Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on September 20, 1802 · Page 1
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · Page 1

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, September 20, 1802
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Cottttettttitt fJ hp ft' ; : : : ' 3 ' ' - PRINTED at HARTFORD, (Con.) by HUDSON Li GOODWIN, opposite the north Meeting-Hol'sb. JOh XXXVII. MONDAY, September 20, iSci. Number, i 965 I iper's Philadelphia Scotch Gauff. SALT. ELIAS MORGAN, 1400 Bufliels heavy packing -V TAS thin day rcccircd-a quantity of Leiper's Silt, on board (loop Juliana, Cr.pt. E".f, to XA Philadelphia Scotch Snuff, Warranted be Cold on very low terms if applied tor with- 7vich will be fold -at the New-York price for in a few days, by .,. !!, or approved credit. . JOHN MATHER.. Hartford, Sept. J3, tSc-J- (664) Hartford, 'S-pt. is Sot. (64) rTOLENTfa-tJitf ' f Slaughter-'House. . . D U Mt'-tg"J. XSB fifi SKINNER 5" FOWLER, rta hands hirb, trots and catiieri.fiii alt fund, bis "rTERLBY inform their frLlldj n.d the pnb-Twin and tiii almcf. white, (tail ftiilai). JLX lie, that Butchering and Packing Beef , -mi retasrJ wilt be f aid Jar bar, ami totej, or jar .-rfeonly. ' - JAMM.S fZAMW.- Hartlatd, Sef tender 10, jSol. ((! SAMUEL7 LAWRENCE, TX 7TLI. fell at the New-York prices, Lamp VV SUGAR bvtheHhd. and CHOCOLATE, ift and ad quality by the box. He has alfo for file; MOLASSES, .!i: for retailing, and Brown enp ad N. B. Csfi -eiil be p?.id for gid RTE at the Difti'llc'rv in Paquonnock. near Rainbow Mills. Hartford,' nth Sept. iKoi. l4,) -w j vj ' E D AS an Apprentice" to'the Gold and Silver- fmhh-f hufiaef,, a Lad of about rrycars of age. Apply to Hartford, Sept. 4 Milss Beach. FOUND.onapu'uheroadin r.arwinton, on orahdottliei6t!i day of July laft, a io-.all fum in Bills'. The owner may hare them on proving property, paying charges and applying to - Cyfru Webjier; jun. Harwinton, Aug. ao. HI luolcrioer reipectiuiiy mu ..; poblic, Tharhe has now eltamiuico. mi. works in Nortli-isoiton, lor carrying on mc OlOltnerS DUnncts in aw iu vi,w ;hofc ladies and gentlemen who wiih to favour him wit-Ii their cuftom may be furmlhed wjth any.coiournow ia ut, ni-iii to a geauine blue .'or fcarlct; and he flatters himfclf none will be dlfanpointed in their ei-peiitatioEs, but may depend on having their 1. j ..?.f. ,-r. .,J- A'.Cnitri nnA nn worit uuuc ivuu utit Ajtt ui,.u the mod reafonable terms, .'and the fma'.left favor gratefully acknowledged: ' .. SIMEON COOLEY. September a. 180a. ' MEDICAL. NQ-I1CE. 'THE member, ofthe Hartford County Med- I ica! Society, are thereby notify that their : :ii tv.' t.i.i . 8th of September 4ftaat,.'at o o'clock A. M at Mai. RiplcyVIrm, injhe City of Hartford.- A ccneral attendance is requeued. , . . Timothy H l Clerk. ., N. B. AH who have taxes in. arrckr. are dc-. fired to attend, prepa'recUbdifcharsc them. Eaft.HartforX.Sep. 4.,' :-. , Hr iSANKRUPTCT NO-TJCE. WKEREAS.a Commiffion o'f3ankroptcv,. has-been awarded and lflucd againft- has -been awarded, and limed againlt Wfll onnV'irST T. n' w-ft.wlnrifn,. fi'fhr' Qlltnccoi U'lnnccticu. iraacr, aatt lmu RoctwcllJias been declared B.nk?t.- He.is hereby, requiredto furrender himfelf. to the: Commiffioner's. named 'in laid. Cimmifficaron: the 14th day in the fdrenoon; -.r n c.k. .of each of the two laft tnencioned days, at. the """r improvement upon w,.. u. CommimnnerVW Bankrupt' oMce." two 'Re quantity f hay, ?ntl .a proportion of doors North of the-Hortl, Meeting-Houfe, in;"0 d .Po.'f f-d ,..'