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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut • Page 4

Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut • Page 4

Hartford Couranti
Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

prcfcEons to deceive the people. And TALLMADGES AP'ERILLS, JOHN FOOT, Co. 0 0 From th Covtxtnia! TTaye ao additional Supply tt nrfrr Ld Spfte Rol A7o ay, LivER OIL Dec 34. TURNPIKE. TVTOTC lb a cf tie Turn, Confer j-- Monaav lalt, the General Auemblv of J-mnuato narttord, mpirjaanee -3 numeration 01 me omeren: r.nas or fTerrtorv were wnvened tore The 'C.

McijdftCZcrM Jdlbc Velvet. 6.4.7-4 9.4 they have 00 hand would be too gS .1 ft r'4- onl" ffrrmcnt eauaUo ofJryA.D. he camel, Shawl, with fatm border, Fullv believing that thetu f-J)Prs z8oa, to-Lx la Lu.tctlru.g, Mode, Vnot rclyW'ncr ou oew, UfornS Ih, fijrc, i.l i E.rdyC Stuff, rtn- ftr of goKu, they are reqftcd tuthr IV. R. Atanr.

ped blaclc Ruird loreen C1 fJr fctheBlia bc; -Vfu At JMorroy, fZBEMIAS wtST lanunjo tsentlema' fur Glove, do. patent cfc the gt ertins wllich the? have ufcd Jatf SAMUEL K'HITrRLSZT, "ed Clk. worfted ar.d cotton Hofe lo.U- m4 theio. jJP Z- JSBAM CHAPMAN. Ir.fl L.ncm, firmed and plam Cabman- mMe (han Wc ra 2tti)tuStion in' JSHA31 CHAPMAN.

lnrpco. auu elbe thern to irc jacUl No "TTT PRESUJEN Of Ti UNITED STATES. it delicate and imporant trwtstnat sccie- tv can bettow uncs a Utuet KagisTratc. it is to enable the exrcmfc ta irtercept the esforeemect of rigid legal yewlties, in-cafis, here ftrrog circum- fcnecs render the exetcle of fcrsiver.eft ex- Pfjieot and We. Sometimes it -miybefafe the fir ft of- on it tint he fedeced cv bid cesipaay, or promties, ana SuvshtroEett penitent- Sometimes it may be proper, that die ngnr or public juftice 'houiu 'he claims "or a numerous fc to offi- vn cr pais 7 aadL loofe cnoces, exerctfe of- the pouen be rendered luMement co ihc purpoles ci corruption. conlcquence. rdults irom pardoning Con- vified offseder for flight caufo. The oower Of pirdoniOR crimioak one of the delicate and important -tmftsthat iccie- Dk-wSt 7, jSoi. 'prices. nartford.

Hec. iS. (3ma7 7 EZRAS I PHB- filfc Handtectaeb A BE r.S. tit. hf-' PP''" P-C Ja JSj TsTTTWc; PA PITD JvJ.dnEcMkr' NjlWS-PAPERS.

frL tarir trtf I i 7 andhe tow Cloth so pacta 4t 100 hii Cuftnmers that a far fL' 5 quarter with tl.i, month -THOMAS TsLPS. 1' MXflV complete fettlement at that tinw. Gnly; i--th i8cx. -Jaty lr bc2!" ew 'rh ew.yCar-K il. and Seizors, marble warminir Parw, TmnM u.nv ti.j.

or.Caf, horn Comb, per dozen coat, reft more in arrear,) mo the l.and, of Attorney and fleevc Buttons whip Thonp, -He uncerely thanluthofc who arein thehali dependant OD tr.e onencer xor uiuugnis ia uie oeing, mc aunor at Sometime? the leal aolicv of cxer- and oirer of all cood. Favored as we have wit I-SO, i. of being punelual. He eipcds in to tllanrl Silt. h.

rlTni.n(-v. nw interooie a hence thof; men who are obliged to ftrug- ge narc roroice ana aitume tfle popular a are always the nrft to corrupt and under- nunc a tree government. NORTH-WESTERN TERRITORY. CHH.LICOTH.E, f- MDnall, and Ed-xard His Excellency Gov. St.

