The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1944
Page 3
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_SATUItI)AY, SEPTEMBER 23, IO-M GOP Candidates Are Announced f Arkansas Republicans <,^Pay Ballot Fees For ^General Election LITTLE HOCK, Sept. 23 (UP)— Arkansas Republicans have filed their slate of candidates for the November 7th general election in the secretary of state's office and candidates have paid their ballot fees. They are: United States Senator — Victor Wade, Governor—Hnrley Stump. Lieutenant Governor — c R Black. Attorney Central — Charles A. Cole. Secretary ol State—J. W. Meter. Auditor—Edward Waller. 5th District Congressman—Lonzo A. Ross. 3rd District Congressman — Tom Sullins. President inl Elcctors-at-large — Hudson Dotson and pan) McCartney. 1st District Presidential Elector —H. p. Taylor. 2nd Disiricl Presidential elector —H. C. Holloivell. 3rd District Presidential Elector— T. L. Jackson, 4th District Presidential Elector —Nonnnn Llsk. Gth District Presidential Elector— A. W. Campbell. And 7th District Presidential Elector T. S. Grayson. B •• ' reeders To Exhibit Outstanding Animals At Fair Next Week Hereford entile breeders of Hits section arc passing: up (he national Hereford show at Atlanta in order to exhibit (heir top stock at the annual Mississippi County Fair to be hold in Blytheville beginning Tuesday. Top night Hereford men have conic to recognize the Blythevilie show as one that draws the outstanding Hereford cattle of this en- lire section, v.-ilh prizes that rank with those offered at any oilier sho-.v anywhere. Entries in Ihe 1944 shoiv already nrc approaching the capacity line for the livestock exhibit building at' the fairgrounds. Keith Bilbrcy, county agent in charge of the cattle show, is nuking special arrangements to handle an overflow entry list of exhibitors. Tlie Mississippi County Show is open to exhibitors from anywhere and breeders from Arkansas an< Missouri are reserving "space"'fo'i their line of cattle which they hope will win Ihe blue ribbons at Arkansas' finest cattle show this year, it has been announced. Al'addition to the fine Hereford •{f A; will be exhibited, Mr. Bil- V y expects an outstanding list oJ dairy cattle to be on hand. Reservation have already been received for a line of flue Guernseys and others are being received daily. Indications point to the outstanding showing of dairy and beef cattle ever held in Mississippi Comity. Fair association officials have gone "all out" on hogs and cattle this year and anticipate a record showing, its directors have announced. •EPSON IN WASHINGTON BLYTHEV1LLE .(AUK,). COURIER NEWS He Wonts to Know Capital Chaff and Chit-Chat BY PETEH KUSON Courier News-Washington Currcs|iGiidcnl Clnrc BouUie Luce has just set a record for what is probably the shortest speech ever delivered by any congressman or woman. He- questing unanimous consent lo address the House for 10 seconds, and there being no objection, the gentlewoman from Connecticut let go with this one: "Mr. Speaker, clear everything wilh Sidney." Then she sat down. Democratic party chiefs are praymi: that the President will sail Into Governor Dewey and let him have it good when the fourth term candidate mukcs his two political speeches from'Washington on Sept M and ocl. 5. The fact Is (hat Dewey's aggressive sniping is beginning lo lake eflecl and it is worrying Dcmocrals no end. Democratic Chairman Hnmicgtm, Secretary Ickcs, Majority Leader McCormack and other bigwigs have tried their hands at answering Dewey's charges, claiming they are based on misinformation, Imlf-triilhs or deliberate untruths, lint denials never get as much altention as accusations. Also, Uic wilder the accusations, the more some people like lo believe them. Dewey, in other words, has taken Ihe offensive, which Is a good <;id<; io bu on in any political campaign. "Offensive," says one very Irritated Democrat, "is right!" THE DKJIOCRATS HOPE HE WON'T WAIT TOO LONG In Ihe 1340 campaign against Winkle, Roosevelt tried