The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT that Schools In East, On Pacific Coasl Feature 0 i h e i Spoi Is P.Y HAitUY GR'AYSON' Sports 1'ditor, NKA Service CHICAGO —Eprlnf foolholl ii dravlne lo a close hi Ihc middl< vest, v.hero they co into it mor< lliorcurdily than elsewhere. Spring football in various sec- li-iis varies from f.vo weeks o: calisthenics and ll?hl drill lo fix \vcel:s of •intensive workouts, Including sorlmm.'iie and a icgnki] inlrasouad game once n week. Most tr.nelv.s Hud Ihe sprlir difll I? vilnliy n<"-e'.srrv us fal pnclice." Very fey schools ski training. Chicago was rui exceji- lion this year. There were no cncugh hoys available tn ho!d tlr workouts. This Is another imll callon Ihal tlie Maroon, v.hlc! cncc ruled it, nqw Is over it Jicad in the Western Conferena Spring Iralnlng is not as inlm- five In tlie east nnd on ihe Pacifi< .coast as it is in Big Ten terrl lory and Ihc south. Ill Is Is dm lo the fad thai sprliiK sporl- nre bis stuff on the eastern nnc' wcsUrn seaboards. Most rf the schools conclud 1 spring Irairiirf with nn atiniKi clinic. Vlslllnir .coaches drop h to learn something. The Pitts burgh nnd oilier clinics have be come famous. In spring practice, coaches ns rale work with n w men—up coming freshmen anil (he re serves cf the previous, camp Mnny rc°i>lars piny baseball, out for track and field, coif, etc * • » Tims la'''Experiment Ccathcs experiment with nc' plays nnd formations, realb.ln tlisil experimentation In Hie fa is liable lo prove, disastrous. The rnnsl. acquaint their m:n wit: newt, sluil In the iprnia becnus there Is EO lltllc time to do so i late September, October, nnd No vtmber, when the Rreni majortl cf teams . must point fnr ever (j:<me on Ihe schedule. Ccachos also seek to deve'.or kev men'to nil "spots vaenUd. bs graduation or .inr-lmbiiliy. Tl:i> .work wllli passers and kickers if oich specialty men are needed. Minnesota asain appears top' la the Big T_n a mi perhaps in (he country Perm-* Bicnnnn worries only ibrcause so much hiv grown to lie expected of Hi: Gorhcrs The loiigliest nralgn- lacnt on the Minnesota program is Net re Dame, where Elhitr L-iy- dcn ,iiob°bly wtil liave his brst team The Irish play another terrific schedule. Including what niny be Hub- lint ynme .with fills- bnrgh. Ohio Slate looks exceptional!' Eccd. even though Francis Schmidt complains aboul bein^ without single gocd end. The merciless one has two dozen bucks, however,, and enough linemen loi three larsities Tinning severa' of them Into wlngiiK'n should be no" trick. Michigan should start its frrld- • iron, renaissance .in ; 1037. Thcr; are plenty of holdovers and a good frosh crop'. Hunk Andersoi is couching Ihe line, the play o! which has been losing games lor Ihe Wolverines for the lost tines seasons. And Harry Kipke woiik net exactly relish, or can fie stand a fourth consecutive losing season: NprUiwostsm lent heavily b; fraduation, and win have a lougt time slicimg in the Big TL tide race it won last autumn. Th Wildcats beat Minnesota Inst trii and will find the Olnnls of Ih North eager foi revenge. 