The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1952
Page 11
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AWHL 88, BLYTHEVTI.I..I! (ARK.) COXJRTER KETT8 PAGE UUCVBK OUt BOARDING HOUSE with M.jor HoopU EGAO,IEAWD6R.' YOU MERIT HfcrtOSOAE COMMISSION FOR F1MDIMG A BUYER MY TUCK AWAY X'M "30CH A "OUNCe IM (JOIT CODSELK^S, UMCL& BULGY—-t M6AI-1 AMOS.' OOR 6ANDLOT BALL CLU8 MEEDS A MASK AfJD •50MB BALLS ArtO SATS.' . . ... ^ , —T£N PERCENT OF MOMEY A(ATreRS?V I VOOK gOODLe IS SO I'M CUDGELIMG S\ BUCKS -»—TMA.T LIMY BRAIrt FOR Ah) \\ -SUPPLY OS CH<AY, AlOD APPROPRIATE: I \ WE'LL THE TEftPvV THE STREET MATOR6 To MAKE OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES AND HIS FR1CNDS Political Announcements iitLjjccl to Preferential Kleciio July 29. 1932 For Counly Judge GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD Fur Circuit Clerk OERALDINE LISTON For State Senator SEN. LEE BEARDEN PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Beat Price* Kirby Drug Stores For Stale Rep. KENNETH S. SULCER For Post No. 2 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oils, Alfalfa, Lespedezi. CJoTers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. Sec us before you bay. Blytheville Soybean Corp. MM - 1S*« We«t M»l» FARM LOANS You Can Pay ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME from farm incom* without penally Thu Fnmout FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE it urlttrn into your noU when ynu have, ft loan from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds "Th« war in Kor«a really ha* hurt us—sine* Horao* and Stanley wer* drafted the young girl iod» trad* i« completely shot!" A desert bonanza in California has rnnde the United States suddenly rich in the scarce industrial minerals called the "rare earth". Television- Tonite, Tomorrow HESTER'S Radiator Shop 9. Highway 61 t'honc 3146 Complete Radiator Repair Make) The Difference! ! ! — NfW A Use* Radiators For Sale— DPL IS ARKANSAS BLUE TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED Firs* Ye»r From Breeders M-M-I)1% lerminallon, delinted and treated COTTON BAGS ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS 86-85% germination COTTON BAGS EARLMAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark. Notice to Farmers: I represent th« ROBERT L. DORTCH SEED FARMS, •f Scott Arkansas. In this territory. At present I have » b o n t S«« bushels of TVORTCH SOY No. Z BREKBERS BF.AN8. Also » few of the NEW 67 VARIETY. MRS. HOWARD BOWEN Day Phone 6218 Night Phone 8061 Located 300 yds. So. of city limits, Hiway 61 HE KNOWS YOUR CAR If you want to entrust your car to a mechanic who will do his best to fix It properly — at a minimum cost to you — come to T. I. Stay Motor Co. Trj us next lime. T. I.-SEAY MOTOR Cb. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 2122 By Helen McCloy Htfen. McCWy Dmftr, T3AHU. KILLING'S first impulse was lo look at Knthcrir.c Shaw. Hnr oye? ?ccmcd to sink more riee'ly into Uioir ri^irk sockets and (here \vs? a blu c sh a do w arou n d her mouth. Dr. Zimmer was approaching the little man. "Is it really Dr. Willing at last?" 1 "Yi!?. yes!" He WMS almost panting. "Sorry I'm so lal^. I had an ^•svful lime getting a Uxi on Third Avenue. Then we were held up by \ Ira fire block." "Don't distress yourself." 