.' ,cover:d Hartford, in Kid diftner; .and then, and there -'h cheft, w.ainut. and oak, and that part "makea-fuirdu-clofureof hiieftate. Ar the fc- wh.eh. ;., not.under improvement is excellent cood meeting of tSd Commiffio'ners the eredi- land-atid every part is -ell watered, -tor, of -faid bankrupt, ar? to come prepared t0'The above; and I1 be Mrf altngcthrr or ,n prove'theirdebt?, id to ehoofe an aflignee or P:'. the purchafcr Payment iffignees, and acthe.lft.m.eeting faidhar.krt.pt made eafy t?. the Rurehafer, in two, istofinifli his examination, and the creditors 'hrce or four years w.th good fecuryy. For ji affent to; or difeit from the al!owaoce.off"rth";I,:1:."' ..4? jft"0'1 his certifieite; All' perlow indebted ' to. -or .the prem.fcs-or G,d W of Whately, . have aiiy e$Fe&: of ; the faid bankrupt are to . ' September. 15-, . iSox. - ; : ' inafce nVvrnftit'incT-aeliver faisfeffrdt? tofuch' ' WANTED. '" '' . " ;; perfon or pVrTois aa'ffiill be appointed by-faid" eommiluoners to receivcthc fame.' . "8? "order -of tli'e'commifuonersj' '.,.';. , WALTER ' MITCHELL, Secry. l64)' Hartford, Sept:"i rh.iges. RUN away on the eve of the 3tft Auguft, "jPAKEN-iip on 11A inft. Augulf 1 dark bay . Cbirles Stmnprn;, had with him,.i white JL MARE COfc'tY'thl ee tjr tour year old. .Shirt, 1 check'd d.i. i olive colored twilJ'd nan- one hind foot white, with a white ftn'p in her fceen cpat lifpptte elaftic yeft, 1 calico ditto, face- -The'-owhcr is fequeftcd to ! prove-jirop-X. pair nankeen crowfers' I pair tow cloth do.-erty, paychargYand take her'aw;ay.";" '1 "a felt hatsoti'e new' an'd ionc old . ; , I4;yqars'sld, . ' iliJWst-&;!fSHrOX7W;-MrV-': -about 4 feet id inches' high,' light' complexion ; Coventry, (Andover fncicrv.) Serffi'6''':-.f64j' .lie was. an apprentice to the pgpcr-making bu-; .uucis. w iiueyct win umuu iaiu i.du uiu u- turn him' to'the fnbferihcr; fliall have Eifty - Cents reward If lie will re'fUTn to hi.s'diity his pail mifconduSt' will be overlooked. "pork.. Alfo forty lhoats.V ' .;;.;.'. :.' kichard l. jones.. , . -, john wilder: . Hartford. Sept. to. .. .".'.'. . !.'" "-64 . - ; Hartland,. Sept. o.'..;.,. . ' (64) -T'HE Co oarrncrlhiD of R..CoCi,wr.LL and . , .. . , ., , v . .r ,' l'l' j R.. Averilx, .known by the .name and r c c n-ciim, , V 1 i firmof R. XIOGSWELL &Co. is this,day .by i. r , ? 1 mutual eonfenr dinolvcd - Thofe who have j -j - n. r v -n ,t - r , , demands again ft .faid. firm,, wi I call .on laid r. r- ,, t,w ' , - , - .-- , , . Cogfwe for fettleCTent-; thole-who are indebt - , - . , , ... , ,. cdto.faid firm, will make, payment unto b,. r , j i'rj -e" .-i vVltnetsmir hrme.1- p,rv. of. HTirflAM. Sntn, . v. i " ' beroth, loci. 164 ROGER- COGSWILU N. B. Said Cogswell infotinc his. friends , rt . , , . - and cuftomcrs that h-wifli their former pat - , , m ,, . - , r r . ronagc, that. he. fliall contijiuc the fcveral . bt v c r l. . e 1 j . v branches ot bunnefs heretofore attended, to. by faid Co. and willies a fpeedv fettlement of all open accounts, whether of the conip.my or m- dividually. He has on hand a few tons of rcfi- red and bloomed Iron, Cart-Tire, Shate- moulds. Steel-plated Sleigli-fhoes, &c. Hard Soap, dip'd Candles by the quantity or box, aivl a number of articles in the Grocery line. For SALE or lobe LET, A Sni.Land' WORM, containing two hua-: dred gallons. Apply to A3AHEL KEI.SEY. BcrlinSept. 