The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1949
Page 6
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Arkansas Given Boost by A-Bomb t Governor Predicts ; Industrial Growth ; Within Magic Circle ; KI/DORAIXX Art; Oct/19, #»>— Governor .McMath! predicted yesterday (hat disclosure Hussia has an atomic bomb will step up Industrial det elopment In Arkansas, ' In an address at an Oil Progress Week celebration here, the governor recalled that Economist Roger X3ftbson' ( had included virtually all of Arkansas .In his "Magic Circle" •which he expected to become the ('industrial and agricultural heart" of the United States. ?. "The devlopment which Roger Babson 'so forcefully predicted will certainly receive an -added incentive from the information given us fi few weeks ago that Russia now has possession of the atomic bomb," McMath declared. "Already our leaders are planning a necessary dispersal of Industries from, the highly vulnerable 1 East to the;Interior portions of the United States," he said. Arkansas, the governor snld, has much to offer these industries- oil, timber, minerals, agriculture, watei'powerv coal and natural gns. McMath reviewed history of the oil Industry in Arkansas from Its early wasteful days to the present flays; of a conservation program. Which he said \vas a model for other stales. ' . He also touched on education, de- glaring that tax increases voted at the recent-"school elections "prove an. awakened citizenry is determined' to raise our educational standards;" reported on the progress of the - highway construction program which he sponsored,, and 'warned that "States', Rights" must be accompanied by an acceptance of ''state's, responsibilities." " f ,A state-wide radio hookup was in-ranged for bbardcast- of the speech, ,a highlight of the stale's observance of ; the 90tli'. anniversary of the petroleum Industry. _ ^^^^^^^^•••^PMBMM^BBBM^MBHHBMiM Pitching Horseshoes BY BIIAJ BOSE The other afternoon I was snoop- what slip Is thinking, and in honor mh «?""? thc P ' CtUn: eallcri " on ol thcs<: '"^M* : "*ve her my >7th Street, trying to dig up mate- collection of Dutch masterpieces" Texarkana Flag Pole Vows Not to Come Down Until Chest Drive Over • TEXARKANA, Ark.,'Oct. 19. W)_ Texarkana had Us first flagpole fcitter yesterday. • A man Identified by the Salvation Army_.,on]y as ."Rudolph" climbed to top of a derrick-like 'structure In front'of the ..union station In downtown Texarkana and vowed that He would stay there until the community, chest teams raised their total budget' of '$82,821.18. ' State. Line Avenue, the street that divide* Texarkana Into Texas and Arkansas segments,' was marked off like a gridiron with dollar marks The derrick, with Rudolph •top, will moveiup State Line Av- 'ehue gresses. as the chest "campaign pro- j Thl VS. rapid transit Industry carried a number of passenger In 19M equal to about 10 times the population of the earth. ! TELI.S OF RE!) KOCKKT _ Capt. J. H. Sides, a Navy weapons expert, tells House Armed Services Committee at Washington Ihat Russia likely has guided rocket missiles able to find and knock down bombers above 40,000 feet Sides, deputy assistant chief of naval operations, testified on naval charges that defense chiefs are over concentrating on an "obsolete" B-36 bomber. ' (Ar Wircphoto) rial for a magazine piece about art swindlers that I Intend to call, "And They Hang Pictures! 1 ' In a shop off Fifth Avenue run. by an old thief I'm very fond of, I stopped to admire a portrait of a grinning Dutchman. "If It were hanging at the Me- Iropolltan Museum," I said, "I'd be Inclined to think It was by Prans Hals." "It's the last of five imitations," (aid the dealer, "and I'll let it go f "ifty dollars, complete with fram -Vhnt's more, I'll throw in the sto that goes with it." "You've got yourself a deal," ;aid, "providing the yarn is wort laif a C.' "This one isn't," said my frlen but I'll tell it to you anyway. ". Some yeflrs ago, a fiirl who wor! cd for one of the galleries rnarric a man who was old enough to her father's father. What he lacke in youth, however, he more tha made up for In life Insurance. Por a while, it seemed like a goo match. The old gent got what 1 had bargained for—companionship and the 8'rl got what she had neve been nble to achieve In the art busl ness—security. But, as usually happens in .sue cases, the party of the third part n_i in an appearance. The fourth sum mer of their wintry marriage, tli girl mot an easy-talking artist wh looked at lot heller than he paint cd, and who had been doing rlgh well for himself thanks to a serie, of monied and muse-struck ma trons. . The artist soon discovered tha his new girl friend's allowance' wa hardly enough for both of them, anc so he concocted a swindle, or, rath er, put a new coat of shellac on old one. Under his prompting, the girl too her husband on a Cook's tour of th art treasures of New York, arid aft er he had gotten religion' she sug gested that he ought to buy a few