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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut • Page 4

Hartford Couranti
Hartford, Connecticut
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PRESH GOODS. DODD and LEWIS, TAVE jaft received fupply from of New- SPRING GOODS, this day opening 1 large from the latent arrivals; among which are London fuperfine Clotbs, fathionable Coat and Velt Buttons; a great variety of Calicoes of the neweft figures Mullins, Luteftrings, India 'Taffety, Modes, Jeans and Futians; elegant Vent ShapesHoliery of every de feription Irith Linens by the piece. They have many other fraforable and fancy Goods hourly expected. -A pienty of Country Checks and Stripes. Hartford, April 20, WILLIAM LA' LAWRENCE, received a genteel affortment of Spring GOODS, HAShed he will fell very low for Cath in hand.

Hartford, April 29, 1793. EZEKIEL WILLIAMS, Jun. AS received from New- a variety of SPRING H' GOODS, of Callicoes of the neweft fathion, Mullins, Modes, India Taffety, Jeans, Fufians, Cambricks, Shawls, Gloves, Holiery of every defeription, Irith Linens by the piece, Hard Ware, which he will fell at a reafonable advance. Hartford, April 29. TO BE SOLD, By Wm.

Jofeph R. Hart, At their Store in Water-Street, EST Jamaica Spirit, per hophead, barrel or Ick. BE Do. Port-au-Prince Molaffes, per hogfhead. Ditto do.

Sugar per barrel. Ditto Jamaica Coffee, per barrel or lefs. 8 by 6 Window Glafs in 100 or 50 feet boxes. The above articles will be fold on the loweft terms, for Beef, Pork, Wheat, Rye, Indian Corn, Oats and -They alfo want to purchafe, likely pacing or light trotting Horles, for which good pay will be made. Hartford, April 29.

NEW GOOD S. I LIA ELY, Two doors South of Hudfon and Goodwin's Printing-Office, this received of the lateft arrivals from Europe and the din. an elegant affortment of European 'and India GOODS, among which are the following articles: Superfine Cloths and Kerfeymeres, Nankeens plain and friped of excellent quality; Chintzes and Callicocs of the newelt fathion; elegant coloured Sattins and Lutefrings bel Taffeties; Vellum Mode; Ladics Hats of which before there has been NONE SUCH; Mullins, Cambricks, Men's Sattin and Florentine, twill'd and plain Bandanna Handkerchiefs, Men's white and black filk Hole, plated do. Men's and Women's cotton do. black filk Gloves, Ladies white and colour'd long French Leather do.

Men's buckikin and beaver do. tambour'd, figur'd and white Vet Shapes; Gentlemen's tambour'd neck Handkerchiefs and Cravats'; Buttons of the neweft fathions Mullinetts, Dimity, Jcan, Futians; a beautiful affortment of Sath and other Ribbons; elegant Fane, Plumes, Umbrellas, Alfo for fale, beft old Spirits, Rum, Gin by cafe or gallon, Brandy and Wine; freth Souchong, Bobca and Hyfon Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, The above and many other articles may politively be bought with Cath as cheap as at any Store in this State. Hartford, April a2. WA TE A an BOY, of apprentice good to morals, the fedate Apothecaries difpolition bufinels, and an religious altive parents. The cullomary premium will be -Enquire of JOSEPH LYNDE.

Hartford, April 29. BU BURGLARY! RY! night following the 6th or 7th infant, the fubferiber's fore was broken open, and about 25 whole pieces of Irif Linen, and about 5 picces of cut do. taken and carried off--the Bleechers name flamped on each piece, is Robert Adairc, Antrim--the colt and price of each piece is marked with fome of the following letters, done with a black lead pencil, viz. 4, 1, a. Thirty Dollars reward will be given to any perfon who will fecure the thief and goods, fo that the thief may be julice, or twenty dollars for the goods only, by JOSEPH HOWLAND.

Norwich, March 8. in Windfor, in fociety of Wapping, Leather with a number of papers in it, con Gifting of one deed, notes, which can be profitable to no perfon but the owner. The owner may have it by applying to JADEZ DART. Eaft-Windfor, April OTRAYED from the fubfcriber the 16th of April, two COLTS, one three years old this Spring, a dark iron gray horfe colt, about 13 hands high, paces and trots, molt natural to apace, has the lately other been docked, old has a this large (pring, head a and brown neck, mare with cars; two years colt, trots all, with a (mall head and neck, and a black freak acrofs her thoulders, with a long tail. Whoever will take up faid colts and return them or either of them to the fubfcriber, thall be handfomely rewarded.