13, i8oa. 4 TAKEN up by the fubferiber the sjth of VV tinuc to run in debt, contrary to my or-June Inft .1 dark bay MARE, 4 or 5 years dcrs, and to behave in a maancr fecmiiigly un-.old, natunil trotter, with a liar in her forehead, becoming, I do forbid any perfon or -pcrfons. near hind font. white ;' the owner is- defired to harboring truftingor trading with her on my provc property, pay charges and take her away, account as Twill pay no debt of her contracting JACOB READ after this date. - EUnzerdaen. Silington, Auguft, jo. (64) Coventry, Scpr. 6th. :Scs. (64) and jort ; oe per'o.-mcu at CtKir Oiaugllter, this fcafoh, t-n as reafohablc terms as at any oilier in this town. Salt and barrels will he furnifficd if rrquirt-i. N. B. Wanted to hire, osc Butcher, two Coopers, andfcveraiiabofcr5. Hartford, 13th Sept. 1802. (8t?4) JPjtT TOUR TAXES .' TPHE fubferiber informs the refident and' X non-rcfidents, proprietors of tli Siraibur)-, that he has to collect a c lie town of countv tax of one mill and a half on z dollar, made on lift ioCv. Ailoa itatctaxot leven muisoa a aoi- lar, made on lift iSoj And he will attend to "cavefa.d taxes at the following p laces, viz iScc. Aifoa ftatctaxof feven millson a dol- at Mr. Ebenczer Barnard's' on the 4th daycf . October next ; on the ;th', at Thcophilus "Vrr.,lhrtder . nn :hr rh at Ezra Adam. aod 00 the 7th s Ah Humphrey's. from 0yock..tiu fix in the afternoon., Thfc Iijft to attendi may depend: on . ff Wa;t Latt1mer, :un. Co,a,r, N,.. Xm.J,Unt, mil fan fee their. landiaj- miifa. ' Simfbarr.Sept. 8, i8e. 64T .. -r -r THEUE 'S Hannah, my wife, has -iefu cornolv with my rcafonahlc re" yy fe,it,, qe(i, This is therefore to forbid all perfon .hrn - n t-.,rv;n hr- m, mv , w;u of hcr con,ra,air,g after this dll. ' JEREMIAH PE&RIM account as Heliron, S:h September, 1S01. ' 64 MEDICAL MEETING :.. -npHE annual meeting of Tolland County i. Mcdical'Soiiety-will be holilcn 00 Tucf- daj thc i8:h inft. at 10 o'clock forenoon, at Landlord.Tajlir's in Coventry. s.Ruccle;s .CA'aPESTaa, Clerk .Ellington, Srpt. 5, iSoa. "' 1164 SIX months from the 19th day of July laft is.- ' allowed bv the lion., ebu'-t .of probate for thc1.hnn-:'ou'! he d.ftr.cl- of. S:tr,ft,ury, for tl,-cthe eftate'of'Mr. Rotbt Hu he creditors, of umphrej-, late of Sirflfbury deceaied .tpjrxl.iWt their claims p-opj 'y be'debarreda. recovery.'and P'"-"' "- r . faid. eftate.will attend particuUrly to receive J the I Ate dwelling l.oufe- of the dec'lfcd' ,n' the.iaft Mday.of November Dccemhet'ncx.t,:ftom-one to fix o clock P. - . 'iw :o,s. ' ;;n, c. ; f;i - . - t , - .-A L c,ot, fr.. -pleaUuriy fit dated m fV Scerfield, Jyuigon.Conn.fl.cut nyer m ' County of fiampftire and ftate of Mafia- JV JOURXE YM-VN to work at theClqafh' i. 11 inc Buti.'xfe. - :AipIy'tb the fublcriberin' Sheffield, n'ea'Htlic Turpjke road.Icadihg'from Hanford to Hudlon;: 'J' 11.L1.N PEA.se. . ..y ' September: 6V-i8oa-' - ,64) S W i N' E. .j - iOR fife twenty fwine that wiirw'cigh'f.-'om - X 'iaotoi7o inirood order. 16 make early I no non. court 01 prooatc tor tnc uiltne.1 ot I .. . r, : , f L LttchfiuJ, have allowed feven months .. ... , . ... , . -, -from the date hereof, for the creditors to the , ,.r , ... . , . ... -Cftatc of Doct.' IfaaC"2wift, late of Cornwall, , . , ,, 1 nr-, r - dccealcd toeshibit their claimsagatnft faid cf- .. . . . b . :tate. Tne fubfcnbcrs:herebvivc notice that . ... . . ' . , ... .they wiUattend.uprn reccivmg faid clairli!: on . J . .. . . 