Clau zmnd in town on Wednefday and on Thurf-, aflembSed in the Reprefenuaves Chamber, and delivered r- tne coicorrnry ipeecn in which neuys, At this frrft. meeting of the fecond Gener- Aiiembly or the Territory, I cannot lay any bslinels before you without firft turning your .1 1 been with another mofi Dlentiful harveil in F'-T- hair Sbals, colored do. faun borderecT do. Goods wilfbe fold nnufual- Jr" Have from New-York the fol lcuij articles ot Dry aoa UOrS, which they are fcUmS on the low- eft terms, v.z. npH.rty p.ccci fupcrfine and low priced BroadcUhs, lor.

ucr fine "J'd. Woe. fnnff aad drab colored ftr.ped SiSLaSZ; n0ckLocl warranted mlcrwder cA7 ZlZc r. Wautcd as an Apprentice to the snoe-maicinj 7 fssl'FsN tic dtflria of 1 Trader An- declared a Blrvbt.i, tcrch refmnd tcfarrcn 0JF" bJM Ucf.Hfiantr.ft rmrc, 'r Trim ctdtltcd At wholcfalc and JuR Received, By and EJ, A Very large airorrment ot feaf.naWc D-. Jf bci ngrhe fecond fupp tl havereeetvedm the courf.of iheprtfiit fcalb? mafces thcir aflbrsmen.

very eitcnfivc and al moft entirely thi, fall An e- lih i.r ,7, 1'. wuiu.v... mjjnjy jow r-K, which are too eitcnGve be enumerated 10 an aavcttuemenr. Hartford. Nov.

(tfaa JOHN IP LET, Has for Sale at the Store latily occupied by Ffrpc Street. hhd, St. Cro'ii Rutn.of a Y-riVt 04. woia. xuu.

ctceUent quality. HollanTGUl8p3eTdr-', Ufbon Wine per hhd or qnarter calk. Gnod w.ll be fold cheap cafli or approved credit. Hartford. rse.

14. fa WHOLESALE DRY GOODS. TOHN MCRACKAN, public claim to a criminal's Jifc, paramount every kind, and bleft with' the continuance IVlLLtAM WASNES. '4 tons Ruffii and Iron altortci December -4 to the. stria deraar.ds ef r.v.

of react at home and abraad, when we con- JUnfnd. xib i8or. fi6) jco wr. Gertnaa Steel. fTR-iYED But in a free countrv, where the laws trail our Situation with many countries the proprietors of the Bolton 400 wt.

Coff. oa'c Str -d ei0r on Mf are dictated by humanity, and enafle-d with old world fuffering from want deluged in Company- are Hereby notified that their laoot. beft brown Sar. with a crnnoffthe rih- lad at A hie tispreiamabiethat few.cafes will Wood and (halcen to their centres their civ- :acual.meetins wnl be holden at Doctor Jr- ihl.d. Lump Su3ar.

pennr under Hde OneTaft tr occur in which humanity will require, orthe il and religious inftitmioos ovenuroed, and ffi Polmrr's hmnoHer in Afhford, oathelaft 150 quintal, Cod-'Fifli. with a white face croi in the left ra'r public Wy pe thf Chief Macjftratc anarchy aad 150 piece, India Cotton. flit in the erop.and two halfpenny underdo iocxercife the power of Jwrdomns criminals, tlieir. ftead, how thankful oughtwetobe Acer, to f.d To fee if fd com- 4 eheflu fouchong and 1 do. Soliea Teas.

of whoever win take no faid who have Seen iaitlv tried, and found guilty to Almighty GOD, whofe kind providence panyTMkcMiT.lw Hyfon-ftin and Hyfoj creature aid deliver them to the lubftriber Xy a jury. The pbwrr "of pardoning im- has fbeltered us from iimilar calamities nei- 'rfpe? to tace pr a ton, farnace Hollow-Ware. or ive wi ml pLapiwcrofptniTupxmgthewhoIecocrretber fcci JR.rer Tobacco. Ihu be rewarded, and ncceff hc, If peniilaw; wer to defeat the fentenees general govemmentcf our country, which Coventry. December iSoi.

frefh 'Bjuta. br AB1)aHVOK of the higheil courts of judicature; and in- has been Uie inftrument in his hands to INSOLVENCY. a HollandGm yetherneld. Pec. acthi8ci.

(a7) fiQ. a ijowcr that mav be exerted to paral- fhield us from harm and to procure us fo "VTOTICE is hereby ffiven to the creditors of 0- Brandy SHFARTTi wrirtT matters. a etiiaaal nature It has been men, which it feems not ao lb gnnanton Claflenbury, (Pratt Ferry) a quant juffiy qaeftioned whether luch an unmeafc hoWs out to us alfo a very not Sate of Conccnt holden at New-Haven Ream5 writing Do WppinS. excellent Sheep's Wool at pe7pond. po4r casern be iafely in a hghtly to part the real advantages we 0- 40 lb Pigtail TStae2looo Span.