'Hi Wildcats nlso play Notre Dame Year 'Round Sporl Nebraska, imrtcr i . Maj. Bi Jones, again should top the 15 Six, althoush Kansas State ha 50 juniors and sophomores -in un form' as .it enjoyed a fair son last fall. Missouri is on t.l Vpgrade. •In. the south, Alabama will 1 as formidable, or more fornu able, than ever, and Louistai Stale already has announced th it will be hard to head oil. A ether championship." array is < peeled at Duke. On the west coasl. Southern California should -be stronger thnn ^rit any time since 1931. when Gaius Shaver, Ernie Pinkert. Johnny- Baker & Co. ruled the ^'nation's chalklines. Ohio State :£oes to Los Angeles to lackle the .Trojans. Washington again shou'd be a power on the coast. anS Stanford will rebuild around Hill Paulmnn. whose kg injury keut him on the sidelines all last sea son, Harvard Is, coming on and Yalej won't be. any weaker. Princslon' , never can fce counted out. Popi Warner has hh system well in-' stalled at Temple. Fordharfi looks forward (a big things, and Pennsylvania wants lo stay on top Dartmouth was hit hard by graduation. Pittsburgh ranks number on In/; the spring and summer book for. the national title. Jock Sutherland . employed seven sophomores (list, season. , Spring practice Is drawing to a close, but coaching schools open In June to continue until the bovs full out in the fall, Fcotball now comes ctec to \ii I(V HAttHV OKAVSON'. Sf.mli Kill lor, NKA Scrvlrr NEW YC!IK.— Baic-liaU men cilf- 'sr In opinion regarding sofi-b.iU's relationship to the hard varlt'ly. Cc-or,',e Harold SUler, immarui 1 Irst baseman w'-o Is In liic soil- j»ll bllslUL'ss In HI, I/onis. s:iv hat a hard ball prospect vets ah- •:oltncly nothing ( out . of the playground brand ni Uic game. Joe Cronin, munn-sr of the Jlos- ton Itf;l Sos, and others point out .stciipiii'j from soft-bull \i.scball h fiitile iHitural. "Tlie yctiiisstcr slart.s in plnj ilt-biHl. 11 explains Cronin. "Thsn "i ?,y^ to a pi'od' ^,amj to -;' hr;v l!is stun play his pssl- I(I TI, TiKi result is tljat'he .soon irr^s *o Ihe imi'j diffi^ulr. soot't,.' WoU. nnyway, those who foil hm s-<fi-bn'l n Lam- l ; -nl ha i'r:ei) HID nation by storm, would reil.' nn even mnn Urals sncrl :•?. ff bassh'ill I'llenl. can v;- nnn conTolatlcn out oj th? facl lint. Thomas D:ivM Henrlch. n:w ft rc?niil o[ lha Now .York Van- •eft. Is a product of soft-ball. "'Oio Ciut3p-M-\«sil!on rcflon ol ")bio. w'rcrc 1 hail from. Is n foot- •j»*l hotbed." says lU'nrlnh. who a«t •In wn for shiiln-f with Hie Rup- ! lerls wlu-ii Jud2e !,an(lls d^cl,ir?il 'iim ;i frrc nielli on- the grounti •hat Cleveland had "covered him in." "Tli'l as my foIVs said nix on 'rnlball, ! Ji>st played ball— snlt- >nP most'v — v;ben I was ynini^. "Ice hockfv was abnut thy only ilhcr pame 1 went In for: We play- •jrt It. just Itifurmally, on a rescr- ; M> futhor iis^il to ol:iy 1'onk- •y o" n tc.<m wilh the late umpire, "3v Rl'?lftr. "Pon Tncnk''yfil around som?. too, 'n basuball, in an auiitltiiir way. lie '* n caillrni'llnn p'istcr?r now, n'vJ •'olni ivel] ('iir»u"li, r,'> h^ -,vn~i'( •TIK| In borrow nny nf my bonus nonev." '<rfc. bnndrd M n result nnd Homlcii urnecl to bascb.aH. Hem-lch, (lie youngest Ynnkcr- at 21, couldn't make the Znncsville, O,, Grays in the'- spring; of 1031, From Hint Cleveland farm club ho kill outfielder was shipped u> lie M'.:ii'?ssn, Pa., club of tlie Class ) Pennsylvania stale Lsaaiic. for A-lilch he Halted- .320 and hit 15 homo rim's in 104 contests, lie .•loiiied Ihe bull for tr.e circuit Hie line number of limes In cotniilllirj H avc.'iigc 'of .337 In 115 games lib ZnnesvlU" th3 following "campaign, and hlt..3U3 In (Inl'shliij th; ;rintl wilh N3w Orleans. Henrlch blossomed Inio stardom playing nil fields for the I'cltcaris lasl season, leading-• the Southern Association in total hoses, nnd .hat- ling .'US. Ojit-e more 15 home runs was his maximum aiirl he coupled ihnii with 16 triples and <tu doubles A hard l?fl-handert Inner and an iKTiiraic left-handed Ihrov.'er jr.v.Tful :u«l fnst, Tom [[enrich IK-!;'; II--' p.irl of Ihe pleluro bull ..layvr that scoyts.aiul smillmr. ';.Ui^i ravsd abuul. Turn Ilcnrich Jimi' M^iy March Inlruiluml COHVALLIS, Ore. (UP) ^-MIs: June May March Is enrolled as a iionu' I'cnnotnics jniilof at Orctior .itiik 1 College. She Is. n residcnl itudtnl. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS . I .. ......, TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 1937 MISTAKEN IDENTITY By Krcnss Foreign Machines Are Bein'" Rc-Biiil( For Big S]>cc(!way Evenl WHERE ARMY OFFICERS ^RETRAINED Inlurv Cnrln rnrlr'i'i-. r |-ralnin c Ilenri-h reported Ii th" 'is about ib? mHIdh of Janmrv lo drlermln: my s:nlu>, whlc'i •ccmrd nmbtKi'ons. ns I a')i)i::irwl lo 'K the property of t'vo elir': '"|i"-i fi-'iircd I was lu^t TH)--:! hy ev?liu:d. Hie e^nvnhrl^'i^L- In- ii-i^rl in™ to rr-mrl. lo Mil.vankjs, "cllnj bis decision." nrficrli Ileu- ii 'T'-e Br'.'wvs S!-?iiiln-'lv hnd »" " >ne f'""M •!••» I>VD--r<! at 7!i- •i.'Mlss.. bill i ilirln'l 1-hv muo'i, -••-', T ^l| ,,f , nv n.,,, J,, s , n]) ,_ "1 had the bad !••••••: t- f-l 1 *'. m 1 ' IB British might have quelled tlic American Revolulion al an njjc, hnd it nol been for the kie p- : \<>. ^ f;:i Vii'.tlrf- " I- o. Ii n ...... in- f-r I'm Point, miles np the Hudson "•' '''s wacliM .-nn "U") n\"" Henrlch Is 0113 of Oie mhlilv "•i who ro'nc i"i in ihn in-iiivs fl-v a slrinlly soll-b'ill slarl. while !"*i rf-.hccl In w°s a meiih^r M-.s.?il'nn scftuall ("iim in in-ii IK! 'S3. lie played in Ihe outfield i'<! nilchcd ami his older brother. Mward, v,-as tlie first baseman. .'miii! (•> ii^sclull When 'of-U->H Tirid vnniihss .Henrlch ml»lit never bavc playe-t aseball ha-1 nnt the c'islodian of S2CO fund, colli'cier! by pasting he hat for the torn 'with which played and which won a Mas- illon town tournaim'iit;'i(on» south Ilh (he money. The ICTu dis- from New York, under Ihe direction of Ihe great Polish general, Tncloiis/. Kosciusko. Set off on ;i height, al a bond in the river, this \vns ii natural strategic point for defenses thnl cost $3,000,000. Once the headquarters of General Washington, West Point later became a tlcp^l for storage ol military pi-opc;";-, nnd Ihen was garrisoned by the new corps of artillerists and engineers. Tn' 1802, however, (be Corps of Engineers organized il ns a military academy, retaining such control until IflGti. Since thcp. Ihc academy lias been a part of the army at large. Hero, by presidential and congressional appointment, or by other methods of selection, come youngsters from nil pails of the United Slates, for four years of intensive (mining to become officers in tlie nrmy. The academy, is pictured on the new 5-cenl army slanii>. HEAV/WE16HT BOX I MS ToNK&HT KID :H/ vs Suulhcrti League Little Rock Ns"-hvlll3 .... Chatlanoofia Mempliis Atlanta New Orleans Knoxville ... Birmingham . .778 Ml .025 .333 ,250 Hy JOHN I, tlnllod l'res--i Staff Ojrrcspan'-l-:it | INDIANAPOLIS, Ill'l. lUW—T.V.' thrill of Inlcrnuttoinl conristriin returns to InJIaimolh Ms tor Sjieedway May .11 in ''n lii'i rn - i revival of th? 5',1-ml's M;;HD Day tailt;iuobU? rn:"- 1 . Three cars In'r;:lu"crl Ii Amcr- 'fan comp-tltlon nl l.'i». flrit rim- ilng o! I'i'j VanHcrbllt' On mail nc-? on I.rn Iiihivj lasl fsll nr? •ebr: rt'-!;u'lt for t>(^ eve-ill. ForL'ivn e^n virtually linvc 'li-.- ippcnr;d from fir! lid-Tii->^ll, •ace In neenl y>nr r . Pir^lin drivers likewise hnve fadc-d from l!v •cenc and Americans are slatcJ lo -•llol the IrnporU'd cm'.s'enl?re;i t':ii:; year. Rox Mi\'~. Los An-iel's. fcr li:'i last t'vo y^urs ho'cl^r of ths '-polr-'' i uositbn avuiclril the fastest (prill- i Her. H nnimnaled to drive nn A'f.i ' Rom?ro. brought over by th? wiu- niii!! Italiiin team for the Van'dsr- I but event. .