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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · Page 2

Hartford, Connecticut
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Wednesday, September 12, 1810
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, lot with them who' governs France, whether Robcrspterc, or Napoleon, out diabolua ! he is sure to he the idol of thcir.idolatry. , ' LATF. FORlilGN NEWS. GERMANY. HASI BURG, JULY 18. ' ALL public and pi Wide carriages and passports arc strictly examined at all the barriers of Paris. i , Thirteen Cardinals, banished from P.iris, nre confined in the fortress of Ham, &c. ' where they arc to live in exclusion. Gen. MoHANB's French division in this city consists of aooo infantry, and 600 artillery. The little island of 'Scyltfs surrounded ivith l'rench privateers,' watching I he sailing of . American -vessel! on the point oj proceeding homewards. Denmark has forbidden American shifts going to Scylt, or any port on the west side Iiolstcin, Schlcswig or Jutland, to unload. A total exclusion of the Americans is daily' apprehended (Abeille du Nord, July 13.)' AUSTRIA. Vienna, June 30. A decisive battle has been fought between . the Russians and' Turks on ih'e right bank of the Danube. The Graiid Vizier, beaten, had retired to Adrianople.; and Silistria had capitulated. To obtain peace the. Turk must cede Moldavia and U'allachia. The English continue to blockade Corfu ; .fcut the garrison, several thousands strong,' under Gen. Don ZELotj are full of confidence. , i ITALY. ' Naples, June 17. ',' We expect good hews from Calabria, Our army are on the Strait of Messina, and our gun-boats line the coast from Scilla to Ueggio. An east wind will carry our troops across the strait in half an hour ; and. the shores and currents therein, 'prevent the English fleet worn manoeuvring. FRANCE: ; ' Pahis, July 2 DISTRESSING FIRE. Yesterday the Austrian Ambassador, Prince ScuwAitZENBUR.c gave a grand fete, at lYincn tne emperor, impress, , and all Hie Imperial titd Royal personages were invited. ..Twelve hundred assembled to accommodate whom, the , Prince caused a temporary ball- Toom to be . erected in his garden, which was covered with gauze, muslin and other light simrs. During tne dancing ol a Scotch reel, when the Emperor and Empress were at different parts of the, saloon, the drapery of a window curtain near the Emperor took fire from a candle. . Many of the attending1 offi cers endeavoured to tear off the. curtain, but the names , ascended so rapidly as to'be in-, stantly out of reach. The Emperor immediately went to the Empress who was in her chair, where they were surrounded with the Austrian and other Ambassadors,. Stc. acquainted of their d inger, and requested to retire ; which the Emperor did slowly, recommending calmness to .prevent disorder. The fire spread like lightning : but the.avenue3 were numerous, and the comp.inv easilyescaped into the garden The separation, however, of mothers from heir daughters, who were dancing, occasioned . scene of great distress and inquiry The tire was so vapid, thattheQuocn of Naples having fallen, was only saved by the presence of mind of ihe Grand Duke of Wat tzhurg. The Queen of Westphalia was carried from the saloon bv the King and Count Mettf.rnicu. The Viceroy of Italy, with the Vicequren, perceiving the fall of the lustres and ceilings, escaped . by a back door into the hotel. The Prince Kak akin, the Russian Minister, the Ladies of the Russian Consul, Baron Tousaho, and the Prefect of Istria, were' injured by falls. The Princess Pauline ScuwAnzRNDunc ' (sister-in-luw of the Austrian Ambassador) lost her life. She was among the last who rcmamed in the ball room, and was lending one of her daughters out, when a piece of burning wood fell on her daughter, which a man took up Hnd threw away. In the confusion, the Princess was hurried into the garden ; missing tier daughter! she flew in search of her, and heroically entered the burning saloon, where she perished, and was found the next morning grently disfignred, being known by her diamonds and the medallion of her children, which she wore on her neck. Her husband hnd been in search of her all night. She was a French woman, daughter of the Senator Abembebg, the mother of eight children, and four months advanced in pregnancy. , , London, July 28. The continental papers represent the losses by the fire at the Austrian mbussidiir's in Paris, to hnve been more calamitous than Irs been represented in the Paris papers. The Ambassador was very niuch burned and wounded. Prince Kurakin was burnt in the hand and feet. The Prussian Minister, Krosenark, was also wounded. The Princess of Leyon, wife of the Russian Consul, is since dead of her wounds' It is reported, that this fire was not the effect of accident, but the work of an Incendiary j but nothing can be more likely, than that some part of the light drapery of a temporary ballroom should be blown m contact with some one of the numerous lights with which such places are illuminated, ENGLAND. LONnoN, July 2628. 