The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1933
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Served by the United Press NIL THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. ICO BlyiJievllle Dally, New». ulylhevUle Ooori»c. Mu-.ts.iDpl Valley Utda. BlytteTlUe Htrald . ...,,.. ,,,,,, , ., ..,,, \VQ\C; Tin l i«un\v HIA 1 lll'.VIl.l.K. AitKANSAS, I lll.KSOA'1 , -i— AI nni. ... • »•••> ' 1 l-.MI'.KI! 21. I!).!.! S1NGI.K COPIES. FIVE CENTS WITNESS REV DEATH THREAT .fcintr People Injured in Highway Collision' Leaders Seek to Force /V.l- mmislration to Provide Cheaper Money. WILSON, Aik.-Mrs. W. B. Wulk.- dangnters, Dorolhy, U. air! j 8. und Mi.-s Miirjorle l.eei all ol Juhicr, weie injured: -.. an Arkansas l,li>.-.i und I'ov.-j CD. ice truck Irom Wilson, .l.-iv-j J<T. by D.'.vit; Meal. Pi. of nasselL. | J col'.idetl wiih the Chevrolet sedan I driven by Mrs. Walker. ' Miss 1/jyal was thrown through liiie ear clour and icivivcd a bevcrei | cut aertss the -j::onlder. Dorothy I Walker was thrown thro'.i^h the ; 'A inilshicld. Other ci-iMipants of ;he Walker car also fcceivcd .i fj vriv An open-break between conijir.s'; 1 . a ' n '•»•*>'• • l ' al '-M/ap''. and the Roosevelt administration!'" " or m > : ' ni1 l "'" 1M;i - '•<••"> on the question of inflation was!" 1 \™™-» were trrulwl by Dr. R. threatciiL-d today. A large and ever j N - " osi! £- Krcwint congressional inflation According to witnesses the ic:> Uoc Was alU-Hipline to force the, ""ek liimcd a turner near Halloa's u(li]iinist:-nllon into an immi-diatc • sto "' at Joiner and w:c, on the of monetary inllalion,! *' ror -s sick- of Ihc mid when it. to impose it arbitrar-: "ashed bro.ici.side into the Walker Hv United Press i-.--c»mm ily when con'-rc^s convenes if it is i:M ucctrriird voluiilarily, Ktiialo.' Tiioanis of Oklalioina. leader of the inllaiioiiisis tiK't the anti-mflftiion toci'tli of Srcretnry ol 1 A"4rii:ulture Wallace v.'ith a cle- iHPiid for a 40-ccnt dollai-. \Vi\llati;'>: -'•pcei-li. whirli was ynwully retardc-d us the official) iHhnim;i:atio!] attitiule on inlla-i lion, \vavr.ed thai infhiiion could! no; help t-hr farmer. The Mocl: i :ind commodity markets ilroPiXHl . nJier Wallace's .speech Din some market obsurvers raid \i was because traders feared tlie infUilion- iits would succeed in forciiiK their program on the adininistr.itlnn. car. Kea'. it is ur.dyrri'.ood, be i-d l-j>- reckiu-:^ Jrivin« :\s snrns iiii-inljiTs ol the Walker lanilly o able 10 a'.ti-nd court. [•'niher's Coiulilion Critical Atlcv Machine Plunges Off Bridge Near Stcelc. *j STFELE. MO., Sept. 21.—A fonr- " | yrar-olii lioy was ihuuncd when a " j car in which he wa., riding \vith ^"' his father, another white man. and three negroes, crashed over the railing of a 1'emLscot liayon bridge tlirie miles norlhues'. ol SteeSe atom eight o'clock this murnins. Mllburn White, father of the boy, was in a critical condition at the Blytheville hospital this afternoon Former Governor Speaks at Rotary Club Meeting Harvey Parnell. fornSer governor of Arkansas, who U hern makhig mi upprnlMil ol IJ-iliiUKe Ulslrlcl 17 In eoiinectiun with the clWrlcl's applUatlon fov 11 $2.000.000 loan train the H. T- C.. was-the gufsl of the Hlylhcvllli- Kolnry dull ul the Hotel Noble today. Mississippi county lurmers, Mr. 1'arntU said in n 'briel talk, aro' forlunnti! In tile piodiictlvlly ol | their lands mid in the absence ol I Feriou:; iroubie from the boll wee-1 vll, which Is a .serious problem ln| scuthi-ast Arkuiisn.i. wlieiv Mr.i I'auiell oi»ratis a large farm. He expressed Hie hO|)e Ilia; llhhmite | solution of the dialnage tax lirob-; km lieru would enaole the larm-j crs of tills .section to enjoy the. pros|X>rlty thai .should noiinally IX L llielis. . Late arrival of Mnrvlu Nuiui. f«:'| whom a special call was sent wljen | it was found (lint lie wns tlic only j club member absent at the 0)X?n- lloo\ while Clyde Mocser. his co:np»nlon. j ing of the meeting, gave the Kocent attendance Bankhead Asks $350,000,000 to Boost Price of Cotton. 