The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1937
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL as, BLY.TI1EVILLE (AUK.)' COUUlIfill NEWS Carutlievsville x Society — Personal ,» Glamorous Actress t Mrs. Victor McAllister nnd Miss Lucille Naylor, accompanied by Mrs. Armstrong, spent Sunday in Huckman, Ky. Mrs. Armstrong had spent the post week, here with Mrs. J. B. Graham and family. Mrs. McAllister and Miss Naylor were accompanied home by their Eister, Mrs. C. W. Curlin, who is spending the week here. Charles Curlin, who had spent several weeks here visiting rela lives, returned to his home in Hiekman, Ky., Sunday. Mrs. Sam Edwards returned Sunday from. Memphis, where she spent several days visiting hei daughter, Miss Lorene, who is' a patient in the Methodist hospital Mrs. Edwards reports that her daughter, who sustained serious injuries in a car wreck abom a week ago, is slowly improving. Mrs. Louie Edwards spent Sunday and Monday In Memphis visiting Miss Lorene Edwards. Dr. and Mrs. John L. Browi of Campbell spent Sunday in this city visiting with Dr. and Mrs C. W. Brown. Miss Gradi Mae Harmon o Cape Girardean was the house of Mrs. Fred Chaffln past week end. Miss Harmon wa accompanied home Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. Chaffln and son, Sid- 1 iiey. Jeff Rogers and Luke Van Ausdal! spent the week end In St. Louis. They attended; the Cardinal and Cub ball game there Sunday. * Al Zander spent the week end in Columbia. Mo., visiting friends. Jere Kingsbury spent the week end with friends In Jefferson City. Rev. and Mrs. W. L. Meyer and Mrs. W. W. Stratliman left Monday for Wright city, Macon and Chillicothe, Mo. Mrs. Strathman Is visiting hi Wright Cty, .Mrs. Meyer in Macon, and Rev. Meyer is attending a Masonic meeting in Chillicotlie. They are expected home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Wise of Charleston, Mo., left recently for Los Angeles, Cal., where they are , now making their home. . Mrs Wise will be remembered here as Miss Virignia Peal, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Peal. Mrs. J. W. Ulmcr and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ulmer spent from Friday until Monday in St. Louis visiting relatives and friends. Mis. Sherman Ulmcr of Gran ite City, III., arrived Monday t< spend this week hi-re visiting he parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cor rington. " .Mrs. Cecil Hudspeth spent Mori day in Memphis, going down fo an" examination. Mrs. Hudspel recently underwent a . goitre operation., at one of the, hospitals 1 ' th'e'rcr , •.-.Mrs,.. c., 'D'." Fields'"spent Sufiffi'y and Monday in Memphis visiting her daughter, Mrs. Dill Shaw, who was ill. Mr. Fields and daughter, Miss Elizabeth, drove down to Memphis for Mrs. Fields, Monday. Misses Nellie McClanahan, Wilma Adams, Ruby Kelley, Mayme Ilemdon, Jewel Williams and Mrs. Gertrude McElvaln attended the state convention of Business and Professional Women's Clubs at St. Louis Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Bess Walton Bauer, who is a member of the local club, but is now residing in Chaffee, ntttended the convention as ar alternate from this club. HORIZONTAL I American actress pictured here? 10 A bird's crop, tl Automobile. 12 Region.' 14 Crippled. 15 To pardon. ITReluseof grapes. 13 Kimono sash. !9 Clergymen. 21 Child. 22 Tidy. 24 Part of a church. 25 Stored ' treasure. 27 Sorrowful. 29 To beseech. Answer to Previous Puzzle a SHOD S HSaHfflEIIIfflH ESI JHIA 43 Anxieties'. 48 She was a great —, of the silent screen. 31,To piece out. 49 Lake. 33 To observe. 50 You - 3i Highest religious state In Buddhism 36 Filtered. ' 37 Platter. 40'.T«'' 41 To set In.. 42 Sailor. * for her . ISShcstiU—^. • (n pictures. 15 Vyagon track. 16 Beverage. 19 Having rliylhmlcp] cadence. 20 To scatter. 23 To sin. 26 Unit. ' 27 Water passages. 28 Dean's residence. 39 Ventilates. ' 32 Was informed, Hayti Society,— Personal 62 Downy linen for bandages. 53 She got .her leather, start acting in g To make a (sing.). speech. 54 Aria. .. 9 Roman VERTICAL emperor., ITo 2 Composed ot layers. 35 Indian 3 To be in debt. instrument. 4 Maple shrub. 3C Portion. 5 Maple seed 6 Mandatory written document. 7 To soften 37 Flat plate. 38 In. 39 To bang. 4 4 Wholly. '45 Stream. 46 To finish. 41 Eye tumor. 