The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1933
Page 3
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I/ • VHl'USnAY. SRlTBmF.R '21. (ARK.) COURIER NFiWS PAOR THREE. As Drill Crew Brings in New Gusher Producers and Workers Share Benefits Under New Oder of Tilings. Jtv NKA Servlir 'TUI.SA, Okb— A nc-.v d;al lias come to tre liewildorci ami chaotic oil Industry, and to t!ie Si'inv of men who get oil out of the ground, refine it. transport j;, nnd put il inlo your auiomobite. And the modern Moses to tl'.e industry back W recovery tindrr Ihi- wlngs of the Blue E.xsle i.; i:.-, first dictator. Interior Secretary mr-jM M. Ickes. The effects of the new rodo la;oil are and far-jpn ud. 11 should result at onuv in the employment of 200,000 additional workers, which would be an increase of nlir.osi :\ sixth in p:-r- To the Ix-grimed worktrs In Ihe field—drillers, tool-ilrcssi-rs, pump- j ers and others—the cede means t.:c ' long-belated arrival of i!ie eight- hour day. TwHic-Hour Shifts :\t Kn.l Always the 84-hour week has been In effect lor men exe'-'pl in a few localities on the west coast. They worked in 12-hour I shifts, from midnight lo noon, or ' from noon to midriighi'.l, at backbreaking and'danyerous lasks, handling heavy equipment, auil tools. Now there will be three -lours" —the oil mail's lerm for shift--!ar drilling crews, with the htiptiiiiilnn. that men can be worked bli hours a week only when drilling in to complete a well. Oil-field laljo: for the time is classified according to the type of work done nnd according to the knowledge and skill required, and wage- .scales are based on these cla-ssifica'.ions. Life Is Hiird ' ut-Brst Drilling trews ore a rugged 'ol. accustomed to their long hu-irs nnd LKOd to all sorts of hards:ip. but they welcome the change. For i!ia most part they live in canvas or board shacks in the fields, nni v;nen engaged in wildcai'.ing operations ofien far from cities an:l towns. Pumpers, too. are happy, for many of them in charge of a large number of wells have had nlmost no fixed hour. 1 ;. Not all of them will get relief, however, for an exception is made for tr.c pumptrs in charge of stripper, or small- producing wells. They will get. ve- iief except where it is "impracticable" because of the iiiitnrr- of! their Jobs. ' * | \Va(ti. .Hajrolb Mount Wage increases for oil woik(.-is have been large llirouzhoiii t.-.c country's six oil-producing regions. Under Ihe auxiliary code in the mid-continental fields rotary iirin- ?T& will now receive $9 K :i:iy and cable-tool drillers will get $8 a day. Tool-dressers will get ST. and rotary helpers-S4.50 a duy. Typical of increased oil em ploy - ment. Li the addition of S3.OU-Q.OiiO a year in payrolls by Phillips Petroleum Co.. giving work to more than 3000 additional mi-n in 30 states. Shell Petroleum Coriwalian, Wall ,S Rr Only Says Need For Co-oporation is Givat As Eve MEMPHIS—An appeal to the r i , vvi'll co "° n producers of Arkansas, Mis- Hereafter Will , sour! nnd Tennessee not lo forjel that regnrdlrw n Branch Of- for Brokers. NK\V YOIIK. Sept. 21. lUI'i—T)u> New Yurt .jock exchange today agreed m make Wnll Strrt-l n branch .iillce instead uf Ihc world's j major Uniting crnlcr when lls gov- i-rnoi), and olllciiil* accepted an in- vlla(io:i to he.ul the new New Jersey sto:k i-xchange. formed lo avoid New Yiirk city luxes. Thr v^. j^j-^y exchange, formed by ,1 group rcprewntinj! major slock biokers In New York, tiad in- vlted I'.vshlont Iticlmiit Whitney. Trciisui.