The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1933
Page 6
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER-:.2l.-. 1933 (ABg.) COURIER NEWS PAGE m CiASttiiiD SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dall/ rate per line tor conaxiu» llvo insertions: (Five average .word« to a line) One time per line We Two I toes per line per day 08c ThiM tlme» P*r to" W d * y Mc BU tune? per line per day .. OEe Month rite per line , Me Minimum charge Mo Adi ordered lor ttaee or' six Umea and; stopped belore expiration *U1 be charged tor the number o'Mlme* the ad appeared and iojusunttBl-of bill made. .: All classified Advertising cops iubinitied tiy persons residing out- «ide ol the cliy must be acconi- pwiled by Casrv Rates may lw easily computed Iroia above Ublt No re-poiisiulllly will be taken in more than one Incorrect In- itrtiun oi any classified ad. ^overusing ordered lor irregua: iuictuuus take the one limt cats. . . REAL ESTATE WANT LANIJ—We have buyers for We, Oil's and larger tracts. Can sell 6W tract. See THOMAS LAND COMPANY. May Hold Clew To Mate's Killer "Veil can buy r, home In Blylhe- ville on monthly Instnllnisnis \ns limn It Is renting for. I'd be glad lo tell yon ho\v. E. M. '1EHHY, Agenl. Phone 017 or 315 8c kW-t> FOR KENT I.TCEL-Y FURNISHED Apartment c'.osis In, 019 W. Main. Phone 3J2-M. 20c Mi TWO room N1CELV lurnished apartment. REASONABLE,^ SM W. Ash anM tied nirhiture Uongnt am toiQ FURNISHED APARTMENT, 108 West Kentucky, phone GS3. FURNISHED Bedroom, preferably (or man, furnace heal. 014 Muin. hone 98. ' &cklO-5 ATTRACTIVE bedrcom for men, close in. Mrs M. T. Moon. Call Vj.w 23c K9-23 Modern 3 room furnished or un- .furnished apjrlincnts, newly decorated, over Kirby Drug Co. Also store building adjoining Rosy Theater. F. Simon, 120 W. Davis. Call -. 2 5c kS-25 "Happy" days arc here again." Dunk BUD'WElStR kins 01 bui- tlcd liter. _ iUirxlu-.-J Water-Proof Tarpaulin* U.\i5 ?l).uu; otner uics-ana weigiiw i.ic'ile to order. Barney Awmiid Uo. ll',i S. tivsi St. Exi ; fcKT~Tym;wntins and Addms Machine Kcpairinj. V._ S. ^"J" enb ' •' " Ulc k'j-2 or two rooms on AoiTu iwili'ciiiu ain:<:i, atiiluule for toiion oiticcn. ^ 111 11X 10 Still UMIiilll Ull ii-aae. Aiuiiy courier i>e»n N'l KOOM3 at blB W. Mail onwumuiy i.etO:dit:a. unu i iB UlCll .111" H.I mill b"'»6' Ml. ' '"^ *' Mid. J. J. Dads' Curscticrc •I'hunc i'' 1 20C hlO-U rUuNlSHKD Bciiioom. Call afte •i oc.o^-K Mrs. tu iiariiirt, >u' \v-=liiia. _ ••" c Klu ' i Attractive ijcilroom, (JIB W. Mult Mrs McMuiiins, phone ti2'l-W • G. . Blytheville's cut rate undertaker. CLEANKBS. TA1LOKS Fur duality fleanbin PhoM 180 • liarncs NuWa Cltmeri .',.• 12C klO-1 . . Look* Like New • . j'hcne 171 Unique Cleaning Service 20c U10-20 WANTED TU Father, Tin^e Afjer 46 Veari Botanists arc unable ;o u»mV . Vflei-y plant, found growlM '' lie suvdcii of Hie Istc Luther 'Bnr mnk. . pi'. . JOSEPH. Mo. lUi'l — TllC meeting lieie of J. 'V- Ashlwk, 65, iilirt Ills daughter, Mrs. Ev» JJus- sard of imotjcne. IQM«. cowtltulcd a mouientou.s event In Ihelr lives They nevei lietoi'e tiuil teen cacll oilier. Aihlock and his flrsl wife, ninth or of MIS. Biibsiird. were scpnvat ed In 1 887. A few mouths I»te the daughter was born. The fulher und dnughicr botl lived In lowq, Ashlock m osccol and h|s child at, imOBciic. Rcrenlly Mrs. Bus-wul. who »""' lied 25 -yfnr.