Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better understandiiif; of the transient, nature of the many physical ills, which viinish before proper et- forts—"ontlee.lVorts—pleasant efforts-— rifrlitlv directed. Tln-ro is comfort, in the knowledge, that, so many tormsef sickness are not due lo 'any actual disease, but simply t" a constipatedeoui 1 '- tion of tlie svstem. which the ploa.:.:ii,i family iaxutive, Syrupof l-'i^'S. promptly removes. Thiit. is-why it is the only remedy with miilionsof families, a:;dis everywhere esteemed so hi;rK.V 1'." isll •who Value ^ood he:i!th. Its benchcial effects are due to tlie faet. that itis the one remedy which promotes internal cleanliness' witlnr.U. dcbilitat"'.-:^ the org-ans "li wl-.ieb it ac!s. It, is there lore all important, in order lo -vet its beneficial 'elfeuts, lo note when you purchase, that you have the ycmiMio ;ir!,i- cle. whieii is niiiiuii'ac'.nred by tbc California IM.? Syrup Co. on!y and swlii by •allropotali!..: drii£irists. If in tho enjoyment of {rood lieuli.h. mnd the system is regular, laxatives or Other remedies arc then not. ne.ecled. fi afflicted u'ilh liny aet.nal disease, one may be commended to the most skilllul physicians, but. if hi ift-cd o.f a .laxative, one Simula bave tb- best., and with tr.c •well-informed everywhere. Syrup ot Fig* stands hip-hei-.t and is .most largely --J and <rives most. ;ro;ior.-il.satisfaction. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLK The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route—New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was dlscoutlunud April ICtu. The •nporior accommodations given the treat number of patrons of the above train during the past tourist scuson, warrants tin. 1 aniionnccmwit of plans for next season of finer service -with equipment superior to anything yet koown in transcontinental traffic. Look for early i-o-iiiaugnratioo of "SUNSET LIMITED" tbia full. For Home SeekeW. Tlio .Southern Pacific Go.- 1 . "Sunset ROHtu" in connection with the "Queeu md Crusccut Route" are runuins this only line uf through tourist Tullinau • Sleepers K-ayiug Cincinnati every Thursday uvcnlng fur Los Ansck-s and Ban Francisco. Thuso excursions are specially conducted, i'.iul the object is to euiible thosu who do not euro to buy the first-class round trip or one w»y tickets, to enjoy a comfortable ride with sleeping car privile^'L's and 110 clianse of cars at- the ver.y low second-class rate. For further hiformiuion, address W. H. CONNOR. Conimerchii Agt. S. P. 1 Co., Cincinnati, 0, W. G. XEIMYHR', G. W. A.?t. S. P. Do., Chicago, 111. S. F. MOUSE. G. P. & T. Agt. S. F Co., New- Orletias, Ln. Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DA1IA- STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH ,- THE YANDALIA KA'tL- ! • WAY AT ST. .10'. : . SEPII. Beginning May 25th aad continuiuK nntil about Sept. 30th the steamers of this lino will make two trips each way dally between St. Joseph and Chicago, on the following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at 4:00 p. in. and. 10:30 p. m., daily, including Sunday. Lenvo Chicago at 9:30 a, in. nnd 11:30 p. m., daily, including Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph .it B