The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 8, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, MAYS, 1950 WJ>acificCalted Safe from Atftack Bui Danger of Red Infiltration Looms, Gen. MacArthur Says By Russell Hrincs TOKYO, May 8. « - General MacArthur says the Western Pac- Is safe from direct military k, but no from Communist . He told Australian newsmen recently that airpoiver Iroin present allied bases could break up any attempt on the World War II pattern to assemble or launch an amphibious attack from Asia. The general has stressed this !X>lnt before. He specifically has expressed confidence that American bases in Okinawa nnd Japan— 1( adequately maintained—could protect the Philippines and Japan. The United States is pledged to defend these two nations. Only last week MacArthur and Russia clashed over these bases. Hussi' charged that American maintenance of air and naval bases violates occupation policy. Strictly U. S. Business A "provocative impertinence " snapped MacArthur. He said it Is strictly u. S. business what it does on Okinawa. And as for Japan. bases there will be maintained to insure "the most complete readiness tor any eventuality." MacArthur frequently has ex- presscij concern over the dangers of infiltration and subversive activities by militant. Communists throughout Asia. He has watched closely the enlarging Communist drive toward Southeast Asia. The supreme commander has said the U. S .should give prime attention to bolstering this rich igsion against Red pressure. flp>uthoritative sources say this Point was not developed during Ws April 29 conversation with Australian newsmen. But the general stressed again that preoccupation of western leaders with European problems has helped to create a dangerous situation In Asia. He long has considered the Orient of prime importance. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Patricia Jackson Dunn, U hereby warned to appear in the Chancery Court, Chickasaw- ha District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days, to answer the complaint ol plaintiff, William Owen Dunn, (lied against her In said court, Case No. 11,283, and upon defendant's failure so to do, said complaint will be taken as con tewed. Witness my hand as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof this 29lh day of April, 1050. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magee, D. c. jtftcii and Roy, attys. for plaintiff. W*car Feiicller, atty. ad litcin. 5I1-8-15-22 (ARK.l COURIER NEWS FOR CHICAGO'S FAIR Betsy Nan Ross isn't sure whether It's a pyramid that spun into a spiral or a spiral thai settled down to be a pyramid She's torn it's a "Spiramid." created by Chicago artist Charle.' Bracken as the symbol of the Chicago fair of 1950 Typhoon Heads For Military Bases on Guam GUAM, May 8. {/P)—This military outpost battened down today for a typhoon packed with 90 mile winds. The storm is expected to hit in full furey at 10 a.m. tomorrow (a p.m., EST, Monday). Planes roared off airstrips for fields outside the typhoon's path. -Ships chugged out or Apra harbor for the relative safety of sea. Military personnel checked typhoon cable fastenings on quonset huts and stocked shelter areas with supplies. Anderson Field head quarters on Northwest Guam ordered personnel Into shelters. Shortly after noon, the typhoon was reported 260 miles southeast of Guam, moving toward the island at eight miles an hour. An Air Force 514lh weather recomiaisance plane took off to obtain a new fix on the typhoon. fin San Francisco, the Coast Guard said 15 or its men at the Uhthi loran station, about 400 miles southwest of Guam, were evacuated by plane.) MacKenzie Continued from Page 8 try to look intelligent. \y; this, anyway? They tell me you're afraid O f Germans. That so—what? "I--that is-yps, sir," replied the unhappy captain, "i refused to go over the top." "Refused dammit, refused?" ro- ured the colonel, "why, there Isn't any such wor d in the king's English, you young blighter. You're a soldier, not a blithering lexicographer feller. Captain John opened his mouth to speak. "Quiet, sir." snapped the colonel "I'm talking. What really was the matter, anyway. You've been over the top a hundred timse. Old tummy give cut on you? Nerves just sort of snap? "That's it. Had it myself plentj of limes. Fumy. H-hat n stomach will do to a teller, what? Leaves him without Mining sometimes. Am dammit, a man can't fight without a stomach, it Isn't done, what?" Hack to Trenches The colonel scowled fiercely and added