'j. Affairs of Holland. On the 1st July, previous to his abdication of the throne of Holland, the cidevant King, Louis addressed a long note to the Legislative Body of that mock kingdom ; in which he recounts the tyrar-nical measures directed by his brother, the Emperor of France, against Holland, in covering its territory with n mercenary army, and gangs of French Custom-house Officers. He declares that it was his .oats' refusal to permit these gangs, contrary to .treaty, to prowl over his kingdom, and his opposition to the 'occupancy of Am. stcrdam, by French troops, that had provoked his brother ; and Induced him (the Emperor to order troops to take possession of the capital. In this, situation Louis declares he could no longer wear the croivn, and had taken the fixed resolution to resign it in favour of his Sou, Louis Napoleon. Me, .adds his , hopes, that this measure will lend to reconcile Franco and Holland, and that his brother so violently in-haled against hint, will not be so against his children j und exlinvls the Ifnl. landers to receive the French troops with kindness, and to treat them as the best friends oiH-Mand. Euch-U the svjitaRco of this note, , Whtv.h- .Wit he true, or whether ft be ejugg!i:;g of: an arch hypocrite and dupe to furnish Napo-1 Icon for a pretence to seize on Holland, and : melt 'it down in his great nation-destroying Cruicible. let the World. ears, judge.' HOLLAND NO MORE ! On the 9th July, the French Emtieror de- creed, that Holland should be annexed to the French Empire ; that it should have six Deputies in the Senate, six in the Council of State, and twenty-five in the LegislativeBody ; that the Duke of Placemia Lc Brim,; the Ex-Consul should be Lieutenant-Qeneral of the Department, and , that Amsterdam.1 should rank as the third sity of the' Empire, The Dutch department of foreign affairs is , uuoiisncu, me otlicr offices are continued, out i are to be filled bv Frenchmen.' The Dutch ; I Hoyal.gu.irdsfjOOOl have marched for Suatn ; '. j and Amsterdam is garrisoned with twenty thousand French ooltliers. billelted on the in- ; habitants, who are comuelled to furnish each "Tie, uaiiy, witn 2 ounces ot ureadj a gin ot; gin, iwo ounces ot vegetables, eight ounces ot meat, and a pot of beans The young. Dutchmen are to be conscripted for soldiers. Every Dutch fishing boat is to carry a French soldier1 in- it, hnd if any one is detected , in smuggling, then a general embargo is to be laid on all leftshirig vessels .' ."..'. Tlie Emocror Natiolenn has refused to con firm the resignation of his brother Louis in i.iyor ot nis nephew. Napoleon Louis j .the latter, he says, being, already Duke of Berg, and sieves is provided tor. The Ex-ICing Louis is with his brother Jerome, in; Westphalia. The Ex-Oiiien of Holland the": .'daughter of the Empress Josephine, and recently the favorite of Napoleon is Very sick at Piombiers. omcc me marriage alliance wun me vusuiun Princess, poor Hortense'Eugenie is out of favor with Napoleon j and it is strongly suspected that the heart-ache is riot the only malady he has by proxy administered 'to her. lit is reported from Heligoland that she is since dead! Le Buhn is to direct the aff.iirsof Holland, after the 1st January, 1811, to which period all tne taxes, Sec. - are to be continued, l lie measure of the consolidation was preceeded by a long and able note from Champagny, Duke of Cidore, who says, " The 'annexation of Holland to France is the necessary consequence of the union of Belgium. It completes your majesty's empire, as well as the execution of your system of war, politics, and trade. It' is the first, but a necessary step towards the rest oration 'of. your hayv ; in fact, it is the heaviest' blowv which your Majesty could inflict upon England." . Q3 Affairs, of Portugal;. . July 20. Reports were 5 esiurdiy in circulation, that'Lord Wellington was in full retreat for