1 twt-i OpfoM:.- Infla'.ion WASHINGTON. Sept. 21 lUP)— [ O-ricncv infliition would destroy j il>- NRA, Senator Lewis, Democrat,|_ •'linoib. ' declared today at thej;- \Vhiti: House. Lev.-Ls did no'. S:L" "' ;—csiiiin: Hccs-tvcli. He said he r.a.'crt his u'sttmpiion on u survey ;ii. de during u Umr of the west ci'd He critirincci the' intlatiun proposals of Senator W n~e»\in-i •!;,s of Oklahoma and Senaior : t .^. n . 1 _ t ™; c , nj<1 : 1 . ?-"iiith of .South Carolina. was in a tcrious condliion at Strele. One of the neyrots rciwrlctl to have his arm fraL-'iired in several places: The car. a closed machine, driv- j en by While, st'riit-;-. against one side of the bvklse us the driver made a shari> tuni 0:1:0 tile structure and then veered to tile other skle. crasliina throm;li the railiny and landing upside down in about four or live feet of water. Henry Stivers and Cecil WcoUy. farmers who were nearby, rushc<i to the aid of the occupants were pinned within Ihi 1 car. n. H. White, grandfather ol the four- year-old boy, also arrived a-lew minutes later and they succeeded in dragging Moscr, w.iile and tlic negroes from the car. Several minutes e'.npscd btfore one of the victims recovered -.iiinicientiy to tell the rescuers of the presence of the Ixiy in the car. He was dead when removed. White was rusnsd to the Diythc- 1'rict l-'i.virj Attacked - y.'AfjHING'rON, Sspt. 21 tUPl — Trice fiyiuy oi the national rf-cov- I-TV program lends io-.vard state • c'vialiam, it. Kt\s chargcti today us I i :ce ri'gulaliti? features of tho •rc-ucscd NRA co<le lor the retail ; became the center of debate r.--rr price control measures. Opponen'-s of prire fixing tleclar- j' -^ •>ii it cjuld net be opcr.iU-d sue-,'."-. ic>'siiilly except where state social-! ;'in was an avowed objective. NRA ollicia's who prepared the n-vised retail cede maintained it 'VTS intended to regulate nr con- WASHINGTON. Scpl. 21 IUI') — "•cvernment cotton purchasing -Ui7rain involving the expenditure I S'<50 MJO.OO& wa- nriied on I'res- .dfiil Koo:.i-vel' loday by a delega- v-uii lii'inkd h'V Senator Bunkhcaii <•! Alal>ri:r.:> nncl repi'l^r-mh^ tin- cotton uov-.ers of nine slates. Thf comniiiiei 1 , appointed at Ihej cottoo le ho^P 11 "! i" a German amou which went on record for; inflation, wa f ; \vilh the president i or half an hour. ">,5r. Reosevel! was very symps- I'ic-ilc." Bnnkh'-ac! ssici. "he has fLiktr, our propDiel i;ncl:-r couside!- 1 lion' und thsre is every indication tl'iit ve will receive a dellnite i':is\ver in a few days." Hankhcad explained that the tailaivs a 100 per nl today's . | Will Place Thirty Teams in Field (or Obtaining Consumer Pledges. Trading under Ihc Blue.Eagle will become universal in Blylhevllte II the women of the city have anything to say about it. Representatives of the Parent- Teachers associations, the. United nnl prices b'.it not to !i" Ih'itr. to ..