The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1949
Page 3
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, OCTOBER 19, 194» Presidential Succession Plan Is Advanced for Use in Event Worst Comes in A-Bomb Attack By Jack Bell . , ' ' WASHINGTON. Oct. 19. Mv-The possible hazards of being president in an atomic age may be Investigated by a Congressional committee. The Senate has approved tlie Idea and checked it up to the House. The Senate action came without a dissenting voice. I'he proposal, by Senator Green (D-RI), Is to set up a 10-member Senate-House committee to look into the question of abolishing the Electoral College system of picking presidents. + Mother of Convict- Tells Police Where Son Hid $20,000 LONG DEACH, Calif.. Oct 19—Wj —Only an empty hole In a bakery floor was found by police searching lor *20,000 loot a bedridden mother (AME.y COURIER NEWS' The commitle aLso would study the possibility of naming some Individuals to take the presidential Powers If all the officers now eligible to succeed him should die. Senator. Myers (D-Pa). who sponsored passage of the bill in Green's •Jlsence, told a reporter this was ^nied nt setting up machinery io Keep (he government functioning " an atomic attack should wipe out all of Washington's high officials. Campaign Policy Raised In approving the bill, the Senate Rules com/nitiee said some action ought to be taken "so that this nation will not, he faced with a calamitous situation Imperiling the succession of the presidency without a legally established solution on which lo rely." Myers said he 'hinks that if 'he House agrees to the Inquirv. the joint committee also should look Into the question of financing political campaigns from the national treasury. said her convict son hid there. A penciled letter from Mrs. H C. Bartlett of (638 Stock Road) Kansas City, Kans., was addressed to Edward Towne, former owner of a bakery near the ocean here. On a crude map of the bakery kitchen, Mrs. Bartlett marked a spot where she said her son cached Hie money stolen in a 19M Los Angeles robbery. Following the directions, police found a hole in the ground, four inches in diameter and 18 uv.hes deep. It contained only a few bits or metal, presumably parts oj a . can or pipe. This suggestion his been made by De &- Capt. L. Q. .Martin believes those who contend that political' u 'e money, if there was any was parties should have equal amounts I decomposed in the dampness. to pay campaign costs. I Mrs. Bartlett' referred to her son Senator Lodge (R-Mass) told the Senate the oreen inquiry resolution should not affect Congressional action on his proposed constitu- -•">- iciciicu LU ner son only as "Sonny" an d said he was serving a life term for murder. She wrote that "we need the moneyjiow" and asked that $15,000 •-- ,*•">•""•-" t.u..,jv...u , ••• *»"".« mat 9JU,UUV tional amendment to revise the ! 2? SEllt nei ' and "yon keep $5,001' Electoral College vole. | . : > ak ery now is owned by Will- At present, candidates for presl- i '*'" °-^ l ^'?- Bartlett sald hel dent usually receive the full el«c- son ttolkcd < ne " tora vote of each state in which they obtain > majority o( the popular vote. The amendment would split the eleclroal vote among cand- - idates according to their percentage of the popular vote. Infant Dies in Fire NORTH LITTLE ROCK. Ark ; Oct. 19. If) — A seven-minths-olrt Negro girl, Billy Jean Pilfer died when fire gutted her father's home here yesterlay. Wot Springs Protests Proposed Phone Hike LITTLE ROCK, Oct. : 19—(>|_ ?. he . cil ;-y o f Hot Springs .yesterday filed with the Public Service Commission a protest against Southwestern Bell Telephone company's request for a $2,200,000 rate increase in Arkansas. The Intervention, filed by Hot Springs city Attorney A. D. Shel- fon. charged Bell with price-fixing and monopoly, i n addition to failure to take advantage of low Interest rates "now available.