Lisbon. But we cannot trace the. report to any authentic quarter. The public must oxpect at least once ;i TUy o be agitated by similar reports, fcl'Ais reiort was circulated as early as the 21st. said to have been front a schooner spoken in the chois of the channel: ' . . , "' . Capt.' But gh," one of Lord Wellington's aids, has arrived with despatches from his Lordship, dated 4th July, when he; was posted between Almeida ,-iiid Celorico., . His last movement has probably been made in consequence of the actual or expected fall -of Ciudad Jiod-rigo, which could not ;.hnld out. longer than the 5th. His' Lordship has, -vo learii, between 30 and 40,000 men less than his enemy. LoNBONj July 26. German papers state, that1 the Russian troops in Turkey have been very successful ; and had compelled the Grand Vizier to abandon Schaml i ; that the latter had been compelled to solicit an armis- tice of two days, which. had been refused. Russia demands,! as the price of peace, the cession of Moldavia and Waltachia, and the payment of 30.000,000 piastres to defray the expenses of ihe war. The two Caraccas deputies, Don Juan tie Volebar and Don Jose Scon, left London yesterday, to embark for the United states of America, They have been treated with great civility by Ministers; but our treaties will not permit their being officially recognized. ' FAILURES, The Country B".nks are beginning to experience the effects of large discounts and commercial embarrassments, Two bunks in Salisbury, and one in Exeter Totness, Chester, Plymouth, Shaftsbury and Shrewsbury, have stopped payment, The Gar.ette. announces the failure of two of -them. Five houses, in the Manchester trade, have stopped payment iii the city for more than a. million. On Frl-duy and Saturday, there'were 13 or 14 failures on the Stock Exchange ; but this was so far from affecting the Funds, that they rose two percent, on the latter day. Mr Walter Cope, the Lottery Contractor, is among the lame ducks. The above five houses have failed for . 1,755, 602 but- they have , 3,16rj404 property to pay it, It is added, that many of the houses hive received asjistnncc, and that by a timely inlerl'eicnce, the rapidly increasing failures have been checked and confidence has been restored. July 2 1. Yesterday being settling day, a great scene of confusion and distress was experienced on the stock exchange. Ten Stockholders were declared defaulters, The funds were at first depressed by the event ; but afterwards recovered confidence. All the frill-iires'are among the new speculating firms, and desperate adventurers. ij"At the last date (July 28 ) the 3 jier Cents lucre at 68 to CO, . . BOS T O N, September 5. VF.HY LATEFROM IilUTAm. lt?FILESof London papers to the 2fith July, have been received at litis office by the Lnthnine, and other arrivals froth Liverpool. Thev nre much 1 iter than hut'ore received, )JA report hnd been in circulation in Engl'.iud, varimiMy modified at different periods from the 20th to the 2!rth July, that ade-cisive battle had been (ought in Portugal, imd that Lord We'.lingtdii's army h id been beaten, hU Lordship killed, and Ids army in rapid retreat for Lisbon We find nothing move in litis report than the. mere .piifT of rumor. Hut the latest ::r,!heiiiie-nr.cHinis received In L::::doii t'tv.n: "he sllied'army,. vrpteteii'.edits situation aspeci,li;,v!y ci ideal, though sirnns', ly posted, and well supplied The l'nlkot the key. to Portu;,-iI, Ciudad Rpdrigo, was. considered inevitable, The French had ritade'a breach in its'wMlsj and' were ready to storm. It with numbers which would command success. The operations against the city being ended, Mnssena would have a disposable force of nearly 80,000 men, with a very formidable body ot , cavalry, to attack less than1 half that number of, British. The Portuguese troops are 'numerous, but we know hot from experience in what 'point of competition they can be placed, with the French veterans.. With this disproportion of numbers Massena would not hesitate to attack the idlied . army, as soon as he could come up with it j and unless the position occupied by Lord Wellington, w.is next to impregnable, he woiitd not risk a battle against such " fearful odds but would retreat fi-om one" line of defence to another, until he obtained some impregnable situation, or could embark on shipboard- From the movements of the French corps it appeared prooauie, unit Ute advance on tne vonieoe-riites would.be from . several points : While