>iy riKid formula. . explained ip came tu the While Ho;i^e to 'ificaliy urae government buy- of one half of the present eot- •:i crop at 15c per pound, coup -.ilh contracv, for the farmer to t.ik° ilie same number of bak-sj uii: of production next year. Such| :: nlan would invoh-e acquisition by lance after veceiviii!. nrst aid treatment at Btfele. His condition was said to be critical with the [jossi- billty of pneumonia setting h) frpin expos u re.!. Closer was unconscloift when pulled out of the car l:ut later revlvc-d and his condition was not- as bad, it was stated. White, jiis sou and Mosier, whose home is at Judsonla, Ark., had left Ti'.e most- important mineral substances reouired in food are the i'alts ol iron, iodine, phosphorus, calcium ilinic). manganese. ixH- jifh and soda. i;ovcrnment of about (ive jnil- lior. bales of cotton. Br.nkhead add™ that the plan differed from rni Unard rhYu- of the that the federal While's home, where Moscr was picking cotton, early in the morning on a trip to Sleele for negro cotton pickers. It was on the return trip that the accident occurred, about a mile from White's home. The bridge Irdm v;hieh the cai plunged had been condemned about a year ago but had never been rebuilt or repaired and had been used continually by icsldents of ue .section who were afforded no other i route t3 Steele except by detour of o: the Confederacy, the American Legion Auxiliary, tic i and Professional Women's club, the Federated Women's club, the DelphUins and the P. E. O at .a meeting held in the chamber of commerce rooms yesteroay. j ;*StA. their organizations -.W-'«J 'itse to house canvass'of iho chyj to enroll every housewife nnJcr li'.e Blue Eagle. The drive will -start this v.cek r,ii:l will be completed by Thursday, j September 28th. which dale I been officially designated by Governor Futrel! as NRA cclebra'.i-jn day. Already some thousand or more j pledges have been secured by vol-1 unteer workers maintaining benths j in the various places of business en I Saturday;:, and by a house to house' Chuncellof Dolliuss Made Austrian Dictator VIENNA. Sept- 21. IUI 1 )—Chancellor KiiKi'lberl llollfns.s was Invested wild dictatorial powers today, chafed wllli the almost superhuman lask ol ivimlllijR strife torn AuMrln, I The chancellor a.ssiiiiud direct coiiiiiiiinu <>l the army, ixillce, and auslll.My forces, und benan recnn- Mnictlnu his cabinet. Hi- had power under a deuree of I Pivslilnii William Mlklas 10 lake over the entlri! .state execiillvi' und form any soil of government he liked. Success of the chancellor's move was problematical, torn iu the n.i- llon U among ixilltlenl factions. TELLS OF liSIT Bl CESTtll TO Names "Machine Gun" Kelly. Wanted [or Urs- cliel Kidnaping, • .'. OKLAHOMA CITY. Scpl. 21. iDl't—The terrified uncle of 'Kfl.% erlne Kelly, fugltlvs defentlant In Ihe Ili\ic':el kidnaphnj case. loHi U. .S. judge Edgar S. Vauglil 'loday ,that Clcorgc "Machine Gun" Kelly I Ihrcalcncd the lives of his entire ! family on their farin near Stratford, Okla., lust nlghl. Tuls'reveji- llon came loday as the climax of a dramatic scene In tlw heavily guarded cwirtroom where' Harvey' Bailey and 11 others are on -trial' accused of conspiracy In the $200,000 kidnaping of Charles llr.schcj, Oklahoma City millionaire. •--:. •-!: Appears In Court -' •>.•.Fred Coleman. 