The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1937
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Jonesboro College Will Be , Reopened With Limitecl Enrollment Headed by the Hcv. Alfred rj ptnter, president of the board of control of Jone-s!xii'0_ Baptist col Icue. c yrouu of re|}vcserit:Uivcs uf Uaptist churches In Mississippi county attended the meeting at Joncoboro yesterday at whicr pliins v;eic made to reopen the lihool. They met with rcpresentn- tive.s cf 5:1 c-hurclic's of Northeast Ai):iui!:ns who unanimously recom- mentlcU recp^niuy of the coll (or the next Icnn D;I a special ot>- Einling |>rci;rum. Tt:o enrollment will n ICC .specially sMcx'led ytndent from nil purls of this section an< cmy nine inslnicldi-.i will be in- cii'fcl in the faculty. A unanimous vote was amd for tin church to finance reconditioning o[ the property, iillin] the needs of Uic restricted enroll ment. The 'small beginning I deemed the only practical way o In place of alhletlcx, a special personality study program will be imtituU*tI, the students meeting in small groups each week with instructors lo study scoring, checking and qualifying the various personal factors of intellectual, fccial and spiritual as well as physical life. According lo Dr.; II. E. Walters, president, this will Ije Hie only schorl in th-> United Stales stressing Ihis faelor. '-. j • \ The Rev. Mr. Carpenler, pastor of the First, Baptist church. Milton Gralmm, also of this congregation, the Rev. J. B. Caldwell anil Miss Margaret Pruitt of Hie Arinorel church, the Rev. M. P. Gathright of Manila, the Rev. P. A. Whiloly, county missionary, Ihe Rev. W. H. Horn of Leachville. llic Rev. and Mrs. D. D. Sigar of Wilson, tile Rev. E. L. Coin and Mrs. n. n. Jones of Osccola, represented tlie churches in Mississippi county. Plans Events In Observance of Music Week Here! Nst'on-.l M;i-h Wr-i- ->.''! \1- >'•- : erv?ri in t'»*s cl!v with two ih-i- c:° if ihiclloiis. The observance! •-'^•"••-•i by l ; >2 music department, )f the woman's club with Mrs. K. | 3. Cfi!"i°»t:r is chairmn, v"l i'l- tl'lt" ». pi")'!" 1 !?! I'l wV.idl .SChOOlS, luir'h"" rii'lr 0" 1 alar3. radio niri newscnpors fir? expected ID co- ipcralc. Tills y?.ir 111* f(iU"'i'i' "' )•>•">' msslc labni, will ba Ccatur3;l. The Irl evnt -,',-SM iv a vov}?r service '.lay nft?rmon, •) o'clock, at the Mrs. Edna Burkett Dies in California Wont has been received here of Hie dentil of Mis, Ednn liurkett, 29, formerly of here and late 01 Dlnubn, Calif. Mrs. BurkcU died several days ago at a hospital In Vlsulls. sue Is survived by her husband, Oscar E. liurkett, , three sons, lms, A. J and Clinrlc-s, and one daughter, Ollle. ' and a pure heart, of course, but certainly clean hands. "A campaign for clean hands—that's a worthwhile effort for any city,' So.&iioke a thinking'citizen. ' ., .. F ........ t ,|-,, ( M'v 1.1 ctean ham i s tor food handled, for °™""" V'3'™" '"-<•" 'I I i!ousewivl!s . for chilclren-for dvc 'f tl!c city v-'ill present ati ull- ier the direction of Miss Win"!'! /irgll Turner. s'lT-'rwor of clly 1c »^n!ary schools. The rnus'c department of I'JO '//"man's club i.s cprrvir?^ out nn I ~l?H'<ive [iro^iam t'lis y^ar and •Jon; are being mud" to h-ivu lh"<! r-^ryins as attractive as othel rc^'.'ti in which lllis group 1ms •::i inlcresled. one of us, because Clean Hands carry no tuberculosis germs. ^ ' ' UNCOVER TUBERCULOSIS BY' MODEHN METHODS Tie in Votes; Salary to Be Divided BELLEVILLE, 111. lUP)— Mrs. Eerlha Hlaha and Edwin- Kln<j, who tied for tax collector In a St. Jacob iounslilp ' election, settled she t!f tills way: King will do all (he work, but (-.111 pay Mrs! islalia one-third of ..^ n-c.1. which tola) about $400 s '''' ' f Ltt the doctor be your s.utile SACRAMENTO, Cal, (UP)—Botties of aged California wine not MoiTilton. Ark., Mrs. Carl E.I Bird, only will have to have birth cer- tl^e Wilson library, and Misses Virgi? Rogers, and Nancy Waddle, )f Hie Wilson faculty, for their 'lelp and suijgeslions in Ihe or- :ani^alicin of Ihe club. tifieates hei'cafter, but tiic pro. ielcr v,'ho fixes a label to n bottle giving the age of the wine -'ill have to take n legal oath that it is correct. For the first 10 months of It3a, '.ho newsprint output by Canadian mils, of ^.(i(M,831 tons, set n n<.w crd for any comparable - previous period. FROM GIRL TO WOMAN Mtj. My/ He Doiiolmc of 713 Iteeior Ave./Hot Sii/jiigi, AiSc., taul : "Some time auo I waa Meat, had no ap- c and didn't llftp \tty well, Hr. I'icccc's P a v n T 1 1 e I'rticriji tion was rcLOiiiiiKntLeil as a tonic. Ahrr u*\ng Iwo it I hail a keen »[^ttiie, litx-ame , wasn't utailx *<> urivous anil was i abfe to a!