a. in., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Running time across lake 4 hours. Trl-woekly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving St. Joseph Moudny, -Wednesday" sod Friday evenings. Tlio equipment of rhis lino Includes the side wheel steamers City of Chicago and City of Milwaukee (the largest and Bn'est \vesr. of Dctroitl, and the newly rebuilt propeller dry • of Louisville. Sen-ice first-class. Connections with all Vanilalla trains. Tickets on sale at all "Vandalia Line,stations. Chicago clock foot of W.Tli.is!) avenue, J. IT. GRAHAM, Fres.. Bonron, Harbor, Mich. "Wake u,p, .Jacob, day'is breaking!" so said De\Vi.tfs Little Early Kiser to tbe.rr.an who had taken them to arouse his rfusgisb liv<-r.—Jno. M. Johnston. "•OEUGiNG; -COL. WRIGHT../ They .3!iit!« :i Him . ,lTlst»I;<>, Hut That . JJuln'r. CSMI:H. Tl'.civ vjasu't any p.iu tievikir excite- nicut ever t'lo linsiyinft 1 ' .of the man pointed out and arn-sti'd at Ijig J'iend n.s ih.o chap who stolo a. pack mule from Col. \Vhil<''s camp, ovor on Fish rivor. One- of White's u-.iv:, who was ovor. after bacon, htipponud to meiit tho st rancor, aad ho \\'i.".it- to .T:. n .i I'udfern. pvcsiik'iit at the vi^lh-uice i-cuninittua, aad said: "Jim, is it :i ynod (ja.y fin 1 :v hang- in"?" "V.'ail, tolerably fa'r." replied Jim. "Tin 1 l<uss Vi'lio stol-.> our pack mcM I ia down in the i in-front saloon." . "I see. Anil you want, him lump'?" "! du::'l kccr no ^roiit. sliakcsjibotu it r.i.vse!:', biil I rocknn the kurfti'l would be |,leas;'ti." "I'm ivillin' to obk\-;4'i' Kin-ncl White, as he's a ;:"JOil friend of miuv, but do you thini; the crilti-r down '.liar lias any iv'j.'c^sliuus lo bciis' hiiiip 1 '. 1 " "is- r!;;ii't. k>'j!: lil-f a r.iau \\'ho'd kic'i\ :ii!<i:!; it. '['cai's nif'i-o like a crit'.i"/ v.-hii'il I:-.- ;rl;(il to IM: o'.V tin- siirtb." "\Vi:!!. I'.'c'll tak..- i-liauci-s nn him." :-a:i! .'!i:i. a::d lie wi-nr. lo his shnnl.v and r-ut a ro;"' suid sixiicd i-i:!'ht. or :ui of !:•-• l::>y.-i ;» ;r,i altin.'r. \Vlu-n t.ln- t-rct'.v.l r;'.!;-!r.'d t!]-.- 1 i;i-f'i't''i: i saloon 'Jie. M' r: 1 ;:•;'•!• \v;i-;jlisi coni in' out. •".-'.:i\'. ui- \var.t y;)ii," ivmarlicil Ta'd- "i ; i;:- y;i-::!in' ITtintcl \Vhi-t<.''s paci: rne'.vl." "\V;i!!. li:-:' :y,v:iy:" lir v.'.'is ci-Tiiricd to :L trt-t* wherron a i.lo/rn or 1:101 c i::e:i had been duly !i;:::;T"ii. a p.. I lifu'd upon a;i emp'y \v!i is 1 ; •.• barri-1 ai'.d i-iu- Jr. lose [Jac^efi tivor his uri.'!-:, , "\V::;:t. lo ^av iinytiiln,'*?" asked .Jim, as :i !i v,-;i>; ro:riy. -No! hi;i' 'tall." '"•'hen Ir',. 'rr K'o!" An !:oi;r la'.i'r White's man, ivhii tint! :v,artrd fui- lii.nio. ivturm-d 10 hum up :*;.-.• "Ho! :Vrn ami s:iy: "l.tioU-a-yoiv. Jim, that fellor didn't M'lV.'li (111;- 11K'^\'!." -NO:" "They s'ot tho-fellc.r nnd tho iiie^'l c.vor at Clay Cit-.y and luni.3 1 hir.i tJii'i mornin'. ] tlious'ht 1 i'is "'as tin- felltr, but I in list, hcv bin mistook." "I SIT. .Wall, ln>'s bin liuiifr and buried and we can't help him any. We'll jc^.t let the next one oil' to even up thin;; 1 :;. My complinu'Tits to the kimiel, and toll him I shall always stsind ready to oblocgc."