Massena assailed them in front, Itegnier, with 25,000'men, would attack them on their right, where Generals Hill and Romaha had about 19,000 English and Spaniards to oppose him. Thus situated, the news of a desperate bat--tie, in which position may give, the allied arms an advantage, or the retreat and embarkation of, the English at Lisbon, may be expected. And at the'last dates the Tagits was lull ot shinn nir ready, m case or necessity 1 to take on board the troops. The affair of Crawford was merely an attack of pickets, and a reliogjide movement of the allied advanced, corps. , t' .,'-'" We add, that Lisbon accounts to the 25th July, received via Madeira ; and Cadiz letters to the 28 of that month, make no mention of unyioar event in Portugal. ItT" Holland-,.s we anticipated in our last-has followed the fate of all the Nations within the vortex of the terrible Empire A dash of Napoleon's pen has degraded her into a province of France i to be governed by a French army, directed by the Ex-Consul Lebruji. itT'The war in Turkey appeared to be highly favorable to the Russians. But this w ill not please Napoleon in the work of conquest he-chooses to be the Master Artificer. lt7The effects of the war an unbounded spirit 01 mercantile speuuiuuuu ami ,v uniting mania ot the type of that experienced in this State tlast year had occasioned- much distress and embarrassment among the trading and brokering interests in' England and Ireland : Besides the failure of many'houses tn London and Dublin, about a dozen of the sev-'en hundred-and fifty banks in Gieat-Britain had stopped payment, pleasures, werepur-suing b government and individuals to remedy the evil, and restore confidence. ' . ' i7"Witli regard to the affairs of our own country, very little was said or anticipated. The English appeared to be as willing we should manage our affairs, as they were determined to manage theirs. The hostility to American trade in all the regions over which the Commerce-hating Emperor h id sway or influence, continued with unabated vigilance and rancour.! .v , '; Extr act of a letteh, From London, Julv 23. " All ther ports south' of Pittati are shut by the French." From CADIZ,July 27, 1810, " We have 30,000 Spaniards, and between 8 and 10,000 English, on the lines of defence. The French we" nut abiut lj,000 strong, tlte residue having marched towards Portugal. A constant bombardment is kept up between the parties; and -the French are hot more than one thousand yards from the allied outposts." ' . .Vert 'late from Lisbon. Our attentive correspondent in New-Bedford, under date, of Monday, says, " The brig Traveller, Capt. GifTord, arrived at Weslport yesterday, in 40 days from Lisbon, with Merino sheep, The owner informs me, that the Captain gives no political information of importance," This vessel must have left Lisbon about the-ith July. - French licenced. Ameiiican vessels A Paris paper of the 16th July states, that forty American vessels have beenlicenced by the Emperor to proceed to the United States and bring to France cargoes of Cotton for the useof the manufactures. The penalty of confiscation is to follow any communication with a British port. Some vessels were also to he licenced to import Cochineal and Indigo, under a similar penally. $j.BeiDare of trais I FP OMSTO CXBRXD To the Editor. " I regtetted to find in your paper a statement which lias been copied by many other editors, that Bidwtll's peculation amounted only to 2500 ills. You will perceive upon review, that the fit si account published in the Farmer's Herald expressed the detaih of sums not accounted for by Mr. Bidwell, to the 'amount of nearly 3500. The gentlemen who have been most active In the exposure of this man's, infamy, have been particularly cautious that their representations, should rather fall short of, than exceed the truth. Since the abdication of. the Attorney-General new discoveries have been made, but from the length and intricacy of his accounts it is impossible that his embezzlements, in their whole extent, 'should ever be , detected. Items have been already ascertained to nfcarly 7000 dls, This however includes interest on nil monies not accounted for,, and a small sum which he received under a specinl resolve of the Legislature, for which it is said he gave no credit to the Commonwealth, but as such credit, if it was ever given, might not he contained in any accounts of which we have the copies, I cannot state with certainty that this money has not been accounted for. It is the opinion of Mr. Dewey, and of other gentlemen most conversant in the matter that Biclwell's defalcation must amount to at least 10,000 dls. computing interest. The County Court now in Mission will at this term appoint a committee fur further investigation."