The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1946
Page 6
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BLYTIHSVILUg (AUK.) COU1JIEK NEWS Pepper Advises 'Kg 3' Meeting 0«tlin«s Program For International Accord TO Avert Atomic Race : WASHINGTON, March 21. (UP) , -fSieri. Cl»ude Pepp«r, 0., pjn., Wednesday called lor an Immediate meeting of th« Big Three to smooth out major differences among the Uu/tel states, Russia and Great Britj|in. .„ v., .. -:., ^ w : jj t - If) a r 6.00O- word Senate speech on' Americitt foreign' OJbHejr;' Pep-' per putlined a broad program of int«piaUonai .cooperation whicjv he »*gifcd Is the only alternative . to "» 4*sp«rat« atomic armament race and in the end war." ' Klf program Included: • l.'An agreement by all of the »% Three to destroy their respee- (Jve facilities for making atomic weapons, and permit representative* of the United Nations Secur- flty Council to witness the deslruc- tiog ." "I would prefer that Ve should tint destroy every atomic bomb We have and smash every facility We : possess capable of producing only destructive forms of atomic energy,'' Pepper said. . 2. 'Joint occupancy by the United N»tipns of strategic army, navy and air leases held by any nation outside its homeland. *.*: Equal access for all nations to . the critical raw materials of the v orJ0, particularly oil. 4. Turn over League of Nations mii^Jates to the UNO Trusteeship Council Removal of all foreign troops from Palestine, which should be' placed under the Trusteeship Cornell !i. Guarantee that Germany and JajMn never will be permitted to wagr war. Accomplish this by '''iwilessjy". moving for "derrtllt- tamation, denazification, deccn- tr»Ijj»tion, decartelization and rc- edjcstion 1 ' of the conquered people* . f. Work out over-all economic; Pof$cal and cultural cooperation amopg the major powers. Pwpper.made an open appeal for support of Sen. Arthur H. Vamlcn- berf , R., Mich. H e said Vandenberg had such an Important influence on American foreign affairs Ihnt he <#d not wish to have his oppo- IVpper review-id disintegrating relations between the Big Three, a#d cited a number of incidents »Wch he felt justified Russia's erojring suspicions t and 'dependence upon her ow nstrength. ' "Ift there be" convened at once a meeting of the heads of the governments of Great Britain, Russia and the United States and a full- sc«k conference of the Big Three set under way post haste," Pepper said. He tald Army chief of staff Dwfcht D. Eisenhower, Soviet Marshal 'Qregori zhukov and British gen. sir Harold Alexander also shoijld attend, a s well as business- mejj and labor and agricultural leaders Pepper said agenda of such conference. "must. be. the restoratio TURNER WASH TUBES . AND BURN UP THE KOftV TO THAT TELEPHOrO AND MOW WE'D LIKE A VOLJBKUEEftHCNEV ...THAT'S SETTER! BUT VOUKE A urrue THE MAN WHO KEAUN FOUND KM WAS HAL IRBYI PR0BA&LV THE RRST PifitK WU THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 19-IG —• >^*i.«.w*..ivt <a]iiuii£ vile . £] by »orklng out agreement on the l-anAa mental issues—military, eco- no "W c . political and cultural—which tod»> are holding up agreement on ti)e specific issues that come be- I»e,the :security.-xoiincii:""-, rft swill .riot; .seek,' agreement' oh de^jl,.but,-brh i ttiii«i> basic-; pl-lhcipleS oil Y hi ch the detaited'isEues pivot*'*' Pepper said. Pepper charged that America's failure to stop atomic bomb production on V-J Day already has precipitated suspicion and ill will Red Plant—Symbol of Industrial Might This huge.metallurgical plant, recently built in Kazak Republic-, symbolizes the rapidly cxpandine Russian industrial might which has launched the USSR on a C|iiest for raw materials machinery and markets throughout eastern Europe and the Orient. It is (o factories like this that the Red Army V, if.!T ,•..-. is reported to have sent machines rinnnri from Manchurhm Blunts. i and a "desperate atomic bomb raee among the- major powers." He said that destruction of our own facilities for making atomic weapons before the proposed Dig Three confcrc'uce would enable the United slates to go into the conference "with the cleanest of hands.'' 'But It will not be Imperative that we destroy our atomic bomb facililles before going to such a conference If we will solemnly offer lo do so, it the other members of the Big Three will covenant to destray all sucli facilities which they have ami all of us will agree that the fullest access to all of our countries shall be allowed to representatives of the Security Council to witness in all our countries such destruction,"' Pepper said. "We should all have lo pledge ourselves never to make any \vca- out of atomic energy and to give representatives of the security council the most open and the freest riyhl of examination of our facilities and research in this field at all times. "Our areement to destroy our Teen-Age Boy Imprisoned In Railroad Car . s. e. e resoration «— nB"- 1 -'"^'"- «j ucamo 1 um of confidence among the Big Three bomb-mhkHj facilities must also - ..... be upon condition lhat all the present and future body of knowledge. respecting atomic energy shall be freely poured into the international channels of science and become the common property' and : the hcvvesc servant of , mankind. 