9 .'the firft and thiru Mondays of March:next;at the, dwell in; houfc of ihc Ucccafcd, at 9 o-clock A. M. on caclx of f;iid dayc All accounts not r . .... r 1 r . ..J at- tcucc. Trill dc ucuarrcu a recovery., ah. per- - - - , ... jL, n ,L ions lnacDtcd to laid eltatc arc r ecu cited -to - . -.roaltc immediate payment, to .-,.( r ftijjj ' ' v r n Y ' r . - J - , Cornwall, Sept. t, iSoi.. (64) TY order of the hon. court of probate for Jj the diftridt of. Waterbury, will be lie fold on the a:d day of Sept. inft. a o'clock, P M. at- the dwelling houfc of David Boyce in Plym- !ltn. the- perfonal and real eftate of Xczia Bo3rce late. of Plymouth decjafed. . LaHe Pottec, Adminifiraiar. Plymouth,-Sept. a, i.Soa. (tw4) TTTHEREAS mv wife MARGET. doth con- CLOTHIERS' SHEARS, OF an excellent quality, and warranted for on year, may be conflantly had of ISAAC D. BULL. Alfo German Steel in large or fmall quantities, fui'ablc for feythes. Harrfird, April io, r8o?. f45tQ A FRCSII SUITLr or Wef.-Iadla Goorii, Groceries, Crockery, EsV. Jult received and for f Je at unufually low prices, by Charles Seymour, Main fbect, 50 rods north of the Statc-Houfe, Among rvvietf are-; OLD Coniac and Barcelona Brandy, St. C oix Rum, ' " Wines of different kinds, Holland Gin, Hylon, -) Y mng Kyfon, Hyfon Skin, V Teas of the bell quality. Snuchong and 1 Bohea .J ' . Lump, ift and quality, Brown and Eatl- India Sugars, Bcft firup Molaffes, CofFie, Wait's No. 1 and 2 Chocolate, Frcfh Rice, Bifcuit and Crackers, Nutmegs, Mace, Cloves, True Cinnamon, CafCa, - Pepper, Alfpice, bolted Ginger, Muftard, Cayenne, Frefh Caflc and Box Raifins, Poland Starch, Kiir Powder, S: uff in Bottles anJ Bladders, ' Virginia fweet fecntud. pigtail and. paper Tobacco,. SpaniuS and American 5cgars, . Patent Shot.FlVnts, Gun Powder, , Sea Wand and Uplkud C tton, Excellent N. Orleans and S;ianifli HoteTndigo. White and Red Lead, Spanifli While, Chalk, Swedes lrnnj Ni.il Rods and Plates, ' Englifli and Americin.Bliftcr'di German ;and Crawky steel. ..Ground a;id.. Common Cart, Waggon and" '. 'Chaif:- Bcxcs, . . 4i. 6, 8: 10 and. so? Cut "and Wrought Nails . .6 bv 8, 9 by ,7 and 3 by 10 Window Glafs, Crockcrv Ware Kythe Cratci ' " A ha'nd'fome affiirtmcnt of China and Glafi ' Wrr ' Hrrtr"r.i"',.n-;! ,i't. f'fyv G'Ad, Silver. C5" Piated Work. ' MI.EN. -pfcACtt, - At his eld Ji ltd a'fcza r'di fmti f the Bridge, .TV yfAKKS and ha- fur' faiegehuine gold Heads 1VX and filvcr Spoons of all lues, warranted A vanctv of iid ami uone ear ana linger n.mgs .Silver Thimb'lcsi Bucklei, Buttons, &c' Bral's Trumpets. French H;rns, Brafs Kettlas, one copper Still of. 1 15 gallons, Giver mounted Sword,- &c. ike. ': . . Hirxy SM. at the famelliop, has fetup the Plating bufiiufs and will keep a good aflort meiit of"'p!ated; haruefs and carriage"Tnhj-mings for tale and do any other work bf.:the kird called ft.r. . .',.' Watties rfm're I and TO irr inted tt ftrfarmtceU: ' Cafh paid for OM G-'d and fi!er.