— Di'troit_Free 'Press. ^» rt ilonitr.t i-Hiniui-r. number — Sir. honesty is printed on my face. Victim — I don't, dispute it, but it. hns r.ot a very wide nairgin. — Texas Sifto i- . iiOUNO, ROSY FACES Jjiughi'ng eyes, frames full of vigor aud elastieily, are blessings attainable by the cadaverous, the haggard, and the dyspeptic who try tb.it wisest of experiments—an experiment whoso happy outcome is ceririOcil to by myriads—viz., a. course of Hosteller's Stomach Kilters promptly began a-ud steadily pursued. There is no tonic comparable to it in ciiicacy, none more ' agreeable and speedily beneficial. The nervous and dypopi'ie, suffering from malaria, rheu- matisin, constipation, biliousness and kidney troubles are rapidly aided by the fitters, and it is one of the best means of counteracting the effects of excessive bodily oi 1 mental i'aiigue and exposure in wet. or hiclomciil wealber. Tersons or sedentary habits find it a most use-fill viviJicr and recfiperator of exhausted energy. Use it in order to sleep well, eat heartily and digest thoroughly. Physicians everywhere speak in high terms of it. Tin; Atlas nuilh. a giginitic I'nr-coatrd night-Hying iii'Soet of Central Brazil, is sa.id to be 'the very largest, winged ••bile:" in the world. Ue measures four- tec-it inches from tip to fin. FOR OVER FIFTY TEAKS. . Winslow's Soothing Syrup has used for over Ufty 'years by mil- ilons of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. [t soothes the cblld, softens the gums* illays all pain, cures wild colic, and In the best remedy for diarrhoea. It j irlll relieve the poor little sufferer 1m- j medlfttely. Sold by druggists In every j part of the world. Twenty-five cents 3. bottle. 3e sure and as-fc for "Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup," 'and tr.ke _o other kind. - iTCAN'T:BEDONE. ; • Xo Cue Can Remain 'Welj.i'Xo' Chronic Disease Cirii lie Cured -XJnluss the . St.niiiarli is First-Made Siwng and Yigui'ous. This is plain iiecanse every organ iu rhe body depends on the .stomach for its nourishment-. .Veuve, bone, siliew, blond are made i'nrm the food which tin.' stomach eonverts to our "asi 1 . How 'iselcss- ro treat disease wiiii i.his. .'ilia:, and tlie oi'lier remedy and neglect rhe nmsi important, of'all. Hie stuiivaeli.' Tin. 1 earliest sy.iiiploms of ii:dige.<iin:i an 1 sour risings, bad lasle in live month LMS iu slilmaeh and bowels, pai:pitaiio:i, a!l-;:'i'ni! reeling. faLiiliics<. headaches. i'oii.<ilp.i!ii.ni: later cnjr.es loss u'J lles'i, (.•oiisiMiiiitiiiii. liver and heart' Iruiililes, kidney di.-'i'a.-i-s. iie-rviiiis p rostral inn. all of whii.-h are ihc ladi-rrcr result uf p.ior jmtrhi'in. Ai'.v perS'.ni .-•.ulToriii^ i'.nnu indigasiimi slioulil make i! a pnuTice lo rake ai'tcr each meal *c-iu j of Stuarr's Dy^pejisia Tabh'is. iiIliiwilK 1 it lo dl.ssolvi- in lln- ir.nnlh and ihns mingle w'u-li ihe saliva and enter rhe stmiKii-h in flic uiijir nai- iir'::! \va.v. Tlie..-e Table! 1 -: aiv liigh!}' reeominendeil by Dr. ,'lomiisun beeause iliey art! composed of Ihe natural digestive acids and I'rui:: essences which assist' i In 1 slomach in digesting all \vl:ole- some food liOI'ore it has lime to ferment and sour. smart's' Dyspi'pHa Talilets an- sold by dni^-isrs. full sixer i.acka.ires at r,0 reals. They are also excello.nf fin 1 invalids and fhililivu. A liniili 0:1 slom- aeh d.ise.'ises .aiul ihousallds uf 'tesTini- nnials of giMiulin 1 etirvs sent free by addressing Siuart i'o... Mars-hall, Micli. EXCURSION TO WASII I.XOTON. . D. C. Via Y.