The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1946
Page 2
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E TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Predicts Gains For Republicans 30 New H««ise , Listed A* Possible , For G.O>. Candidate* 1 EV JAMES fr, ttOVOVAN United ftMi statt Con«4|i«n<krrit >WASHlftdTc»f, Mar. 21. (UP)— Rep. o«ald W. Lnndis, B., Ind., predicted today that $epublic»n« will pick up "*t''riev*ouse teaLs in the toovMnbtc-,,X«etK | M— more' than enough to win control from" the uemocraU.-- ---- • ...... - iLijijfil^. fiv'e . reporters -,a U«j or lli« 30 congressional districts which hp" (>nlct the OOP was certain of w'restlftg .-'from' 'tlemocrstle' control. His analysis predicted Republican eaiiis In 15 'states, with the largest gain or fiv'e seats forecast Jor Ptim- The 4SS scats in the house ire now divided »s follows: 2J& Derri-; . oc'rnts. 191 Republicans, two minor; •party members and Oifee vacancies. A GOP gain of 6nly 27 seits— (hi-ee lefLs tlia^ die Lhhdis' "sure tlilili;'" pY.edtcttoiir-would remove . the Dem-' oei-at# from 'control 6f ''the House for the 'first tiriie since 1931. ' , -•'Actually," Lttiidls' Mid, : '<I think we'll win more titan 30 t'hls Novem- b'ri-. But these 30 are those I don't (liliHc 1 ; 1 we'll have ariy 'ti'ouble at sill Mnninfe." 'Lcudis said he undertook" a .stately-state analysis of tne coining: rteclions. Because . he 'considered' hlinself a pretty j;6od }rfophet. In 19^2. he said,, tie p'redicted the CJCP ' J woiil& flick up 55 sSats and' lie was . only four^off— it 'got 51. Here are the 15 states with the number of seals Landis believes ihc : OO'P will pick : /-up and oust their present', Democratic incumbents: -California (31— Reps. Franc* R. Hftvehrter, Georgt )p. 'Miller and Helen Ghhagah DoUglSs. . 3:onnect r i.cufL (tJJ^Re'ps. Jt\eph J- Ryter; Clmse 'Going Wbotilibusc, and James P. Geelan. -Illinois '(3)— fitY>s. 'Emily taft Douglas, Edward 'A. keltey, ami Melvtii Piice. .-Tndia'na (1)— Rep, Louis ttidlowl Kentucky <l)— top; Andrew J. Mjiy.; ' . •. ' ; '...Maryland (1)— Rep. buflley a. i ~"> n i ii 1 1 1 •^•jM«ai^»_iM__ii THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1940 Society—Personal METHODIST WOMEN MKET The Woman's Society of Christian Service met with Mrs. Waltci 1 Brantley, Tuesday afternoon. Nine mortrbers and two visitors, Mrs. Pora Roberts and' Miss Lillian Brantley, were present, Mlsr, Florence Rush, president, WRK elected as delegate to tIn- state meeting to be held In Hanison, Ark. The devotional. "The Cireat 'Heritage—The MeanliiK of the Latin Cross of Ufe" was tgead by Misi Florence Riush, Mrs. Bob Owen, prograrti leader, introduced the subject, "World. Order fn Peatfe, Rell : gion, Food, Trade, -mid Money," and the following program, was jis'en: "World Charter jiitd, Peace,' Mrs. Walter Brantley; '-Free Speech No wo'ndter Lt, Alcxnndre*Dins Bettencourt arid -his wifle/art srhM- in^: He found out he's a Count 1 So she's a Countess! Betten- cburt learn'ed about his noble onceslry while tracing 'his family tree In rtit French Nntionbl Archives during a tour of'duly. Original family seals and n deed issued biick in 1210 'stKrw hirn to b'e legal -heir to title ot Count, ohd to Chuicau d« Betrtnydurt <le Hsut-Marne. Th<? Count rind Countess and Alex jr.-are iSiowi) in .their Washington 'home, having tea from the cr*ste6 'family service. R'oe.' • " hi Michigan (O—Rep. prank E. Hook. Minnesota (2)—Reps. William J. Gallagher and Frank T. 