-. . ! Ancllirr A!fn Homcro. driven bv PayinoiKl Sominer of'Trnncc tn Ihc race, wns acquired by Joi> Tbornc, wcnlthy Nsw York and ] Arizona sportsman. . ' • Trvan lo Drive Mascrali Babe- Stapu. popular Texan ami vclcrnn of Ihc Tndlntiai>oll.s com- | ohamplonshlp ordinarily is won by pelllliiii. hns been deslunnlej lo pi- j Hie driver who finishes first al Hilot a Mnscrali which Phllline Etnn- j dianapolLs because more points are celin of Franc: tin-tidied in the Vnn- ! allowed on the Memorial Day race National League Pittsturgh . •?t. ••LoulB ; . New .York . I'lifla-lirlphia Brooklyn. ... Hoston Chicago t'incmnati L. I'ct. 0 l.'MO .800 ,150 .GOO' .•SOU .333 .200 ,000 League \V. L. I'ct. York ".. Detroit Philadelphia Hot-ton Chicago Cleveland .. St. .Louis .. Washington .750 .CG7 .1500 .800 .500 .500 .400 .200 'Jerbllt race. it. Is owned by Hob Tomitig, New York sporlsman. Tl:i most radically designed In Ihe Silver Anniversary of th? Indianapolis race undoubtedly .will be presented in tha tiltra-slrcnm- linc-J creation prepared by Le» O'd- flekl. old-Urns icclnt; stt.r nncl AAA technical boii"l oflicial. Borrowiu s liberally .'rom nir- crnft dcsi'jn. il has n. coskplt In (••ont niul engine in tin " rear. Whcsls. with knee acliDii. nr; mounted on the t-o:lv. elimiinliTi!; Irnmc nnei axle'. Oklfielcl is btii'-.l- In<j the CT'for Thornc, al u'cosl of j t) . between S10.000 an:l $15.000. Thorne ob'aincd n drivers licquse from the American Automobile lliiin any oilier slnjls event. Misled Vnnilcrbill (]ii]] Hacc Meyer lost out, however, by inability to fin:l a suitable' car for tr.e Vaixlerbllt- cup'rac?., in which i Dose placed ei»ht!i. Ros? also 1m- j ]iroved his tola! by winning n hi^li- sccriug race at Bvi'acu?2, N. Y.. 1 and finlshin'j fourth la«.l year nl Inclinnapolis. He bos nol i-hosen car for this year. Inli'ocluemg - -Boho's Giants Yesterday's Results Southern League Atlanta Ii. Msmphis 5. Nashville" 6. Bitmingbam 5. Little Rock at Chattanooga, colci weather. Knoxville at New. Orleans, night. National League ---.--/ Breton 9, Brooklyn 5. ' '.' Cincinnati at Chicago, rain. .New York at Philadelphia, rahi. Pittsburgh at St. Louis; 'rft'liV. .JOHN PATRICK "NITTY" KI3L r LY. right-handed pitcher, ID years of aire. Born September 19. 1019. at Hartford. Conn. Horns aidres;: 4G3 Hillsiile AVD. Father captain of the Hartford Fire Department, a ur?itlcn b; ha-> held for 18 ysars. Attended Buckley High Sc'.iool for American League Naw York 7, Philadelphia 1. Boston la .Washington 5. St. Louis at Detroit, rain. C.Hcago 'at Cleveland, rain,.. . V. S.—I037 Army series V S. Alilitnri; /Icnrtcmi/ 5c blue roelatloii contest board last'yoar! S^!L°" ly 37 '' J nnd may choose lo drive Ihe iw.v car himself. II will b3 powered wilh a' IC-cvlinder Marmon motor In irldilion lo Uic Alln Roineo nncl tlic iiiyslc'rv "camel" car. Thome's racin-r stable incliulE:';. five othnr cars \vVilrt mny be entered In Ihc 500-mile ?voi<l'.' Drivers 'are to to nnminate-j laler. '" ', !: Slcj-cr lo Have Car '" louis i\fp\-er. Huntiiijton Pnrk. CM., ciilv llirc;-linie ivir.'i"r nf IV Memorial day race, null "WiH Bill" Ciimmlngs, Inellnnauolts, winner'.In 193-1. are Im'Iucled this year in liis racini; stable of Mike Boyle, nuto parts manvfaclurcr, for years a prominent contender. After winning the race in 19>8 nnd 1033, Meyer cnnie from fnr back in Ihe' Held Insl year to be-1 ma \ come Hie only man'ever lo win Hie Jn:linnapolis cvcnl three thnss. A third Boyle entry Is to be driven by Chct