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Hartford, Connecticut
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a a a a a a a a a NEW TOR K- September. Afternoon Exhibitions. 4 1 gentleman, at the Springs Sa- of letter from a at A congratulatory Oration, in Englith, on the union of the ec-. ratega, to the printers of the Albany Gazette, and civil Orders of this State, in the Corporation Auguft, 23. of the College, pronounced by.

Mr. Tutor Baffett. Since I faw you I have been as far as Lakes Ontas congratulatory Oration, the in Latin, Prefident. upon the fame occalion, rio, Erie, and returned by way of Buffalo Creek. An Englith Oration, by thewing the injuftice and impolicy of the The Indians from Lower- Canada, fome fow, of the Six that portion to the elder Son, on the fupNations, the Chippeways, Otteways, Hurons, Potoways, poled, right of primogeniture, pronounced by Mr.

Edwards. gives a double E5c. are offembled already at Detroit, and the Miami toruns, A valedictory Oration, in Latin, by Mr. Pyncheon. to ad in hofility aginf the United States.

The The Prehdent then conferred the Degree of Bachelor of Arts of a peace this fummer is very faint, if we may judge on De the Lucend following Raskus, Gentlemen- William Botsford, Jonathan Bufr, Aja from apparent and probable- not Chapman, Charles Chauncey, Timothy Mather Cooley, Enoch Ely, ding the negociation carrying on by way of the Six Nations, James Chriflie Eflen, William Hart, Felle Hedges, Amos Hoyt. Bela whom the fecretary at: war has employed as mediators. Hubbard, Henry Hubbard, David Bryan Inger fol, lfaac Jones, Capt Henry and the three Indians, dijpatched by Gen. Doddridge Keteltas, Nathaniel King, William Samuel Marchant, Luhrop, Samuel SaChapinfrom Buffaloe-creek, with a melfage to the Sha- muel Mather, dndrew Donald Law, Grant John Mitchell, Crackan, William Perkins, John Radclift, wanees, have proceeded on as far as Detroit. Col.

Brandi's Samuel 'Rudd, Thomas Savage, Lidyard Seymour, John Sherman, Jon previous to his father's return from Philadelphia was Roger Minor Sherman, Afa Spalding, Ephraim Sirong, Eli Whit. gone off with a banditti of Mohawks, to join the hottile In- ney, Solomon Williams. Alumni. dians, but the Col. has difpatched a meffenger to bring him Thomas M.

Clark, A. B. Providence- -and back. He is afuredly friendly to the United States, and Joliah Quincy, A. B.

Harvard, were admitted ad cundem. is Jhortly to fet off to fee the hoftile tribes. 'But how far his The -Degree of Maffer of Arts was conferred on and the influence of the few friendly Six Nations will ex- Melli'ra Oliver Arnold, 1787, Jonathan Miller, 1781, Hezchiah tend, among a farage banditti, eager after plunder and re- Goodrich; 1785, Reuben Hitchcock, 1786, William R. Ripley, 1786, after blosd, I hall leave undetermined. The Sharan- John 1788, H.

Fuel Lithrop, Bradley, 1787. 1789, Jofeph William E. Camp, Brown, 1787, Salmon William Cone, Giles Johnfon, H. pining ces and Delawares are much exafperated at the Senecar, Cowles, Jonathan W. Edwards, Nathan Eliott, William Gay, in confequence of Cornplanter's people fcouting with fome of athan Uporne, Aaron Woodward, Ofgood, Stephen Woodward, Pyncheon, Alumui.

Tonuthan the troops under Lt. Jeffers, and killing four of the latter, Stearnes, R. and unlefs the Senecas make 'them fari faction, their arms, honorary and degree Hon. A. was ou Daniel 'The of M.

conferred them. Should this be the Dewey, Meli're Efq. Elijah the Bingham, A. M. William Dart.

