The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULY 7, 19-17 Peron Proposes Middle Ground Argentine Offers To Aid Distressed Nations'of World 1WENO3 AIRES, July 1. (UP) — Argentina's resources were pledged »y President Juan E. Peron today to aid the spiritual and economic rehabilitation of all sintering nations, particularly in Euro)*. Peron \ n n nalional broadcast last night, urged economic aid to distiKsscd countries, spiritual rtis- > armament and establishment of an ffrcndurine ,, Ci , ce though "creation of a world conscience which puts nien above systems of ideology." His speech, widely heralded in advance, dealt only in generalities. He did not. as some had expected, make a concrete proposal that Argentina lead in forming a "third group" of nations allied neither to the United States nor Russia. He did urge "eradication of capitalistic and totalitarian cxtremis'ii whether of the right or left." "In this critical hour for the universe, when disorder and confusion strive to become the ruling factors iu human relationship, we Senate Committee Criticizes Pan-American Highway Project BLYTHEVILIJB (ARK.T QOUKIER NEWS conducted B n on-the-spot Inmll- yatlon of the project last Summer. The report amounted to "don't" warning to any tourist who Arrf/rlcl ' 0 ' SovlUl 101U| of Ihc ex » • n, to. TV, 1C B f kl> ic long sUctches where Isltnii sections of Ihe hlrhw 1 " 1 ot lho lyiw we wuul " »« ™ hem a fair counlry roi.d 20 vi-nrn Truman Returns To White House After Talk on 4th WASHINGTON, July 7. (Up) _ President Truman was back at the Wliile House today after setting some kind of a presidential record for speedy automobile drlvln" Returning from a July 4 hoiTtliw weekend at Cliarlollesville. Vn . Mr Truman,acted as his own cliaiifr-r I yesterday and once had his bin I Cadillac convertible conp c going ! close to C5 miles an hour. His speed was reported by a Virginia State Police,car which pie- ceded the president's top-down convertible. For the most part. Mr. Trunuins speed was about so'miles an hour — the limit, allowed by state Jaw. The top speed was reached shortly after the president left Cha••- lottesville and there was little traffic. Mr. Truman made the trip back in two hours and 45 minutes It took his official chauffer 15 minutes longer to make the trip to Charlott«sville. where the president, delivered a July 4 address as- •i<».u>ii> in numan relationship, we I"™ 1 oenvcron a July 4 address as- once more to lend our licla, *, sailing Russia's objections to the tO trust in ovnliiHrtn .m., ,.. ,|~ Milt-shrill nlnii to trust in evolution ana to defend social justice," Peron said. " We wish to state to the world that our contribution to internal and international peace lies in the fact that our resources have been added to world plans for assistance in order to achieve tnc moral and spiritual rehabilitation of Europe, facilitating the material and economic rehabilitation or till suffering nations." This was taken as an inidrcrl reference to the Marshall program for European rehabilitation. He said' Argentina sought to aid other countries economically with- ||ont infringing on their national dignity an ( i soverignty. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III., July 7. (UP) — (USDA) —Livestock: Hogs 12.100; salable 12,000; wei")Hf over 160-lbs., mostly 50 to 75c higher than average Thursday, but slow on weights over 250 ibs. Ughtei weights, 25c higher; sows, unevenly 25 to 75c or more higher. Bulk good and choice 150 to .2-10 Ibs $25.25-S25.75; to)), $25.75; 250 to 270 Ibs., $24.50-$25.25; lev 270 to 300 Ibs., $23-$24.50; 130 to 150 Ibs $ 1 >3Tj- $24.75; 100 to ISO-lb. Digs, $2025$22.25; Kood 270 to 503-lb. sows $18-$1B.25; few. $18.50- hcaviei weights, S1G-518; stags, mostly S13.SO-$15.50. Cattle receipts 11.200; salable 5500; calvgs, 1,800, .all salable. Stee'i supply liberal, numbering nrounit 65 loads, bulk or which comprised medium to low good light weights Heifers and mixed yearlings in moderate supply. Opening trade on these fully steady and active on fed kinds; others low, choice yearling steers, $28; good to low choice S25.75-$27.50; few medium steers $22; choice mixed steers and heifers to $27; good and choice $24$26,75; c.mvs, active, but opcnet about steady. A few common and medium beef cows. $13-$iG- mos t action on caniier and cutters fron Air Base Commander Reported Lost at Sea WEST PALM BEACH. Fla., July "• (UP) - The Army disclosed last night that the director ol operations at the Bermuda Base Command and his executive officer were aboard n C-54 transport plane presumed lost at sen off the Atlantic seaboard with four othe- army fliers. The _two officers were Maj Ralph B. Ward, of Concord. N. c.. base director svho was piloting the'plane ami MHJ. Clyde R. Inman, of Boise la., the co-pilot. Marshall plan. The president returned to Washington feeling relaxed, lie pick"ri up a little simian on the open air ride home. The president was sairt to be anxious to hear world reaction to hi- ChnrloUcsvlUc speech, i,, it, |,e said Russia's objections to the Marshall plan for European rccoi'f-ry were "fallacious" and warned it would bo n "/oily" ( o allow extreme nationalism to block world iccon- itruclion. WASHINGTON, July 7. (UP) — The Senate War Investigating Committee today criticized the Wa° Department's Central Amcrlcnn Highway project as an unbusiness- like and costly venture (hat did the war effort more harm than good. A report prepared by Sen. Homer Ferguson, II., Mich., siiid the proposed highway link with the Pnn- ama Canal was hastily conceive.! and "founded upon nn absence of sound planning or reasoning." it crUict/.eci the War Department for describing it as an "ulfecnt military necessity." Originally, the report said, Ihj ilglnvay was (o have cost f'O 000.000 and to have been finished in May of 1943. But as of today, it said, the highway is not halt completed and the cost now Is cs- 'imated at no less than $139.000,000. As It is, the report said, the project added $36,000.000 to the cost t,l war "without contributing to the defense of the United Slates." ir anything, it added, the venture .ook niiinpo-.ver nnd materials nt n :ime when the cry on the fighting fronts wa s -too little nnd too late." The project involves (lie Central American portion ot the so- culled pan American Highway. Kcr- guson headed a subcommittee which Too Late to Classify For Satm Home. 3 large lots. Excellent location, newly remodeled. •1 rooms, hall and modern Imfh, fireplace. One extra lot especially good husi ness location. Grape arbor, shrubbery, peach, peean, walnuf, .apple, fi K trees, berries. Paving tax pi iid o«(. I'riccd to sell. Furnished or unfurnished. See owner, 020 S. Lake. T-T-pk-14 S room house and 2 Jots" I'rii-e §3150 cash. H. c Campbell, Realtor. Phone 't'Hi or 2!),W 7 7 ck 10 IJal)y cnrrli..,.c l """"'^ • with steertible' 7i7 -ck - 1 0 row ™ t™«or. B00 ,| '•, hn ?J W P 1 "' ,n«J? n ,' n n ' ow Km <" 1 ' disc, rrlcc.l lo sell, c.ilt 7.1 • 7'7-nk-n _ Florence tnhlcton 5 yoo:l condition. Ph fnmicr -stove !n _2304. 717-pk-ll INTERNATIONALLY 2ro 0 m S V» ^ rooms. Tltc ' Kitchen, L-ns riinpp «!'- Duo-Therm hc«?r Excellent condition. Sell ,,. ! P - Ev< - rc « Miithl* nl Soictb Highway 61. Sad Sack Darbccuc: 4 Wanted To Buy Gootl clean usetl cur. w T MrO-niL-1, cy. 118 East vine. No dcileS ptaKe" 7|7-l>k-8 For Rent . 401 E. Ash <t Lilly. 717-pk-ll) mom. Pliono 2920. • 17 •!? 171'II. Personal to CniJfoniln. Oan *« £" llfoni1 "- Can Holland. Mo, . take :< or 7-)>k-IO Officers Slay Negro Who Killed Deputy KNOXVILLE. Tenn., July 7. (UP) — A Negro killed a deputy sheriff here yesterday and later was slain in a riercc siege battle with police Harlcy Nelson, the 31-ycar-oid deputy was shot nnd killed when he went to a negro house to arrest Jess Evans, 40, wanted for shoot- iiiB nt a livestock dealer. Scores of state, county, and city officers then bore down on the house using bullets and tear gn.i. The r.'egro's body was riddled with bullets. The slain deputy was the rnlhcr of four small daughters. He held a warrant charging the Negro with shooting at p. H. Hughes. Slip rovers. Free estimates Mr Jlooper; 1.10 E. Sycamore/' Well now, we don't really put your car in a washing machine^ ... or hang it on the line to' dry. But, we sure do know how' to WASH CARS . . . clean the' old grea«*, ^ .«rl dirt off the' engine—and get ft thoroughly cltnuiv. f LIQUID GLAZE OR PORCELAINIZE A scientific treatment that cleans, polishes and renews tit*; automobile finish. Removes scum and dirt and gives ai> weather protection against fog, sun, grease and makes it easy to keep up the appearance of your car. Uf Us Liquid Glue or Porcelainlie Tour e»r. SPECIAL PRICE NOW $1 5.00 ANY CAR ANY MAKE LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Walnut at Railroad St. Phone 578 Special Tomorrow at DREIFUS GROUND and POIISHED LENSES! EYE PROTEQING QUAIJTY! SMART MODERN FRAMES! with leather • Carrying Case . . , CHAR (ft /r...0pen trji accounf You'll.want lo prolecl your eyej from the sun» glare this summer with ftese smart modern styled, high quality sun glasses. Ideal for motoring, golfing, boaling, fishina oil iporls. Priced to moke these a leading value ot our friendly store. Others arc simply moOfiUla trtlli " The committee suft««t«0 "taMie- dlale study" O n the tujvbtbiltty of forming Hn inttr-Ajn«rk»|| —'^ ' «overam*0U to fth * Serving America different ways Retail Stores • Wunls 6;il Department Stores («nd 97 Farm Stores) Iliriily shoppers in every purt of America. Servo then* c;i[>:il)Iy, serve them courteously . . . uud save them Catalog Departments • In tlio Cnliilog Departments of these stores, Ward? ' V customers can widen their selection, ami choose from tlje Mm» vast variety of mcrdiaiulisc found in Wards big Cutilog. " ' Mail Order Houses • • 9 Hugo lluuses, stnileyiciilly locnlctl, give prompt servic* <» »l! Iho familios who order by mail, from the mi)lio«j» ' * * of catalogs Wards distributes every year. Catalog Offices Many of these Mail Order cuatomera make their »electi#i» in one of \V:mls 225 Catalog Ofltces, served by c»p»J)l8 8;ilcs»ij-!s who handle nil the details of ordering. s Phone Order Service sCaluIog Offices and Storc-CaUlog-Depir serve hy phonc.vMcrchandi«e.6r3e!reg:b callcd-for, or scut direct to the Ji^^' . is "wired" to phone can he -.-,^ ,...-.• ,. ^ <&&f^ j Written by A. M and ilid *• guldlflf prlndf I* .. of our Cwippny fc JN« WATCH FOR THESE SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY SAVINGS They're our very special way ofcclcliraling tlii.i "Diamond AnniversarjJI. They're a group of timely offerings of fine new merchandise al SHARP CUT PRICK! So watch for (lie ads wilh lliis "7Slh Anniversary" circle!

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