic, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which proto Morocco, and stay all ni°±it in ' motes digestion, enriches the blood and -gives substance as well as stamina to an enfeebled tattne. Constipation, feebleness of the kldners and bladder, fever and ague and rheumatism, are among the bodily ailments which it remedies promptly and thoroughly. Persistence In its use An Expression of Fraternal Whereas, Death has removed from our midst our late comrade John C. Clendenen', passenger conductor employed on Chicago division P. C. C. & St. L. R.R. and Whereas, The prominent position occupied by Brother Clendenen as a co-employe, therefore be it Resolved, that the members of the order of Railway Conductors, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Brotherhood Locomotive Firemen, Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen! and Switchmens Mutual Aid Association, all holding organizations in the city of Logansport in union meeting assembled wish to pay proper respect, and their appreciation of the life and character of our late brother in railway service, therefore be it further Resolved, That we, the organizations, bow in hublesubmmiss'onto the Divine Ruler of the -universe in the removal of our late comrade; and feel that our loss is his gain; and be it further ' Resolved, That we offer to his beloved widow and orphans the condolence and heartfelt sympathy of all, and ask God to. be their stay and support in their trying affliction, and-tender to them our sympathy and aid under all circumstances; and be it further • . Resolved, That these resolutions be published in the Logansport daily and weekly payers, and in the Railway Conductor, the Engineers' Journal, Locomotive Firemens' Magazine, Rail- Lines—still unused and unexpired as to time limit—will be honored on and after above date, on all roads operated by either the Pennsylvania Company or the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Company, and only One Thousand Mile Tickets will be thereafter sold. E. A. FOKD, Gen'l Passenger Agent. Pittsburgh, Jan'y 15, 1891. • d&wtofebl ' The New Discovery. You have heard your friends and neighbors talking about it. You may yourself be one of the many who know from personal- .experience just how good a thing it is. If you have ever tried it, you are one of its staunch friends, because the wonderful thing about it is, that when once given a trial Dr. King's New Discovery ever after holds a place in the house. If you have nevei; used it and should be afflicted with a cough, cold or anj DR. J. MILLER & SONS—Gents: I can speak in the highest praise of your VegetableExpectorant. I was told by my physician that I should never be better: my case was very alarming. I had a hard cough, difficulty in breathing, and had been spitting blood at times for six weeks. I commenced 'using the Expectorant and got immediate relief in breathing. I soon began to get, better, and in a short time I was entirely cured, and I now .think my lungs are [sound.—Mrs. A. E Turner. dec"d&w6m Randolph, Mass. If the food is not properly digested it becomes corrupt, and poisons the system it is intended to nourish. This is indigestion. "My wife- has suffered for rnany yerrs with indigestion. After trying everything alse recommended, she tried Simmons Liver Regulator.' In three days after taking it according to directions.she was in perfect health; she does not suffer at all and can eat anything she wants without any of her previous symptoms." ' to24 W. C. -Subers. Bainbridge, Ga. Throat, Lung or Chest trouble,'secure a bottle at once and give'it a fair trial: It is guaranteed every time or money refunded. Trial bottles' free at B. F. Keesling-'s Drugstore. to24 Something New tu Corn—Xew , Kiln Dried. Corn IKeal. This process retains all the sweets and nutriments of the corn. It is this process that has given Kentucky and Virginia its great reputation for corn meal. To be had at the leading groceries. We are also manufacturing pure whole wheat Hour. This is also on sale at all the leading groceries in one-eighth barrel packages. There is more nutrition in this flour than in any other made. We, are now prepared to grind quantities declld&wtf No itJatterjTHow Hard any druggist tries to sell you .his own. cough medicine, remember he does it because he makes more money on. it Insist on having Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungs, for there, is no cough remedy so pure and. none so quick to break up a cold. For in • fluenza, soreness of the : throat and •tickling irritation with constant cough. Kemp's Balsam is an immediate cure. Large bottles 50 cents and $1, At all druggists. eod corn for feed in any D. &'C. H. TJffl.. Husband and |Wlfe Have more than-,once been saved by the timely use of Kemp's Balsam for road Trainmens' Journal, Switchmans' I the throat and lungs,' after all other Journal; and be it further I remedies have been tried in vain. •Resolved That a copy be sent to [The Balsam stops decay of the lungs order to get the~ next day, but we do not mean.that it shall always be thus, the cort house is aid and belapelated and in a few sqort years we well hear the chime from th.e-court house clock situated in the south part of town, and the evering bird- will gently cooeth. STATE OF OHIO, CITY OF TOLEDO, ? LUCAS CODUTT, . $ *°FRANK J. CHENEY mates oath .that he Is the senior partner oC the arm of F. J. GHKNEY & Co., doing business In the City of Toledo, County and State aforsald, and .that said Ilrm will pay tne sum 61 ONE HUNDRED D OLLABS for each and «veiy case oi! Catarrh that cannot be cured by the^ use of HALL'S CATABRB CURE. ' FKAJjK ,T. CHENEY.' Sworn to before me. and subscribed In my presence, this 6th day of December, JL D. 1886. ~-^> , f A. W. GLEASON, ( b f- •' Notary, Public. Hall's Ciittirrti Cure is taken Internally.and acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials free. F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, 0. ES~Sold by Druggists, 76 cents. DelioloiiK Mince Pie In Twenty Is well merited by it. to2!i Old Cl'othlus: Wanted. We will be at the North Street House for the next .five days. Will pay tlie highest price for 'cast-off clothing." old. gold and silver. All orders promptly attended to. Call on or address, PANAMA BROS.,. Jan23d3t ' . North St, House. 