40. confided : the death threat to Judge Vauglil.aft- er he was arrested fallowing his «pi pearance In Ihe courlruam with his Scpl. 21— S\wM — A 72-ytnr-olrt father lo demand five ow-ijiiiiiin whisky Mill, suld to minutes of speaking time . ,,., have been oprrnted by Charleyj Kelly, indicted with Albert Bates ,1-iuiknei-, slulii near here Wed- or Ul , nvc ,. „ one 0[ t , lc acUla! k , a , ineiilay aftfrnoon, and eishl bur- napcrs. Is a widely soughl fualtlve. rels of iiiiish were touml by olfl-1 H(! hlul been ^(M In Ihe Okla- ' cers In n woiKled section of 11 j llmnn c , t) , v i,,| n t^. „„, throjlt ^,. ? | had been received by Urseiiel and came ns the trial entered Its fourth day in a heavily uuarded court with threat,-; of death hanging over the heads of 'S STILL poe Posse .Seeking Haytian's Slnver Finds 600-Giillon Whisky Plant. HAYTI, .SmilliiK jovially and apparently l-.c best of health ami spirits. loimer 1'resident Hoover is shown above us he nrrlveu in Chicago with Mrs. Hoover to visit friends anil sec the Lci.diry of I'rosres-i Exoosition. icnr where Ihu shooting of Funlk-1 The i ncld( , nl ner occnned. Tlic officev.s. who arc seeking Owen Enls. a Ml55iss!pplaii. tor the murder ol Faulkner, destroyed the still. Officers in Hie party Included Constable Roy Wyrick. Constable Duil Cathy. J. L. Charles oil ness, and various government ° ffl ~ F. llrschel, the weallhy defendant and star wll- San Martin Regime Pre- nares to Meei Revolt of Major Proportions. ^ (nr irrn board overlooked"conlrol" of eisllt milcs or n '' 0! " c ' " v;as slat - d - :-oduc:io:i "while this controls ^^""^ his father the boy is sur- :rduction". ' vlvcd by his nictlier. Afrs. Lucille i HAVANA. Sept. 21 i UP)—Car- OSCEOLA, Ark.. Sept. 21.—Al- canv:>bs of n nart of tie cl'v wh'ch I alr >™en patrolled the streets In- >>«'t Fnicher of Tlnyll. Mo., driver 501 P , „„!;?. ™,'i 0 ""V and soldiers sat behind ma- of n McDonald seed truck. Is held * 'chine guns nt the presidential j in coiintv Ini! here iwiHling trial palace in anticipation of a major! c-n a reckless driving charge fol- was conducted last ers from the Overall and Gingham | Clad Workers of America. , Chita. Dnvis, ipsclnl ifstnt ol Hie Fi-lscoj Askj In Be Heard llallrnad. and Justice of the Pearoj >i c imirched Into Ihc'chamber Dock Heilnc. With his 72-year-old father. T. M. Enls. who has not been appro- Colenmu, and demanded of Judge hendect. was Tlamcd as the slayer Edgar Vaught: - . oi Faulkner, byj.Jum FaUmon, "Let me speak, lor'five minifies." fRrnier.uwr-««;.l*fe ; ,)iomc; c tln .kill- ;•: The tilfler Cplci|iB>3/oi--ia3itf6rrt,rf'^l Inc occurred. - - '• • I Okla.. had been' a -witness.^!''?-" A powlble Ecqiicl to the Fniilk-j|ng two days ago thnt .Albert | ncr slaying was seen In an iilUiekJBtitfs and Gcor-jc "Machine-Gun" Truck Driver Arrested| Ill5t Following Collision Near; Bassett Thursday. last night upon Ward Watts, 50. who operated n .speakeasy In Haytl owned by Faulkner. Wnr ( | was badly beaten at about B o'clock E KH5I. Kelly, the latter a relative by',marriage. discussed a kldnapinj'.pro- ject at his home n few. days -before llrschel wns abdiicled July 22. •••'::.•'.. The son was hustled from tne chamber by order of Judge' Vaught; placed under arresl, and taken tft Ihc office of. a marshal for ques- Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Son-Ice ... Coca Cola American General Electric General Motors .... 124 .... 1G 1-2 .... 34 1-4 .... 42 1-4 21-2 .... 88 1-2 Tank 3H .... 20 1-8 29 7-8 I In his discussion with the south- ti n delegation Mr. Kcoseveli did ml mention Inflation, nor was the M.bjeci brought i.p, Bankheacl said, i'lthouxh it was explained to Mr. Roosevelt at the opening of t!i; \u-.Aersations that the cotton con- v:!inion as a whole was in favor of inflation. International Harvester 38 :i-l Montgomeiy Ward ... 22 New York Central .. 303-4 Packard •» Phillips Petroleum ... IS 1-2 Radio V 5-8 Simmons Beds 21 1-4 St. Louts-San Francisco ; l 5-3 Standard of N. J 42 1-i Texas Co 20 li. S. Steel 47 7-3 New York Cotton White, White. World's Fastest Pilot Says Streamlines Aid j. CHICAGO. 