TIMOTHY TRYON. Berlin, April 22, LL perfons having demands on the eftate of John Holden, A late of Glaftenbury, deceas'd, reprelented infolvenr, are hereby notified to in their claims to us the fubfcribers, Commifioners on laid eftate, within cight months from the date hereof, at. the houte of William Buck, where we thall atend or the bulinefs on the firft Monday in June and lecond Monday in July nex. REUREN RISLEY, Commillioners. JOHN HOWE, Glaftenbury, April 21, THE of CHANCY and SILVESTER SAY.

MOUR, was mutually diffolved the 25th infant. Now-Hartford, April 26, 1753. FRESH GOODS. MICHAEL and THOMAS BULL, RE this day opening a large fupply, from the laA teft arrivals at NewHartford, April 29, 1793. NEW GOODS.

HENRY DEMIN AS jut received a large affortment of European and India HA which he is felling on the molt 'reafonable terms, for ready pay, amongft which are the following articles, viz. Broadcloths, Kerfeymeres, Caffinetts, Fullians, Jeans, Book and Jaconct MuNirs, Nankeens, Bandanna Handkerchiefs, Callicoes, Chintzes, Wetbersfield, April e5. A FRESH SUPPLY of NewBy De Witt H' ON, Souchong, Teas. Hy fon-fkin, and Bohea Loaf and Brown Sugars. Madeira Sherry Lifbon Port Wines.

Teneriffe, Malaga Excellent Cafe Claret, war. ranted luperior, Old Spirits--Brandy. Draught and Cafe Gin. Real and much approved London Porter and Brown Stout. York Bifcuit and Crackers in barrels and kegs.

Rice, Coffee, Chocolate. Pepper, Allfpice, Ginger. A variety of Ladies, Men's, Hats, jut come to hand. Hartford, April GROCERIES, juft received from for Sale, and Benjamin, Mace, Nutmegs. Cloves.

Caffia, Figs. Excellent bloom Railins. Calk do. Prunes, Almonds. Sugar Almonds.

Sugar Plumbs, a variety. Seeds of Paradife. Sweet Table Oil. Preferved Fruits in Brandy. Mulhroom Ketchup.

Capers, Olives, Anchovies. Durham Muftard. Pickled Walnuts. Effence of Spruce. FRESH LEMONS.

Fine Spun Pigtail Tobacco. Excellent Snuff per blad der Velvet Corks. Hams and Tongues. Cyder per barrel, Girls and Boys, Beaver and Caftor By J.O SEPH LYNDE, A Few calks Railins at the Bolton price. A good affort nent of Wines, Rum, Spirits, Brandy.

Holland Gin, London Porter, Shrub in bottles. Loaf Sugar, Spices of every kind, Citron. A large affortment of Painter's Colours and Dying Materials. Nails, Block Tin, Sheet Lead, N. B.

Cath given for Pot and Pearl-Athes and Bees- Wax. Hartford, April gg. JOSEPH BRADLEY, Has for Sale An elegant COACHEE, Which he will difpafe. of very cheap, for Cali in hand. Hartford, April 29.

A The famous full-blooded Horle BUCEP the fable of the fubferiber in this City, at FIVE DOLLARS the featon, or THREE DOL. LARS the fingle leap. He is equal for beauty, frength and movement, to any Horfe in America -he was bred on James River in Virginia from the beft breed the Continent -his Colts have proved excellent--he is of a dark bay colour, fifteen hands two inches high. Alfo, the full blooded bay Horle A A WILL Cover at the fame place and at the fame He was to got the by Mr. Weldenholme's Tanner, his dam by Bajazetfoo Godolphin Arabian, and his grand-dam Babraham, by his Childers, great-grand which dam was by called Sedburry, Lord and his Portfmouth's great great Ebony.The colts of Bajazet are all of good fize and very handfomeremarkable for their fpeed, no horles in America' are has covered near Trenton in New-Jerfey for feveral years; and there are feveral of his Colts in that neighborhood that would add reputation to the fieft ftallion in -Allo, O.

0, Is an imported Horfe from Spain; was a prefent from King of Spain to John Jay, Elq. of New-York, and now his property--dark bay, of great fize, frength and fpirit. One of his colts not yet three years old is to be feen at the fable of the fubfcriber, Allo, the Naraganfet Horfe A WILL Cover this fcafon, at the fable of the fabfcriber, at 96. the leap or 18s. the fcafon.

He is 5 years old, 15 hands high, his figure and movements equal to any. Conflant attendance and good. pafluring for Marcs, by. FREEMAN KILBURN. Hartford, April, 95.

