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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · Page 3

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1796
Page 3
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WINCHESTER, (Virginia) April es. On Saturday the joth inft. a. dreadful fire happened in the town of Lexington, Rockbridge county, which confumcd fixty houfes including an elegant brick Court-Houfe and Goal, eight ftorcs, and two of the principal taverns. We arc informed" it was occafioned'by the burning of corn talks in Mr. Windlc's garden. The wind blowing hard, carried flakes of fire to the liable, which wasin-ftantly in flames ; from the liable flakes were car-Tied, in like manner, to various parts of the town ; and fb rapid was the progrefs of the devouring clement, that, in the fpa.ee of three hours, the number ofhoufes above mentioned were reduced to allies. The property laved was very inconliderable, and many of the unfortunate fuSerers arc reduced to a ftate really pitiable. 'NEW-YORK, May .3 . Ycfterday afternoon arrived here his Britannic majelly's ihip Affillance, of 50 guns, John Mbw-at. Efq. commander, with John l.ifton Efq. Am-bafl-dor rom the Britilh court to the United States, and his Lady, in 6 weeks voyage from England. Alfo arrived frigates Prcvoyante Capt. Berrisford, and the Hull'ar, Capt. Weems. A London paper of the 9th March, received by the fhip Affiftancc, Jjrings accounts of the pioba-billty of a War between Sr a i u and E n o l af n. It is believed at I'aris that it is an agreed point between France and Spain, that Spain fhall break with Great-Britain; but before this event takes place, fomc beneficial arrangements ar to be completed. French troops are embarking on board Spaniih lliips forthe W. Indies, as the moft eligible mode of conveying reinforcements to the lfl-ands. It is ruggefted alfo at Paris, that the actual deftination of the Dutch fleet, which has failed from the Tcxc, is to join the French fleet in the Mediterranean. The French government is occupied in reftrain-ing the liccntioufncfs of the prefs. All fee the evil and none can devife a 'remedy. In the council of Five Hundred, a decree pafTcH on the Sth March, ordaining that no mail mould hold a public office unlefs lie would take the oath of " hatred to royalty." Public officers who fhould not take that oath in three days were to be , tranfportcd. A letter from Copenhagen of the Sth March ftates, as report, that the Britifh and Ruffian min-Htcrs are about quitting that oily, on account of M. Gvouvelle's being received as minister of the French Pcpublic. Ccn. Jourdan arrived at Bonn, Feb. 28. Archduke Ferdinand, Governor of Milan, is to havu the command of the army of Italy. -Ccn. Beaulicu is to command under him. N E W-LONDO N, May 5. Extract of a letter from Philadelphia, -April 57. "Nothing is more certain than that thcTri-.e af-ures purfu'mg by the majority,, dircflly tend to the dcltriiclion of all government ; to fwallow up every other department in our government, and erect the Houfe of Rtprefehtatives into a National Convention. " The reqtteft fur the papers was never made for the purpofe of obtaininpinfirmation. Thole very papers were at that time in the office of the fecrcrary of the Senate ; and every men) her who wilhed, might read them. Livingfton who made the.rhotion had in fact read them himfelf. They contained no fecrets or information which can difgrace the negotiation, but on the contrary, facts highly honorable to the ncgociator. The requeft.for the papers 'was made entirely for the purpofe of obtaining by the delivery of them, a.. kind of conceflion from the Prefident, ihat the houfe had a conftitntional right to fanciion or relent Treaties. On that ground ir was oppofed, and the requeft refufed by tlie Prefident." HARTFORD, May 9. The Rev. Mr. Marfh, ofWetlxrsfield, is appoint, ed by