The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1952
Page 10
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< PAGE TKN RT,YTHF,VTM,K (AUK.) COURIER NEWS mm AT, Anm, ss, 1951 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per line lor consecutive Insertion: Minimum rh»r£C .................. Me 1 lime FT line ....... ............ l jc 2 limes per line P« day ........... l? r 3 limes per line per day .......... 9*" 6 ([uirs per hni* per day .......... I* 1 12 times jiej- line per day ........ Sr Month per line ..... -• - 90r Count live avenge words to tnr llnr- Art oidercrt tor Itiree nr six nmrs and nril In-fore explnllon "ill bp For painting und, pupetlnf?. call Har- Wlirat, and Hoy Freeman. We «pec- ll/r In shfelrock llnUhhiK- Ph. 63(55 or 283 i. 3 26 pi£ 4 26 i . Adrptlism^ ordrrM for Irn-eiilar ITI- sertifins Uke (he our- 111111* t.ilile. No rrspcmslbllHv will lie nken for more llisn on.- imrirreri Insrrilnn 01 anv classified art. All ads .ire rerlHrlert In ilirlr nrflner rlJiiUIrallnn. * lv l" anrt tvn|tl r !|? Courier Nl ' ws reserves the rlphi In *•<!» ourer l ' or reject any ,id. Notice CARD OF THANKS V,'f wish to OK»rr<« on' ph'rrre thanks for thi- ninnv brnultf'il floral offr.ln-. «„<! <*„•>*>< "^^M Rental Sanders R<> finish your own I loots. Rent BII tier trie zander from Wards. Easy to use, economical, /rep instructions. Montgomery Ward & Co, 423 ek 26 Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Diiy soivltf on Jewelry---3 flays on Rnu-hrs and clocks final a nurd work (loin- by expi'il irjinlmirn. I/ "PAT 9'BRYANT Main & Second ui>on I ho unrf sister. irll» ._ Pnrk' 1 k". noiijMnin Anthony Apartment for Rent 3 room anl. with hnth, Call 2fi<"Jl Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME «('M']re, rni| on niyihfvllle Laundry's J7 years o/ cxju'ilfnre in ilils ppcrlRl- L?ril flrld. Krci- ftirkup (tnrJ <loll»r;y sir-ivLce —JUKI rail -1118 Ui.YTHKVIU.F, LAUNDRY CUCANKItS 41« rk S 1« [ore 6 p.m. [ rrpalr any m irhlnc 1 blocks Mti Si-, by i\c<x \c- \ __' 2:3 j V. An-1 V. Carp kp or modpt v-a'.hlns ost ol DlKle PIK. on rliool. [{/.jhort Oia- 37 |ik 5T Co., ol — — - , unfurnl-lifd «n!s. wirrrt f . stovi-. Ph. S386. < 2^ ir clrc- ' pV 5 1 now 3 rm. uoff apt. 825 5. Ully. 2 [urn. npts. close In. Artulu onlv. Call 4W »«" 5 r°. m ' 42 ' 1 r T7m. imf. .^NoVVlTlW • «'• M ": Zoa ThompM-.. SSnxjni. 4 »< P^ 5 _' "Tl^rnlshrd BptS-. bnth. hot wiX". Rrasonahlc. Couple only 3CT1 W Asn. 51 2r> •vllln (or R fllicirt prrlort nf . In.stnlrnttnn ami ropnlr JLmrnlc KcJwardu Furniture 21H7. 4-21 | For Sale, Misc. A OiilS U'OOl n>5. Ph 2B77. 4 24 pk 27 yard ^3 room furnished apt. Mot- . ritnnlnE water. Prlvati- hntti. decorated. 404 F. narls. r>h newly . 2-room f.irn. apt. ITIvati. !s only. 5)" l.akr. ph. "00 -ha-.n. cou- 4 2i p< Jo ^3-room unfurntshctl Apartment rrl- T»lo bath, electric hot wai-r l' r V/., ph. 3610. •" 3l I 1 ' 1 JJ* Tnpairt ts for rent. 112 E. Clii-rrs 30 Price of lumhrr rrdnrpfl to r (or summrr suwlns. 2v1. 