-r Warren li. Nush. unil the governing coininltU-c ol (In: New Yoik txcluiigp, to lieuil (he new trading jnnrkel across Uu- Hudson. Tin- uiove to 0[>en n new exchange In Ni-»- Jersey was miule niter tin 1 city .iilnimi-ilrjlluu hud pasfi'il leg- tax mi brokers' Incomes mill n 4 cent (r.iiiifer lux uii shares. Moiv limn 1.000 members or tlliu New Yii.-k slock exchange have up- piled !o:- admittance to ilu- new Old Soak, Famed Parrot, U Dead mnster a United Fruit ntoai'U 'ship During Old Soak's first night '•- nVoard tlw vessel fire broke out • :.H nnd escaped the notice of the ','„ i-' wnlcli, but not of Old Soak. -lie .snuii»ked. und the ship WM '"" ;nvcd. of what the gov- rrninent limy due to improve Ihe price of cottcii organized elfort by the fanners themselves will always be n<'i'cs-wry has bfcn issued by C. C). lli-nry. jimntiKPr of the Mkl- lUlli Cotton Growers association. Mr. Henry ; lid hi.; ivwodiillon stands ready- to help fanners wishing t" lw!d their cotton for n pros- jjoclivc liicix'Jse in price. Too many farmers, ho snitl, «iv prone to let Die government cure nil of their rs. He culled ulifii- tlon lo ihe i«ct- Hint with every ollu-r group I'-tubllshlng Its code of business priu'llce II is more than ever m'lv.-wiiry for fanners [o do Ilki-wlvv through t'iclr own co'jp?r- j utlvi 1 organlziillons. He declared' thut IT uu r;IU's.s of whui. changes niny In- r.xiwrlcnccd in ihn system of tu'.um mm killing It wimhl :il- wnys !>• advantageous to fiirnius to have tlii-ir eotu>;i accurately Is of grsdc and staple PRIBTOI.. R I. (TJPI-OM .v!io VMS a hero In 111* day. Im dli'tl ot imuetronln at the Soldiers' llr,nie here, Vc was Adinliml Fmil Kl:Ill's ;•• t parro 1 . bou«lr. hy Klein's'- According lo one authority, "set' thi'i, Oroiv?. ten years ugo In Is (he most Important word In the Haiti. (Icoive '.MIS Ihen !>. quarter-1 Kngllfh liinguuge. Samuel F. Norris In Second Flight Finals the thi- club I'limi and iiiHic-i r. tiiials of minimi Norris nilvancctt to the s.ecoml ihglit In Blytlicville coiin'.i-y loiiiiuiint-iil ycslrrday by ni; Judge G. K. Keck.' five Nciri', u^simied an early lend on the iirv. round of the match and in daniser. He will meet r of ihc Floyd Aeton- match in the IWILE1 PDST PlflNE Impflled by lerrific force, n column o! cil ro.irs to the surlace anil spurU high In'.o l!ie air as this oil well is brought In. and workt-rs elnd in 'oilskins leap to t.:c task of bunging it under control. . . Tliis gusher is typical ot those in the mid-continent tieUls which ha ve Hooded the market \vith cheap oil, the output of which U to be limited and pro-rated under the ol! code. . . Drilling crews like I he cue above now ar: to uori: --if hi hour.-> insltad ol t "e traditional twelve. wu s I:' Ihe wi Riiv-il Parr title inali-li. I.eo LnH/i'iilcli anil E. B, CJce niet-i SundiiV for the ehib champ- Itn.sliiii. U-inj; ihc only s;olfers remaining mil (if the championship flight 2f'.l.<K.U Trci": D.-l.iS rLinlln; .M1SKOULA. Mont. fUl't — Ap- incxiniiilely ^OO.UWJ trci-s will be (iisuiliiKd dnily fiom u slock ol r.icm- ihan li.tiCS.iJfJD now ready lui 1 ial! rilanliiif; I y C. C. C. workt-i:i n Mohliinit ntul nonnern Idaho. llu vcui^ (rec-s weiv grown at the "Miss Sweden" Work? for a Prince tn( . wes nas already ruiae'J 1:^UU employes. Three of tr.e subsidiaries of th^ Standard Oil Ca. of Indiana have already added 500 new employes, increasing their wage and 5atary paymenls by approximntely S700,- 000 t. year. Their sales department has added 600 ne-.v men an;! increased its payroll S650.COO year.