The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1933
Page 5
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THUKSDAY, 21. 1933 HI,YTHEVH,LE. (AUK.) COUR1K11 NEWS Unknown Girl Actress Will Head Star Cast in Film Version of "Alice in Wonderland" Luxoni School News Wido Search For Type Ends At' Film Capital Kighl 11V DAN THOMAS NKA Srrvcr Writer 11CLLYVVOOD, Sept. 20.—Afior ^p?ndlng the lasl four or five months searching thvongli all English-speaking countries for a girl lo play the title role !n "Alice in Wcnderland." Paramount cxccii- llves finally found hcr-aiul right in their own back yard, so lo speak. Charlotte Hemv, (oriuer Brcok- lyn girl who lias been playing very minor rohs In pictures for li'.e pasl four years, Is the one chosen to iwrtray this mythical character. The extensive search lor Alice chould teach IIoHyrcod something --Unl il probably won'l. No matter what it is ihe movie moguls desire, they always go nlvmt looking Tor it In [lie most difficult manner porsible. II an actor, di- reclor or writer Is desired, they always stall looking in the far-off coiners of the cath, i-.ever right here in Hollywood. "Need fur new talent" is the excuse tlioy use. Vet there is more nev talcnl !n Hollywood today Ulan the studios possibly could absorb during Hie nexi iwo o: 1 three years. i'.ig Names (ii> With Her Now Ihal Hie main character lus been secured. "Alice in Wonderland" will gel under '.vay in a • really pretentious fashion. Among these already assigned lo vnrious roles are Gary Cco)x-r as the While Knight. Ulna Crosby as ihe Mock Tunic. Jack Oakie it?. Tweed - lecluiu. Charlie Ruggles as Ihe While Rabbit. Louise Fazenda as the. While Queen. Ford Staling, us tile While King. Alison Skip-i worth as the Duchess. Leon Krrol STAFF . 1/nxo;-.! football le.isn are amli.uly 1 snviu-il lo atteiui Ihi- "pep mi'Ot- :rms" held 1-verv 'I'r.nrsday nisht on KaiUir-ui-chi'. i. William HUM:-. ,|,., il: \ m> \ camnu.-i. business manager. Jess:- Oullop j 0 i m j.- ncwen, Howard liewen. spoils editor. Alvin Wumlorllch jr. .1.,,,,,.,, ii,. ulR ,|Hfr. Hilly taicus and and J. C. Seal; lllci-ary editor. Mar-I Alvm \viiiuleilk-li Jr.,'will lo at. llk-h-Jids-. isrudi- editor. 1'ls: • ,; . nns im u u , ,, xi . ul . h !oii tlie llith. Junk's Kowler and Emmy I'owell.! IK' home ol Mrs J. W. MclJs Mon- The enrollment is 17. jtlay alieiivooi). The clfl-w hope* to win <hc dollar, Mrs. Pete Boney and daughter, ; at P, T. A. this mouth, In order loj Annie Elltabeth. »ie 111 tit the home of Mr4. Boney':! inoilier, Mrs. (Jlaji ' ciice Davis. i llennnn McUod U improving af- ler several dnys Illness. Mrs Lily Honey Is'lX'Uer lifter , .-evi-ial :iays Illni.-s. 1 Kuiuiuy school Is held euch Sun- diiy nl Id 11 in. All are Invited. buy Improvements for lr< room. Lone Gak Nnwa Howard; humor allloi 1 . J'Hran: serial i-clHoi, Vivian bvi t 7 riends Give Books to Luxora School,li An iulurmal Im-sduy muhl r.ivl liir I i-r Hul.-. no'.v unrklnii iilvi-n i ;ii)d Sinn Ilo\v<' in lljvi.ibiii;:. Tlii- mlsslunaiy society nu". ul; ihe i-1-.ui'i-h Monday afternoon Tlu-re were five members unit vis- ' ileus pn^enl. The elnneh wus cle;mi'd mul plans made for selling by Mr.s. 0. M. Urn- ! l> i 1 "" 1 licv J 1-' Manning ol Mu-i Biicsl, Mis. Walker ! imn _ nm „„ ',„;,'appDliilm'enl iu-r, | ;.Sunday, i ; Th.