1788, Hillhoufe, Efq. it is laid, will be turned againf cafe, God only knows the confequences our froutiers in this Thomas Moore, A. M. Dart. 1787, State will ftand but a narrow chance.

Royal Tyler, A. M. Dart. 1788, I think it ill policy to endeavour to fpread the feat of Elijah Lecaard, A. M.

Prov. 1788, war, which inevitably will be the cafe, provided Six John Tyler, A. M. Harv. 1786, the Miller, A.M.

Philad. 1789, Nations openly declare themfeloves for the United States. William Emmerton, A. M. 178g, were admitted ad cundem.

Their forces can de little againft fuch a numerous race as Degree of DoCTOK oF LAWS was conferred on the Hon. they will have to contend with, provided they do net re- INland; HENRY the MARCHANT, Elq. of of of Rhodemain neuter. Maff. and the OLIVER F.fq.

Springfield, Hon. JOHN WORTHINGTON, taken loft fummer as this, ax: Com. Governor of the State.of Hon. WOSCOTT, Efq. Lieut.

Had fuch meafures been amicable treaty might have been formed; but their fuccefs The Degree of DOCTOR OF DIVINITY was conferred upo a laft fall has much raifed them in their orwn felf the Rev. Isaac Lewis, of Greeawich, and upon the Rev. RICHARD MANSFIELD, of Derby. of a letter from gentleman at The public exhibitions of the day were then a Danville Mutic. dated concluded by to his friend in Philadelphia, Auguft, 10.

prayer. By two men qwho were made prifoners at St. Clair's The Concio ad Clerum was attended, in the evening, when a defeat, and. who ran away from an Indian town on the ferimon, -from of Lev. xviii.

16 on was the of a man's marrySt. Jofeph's river, about the 10th of July, we are alfured, ing the fifter his former wife, delivered, by Dr. Edwards. On Thuriday, about 9 o'clock, a fermon, from John 10. that all our flags have been facrifited by the enemy.

They was delivered, before the Abolition Society, by the Rev. Mr. inform that major Truman; of the regular troops, who Hart. bor: ans ofthe flags, reacked the Glaze river, where the The Rev. Mr.

Trumbull, of North- was appointed to chiefs of many nations of Indians were -fembled to bald a preach a fermon, Commencement. before the fame fosiety, the day following the grand he and About 11 o'clock, on Thurfday, at the requeft of them a belt talk, next council; that delivered to the Phi which was read to them by an Englibman; which a Beta, Kappa Society, an. Oration defcribing the happy effects of council avas. beld which ended in a determination to reject general diffation of knowledge; on government, was fpoken every offerof peace, and to put to death every American that. by William Timothy Pitkin, Efq.

was fbould fall into their hands; that accordingly major True- deliver Oration, Johafon, the Efq. day after appointed, next. by the Commencement. fame fociety, to an man and his party: were tomahawked, and their din, thrown one into the river. valuable They alfo inform that colonel Har- robe HARTFORD, September 24:.

of the mol citizens of this fate, OR. Wednefday the fixth regiment of Militia of this carried another was hilled by the. and that State, commanded by Col. WELL'S, together with a Troop tribe, the Sanduftnes, Pattawatamies, Chippeways, -Hu- Horfe, commanded by Capt. FRANC IS, was reviewed at WeMaameer, Delawares, and Shawanfe, are decided.

chersheld, by General WiLLYS. The Regiment as well of as ront, Ly for war. I bow every reafon to believe. the above in- Troop, evolutions made, with fine appearance, and performed a number Supported may be information depended received upon, as it is in a great channels. degree About 100 Indians lately made an attack on Galliopolia, telligence great by through different French Settlement on the Ohio, oppofite the mouth of the General Putman came out infirmited, it is faid, to proceed Great Kanabwa, which continued for Tome time.