- , ' , - Sept. 3. , ; ATI U'S FJ1 OM POP TUCAL llv tlte arrival at, A' in-Pctford from -bon, announced in tttr bat, letters have been received from im American gentleman in Lis-bun, dated the 17th July, which mention tlte Miriei'dcr ofCimltid Rndrigo the key to Par-txifjz!t ix the Spanish frontier of Leon, after a' long nnd -vigorous siege, ;nd..a lu'.jve defence. The French, under Marshal. Nky in vested that city the 30th May, wiili very heavy sleee artilley. The Murshal ' Massena with the main body of the French army of Portugal, covered ihe operations, iind'watch-ed the motions of the English and Portuguese under Lord Wellington, in expectation that his Lordship would have made un elfort to compel them tp raise the suige. After 'nearly, ri six weeks investment the garrison were compelled to surrender j not as stated, on account of a scarcity of provisions and stores i but because the French had. made i practicable breach in. the walls,' and were I prepared to take it by storm. On the 24th ; June, a party of French grenadiers attacked j the convent of the Holy Cross, blew up the i gates 'with powder, got possession ot the I ground floor of the building, drove the Span- iards, two hundred, into the upper stories, sat fire to the house, and-' did not leave it until , they saw the Convent, and most of the Sn in- iards who were in it, enveloped' in the flames. The Spaniards sold their lives at a high price : They kept up a continual fire, and of the 'two Captains who commanded the French grenadiei-s, one was killed, and the other wounded-in two places. , New-Hampshire. A gentleman who icii; j-urismoutn yesiertiay, favored us last evening with a statement of the late election Fn, MitmhnKE f f . .. .. . .1 , ...,...,( u, wuuRicaa, giving tue reacr- al gain and os in 159 towns : It states the gain nt 2254, and the loss at 752 ; giving a tiett Federnl p:lln linrr Ua,.t,.- nf 1rnO The statement adds, "There are more tuwns to ne nearu from, in the Upper Coun- "i ""i "vr nave given federal majorities. . JVem way of 'laying old debts. ,A letter from a gentleman in Rotterdam, to his friend, here, dated- the 13th July, after mentioning the late incorporation of Holland yah.France, adds, ' Two thirds of the Pub- annihilmcd, find theremfiining third assimila-tetl with the 'national debt oi irrdttce." ; Yesterday 'the Hon.' Council confirmed the be Attorney-General of tlie State, toc Bid- HICI. : ' , The British Bible Society has voted the lihArnl itnnulinn nf lH. tr. r. ., . " liMrturcn pounus.ster- lmg to the Bible Society of Boston. Census. Salem, which in 1790 contained 792t souls by the enumeration lately made contains 12,609. Houses 1440. More than 8 souls to a house. It is worth remark, that of these under 10 years of age 1736 are males, and 1738 females But of those over 45 years the males are 596, the females, 1016 giving 559 more aged females than males. WASHINGTolCITYi September 7. The rccal of 'Mr. Jrcksbn has been announced to our government in a letter from his Britannic Slajestjr to the President of the U. States. ,"'' ' The' appointment of Mr. Morier, as his Britannic Majesty's Secretary of Legation to tlie United States, has been announced in a letter frnni Lord Wellesly to Mr. Secretary Smith, with the further information, that Mr, Morier would act in the character of his Majesty's Charge des Affairs until the appointment of Mr. Jackson's successor. ', In the recal of Mr. Jackson by the British government will be found a compliance with the request made by the Executive of the U. S. through our minister in London, delayed, it is true, longer than was necessary, nnd' so far unsatisfactory ; but yet such a compliance as has saved the rilministrationthe disagreeable alternative orderincr Mr Jaefcsnn nut of .the country, which course, had his recal, been refused, would have been 'justified by the usage'of nations, Contemporaneous with the recal is 'an official- annunciation that a successor will be appointed, and that Mr. Morier will act as Charge des Affairs until the successor shall arrive. It will be remarked, that in the manner in I which Mr. Jackson hvs been recalled the feel-j ings of the American government appear to iiuvc uoeii