111. (UPl— Declaring that "any high speed plane must I be streamlined thoroughly" to at] tain such world record velocity as 13f.S.31 miles per hour, James R. • Wcrtcll. Louisiana designer, who jiecently set a new world mark for I land planes, indicated what the J future may be like if the "air flow' 1 fmccie aground as well as aloft con: ;inue-5 lo revolutionize'travel, j "No one could even approach a I new world record for S|>ced with- and a sister. Lois Helen STfifilDOG Little Hilliard Boy Badly Pletlging thirty teams of v,orkei> lc from the various women's organize- j lions of Ihe city. Ihe auainst the novcrnment. injuries sustained , Moore of Fayetle,.S a Jlo|' serious j ,\;ak)r Uenim Balan and Cap-j 1)V Mis - E(1 " ar - - -. -. renresema-!" 1 '" Cecillo Rodriguez led separat-1 Ali >- •"•<' n)lllor l "J llrics *'">talncd | tives in yesterday's meetinl? assured!"" but apparently allied revolts in ! |jy "-f ""^«' «nd IUircc eh -j General chairman Max'fl R°id i Orll 'nta province at the eastern, dien in :i colhs.on between inc. that the women of BlyWvlllevvouhl Pn<1 ° r "^ ^nA. Tne forces of come through with their part of| thc rcvolutionfefs their actual ' fc ed truck and the Moore autonio-1 bllc on Highway (11 nejr Held on Charge,. Confesses Two Killings. ; Governor's Dauihter Threaten_ed TOPEKA. Kans.. Sept. 21. UIP) —Goi'. Alt M. linden today ; revealed a plol lo kidnap his IG-yeaf- « .. i old daughter, Pesgy Ann. minor! Tnc governor oald he had received reliable Information that mem- ' bers oi the Bnlley-Underhill gang of southwestern ' desperadoes.-had planned to kidnap the girl in-an ctlort lo effecl Ilie release of sev- out 'cleaning cvety nui and NEW YORK. Sept. 21 <UP)— bolt—or slreamliMng 10 reduce air Iflpn- Pntl™ VWll T?o told Mr. Reid to map out his cam- er s con'.lmicd In eharce of many llteil, 1 U11LC Will rve- p^jg,, alld .^ig,, [he vnrious or . 5, ;Rru . cc-nlcrs. some operating on ew Dl'ive ganl/ations that part ol Ike \vo-k i Soviet principles. Newspaper work- that each would be called upm to I ers sliiick in Havana sliortly lic- ne A five-year-old son of R. c. Hil- perform. liard. 303 S 17lh slreet. severely bitten in the face by a Legion Men Attend Fifth District Meeting stray dog near a neighborhood store operated by Charles Reedy, 1523; West As'.: street, this morning. I - -- •The boy had been sent to the ' Commander Neill Reed. Ed Cniih store for groceries and was near and C. J. Little .accompanied by the store when attacked by the dog. Charles Q 1 . Kellcy of Little Rock. i fore mldnlcht. but early today ' President Martin announced Ihe ! difficulty had | .'ettlert. ]mcd hio. and three Inch gash on her forehead. The family remain- ; 35. malinger of a Patterson. N. J. ed In Bas.sctt. where she received; theater, and Sheffield Clark, a medical attention last niKlil. j Tennessee salesman, in New Or- leatv;. turn got former convict. Peggy Ann was to have t;en kld- .em,™ roK/u^s^^C' ,^»-««« rr "r-s " I r^v 0 '^iff Cl "ei '^o, • SSTn-rWn-S S^Sfr! ** ' Csceola. The Moore family was ln c-n'roule lo SI. Joseph. Mo., to vis- H Mrs. Moore'? brotl'.cr. a Mr. Alter Brief lllneSS Siiellon, who is a member of Ihc I SI. Joseph police force. The animal snapped his teelh over state commander'of the American! -j; c nm ns. about 70 years old. j imped from Ihc cxecullvc mansion ;H, C. Burns, 70, Dies here and held until the governor Issued 10-day pnroles to six 'con- Under Kansas law the gov- 1 ernor can issue sscrel 10-day paroles. Lancon said the paroles were 10 be granted to nllcw Ihe convicts Describing the first slaying, that