to adopt the I iralicy of not making many speeches' (car to pieces," says tlie chairman The tearing to pieces will be done when Ihe board begins deliberations Oct. 9 on modifying ihe Llllle Steel formula. • » * COY is TIII-: woiti) I-OH Till: l.ABOlt SKCUKTAKY Hardest government official to smoke out is Secretary of Labor I-'rniicos Perkins. Not more limn u reporters ever go lo her press conferences, which are usually hold only once a mouth to hand out some canned statement prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the most recent of these seiincejs, reporters thought they had a chance to get Panny on record. War I-iibor Hoard panel reports on the Inljor demands to break the Little Steel formula had jusl been miide public. What did the Secrelury of Labor Ihlnk about them? She hadn't finished readinu them. Did she think the Little Steel formula should be revised upwards? We would have to be very cautious. A lot of words a lot of Bosiiculallng with the hands, hut no opinions you could hang your hat on and no news. • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Teen-Age Clubs We are sludcnt.s in the local iiEh sch'jol. Outf.ide of school hours we find very little to dn for entertainment and relaxation. This uuiicy 01 noi maKing many speeches eiiierir.nmicm. anil relaxation. Tills ind not campaigning actively! Will- seems lo be the problem of the de's aggressiveness forced a change majority of high school students. In that strategy and in the closhm This one problem has forwarded I Enrolls At Hendrix CONWAY, Ark., Sept. 23-Vivienne Moore, daughter of Mr. and I Mrs. N. W. Moore of Blythevilie, I is one of ](il) new students enrolled at Hendrix College lor the Pall semester. Total enrollment figures I fxreed those of last year, v'ivlennc Is a freshman at Jlcndrix this year Happy Birthday In that strategy and in the closing weeks of the campaign Roosevelt .iacl to make it lot more speeches Jinn he hnri planned, finally taking over what had been intended to be i big Negro rally in Madison Square 3arden, New York, and converting it into a mixed labor rally on the eve of the election. Some of the Democratic leaders in the more doubtful states are now hoping that man in the White House won't Wait too long this year. • * » War Labor Board Chairman William H. Davis has a new and simple .explanation for the period of re- conversion -just ahead. "What we have to do," he says, "is to turn our guns Into butter and then eat Die butter." • • W Davis, In spite ol the terrific punishment, he has had to take in one of the most thankless jobs in Washington, still is able to keep his sense of humor. He talks about his 12- mcmber board of industry, labor and public representatives as "the 12 prinia donnas," and so explains why it may take them longer than a week to. make, up,their minds on what to do about the labor demands to break the Little Steel formula. When Davis was asked at a press conference if his special presidential committee was completing its cost of living report, he said wearily "I ope to God it is." The committee , .. . . )e question: I'm d' has been studying since last November. .... u ,,. nl ,, H up the report for the committee to . one problem has forwarded juvenile delinquency to a great extent. Other .schools in tlie county have had tills problem and the' cities have organized teen-age clubs. These clubs have worked with great success and untold benefit to the students. The clulxs arc operated at a very Ivx cost. The members ray dues that are reasonable and the rules are set up by the members. Many smaller towns have these clubs and ate working successfully. Tlie question is. why doesn't Bly- thevilie have such an organization? —High School Teen-Age Group. Read Courier News Want Ao». When we repair the shoes they are Irill.v rencttbrt. Fine leathers, mute- rials and highly skillet! workmanship make the fonUvear sriiart, ricir looking lie-" sides 'adilinj; miles and miles of conifoit.