^" ROYAL AIR FORCE SHOWS "PACKAGED WARFARE" - M,hi ar y observers at Nctheravon England inspect the contents of the ' Pjratechmcon"—a large metal container in which both men and heavy equipment are dropped by parachute from high-flying planes. The flying barrel carried 6000 pounds and requiredI eight parachutes.. The Royal Air'force demonstrated it, along with other new - methods and equipment designed for combined air-ground operations. Mercy Bullet Not Needed, Physician Discovers After Conducting Autopsy LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19. . Y . ,— „ coroner's autopsy rej»rt added tragic irony to a teen-ager's story to police that lie fired a "morcy bullet' into the head of his ten-year- old brother who lay moaning in agony from an accidental shot suffered but a few minutes- before. Dr. Frederick Newbarr. county autopsy surgeon, disclosed yesterday lhat. v tile first shot' destroyed half the brain of'• Robert James Elliott, 10, and that he would have died In a'few moments. Richard Manning Elliott, 15, told police Sunday 'night that he could not bear to see his brother suffering so he fired a second bullet into his head "io put him out of his misery." . . .'•.,'• Dr. Newbarr's report said the second slug, in itself, could no'ti have caused death. The boys, son of ' a physician were home aloiie Hatching a Western movie on television when the older boy told his brother that he wanted to show him "a gun like they used in the Old West." In showing the .32 caliber revolver. .Richard told detectives that it went off accidentally with the bullet piercing Robert's head. Dr. Harold M. Elliott, former-city health officer and father of the boys, said: "I'm convinced both bullets were fired accidentallv. Richard Is a good boy who' loved his brother. In his Insleria. Richard must have said he fired the second one deliberalc- Ricliard, held on suspicion of .murder by juvenile authorities, was a witness at an Inquest today. Elizabeth Scolds Subjects for High Divorce Rate LONDON. Oct. 19. M';—Princess Elizabeth scolded the.British people yesterday for what sue called a high divorce rate and falling moral standards. . It was Ihe strongest public statement by any member of the royal family In years. Speaking to a rally of Ihe Mothers Union, the 22-year-old heiress presumptive to the throne said: "I would go so (ar as to say that some of the very principles on whicti the family, and therefore the health of the nation, are founded are in danger." $*'r'- : :.'.v;--,' - •', • • . jiXF '- : ^v '." m \ i_ fefect Backround for a Sometimes, we think a lady never looks so lovely as when she's seated at the wheel of a Cadillac car. First of all—she looks sa-tne*. .. . . .for she knows she is driving the world's most distinguished motor car—a car so regal in its bearing and so sumptuous in its appointments t u t 'J: '? accepted standard tor the whole automotive world. She looks cniifidcnt, too ... . . .for s He knows she is driving a mechanical masterpiece—a car that is as dependable and safe as human ingenuity and crafo mans hip can make it. She looks relief and nl ease . ... for there is no strain at all to her driving I he big motor moves the car as if by automatic propulsion- steering is virtually a response to her wish-and the brake pedal calls for little more than the weight of a foot. 4u<l, finally, she looks—as we said— so lovely ... ... for here is the perfect background - , R , la<1 ^ ,' f s(le has chose " ^e model and the color and upholstery with care—as the fullest complement to her personahty-she is the spotlighted high-light in a gorgeous picture! , * * • This message, of course, is addressed to a man—to a man with a lovely lady whom he delights to see at her best—and whom he wants surrounded, wherever she drives, with every safeguard an automobile can provide. Come in, Sir—and see tis. You are looking, as you surely know, for a Cadillac! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Wolnut, Blythtvill. Phon« 578 Contractors Told To Bargain with Striking Workers WASHINGTON, Oct. 19. (AP) — The National Labor Relations Bonrrl yesterday prdcred contractors on the Bull Shoals dam In North Arkansas to bargain with union rc-prcicnta- vps. The board's order concurred In ii (hiding-o! trial examiner Horace A. Rnckcl that Ozark Dam Constructors, and Plippiii Miitcrials Company, both of Houston, Tex., had been guilty ol unfair labor practices'. The companies sought to coerce workmen on the 537.000,000 flood control project from Joining unions and refused to bargain, in good faith with the FVirt Smith. Little Rock and Springfield joint council, AFt,, representing employes, the board order said. . Ozark Dam Constructors, a combine