-i ucb. lenrncd Athlcc ad' moved lo St. Jo&cpli. While In a. Slw nnndouli. lown, eiiurtmonl , slorc Mrs. Bntsard vcrhcarri Mrs, Cella \Vciigcud(r ^lklllB about Hi. JnscpH. .She asketl Mrs. Weiiscnder If ic-kncn* Ashlock. The answer surprised Mr. it •as: "He's my father." •Thq sisters decided 10 surprise Achlock. and ininicdlately came ic re. Mrs. Tonya Dodsou, above, pretty 22-year-old wife ol T. "Hill" D'odEon'. Janinua puracliulcjump cr and airman, was anioiiB those <iucstlo»:(l by no- ;iea after ilodson was rlalibed fatally by an unknown nssail- ant In Ilio cj( his home in Loa Aiiselcs. Police £aiil Uod- Eon had qnarreleil about Mrs. Dodaou' with " strauter al a 'nislit clu)i. The rays ol ihe sun rake 8'i ninules lo Kadi Ihc earth. bor rv< s ff.1t>Vw GfuC*H JLz daily U\^ LAOit LJi v AO_'A *.J tl^lA atPhiiaaelpHia. 17«6' first W Subscriber" threatens b cancel xubstriptior n Norln EDMONTON. Albrrla ll)PI -- 1 Alrpluncs have not comVtctcly supplanted iloij teoms In lh,c fav (lovtli, Vttordn unpiwrs anil iH'ospectovs «rt. Viclor How, nolcd Alneltav) pilot, recenlly wj.i minted KB tilylng thnt Eskimo. 1 ;, impixirs, prospectors, or anyone wltlilng to travel in ,tlic orons regardlns his statement^ iioylli today, uses airplanes Instead They explained that while mbit* of Ihe oM-fnthloncct anil slow iliiu nctllirrncrs .use • planes to "coino. teiinu. In" and "BO out," dog teams stW 1 Ross siiincd (time when lie res- are as numerous and uscim "is" cued J3 i^rsons from thu Hudson ever. •' Hay Cani|inny(|'!s slCiiincr 'iay,- —:—:—:— . ' clilmo. "Rhosl shlii" of the no'rlli, ; ,,,.,., < '",' Icrkrd In the lee oil Point Uni': ' Ihc higheU Inhabited Placo..\i,\, row. ' the world Is the BiiiiuhUt mon- "H(«> noes loo far," laconically aslery of Ilnlne, In Tibet; It Is 11, y ' commented n number o( trail vcl-WO Icct, above «a level. OUR BOARDING HOUSK A hem An ardent aviation Ian, the Prince of Wales recently purchas- ;d his sixth new plmir. arc Ion nnp|l l.OHSons why rnbprs (iins ShotiM Ilnridlc Your Cftfton •' (1 ,.x i —On d'nard-^ThrnXi^h the ' licciiuw ol this unbroken . of (Icficntlnhility *o invite 1 1 pin your 1933 v i'ri}tf)k wt(K eiN 'i 6OT ANV MICE J ? WE) ; KIND wrm A^RSD /^ couua \-OOK\N& TOR A COURSE'YOU TitAU7.E •WE UStD TO UWEONE.1NJ HOUSE A ,COr/*;~-ANYTHING TX)TOU \OU? 1WS !•=> NO~V THEN WE.D HAVE. .. CHEESE : WITH OUR APPLE ', APOOCUPIME, ] •PARROTS, OR "RABBITS. P / 'lJWO VETS.' FROM . , HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, iniK-r tubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, cars to wreck. Won Arun, 128 E. -Mam, Pr.onc im COKN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 29ck9-2!i Alii.; KINDS Men, '"Women and children's used clothing and shlfe. Highest cash : .'price.-Lei.,.. ton's. TJO E. Main. '• .OcklO-fi GOODS Vfe. ar^ eimlinuiiig our Golf lia, Salt OiHr—Cume in and innuiie uouul it. llubbatil Jiarilwarc Co. lilc klO-i. UAD1U SB K VICE BOOTS AND HKR BlinniKS STEVIO IS FIRS!'. |lv Mnrtln WANTED. Storage room, must be watcrprool r.ud reasonable. Mrs. Morris. phone 300 or 2'M-J. «-l' Drink ll:n licst for the sanm pi ire, RUDWEISEK kins of tiutllcc bp6r . ZOc'xlO-2, EXPERT RADIO SERVICING j-est hxiuinpc.d Shop m Blytnuvilk IIAKULU SL'UlSUKlf — rilU.Mi • • - NEW FORD BATTF.RIES Rcntal-Becharglng-Kcpalring TIRE & BATTERY STATION Kcr rrompl Battery Service. Phone 8 Ben Clune 31o kS-3. AUTOMOTIVE Ualcnay Garajr Good niechiinlr - Work Guaranteed Prices Kiglil ISpk2t Day .