The Indians to the Omee to prefs upon the Javages the neceffity of their after deftroying the flanding corn, killing four or five perfons, going to Philadelpbia; but iuformation of the fate of poor and-doing other mifchief, retreated -About the fame time two Hardin and Truman, and of the bofile difpofition of the led. young women named Morris, of Kanahway county, were kilIndians, determined. bim to decline his miffion. Depres The of the United States, now at confifs of dations have been incelfantly committed by the Indians xp. army on the whole extent frontier, on fides one thoufand under infantry, the four hundred riflemen, and two hundred the Ohio river.

Within the bounds of this fate alone, he- expelled the river about the middle Wayne. of They light-horle, command of General forty and fifty have or made prif- tember, if not delayed the lownefs of the waters. were to go been killed down Seponers in the courte of the Spring and fummer. Nor Sunday the 26th Auguft, three foldiers belonging to the Fedthe regular troops altogether efraped. A party of 18: who eral army were thot at Piufburgh, for were making bay near Fort were lately attack.

The following Gentlemen are chofen. Reprefentatives to the next Geed, and one only made his four that were made neral Affembly of this State, viz. priloners were burnt by the the 'nexi Hartford, Mr. Mr. Thomas Jonathan Seymour, Wells, Mr.

Mr. Jonarhan Daniel Bull. Bille, commenced the purchafe af cavalry borfes the laf of Eat- Wethersfield, Mr. Jultus Riley, Mr. Ezekiel P.

Belden. Pitkin. Jane, and in ten days purchafed ago, the number required. Farmington, Mr. Noadiah Hooker, Mr.

Timothy Pitkin. The horfes are cheap and well. adapted to the fervice bat Glatenbury, Mr. Howel Woodbridge, Mr. Joleph Moleley.

as jet there are no men either to mount or train them. Windfor, Mr. Hezckiah Biffel, Mr. Oliver Mather. Middletown, Mr.

Alber Mill: Mr. Elijah Hubbard. NEW. HAVEN, September 19: New- Haven, Mr. David Dagget, Mr.

David The Anniverlary Commencement, at Yale- College, was Litchfield, Mr. Beebe, Mr. Solomon March. brated on Wednefday, the lath inft. In the afternoon of the Norwich, Mr.

Elitha Hyde, Mr. Jofeph Williams. Tuefday preceding, Sermon, from Rev. xix. 10.

on the evi- News- London, Mr. Marvin Wait, Mr. Jothua Coit. dences phecy, was delivered at of the the brick chriRisa religion, mecting-houfe, arifing by from the Rev. pro- Groton, Mr.

Simeon Avery, Mr. Chriopher Morgan. of the divinity Mr. Hinfdale, of. Windfor.

Stonington, Mr. Ifaac Williams, Mr. Edward Swan. Ca Wednefday," about 11 o'clock, the moved from Lyme, Mr. Samuel Mather, Mr.

Manafich Leech. the College- Chapel to the brick Meeting- in the following Killing wortk, Mr. Joleph Wilcox. order Saybrook, Mr. William Hart, Mr.

Jonathan Lay. The Undergraduates. Milford, Capt. Charles Pond, Mr. Stephen Gunn.

1 The Candidates, bath- Bachelors and Matters. Stratford, Samuel W. Johnfon, Mr. Sterling. The Bedellas; Enfield, Mr.

Eliphalet Terry, Mr. Daniel Perkins. The Prefident and -Fellows of the Corporation. Laf-Windfor, Mr. Caleb Booth, Mr.

Daniel Rockwell. The Profeffor of Divinity and Tutors. Chatham, Mr. Chauncy Bulkley, Mr. Hezekiah Goodrich.

"Members of Congrefs and other Gentlemen, Colchofer, Col. Bulkiey, Capt. John I(bam. The following And exhibitions the were Reverend then Clergy. made, before a no- Lebanon, Mr.

Elkanah Tifdale, Mr. Peleg Thomas. and very Mansfield, Mr. Benjamin Nanks, Mr. Atwood.

merone fpleadid affemblyVocal sad Inframental Mufic. DIED, in England, the 4th of AuguR, fuddenly, Lieut. An Buglith Oration, on hereditary government, by Mr. Chapman. Right.