-l'. I'auilalia-rwmsylviiiiia. July -Itli-T'tii. On July Jth 10 7th ilia Yandalia Line will sell excursion tiek- e-;s to Wiishiiigion, D. (.'.. at one fare for Ihc round trip, account Y. V. .S. C. K. convention. Tickets gnod lo rorura until July K>th, iiuelusive. w'nh privilege of extension, tinti-1 TnJy S1st. l-'or full particular.*, call on nearest Yrindalia Line Ticker, agenl, or address 15. A. Ford. General Passenger Aguar. St. Louis. Mo. Eli Ili-11. Ltimber Ciiy, Pa., writes: "I have boon suffering t'"oin Piles for (wiMity-Iive.years and thought m;; case itictn-able. DeWitt.'s AViteh Ha/.e! fsalve was recommended to me as a pile cure, so I boi:i,'hi: a' box and it per- fonr.eJ. -l perrnaneii't euro." This is only erne of thousands of similar cases. Ecxema, sores and skin diseases yield quickly wi:eu it is used.—Jim. M. Johnston. A VALUABLE I'RESCTtlf v .nOX Kilit.or Morrison of AVorihinglun, Ind., ••Sim" writes "You have a valuable prescription iu Electric Enters, mid 1 can cheerfully recommend it for consti'patiou and sick headache, and as a general system ro:)ic it. has no equal." M.rs. Annie Stelile i;02.j Collage Grovo Ave,, ChicagM, was'all run down, coubi nor. eat nor digest food, bad a backache which never left her and ftlt tired and weary, but six belles' ot Electric Bitters restored her health and renewed her strength. Price 50 cents and $1.00. Get a bottle at ]:. F, KcosKug's-drug store. It would be hard.lo convince a man suil't'riug fr.cim bilious colic lli'it: bis agony is d-ue to a miscrobe with an uu- pronouncabli; name. Uut one dose of PeWiti's Colic and Cholera Cure will convince him of irs power to afford instant relief. It kills pain.—Jehu M.Jolm-- ston. FOUJiTJ-r OF .11; I'A' EXCURSIONS A'] A TH-K VAN-DAIJ A LINE. Tickcis will lie sold on July 3d and -Jib good to reltirn July filh.lSOO, iti.Clu- siive bet-ween all stations within two hundred -mill's of inififll point, af one tare iVr the round trip. Tickets will also lie sold to stations on connecting Hues on same basis as above. For full particulars, call on nearest Yandalia Lino Ticket: agent or address E. A; Ford'. Genera:! Passenger Agent. Sf. Lo-uis. Mo. ' EUGKTED HOPES,. Soun;..- iVoniitn'K UlTortii to Capture uM»a> lirzirG Dill J.'o£. IliiVt) Di-sirc-d KcHuJC. "You h;nx- a. careworn look which is new to iiii:," remarl;eil the g'irl with ihe ostrich feather lion. '."Can it, be that you a.re he!;>in.3 to pet up a.charitable ccUTtahjincnt'.'" ' ".Xo, I ::in nut."'replied the fj'irl-witli tho Jo'r^iiette; ."1 have woes enough of my own v.-itlioiil that. I've been having Jliy photo;;-ri:.]ib luken." "I don't see anything awful in iliat, s:ivu the fact thai yon have to pay the photographer," said .ihe j;'irl with the ostrich feather boa. "All you nave lo do is to sil. sti:i for a moment, and it.—" "1 e::n i::.m:i.!ru tin- silt:;:;, 1 - still well cuonjj-li," said tile frirl with tlie lorgnette; "I om.'i.' sfayed in the house will) a. female stili'ra^isf until my own voice sounded sii"iiif;c to me. I never did •' like to lie photographed, but. yon see. I. promised Charley Tnker a^'es ago that. -I won!'