7,\m- mrr's elanre Hickeretl in Basil's direction as he laid a kindly bane on the little man's shoulder. "I'm sure il was not your fault," It came to Basil, with irony, that Zimmrr must believe this little man Ihe real Dr. Willing, since he had been announced in the usual way. Basil himself, who had slipped in anonymously, would be taken for the impostor if he proclaimed himself as "Basil Willing" ivow. Something clattered on the hearthstone. Mi.-ss Shaw had dropped her ivory-handled cane. Zimmer was the first to reach her side, leaving the little man stranded alone in the middle of the room. "My dear Mi$s Shaw!*' Zimmer picked up the cane by its handle, then shifted his grip to the cane itself as he slid the handle into her grasp. "Thank you, Dr. Zimmer." Her A low laugh came from Rosamund Yorke. t-Iei eyes danced in pish ly. "What a delicious situation! I'm going to have one re-ally amusing evening." "I'm g'ad you think il amusing." "Don't you?" Again that rippling laugh. "I happen to know you're the real Dr. Willing because met you through your brother, f'aul. whom I know well. But poor Dr. Zimmer canH have any idea \\Viich one of you is the impostor. I'm simply dying to know more about the liltle -nan, alias Basil Wilting. How did you both happen to come here the same evening?" "I followed him," explained Basil. "Because T chanced to overhear him using niy name as his own. I've no idea why he did." "Then this is a good chance to find out. He's, coming this way looking rather like an albino rabbit bolting from a hound. Is it Dr Zimmer he's escaping? Or Mi us Shaw?" Otto pre5cnled a service tra: with two glasses. Rosamund took the nearest. A pale rose color, Basi <;hook his head. "No, thank you.' * » • HP HE little man drew near, ; crimson glass in his hand. Rosa mund flashed him a brilliant smile "Dr. Willing!" She cried with b« esque cordiality. "What a grea pleasure! T thought you were stil verseas." The false Willing took * UltU time to set his glass down preciscl on a nearby table. **I got bac! quite recently." Rosamund shifted her line c attack. "I've always wanted chance to discuss the Heisenber variation with you." "The — ah — Heiscnbcrg varia tion? 1 ' The little man looked as he would like to strangle Rosa mund. "It—well—it hardly seem quite the moment to discura thing like that, does it?" 1 sightless smite wavered. looked desperately at Basil " Inc. liver discuss psychiatry with » ymnn. Waste of time." Rosamund's .lips curled on the dge of a smile. "I've heard the ei sen berg variation shouldn't be icntioned in the presence ot idics. But I'm no lady and this lan is a psychiatrist." The lillle man was studying asil. "You're a psychiatrist' I on't believe I know your name.** "Don't you? It's Basil Willing." The little man stood quite still, yes blank with shock. Then, with motion involuntary as a reflex, i lifted his fjass and drained it. I suppose you're joking." 'N6, I'm not joking." Bastt urned Jo Rosamund. "Mrs. Yorke ill vouch for me." Rosamund was savoring thw ew twist. "Dr. Willing and I hap- aen to be old friends." "Theu . . ." The liUte man looked ildly around the room, "Everyone here knows?" . • • * f>ASfr. shook hts head. **Only Mrs. Yorke and myself. 