'Star-key. Missouri (2)—Reps. Roger C. Slaughter and A. S. J. Cannhan. New York (3)—Reps. William E. Barry, John J. Rooney,.' and George F. Roger;;. Ohio (1)—Rep. Waiter B. Hiiber. Pennsylvania (5)Reps. William J. preen, Herbert j. McGllnchey. Daniel J. Flood. Dimlel K. Hbcii. and the vacant sent formerly held by. -the late J. Buell Snyitcr. .Washington (D—Rep. Clmrlcs R. . SaVage. ,Wesi Virginia iew M. Neeiy arid 'Cleveland M. (D—Philip A. Trayiior. Bailey. Free Junior Courses Are Propose^ Tuesday night, to the Luxora Book Club with a six o'clock dinner. During the business meeting, the followlnu officers were elected for (he new club year beginning tn April: President, Mrs. n. T. Ballcw, vice-president. Mrs. J. I. Mlfflln; Secretary, Mrs. Charles Lewis; Treasurer. Mrs, snnt Coats. Five new members, Mrs. Grant Collar, Mrs. Sam Coats, Mrs. Charli'.s Lewis. Mrs. wort Kteed and Mrs. charle.s Uowar<l, were Initiated Into the club by Mrs. champ Meadows. Mrs. Charlie Thomas, reviewer, rave an interesting talk on "30 Lttys lo n More Powerful Vocabulary." by Wilfred Funk and Nor- iiiiin Lewis, and .showed that, words were tools of thought and that they have definite personalities anil character. They can be sweet, sour, discordant, 'musical. They can be swoel or acrid; .soft or sharp; bitter of 1 friendly. * • , • Miss Christine Calvcii, Miss Gret- chcn .IJ'ar.nes, and Miss Emma Lf>e Gc-rmcrnor were Kuests at a hii th. and Peace." Mrs. R. W» lliomas. ] lla y dinner for Miss Culvert's fa'th- Mfs. W. E. Head, study cfiursf "'• K M - Calvert. :it Marked Tree, leader, gave the first 'chapter In I Ark., Sunday. Mrs. N. D. Shlnn. Mrs. E. R. liogaii spent three days this week with her brother, J. I!. Hull, and family at Jackson. Tenii. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Robinson six-ill, th c weekend in MeRae, Ark., with Mrs. Robinson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. HolL. Ort-n Hcffinglcin had as his guest (or the weekend his father, Dee UefliiiBton, of Eriola, Ark. Mrs. Naomi Hayneis spent Saturday and Sunday In West 'Memphis. with her family. son, William Haynes and "It Pay. to AdrertlM" SCOTT ALLEY SIGNS 2™ N. Frmnkiia St. Kill<h- MEMPHIS, Tenn., -!«ar. 21. —Mayor Waltel Chandler yesterclay advocated an expansion of the city school system to Include free Junior college courses. Chnnfliei snid a hltjli school ctlii- ratlon was no longer sufficient ifi a "streamlined world." He satd the clly should provide these additional two years of tra'fnlhfc so "the potir 12>—Reps. Matt- boy anil jrh'l can get-nil'education." the new study course, "Christ Our Country and Missionary Evan-, gelism or the United States of America" by Bishop Arthur 'Jvioorc. • The meeting was .'dlsiritsse^l with nrayeV by Mrs. It. W. Thomas. I 1 ' • • • • - WOMAN'S MISSIONARY •• OIE'rV , MEKT Th e Baptist Woman's MUslohniy Society met Tuesday afternoon ill the church. The irieellng was oj>eiied by sing- Ing the society's song Of the year. "We've n Story to Tell to the Nation." and prayer by Mrs. s. J. Smith. The devotional and the introduction of the subject, "Home Missions" was given by the president, Mrs. Walter Wood. "Building a New World," Mrs. Walter Wood: "Building A New un Old 'Field." Mrs. Mlnrile Williams; .Bulletins Into a City's Need,"'Mrs. b. How-' ton; "Building in Rural South." Mrs. C. B. Wood; ''Building Among MTtiny Races," Mrs. s J. Smith; "Building Cuba," 'Mrs. John Koch; "Building Panama." Mrs. Charlie Edwards; "Building On New Fields." 'Mrs. S. J. Smith; "A 'Call for -Builders," Mrs. Walter Wood. The meeting 'adjourned with prayer. '» "• » • = 'l.tlXORA BOOK CI.UB Mrs. T. L. Stanford was hostess Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDaniehi and 'children, Charles Gene anil Hobby, and Billy Joe Davis, ot Blytheville, visited Mrs. McDanicls' imrents, Mr. nnd Mrs. 