. 1 , send him a picture. I hoard ten days ;i;;-o that he has made quite a. Curium: in the far ^i-M 1 . :u:il jily eon.--.('ieiiec began I" priel; me n.-£. r irdir.g. r.:y broken promise. li would -.<> so :.;::d if lie lost his faith ill woman .-just ,";C\v:.I reaiiy foil it- my duty, however iir.p>asi:i;l it mishi lie, lo have the!'. |>hoU'.!.'T;:ph taken a! once." "Oult:- r^'lil. too. "I!iii. after all. yon mi! 1 , 1 ! 11 as wi-ll haee sent him a rupy of the pbc1f'5-r,":|i!i yon and I had tal;e:i K-- fj'i.-i.lie-; 1 last, siiinirei'. I shouldn't", liau- minded ;ii. ::il if you had." "'I'li::!:!.; yoa, tli-'iir, but that one is mneh lieiverof you ihiiii n\ me: ii.i-iiiy'.it li.-A-c cani-'ed him !o ihink l.l'.at I bad developed ••:. pail- of ero: ; H-ryes iu hifi absence. Xc, a.s 1 sav'..I re:u'Iy felt i! m.\* dutv to sit. I lay mvnkc'.frr two ni^'lits d.-cidin^f \vhetber it filjoulil lie a full face oi' thrcf-ipM.-irii'r view:" "And which did yon decide on?" "Tliat:- r.iarie no (iiiVerenee, f.le'av: the photOfTti]filer merely glanced at. me and said: 'i.Volik'.' " "Tiiimp!:! He couldn't.have been more despotic hud b,o been a dresmaker," "Xo. I waiitcil to wcnr my now evea!c,7 c-o\vu, but be dccidi.d on iht: old silk \s';:!st. i wore under my jacket. Ti.c wouldn't let. me have the negative 1 wanted, cither," "Good s'nieiousi Von surely can'1 be well, dear. \Viis tliere anyone oil whom you wnntcO to ixake a ^-oo<l impression in the- next room?" "Xot :i st,vl. The truth is that Ihos" KC-ffativiis sl'.owed me two wrinkles 1 did not. know tliat I possessed, and when the wrinkles be,7in to conic it is time to be nminble to everybody." "Jl'm. Perhaps yon are otiilc riffh*. Tint how did you like tlio ])hotos;r:iphs whcu they -\vere finishei'I?" ''\'e:-.y well ;'ihey had ayioldinfr, amiable loolf. calculated 1o produce ;i g-reat effect upon a man who has just made a fortune." "I.'sh:t\v.! Any fj-irl would looknmiablc at snch :!. man, unless—" "She was ;dre:uly en^ni.^'ed to one who hud made a-fortune some time siffo; I know. Vi'ell, .1' -sent, the- pbolOpTapli to Charley, when I finally ?vo-t. it. What do yon think ho wrote me.in. reply'.''" "fs it possible that be didr.'t like it ?" "Oli. no; be liked it. very mueh. Said t.hat bis wife thought: that my style of hair-dressing perfectly loveiy^and—" . "l.'.ut I O.iiln't know tlv.l1. be bad !\ wife!" "XeiHicr did f." sakl the i;-iri with t be lorg'.'ietto. "Do you tiiink I'd have taken all thai trouble if T had kmf.vn it?"—X. Y. Journal. ' - NEW EDISON LAMP. . The Gfcut Inventor DUcovor.s « Menu* of Turnlni; XHa.v.H tiicorurc. White Uslit. Working oil tlillerCBt lines than Tesla., Thomas A. Kilison li.is. aocoriling; lo the. Electrical Review, succeeded in develop-. ihg 1 111-iew'kiiK'l of electric lamp or vacuum tube, 1;y menus of which the Kocnt- g'en X rays are turned into pure, white ii£rht..Kdisou's new lnujp is an ordinary Crookcs t.ubc coated on I-he inside with crystals of a new fluorcscins 1 substance ivbich be ha,s discovered, siraiiar t^ ttiap- suit of i::ili.-in'm. T-h'e X rays, in pas^in^ throiiffh (his coalinir of crystals, arc uuanye.d to light. Very linle heat is frcnoriitoil. and nearly tho whole m vln: ^electrical cnerL'-y c.xjianOod is ti::ins- foi'iued into li^-'i!.. The new lamp is n-'i.