his Honor the Lieutenant-Governor to preach the enfuing EleSion Sermon. . By feveral arrivals at the Eajlward fro.il. the Weft-Indies, we learn that the markets for American produce are low Colonial product- high Except MelaJit. Embargoes are cxiling at Barbadoes, Tobago and Martinique. DIED, at Middlctown, Maj. Jehofhaphat Starr, aged 78years. At Chatham, Mrs. Abigail Strong, Confort of Kcv. Cyprian Strong, aged ?7 At Now-York, Mrs. Ann Johnfon, wifeof William S. Johnfon, L. V. D. I'rclident of Columbia College, in the 67th year of her age In this City, Mr. James Steel, aged 76 years. fi3r Our readers arc rcouefted to make the following correction in a few of the firft papers which w ftruck off laft Monday. In the laft. line of the third paragraph, third page and third column, for 4t integrity" read intrepidity. Tbe following it tbe titer which was received by the committee appointed to enquire into the fitua. tiori of the fon of Genera La Fayette, (TRANSLATION'. 41 Ramapough, Nciv.Jeifey, March sS. "SIR, " 1 have juft received the honorable refolution, which the merits of my father have procured lor me. Deign to exprefs to the peaple of America' his gratitude ; my yeuth forbids me yet to fpeak ofmine. Everyday recalls to me what he taught meatevcry period of his life, fo full of viciffitud, and what he has repeated in a letter written from the depth of his prifon. "I am convinced" (he fays) " thatthegoodHefsofthe United States, and the tendernefs of my paternal friend, will need nothing to excite them." " Arrived in America fome time fincc, I live in the country, in New-ji, ft:y, occupied in the pur-fuit of my education. 1 have no wants ; if I had felt any, I fhould have anfwered to the paternal folicitudeof the Prefident of the United States, either by confiding them to him, or by accepting his offers.' I fhall.hereafter conlidefit a duty, to impart them tothe Houfe of fteprcfentatives, which deigns to enquire into my litwation. " I am as happy as a continual inquietude relative to the object of my firft ailcflions "will permit. I have found benevolence wherever I have been known, and have often had the fatisfadtion of hearing thofc, who were ignorant of my connections, fpeak of their intercft in the fateof my father, exprefs their admiration of, and partake the gratitude I feel for, the generous Dr. Bollman, who has done fo much to break his chains. " It is amid all thefe motives of emulation, that I (hall continue my Audies: Everyday more convinced of the duties which are impofed by the joodnefsof Congrefs, and the names I have the honor to bear. Geo. Wafhington Moticr La Fayette. " Tie Hon. Edward LivYngJioit, Chairman, &c." PUBLIC NOTICE, 5r THE inhabitants of the City of Hartford, audits fuburbs, are mq1 refpeSfully rejuejled to meet on THIS DAT, at 8 o'clock with Teams, Pliugbi, Spades, Hoes and Mattocks, for leveling and clearing up around the new State-Houfe : lc gal rcprefentatives, (for every mcejfary detention,) will be accepted with thanks : it is prefumed that a continuation of that noble public Jpirit thai has ever flione with fmh peculiar lujlrs thro' this city will on this notice, prompt every one to turn out, oh this fo ntceffary and indifpcnfable accafion. Hartford, May 9. fufl publifhed, and felling by HudJ'on IS Goodnllft, frier 4.