-ildc wear. Conic to the modern, complete shop. The Blythevilie Tire Co. has been purchased by G. 0, Poetz and C. Modinger To jrcl maximum service from your (ires, bring fbcm lo us for repair and recapping. Expert lire men plus modern equipment insures your satisfaction with every job. 'f&ty GUARANTEED WORK — CEILING PRICES MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Ilwy. GI North Phone 2201 DON EDWARDS "The Typcwriler Man" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE I TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET PHONE (Every Transacllon Must Be Satisfactory) B E? D I /> I R 10 Year k IV la V? U GuQ """ee.<* ' Moofhproofing Protects CLOTHING— RUGS—FURNITURE— DRAPES-BLANKETS—etc. Ask for the sched- ulc or reasonable prices. HUDSO Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier f/lrmy pJiolo from NE/1) j Allbougli observed quietly in his I quarters in Walter Reed'Hospi- Ijal, Washington, the recent 84th I birthday of Gen. John J. Perishing, general of the armies, wns I an unusually happy one. It was jaiso the 26lh anniversary of his |V.°?P S ' break-through at St. •Mihiel and a i so was a di1y Uwi js.lw Germans on the run in Ihis • war. Recent photo auove was I- Just released by the Army. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT our stocks of repair parts arc as complete as during pre-war times! Put your pliint 3 in shape for Fall NOW. WE GIVE SERVICE-call U3 day, night or Sunday. * f eltf "9 * Belt Lac« Steam Packing * Pf pe Fittings All Size Pipe * Crone Valvet Gin Saw Files and Gummeri Hubbard Hardware Co. Bcrrtn* Blythcvllle 25 Years Ac , A Chmese soldiet, iiKht seems hlghh n vc . o mfonnalion sheets bei.if looked over ISO Pickers Entered In $2000 Contest Here (Cnntlnuril from Vngf. l| liln a program (a Iw hroiiilrast by iWMO, Memphis radio .stullmi , Walter Durlmin, (iiti'lciiHural pdt- lw of The Memphis Conuiicrcliil Appc;il und .speaker tm (h,. c |,ii ly 1'iiiinci's' 1'raiinun oJ WMV, will broadcast news or thu contest nt I IMS o'clock us (ho picking iiours Its ThroiiKhonl the afleraoon llu-rc will U' iicrformanci's by nid| () (.„.' !« U'l-liiliiL-rs, Interspersed with music 9 l>y Ulythcvllle Anny Air Field liimd HI 2 o'clock, JiulBlnu will l>e completed anil Ihe Picsonluiion of iiward.s nuutv In n i-emiumy, lo Ix'nin nt Ti o'clock „ U'lilcli will IK broadcast over \VM(! " to fcntiirc the rouiilnv 5:iD o'clock news hroiidoist of (hut station. Jnbllnnt over llu; iniiisimlly | lllr ,i -^ numlK.ri of entries from dlsluiit j ixilnls, siionsors of Ihc i:vi>nt hcllcvi' tluil even more Interest t.s bi'liiK :>wn iiiittomilly Mils yeiir thun (n Arkansas Football HI Dorado '16, Forl Sinllh 0 North Lllllo Rock 11, Hcnlon 0 1'lnc- liluir '15. McCK'hce 0. Oscrola 13, PimiKouId 12. Kprlnndale !H, Harrison u. Ciimdni 37, Warren la. Russellvnio 10. Clivenwom! 0 Hot Kin-Inns ,'(7, Little llot-u CiHli- iillc Illh (j. PAGE THREE. previous competition!), . To Sponsor I'lclicrs The rjreonvllle. S. 0., Nallonul linnk Is .vendliiK nn entry; a «rotin "f men In Thomaslon, On., have selected a representative; Frank H Sanders come from Culvert exas, for his third try; Danville, Ala., Is sending Alvle Pc-nn; Hay West won the right to represent lliinim, Okla.; Paris, Texas, Is send- Ini; 1(. K, Durch; Tlic Knlerprlsc- Courler of Chnrleslon, My,, will sponsor I lie champion of that sec- lion for the national event; M 11 I'owell Is coming from Henrietta 'h'xas; from Valley Meld, Te.xas, will come J. I*, tinnier, llrownsvllle Ti'.viis, is semllng J. c. McUanlcl- Cieoriic Fuller will come from t>c- port. Texas: Junior Chamber of C'ommim'u i;ruups of Memphis, I'/nc BUiir. Capo Oliardeau, Mo., and Slivle. Mo., ure scndlnu ofllctnl rep- iTscntn lives. Illinois, nUhoiigh a northern state, Is senillni; two I'onli'slnnl.i; from Mount Vcinon, Lawrcncu 1'ry u from Savanna, William C. Drake. , Missouri, home of . two former , • • •'• ii>u iVllJH.J clwmplmis.lui* Included these In en- Irh's iiheudy received: Kenncll— Helen Fold, J. T. Martin, Jessie demons, Arthur llreadoii; Huylt— Clwrli's