-d in place ol' t'.ic Crookes nib?, with, the ordinary X-ray apparatus. Mr, Ed-, iv.'m belie'.es Iliat ihe re are Rrc.1t jjos- sibililies in Iii: 1 ; diseovery and i.-: now en-- I-!:iiK;i\stie:illy at \vork per feet in"-his.-1)1- piMT.tns in commercial form. He ex- pcc'.s I !::lt before kill? be \i-il! so devoloi) 'itthaf il maybe used with hicrheeonoi Talks I 0:1 an ordinary ii'-.i-and r.lcctrleul and i-.cier.iife. 1 eagerly v/mehiiig the on; w.irk of ihe .'wo ;. r re'i! '.r,\ and IMisnn. 'on ihis nupur Tl^'ioa'rnal above iiani'-l > ly: "\Vc c;:::t'.ot' l;esit:ite :o ];osil;ve eoKvie! Ion that, I ::i-;indi'see:i i ei'/eitil. ji'-ople arc •nine of th" •ii.'ors. Tesla i;i:.l Mibjee:-. .v--.'-i!tnria!- CARL ROHLGMITH THE VICTOR. CIllc.-ifTd i-tn'.'.Xor Will .".nili! I:M- V7:is!i- Carl j;ulil.Smif!i.orChii:.'iL'-o,ha.swou the ilist!net ion of eivninpr a liron/.e sl:i!.i:c i;i \V:i,<!iiiig:-iii io commemorate the achicvemej:t.sof (len. Willuim Ti-cumseh .Sliej-r^an. The eo:i:mii ice io v-'hieb wn.s tlcleffatcd t!.e ia.-.l; of choosing Hie st.'i.nie awarded the hovor to .Mr. Suiith over three competitor::. .1. .Ma.s-sey Jtiiiml. of XVw Yorli. l'."\V. J!art!elt., of i'aris, :md C. 31. .Viehans, of New York, ^'crc *,he niisi:ceessf:il men. Instead of (piietly acee[)ti:is' Uicir defeat, these three seulp'.or.s declare they will pi-eve"!- Ca-rl I!oh! .Smith carrying out i.he work. They [leclarc vlie award has been made by rank favoritism and that an oliicial protest against Un- action of tlie eon:mi1 l<-e is now on Jilc with the secretary of war. They place.the main rei hi iu* of their protest on the existence of a bill •which was introduced into tiliis conp-ress appoinrinfr aji ofiicial'eoinnjit- Ice of sculptors LO pass upon all work \vljicli is to be accepted or paid for by the S'ovcrnmi.'nt. l.'r.forttmntely for the ill roc. malcon-toins this bill is not vet a. hiw and stjinds no ehanec whatever of passing during the prcsent sc.s- siion of congress. '" Merit' talks" the intrinsic value ot Hood's Sarsaparilla. Merit in medicine means the Jpower to cure. Hood's SarsapariJJa possesses actual and unequalled curative power and therefore it has true merit. When you buy Hood'B Sarsaparilla, and take it according to directions, to purify your blood, or cure any of the many blood diseases, you are morally certain to receive benefit. The power to cure is there. You are not trying on experiment. It will make your blood pure, rich and nourishing, and thus drive out the germs of disease, strengthen the nervee and build upthewbolesystem. Hood's SarsapariSla I s the he-it, in f;:ct— thu One. True Hlortd Purifier. I'vepjireil only by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, !T:iis. HxI's Pills £?,.? ?rB ' 1 - JHlln " or All druggists. 25c. Evangelist D. "f. Blt'k, Peoria. A New Str;iM'bcr.ry. A Sr.ii Diego man has produced a Ptvu\vhi:rry p!:int, \vhich, unlike th<3 ordinary phiut, boars fruit of :i. Inrfr-j :si/.t; aiu! delicious (Uivor on,:i running- vir.c. and not almost directly fro;n rho roots, jv.ueh after the manner of bearing of squash or melon vinos. It n.-> touishes a horticulturist lo see hunchc-j of ripe strawljorrics growing on :i slcndL-r runner which .shoots out from a parent, stem. SaybrooK-, 111.. Feb. 39. 