-d. An Addrefs to a DEIST. A Poem. WHOLESALE and RETAIL. Wethcrsficld Subfcription Schools ARE now opened for young Ladies and young Gentlemen from 6 years to 18. At fome one orsther of the Schools, polite ufeful education can be obtained to much fat.isfac.V10n, and good lodgings can be obtained on reafona-blc terms. WethcrsfieldjMay 9. Hulett's Dancing School. . JOHN H.HULETT, "D Efpectfully informs his frknd and the pub-lie, that he will open a Dancing School at Hartford and Wethcrsfield, (for thefummer fea-fon only, ) He will begin about the 1 jth May days of tuition fliall be made known as he arrives at VVethersfieid. , May 9. fltfl opened and now ready forfalc at the Jlore of Deodat Woodbridge 5s? Co. In Eaf -Hartford, ANelegant affbrtment of Spring GOODS, very low for caih or fhovt and approved credit; among which are Broad Cloth's of different qualities India Sattins and Luteftrings. A handfomc affbrtment of Chintzes and Callicoes, fee. Alfo, good St. Cvoix Rum, Sugar, Molaffes, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Spices, &c. May 9. FR E SH GOODS. WILLIAM LAWRENCE, Has juft received from the latefi importations, a' very handfomcalToriment of Englifii and India Goods; among which arc the following articles viz. Ginghams, Mufiir.ets, Dimitys, Callicoes, Chintzes, furniture Caliico,Mufiins, muf-lin Handkerchiefs and 'Shawls, diaper table Cloths, 6-4 cotton ch.?ck, Humhums of different kinds, bid tyke?, Sattins, Modes, Perfkns, Bandanna and Barcelona Handkerchiefs, pocket do. Vcft Patterns, Caff;mcrs, Jeans, ruftians, Moreens, Taboreens, Durants, Tammies,, flripcd, clouded and plain Nankeens ; 4 4 and 7-"8 1-rifh Linens, per piece ; Du::P.ablc and willow Halts ; a variety of iadies Shoes, and many other articles all in good order and wdl conditioned ; more expected daily. Choice Indigo. Hartford, May 9. Charles Ely &f George Eglefion, Under the firm of ELY cif EGLESTON, Have reccivd this .day, at their (tore in Main-ftreet, oppofitc Moore & Bolles't, a general affortmcntof Groceries, confining of the following articles : "vt. TUM, Brandy, Wines of different kinds, Mo--v lades, Loaf, Lump and Brown Sugars ; Hy-fon, Souchong and Bohea Teas; Pimento, Coffee, Chocolate, Pepper, liaiSns, Nutmegs, Caflia, Cinnamon, &c. &c. Together with a handfeme affbrtment of Crockery and China Ware ; all which will be fold on as reafonable terms a rata-ny ftorcin this city. Hartford, May 9. NEW GO O D si A New genteel ftanding top CHAISE, with Harnefs complete; for fale, by ' . WILLIAM WARNER. Hartferd, May 9. Auckland and foot, INFORM their cuftomers and the public, they have this day received from New-York, a large fupply of faihionsble Dry Goods, feiecled from the latrft arrivals from' England. Alfo, Groceries, Crockery and Hard Ware, which they are now opening for fare uncommonly low forCafh and fhort and approved credit only. N. B. They have a confignment of Hat Linings for fale by the groce only at the New-York price. Eaft-Hart ford. May -,. BARTON and BLODGET, Ferry-Street, WANT to purchafe 600 bufliels of RYE They have for Sale, upon very advantageous terms for purchafcrs.Bohea and Souchong Tea, China, Turk's-Iland Salt, &c. Hartford, May 9. "LEE and Co, HAVE replenifhed their Store in Weft-Simf-bury with a variety of GOODS fuitable for the feafon, which are to be fold ae cheap for Cafh , as at any Store whatever. Ladies and gentlemen that diftruft this afferticn are rcquefted to call and examine for themfelves. Weft-Simfbury, Jlfay 2. t ' DISTRICT ef CONNECT CUT. f. BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the twenty eighth day of April, in the twentieth year of the Independence of the United States of America, Amelia Simmons of the faid diftridthath dc-pofitcdthe title of a book the right whereof (he claims as Author, in the words following, viz. " American Cookery, or the art of dreffing Vi-' ands, Fifh, Poultry and Vegetables, and the " beft modes of making l'aftcs. Puffs, Pies, " Tarts, Puddings, Cuftards and Prcfcrves, and " all kinds of Cakes, from the imperial plumb, " to plain Cuke: adapted td this country, and all' grades ef life. By Amolia Simmons, an Asner-' " ican Orphan." In conformity to the Aft of the Congrefs of the United States, entitled An aft for the encouragement of Learning by fecuring the copies of Maps, Charts and BookstoAuthors.mil Proprietors of fuch copies during the times there:, inmcntiontd." SIMEON BALDWIN, Clerk of the Diftrift of Connecticut. A true Copy of Record, examined, By S. BALDWIN, Clerk Dift, Gon, EL IS HA LEWIS, Has juft received a great variety of fafhionablc and fancy GOODS, among which are, REAL fo perfi ne Broadcloths and Caflimers. A great variety of Callicoes and Chintzes. Black Taffities and Lutettrings. Striped & plain Nankeens, Gingums & Hofiery. AH kinds of Gloves and Mitts. Fafliionable Chip and Fancy Hatts. Men's and Children's Hatt3. 