- Hartford, ,10th Mav. iSoi. . tf4! ' SPECTACLES. COncave, plain, and convex SPECTACLES in Elver, plated, tortoifc, gilt, metal.ic and common fteel frames, in the grcatcft variety of ufeful and fancy partem: grcctii' and-white Guggles; anra.te and convex Reading Glaflcs m variety ; Spy -diitb ; Sgcclacle Cafes of all kinds ALSO.. ' Hard, Cutlery and Fancy Wares Stationary ; Morocco Leather ManufaBares Groceries, and a medley of other . Goods, conjlantly. for Sale, by iS AC D. i-.ULL, . jVe.,rly oppojite the KpftH-cI Jjurcht.Hrtford-. ' ' 3" Pcrft-ns at ; a. diftar.ee, or the-aged and infirm. .may be Xupplicd with Spc5laclcs ouJ't the above 'afTortment in future by; fending only a fingle glafs that luirs. "or dircttt'.ng what.var.ia-tmn i-i wau'"d'a to'diflancc of light from. th'c fample 'f- t.'' Thepraiflicc of fending out package of t-his irTiclria lb inconvenieht to the fcl-1 r and uMjrtifitablt; to-purchafcrs,' Tt muft he difpenfed with. .. '. -.Xtft9),;' WE the fulifcribcrs bt iiigapptiil,:c t y the. hon;,crib.r'',of probate, for .the &.ft-.icl pf S:mf!'tiry;' comm ffi.r,er, to recdvc,""eiairiirii' and adjuft the. cuims uf the creditors to the eftate-of f.-:Sirrllnrr Crfhy, 1 ate-, of Hartland dcceafci5.;n:pr-'feiited iuh.Ivent, hereby jfve-horiccthr.t'wc ftisll-atteiid'to the bulinefr'o'f ou'-'appointmeiitiofthelatc TdwellinR iimifcof the.deccafed in H u'land, on the iitft Monday of- Nov. and fcci-i-dM inday of Tanuary'.'nex't. at one o'clock:iri:thc afternoon on each of faid days, fix -months from, this date being allowed to the. creditors' touring in'theiri-claims,. after .which timethcy wilt he Jtbarred All account, nuft be-properly attcfted. or ihey will not be accepteu. - , Artier N,-atan, T - -,.. KdmandBetehi Ednrond St ithj TmetlyCtfc, lioncrs. Hartland; Auguft-13.. -. (64) WE the fubferibers being appointed hy .the hqn; court of probate, for the diftridl. of Eift-Windfor...-coromiuoncrii..,to -examine jnd adjuft, the claims, of the creditors to the eftate of William Speer, jun. late of EHiagtor., in faid diftricl, deccafed, reprcfented infolvcnt, and fix' months being allowed by faid court from the jcth day of Auguft laft, to exhibit faid claims, wc hcreby give. Rotice that.wc will attend to .the bunne of our appuintraent at .the dwelling hpufcof William Tvomfun, Innkeeper in Eafi-Windfdr, in'fei'd. diilria on. the .laft Monday of - November, December and January next, at 1 o'clock in theattcrnoon on each of faid days. - All claim not ex.hihitedwithin faid-time, and. legally attcftcd will he debarred a recovery. . Ca'.ea Bedve. ? Cpmmif-William Tioesfoiit iioncrs. Eafl-Windfor, Sept. .. (64.) FOR SALE, A FARM within one and half-mile' of the State Houfc,' containing forty one. and half acre's- of-'plowing, mowing and pafluting, under the beft improvement, with agbod'houfe.' ham and out houfc, and a variety-of the beft of fruit, pleafantly fitnated on the main road- to Wincfor. For. particulars apoiv;to ' S. LEDL1E. Hartford, May ;r, !oi. ttj-a J. T. CALLEKDtR, who uTote ard laboured to overthrow the zdminilirs iors of Wafliington and Adams, has turned his artillery againft Mr. Jefferlon. . The democrats no- load uith every fpecies of abufe him vhom they once employed, protefied and paid. C'allender, regard-, lefs of their attacks, goes oh regularly to develope fcenes of iniquity which ftartie the mo.'t impudent, and which fhew in'a moft co. vtneing manner the vijiany of the Jcader: of the Jacobins. In the courfe of his hiffoty of men and things, Mr. JtfF.