Miller, Detroit,'who "SCE&r^cr n,K, "-»«* '«»«» | Mnurl Rose, Dayton, O.. probably ' will fiarc Ihis year tecnuse Ihc Na- tionnl AAA championship for 1D3S went to ll-.e latter. Awarded Early arrivals at th? Inrjlnnapo- j two years. Upon the recommendation of Ken Smith, sports writer for Ihe New York GlanLs. nnd Firs- mnn Joe I,iln», Kelly atlenied tha Giant school at Psnsasol-i, FK., last year. Was ti .second bassm-ui until 'Dplf Luque, Giant coach, saw liim throw. Remark2,-l, "Gctt eci'Ie arm—make goo:! nttehin™." Been a hurler ev;r since. Was found wanting in experience and s^'^t home to do s™i2 pitching. Hurlcj tor Savilt qcms Jewelrv stor:;. Hartford, wilh UK Hvnnnis, Miss., club of the Cap? Cod League. With last plnc= outfit won 7. lost 3. Best Hitching performance wns 1-0 shut- oul arainst Cromwell (Conn,). At lis track are conndent lifting of gasoline consumption nslrlctipns will permit a new' suscd record for 'miles. Msysr £3l a record cf 109.060 mite an hour for the distance last year, when cars w?ra gallons of ultra for the race. nrrpiioual— nil you may Actu . I«i Salic, yon know t i? built IT DOES A CKK.IT JOB KlFiVlNT, Ol T 0V THE SEKVICK STATIO.V. iliat n I^a SaHc V-8 is alwnt a* this year but only standard fuel, clitainable at any public pump.,is permissible. Ilifc 123-Mile Cli|) • - Cnmmln's. one of the first arrivals at the track this year, cx- bibi'rd iha st)?c;l obtainabls with slanilard rjasolin^ duriin a re:Dni test run when he turned .tns lap nt 123'L. mllos nil hour, T'c b?st previous single-lap si:i':'d for two- man cars was 122,-llii miles an hour set by Kelly Petlllo iturinj quali- fyln» trials in 1934. Entry lists for the race clos? May 1. Qualifying trials will begin about ! Uvo weeks before the race. To qualify, a car must nnk: 10 laps of the two and one-half mile brick at an average .sp^ci of at least 105 miles an hour. The 33 fastest qualifiers will fc permiUcd t:> start the racs. CLEVELAND (UP)—Drs. ' Black and White arc on the medical ax- amining staff nf the same railroad mil occupy the .same office. Today's Games Soullicrn League Memphis at Atlanta. Nashville at Birmingham. Lillle Rock at Chattanooga. Knoxville at New Orleans. Brown, Be w h i s!- e r e cl Cracker, Is Too Tauyli For Rail' Lopez By 1. P. FKHiNI) * Roy Welch and I!ad Boy Brown were the vL'tors in Ihq weekly wrestling show last n!?';t at t!i:.> Legion arena. Welch lock two out of llir;o fails (rom Jack Kennedy in (he main event, while Brown brtu Lops by !he same 1 margin. Kennedy lock the fir.I fall \vi"i surf board, followin-' a s?rbs ot head loL-ks, In 15 minutes. Ttin Wildcat, pulletl up on »vsn terms vit>i a gjnerous u;e of his faviiitr! -bst'.y slams, with the usual bo.1v -in. Tiie Ihird fall eirhd after 18 minutes when Welch o->;ned fire wilh liis body •slammim. ewhljijirsj' 'nrown <-alf--rvl a gr;al deal of pain bifor: sub-Juhrj tlie Mexican. •Lopez. P.aiil fca:l a big lline wilh the sea weeds but this led ultimately to his defeat. Brown entered the rii>, witli tap? oh his hands and used it to advantage until Rtferes Mik?i Mo- rcne'/ removed it. Lopez force:! Brown lo surrender for the first fall, usin'2 a crab hold, but the new vlllian mad; short, \vnrk of Lopsz for th; two final falls, taking Ihe s?cond in but four minutes with a body pin after a healthy'doss of:chokin». He put the finishing touches. In nine niin- i;les wl|h a Japanesj 'js» lock.-A vicious forearm attack s'oflcned Loons and made him an easy mark for the hold. tn the lioxinj preliminaries Johnny Cribbs.and Bozo Waldorf walf/.