2tfi, pr itiovisnml. DrckhiK Rncl l>nxlnx. ^l '. S. IlolHfion, 3, 2lsl Si , Phone MO!) •T22 pi; SO "^6RUNGS~KOU~S AI .K II n ISP your own rotion cboiipc I SO piich In Lois ol SO or more. $1-60 ach, Lrss ihnn 50 IMMEDIATE DFXIVKRY HUGH \V. AhLKN Oscrola, Ark P)l. -105 A 471 42 pk 52 3 nn. unrur. apt- Ph. ' 3 room k 4 room P612. C. Abrnliaro. . for rent Call 6 ck tf Modern 2 room fv.r. npt. Ph. 2JO! i or 4565. 2:' 1 "" '' Modern apt.. 3 rooms and hnlh. IIPW- |ly drcornled. K"°<l lurnittire. B»^ equipment. Ph. 3373. F. Simon. 9;21 ck tt Small Apartments, furnished. ?S up per week. Rcdvooms up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-'l ck tC Unfur. ftpt . p^t. bath. IfvO Cherry. ph. 3349 or 27B7. 4.17 pK 51 3 room furnlshea tpt. for ChlcXasavvba. Auto Supplies and Services Don't cndanKrr your family with faulty tires—BUY LEB TlflKS. CHAPMAN SEHVICE STATION Main nmi Division Phone 2SB3 12 13 c.k tf Perfect quality WHITE SIDEWALL TIRES — lou mileage. Size 800x15 ami 760x15. We also have bargaii passenger and tractor tires nf all sixes and brands. 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ThU low mlleaR? ^i-Ton Truck has radio and heater, Nice gray finish, A-l CARS---A-l TRUCKS 1950 FOKD $P2!>5 A braulirul rnsdim Forclor that's cert:ilnly A-l! While sidewHJI tEre-ir r~M\ln, healrr, overdrive A ml .seal rovers. Meet It t<Miiiy. |«M7 KOItl) $615 J'oiTIJ find the A-l trucks at Phillips Motor Co. This u- Tun iMrkup is 4 KI»H|, clean of it* , . , new p;il nt, J i eater, good llres, See it. A-l CARS---A-l TRUCKS 1!MO FORD $315 A jay l!tlk JVmvrrllhlr Itiat runs llkf! a «ewlng marhlne 1 . Has a new tnp, IIPW [lr?s. Radio and hpuler, of rnurse, It's 1911) FORJ) S295 Sure, It Inr^k.s a litllt rough— hill, man It's just S39S! It's 3. gnod running !IU]f !,i-Tnn Pickup. Good tires, too. Bargain! For A-l Cars & Trucks, See Your Ford Dealer 300 Broadway ompany Phone 4453 That Extra Tractor That Will Do More of Your Jobs More Of The Time! FERGUSON! Jack Robinson Implement Co. THylherfHe, Arkansas — Phone 2371 1 VlkltiK vrR-'tahlf hoi 1 \'i IIP Cornprc.^nr \ l4-fonv mr>nl rnsf 2 ^i IIP comprMsom 1 8-foot Hill self-service case 2 meat blockn I Hobart Rllcrr 1 meat «rlnrtcr 3 Ico-Krlsp vpRptatile r«rk» 1 BxB wntk-tn cooler t l»Sfl model I'.', ion OMC In Cnntnrt Mf-lvln Hnl.-pH m Hnl While Furniture Co.. or Phnne fr If nto plnnls Utc <In7., pepper <10?,. 604 Ash St. PK. 4fi7fi 4'1 pit 5'! Save Money Whan Von Kuy „ Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 cfc If TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. m W. Wnlmit PlimiE n3B2 Plenty of Parking Space mpire table model Iro condition. Cheap. Ph. !> r. :nll boftta, nil sl??B. M 6fl4 Ash St. Pli 4 ^1 pfe ?fl '•trt71. >i nk a I IT It's cnLTlsh yon ar<* looking r :omc lo Brt\s Fish MftikeV 1 h; plrntv tu nil times. Can fill any r >r 2010 no5c fit. lifiir hlock fft"! pwnj- Ctirvf. Ph. 9A48. 4 : 10 pX ,Vi9 DIRT. I'h. G3G3. «'3S pk 59 Goori Soyljpun Srert. Fimk'5 Hyhtlrt Seed Co[n. 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Authorized I.Ike the fnttirr who *el« tlif man who rar at Cb»m- mor« than h« r r.irs are (tone nvrr from hump«r !• Immprr — Hinrnu^hlj reriHidittonni: Thai's why you'U p.f't ilciwnrtahW JKTT- STVHFIIAKKK U - T o n I'ifkitp. Merc's -in r \amplf- of Chnni Mill's iinnsml values in Root!, rocfimlilioiipd truck* .This dean pickup Is » low mileage truck. ?345! t!