& Nigh' Service Station compieto Unc Shell Products Repair Work at. Any Time phone 605 Milton SS'crnberg. I3c klO-1 J.rtRGKST STOCK USED PART; Between Meinpliis and St. Lout .Also Anlo Gins* — Phone GG JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. K 1:10- i . Aato Glass 1 Air Kinds Installed (The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. • ; " lockio- Rcd's Place—118 E. Slain Call 308 for Anlo rainllnf Rody and Fender Service Formerly ivnii Shousc-LHtle to MALB HELP WANTBD :.XN—Wanted to l^kc care of a "tstablishecl husincr 1 ; in the sal f McConnon Pfodncls in Missis rri. Craiehcad. Polnsctt. Criltcn ni. Ramiolph, Lawrence am ircen counties. Ciocxl living rijh ov: with increasing profils as yo", Ltonie acquainted wiili custom rs and tastn<:ss. We flnancc re wmstblc persons. Experience no •ssnry. Apply by Icl'.cr lo Me ;ONMON & 'COMPANY, ney.i VBM-3il1. Winona. Minn.. 20 p l:i STRAYED 3TRAYED or STOLEN SaLurrta> night sirall yellow Jersey tow. '• yrs. old. leather halter with IV oot chain, ionz sharp horn.-, shor dark bush on tail. CM Jakp Un WASH TUBB3 SKHJ.KTON •«» dull A PLATE OF HW AMD EG&S I/ 0 RESTftLJRMJT COSTi ^dfO, •ar r,in ur r.o'.ify Ilayne-s. i)i,rk Jersey Cow about S years d'.d riioit Iclt licri'. .left .Mate liu- :,-niify Willis Gins?. Juiise Cur.- niiThim's placr. Rc-.™"l 2ii: W. WANTED TO KKN1 MODERN HOUSE-Prcferably ir v, t .si district. "?"• Courier Ne-« 2 ID KU. I.KOAI. NOTICES KIJSSKI.I, ANDKRSON In charge Chrysler Oarn^c Work Guaranteed on any make car New'Van Norman-Boring Machine rhprio 888. . DOGS, I'CTS Fur Ileallhj Uojs feed JJiller's Rations * Quick Lunch HUBBAKI) IIARRDWAKK CO. iickiu-n WARS'INC OKDEK IN THE CHANCERY COUH1 OF 'CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. CimmomvcaHl! Building & 1-onn ••issocialioi). rlainlilT. vi. No. 55555 R L ai'.crrick et. al.. Defendant. The dclendents U. I- SUcrrlck and wife O^ellc Sh:rrlck arc warned to app?nr wilini thirty days in the court named in .the caption hi-rcof answer the complaiiu o: U-.c piahUifT Commonttcalth Building and i-'jan As.'.oclaticn. IJatcd thib 30 day of Aug. 1333. H. K. k T. R. 1,. GA1NES. CIsv'K. 8-31-H-21 SAI-K OK TKADh 8uT . IT'S QEIM& CiMHEREO W THE e^R ^ND TABLE Lt\tS, PiHO NOT FROW "THE BEDS OF CRKKS. Ht SPSAKEASV NF-%T TO IS WIDE OPEH M16HT BY BLOSSER'".; YA CAN'T STOP SAM! Be HftLJF-ftM!-«ALF RUU- FOUKTH-VT'S THE OW- 1 / -'.CAM- WHAT AHE THE. PLANS': WILL KF.LLi cheap iny house und 2 lots ill Blythcvlllc or trade lor iibCd car. Box 03 or 321 S. Lily St. FOR SALE EABY BUGGY, practically new. ven.sonable. Phone " 838-J. Mrs. '8ck22 The nWP'wise arc.driffiin? Blin- WKISEIi, king; of bottled lieor. 20cklO-20 ; THE Ulf-TllICT COURT OI- THE UNITEK STATES O V '.HE KASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. JONESBORO DIVISION. In (he Matter of Robert S. Harru. Bankrupt No. 1750. N'ollro is hereby given that pc- laicii for dlsehsiraij'of Iho bank- i.'.r.t has been filed, and suine will ,-n : heard m the United Slates C 3«n Room, .it Little Rock. Ar.,\ii-a?. on Ihe 27th clay of October. tWJ. at-to- A.' M. ' "SIB D. REDDING. Clerk.' By Jiiaiiita Wc3t, D. C. AND_ HIS FBIKNDS SAY.' POODLE IOOK6 AS FIT te> A FIDDLE !f VOU'D HEVfiC KMOW THAT SHE'D STOP IT, -'POOOU I KMOW 1 URi-1 APOUMD. "^ 50 SHE CAM Wte VOUR OTHER GEE! EVEPV 6O OFTE>1 5Ht_ GROWLS UKE 1>WT ..VffiU 'IF SHE. SilU. THINKS OF/ TMCT PORK CHOP ^ 60WEBODV ' 'I 1 WHW DO VCO ?>AV V/E, WWL< OVER TO RED'S p| HOU&E? HE YOU DAV WE CW/E FROM lAKE. r j-^T C f~.-s\'. THE TWO MEM,UP HUFF HOTE.L, ARE. ^ HA.V1M6 \ LITTLE TALK BETWED1 W,U&TCM TO ME, 6U5....EVERYTHIM6 ' OUT GREAT. 5>UCK.....'YOO:KI : 10VI VOW; 60FlR l .''.'™.LEt'&"&CTl MISSOURI,FOS TOE Y «in~. 601M6-VOU KNOW *- ""«=TU.Mr,T ..— -.»'»• THE

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