WILBAIR, at the cover fable this of Trump- featon bull and Wells, in Hebron fociety) -He is a full- horle, dark bay 15 hands and half high, 4 years old, well- proportioned every way, exceeding long neck and thin head, his cars very nigh together and well prick'd forward, and moves exceedingly well. He was fired by the old Kildeer, which was purchaled out of the King's fable in London, and kept feveral years at Clavarack in the State of New- and then fold in Virginia for 56ol. lawful money, his colts exceeded any in America--his dam came out of a full- blooded mare, fired by the imported horfe called the Bullrock-Price for the feafon Four Dollars, or Fifteen Shillings the fingle leap. Any gentleman that has a tafte for a likely horfe, we with to call and examine him and judge for themfelves. YOUNG RANGER, The Spotted horfe which I have owned for feveral fealons will cover at the fame flables at 15s.

the feafon or g3. the fingle leap, or 4 dollars to infure with foal, and he needs no further recommendation only to fay. that his colts may be feen here. and WELLS. N.

B. Said horfes will be exchanged from Trumbull's to Wells' Mable weekly, being about three miles diftance. (3 Good palturing for Marcs. Hebron, April 12. JAN US, WILL the cover fable this of feafon the fubfcriber in Southington, except Wedne in each week, through the feafon, at the fable of Mr.

John Brownfon, in Kenfugton blue hills. Janus is fificca: hands high, a' beautiful das cheftnut colour, and is equal for fpirit and movement. to any horfe in America bis colts prove univerfally of the molt elegant kind, which is the greateft recommend to any horfe. Price for the fealon twelve thillings, or fix billings fingle leap. Good pafture for marce and conflant attendance, by Moses DUTTON.

Southington, April 25. YOUNG GRANBY, WILL iu cover at Tolland, the at fable 123. of the the fealon fabicri- and 6s. a leap. Said horle was fired by Old Granby, a noted horle kept at the 'fable of Dr.

Howard, in. Coventry for a number of leafons, and one of the belt fires that ever was railed in the State of Connedicut, and young Grapby wants no further recommendation than to fay, bis colour, bignef and adivity isas much like his fue as any colt that he has ever left. JOSEPH LILLIBRIDGE. Tolland, April 95. TILL Cover this featon, at fable of the fubferiber in Harland, the noted Horle RANGER.

He needs no other recommendation than, A to inform, that the fame Horle that was bred by Capt. James Nichols, of Hartford, and. was ured by the noted inported Flerfe Ranger, and has covered there and at Gothen Several fealons, Ranger is of elethe gant breed thape has perhaps figure, never been exceeded in this State. and and his colts are fine, and for the faddle The' price for the feafon 18s. or ga.

the Jcap, in produce; or 151. the featon, and 7s. 6d. the leap, if paid in cath, when. the, Mares are brought.

Good paflurage provided, and proper care and attendance engaged, by EDMUND BEACH. Harland, April 9, 1793: N. B. Mares fent from out of town for the feafon, will be kept two weeks gratis. Two Dollars the Leap and 4.

Dollars the Seafon. THE famous fall blooded Horle, young ROVER, will cover at Chefhire, the agth and goth of April, at the Gable of Mi. Hall, and on Wednefday. and. Thurfday of the fame: week, at the fable of Capt.

Samuel Judd in Waterbary; and on Friday and Saturday, at the fable: of Landlord Zachariah Thompfon, in Bethlehem and at the dable of Capt. Wadfworth in Litchfield, on Monday, Tuefday and Wednefday, of the fecond week in May, and on Thurfday and Friday of the fame week, at the fable of Laodlord: James Thompfon, in Gothen; and op the third week of May, at the fable of the fubfcriber and on Monday, Tuefday and Wed. nefday of the fourth week in May, at the Rable of Mr. Jonsthan Hall, in Chefhire and on Thurfday, Friday' and Saturday, at the fable of Capt. Samuel Judd, in Waterbury; and the four laft days of May, and the firft week in June, at the flable of the fubfcriber and on Monday, Tue(day and Wednetday, of the fecond and fourth week of June, 'at the fable of Mr.

Jonathan Hall, in Chethire and on Monday; Tuelday, and Wednefday of the third week in June, at the Aable of Capt. Samuel Judd, in Waterbury. He in equal for beauty, Spirit, Arength, and movement, to any Horde in America he was bred at Spencer- Town, in the Sate of New- York, from the belt breed on the continent bis Colts have proved excellent. He isofa beautiful dapple grey, (potted, fixteen Hands high. NATHANIEL HOLT.

Meriden, April 19, 1793. N. B. Thote Mares that were put to the Horle the lal fea-f: ton, and failed of having Colts; may come this res fog as had palturing for Meres..

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