- i-tnmiuinlly club will meet at | xt .f f en's NEWPORT, TCX*B (UP)'.'-;'. tlicugh Kuuner John pillion 10 fctop' ami milk" Ins mtila 11 day's plowing, he believes nm'mdl uorlhy 'o[ her lr»y.~ ' mule has given milk jlki a ' (u'v for months,, declare; Clifton'. I \:'.iKst barn has attrpcted m«ny| vi->!lors. Many pi-iipl:- »im niv int'.'ri 1 ^'- •' in ihe tei'.eniK'iii ct u'<' l.nsor.. school libraiy have i-anliibuli. 1 ;l_u"-'- : books and iiv.iK^'hv.s^io It. T uvn- ty-rive now novels h'uve b:';;n -jr- <ier(-cl iintl ai'e ;-.\]>:'ft-';l hi n 1 .--. wek. • ; •I'h.cve is .1 'varied h.-l a! bJ^fc. and n.ngii/ines In iho libraiy. t". raver almosl any siil)]ecl. H;-sp".:i slbli- libr.iriiius were nnpaln(i'il nii p arc loBkiug nder the libraiy. With ll'.i' help n ml eoupiT.ilion f. the in:!)lie wilh Ux- «-ho:>l Luxor.. . expects t<j builil a libraiy us B^xi as any in Miis-l'slppi toi.nly. l.uxora School Building and Grounds Beautified 1 ~:Hi-r in the hlfcsh s-.-honi nn:ll- :I':'ULIII Motulay iil^ht. Hirluird Cllntiin Iti-vu-re. \vho h-is :i'iMlUd 10 Lo llllprovill'J. I'.uii:. V'tndyeo nmt I Is slbler. Ni'lli:- iilli'iuU':! t-i Ijii'.lm-.'-s In SI. l.ouis K.iliirday. •ll'.i- [li-sl football n.ime sehed- .I'.i-il lor ink :,eason is lo be lu-ld Tiidiiy. Si:]it '21. with Kelsi-i, Ikii inur'l'aiil Itevii-n- mutuivil lo 1 •mu-s'w K;iiniay. (ill.\M.MAU (iltAIIK M:\VS lu'f JT in lliis cla Hullatiil bionsihl liiiril (iradc • — . — - | 'Iwrniy-ilirci 1 »ri' cnrullrcl In lluj Luxora pupils have ylnrlixl l"i"r. '• nrul giade. • lo SL-IICDI l'::is> year \vith much ?n- , Kvcicli Glltei; has Iri'ii ub.scnl i tliiisliisni. One reason Is Hint lli'j::tj,n si'bu^l on accoun^ o( llltiL'ij. ^:-liool uiv.l groinirfj Ivjvo b^L-n bean- - l-'niirUi fimli 1 • llficd. . I A iinv More Is uo\v oprn Icr bus! , Tlvj school i-joins have l:ei :i iainU'd a |)iile cream color. \vii • ihe <K)jrs. dobks. and lackcts a 111.1- lioyany color. A bri-jia tilver cole: 1 Das I in proved ilw- Icokc of tlic ra- diaiors and tlie trilints In all lii:- -:^ In the loom. A njdlii;; rlub IMS b^L-n olgan- r;l wnli 22 iiii'iniM'is. l-'rcd Unnt- is pii'si:leiil and Evelyn Ehltaley Bccavse she resembled ire purpose of!iin;j lypnvj. Tor ih? pupils' HUiT-'.-.l sevora! new ;ocieliis have been oi-|jaiil/.i-tl. | These arc I'ne Uramittic r'.nb. Ex- 'celsior ssciely. Playmnkors -suclety. anil the Glee club. Th: prcsUU-:-' lh~ i of the clubs an-: J.imes McKay I'lay- Tt:e fonilli uradc had llio '^ro !•<'. iniinber i:l mothers iiiCFCUt. at '.la- I 1 . T. A. medium Stpleinlwr 1'J. SKIli <iraiU' ijnnn.: 1 .Su. 1 rjcsU'rs and France.'. McKae bavc returned lo school. Nt«- nieinb:ri ol the cla:»s an: Td!s How She Lost! ISLkofFATj ! KlK'tiiiuiti.sni (l<iiie Tun ; llcie Is 11 woman who wax lap-, ally ^tiltlnu on welyht and who < \su.s truubli-d with rheimisitlsm loo.' Iliad her lellui-: I .-lulled lukliiK Knischen Sails' li:(.ui:-r of tile fiixKl II hud tltnie, loi u [rlnul of mine who had been I kd wilh iheumiillbm. Al llu-' ii[ Hi? .H-colul btulle 1 was* u-d iind ihul I am now nnly' ixiunils uirl|;inal weliihl Itj3 ut whlcli I am r.u »lenieil. llul 1 huie also fell my ilu-innn- llsm iniirli less, which has bt-i-n .) tioulik-some hi my knovs. 