of nine contractors, was 1 order- Farmers Leave Own Fields to Pick Cotton Crop of Legless Neighbor OLUSTEB, okin., Oct. 10. <AP>— Busy Jackson County cotton growers -will leave 'their own fields tomorrow to pick the crop of a. farmer who lost both legs In a. hay baler. i • • '• Doctors say that barring complication, c. B. Hughes, 33, will live. For Ihc first time since the accident Insl '1-hursdny he began to eat last night . fore attracting his wife by seltlnx Hie to a bale of hay. Ho has a 60-acre farm west of Elmer In. Jackson County, which U in southwestern Oklahoma. Neighbors marvelled at Hushes' courage and decided to assist in harvesting his cotton crop. Word was passed along, and farmers will meet, at, the farm tomorrow to do the work. Cotton pickers are .scarce In Jackson County. High-Pressure Gas Painless Dentistry SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 19. IAP>~ You soon may i lav o "painless" dentistry that really doesn't hurt- tooth drilling without drills. Hie mllleniuin for lender-toothed dental patients may be readied within a year, the American IJental Association convention learned here. The new method involves a mu- clnnc Invented by Ur. R. n. mack. Corpus Chrlsti, Tex., and pcrfcckMl by the S,S. White Dental Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia. Iivh'iid o,' drilling, It uses a Wust of cnrlxm dioxide giis, shot at 15 pounds a square Inch pressure through a nozzle only 18 thousandths of on inch In 'diameter: A j finely ground abrasive, nlumlmiin ! oxide Is carried against the tooth to be drilled by the high pressure BUS and does ihc cutting finely nmi precisely. Tlie benefits me luck of vibration, heat or bone-conducted sound, nit ol which combine lo produce '(be "hurt" in tooth drilling. The neiv machines now are lieing used by various .denial, schools and by the Navy Dental Center. Drill May Brinq That Doesn't Hurt Sanitation Department Workers in New York Quickly Regain Health Height of the Rock of Glbraller Is almost 1,500 feet. ed specifically to bargain with the AFL (JOUIlCil Oil request. A rnodein.nwH. I The council called n strike against I ".li'ihoi'iViii I Ihc Bull Shouts-job last year, put \vork has continued, - PAGE THREE Th« Army Air Forces were started in 1907 as the Aeronautical Division of the Army Signal Corps. '•mm*,. FEMALE COMPLAINTS Are you troubled by 4litr*M of fem*l« functional p*riodlo dUtof*- anc«c? Doc« thit mak* you. tuStr Iiom palu, [e«l ao nervoia, Ur*d— at ouch times? The a DO ley t-ydl* X. PlnVham's Vce«labl« Compound t« T«lleve such i>-mptonu, Plnkhun'* hu & grand &oothlng effect on on« of woman.'» rnott important organs! 1YD1A L PINKHAM'S V£OtT»IU I Mlnful fun»1 flonil month- dlitreu middle-aged women, for fi^^ir* }\*-v& lion, ST/i'o Irr^&VllnTo? o^lf woman a prjmary organs r&n j>e aooiiied il calmed by takfngCardm »s directed I '-'-"ci'n £±2 FOR WOMEN'S SPECIAL o,' Oct: "»-<A-m CIO City Sanitation Department workers have voted themselves back In good, health after reporting sick during n novel work stoppage Monday. They decided last night lhat their work " W °" lrt 1Je ' mit a rellmi lo Tlicy demonstrated before cits hall Monday In n demand loi a shorter work week, crying "five days and 40 horns" as they miirched. Earlier, they hart reported "sick 1 and unable to work. A state law forbids- a strike of public employes. rn. P n ° "" 1 i , : i , ajr 5 y" ralJln """ ralslanc Ciiilii tnken '" Buy --- - ..*,.. iun.c-|| I«pj|flr. iiUV lo help thirart th« monthly . -- - ./»y • h li » Cardul, by muni PROBLEM It wns estimated In IBBO there were only 541 bison In the United States of an original 50000.000. NATIONALLY FAMOUS ., •' Glcamlnj shverplate In the . most unusual new pattern of all. Set it lodij! HOLMS & EDWARDS- DHEIFUS Mhnt limfns . . . -WRa'r Biamonds :uh \\i:si \ni\ in M BlTTHtViai. tMMmiS ANO DYOtHUHO it's SUPER BRIGHT il lasts dayslonger it gives superior leather protection and recolors too mwmm Watch fewer brush strokes bring up the Mne . . . I0c will show you the difference between GRIFFIN ABC »nd any other nolish at any price ... so for lOc why wait . . . start now to enjoy more shine with less shoe shining! Jfocfc • grown - 7on • Oxb/ood GRIFFIN We Follow I Your Doctor si Prescription I Nichols Drug

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