'Notice. Any subscriber failing to* rece'ive h'is paper regularly and promptly will please report this fact to me at this office. . _ - • f F. Jox. Circulator. Any invention which, lightens the labor of the housewife and hastens the preparation of .foods for the table' is hailed with delight in every • household. Such an article is Dougherty's New England Condensed Mince .Meat, advertised elsewhere in our"6olumus; For Sale and Delivery. Pure timothy hay for horses, and clover and timothy, mixed, for cow?. orders at -my office. : • novlodtawtf D. D. tolO 1 Or old or young, or grave or. gay, Those who now let their teeth decay, With. breath we can't pnrlura; The thought their after lite wil: haunt, That tliey negated SOZODONT, That would lave kept all.pure. the widow. - That we deplore the early death of John Clendenen and realize that he was cut off in bis early manhood and in the midst of hisnise- fulness as a railroad man and citizen and that all communicated with him have lost a faithful friend. Oh gentle earth receive his dust and heaven his troubled spirit.. G. W. SAFFOED, 0. R. C., Div. 110 K. W. PIEKCE, B. of L. E., Div. 20. J. A. HOLLAXD, B, of L. F., Div. 51. W. H. JONES; B. B. T., No. 109. W. H. WALKEK, S. M. A. A. No. 123. Logansport, Ind., January. 22, 1S91 No one doubts that Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy really cures Catarrh whether the disease be recent. or. of long standing, because the makers of, it clinch their faith in it . with $500 guarantee., which isn't a mere newspaper guarantee, but "on call" in a moment.._ That moment is when you prove that its makers can't cure yo.u.' The reason for their faith is this: Dr. Sage's remedy has proved itself [.the right cure for ninety-nine out of one hundred cases of Catarrh.in the Head, and the World's Dispensary _Medical Association can. afford to take the risk .of you being the one hundreth. . The only question is—are you willing to make the test, if the makers are willing to take the risk? If so, the rest is easy. You pay your druggist oOcents and the trial begins. If you're wanting tlie $500 you'll get something better—a cure! and cures influenza and ,acute and chronic coughs. . There is no other medicine in the world that acts so promptly, certainly none that does its work so thoroughly ' as Kemp's balsam. All druggists sell it.' Large bottles 50c. and ifl. e od A VAST DIFFERENCE.—It makes a vast difference to ! the average man whether he picks up a carpet tack with his lingers or his his heel. There is also a vast difference between Dr. White's' Pulmonaria and. all other cough remedies. Ibis entirely unlike, •any other. It is perfectly harmless, and acts like magic in curing a cough. Three sizes, 25 'cents, 50 cents and $1, and every hottle warranted. to24 An Interesting Serls of Sermon*. Regeneration.wi.il be the subject of a series of four sermons on successive Sunday evenings in the Baptist church by the pastor, Rev. W. H. Marsh. The topics and dates of the sermons are: • Third Sunday evening, January 25, "Necessity of Regeneration twofold."• Third Sunday evening Feb. 1, "Re-, generation an act of God. The Press (NEW YORK) FOR 1891. Daily. Sunday. Weekly. 6 pages, I cent. 20 pages, 4 cents. 8 or W pages, 2c. The Aggressive Republican Journal Of the Metropolis A NE\^S PAPER FOR THE MASSES Founded December 1st, 1887. Circulation over 100,000 copies DAILY. THE PRESS is the orcan or no faction: [pulls no £ Ires; has no animosities to avenge. The most remarkable Newspaper Success in New York. The Press is a Xntional Xcw»p»pcr Cheap news, vulgar sensations and. trash find no place In the columns of The Press; The Press has the brightest Edltoril page in New York.. Itsparkles with points. The Press Sunday Edition is a splendid twenty page paper, covering every current topic of In-. 1 teresn. The Press Weekly Edition- contains all tlie Rood things-o£ the Daily and Sunday editions. i'or those who canaotaHord flie Dally or are preventua by distance from early receiving It, The Weekly is a splendid substitute. Free Read ing. Room, at No. 321 Pearl street. Open day and evening, dtf JTaniCN T. Cott, Cnrml, 111,, Sav« He paid thirty-one dollars doctor's bill for his wife in one year, and one bottle of Bradfield's Female Regulator did her more-gaod than all, the medicine she had taken before. . '.H. DALE. Druggist Carmi, 111. . - WriteT5radfield:"Regl. Co.,-Atlanta,: Ga., for particulars. : So.ld a by Btn ; • tb24 AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM The Press has no superior in New York. THE PKE8S. Within the reach of all. Thebest and. cheapest Newspaper^published 'in America. • Dally and Sunday, one Year, 85.OO " " " Gmoiitliw, "• -. " « one " DalJy only, one Year, - . - tk " ' Pour inouthw, Sunday^ one ycniv • Weekly Press one year, *.50 - 3.OO 1.00 2.00 1.00 • Send for The Press Circular. Samples free. Ageiits wanted everywhere. Llberal'cflramtsstons. ' THE PRESS, . POTTER BCILDING, 8S Park Bow. New-York. ip little forlunefl]iflve)>ee;i madem work for u*, b.v-j\mm Pnfrc, AuntJn, y l<ucnB, itnd ,Ti,o. Tfoiin, Toledo, Ohio |Scc cut. Othcmnj-odoinpMwell, Why ou? Somot'Brn ovcr#fi00.06 * th; YAH can do ilic work and lh« " it home, •wJ)crovt'ryini are. Jiven'ke- llnncni ore cnclly cumlnp 'fawn M to 1104 d«y. All apen, V>'t show you how " tnd Mart .you. Cnn work to «nnni tim» or nil MIC Hrna,' JtJir monnv far workers, KnlliN-r iiiilniiMVti.,niiionjMhi'in. *

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