1 [ must :,ny 1 (lihik Ki iliclltn n j ipl'iidid -.u-li;lil reducer." (Mks> ' II. I,. I'. Overweight and rheutnallc ]Hii- Miiiini; ofleli no loxcthei 1 . The six •alls In Krm.chcn as.fl5l the Intern:ii oi^iins to jK-rform lh?lr fnne- Itiuis pioperly-liltlt by IHlle tnal inly fut i;iws: slowly. ye.-.-biU i-uiely. You feel wonderfully lie«l;|i>. yc'.nhfii] and cim-gellr-—a-.or.- m than e\er before In your life. Kn.'.c-heii SnlW Is nbtaln.ible ul all tlriis stores—11 Jar Insls four veeks mill cosls not more Hum Wr. • --Adv. ;iCi-'J \Vijmeti to Have (Jwn Har El, PASO. Tux. lUI'l — El t'.isa «oiiii-n will huve an exclusive plare lur Ihelr a.'J ,lK-er clrlnkliif., Nal I'orlcr, Ho'.el Kussmiin man- j Mild he will uik'ii ii "worn-! i-er Kiii'den" In ihe hole]. cd irllhoul the kclfr SUfi I'iuiccr, varlcoscd vtlm. twi- iils rrmimcJ non-innlcalljr. DltS. NltS »od NIE5 OITkc 514 Miln rhwe ml Hi: Ibs IfV.TiXH 5ISTER MARY'S KITCHEN Ices. 2 leuspoons sail. 1 uiblespoon minced parsley. Prepare veBetables as foj- fhe lable. Combine and bring lo tiie bailing point. Add sail and oil IIv GUARANTEES lirre and TlH-re in Snelety , Prot. T. D. Wilkins allcndM u | business in LiUle Rock Tuesday and | Oiieil beef with biowned IOIIKI pup-overs, inilk, coffee. ! IjUNCHEON: Uix-n tomato and ] Wednesday. ! harsi sandwiches, tapioca cream] Mr;;. Jylm Coi'knui is visilinB i pudding, milk. tea. | Memplii-.; this \vrek. minulcsi. Pack in slcrilizeii Jars, | DINNER: l.anib pie. ercamc.1 ! half seal and process in hut wa- 1 llcw f.rnips. honeyiiciv and stiiffet! .ter bath for three hours 01- unier popper pliini cobbler, milk,' .en |x>nnds pressure for - forty-live ! coffee. '• "Knie Kong" tn be sr.own m ditoriniii. Mi'5- Alvin Wimderlich s the next picli::."- 1 l:a high scho:!. r.u- | alteiuKd minutes. BY S1STEK MAKV NEA Sen ice Writer There rcn-.Ts a tune tov/ard the: end of the season when markets' and gardens arc Tilled wilii odtis; r.nri ends of the summer's crOj>.; Ti:c;-c may not be Piiough of any • c:ic vegetable or fruil len in fne j individual garden or oi-cha:-cl lo j served on i!:e table o: can tor i wimcr use. but a variety of apue tl/ini; soups, salad mixtures. U isj'.es. c'nutneys and preserves ma be niafe by conibinlii-.; the lefi- ovevs. If ihnught is s^'en lo i:-.e pre. (icniinii'ir.i; inste dcsised. almcsl any comhinalion of vcgelablcs can be nsed for some purposes. For oilier uses a careful study of combined flavors is needed for satisfactory resulis. Te Add lo .Meal Stork i An excellent soup mixture lo, add to meal slort: in the winter is | mode by fihiny a sleiili?ed jar j v.-ith Inyerr of all liie vegetables! ni hand. Late peas, beans, carrots, coin, celery, okru. tomatoes, onions, turnips, cauliflower and cab- biiie c;ni be useti in numerous roinbiiiHtions. Tlie mixture is caiinefl according to the'usual hoL- j;nck mcthcd. proce. c ?.ing the cnns for the ix-riod roqnis-ed by the •vci!etab!e nctdini; Ihe longest time. .Salad mixlures ajc canned in slightly sweetened visicaai. The vegetables are Iiesli ar.d delicious lasliiit; when served in ihe winler will] a -plain French dresfiin^ c" majonnnire [lte.s.