1S94. Pepsiu Syrup Co.: Dear Sirs: Wblle at Cerro GorJo, II!., in my revival -work, 1 purc-Jiased a bottle of your Syrup Popsin. 1 regarfl it as niosi excellent. I cannot get rt bore iu Saybrook: !s it on sale iu Peoria, III. If so, at ivbat store? It cot o» sale there, if you will send me ;> dollar hot tic There rhis -week I wilJ ptv.inptly ri'uiir. I -will be hocjo tills w.-i-k. ..\.idrpss l!ov. D. T. Black. 100? Stiui' St.. !'i.-iiri:i. 111. Yours truly D. T. SLACK. !•"'>;• sali- I'.y K. I". Ivceslinp:. TITK -3DEAL PANACEA. • .Tames L. Francis, Alilsniian, Chicago says: "I rivard Dv. King's New Discovery as an Ideal Panacea for Cough?. Colds and Lutiy: Complaints, bavins used it in my family for the last five years, to the exclusion of physician's presci'ipfion or other pri'pa.rations." Ile\-, .lohri BuvgTis, Keokuk, Iowa. \v:'ifes: ''I have bei'u a minister of the Methodist Episcopal cliureh for 50 years or more anil-have never found anyiliing so beneficial or that gave me. such spcwly relief' as Dr. Kind's New Discovery." Try this Ideal Con.?h Remedy now. Trial Bottlu free at B. F. Kees'.lns's drug store. Chiidrer. Cryfor il;uiy sii'ii'iivniu.s tVriuks arc 1 made from ihp-b.-iiKUia. Uttnaua wine is obtained by pros-sins the fruit through a sieve, after which, it is made into cake, dried in ''he sun, ami dissolved in wale) 1 when wanted for use. Pass iho ?i'«il wora'alon? the line. Pile's fc.m be.quickly cured wi I limit an operation ]iy simply applying'DeWlrt's Witch Hazel Salve.—.Tno. M. .Tuhnstri:]. Wliou we consider t'lnrt the intest.i;ics are about live times as Ions' as the body; we can realize .Ih'e iirteiisc.siilTerins cx- pcrloiiccd when They Tiecomo inflarecil. j DeWitl:'.-: Cofie and C'lmlera Cure sub- | dues inflammation at. once 'and coin- ])letc-ly removes tlie di(lifuliy.--.7;m. M. Johnston. 'Viim.sar.-imcl.y'wwt shuitld " never be kept in stone, jars, for there is an add in thi'.-m' which attacks tlie irlaxih;,-. and. m.i.vins'"Wi'tit it, lias a pui-sun<.'us properly. ' . I'orsons who liave a coushin? spell every nlgut, on account of .1 iickllng seiisa-tioaj in Uio threat, may o^'et•cor^e it at once by a (lose of One Jfinute Oiii-e.—-.7n->. M.. Johnston. , EXCURSIONS TO TXVYTON. O., VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES. / Tuesday, 'Tune ib] 7 a'nd Wednesday, June 24lh for KniidHs (if St. Joim Eu- c.'i.nipliluuc. Exciirsiodi tickets i.o-T.)ay- fjii will ho sold at low round trip rauis •via rc-uu«ylvai)la .Lines, valid for return trip Monday. ,1une 20th. im:l,u : sivc. A])pl.v lo J. A. 7>.leCu-lIout.'h. ticket a.^fnt fof rteiails.: Sir John Ltibbuck fays tliat the house lly. which produce r.h« sound F. vibrates its winfrs ^'O.KJH times as minute, or .":j" a. seeoi-.d: and the bee, which makes the sound of A. as many as Uti,000 or over -i:.;n a second. On thf! contrary, a tired bee Inuns mi E, and vibrates its wins- 1 * only .'JOO'limes a second. BUCKLEN'S AKNICA SALTE. Tne best salve iu the'-\vorld Toi cuts, bruises, sores, olcors, salt rbeiim, fever sores, tetters, chapped hands, eK"i>!fiins corns and all skin eruptions aud positively cnro-s piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to jrive perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price -5 cents per box. For sale Keesliuc, B. F. , Mi,;ts tumi- Klix.alieih Cleveland Ha.s bOL-ii .for son.!'