a word: "That's all. You niay go. They need you hack at the trenches; "Better stop at La Belle Suavagc (the Cassel village inn) for twenty- four hours though and get rested up Have some good food. Have some good wine. Laugh. '•And next time you're 011 leave drop in and see me." In one of my recent columns recounting a personal experience .war correspondent. I related the story of a young British soldier wai saved from execution for 'allegcc rape by the eleventh hour statement of a priest who demonstrated t all I the lad couldn't be euiltv I h received a friendly letter from the very Rev. Msgr Thomas O. McCarthy, director of Hie Bureau of In- fonntuion, National Catholic Welfare Conference, of Washington, expressing some anxiety that this story might give a wrong Impression of the attitude of the Church toward Confessional. Lest any misunderstanding should arise, here is the position of the church, as given •e by my prelate friend: "Under no clrcuin-slances is a priest ever allowed to reveal by direct or indirect means material information which has been given him under the Seal of Confession. Every priest is strictly prepared for every eventuality which might come »l> due to knowledge he may have received in the Confessional. He also is acquainted with the severe censure which the Catholic Church holds in readiness for any direct violation of the Confessional seal. It is automatic excommunication wlilc-h means that all of his faculties are immediately suspended and lie ciitmol function as a priest and his excommunication is reserved la a special manner to the Holy Sec." PACE NINg INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FREEZERS 15.8 CU..FT. HI HEAVY DITTY FREEZER f HEAVY DUTY IN EVERY WAT stores 553 pounds of frozen food handles a big tupply of meal streamlines your kitchen duties -.xcluilv.I i ntor | or | [g i,, -nuiomoTitb.n l?^!.,. ? r *>• ""'omalrtollr .ounrft alarm if !'KI"Copii,"' »•',(,'°"° n<f - o( ' '«">l>«<"»" b.- A "must" for hospitable folks with lots of company! Indispensable to the large family! This giant freezer accommodates all kinds of food . . . keeja it on tap! And enables you to buy food m large quantities at bargain prices, and to freeze and store the things you grow. With all the IH features of the 11.1 cubic fooc freezer shown below, plus these pictured. • SPECIAL HI FREEZER VALUE! ROOMY 11.1 CUBIC FOOT Tim big freezer holds 385 pounds of frozen food at id frcsh-flavor best! Convenient size to fit j nto your basc _ mcnt or kitchen. Safely stores leftovers, snacks, school lunches, ready-made meals. Simplify your housekeeping -save yourself steps and dollars w j,h this IH wonder- worker. Sec it tod ay 1 SPECIAL^! FEATURES... FOR SPECIAL SERVICE 'Tight-Wad" refrigerating unit will, (Wyeo, warranty. ^Vat-U-Scal" hermelically >oa l e d insulation. " r —*-1.ok" ro-x-1, frojl and helps to , ca | cabinet. 312 SOUTH 2nd. ST. PHONE 6863 EDSON Continued from Page 8 out for statehood. He played along with the conservative crowd. Thong,, he was appointed as n Democrat, he lie has halted Hie Trumnn administration's plans to give Hawaii statehood. U has been Delegate Joseph R. Fanington, a Republican, who has taken the lend in the stutc- hood campaign. FSirrlngton and Stnmbnck are in fact bitterly opposed on almost every Issue. Nor have the Hawaii Democrats much use for Governor stainback Several years ago a group of young Democrats in Hawaii sent Customs Collector Robert L. Shivers to Washington in an effort to get Stainback removed from the governorship. Governor Stainback found out about it through his aide, Pete Harrison, who had been office of Naval Intelligence man In Hawaii during the war and knew everything that went on in the islands In self-defense, Governor Stainback took up the Communist issue and tried to use it to keep his job Governor's Days Arc Numbered Governor stainback's second four-year term expires in August 1950. There Is little chance that, he will be rcapijoinled. He has no chance of being elected governor He might lie kicked upstairs to a Judicial appointment. He was a Judge In Hawaii when he was made governor by President Roosevelt, If the Senate should approve the House-passed bill to give Hawaii •statehood In the near future, there is a chance that the Islands might qualify In time for the November, 1350, elections. The Hawaiian Constitutional convcmion convened April 4. If they can work that fast, the new state government would lake over Jan. ,1. 