sufficient time to escape from the of shead. New told of a drinking'state and jalii the gang. Five men . - i New said V.c stole motor cars be used lo both victims and "-cm to escape. Cctlon closed barely steady. open high low close Get Dec Jan May Jul 9C5 091 1C01 1018 1035 1054 986 1009 1018 1035 1054 1012 913 065 012 093 1010 1021 943 Ofi5 073 093 1012 1027 resistance to a minimum." Wedcll '. .said following his sensational feat. I Tills fame trend appears lo be | Ruining popularity in train automobile and steamship design. Spots closed steady. 065. off 40. Press Clipping Bureaus Study N. R. A. Code li:c boy's jaw and hel:l his grip un- Legion, and R. W. Sisson of Little 1 lit beaten off by Ucedy and others. Rock, state adjutant, went ID Le-Shomc ' < The canine was captured and panto last night for a meeting of j n f c .. v held for observation by polite. They the fifth district. plan to keep the dog captive for ,\tr. Kelley and Mr. Sisson, who' 10 days and then kill it if no signs are visiting all posts In the slate.' of hydophobia or other disease are discussed p)ans for the membership 1, noticed. campaign of the local post In in-! ' " r ' T1 ' c : l ice ch hours illr.w Burns became ill abD-,it 11 o'clock yesterciay morning. Ills -ath was atlri-juted to acute In- gestlon. occurrence was seen by Po - *>™»' Clings at Mr. Reed's of- j m ™,,f ^r^nXc'nU £ lilef Ed Rice as vindication "«• Of the quola. 210. 3G mem- ™"° .' ll fm] airan..... New Orleans Cotton\ NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 21. —Cotton closed easy. open high low close Oct 913 971 936 933 Dec 988 1005 958 j an 997 1010 970 Mar 1015 1031 984 May .. . 1033 1049 1001 July ... 1049 105J 1027 YORK (UPi-Tiie newest ! allies of Ihe NRA are the press clippin; bureaus. The are discuss- of the drive to eradicate stray dogs berships have already been paid. " 983 070 IOOC 1027 Chicafjo Wheat high Dec. Mai- Dec. open 94 1-2 98 1-2 low close 94 1-2 08 3-4 90 3-4 95 90 3-4 •nj a code to govern working hours I and wages. Representatives have met al Ihc Homelike Clipping Bureau here. The discussion disclosed many fnlerestlng facts. The press clipping industry in America Is 150 years old and the service has I had a remarkable development. I In no other country has the j clipping service been so -highly developed. The public is enabled (to gain at a glance_the lalesl news in polities, the arts and other pro fusions, society and big business of every kind. and require oniiers of pel dogs secure licenses. Renewed activity on ' the part ' ~ l\vo slri morning. drive ends Armistice Day. ran cf officers was noted and . Ficcf Pritnn Farm stray dogs were killed this, IfSt rn ' 0n farm Simpson Complimented by Osceola Civic Club OSCEOLA, Ark. — The opening meeting of the Osecola Civic Club; ts being held today in special com-1 '' r "P which Is expected lo yield tc- Chicago Corn open 53 3-4 50 high 53 7-8 60 1-4 low close 50 1-2 50 7-8 5fi 3-4 fi~ A new invention permits the pa (lent to stop the dentist's drill by merely Dressing the bnttoji of "control" which he liolds In his hand; this cuts off the electrical current. Cotton Ready for Sale PINE BLUFF. Sept. 21 (UP)— flovcrnor Fgtrell arrived here this I'.iternoon to supervise the sale of 24) bales of cotton harvested at slate prison grounds. Tlic were the first of this year's plitnent to S. R. Simpson of Fort Worth, Texas, who is visiting friends here, and who will talk to the Civltans meeting. at . their luncheon The meeting wa s scheduled for the first Thuisday In October, Mr. iwcen 1,200 and 2.000 bnles. Milk IF Strong Man's