1 ; f .' QUIT&IAN, Miss., Mar. 21 (U!'> —A search continued throughout Mississippi lotliiy for (he pnrcnt.s of a tccn-jigc boy who was loimd ncnr death in n rflilrond box cur ill Johnson city. Tciin. He hnd been locked in tile car for more than a week. The search for the parents was being conducted by C. B. Hood, hcud of the Hood Lumber Co.. of 'Qultiuim. It wns in n Itood Company car that the boy wns found, suffering from Liilrst nnd malnutrition. There were no signs of injury. Hood sakl that [he youngster, nbout 15 years old. was well dressed. Railroad detectives were nt he was hitching loss to explain how lie became locked in the car. They said apparently "not the type who'd be rides on n freight." The box car hnd been loaded at the Hood mill In Mount Olive, | Miss. From there it had gone to I Jackson, Miss.,-. Mcridinn, Miss.; Blrinliighnm, Ala., and then toi Johnson City. | farmer Faces Charge In Poison Attempt FRANKLIN. Term., Mar. 21. (UP) —lolm Edwards, Thompson Station. Ten))., 20-year old farmer who admitted his attempt to poison his ivifc, unborn child nnd five ill-laws is scheduled to appear before general sessions court, here Saturday. Edwards said he poured a can of lye into Ills father-in-law's well lo get even with hi.s niothcr-in- , Mrs. Bryant Harris, "for try(o separate me and my wife." ? V J C ' Mrs ' Eila M »l Harris ™S s> "• !l l cd < " vorcc proccc ' j Bs three weeks ago. Edwards confessed he mixed Paris Orcen In „ h, B of feed which cau"- ccl the death of three cows and .^poultry owned by hi s iy^ __^N cws W aiit Ads. Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No longer be annoyed or feel ill at ease because of loose, wabbly falL tee h. PASTEBTH, an improved a N haline (non-acid) iwwder, sprinkled " Hc , hey feel more comfortable. Sooth- Inn and cooling to gums marie sore by excessive acid mouth. Avoid embarrassment caused by loose nlntr* Ge^PASTEETH today aTany^dn.^ 2,000 Vehicles Slated For Sale Surplus Trucks Being Offered In Louisiana Beginning Next Week Over 2.000 surplus vehicles will i>c sold at Camp Livingston, located just north of Alexandria, Louisiana <iurin B the week of March 25, .7. W. Jarrett, uttle Rock Regional Director. War Assets Corporation, stated today. Most of these vehicles are trucks ranging In slz e from half-ton to five tons. Only a few 'Jeeps' are included in this sale. All vehicles mny be Inspected during the week previous to the start of the sale. The order of sales have been set "P as follows: Monday—to federal Agencies; Tuesday—to State and local governments; Wednesday and Thursday—to veterans, for personal use; and Friday—to veterans, dealers. Claude Marks, representative of the Little Rock Office of War Assets Corporation, will attend the sale ami will lend every possible as- sistcnce to Arkansas veterans^ state and local governments desiring to make purchases, Mr. Jarrett said. The ft. Worth Regional office consumer goods division o f the War Assets Corporation, will be ;i):u'gc of the sale. Ill WARNING OKDKR In the Chancery Court, Chickp • sawba District. Mississippi County, Arkansas. Goldic Davis Smith Plaintiff, vs. No. 9494 B. H. Smith Defendant The defendant B. H. Smith is hereby warned to api»ar' within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Goldie Davis Smith. Dated this 27 day of Feb., 1946. • HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Freida O'Neal, D. C. Ed B. Cook, Atty. for Pltf. G. W. Barham, Atty. ad Litem. L«Miu-Up-Expelt Thick Choking Phlegm Bronchial Coughs Coughs due to Colds fipend 46 cents today ivt any druB ?.'?x?.. f< £ a bnlll ° o f Buckley's CANAD1OI. Mix-lure. Take .1 Ica- srmonrul, let It lie r>n your tongue n moment (lien swallow slowly. J-TeBl Us powerful cnccllvu actlnn spread thru Mii-ont. head and tubes Acts taut to easo coughing spasms <">'] loosen «p thick choking plilegm wh ch Bcems to clog ths tubes and mnko hreathltis difficult—helps mrniy get better night's rest Try Buckley* Canadtol nn our guarantee of satisfaction or money tack. 45c_S5c—all druggists. HOKUM'S DRUGS - SAID SHE FELT "DOWN AND OUT'!.. 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Sidney Grccnslreet and William Prince News of the Day Also Shorts Friday and Saturday DOUBLE FEATURE The Big Bonanza' Richard Arten A Robert Livingston Serial: "The Master Key" Also Shorts

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