-rfon, the paragon of morality and vtr.ue, the irnmacciite JefFcifon, is jbewr. to have " exerted his energies in the multiplication of the httma'n race" in a method which, we fancy, will make the hair of democrats " (and ?.n end like porcupine cjuiils," and which will ' juflify the Ftderaliffs in th'ir opinion that he is ia every refpeft un: to be tie heari.orany peopl: not lolt to decency or jiven ov:r to reprobation. Read and ponder on the following fpecimen of Prefidentia! virtue and chaftity. FROM THE RECORDER. THE PRESIDENT AGAIN. It is vrell knovm that the man,' ixhom it deUhtetb the people to honor, keeps, and for many years paft has kept, as his- concubine, one of his own Haves. Her name is Sally. The name of her eldeft fon is Tom. His features are laid to bear a ftriking,- although fable rcfemblance to thofe of the Prefidcnt himfelf. The boy is ten or twelvi; years of age. His mother went to France in the fame veffel with Mr. Jcfferfon and his two daughters. The delicacy of this arrangement muft ftrike every perfon of common fenfibiltty. What a fublirne pattern for an American. Ambaflador to fet before tie eyes of, two young ladies ! If the reader does not feel himfelf dijpof d to paafe we beg leave to proceed. Some years ago, this ftory had once or twice been hinted at in Rind's Federalift. At that time, we believed thefurmifetobean absolute calumny. One reafori for thinking fo was this a vaft body of the people wiihed to debar Mr. Jefferfon from the P-rcfidencyl The efiablijbmernt of this fmgl: fa3 would have rendered his elefiion impoilible: We reafoned thus'; that if the allegation had been true, it was fure to have been afcer-taiiied and advertifed:by his enemies, in ev-ry corner of the continent. . The ftippref-fion of fo decifive an enquiry ferves to , fhew that the common fenfe of the federal party was overruled by divine providence. It tvastbe predeftinatron of the Supreme Being that they ftrould be-turned out ; that they .fliould be expelled from office by the popularity of a character, which, at that inftant, was lyingicttertd arid gagged, con-Xumcd and extinguifiied at their feet ! -,. "We do hot wiih to give wanton offence to many very good kind of. people. Concerning a certain fort of ccm)exions,.-rre have already ftated that, ? ofbdys anH bat-cheIors,.we have faid nothing and we-have nothing, to fay.".. They, will be pleafed, therefore-to Hand oat of the -way-. ... When the king of PrulSa was' on the point of fighting the great and deciuve battle 0fl.i1-fa, he aOernbled his principa! officers, and under the penalty of his utmoft contempt, cxhprted.-.them to-brav;ry; Inthe midft of jthisaddrefs, an old; veteran diffblved. his tears. - V My dear general," did Frederic):, " I did not refer to-jus." Some of oor acquaintances are, upon the fame principle, requefted to believe that we do noti in thii allufion, refer to than. . We . have formerly ftated tiatfitpexcmenent fretertpons is ckajiitj arc alviajsjHjpittqus.. T.ms hint wasaumcs-ently plain totnew.thattheRicordef docsnot defire to fet. up a manufeclure of wry faces.' The vritej;6f this, effay does not bear the ftarnp of a Scots prefbytcrhn paribn of -the-laft century:, : But ftill, we all knowtthst' fbmc things; may be oyerlooked, which can hardly be excufedi and which it is impracticable either, to praifeor even to vindicate; Such hhiiK2r. nature, and fuch is human-life-, . One of bur correfpondents very juft-Iy obferves that "there is nobody of whoni fomething-difagfeeable may not be faid." By the wench Sally, our Prefident has had fevcral children. , There is not an individual in . the neighbourhood of Charlottf-yille who does not believe the ftory ; and nota few who knew it. If Duane . fees this account, lie will not prate, any more about the treaty between Mr. Adams