=ir.g. They aho are gcxxl added to a jellied salad. Lima beau?, small uncut, beans, eairot.s. red and ijrcen pcpers. .silver skinned onions and cucumbers I are particularly good for this pur- ro*e. With the exception of ci:- mmhers. which should bn soaked i r-vcr niishl in a salt solution. Ihe veselables are prepared a.s tor canninc. When veselablcs nre rcr-dy. pack them in .slcrilized J?rs and pcur o;er a fniullon made by bringing lo llic boilinc imir.i :t-i cup sugar. 1-1 cnp water. 2 cuiis vinejar and 2 teaspoons salt. Process in hot vatcr ball-, [or 30 nnnuics or al len pounds pressure for len minutes. Frtiilr. are canned in liahi syrup vhcn wanted fo:- salads. Sou > Mixture One cup lima beans. 1 cup torn ciil- Irom cob. i cii'i (licrd rur-. loir .' diced celery. 1 kma',1 onion minced. -I cups diced loma- tHKDFORU'S BLACK-DRAUr.HT nadc oi the dried, ground-up leaver uicl rools of plants that act on tilt con-els when they are sluggish or ronsttpatcd. Refreshing relief. Take thU dependable, purely vegotafcla medicine when yon need a laxative. Tomorron-s Menu BREAKFAST: Sliced I wilh ceica! and cream, I to busine^ in Memphis MonJ.ty I When lie reases to maiket Imcii-- ' anil Tuesday. ! marked goods, ihe righi [if a man- | Mrs. E. GUCIKC and (laughters poache:. , Hfactured lo the trade- mart: lap- • visited in nnghr.B Si:nilay. creamed ' .TCS. lliwe \v!io are interested 1:1 the AT NEW LOW PRICES To Insure Your Cotton {'ill 707' Caudill's A«ency . GKXERU. I.N'SURrXNCE 10'J NtTlli Uru:ulv,;ij PROVES ITS ECONOMY RIGHT HERE AT HOME ^ 20j; MILES TO A GALLON OF GAS! NOT ONH QUART OF OIL NEEDED BETWEEN 1,000-MILE DRAININGS! YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT FOR ECONOMY! And thal's exactly \vliat the new Tore! V-8 delivered ... in the Mid- South Economy Run . . . officially checked by the American Automobile , Association. Now you KNOW iIiE ECONOMY of llic new Ford V-S. And you know it under driving conditions right here at home . . . driving conditions you yourself face every d-iy. But to know its PERFORMANCE . .. lo rcali/c how this new Ford V-8 outclasses every other car in its price range ... i behind the whcd and DRIVE IT! Drive it as you will . . . over good roads and bad . . . d;ivc il fast ., , drive it sloiv. Tccl il come to life and respond instantly lo your lightest touch, You'll know, then, car performance really is! \Vc invite a demonstration. Nothing Less Than A V-8 Will Satisfy! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. .\nlliori/.cil I-'iml Dealer ^T their sensational new low prices, Gillette, Probak and Valet AutoStrop blades are guaranteed on a money-back basis. 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Recognizing Gillette quality as unequalled — the shavers of America swept away reserve stocks in all parts of the country and dealers wired,"Otit of merchandise. Rush our shipment" Certainly this is a great tribute to our blades. 10 '» 49* We pledge u continuance of the quality that has made Gillette the world-wide leader. More than this-\ve guarantee quality as stated above. For unequalled shaving comfort and economy use Gillette, Probak or Valet Blades. You get absolute satisfaction or your dealer will refund your money. TTE SAFETY RAZOR CO BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS

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