300 pair of RnfTelar.d Florentine Shoes, Necklaces, Ear Drops, Pendalr,, Locktts. Beads, Miniature and Watch Chains, &c. &c. With almoft every article found in a Dry Good Store, which will be Told at a fmall advance for Cafh. May 9. 6w. C ROCKER Y " SIXTEEN Crates per Crate or dozen, containing green, blue and plain edged Plates and ovalDiflies of all fr.es ; fluted and fancy Cups and Saucers ; do. Mugs, Muftards, Salts, Peppers, Jugs, Tea Pots, Bowls, &c. Alfo, a general alfbrtment of GROCERIES, for fale bv BROWN and K1MBEULY. Hartford, May 9. RUSS, SHERMAN and Co. Have juft received from New-York, a very complete affortmcnt of GOODS of the neweft fafhions Amongft which are, BRoadcloths, common and elegant WaiAcoat-ing ; Muflins of all kinds, plain anc. tam-bour'd ; a very great variety of Sattins and Luftrings ; Ladies fathionable Hats, Necklaces, Earrings and Miniature Chains ; Morocco and Cloth Shoes, and tdmofi: every other kind of Dry Goods, all which they offer cheap for Cafh. Hartford, May 9 jv. LEVI BUTLER and Co. HAVE juft received from the ht-ft European Ships, an additional fpiinklinj of Spring GOODS, which makes their afibrtmtnt completer than ever. They wilh to difpofe of what Goods they now have on hand at a reduced price prcfumt' thofe who are iu want will find it advantageous to call. Likewiie a few calks of firft quality Ruin and brown Sugars. Wethcrsfield, May 7. (6r.) JEREMIAH WEST, At his Store near the Meeting-Houfe in Tolland, ILTAS for Sale on reafonable terms, a general A affortmcnt of MEDTCINES, (including a variety of Patent Medicines. Alfo, Rum, Old Spirits, French Brandy. Lifbori, Teneriffe, Port and Malagra Wines. Brown Sugar, Loaf Siipar, Rice, Raifins. Bohca Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Caffia, Cloves. Nutmegs, Allfpice, Pepper, Ginger, Snuff. jinu luuuiy uwka aiiu uuici rtriicies in cne ;,uioner's line, and variety of other articles not St enumerated. May 7. ELISHA BOA RDMAN, Twenty' Rods South of the Meeting-Houfe in Wethcrsfield, has for Sale, Superfine and roidling Broadcloths. Do. Cnffimers; Elaltick Cloths. Callicoes and Chintzes; Bengal Stripes. Clouded, ftriped, twill'dand plain Nankeens. India do. A variety ofVcft Shapes. Dimity, Muflincts and Humhums. Muilins and Muflin Shawls; purple & chintz do. Cravats, Bandanna and Romal Handkcrchiefj. Pocket ditto; Linens and Diapers. India Sattins. Taflatys, and Silk Florentine. RuTells, fallimanco, Durants, Shalloons. Ratfmetts, Moreens. Buttons, Sewing Silks, Twifts, Hofiery, Sec. Lump and Brown Sugar, Tea and Coffee. Caflia, Peoper, Ginger. Molaffes, Salt, Tobacco, &c. &c, Wethersfield, May 9. JOHN DODD, Jun. HAS juft received from New. York an elegant afi'ortment of NEW COODS, felefled from the lateft importations, too extenfive to emmier-ate ; his cuftomers may depend on finding as great a variety of European and India Goods as at any Store in thisCity, and on as eligible terms. Hartford, April 9. Watches Only. the fubferiber has removed from his eld Jland to tie corner next NcttO tbe Court -Houf-- HH Snds it impoflible to carry on a number of branches of bufincls to advantage to his cuftomers and himfelf, th.erefore intends to do no other bufincls but at the Watch Repairing--he thxnks his friends for their former cuftom, and Halters himfelf" that he lhall be able to give ample faiisfadion to thofe that pleafe to favour him with their cuftom in the Watch line only. He has on hand Gold and Silver Engiifh