The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1968
Page 3
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Viet Bombing Not Paying Off Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News - Tuesday, February M, 19W- Page Threi THERE IS LITTLE HOPE that bombing can check the flow of North Vietnamese supplies to the south, says outgoing Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, "as long as combat requirements remain at anything like the current low levels." Photo from an official Communist source shows members of a "people's transport unit" using bicycles to cany ammunition and supplies down the Ho Chi Minn trail. EXTENSIVE BOMB DAMAGE of North Vietnamese steel works at Thai Nguyen, 38 miles north of Hanoi, is revealed in a U.S. reconnaissance photo. But North Vietnam's economy is essentially aericultural and agriculture has not suffered critically. THE PRICE of bombing has been high for the United Slates. Tass, official Soviet news agency which released this photo, says it shows a dead American pilot lying on the Wreckage of Us plane somewhere in North Vietnam. 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Hoeffding directed his report toward two basic questions: Has the bombing of North Vietnam had any appreciable effect on "the physical and organizational functioning of North Vietnam as an economy and political entity?" And has the bombing had any effect in inducing Hanoi "to agree to negotiations, on initial terms acceptable to the United States?" Hoeffding says throughout report that the level of U.S. bombing has not been as great as Hanoi expected — or said it expected. Thus, the North Vietnamese have been — and are — prepared for more severe attacks than they have yet undergone. In terms of evacuations, diversion of the labor force to training programs, Hanoi was ready for a great mount of destruction. It never materialized, at least not to the degree that had been anticipated. Even if they had been bombed as heavily as they professed to expect, Hoeffding says, the effects would not have been catastrophic. For example, he i writes that Hanoi diverted as much as 15-to-20 per cent of the war-related activities. Despite this, North Vietnmese agricul ture — and it is an agricultural country — has not suffered critically. The country is continuing (or was, at the time the report was written) with such nonmilitary efforts as a large-scale program to expand irrigated acre age and a major program of resettling the rural population to less densely settled areas. Out going Defense Secretary Robert McNamara in his final message to Congress on the nation's defense posture reflected qertain aspects of the Rand report when he said: "The agrarian nature of the (North Vietnamese) economy precludes economic collapse as a result of the bombing. Moreover, while we can make it more costly in time and manpower, it is difficult to conceive of any interdiction campaign that would pinch off the flow of military supplies to the south as long as combat requirements remain at anything like the current low level." Hoeffding says that Hanoi has learned to deal with the bombing attacks and suggests thai a sizable portion of its war- essential manufacturing capacity has been moved "beyond the effective reach of any but wasteful air attacks." As to the matter,of civilian casualties from the bombings, Hoeffding says, in effect, that Hanoi could not have asked for a better situation than thajt which developed. The U. S. bombers exercised restraint — the casualty level is below World War II and Korean war levels — and yet there have been enough civilian casualties to keep the population's anti- American feeling high. "In terms of its moral effects," he says, "the U.S. campaign may have presented the (Hanoi) regime with a near- ideal mix of intended restraint and accidental gore." He believes that North Vietnam can withstand a long war, and that its allies — China and Russia — can continue to supply it with military and economic aid, no matter how severe the bombing might get. ing to deny access to aid delivered by sea." In summation, Hoeffding writes: "The bombing specifically has produced enough incidental damage and civilian casualties to assist the North Vietnamese (government) in maintaining anti-American militancy, and not enough to be seriously depressing or disaffecting." As to any escalation of the bombing: "It appears likely that further escalation of the air war would involve the United States in increasingly serious conflict between the quest for greater effectiveness and the credibility of the U. S. stance of asserted restraint and objectives." in targets! "Hanoi's calculation," he I It all adds up, in Hoeffding's says, "is that the United States will be unable completely to deny access overrland to aid view, to the doubtful value of the bombing. It remains to be seen when — or if — the Pen- from or via China, and unwill-1 tagon will act on this advice. BLACK SMOKE blUows from burning tanks of the Hanoi petroleum storage facility, an early target of the U.S. bombing campaign. LIGHT-STUDDED 1968 luxury auto will use 81 lamps, about three times as many bulbs as are used fa the average U.S. home. Lamps are fa variety of shapes and sizes, M shown by GE's tidy of Light. COMMERCIAL BUFFERS For Rent • Also Scrub Brushes, Cleaners And Waxes, at Eubonkt Flooring Ph. PO 8-6092 3 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION TO THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS The Pepsi Cola Bottling Company and the Courier News will send a free complimentary subscription to the Courier News to your loved one in the Armed Forces Free. . .No obligation. You Pray For Peace Last Night? Pray Tonight! JUST FILL IN COUPON BELOW AND MAIL TO: THE PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. ELM & MATHIS STS. 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