- Refineries Fcfl Revival Business Is reviving in ills 700 rtlinciies in Uie 26 reliihii" -it.uej This is attributed to i.x- cessalion of "hot oil' shipments mi:i s'nip- ments of the gasoline refined from it, from illegally-produced cil originating in E.isl Texas and Oklahoma City flush fields, now tanned under President Roosevelt's ordev nnd enforced by Adra'.nlstri'io ickcs as well as slate authorities Unscrupulous' producers had per- •isted in bootlegging from one stall- to another more llian tneir 'allo'.- Uii legal well quoins. Th; elTect 3f tills ocean of "hot cil" unorc than 75 million barrels to date) was to demoralize efforts ot maintainin prices, since Ihis oil was sold under ti:e market, bringing about an ever-downward chiseling of prices. Army Returning to Work The gasoline market lias now turned toward a more ncrmal level and n'.any parts of the country are witnessing thousands or refinery employes reluming to work. The shorter refinery riay. too. is creating jobs. As an example. Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation, operating the world's largest independent refinery, reports an addition of '200 men. an increase of one-sixth. This refinery now operates on tl'.e six- hour day iiutsad of eight hours as heretofore. Storage Now Controlled Big refiners can no longer fil their storage tanks with cheap oi and meet t.:elr requirements fo long periods wlih a cheaplj-ob talncd supply. Crude oil withdraw a Is from storage will b? limited under the new oil code, to 100.00 barrels daily for the country. Ad dittons to storage will be mad only with (lie approval cf the plan nlnj and co-ordinating committee No longer will t':.e royalty owner , sec his oil produced from his lanrts 1 at depressed prices for long periods. Alrc«dy. crude prices have In- vtastd in California. Oklahoma, Kansi-i. Texas and Prnusylvanin to levels Almc,st twice 'hot or two j cncing revival in buying Oil's for«ot'.en man—UK- small 10])erator — Is certainly getting a '. new deal. Fo: 1 U:e first time in , lour years it will now pay him lo i BO out, and develop shallow, proven j oil leases. . Imports L'ndrr Check ;. furthermore, the new -.leal will ; proicct, the domestic oil indnslrs j licm excessive imjKjns, .since :i jiatto will iyj made between domcs- j tic prcdtiction and imports to prevent the (lolling of Uie. country ! witr. cheap, fo-eign-pr^luced oil. 1 Prora;ion stlil renmins in Ihc [control of each slate where prora- I tion now exists, but any production j in excess of Ickes' recommended | quotas assignee! to each state is i termed an unfair trade practice '•and in violation ijf the oil co<!c. I Thus the ftrieral g^veniment seeks .only to regulate ihn industry. • i ne\v deal is like a jxiivevful. heavy gin-ernor on an engine—'^ jl:tb:!iz- ing influence. Hrujra. World Fiver Injured V(flicii His Machine Plunges Into .Tree. QUINCY, 111.. Scjit. 01 ll)P) — Wiley I'ost. nrouml-lhc-world lly- cr. ci.islicd shortly tiitcr lie look off here today for Daveiipovt, ;a. His pliinc, the Winnie Mae, fell In ii live. Posi WHS found 'sitting in (lie pliinc with blotxi streaming down his face. He was taken to B(. •Mary's hospltul here where It was •siild his Injuries WITH hot critical. The crush occurred ttfw post, who Is makliH! a cdlnrneKIni jour of ihi' country BS an iulVprtise- mcni lor an oil conlpany. hail reached n height of sever»[ lliiil- dred feel. I-'or somu undetbrmltitU reasons his motor xvftnt dead ahd Ms ulune crushed Inld n tree Wwr; It was; lodged. Ills plune was so badly dumaged by Ihc crush that it. will require it-veral duys to make repairs. WE/DO OUR PART Blatz Brewing Company and its Employes, Milwaukee, | operate under the code. ind Ills NtUonil P«co»«r> PUn In th* produollon o{ th» Piinc* o! Diinki—BUtz Old B«r.' Hal CailV'i Hi'i t)'.':ll:i GATESVILLE. Ttx. lUPl—Hc- his hr-.l hlr-v. from his head, Fills tanner, rii.