fine pictures himself—he'd be amaz ed at the pleasure he'd get out o them. "I've always liked pretty things, 1 said the old man. The girl moved in lor the kill. ": know an artist who owns Severn outstanding examples of the ntl Century Dutch school," she said! "I understand he's pressed ;for casl and, as you know, art Is always f good investment." Tile following day the old man met his wife's boy friend, and before the week wns out he had purchased five freshly-painted phonics for $80,000. They were installed in his living room and for the next couplo of years the old cool seemed to gel a good deal of quiet pleasure looking at theril. .When he finally died,- his com- "panionable wife was at his side. And a few days later the interested parties assembled in theOivIng room to hear the reading of his last will and testament. The first part of the document was given over to bequests to charities, loyal retainers and relatives, and the sums seemed remarkably large to the girl. However, she bad never known the extent of her husband's wealth and she wns (]Uite sure there would be plenty left for her. Finally the lawyer readied the clause for which she had been waiting: 'Now I come to my wife and faithful companion. As she sits ILs- where we spent so many hours to- tcning to these words in the room gether, I know she must be looking fondly at the fine paintings which grace Its trails. J believe I know Relieve Stuffy Nose FAST! ), x Quick. Put n (cw *• Vlcks Va-tro-nol Nose Drops in each nostril- Va-lro-nol works riglil where trouble is. Rclievcn head cold stuffiness almost instanllyt Vy VICKS VATRO NOL NOSE DROPS \Vhen you won? f o REMOVE OLD TRASH... lookunder"HAULING' 1 in }he Yellow Pages* Yf LLOW PAGES afso Jeff who buys... sef/s.., renfs ... repairs 'Pieces. 1 (Copyright, 1949, by Billy Rose) (Distributed by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) fight Arkansans Given Highest Masonic Honor WASHINGTON, Oct. 19. (AP) _ The highest honor in Scottish Rile Masonry, the 33rd degree, 'was awarded ywlerday to 3G4 men. Awards were announced by the Supreme Council. 33:'d Degree, Ancient and Accepted .ScotU'sh 'Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, at Its biennial session, The cDuncll also selected 1,168 Mnsons N.S KnishUs Commander of the Court of Slonor. H Is from this group that subsequent 33rd degree Masons are chosen. Recipients of Hie 33rd degree Include: Arkansas: William Wilson Campbell, Forrest City; William John Gla.sccck, Little Rock; Ronald Curtis IVelvie, Forl Smith; Frajik Lor- 3 Irby, El Dorado; Harry Padgett, Forl Smith; Harry Horatio Sclnnuck. Litllc Rock; Francis Jo- .sepli Scully, Hot Springs; Oscnr Ira Moore, Magnolia. Michigan Editor, Illinois Newspaper Win Distinguished Service Awards WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, I94J A W A II n K n NOBRL I'KACE KIKEi—Lord Boyd Orr (above), ormer chief of the United Nations cod and agriculture organization. ! as been awarded the Nouel peace Jri/.e for I949iiccordlng to an aii- xmnccment at Oslo, Norway, by I'.c Norwegian Parliament's Nobel ommitlce. (AP Wircphoto). CHICAGO, Oct. 19. W—A Monroe, Mich., editor and the Bloom- Ington, III., Panlagraph received distinguished service awards today at the Inland Dally Press Associa- tion's'annual convention. J. S. Gray, editor and publisher ot the Monroe (Mich.) Evening News, received, the third annual Minnesota award (or distinguished service in Journalism. The Bloominglon (III.) Panta- graph received the first Inland Daily Press Association community service award, established by the University of Missouri School of Journalism, presented a daily newspaper which has rendered outstanding service in community promotion. The Minnesota award was made by the University of Minnesota School of Journalism through Us director, Ralph D. Casey. It is a certificate and bronze medallion "Intended to recognize distinguished careers rather than single achievements of a spectacular nature." It Is given to Journalists who through practice of their profession have become leaders in community slate and national affairs "In a constructive way for the common welfare." Gray Is a former president of the Inland group and now heads the Michigan Press Association. He was twice president of the Michigan Associated Press •Editorial Assocla- ' Among successful editorial campaigns he has led are those fpr conservation measures, a rural library system, governmental .reforms, children's sports, and youth centers to combat Juvenile delinquency. He formerly was a reporter, editorial writer and later managing editor of the Adrian (Mich,) Telegram. He has been with the Monroe Evening News since 1927. The Missouri award to the Panta- graph was made by Prank L. Mott dean of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. The engraved trophy was presented to Loring C. Merwln, publisher, Joe M. Bunting, general BE SURE YOU USE] A TIME-PROVED LAXATIVE " - ii . 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