1 eti- ered the room unannounced." The little man's eyes were still on Basil. "I was afraid something ike this might happen." "I saw you in a tobacconist's on Third Avenue about 30 minutes ago. Did you know that you were ithin a few blocks of my home there?" "Of course. Thai's why 1 was there. And I suppose you cam* out of the shop while I was hailing a cab and hoard me tell the driver I was Basil Willing 1 ." "Exactly. And now 1 shall have lo tell Dr. 7,immer that you are an impostor." The tittle man looked back over his 5 h ou! d o r. Th c re was no on e behind him. "F)r. Willing, please let me talk to you privately. Then, if you still want to brand me publicly as a faker, I won't protest. Is that loo much lo ask?" (T* He acts AMI* «x«wo tt<e CHtsr Nexr TO A C / 1 CAM SHOW *XI ( BETTER. THkN T6U. 4 >0t>/ (4OWTMIS RULE AW TH- BOOK* AKT MONEY AS£ Iff , -Haute* AM 1 SOON, WE'LL SAY, AKi* THESE TH 1 MAW Benefit by Reading and Utinf Courie Ads I TEUW K06OOV.TME VMOSI-D IS DE4PERATE AND IT WOULDN'T BE NAT URAL IF SOWEONE DIDJfT TEV TO .BUT WE'RE BACK IMTM THE *0rp!.y (SOCKET, roweLKiN/fHEetli eEMOTEIt*^-. DC BdPD DKCLERAT- 1N6 EAETMWARD.BRIM6 ME INBVPE/VIOTE Memphis. Channel YOU SURE DON'T TAKE •\WORRYABOUT ?IDES FROM I YOUR POP, STRANGERS h DON'T YOU, PR1SCILLA SAY; THIS is OUR TO GO TO THE LOOK BOTH WAYS WHEN YOU CROSS THE SATURDAY, APRIL 26 HELLO, 6KOWLT I THKK, IVE FOUNU7OUT WHO AMP HOW IT WAS THOLkSHT I'P 5E TUEWMS TO THI5 TO ME I SAW > THE P-VOC& TM THfMf- / KJG OF ON OUKJAWA •/ GOOD GRIEF! WO MV HUSBAND WA5 DfclVIMG THE C&E? BUT VOU CFWT TAKE THIS Wv&M'S THAT MftX WA£ FOR- TA10WL NO POU6T HE1L ACE MAN&tMJGfUER CM&RGES Guaranteed Watch Repair WHY NOT? I FIGHT k \YEM h MEBBE MfM,.-MOC TH'FLOOR \YOLI WILL... Wild'FM.TOO.'MAY- J THFN BE SOMtPAY I'LL /I WHAT MEET ONE I C/kN'T IJCKf THAT'LL BE TH' GUY I'M GOING TO MARKY.' DID I HtAR YOU \THAT'S WHAT I RIGHT.SIK? DH> YOU \ SMD. I-OUD WV SftY I COULDN 1 T I CI.E <\K. FOK YOU WHIP 71115 l:K.Ml GENTLEMANT BIG IOEA"*! OONT WOMEN! AM ML WOUND i, ro HEAR! Thompson Credit Jeweler A Lesson In Saving 1 W-WA.NT AVOM6-Y 9/^C.K... THAT'* TH' L1'(_ E3OOK ON EVEK. PRINTEP, J\N' I'AA 6ONNA MTTTHINA FflOf*. TH^ 0-90OC/ 60XW 1 V Hf>,\>\ ?^\:X - ?- \ FINA FOAM .the Developed Babble Bath for Fine Fabrics, Rugs and does a speedy foam Job. ARKANSAS PAINT A GLASS CO. E. Main Phone WMCT, FRIDAY NIGHT, APRIL 25 6:00 Kukla, P'ran & Ollie 6:15 -News 6:25 News About TV 6:30 Those Tivo G:45 News Caravan 7:00 Rocky King 7:30 We the People 8iOO Big Story 8:30 AWrich Family 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 Bill Day 10:00 Faye Emerson 10:30 News 10:35 Charlie Wild 11:05 Playhouse of Stars 11:35 News 11:40 Sign Oft 8:30 Test Pattern 8:45 News 8:55 Morninp Meditation 9:00 Super Circus 9:30 Survival 10:00 Kids & Co. 10:30 3et.ty Crocker 11:00 Big Top 12:00 News 12:15 Oil Program 12:30 City Hospital 1 :00 Super Circus 1:30 Break the Bank 2:00 Playhouse 3:00 Quiz 'Em 3:30 TV Teen Club 4:00 Meet the Masters 4:30 Soap Box Derby ' 5:00 Dennis Day 5:30 Crusade in Pacific 6:00 American Barn Dance 6:30 Lone Ranger 7:00 All Star Revue 8:00 Show of Shows 9:30 Wrestlin 10:30 News [ 10:40 C. A. Preview 10:45 Ken Murray 11:45 News " 11:55 Sign Oft

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