-d of i ikL-n neck. i!e Mistnlned tin injary when he fell as he Icaiiuci !]-o:n a moving truck to rs- toier Ihu hat. Kelsn lived only a '.r.v liours. The -Old Buint Chiucli" Jnck'onboro. Soulli Carolina, vva. 1 ; erected 200 yea is ago. The prettiest, and possibly the luckicy. girl in Swtdeii Is blonde Miss Biilla Jakob.sson. After winning the beauty litli- in a nation-wide can- U-Gt. she was eiijaEi-d lo act in a inovio pr;auclioi'. direcled by Prince Wiilulm. yui-nxes, yin ol Kins; Gustsv. Hen 1 ya'.i .".e liie loyal (lirtc- lor and star on io:at on in Ihe Stockholm archipelago. ..jontlis aso. The tong-''oped-for SI ot gigantic Hush iiclris such a; Kast crude price in the mid-continent is. Texas and Oklahoma City wit.; its loiv an actuality—meaning a re-, pi ice-breaking effect lias caused sumption of exploralion nfler Irvee' these seUled-ucll owners lo operal: years of comparative iaicne.=s. : at a less for temporary periods. Ickcs' "His Chirr But wilh Si oil an ncuiallty. Hires tckes has annoimced that the, «lk can once more be operated price-fixing provisions will lemuin: a ' :1 prolll, the oil cede, but will not be | m _""t of 5UC.1 Renew Your Health By Purification Any pliysicirm will tell you torn is X:ilurL-'.H ronndatitm uf PeriVH Ilealtli." Wliy nol riil yonrM'lf of chronic ailment* are iinik'rriiiniiti; your vitality f Purify ynnr entire system l>y taking :i tlionniyh course of Oaiot.ibs, j —cure or twice a week for several \vivks—and see lioiv Nature re- ivanls you with Iicallh. , Calnlnhs purify tlio blood by ac- tiviilini; llic livor. kidney?, stomach aii'l l-mvcla. In 10 els. :ind 3~< eta. I'ii.-l.n.j.-s. Ail dcaleis. t ^ > , (Adv.) Any Home- Any where-Can Enjoy Modern Instant-Gas Cookiiijg With the New unking possible pay- uorth-whilo wa?e and increased employment. Catchinq COLD? in the oil cede. nut. win not made use ot until suc.i action is Providing accessary. he may wield (his : Hundreds of cil-lovvns .are cxpcn- threat over Ihe industry as a club 1 to assure price stability, the bails | of bringing about settled condl-: lions. '. Dollar oil now in effect means n : dcubllng and in tome cases a trl-' p'.lng of (he income from the oil: fields to more t.'an 350.000 royally I owners throughout the coinilry. I The royalty interest is one-eighth ' of all oil produced in the United. States—whicn means that 100.000,000 barrels a year, an addition of ; about $50.000.000 a year to Ihe in- i comes of those widely-scattered in- • vcslors. "Sliippcrs" Flourish Again The new deal solves the pcrp'.es-: • ing problem of the ".strippers' or Ihe aged, small pumping welh ca stage every gus' reaches some day). These settled wells are the backbone of the oil Industry, accounting for tile bulk ot employment In the nil fields. Bringing In i At The Home Of The Mayo Oinic (r?ochC5trr. Minn.) the health of- ricer. Di'., D. G. f.ockhcad. recently fair" in a statement through the \.rf$?.. "We in the health depart- j.ienl ure concerned about milk from tuo angles. it Ui" 1 test food obtainable, we want to see il consumed hi great quan- tilles. r.r.rt because of the possibility of its spreading disease, we i.nnt to know that our local supply is produced under all the rc- rru-mciH- of production commer- i:a|iv )-os^ible and (hat it be pas- tuerizcd so lliat we can guarantee II safr." 'I'elcphone No. 71 Hrinult'g milk is "lie — it's properly paslcuriicd. 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