'C. MeDanlels, Snndiiy. Mks Eunice Shinn and Miss Edith McDaniels spent the weekend iii Russellville, Ark. tlie guests of Miss Sham's paionts, Mr. and THAT (PXMfr ff f\ OJEUT^, Fourrtoir "The 'Only Place in : ' Blytheville That Serves the Famous' CnntaHis W'/ r tft 1*% Better" Fat imr family to -'the; M-st> Tak* s*im« home tonitht In America's : Ncwte't it'c Cream f*ck*ft— tiOMt SKAl^-tlfil- • r.Ocl Otfr Weefc Fnd Special! Orange-Pineapple SuniJoe Iti'trdducing The New-Improved PEPSOblNt Ladies Billfold with Snap Change Purse $2.50 Firefly New Creation by Chen Yu Set of Lipstick Nail Lacquer L'acbqeral $1.75 MEHNEN Skin Bracer 50c ..<\-00 i -'?>' ! S6e • h Heir. Tome Portrait (Permanent C6id Wave Set $1.63 Tax fitc/wded Ruffled SwMffieart Aprons Watorpmf $1.19 Stoin MODESS 12* •> - - - Jen's Tc Sole 75c Bortle Tonic Hair Oil It Writes 2 Years Without Retinning! I 1 He "fa Reynolds Pen $12.50 The Pen Ihut clunig- ed our writing habits . . . choice of colors litjutfyinj, ''or oll W Dati Sfc* C/team rtt E»tro ckh, conloin. lonolin 59C ft _ fot a glaimnifimodft mokeup 97 C T66™ MUSHES ed by ihany dentists. BrirtlM scieh- 'tificfclly cti't for m'bre 'tborbugb cteahiirig. 50c 1PANA 35c VICKS VAP-0-RUB c MUR1NE SOc PHILLIPS Milk Magnesia 39c .00 JERGtN'S LOTION 7»c 60c ALKA-SELTZER SHAEFFER'S FOUNTAIN PEN DESK SETS - Lifetime Pen — Onyx Base Priced $19.00 - $20.00 - $25.00 »UBEING ALCOHOL ...... 1 Pt. 49c 75< LISTERINE 59c $1.20 SAL HEPATICA 98c $1.25 WAMPOLE'S PREP. $1.05 $1.CITRATED CARBONATES 79c 50c MINERAL OIL . 39 C $1.00 CARDU1 89c y in i>l«*«, .Eriih -''iciion from foo4c . . . *•!•! pr*«ure __ on *ore guir.i. 2VC 79c . . . 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Thc llama, vicuna, wild cousin of the spends most of ils life at altitudes above Andes. 1C.OOO feet, In Indians of British Coin have no butter worries, they the it oolichan. from the oil or a make the DANCE Saturday Night, March 23 8p.m. to 12m. tit the OSCEOLA American Legion Hut ORCHESTRA? Admission $1.00 bltiS tax HENRYS 309 NORTH 6th ST. ' i 1 , Eagle Stamps With Every Purchase JACK SPRAT Tomato Juice - - - 46 PL can 24c GERBER'S, CLAPP or HEI^Z BABY FOOD - - - 3for20c DEL MONTE - ALL GREEN LIMA BEANS - No. 2 can 24c PRIDE OF HALLS TOMATOES - - No.2can12c HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP 14 01 bottle 22c CANOVA PEANUT BUTTER • - qts. 45c TRY & BEAT THEM ENGLISH PEAS--No. 2 can Ik HUNT'S PURE PLUM PRESERVES - - -11b. 35c Fresh Cut MEATS SLICED BACON Pound 39 SMOKED PICNICS Pound 3V FRESH SIDE MEAT i LARD '1 t'otind C'iirlon 79 BULK SAUSAGE Type 35! FRESH DRESSED HENS & FRYERS BIG BOLOGNA Sliced Pound 33 ASSORTED LUNCH MEAT FRANKFURTERS T'oimd 36 STICK CHILI "Pound 33 • A. & H. BAKING SODA 3 for lOc Del Haven PORK & BEANS No. 2 Cans 2for25c Cartipbefl's TOMATO SOUP 3for25c GRAY SHORTS 100 Lb. Sack 2.49 YELLOW CORN CHOPS 100 Ib. Sack 3.25 MILk MAKER DAIRY FEED 100 Lb. Sack 3.25 Fruits-Vegetables APPLES Red Delicious Pound 14' ORANGES Florida. Hes< for Jiiicc Pound 8 LETTUCE Fresh Green Head 10- CARROTS Fresh, Crisp -2 Hunches 15° CABBAGE Green Ponnd LEMONS Sunkisl. -132 Size Dozen 25' TOMATOES Slicing. 11. S. No. 1 Pound , CELERY Stalks 14 POTATOES U. S. No. 1 Ponnd EVERBEST PURE GRAPE JAM - - 11b. jar 35c BROWN BEAUTY BEANS - - No. 303 can 9c SUNSWEET - Large Tenderized PRUNES - - 1lb.pkg.19c HALF HILL'S - Fey. Solid Pk. TUNA - - . Halvescan32c JACK SPRAT PRUNE JUICE - - - qU8c MONARCH TEA - - - - ilb.pkg.24c

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