respecieu, inasmucii as the recal is not announced, as. in ordinary cases, in the case of Mr. Erskine for instance, through the minister himself, but directly from the sovereign, In the manner of Mr. Morier's introduction to the Executive, also, a desire is discovered to avoid the dilemma which must have resulted from the annunciation of Mr. Morier's appointment as Charge des Af-i fairs, in the usual mode, through the recalled : minister. Had the British government been j disposed to aggravate existing differences, it would have been left to Mr. Jackson to announce the 'appointment of Mr. Morier as j Charge des Affairs ; and, as the Executive I has refused to receive nnv further communi- ! cation from Mr. Jackson, the introduction of , Mr Morier as the Renresentat ve of the British government could not have been received tliroughstlin.t medium. These circumstances, though indicative of h uiajjosiiion to nvotu irritation, amount to but little. Should the British government unreasonably delay, the appointment of a suc- ,cessur to ivir, jacKSon. it would v int ; ground to suspect an intention to procrastin- - .....,,,.,.llwlllll ,m vi(wlc cAjjianuHuns already too long delayed j and would warrant the belief that tlie new minister's nomination was delayed with a view of being guided by subsequent events in the selection ot u successor, or in the instructions with which he is to be furnished. PHILADELPHIA, September f. American Commerce In Gore's Liverpool Advertiser of the 10th of July, we find 88 American vessels advertised for different ports in the United States ; 28 of which are bound to the port of N. York. We think this looks a Utile better than mi embargo, Mr. liallalin's next treasury rpnnrt mill ci., commerce curtailed as it is, is far preferable to . ... Bjairm,. vmr t reasury will feel the beneht of the Industry and enterprise of Olll mVrcliailt!!. HlMllin'rr.a er,l,K..ln..J-. 11 . I im'"H.i Ki, IIUIWJU1. standing. While ve nre on this subject, we1 umgiaiuiiuiiig our ruizciis on the unrivdlled prosperty of the commerce of our city, compared with any other in the United btates, One third r.f tlte vessels in t, Liv-crpool list, belongs to this port, NFW-yoiiKi'sctemher 8, Holland. appears by the Ktirlish papers, that Amsterdam was taken possession of by French troops on the -lib of July. The . day of the month oh 'which the United Slutm were born, the United Provinces died. Hol-: land is no mm-c 'I tin unln ui,,;, .r :..-a..t deuce which Napoleon has left to the miserable people of .that country is swept away ; and every vestige of national character is to be annihilated. The tyrant alter having' gradually squeezed every farthing of money from ht Dutch people, is now tiitrtnpting to precipitate a national bankruptcy, to free the country from its debts, before it is incorporated; with France. By this outrageous' measure, lie will not only strip the people of their I'ber-ty, but of their wealth ; and will reduce the country to a complete stale of poverty as well as slavery; The Dutch, once so .noted for wealth, power and independence, will in a few years be rhe poorest nnd moat abject slaves on the face' of the earth. ': j The fall of (Ins once powerful republic, is ! . O- ............ .uniaiw in i:.,uu Knu i striking languuge to this country, be te alsv rrnthl. tV.!tii irnlnn. ,l,o ...rt i.T . ---y b....i6 .tu) viuuu rjioiiana, went ; and it mu6tbe something but little short of miracle that can save us from, the fate which she. has experienced. The pilsyinr hind of death is upon us, and nothing but our local situation saves the nation nt this moment from annihilation. We are incapable of" defence. -We have no fleets no -armies no money ; and what is worse, our government has no stability, no energy no abilities. Hatf we an independent government we might still have hope,. Were Washington- and Hamiltoa alive, and at tlie head i,f our, affairs, there would be no danger. We -have' men, high; minded then in plenty, who fear not to face an enemy. . Oiir resources are inexhaustable ; . mid no nation on earth is better able to defend itself, if we h ad only 'honest arid independent men at the head of affairs. But with our pre- 1 sent rulers to lead, what can we hope 'nothing ! The poison of .