Hon. FREDERICK NORTH, Earl of Guilford, A Prayer by the Gen. On the 6th of Angul, aged 61, the A Forentic Difputation, on the Quettion, a public Educatiou to be preferred to a private by Melt's Hoyt and In July 18, the celebrated Paris, JOHN PAUL Sherman. Middletown, Mr. KNIGHT SEXTON, aged Bolon, of the Small- Pox, Capt.

CHRISTIAN HIGGINS. A Hebrew Oration, on the Hebrew Polity, by Mr. Cooley. A Dialogue, in Englith, on the popular avertion to energetic government, by ten, Hedges, Marchant Savage. THE BARREL TAPPED.

An Englilh Oration, extibiting reafont to that it is in- An Admiral died on voyage, whofe corpfe was put into a prove, a politic for the Senate of the United States to hold their de- puncheon of rum, to preferve it for interment in England. A A batca private, by feaman on board the thip was remarkable, and frequently punin Dialogue, in Greek, on thip, by Melti're Chruncey ilbed for inebriety, the Captain at length thought the moft An Eaglith and Williams. efficacious method vo prevent this growing evil would be to Atop Oration, on the origin and, progrefe of Commerce; his grog. Jack however was not found to be more and on the advantare of free commercial intercourfe be. able sworn the United States and Crest.

Mr. Potaford. ous, and being this if again brought to the gangway, the Captain affured him he would canfels where he go: hie liquor, for once, he thould be forgiven. Well, pleafe your honor," fays, the Tar, 44 to own God's truth, I broached the Admiral. Broached the Admiral exclaimed the Captain.

"Yes, Sir, (lays he) and fluck by him till it tuas low water." The matter of the fup was ordered to fee into the circamlance, who reported to the Captain that the old gentleman was really aground I Jack in confequence faved a flogging, and the thirty Admiral was replenithed. Sixty Dollars Reward. 4 AST Friday (with night, falle the Stores of the the following fubfcribers articles were of brok. Meren open keys,) and chandize Rolen, viz. 1 piece of Londen brown Broadcloth1 piece of light coloured ditto-1 piece of Elaftick Clothpiece purple and white Shawls-1 piece Fancy piece figur'd do.

--1 Silk Handkerchief, blue and white-1 do. red check'd- -Several pieces of black and olive colour'd Velvets--Several pieces of Ribbons, different colours-Several picces of Callico-3 light half Joes, wt. 7 or 8 -A number of Englifh Shillings-33 pieces of Chintzes and Callicoes, different figures- fmall piece of honeycomb Velvet-3 1-z yards of Stockenett-63 pieces of different colour'd Ribbons and Taftes-12 pieces of black Laces and Edgings--g pieces of white Edging-1 piece of black Velvet Binding-Part of a piecc of fine frip'd Mullin- Ditto plain do. -g Lawn Aprons -Several (mall pieces of Muflinett and Ruffian Cord- -Ditto Vet Patterns different colours- Pocket Handkerchiels-1 piece of Pelong Satin-7 pieces of black Modes, different qualities4 pieces of Sarlinet, pink, white, and bluc-3 pieces of Perfian, ODe green the other pairs of black Silk Gloves1 pair of white Silk Stockings--1 pair of pocket Piftols-Some (mall Silver, and a number of other articles not enumerated. Whoever will fecure the Thief or Thieves and the articles before enumerated, thall be entitled to the above reward; or for the Thieves only fo that they may be brought to juftice, Twenty-five Dollars.

JOHN CALDWELL, JONES, CHENEVARD Co. Hartford, Sept. 24, PELEG SANFORD, Has imported in the laft Ships from ENGLAND, an affortment of FALL GOODS, which will be fold by Wholefale, equally as low as they can be purchafed in NEW-YORK, among which arc Vevcts. B.ue Velvetets. Brown Broadcloths.