- rcl through three .amusing rnunds to a draw. It \vas not very exciting anrl no on-: was hurt. Vir»il Neetlham, Gosnell c:im- imiPity, dcfealf-J Afton Chenowith. Blytheville. taking two rounds and three were even. Willis Ford officiated in the box- ins, anrl Mik? Meroney wis (he t'nird liian for ths grappling. Greenwood this spring was thS win' I-; nilrhor a^ninst l/in»view' of the East Dlxb I °.nz\{?. 5-3. and drove in Hie wimi'ii-. rum. In Ib? final gnme of the training perioS "i"-!>e:l s:vci innin»s against Gi2enw?ocl cousins and left Ihe box with count 2-2. cli^s 0 Giant? Ecorecl four in the ninth to win. As ii r,c™nil sf!-knr btl" the Hartford Trade ciiv leagu:. in bailing with healtbv '.525, ancl. was selected bu the all-star team. He also plays basketball and in Ihe winter tjnc'n- cs the ci?? sport to grammar scboo' sts-Jc'nls a s a NYA project. American League Philadelphia at New York. Chicago at Cleveland, ft. Louis at Detroit. Washington at Boston, National League Boston at Brooklyn. New York at Philadelphia. Pitt'bursli at St.. Louis. Ciucinnali at Chicago. Canada exported silver ore and ouliion to the value -of i$ 1^,473,0(10 ins 1935. Rend Cmirier News want Ads Havp You Visited Our New Mmli'rn Scv\'iec Station? Wliile Rose_ Gasoline Griotl.rcar Tires \Tillarii HaUrrlcs Road Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks 21 noun SEKVK.T; Call fiS3 For Prompt Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Henry clay and • Daniel Wcb- sler arc said to have" been the greatest of all orators. nlk ovrr llie |>lain facl* alwul tlic nrw Salic \ -It — fo yon can tec for ymirwlf isliy ii Mit-li a \\i«: clioicc. l'ir?t of all. your present ear will ^irolinMy make i pavmnil. ^lonlhly tfrms can llirn lir lo full your cotivenieticc. Aiul ufler you l i)5 economy. hmv jonrrar» \tin will IM*. iim.iznl Not only B llifi gasoline ami t»i| as any car you coiiM l>ny. iiein toJay— and LOOK al I-a .S l one rii]c — ami you'll know uh iils ate turn in 1 ' to llii^ hiii* I -«. DtHnt. J.fUh.,i lWSan<tup. *uT>}r<tta r* rt,|,| HlMtmiffln th* Taring ^.lumM and t;<juiprntnl — fatra, W. T. BAUNF/rr AUTO SALES liU'THKVIU.K. ARKANSAS ap ill year 'round sport. THE BOYS at Ihe fircliousc know their smoking lobacco Listen to Ecn Burgess (the fellow about to twirl up one of those fragrant P. A. "main's" cigarettes): "Prince Albert is the cooler-smoking, swcelcr-lasting tobacco for grand 'mak- in's' cigarettes. It draws easy and burns slow anil cool " ROYHARFUS<lo!lin g uack) ])Uts in: ''No other tobacco tsapntcl.oni'.A. Keen rolling :t 20 years anrl never a BO:O tongue yet! Smoking is enjoyment to me and 1'rince Albert liltlc PRINCE ALBERT'S rid,, tasly mellowness is clue to choice tobaccos treated under a special "no-bite" process. This insures that Prince Albert will be easy on Ihe tongue. Because it's "crimp cut,"" I'rince Albert lays right for FAST rolling inlo HUM, NEAT cigarcllcs. Do they draw easy, burn slow and cool? Convince yourself — stop in anrl get n tin of Prince Albert Unlay! ATTENTION-PIPE SMOKERS! YOU'LL WELCOME PRINCK ALBERT TOO I fine roll-your- own cigarettes in every 2-oz. tin of Princa Albert Coryrlclit. IC37, The risk is ours-tlje pleasure yours! Roll yourjelf 30 iwcll cignrcllcs from Prmco Albert. If you don'l find them Ilio fincil, Ustiot roll.your-own cignrcttes you ever imokcd, rclurn Ihc pockcl lin wil!> <ho rc»l of Ihc lobaccn in il lo us al iiny lime %vithin a month from Ihii dale, and we will refund full purchase price, plus poslago. (Signed) R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Winiton-Salem, N. c!

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