-Napoleon's- system has infected the heart of the nation the government is rotten to the bone ; and "nothing but a complete renovation in the body politic can save us from the following fate of the-Dutch. . Dutch deb .Champagny in his project' for th annexation of Holland to France, stales HiafUuV Dutch national debt amounts to hetirecri 85 nnd and 90 millions. Somo of the Dutch people who may not have forgottcuthe faculty of calculation, it. ttiey have the benefits of freedom, will be apt to ask how has this debt been accumulated ? and what Jiasrciln.-cl the" meansand ability oftliena-hon to pay this debt? The ansircr will be, the. contribnUonspaul to his imperial majeflty.and his Continental system, tfltich lias destroyed the com, inerce of Europe. Bqnapaitc in hit goodness an unbonnded bcninolence has extended that system fo this country. And could his servants here have continued it, we should soon havo had an cnor-nions public debt ; and our means of payment would have been as few as thotooftltc Dolcli. , DmtocnATic Raviko. From the Baltimore IVhig. The Elections in New-Hampshire and Rlioilc-Isiana are Dnnnpl l,v mnnvfn'i.-..- . in favor of.feileialum. Ai tilings have been to ""oiuuimgcH ny nominal repuiiticans during thb three last sc.uicns of congress, wo candidly confess. Wft llml rnlhw u. . rA,u .if- House They arc preferable to quids and dastardlu- ' REMAUK5. and ruined the country, and ran tho vessel of state upon a sanfl bar,- where every sea make a fait lireucii over lier, arc wringing their 'hana in. des-IMur; nnd their leaders would rather see a few more fnilitmliklR nn Vmnri ,u:n,t ...i.. ...t mice they know she can never he got off. A very pretty confession truly. These dastardly derao- r.mtf). fld f ItA Wlirr nail. 1. V t J 1 - 1 . i r( .rtb uu,xxo, uicui, uuunnacca 10 im scouted oirthc deck, sent ashore in thclonc-hoa and forMil pr fnrf.fnrn r " T, " -. , rrct. uour. tCy THJZ hrtsidinr oJKrrv :,t th. firoaching Freennn's Meeting, are respectful ly rcjucstea to send to this office as soon as may be, the names qf the Representatives tfho sen to the October General Assembly, arid a list of the votes for the Nomination. yMIE Hon, Court of Probate for the district ron nam auoweu sis months from the date hereof for the creditors to the estates of : Benjamin Woodward and Jeremiah Cheeseman, late of said Sharon, deceased," to exhibit their claims. All claims against said estates that are not exhibited within said time properly attested, will be debarred a recovery. All persomV indebted to said estates are requested to make immediate payment, to ... , MILES DUNBAR, Admin'r. Sharon, August 13, 1810. 81 HEALTH. : A T Oils season of the year, to prevent and re- , mnvf nrcrlinnnoitinn n . V I '" ""BMBca, rciuuve UC-. cumulateu redundnnr.ti,K nf l,tla :n t.A ; . V L,,c i."iien. aad bowels, occasioned by new fruit, and other casualties, to remove the first stages of fevers, diarrheas, dysentaries, pains in the bowels, co. tiveness from excessive fatigue, colera infantine of children, &c. and as a cathartic of a superior Kind '.m any case of sickness, no medicine is fount! -f,?'C!lCi0,l;S,f " Dr- Z"'' Paltnt Neu-London Billiout PilU" prepared only by Dr. Samuel H. P. Lee, Fellow of the Connecticut Medical So-ciety, which have for twelve years past cained such universal esteem, as to rank amour the first articles of prepared medicines of the shops, and have gamed an ascendency over all others, and ought to be kept by all housekeepers, beiner convenient to take without interruption to business; when taken over night once or twice a. week, they will keep the system licalthy, n4 alllneorganicsccretionsclearandreKuInr. th above Pills my be had as usual, wholesale an retail, at the Store of u ,r 1 o . JOSEPH LYNDK. Hartford, Septcmher 11. eo81 BllOKE into the enclosure of.the subscribr on the 1st inst. a bay MARE, with black,, legs, a small star m Iter forehead, marks ofth. collar, and a natural trotter. The owner is desired to prove, proserty, pay charges and t&k her away. ENOCH BUTTLES. Granby, September 12. .81 4 QTHAYE1) or STOLEN from the subscribe ,.on'B"'igMofthcOthinBt.athicU setiedioatl MAHE, tale cut off square with the dock, sevni J tars old, ualurel trotter, shod before. Whoew Will return said Mure, or give informntion whM she mnr hol'oimil. hull i i,,.,i....i., una fl nccessurv charges paid by JUWAiHAiN ROBERTS, 2nd. Easl-Hartford, September ltlh, 81 CASH FOR HAGS " plIEhnjlieat price in Cash , will he paid for ,-clc!U Llnen md Cotton HAGS, Sail Clotli; 1'ish Net, Old Junk, and Calves Pates, by . , JOltN HUTLEll. - .) rods south of the BriJn. MahuiirctK Hartford, March UB?- -'4 ' , U'i;

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