and French Watches from 18 to 40 Dollars each, Main Springs, Claflcs, Steel Hands, Cilt and Steel Chains, Seals and Keys, elegant Ladies' Necklaces of the neweft fafhion, do. Bsedsofall fafhions, Glafs Gilt and enameled Pendants, do. Rings, Garnet Finger Rings, Silver Thimbles, Miniature Settings and Lockets, Pencil Cafes, Sugar Toois, Sugar Tongs, Spur Buckles of all kinds, and many other articles too numarous for an advertifement. DAVID CREENI.EAF. Hartford, May 7, 1796. STOLEN from the fubferiber the night alter the firft inft. a.forrel MARE, about 14 hands high, natural trotter, xz years old, a white fpot near hor right hip, Oiod all round, three white feet, a biaze in her face which runs clown towards her nofe, mane on the near fide, in good order when flie went away. Any pcrfon who will take .up faid mare and thief and give information to the owner fhall receive a reward of Ten Dollars, r Five Dollars for the Marc, and reafonable charges, by me, GAD LANE. Suffield, May 5. To be LET and poJJ'tJJion given iKiwr?.:iry. A Convenient two Itory Dwelling. llonfe," late the property of Daniel Goodwin, dcccafcd, fituate in the north part of this city, being the fame houfe which has been lately occupied bv William Warner. For further particulars enquire of Emoch Perkins. Mnitford, Mav 9. R I C II A R D B U T L E R, AN I S to contract for two or three hundred STORE H0C5. May 9. JACOB SARGE ANT, : Has juji received and offers for Sale at tbe Jtgn the Golden IVatcb, ten rods foush of the State, Houfe... ANEW fupply of warranted Cold, Gilt and Silver Watches ; fome of them with the day of the Month and fecond hands. -Britania Tea rots Sugar Difhcs and Milk. Pots Pepper Carters in fets--Plated Curb ana Snaffle Bits, Bridle Fronts, Stirrups, Spurs; Bridle Buckles and Tips, Swords, Epaulets, a good affortment of Watch Chains, Seals and Keys by the doz. Watch Glafs by the doz. from No 12 to 30. Cold and Fancy Necklaces, Miniature Chains, Lockcts.-a large affbrtment of Ear Pcudals, Garnet Rings, lundfomc Silver Thimbles, Moiocco Pocket and Memorandum Books, Cluck Glafs, pinion Hinges and Locks, &c. Watches repaired as ufual on reafonable terms and warranted for one year if ufed well. Hartford, May 7, "796. N. B. Wanted as an apprentice to the Cold Smiths bufinofs, a L.id of about 1 4 yeai s f sge. By order of the Court of Probate for the diltritt of Karuiington, their will be fold at Public Vendue SO much of the real Eftate of Benjamin Morrill of New-Hartford, deceafed, as will raife the iumf59 tor $d lawful money, with incident charges, on the 30th day of inft. May, at 1 o'clocfc aftcrnton, at the dwelling. houfe of laid deceafed By SIMEON MERRILL, Aclminiftrator, May 6. RUN-away from the lubfcriber laft Tuelday a. boy named Daniel Leach, an indented apprentice to the clothier's bufinefs; he is about 5 lect 6 inches high when his chin is over his right (lioulder which it is natural for him to turn it there when a perfon fpe.iks to him ; he is lingular in his fpeech and actions, when he U talking he appears to be choaked, fome words he will fpeak loud and fomc he will whifper, and at the fame time he mult be turning one way and the other, and looking as if.hc wanted to find a place, tu lie. down ; his hair is brown, the end of it whi-tifli.it much refcmblcs a wood-chuck, and it is juft long enough to tie on a cue which he com-m&nly wears ; he had on when lie went away 1 dark brown coat and trowfL':s, and took with him. a fiddle on which he can play the tune called Up R'vc and partly learnt the tunc Peggy and Moly ; liki-ivifs took wilh him a fife with which he can play foine marches; faid fiddle-firings were damaccd by rofinitij; with the oil of vitriol, and hi life was fplit an.f griped with wire Whoever will fecure fiiuboy and i'llbrm the fub-Icribcr fnall havj Three i'er.ee reward :ind no charges. All peffons arc forbid harboring faid