Diet IK arrival of relatives, according to ii'<e Cob!) Undertaking company. The deceased made his home with a son, Homer Burns Officials Investigate Death of Aged Woman No possibility of foul p'.ay existed in the death cf Mrs. Dora Orr. aged mother of Ci'.ar'.ev Orr, who succumbed yesterday .T. a house far back in the Bip Like section, it was staled today following a brief Investigation by Sheriff clarence Pflb Indianapolis Hotel Employes, Guests . party that led to a quarrel. Blows ' followed. Then New said lie picked up an electric iron and beat Shead on Ihc head. INDIANAPOLIS. Sept. 21. IUP>—II ;• . p| Armed with a machine gun ancl| Legionnaires tO Hail revolvers, three bandits today lieldi up employes anil guests cf the Ho-! tel Antlers and escaped with ap- j proxlmatcly $3.000 Armistice Day Program All members of the American U- and a woman were Instigators' of the kidnap plan, according to'in- formation received by the governor. | Landon said he had had knowledge of the plan for some time arid j he had enlisted the aid of 'city, ( county, federal, and state author!'tics. . ... Warranls for Three NEW YORK. Scpl. 21. (UPl— WASHINGTON (UP) — Norman Wilson, W. lion Smith, depuiy Perdue, professional strong man,, Prosecutor, and a physician. the alone Simpson is a former president of 1 slay al only one thcaier. He s»vs' during most of the day. ii is nn- Ihe Osccola Bar Association and aill's sood for that "run-down feel- derstood. Relatives broush 1 , her says he subsists entirely on four! Mrs. Orr was round dead in quarts of milk, a day during n I house where s'.-e had hern well known attorney of Arkansas. Eastern I Ing which i about." conies with traveling' body by wagon . I parlor here, •rhr mhlwM-c i-iri rcoislcrcd un-! Z' an P 051 heri; arc llr S (Hl to altcnd Warrants charging three men with fhc robbers rcBislcrca un ^ a mcMng n[ t) , c ch;>mb?r ot Co]n . feit , nBpir8 Lt Joh8n j o'Conncll of today after five seized in" a gang roundup, police lineup. A statewide search was ordered to complete Ir.e roundup of suspects In the kidnaping of O'Connell, member of one of New York's most powerful politict.l families, w'no was ransomed for $40,000 after being held 23 days. One of the men named in the warrants was John Oley, associate of Manny strcwl. who U now held pending trial. The names of the other two men were not disclosed. Huffman Baby Dies I have the post sponsor such a cele- j brnllon which will draw thousands oi visitors to tfcls city. Clara Ivcgcne Hardest?, 13- monlhs-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hardest}-, died al the family home near Huffman at 10 o'clock yesterday morning. Funeral services were held this WEATHER ARKANSAS —Fair and warmer tonight. Friday partly cloudy and warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and morning at 10 o'clock at the Cath-1 .^ tonight, partly cloudv Frt- ollc church at Forly and Eight with. day _ ' uiic cnurcn av runy auu r.jgm. rtiiij. Father J. J. Thompson conducting j the service. Interment was made i The maximum temperature here in the church cemetery. The Cobb yesterday was 83. minimum 59, Undertaking company was in charge | clear, according to Samuel F. Nor- of funeral arrangements. 'its, official wealhcr observer. Last The deceased is survived by her I night Ihe temperature dropped lo parent* anil four brothers; 51: An eagle, in Mesa Verde National Park< carried a yowling bobcat over a thousand feet into Ihc air and dropped it. The cat was killed instantly. Its body i s on exhibition at the p»r'«, ,

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