James, u-slci 1 l>. llnlley Thomas David; Uardwoll-Cnrl ]•;' Blimki'iiKlilp, Ixnvell McCcmili; Uol comli-llli-i Chlllon; Pencil Orch- anl-r. C. Thedfunl, lliMinan Men ilrlx; Hlkeston-J. II. Cirlsson, Ude clmmplon litlo with gam Hunt o! Cleveland and T. H. Poole or Cock, rum entered. ( B Tcmicsseeans lo Try -•'" Tcnhtisce will Bend' B. E, 'Twiila* or Dycrsbutg, winner of eecond honors last, year; from, Rlpley will be - bvurett Kclsller and Ha Keiiller-'*" Tlptonvlllc-Harley Binitn; Jacltson' -timer Gregory; Halls-Raymond Kcrby, Mcmphls-E. W. Shlnault and Frecmnu H. McCullar, Arkansas wildcs to date, outside Ulylhevlllc, Include; Little Hock— Alljert W..TultIc; Rosebud— Ted I'Vy; Swlfton-DHi .Wheeler; Tuck- erman-liiiimcU EhvooU , Huskey; Ilnyncs-WiJInrd B, Presley and Wesley W, Presley; Magnei-No- lim !•'. Hugglns; Jonestoro— M A Ryan; Ncwport—R. L. Tolly; Tru- niann-Lynn Williums; Earle— BUI Farmer; Menu— Buster Lyda; Bcn- lon-Oscar W. Drcnnan; Clarendon -J. S. SliaiiKhlcr; Tuckerman— Lto- niil Jones; 1-Hownh— II. D. Monroe' . . c— Jack May; Armorcl— T ». O'Kcefe, Jaines Banks; Manila —Willie Thomason, Veslcr House- Joiner—John TnlklngUui Jr., Edgar Vnssitr, . Among n'lylhevlllc pickers who nojic lo keep Ihe grand pit«s at home for the first llmu will be: Joel 'I'liompson, ccnn George, William liolln, Kllitah Gordon who moved from Ilarrlsburg to Illylhevllle after Jont's; IloriUTsvllli'—Wesley Duck 1 Uriim? c;Hy.-K H. liocklcy; Cartilh- eriivlilK—Churley llurns, Mississippi hopes to have another - eve aer -. w(unlnn the 1012 contest, Jolm Ford Jones. included In lilylhovlllu contestants not yet enlered will be a representative DC Hlythcvllle Army Air Field. Ulfll Admiral .-.niooverypBo.nKFKnnmiulconlinuo o bmtd itiva;,on =li !ps to Irm.sporl our men nwlcrinls i,, incteajing numbers lo l-.c irany nc'.ivc In 1M-1, more Iliiin ever before, the money wo invest in War i^on-ji is ft si' " General George C.Marsha»-'Ti, 0 An,c,icnapco r !em,, stB ivonoionly.| lc i r hor, r irr c -n • °, fu " " ac ° f iheir ii °"*" ""•""••''» w *< B""* 6 «k Lv To, « \i ,'• ' 3 "° nllernn ! ivc ' Tolnl vi <»"> i' !« -tahl, but it c<m only k won by coiicciilrnline every resource o( America lo Ihe Insk." [.3C = iyt jr-.y-c. "I • \: i :u'vc got when Even if only one cxlra day is added lo the war .J on re scared lo deai,, £i»l fifil.IiiiK for your life. -JSil one-thousands of American boys mny -s hardest lo bear domi when things look die for il. Perhaps, God forbid, a friend of tn lhf» dan tt . "in Ihe bag." As the war looks today, for inslance. , yours, or son, or brolher, or sweetheart, or husband. P. , . So don'l- slow down now. Don'l coast. Buy Over-confidence may nol lose us war. But Bonds wilh thai cxlra cash-all the Bonds . if it makes us case up, U can prolong il. you am. Afler nil, buying Bonds is nol only n palrio!:c but n very wise Ihing lo do. The dollars you put in Bonds now will come back to you— bringing more dollars wilh Ihcni. Dollars that • can mean happiness, security, comfort—jusl when you'll want Ihosc things most. Buy War Bonds (or your Counlry.Bny (hem for yourself. They're the world's safest investment'. This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Grocer Co. L. K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atkinj Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdelte A. S. Barboro & Co, Buksdale Mf«. Co. Blythcville Water Co. The Crafton Co. Delta Implementf, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet Ce. Gay & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkf. Hardaway Appliance C*. Herrick'j Jewelry Hubbard Furniture Co. Huddleston ft C». Jiedel'i Langston-Wroten Co. Charle« S. Lcmoni ~~ > Planters Hardware Co., Inc. The New York St«r e Pat O'Bryant' Palace Cafe J. C. Penney C«. Phillips Motor Co. Robinson Drug Co. : ;) 4 I. Rosenthal, Inc. f •' Tom W. JackjoB • ' Rustic Inn A. G. Shibley Wbolewle Groceri C. G, Smith Floyd A. Whit e ' • >• Zellner'i Slipper Shop '• '

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