hoy on their peril, JEREMIAH COVERT. Colebrook. Ap'il 15. J' or ,S ALE zi:d yj.Jjioi, given at any 'lime, ' ""pHE fubferibcr's FARM, the home-lot coni -- tatning37 acres,, hcfl mowing and pafture ; ijo acres of wood and plow land within one mild of the above ; there is more than 400 young apple trees, 100 are grafts of the beft truit ; this farm lies on the ftage road from New Y-r-. to U -iton Hanover, &c anew Houfe 44 by 41 not inferior to any for accomodations for a houfe of public entertainment for which it was built, and is now-occupied in that line, with two good Barns,. and all necefl'sry other buildings to complete as good, accomodations for travellers as any between Ceor-gia and Portland. The Grain growing on the Farm and she Farming Utenfilswill be fold with, it. by TIMOTHY PALMER. Suffield, May 5. CTRAYED from the fubferibers a white Mare, O about i? hands high, 15 vears old, has bceft owned at W,-ftfield and at Worthington.. Any perfon that will return her fhall be rewarded foe their trouble, Sec. MOORE and BOLLKS. . Hartford. May 4. rrAKEN up by the i'ubl'criocr two dark bay oc X brown Horfe COLTS, fmall three years old. the one withaftarin his foieiiead, not dockt, the other with a f.nall f.-.ip on the nofe, and hind feet white juft above the hoof. JONATHAST BARBER. EafMVindfor, May 4. TAKEN 'a;) by the fuTifcriber on the 23d April laft, a whitiMARE, about !2-cars old, 14 hands high, fomcwh.it lame. Theowneris defir-ed to pay charges and take her away; SAMUEL SPENCER. StilTieli!, May S TRAYED from the fubferiber a dark browri MARE, j years old, a clean trotter, (hod before, a fmall ftreak in her face. Whoever will take up faid Colt and return her to me fhall b well rewarded and charges paid, by EL1AKIM CHAPMAN. Tolland,May u , WE the fubferibers being appointed Commif-fioners by the Hon. Court of Probate for the didrict of Sharon to receive and examine the 'claims of the creditors tothe eftate of Capt. Am-aziah Wright, late of Sali3iury; deceafed. repre-fented infolvcnt, and lix months from the 6th da-of inftant April being alTowed for the creditors ts exhibit their claims to faid cflate properly attested ; we thall attend on the bufinefs of our appointment on the laft Mondays of'Augttft ancf September next, at the dwelling-houfe of the Widow Servia Wright, in Salifbury, at one o'clock afternoon on each of faid riavs. STEPHEN RUIJ, ) JOffN L.A.N'DON 1)l-ommiliioners. N. B. All pcrfons indebted. t(4 the eftate of the deceafed aredefired to make immediate payment to the lubferibcrs. EBENEZER WRIGHT, J ELEAZER F. WRIGHT, J ccors. M,:y 1, I7g6. '"pilli fubferibers willi tocontraift forthe build- ing of a Brick School-Houfein Wintonbury, 34 by feet Any pcrfen wifhing- to contraft to Atrnifit the materials and ccraplerc the building, is defired to call on the fubferibers before the ,?oth of May who will pay the money for the work. v i.-f. Ele?n, George Latimer, Windfiir. April .0. jacofj soo;i:is. w FOR SAL jr ; THAT beautiful piece of Meadow Land, (known, by the name of Diggin's-Uland) lyini-onthe bank f Cunneftic.it River, iu Eaft-Windfor and adjoining on Hartford; there can be cut Thereon between thirty and forty tons of choice hiv, and four hundred bulhels of corn raifet! annually on, faid meadow. Together with about lis acres o the beft of u plat. (1, with a houfe, barn, corn -houfe. &c. upon the fame, within abcu: one mileof the-aforcl'aid meadow. Likewife about lixty rode north of the mceting-houfe, in the ti 1 ft fnciety in Enfield, a. genteel houfe, with a flore iir.rlcrthc fame roof, back kitchen, wood-houfc. barn, ftore-houfe, cc. with about twenty acres of the licit of land, adjoining ; it is a capital ftar,d for a Trader. For further particulars inquire cf the fubferiber, living 011 the premifes, at Entield. AUGUSTUS DIGCINS. Enfield. May 2, :;.j6. w,

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