and ToufTaint. Behold the favorite, the firft born of republicanifm ! the pinnacle of all that is good and reat;! in the open, cbnfummation of an aS which tends to fubvert .the poliiry, the happinefs, and even the existence of this country J ' , 'Tis fuppofed that;, at. the time when Mr. Jcfferfoft Wi-ote fo fmartly- concerning negroes, when he endeavored fo mjich to.be-. little the African race, he had no expecti-tioh that the Chief Magiltrate of the United. States was. to be the ringleader in fhcwinj;-that his opinion was erroneous-; 01, that he ihould chufe-ari Anican flock whereupon he was to engraft. his owft defcendants. ... Du,ine and Cheetham are not worth afk-ing. whether this is a lie or not? But cenfor Smith is requefted to declare whether the flatement is a federal mifrrprejentanat f. Mute f Mute ! Mute ! Yes, very mute J -will airthofe republicans printers of political biographical information be upon this point. Whethertheyftir, or not,' they muft fcelthemfelves like a horie in a quick-fand. They will plunge deeper and deeper, until no affifiance can lave them: The writer, of this piece has been arraigned as capable of felling himfelf to a Briufli ambaffador. The impeachment was made by a printer, who is in the confidence of Mr. Jeff. fon. The Prefidcnt has had the utmoft reafon to believe that the charge was an urterfiaion. This charge was metin a decifive ftyle. We, at once, fv!e3ed and appealed to' the teftimo: , or belief, of five pcrfons, who were intimately acquainted witli the fituatioh of Callander at the period of the pretended project of fale. Thcie were Mr. Ifrael Ifrael, Dr. James Jleyno'.ds, Mi. John Beckley, Mr. John Smith, federal marfnal of Pennfylvania,- ar.d Mr. Mathew Carey, whofe name has been . heard of in every county and corner of the iTaited States. This appeal harmonized with the feelings of innocence and defiance. If the friends of Mr. Jeficrfon are convinced of his innocence, they will make an appeal of the fame fort'. . If they . reft in faience, or if 'they content themfclves with refting upon a general denial, they cannot hope for credit. The. allegation is of a nature, too black to be fuffered to remain in fufpence. We fhould be glad to hear of its refutation. We gave it to the world under the firrneft belief that fuch a. refutation never czn be made. The African Venus is laid fo officiate, aa houfekeeper at - Monticello. When Mr. jefferfon has read this article, he will find leifure to efiimate hoir much has been lofr. or gained' by fo many unprovoked attacks upon J. T. C-iXLENDER. From the New-York Evening Post. A full expoftion 'of, the Clinio'nian faSinh cad the Society of the ColumbiAh iiltr.u.'.vjcv, isfe. by John Wood. - THE contents of .this pamphlet are in " ft rid conformity with the title page. Wood has redeemed the pledge he gave to the public; and fully eipofed the artful machinations of ambitious men, who, in., order to accornplifh' their inordinate projeits of ag-grandifement, and their 'defigns againft the freedom of the country, and to collect every ray of power, weight , and influence in. the, ftate into the foul focus of their own private views, have had i-ecoirric to .practices, fuch asinftricijufd'ceoughttodisfran-chife any citizen who ufed them; and to expedients, fuch as in the ienfe of ftrict honor, muft forever degrade and difcredit them. It appears they., have, riot fcnipled: to enliib. under their banners, all whom democratic fraudand, artifice, all whom mifreprefentai-tion, open falfehocd,.caIurnny, and prepoC terous projaifss; operating upon unwary'ig-norance, could make factious, turbulenf and.m.