.: time living in Smiimer- ville. X. C. "Small in size, but ?rcnt , ia results. Di'.WIi t's Litile Early Posers act ,?e;uly but MioroudjJy, curing: hidigpsuon, ays-, jieiisia. and .constipation.... Small p.iil, safe pill, bwtpill. / ;'.''''. \Ve are ansloxis to il<> a linlu pouil i'-'. this world aud can think nf no pleasaut- er or better way to do it than by reenm- mei.idir.cr One Minute Coir.a;,h Cure as a preventive,oC pueumoDia. 'consumption anil oilier, serious tun,? troubie.s that follow rie.slected coldf--.—.7no. M. Tohiislon. 'Xo' .Bririsli .sovcreiiru lins vetoed a .Parii!tiei]t::ry bill during tlie lasl'JSn years.' ' " . •'..,'' Pitchers. Castor^- ' .. • - -...'•''• Children Cirj) for 'ifben Buby -ivim fUci iv.< ff,-\r« }i.^r Cn-sLnrln. 'IThi-u slw w/is n Cliilil. sh'« cH-rf 'or C'csajria. Vbm: Eiio'lMi 1 :""* W''-*- yt "? dwu^-io C^'orfo. • !1i«n K 1 . 1 — tint' GiiMroe,'"" 1 r 11 Wl-l-wa t>i"!oria , XHKOUGH- I-'.UFFKT Sl.KEL'INC CAR TO MACKINAW. 311011. ' ConirnciiciJ-ig Tuno 22i1, tlip Vjnulalia Line will inaugurate tiivough rul-hnnn P.uffot SlL'Cpi'Cjr C-ir sen'ico lielwecn Sf. I.oui-s ami Mackinaw. Sleepers will run via.Torre li'an-fo, Sf. .Tosejib. Grand Eapids and I'etosltey-Bay View. This will bo the only line of Hiron^h cars from Si. Louis to the di-IiislH'fnl aud cool resort's of MiciiiCTn. Tasseu^ers for Charlevoix i_-liaii;je sleepers at St. Joseph by stepphi? from one car lo another on the sami; train. Tho Mirnuifh service will be continued later Ihis season, anil the last slecpi-n? car will leave Mackinaw Sunday aJfrhr, Soplembi'r 271.1), 1SOO. For detailotl informal ion. address nearest Vandalia Line agent, or E. A. Ford, Ce.neval I'assiv.gin 1 Ase.uV, St.- Louis, "GOT IT" TRY FOUR "C" "Four C" lias cured asthma,' bronchitis, pnoumo:ila and ulcerated tor.sliitis. Int composition It is different, is more power-., ful and active. In fact is as different,from ft^y other l-jn£ remedy as molasses' is; different from vinegar. It is-a revelation. Best of all you talie no risk. The' essence of. the contract is, "Four C" Tiiust g!ve satisfaction or I5ion<-y refur/Oed.—E. P. They Aie Marked This Way ifrv.iri.1 i.-. •••• '• ••;.:;; r SIX UinCS loilKO!' ;i'-n llin-tl, I'.l-i- 11 .; . .,-:i::m longer, inul wln!:i .toilou, ;.\ -. . 1 i'-.-!':i i-lenu ilieri-i yonj->i_'l•'• % _'_ tRAD; ,... TRftDf rr .~ B p BS ifftfjg ]: ^yL^si \\ . MARK- IN7ERV.INCD •/-• K f^*r%n (•' -S APOJ- » ' - All Brrju, ^.cl-cl Pia:cd ood Ba t^croy*; h Jy mfldo bicycle Lamp, jolt NO CURE, NO ''MUSTACHE* NO PAY. : NO PAY. .' "Xv ' :. 'DANDRUFF CURED., 1 . ; - '• I will ;aUo Contr.-icss 10 (Ttow Iwir on ih(-. head orfscr,wi:li it= M who c - n call M my office or- nt the aflice "f ->v =ircni5, provided r'le head <»•'net rlo-M or !hc pores of ibe scalp uoeclcsed... . \YhS-c. tlic- liead in fliiny or iho poris .r-losed^ ; . ' ilie-c is no ci:-=. C..ill<in(i becsanimca it et o. .' tlisrrc H • v™ c?.::nc: co.ll, write 10 roc.- Slam-..-' rticcv-ici cdr.iiiionof ihp<rn;i>nnd>-oiiro«CB«-.'. 1 ' . • .i •', 'i >'-'• ^'(-1 «'<•• ' ;or - ii'-ii Avis, NOWIOtm-

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