Wildboren. Slate and Camblets. Drab Morcens. Elaftic Cloths. Taboreens.

Coatings. Shalloons; Striped do. Durants. Baizes. Joans.

Calimancoes. Worked Hofe. Ruffells. Silk and Worfted ditto. Toilanette, Callimeres.

Luftrings. Chintzes and Callicoes. Modes. Shawls. Sarfenctis.

Royal Ribs. Lacca. Thicklents. Silk Handkerchiefs, Hartford, September 24, I LLIAM EL pay Cath for FLAX-SEED, ifdelivered this week. He has a quantity of excellent St.

Croix RUM for fale, by the Hhbd, or Barrel, which he will exchange for the above article or Cath- -A general affortment ofDR GOODS as ufual. Hartford, September 1798. ELIJAH AUSTIN, Has received by the laft Ships from Hull, Liverpool and London, a large and geueral affortment of of GOODS, fuitable for all feafons, which be will fell (by Wholefale) really cheap for ready -Among which are, ere, plain and twill'd Eladic Coatings, do. Plains, afforted in double B.les, mill'd fuitable Huntfor Country Stores, or by the piece. Calmeres, plain, and twill'd Velvets, Vent' royal and Britith Ribs, Thickets, Toilenett Caboctt, Shapes, Rattenetts, Shalloons, Durante, Tammies, Prunellos, Florentines, Morines, Taboreeds, Jeans, Wildbore Tammies, Corduretts, Ruffells.

Wildbores, Camblets, Quality and Shoe Binding, Bunting, Baizes, Flannels, Carpeting, 6-4 7-4 8-4 and 9-4 yard Blankets, and 4- 4 yard Linnens, Cambrics, Luteftrings, Modes, PerGans, Barcelonia, Pullecat and printed linnen Handkerchiefs, Ribbons, Laces, and Edgings, plain, jaconett and Mullins, Mulinetu, Calicoes, Chintzes, 'Shawls, Copperplate Furniture, Alfo for Sale, dow Queen's Ware in afforted Crates, 6 by 8, and 7 by 9. WinGlafs, bent Bobca Tea, by the Cheft or toolb. St. Martin's and Lifbon Salt by the 100 or 1000 Bufhels, Snuff by the Bladder, Bliftered Steel, Iren Ware, Potath Keules, Pine Boards, Shingles, N. B.

A quantity of FLAX-SEED will be wanted tbis by faid Aulin, for which CASH, or any of the above GOODS will be paid. New- Sept. 19, 1799. I S. AAC BUL for for fale on reafonable terms, befit Englith white Lead, by Ton, Cwt.

or lefs; red Lead, Spanith Brown, Ditto white, Patent Yellow, Kings do. Stone and Spruce do. Venetian red, Verdigris, Pruffian Blue, Vermillion, with other colors Gold and Silver Leaf, Copal and common Varnith, Spirits of Turpentine, Copperas, Allum, Oil of Vitriol by Cwt. or lefe, warranted good Blue Vitriol, Madder, Fuftick by Ton, choice Cut. or lefs; Logwood, Redwood, Cochincal, Nutgalli, Wines- -Tea, Chocolate, Rains, Turkey Figs, Almonda, Ginger, Pepper, Allfpice, Glue, Zink, Lead pots from No.

1 to 40, Crucibles Allo DRUGS and MEDICINES as ufual He wants a few pounds of good American Saffron, pays cafh for Bees- Wax old Silver and Pewter. Hartford, September 1792. NOTICE is difria hereby of given, Woodbury, that the has hon. allowed Court of fix months Probate from this date, for the creditors to the elate of Gideon Hurlbut, late of faid Woodbury, decear'd, to exhibit their claims. Thofe who negled, until the expiration of faid term, will be legally debarred.

THOMAS HURLAUT, Adminifirator. "Woodbury, September 1, 1799,.

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