1951. Stainback i»i|>hl l)o reappointed governor until that time . The Senate Interior and insular Affairs Committee under Sen. Joseph c. O'Mahoney has Just opened hearings on Hawaii statehood. Principal criticism is expected to come from Sen. Hugh Butler of Nebraska, ranking Republican one the committee. His Indicated tactics will be to delay action and keep the stale- hood bill in coDiinitlec. The real opposition to statehood for Hawaii, and Alaska too, may come from the Southern Democratic senators. Their fear Is that admission of Alaska and Hawaii would give the North four more Senate seats. That might be enough to swing the balance ami give the Norlli the two-thirds majority required to impose cloture—limited debate—in Senate consderaton of FEPC and other evil rights legis- lation. Thus Hawaii, which Is really more democratic than nn y other state on matters of racial discrimination, might be barred from statehood for reasons having nothing to do with its Internal conditions. Hollywood Continued from Page 8 you back him into a corner to sluj; Win. What, happens? The sound effects man hits a straw .dummy. "You work [or hall an hour bo build up a terrific love scene. The Guaranteed Fishing Worm Getter I'our n Illllc KAItl.V Hlltl) where worms arc—on rich, damp soil, under large rorks, boards, etc. Worms crawl In sin face in a few minutes, lim'sn'l hurl worms. Saves money, time, work, also from r Ing nut ol worms on trips. Tun to use. Guaranteed re- suits or money hiick. Long lasting Ijollle KAltl.V Ulltl) only SI.0(1 at— Hill Godwin Sporting Goods Are You Protected Against TERMITES? Your house is worth a lot of money so don't let Termites cause expensive dam- ngc. Get protection now... bul... BE SURE YOU GET THE BEST!. 11. C. Walls, a charter member and director of Hie Slate Pest Control Association, can do your job right. Here's why: 1. Licensed longer than any operator in Mississippi County. 2. Longest continuous satisfactory record of STATE inspections in Northeast Arkansas. 3. Your individual needs limiexiiy diagnosed, -f. Conscientious workmanship, a Sane plan of upkeep. CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE 924 East Main H. C. Walls Phone 3792 WALLS Choose Any of the 5 Model*,, Upriol,, Wod.l V(f 5/08 I5S.9S WITH NO OBLIGATION TO YOU-try any Universal Vacuum Cleaner in your home for 10 days . . . see how easy it whisks through your cleaning. _ R ugs , drapery, walls, furniture, lamp shades . . even those usually hard-to-clean corners are within easy reach. You'll do the quickest, easiest houseclcanmg you ever saw! We know you'll want to keep this sensational Universal cleaner . , but if you don't . . . just return it and keep our gift of the free Cutlery Set. ;M Is In s - OU r amis. What hap-i Hnqucnt millionaires' leas? The sound effects man MS-OS lie back o! his hand." ' *•"" — Mike Connolly in Variety: A waiter spilled a drink on Pcv;i;y Ryan's new evening gown. Pis>cd .ley: "Go nnd never darken my Olor asniii." . . . K irk Douglas, bout n Hollywood playboy: "I linik he went to a school for de- PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed JJest Prices Kirby Drug Stores (model RA 7812) limited lime only! /ffUtff^' ncw ' ^ 55 ° Universal Electric f Rnnye nt this special low price. Loaded with value-plus features—large Tru-Bake Oven, Push-Button Prc-Hcat, Autoniiiticook Control, 7-IIent Monotube surface units, 7 Ql. Deep-well Cooker, Utility cabinet with shelf, extra storage drawer-Universal quality throughout. See them while there's time. . -1 JiMMIE EDWARDS r rJ FURNITURE CO. 301 East Main Phone 2 487 Cat! 6911 for BiytheviKe TIN SHOP 111 North First «pn| Cr T| COnl|1 , Cl | ! SllCel Welal scrvicc ---Ei"> oil mil) feed mill work, house gilders, duct work. Call Taylor Uytun, shop manager. Arkot 2-1 Cotton Seed Produced hy University of Arkansas Hxperimcnl Sin BREEDERS SEED Available to Arkansas Growers Extremely early in fruiting and matures quick Harvest 155 to SO per cent of crop at first picking Hiirh Kin turn out. Staple: 1-1/1)2 to 1-5/32 inches' ilnee-yrar average nt Delta Substation 712 pounds lint per acre. Other production records in'19<19- At Mananna — S!I2 pounds per acre; At Hope-628 pounds per acre; In Cnijghcad County—722 pounds per acre. Hig In.ll. Predominately five-locked Easy Inlioii hil " d '"" m:u;llinc - Sccd are of h teh gcrmi- See Your Ginner or RAY F. PRICE 1M West Walnut lilytheville, Ark. 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Blytheville Fertilizer Corp, Highway 61 South Phone 4471

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