1 43 Affirmative) vote. 61 Type stand- Mrs. T. J. McCollum gave i\ birthday party for her daughter, 'atrlcta Ann, at her home Friday .fternoon. There were nboul Memphis were here Sunday visit- Ing tlie former's mother, Mrs. Ann!« uenrd. . , John Wilson and Charles Gan- darle of St. Louis arrived Friday evening to spend the weekend with relatives. They were accompanied home Sunday by their wives, who had been here for Ihe past week visltln-.; tlielr parents, Mr. and Mrs. title guests present. Games Winnie owln. Mr, and Mrs. Itlll. Km--' l -> IJH.3^111.. V.Illlllt.3 ....%• : contests were played on the lawn during the afternoon. The winners of in;; contests were Hill) Buckley, Joan Stewart and Alicia aiul Mines. Wiley Dunkllu, Ethel Dorrls, Molllo Dorvis and Anna Dunklin mid Bench Ui-nklln, u. O. udljcri nnd Ward Don-Is attended the funeral services l-elcl ul Mnlden Monday aft- Sullivan, who received prizes. 1 einoon for John Bostlc. Rev, William Uufrman motored Siipt. K. E. Simpson, nccom- lo Jonesboro, Ark., Tuesday, vyhern panted by Misses Lorene Poster- no attended to business." ami Belt}- sue Ncthery and Virgil Mrs. Don Chapin left. Tussday for ' I'oplav BUif! where she will attend Ciiu-rrtt nnd Woodrow Chlsm, t\t- . .. .. . . tended the Southeast Missouri Dls- tlie annual meeting of the St. | trlrt High -School meet nt Ca]» Louis conference of tho Woman's : Glrnrilcan Friday. Miss Nethery I'li:-d first In pinno tor the nuitn nii:l tenth grades class, and Mr. Chis-m placed third In voice. Missionary society as a delegate from the local society. Mr. and Mrs.' T. J. McCollum spent.the weekend in poplar nlniT, visiting Mr. McCollum's father, J. A. McCollum, who has been Quite ill. Joe Kohn led Sunday for a business trip to St. Louis nnd Chicago. White in Chicago he will visit' his brother, Atty. Louis Kolin. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Whllener, Mr. and Mrs. L°roy Whitener, Rev. and Mrs. T. L. Bess, and Mines. John Buckley, J. M. Miles, B;rl Hall, nnd Joe Huber attended the funeral of Mrs. John Whltcner's mother, Mrs. Luther Stokes, nt Maiden Monday afternoon. Sherman Hill, who Is employed at Seimtobia, Miss., spent the week end here visiting his wife. Mmes. L. R. Batu, William IIulT- man and Mack Morgan were In Memphis Tuesday shopping. Mrs.'B. H/nowccse ami daughter, Mildred, motored to Cardwcll Monday and visited with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Curtain. They ; accompanied home thill afternoon by Sam Rowen, father of Mrs. UD- wcesc, who had been In Cardwell visiting'. Mr. anj Mrs. Tiilsy Heard of Watch Washington Used Owned by Missourian ST. LOUIS (UP)—A silver-cased watch used by Clcorge Washington In Hie last year of Ills second term us President IH the property of u St. l/juls bus driver, N. O. Hiiblis. The wnlch Is Itx the same condition ns when Washington possessed It, except for a small part of the porcelain dial beneath the figure 0 Hint Is chipped. It lias 'o silver cases, the out« one rvhijj as a protector. The mechanlcnl ptirts are of gold. A decorative gold filigree :crecn covers the llywlicel tmrt the fiat gold surfaces are ornamented with elaborate designs. The name 'O. Washington" is engnwed on the gold plute covering the mechanism. H has to be opened for winding and setting, and boll operations are done with Uic same key. College Wrestler Unpinned KENT, o. (UP) — Kent State University's heavyweight wrestler Carmen Falcone, has yet to be Dinned in collegiate competition Falcone, after completing the regular tenson undefeated, won tin Interstate title, but lost on i decision flcwcver :oi tolled Read Courier News VVU..J Ada In the national meet his shoulders never linvt the mitt. _ Union Army Uniform Redeemed by Museum WASHINGTON. (UP) —A nci relic at tile National Military Par! for Frestetlcksbnrg and Spottssyl viuiln County battlefields in Vlr glnia Is a freshly cleaned an pressed union uniform. A light blue coat of inllltnr .ylc, with shoulder capo and 'vog- lation buttons, and a black slouch at with a gold band were left by ri unldentlncd. man at a cleaning establishment. The donbr nn- lounced the hat and coat were to Jfl given to the park museum If it was willing to pay the cleaning "illl. TM museum did, gladly. [ On the coal lining was written: D. Weaver, Co, G, 104 Ohio Volunteer Infantry." Historians