>49 RTrOKBAKFR *j -Ti»n Tirkiip. You'll gpt mites and miks nf mnn TV -making servipe trom Chamhlin's cood used IrucKs. This plrkup has new paint, V^.V- I94S GMC 2-Tim Truck. Kquip- perf with S?,iv20 lirrs all around, this tone whec-lhaw Truck Is tni- IT K finp buy. Bnl— see It yourself. Come to ChamhUn'si. $695! Just carry your rn>al Inside. lx>t» nf room. One-owner cw. ONLY Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. ft Your Friendly Srudebakcr Dealer if Railroad & Ash Call f.SSS D. & P.L No. 15 10 tons, tic] luted, (rented, utirfc Ormlnnllon 84 to B5 |irr Sii om RO nrrrs proclticlnu 97 hales. PrLc SlfiO »cm. J R OATHIKtiK. l.ux Ark. 421 pit SPECIAL BABY CHICKS Till* week. I-A US. npprovrii hc!\vy .rccds i!2.30. Also RHalfn tiny. l.rvvis Poultry •m E. Ntnln Ph. 3317 421 ck For Sale, Real Estate BLUNT REQUEST—"U. S. Go Home" is the grim nnli-Ameriran M : n:imr?m snitTnofi in paint on cnr owned hy a civilian employe of I he U. S. Air force at Chnlcaiiroiix, France. Similar crudoly- sciawlcii tcrnaiks h;i\'o .TppfNN-crl in several places in Europe, where Atncricnn forces me .stutionerl. Nalionnlist fnnatii:;;. or Communist sj mpnlhixci's arc believed responsible for the signs. Modern <l-room house and )ath. Hardwood floors, arife closets, screened i ri wc-k]K>i'cl). Coed condition nsklc and outside. K x t r » ai'xc lot with Ifiiced in i>la> varcl. 912 Hiirdin St. $1,000 tisli, ??,7.17 total monthly payments. iModcrn "l-rooni lioi'ise with )ath, G(|iiipjic<l with nice eloc- Iric rantje and refrigerator, Venetian blinds and drapes. Lots of storage space. High and dry corner lot at 2300 Kenwood Drive. 91,000 cash, ?<I8.21 jicr month. It's nice— you'll like it. Vacant — move in tomorrow. We have other houses for sale. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone '1111 Residence Phone 25% -1 19 ck tf iModern two bedroom home already financed by 4'"o G.I. Loan. Total payment. $-10.00 per month. Reasonable down payment with immediate possession. See or call Max Logan. Pli. 20;W. Lynch Bldg. 23 ck 30 NOriCK I Neil ice is hereby given thnt the iiiKm^huicd ha.s filed with the Depart nirnt <: f Alcoholic Beveragn Control of the State of>a.s iVir n peri] i it to sell and (iLspt-iise bfor at rntnil on the premises de- scrilicrl fts: 122 '-j Fast Main St. Blytheville, Missi.sHippi Cntinty, At'knnsas. The imder.sLRned states that he ' s j named In a citi/; 1 !! of Arkansas, of ^oud moral cliaracter, that he has never been t'cinvicH'd of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that "o license to sell beer by the uncler- ned has beeti revoked within live vcars last past' nt\r! Hint the uncler- tird has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other -state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Applicaion is lor permit to be i-s- suerl for operation beginning on the 1st day of July 1952, and to expire on the 30th day of June 1953. Leslie Crea'r Dorr is Applicant SubMTibed and svrorn to before me this 24th day of April 1952, H. G. Partlow Notary Public My CommL«,ion expires: 12-1-19S3 SEAL SEAL OKDKK In tJii- (,'Jianrcry ('nurt, f'liickii sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas •Jackie A. Jetton, Plaintiff, vs. No. )2042 Rcbert Lee Jetton. nefeiuliu\t. The defendant, Robert Lee Jetton, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Jackie. A. Jcton. Dated thi.s 25th clay of April 19; J Claude P. Cooper, atty for ptf. Ed. B. Cook, atty ;id liteni Hnrvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Sykes. E).C. 424-52-9-16 For Rent iiihirnLshecl house. Ph. (5713. room turn, houss : kltchon. ['h. -1255. vlth bath, pl 4 72 ck 29 Unfurnished 5 room house. Uen.r. of fi(H N. 5lh St.. Ph. 4G32. -1 22 pk 2<J OUR QUALITY USED CARS OUR QUALITY USED CARS ARE MAKING NEW FRIENDS EVERY DAY. BUY YOUR USED CAR FROM A QUALITY DEALER, SULLIVAN- NELSON CHEVROLET CO. IN BLYTHEVILLE! l!)5fl CHKVROI-KT maroon Flcelline 2-ctoor Sedan! A beautiful car, priced right. Has large radio, heater, defroster. 1<U9 CHRVROI.KT black Kleetline 4-cfoor Sedan. Come in and see this car today. Large radio, heater, defroster. 3918 PLYMOUTH blue deluxe 4-door Sedan. SCJC With both hlr. & defroster, it's a fine buy at 0*I«J 1950 CHKVHOJ.BT 2-Ton long \vbeelbase Truck. Has 2-speed axle. Tlie files all look as jjcxid as new . . . 900x20 tires on rear, 825x20 on front. You can't go wrong on this bargain. 19.17 CHKVROLBT !/,-T»n l>ickun. Completely SCftC overhauled mtr. extra good tires. Green finish V«S3 1!M8 CHEVROLET ^,-Ton I'ickup Truck. A i; real clean trk that looks like a new one. A buy at 195(1 STUDKHAKRR ',1-Ton Pickup Truck f. Driven just 8,000 miles. A mighty fine one . .. Many More (o Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 995 Tree Gvnis Ilst-lf An oak tree that owns n deed itself and to the ground on which it stands is located at Athens, Ga. The deed was filed by Judge W. H. .Jackson, who formerly lived there, and was particularly fond of the tree. W«nf*d ^ HET.P WANTED SPARE TIME .S4DO MONTHLY POSSIBLE \\'e will Aelect !i reliable person In this area to rrflll and collect money from our NEW AUTOMATIC MER- CHANDIST DTSPKNSING MACHINES. No setHnR. Person scU;ctfd can nei up to $-100 monthly, and more. clepemUn^ on how innny tmlls serviced To quality, npplirnnt must Have car, references, ant! minimum of $600 working cnplinl For linnieilliHe Interview, write Hlvlni? lull il«lal!.s Include phone. n-;e. nddirss. etc. Write to T.O.B. 4026. Jennings Branch St. Louis 20. Mo 4 22 pk 29 NOTICE OF FILING OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PKKMIT Notice i.^ hereby given that the undersigned has filed wich the Department of Alcoholic BevernLje Control of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell atul vinous, or spiritual liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described, 122 Ejwt Main St. BlyLheville, Mississippi Comity. Arkansas. Application is for permit to be issuer! for operation beginning 011 the 1st day of July 1952. and to expire on the 30th day of June 1953. Leslie dear Dorr is Signed by Applicant . public. Krrvcd dully 11 :00 to 1 n rack In Boarding House. I2fi R. A ph. 4382- 4.18 pk Concrole Block j Rflrnse or store New 2 - bodronm h o m v, h;irrlwoor] floors, attic fan, floor furnace, plenty of storage spacfc. Small ilo\v7i pay- monl, 5'M.33 per mouth. Move in today. Call 3633 or j 2'l8(i. David KcM Ksiatc, Sam Godwin, ^112*1. :»ng, suitable Tor ,(J]olnlng 5 room ith bath. Locntrtl In curve on tyliwrtv 61, south slile of Holland, Mo. nil 4-H1-1 »r write Paul Byrnin rmpL«- .pnt Co. l : 22-ck tf Rrnt n Ehrtlfintl p« ny ibe day. work or i Dowcll. ph 3706. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKA5AWBA IHSTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Josephine DeVivo PIT. vs No. 12,020 Michael DeVivo. DR. WAKNINQ ORDER The defendant Michael DeVivo Is hereby warned io appear \vittiin thirty (30) days in the Chancery Court for the GhickasEUvba. District Mi.ssissippi County. Arkaiwa>s and answer the comjilaint of the plaintiff Josephine DeVivo. This the 3rd day o! April. 1952. , HARVEY MORRIS, Cler'j By Laverne Ball. D. C. " 44-11-18-25 In Familv to make stiare crop. Ph. 6801. , 23 ck If UnoTpertPd chance cansM vacftncy In Central Mlsslssipiil County. Ftrni opportunity tor man with car to sup- your cliUd ply demanrt IOT Tlawlclch PTOUMCIS No Me- ^ajiUfil nrp<!eri, M. J. Clark, Arkansas k 5 3 classifying fthom «ROnO yrarly Al^o - other loralltjrs available. \Vrltr Hawa room house, rlrrtrtr kUchnn. Rood I [pith's Dcpt. AKD-210-203, Moinplils, location. Ph. 2038 or 0671. 4 : lfl cM 5,1 I Tenn. 4,22-23 Private Rooms DORTCH lc s^cil hrans 23 N T o. 2! Pl^nt i for C. I.. WYUE Promlsprt J.-vntl Farm Or Phnne 2ft2i Dlythrvitlf . --.01 Park St. FOR SALE COTTONSEED Arkansas Slate- Certified Blue Tiijr, Miu'liine dolintcd, (.'ori 1 - sau treated. $150. Per Ton K.O.B. Blytlieville Warpliousc C'oiitact \\'nrchouse or F, P. JACOBS JR. XJre new 2 -bed room hotx ful floors, plrtiirc window rkyflrd. Owner brine tr id win cxclianvie JllGO rtmlty r. Total prl re : 57 .Sfitl. I .r\\ \ i . Ill E Davis. Ph, fl865. 422 "Real" ESTATE F-arms ; — City Properly LOANS \\ tnterrMrtt \n Buylni Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Rlrig. U-ff rvitnishert tiedrooni. conv looAttotl- PiK 2514 421 pk Redrooin. rnnvpnlent to bftth. steam rnt, 611 W, Mntn. Ph. 3^25. 4;10 ck 5[10 Brdroorn with private bjvth. Ph. 9G71 2033. <;l p" 5-' Lost and Found fJ50 reward for 'finding niv diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Cal! 32G2, 3423 or 4464, Glencoe Hotel. 11 ck tf Wonted to Buy Jlixed breed dog — black with white chest. Short with long body and crooked left i leg. Short haired, long t Ph. 6868 [Last seen uetu- Yaruro. Name 9.30 ci .t oE Djpgy. No collar. Liberal reward. Kflis Wheeler, ph. <)!«!> or 380(5. 4', 19 pk 26 Insurance WARNING ORDER the Chnncrrj- Court. Chicka- sa%vlia District, IMissis-sippt Cntinty, Arknnsa*. Annie Mackrcll, Ptf. vs- No. 12,019 James Marhrell. Dft. The (ftfendnnt, James Macliretl. is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named iti the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Annie .\fachrcll. Dated this 2 day nf April, 1052. Harvey Morris, Clerk T. J. Crowder, atty. for pt,f. 44-U-18-2S 'ft Motorist Altitude Check Is Planned SANTA FK. N. TVI. f/] 1 ) ~ Docs a safe driver at sea level become a highway menace when he reaches the high plains of New Mexico? State traffic officials would like to find out. Plans are to set up testing stations in California. Volunteer motorists will he checked for blond pressure, reflrxes and alertness. They'll be tested again •when they rerch the continental divide in New Mexico. Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection. W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 \V. Ash St. GI.ENCOK UOTKL BUILDING 4'8 cK Rtor. ph, 5H2S •I 25 f\ S 2 . . 4,23 pk WANTStl: W> Dirk ck 27 corn, price FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP nrnati^-ay. Blythcvllle rh S191 3 20 i-l( i 31! .tplltK bnrloy We •lli-l ck 51 Tomato Plan r^nip pUnts. ] r Sharp. l-o iany Wrst. . 3 vni-lrnc'. rold ^ rior-. !1 00 linnrtrrd. : OaX HOAd. >, m\ T.^ ^.4 pX .S 4 AU yon ttshermrn don't *-orn- shout » thins. If Lrs parts you need. Otve vis a tiy. Montgomery Ward & Co. 4 23 ck Iff NEW OUTBOARD MOT- IKS — Slightly damaged in liipnifiU. In perfect eondi- i lion. S)0-dav warranty. Bar- Kiiin prices. KIRESTON'E STORK, ph. 2102. •I 24 ck S 7 iy CAFH for vonr old Ko- O'STKFS's STU111O. l»^ \\>M NSrtin. ]2 4 fk tf hiTGHEST PRICES PAID For fin, wive and all kiwis of .scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. X. Bdway & MouUrie Drive Thone SP()2 415 ck tf FOR SALE *• Concrete cvlrerU, 12 Inch t inch, plain *r reenforced. Als* Canrrpfe RHJldlHg Blocks «he»F- rr than lumber (or barns, chirken h0mci, pimp houses, tenant houses, lo«l shr^t- We deliver. Call •• f*r free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. SPECIAL SERVICE For nil Motorists Xo matter whal kind of car or Uurk you ow«, T. T. Stay Molor Co. can offer you the specialised servlre of spccdomrtcr repair. To he safe — to get better service from your car ... be sirrc your speedometer tf correct. I-Daj Service. T. I. SEAT MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Fhon« 2122 A Smart Man WILL PICK UP THE TRUCKS HE NKEDS IN THE NKXT FKW \VEKKS . . . BKCAUSE WHEN TRUCK SEASON HITS, PRICES ARE GOING UP. A SMART MAN WILL SHOP HORNER-WH.SON'S LOT THIS WEEK. 1951 CMC 2-Ton SWB Truck with 2-speed axle. Equipped with slinkin' new tires! • SAVE • l!ir>n CHEVROLET 2- Ton SWIl Truck with 2- speed axle. Jlake a fine (ratle now at Homer^Yi!son! $1195 Notice FUU.FIR RRUSlf I fW service »t your rtiwr. mil 6.1SS | JAMKS l.HiHTV, DKA1.KR FUEL OIL G.Q. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell Tkat Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land 1950 CHEVROLET 2- Ton SNVH Truck with new tires, air brakes and air horns. Don't wait too long! • SAVE • 1950 OMC 2-Ton SWB Truck with air and trailer connection brakes. Also Mh wheel. Th« price? inr>l STUDEHAKER I'/i-Ton MVH Truck with surprisingly low mileage. Come to East Main Street! • $1295 • inSO INTERNATIONAL Vi-Ton 1'ickup with perfect tires, rear bumper, healer. Check this price tag: • $795 • 1950 FOHI) '/i-Ton Tick- tip with the V-S engine. (>o«d fires, loo. Now's the time to trade your track. $795 in in OMC Vi-Ton I'ick- up. A smart man will come to Horncr-Wilson's !ol on Kasf Main for a red-hoi truck buv! • $1095 $895 HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmobil* _ GMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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