(fp Ijcller at inialiL" liuy oJ J'Our igliborhooJ JiugKiit today. New site, lain. SOc., liflu'ul Jl.00 Sc TO-DAY Bf/LT FOI Tl-i Book Club Organized Among Luxora Women LUXORA, Ark. — The Luxora Book club was organized in the home of Mrs. Lem Stanford recently with 14 charter members, Mines. James T. Rniulle, Eiandall 'Nichols, Thomas D. Wilklns, Lem Stanford. B. o. Wilkins. Tom Ballew, Louis George, Louise Me- Hcnry, Joiui Tliwcatt, Jesse Brown. J. R. Gathings, Misses Lois Hill, Margaret Moffitt, and Eva George. ^ -••:::.<.. Tlie cfficers elected were Mrs. James T. Handle, president; Mrs. Randall Nichols, secretary; Mrs. Thomas D. Wilkins, treasurer. At. a second meeting held at the Methodist church it was voted to study current literature. An expression of appreciation was extended Mrs. Horace Lewis, of BUILT UP FROM A DISCARDED FORT pRACTICAL, hard-headed naval officers of old objected to a ' •;chool for midshipmen, other than the haphazard classes held aboard ship. For years efforts were made lo get congressional approval of a land school, but not until 1845 was ! a way found regardless of action ! by Congress. • j In lhat year, Secretary of the i Navy George Bancroft had the; abandoned army post of Fort Severn, at Annnpolis, Md., transferred lo the Navy Department, and there he applied some of tlie funds appropriated for inslrnclion aboard sliips to development of the first U. S. naval school on lanct. By 1851, this makeshift school became tlie United States Naval Arademy, now OTIC of the largest • ( mcl most efficient in Hie world. Tor fovir years, during the Civil War, the academy had lo be jnovcd to Newport, R. I., but it gained a vigorous lease on life with its rclurn in 1865 and the appointment of Rear Admiral; hilcr Vice Admiral, David D. Porter. A view of the academy appears on the new 5-cent navy stamp. V. S.— 1037 iVauif scries U. S. Naval Academy at /lniHi?>oh's 5c bliic •^Anticipating the increased speed of today's motor cars, Century engineers have de* veldped "Hinge Test" Fabric to withstand the added strain imposed by high speeds and small diameter-wheels. ; , Fabric cords bend 'and flex hundreds;pf times eye'ry'rniie. Millions of 'times .during 'the.' life of a tire. . ' "; ".- ; //' '. Century Balloons,.- built- with M Hinge Test!' ^abrit-: specially made/.frorri^ high spiral cottons, •withstand the constant flexing of fast driving and assure, car owners economical — dependable — safe transportation and low cost. Put a set of'Cen- •. ,: . ,/i tury "Hinge. Test Fab'•• ••••• '-.- f .,-•. ric" Tires on your car , .. ; , ."; Ktoday. - .. 5 .--'• Century H. D. Tires Guaranteed I.8. 1 months agaiflst all roar| hazards Century Leader 4-PlyTifiBsjAs.Ldw;Ji$: 6pOxI6; ..:.:...r.$'13.5 • : X =. T": : "-^ 5255cl ..I ..... $10, 525-x is"-, :, : ..:.l,;'i 0:7.5. '. \ n ?w l: ^-;\ *^ 45.0 * 21 -•...• .'... ..... s, i. •.; ; t i •• ;- ' ';•;•' '•.',: A" "•" 72'. -iV--'- ..... •' . ?•".» •.•.'•.'.":;.' .^ ''.\ \\ ','. GUARANTEED 12 MONTHS AGAINST ALF/HOAn HAZARDS Buy Your Tires From Us and Save Money A COMPLETE LINE OF BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES ALSO A COMPLETE LINE OF-AUTO 'ACCESSORIES SMITH BROS. SERVICE STATION PRESCRIPTION EXPERTS I he innsl impnrliml parl of. our-business is the fill- of Pi'C.scriplioii.s. Only Kxperl.lh-uggists.lill your s iind prices are as low as (jimlilv permits. We fill I'rt'sci-iplions from ALL doctors. Try us. JAP SALTS AWOODBURY1°£?25 Sale! SPORTING GOODS RAZOR BLADES OF MAGNESIA Pli\l Silt TENNIS RACQUET Phillips Cleans. Cream 49c IVORY SOAP FLIT- PI PI.- . Qt/ ....... Pilt & UOaHl iisle Tcrro. Ant Killer !!cc iiraml Powder 10 - 25c Moth Cake 10 - 25c Bottl. 100 Aspirin Tablets "Princess" . Kitchen^ Clock < OILBtRV ALARM CLOCK 1 09 AccurAtel D EX-LAX Chocolate Laxative "Progress" Alarm Clock Sanitary Nankins GAS TABLETS 43 C lion Ami . . Knurgiue .. Dnuui Silver I'olisli Sithi-Klusli . Supe Luminous Clock Ihl In JllU Johnson Wux, l,h n!lc Delicious CANDY Asserted Chocolilei 42 5l)c Admiration Ifnir Tonic Free MINERAL OIL 45 C Peanut Clusters our Chocolate Creams •mm C With OOc Admini PHOSPHO COMP All Season Tonic lion Shampoo Both59c $1.00 TIGER LUCKY GEM BLADES Single Edge s-s29 c 7So Johnson's Glo-Coat 63° Laxative BRGMO QUININE 36 C Wondersoft KOTEX Boxoll2 19 C Valentino HAIR TONE 12x15 in. 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