said hat the regiment did not fight In he vicinity of Frcderlcksburg, nl- liough other Ohio troopj did. Mexico led the' world In 'sliver' 1 |>roductlon,ln 1936, with 82,100,000> ounces; the United states w« sec-',* ond with 64,000,000 ounces. '". Read Courier Newt "vnat Ads Dn. Werlt & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone MO For GOOD RELIEF of constipation use a GOOD LAXATIVE pONSTlPATION is not to be trifled wllh. When you ' ; need a laxative, you need a good one. Black-Draught Is purely vegetable, reliable. It does not upset the stora- v *ch but nets on the lower bowel, relieving constipation. .This reliable laxative .' Is the Etand-by for con; _ sUpation In thousand! ; of homes. Bold In sealed cardboard containers, .' like the tho left. About 25 doses In each 25-ccnt package. ' Black-Draught is made of clean plant leaves and roots (finely powdered), not so very different, whcnyoiuomo to think about It, from the vegetables you eat at every meal BLAEK-DMUGHT WAKE UP YOUR LIVERBILE- Without Cllomrl—And You'll Jump Oil of Btd in the Morning Ririn' to Go Tho liver should pour out two pounds of rired. Other' who made the. list were Lucile Terry,. Alloycc Barber, Ruth Bradsher,. .Tllean MeKnight, Mary Robertson, Christine" Turner. 'Mrs. Polly .Adams of Macon, Miss.,: is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. M. .Taylor. ' : : Walter Keltner as home for the : week-end .from Fort Smith where'he'Is employed by 'ihe city. ~;Mifs Sue."Wood .and Mr. Wilson Knight.; went-down to Memphis Saturday j night to hear the Philadelphia :• Symphony Orchestra. Indies of. the Methodist Mis- ibnary Society met at the home oI,'Mrs..,J,.. c T. Polk. Monrlay .afternoon tor -a fourth Monday social. After a short devotional, a letter written by Miss Lucy A. Fletcher, missionary 1 in . China, was discussed. Mrs. J. T. Randall of Luxbra was a guest. Men outnumber most two to one there being 9,575 male students and 5,850 women. IsnotnowinK Trcely, your fo<xl doesn't diRCSl, It just decays in llic Iwjwel*. Ga» !'lo:rts.up your stomach. Von KCt constipated. Your whole system L3 poisoned and you fcc.1 Bour. Hunkand the world lookslmnk. . . Laxatives nro only makeshifts. A mere i Ixiwel movementrtocsn't'KClnt thecausc. IL \ tBkes those jrood. old Carter's I.Hlle: L.ivr.7 Swifts, perhaps the fastest flyers rills to pcitiit^c two pounds of ijiicflowlnR of all the birds, arc so perfectly £*^^"S^SS streamlined that even their nos- freely. A»k fpr Cutter's unto Liver rills ;•» trlls point backward. | name. Stubbornly refuse BWllnni-.lso.ZSc. Co-eds Far-Outnombercd BKRKELEY, Cat. (UP)—Matrl- mo'nlal•.^possibilities, at least from the male standpoint,-are, at a low ebb'on the campus of the Uni- Keiser News The Thursday Bridie Club was entartained at the home economics building on the regular altemoon by Mrs. Fred Crockett. Mrs. :FIoy : Keltner and Miss Mary Sue Wood were the only guests present High score prize was won by Mrs. J. T. Polk and guest prize by Miss Sue Wood. Six members of the senior class at Keiscr high school made the honor roll for the seventh month, having all grades "B" or above. They were Mark Chitwood, Melvln Murphrce, Dell Anderson, Ruth Childs, Delois Johnson, and Mil- \Vill buy 24M acres, of land in corporate limits —located on Frisco RR. between Oil Mill and Canning Factory. Dacus Ibr, Co. .West Memphis, Ark. Phone-61 The Saveon Gasoline Company Tank Car Station at Holland^ Mo. announces A policy of only one grade of highest qualify petroleum products direct from refinery to you. High Test 1 O— Gallon No-Nox Gasoline IOC Tax Paid. 100% • Pure Pennsyl vania Motor Oil i> Scaled Cans Paid Every gallon sold with a Money-IJack. Guarant*c of Satisfaction. . One High Quality - • One Low Price 100'* Pariffin :Base Motor Oil Sealed Cans ISc.Qt. Tax Paid • • • BB B • m m mm-m-m H If you haye "knowing eyes" you-doni..have to look twice when you see Old Kentucky's 'double-rich? str#ight Bourbon offered for sale. Just buy it! VERYBODY LOVES'A BRIDE PUN A BEAUTIFUL AND CHARMING NEW KIND OF / NEWS AT THE Y THEATRE DAYS Tues. Wed. Thurs. DOORS OPEN 1:45 P. M. DATES MAY 4-5-6 Picture Starts 2:30 P. M, KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY You will be able to see all and to hear all /

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