-.Icontent at home, as well as all the flagi 'ou- fugitives, whom murder, rape? robbery . and rebcllion.have ..driven from.ciif-tant countries to take facctiiary here- frora the' dungeon or the gihbet a herd of incen diaries whoni theTcgular juitice bftlielaws, and the wild juftice of hc mobs of Europe have concurred to chafe away from her fhofes. . .. ... , .- . After having- ia a. perfpicnous manner: and. with a fpirit.bffirranefs vyhich.docs hira, credit, fuccc&fuHy elucid3tith0fe.vile.p1-c-: ceedirigs, Mr. Wood adverts, to afubjeci' which if duly revolved; and. . e-.a?nbed -in ' all its bjarmgs, its ftmdainenLil. prihciple'i,? its original-caufes, and its prdbahle con&i quenccs, ; will be pjund of more awful ita-" port, Tcore alarrnirig -magnitude, -and-racrc dangerous tendency, haa (5nce the Revolution) it has fallen to the fnare of thiscountrv, -tocr.couiiter: Afubjtapregrt-sritipr.TeV tical mifchicfi and OTnceivedirj; zs parc-ttn--mixed abftract wickednefsj vice, and irante-. ty as ever emanated trosJ the arch ftirrt of Evil himfelf in hisbittereftniaHgruty torcan-kind " the Jchemes-of a Society . desemf-natedby tfierrifctves, in a fori of ccurtfv. Thefts; by Mr. Wood, 'Col&r.oiaij iSbiwi-ii, but by prauj truth,' Bfde'ls.'- . " . It cannpt be too frequently repeated to the people of tbiftcountry, that tlieftapen-dous raafs. of rnifchiefs, which- undei : -the name of Jacobiadrc, -has within - the laft twelve years defolated civilir-.ed Enrorxs. had its roots in infidelityjcailcd (in burppin-ion Tery profaseiy) jSeiJht of Theif-. Itfet outwith the denfalof Chrifi and crrbQden-ed byimpu:uty,:itended in the denial o: God : Hand in hand with it went rebsIKon againft iiwful authority.; which. after running its courfe'of blopdfhed, de!ftruction c: property and the overthrow of all civil and religious eftablifhnicats; at laft came to its Goal (according to the natural fuccciEon of caufe and cohfequence) in themoftferocious defpotifm; and in the mbft frightful depravation of moralsand manners. Jufl: the fame game is now playing in America,' and will i and muft come to" the fame end,, if means are hot taken to prevent it It is' vain for Americansto fay that they-arc. a free people,' and cannot be fo practifed ipon: The animated freedom,; the. heroic patriotifm, the univcrfal unfeijned piety, and thepufe and inflexible, virtue of Switzerland; little availed her againft artifices flic did not fiif-peift,- againft eXcefTes to -which fhe opp'ofed only contemptuous toleration,, and againft: plots, confpiracies . and -cbnfpiraf ors ?' which an over-weeniiig , confidence in, ber own ftrength, afforded impunity:.. Had fhc in due time ftoppedthe proceedings of Tier Jacobin Iptimiriati, fhe wouldnotbe atthis day languifhing for her loft-, liberties, and withering under the all confuming baleful fhade of French proleSion. ; tet America j profit by her example. If fhc does, not ffie. . deferves fjavery.: They have not, read of . the decline anilfall of the Roman .Empire, who will fufpect the author of great partiality fbrtheraufc of religion, yet Mr. Giblor. in a letter to Lord Suff.eld, written in the' year 1790, from Switzerland where he then -ofided,' laments the fi-ightful altiratipa .

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