Segar, ctt, Co. executive certain it is, that a power of enjoy, in the hops of imaginary andjoaun- l'nJhJt 500 lb SnJff-Leiper's Do in bottles N. B. Wanted asa Clerk faid Storea likely and moment, and fufeepti- gent Could the thoufandth part of fi if rSdJ Itodac 100 Sera-, Tumbter. 8000 Amcxieaa Segars.

Lad, 14 or 15 years of age. 7 ble of dangerous abides, ought to the that have been commrtted and 1 TlhM of 10 Do Ladi3 Twift SmoakingTobZceo Win. H. bteexercifeJ wiAafoupuloesauueoand themifcnesihatbAvebeenbToc 2 Hhd, MolaffnBbl. Shad in prime order Dec 14th, i8or.

prcfourdu-Xcom. happy France, been prefemed to that people SnSdTrmtelJrtS VENDUE oceuVin Cepence of ftS'LtoelS ailsupUnd Cotfon Wool npHERE will be fo at Public Auelion on- tHepard of Freeman, who was lentenced them wu horror and exclaimed with one hi, wcarlog apparel and that of hi, wife and 5 rKTbT 1 theaotlrtfavof Janiiiry nt at loclock to imprifjnmentanda fias for counterfe.t- voice Are thy lervants dogs that they AiUnat SxWo Tuch article, of horfehnld andPt.rne Btrf moan. the dwellinifioufe of Elijah in- bar.k notes; and of the order to. the fhould doth.s thing ceccflarrfor himfelf and family a.a Smith in Tolland. Two fcriporfnare, in the Diiiriit Attorney to enter a mix profrqvr, in i CV the opinion of faid Trullces oaghr to be refer- 4dd icsod lrougnt Sails CONMECTICUT GORE Of LAND, fo eal- aSionxftitutedbytheExecctve, atthe iL.

vrd fnrth r.A family. Hr.rtford, Dee is 'I-'- Icdtviz-j No. and u'9 andfundry Tesft of the Senate, againft Wm. Duane, -iWrfnT Now notice hereby nven tbatthe fasd Tay- hand, "being all the property of for libel on that branch of the IcgiOature. TlZZ lor hath complied with faid.

Rcfolve, and that Dl.le, T.vrVc Tnnd all- of Tolland. 11 eerriScated Lading oofhe latter cafey the queftion for thepurpofeof receiviog and adjuSmg the 29 BuUlels 1US oalt, ELISHA STEARNS, Affignee. Of ihclecjlitvof theoraer, and the iride- Sfn- elaims againft -faid Taylor, we the Truftcc. will Forfileby Tolland, December fsr) cotum ot HUi'ig it, without the requcii or ico bufhe's Twtaa SAt attend at the dwelUng-houfc of Theodore BROWN KIMBERLT. CHEAP GOODS knowledge of the extreme A few Ryc-Soun, Goodwm, ud Wmchcnev on the fceond The SALT is on board Capt.

Ilinfdale WARD WOODS RILX5E, rr. danger mthusdifper.fng the penalties A 'few -hhds. Rum firft quality CDniac I'l I JrTJ of and the wharf atJWid- TTASjuft received from NVwYork a neral ef acrhninalce. -WheprnM no pno- Bly Gracv2'.

chcqrrT M.ldrir4, "tt upper-honli herea part will be fuppfy of feaerabU GU, Twhicl ciplecerve others v.ting the laws with London particuUr Teucriffc. Lifbon and Port ST'toJ lold from the veftels by MefTrs. Savage and purchafed on the beft term, term,) which thejarc ensoldened-to enter up- Hyfon. Hyfon-Skia. Sonehong and thc lMcX lTTl Sage nearby, and the reft wiU be trantported der, hi affortment complete can be found cn vtotatioris of the lame or other laws.

and Bohra Teas, Cofiee, Pepper, Kutmegi, Cinna- A to Hartord. Merchants in Che City can fa Connecticut, and he not be tateShtte what jeocenfe milchict m0n. Cloves Dcmerari Cotton, a qoantiey of lira- A have it delivered at their; Stores, if applied imacrtotc; In any article. A cOEttant'XuppI or willreiulttofbcjetyi the removal of Blown Salt ia Tierces. Cod-fiSi, urousht and TLd CTrcfees farinfeafoo.

A few Hundred bullicls now ImeTS TIPPETS in great a variety and thoferefrraints which' allnations, as well as cut Nails and Tacks of almoft every fi-ic, ava- utul" fTti7'' inftore. Tzc. sS, i8c-. 7) as cheap at any other fiore in America. 'ottror-n lepiCatwe, Imejudged it expedi- riety of Hr.Eow and Stone Ware.

EaU-HartforJ 4iD7mbci i8cf f-6) F0RSA Hartford. Nov. 30- (tf3) enttoirupoieon tkelicentiousdefiresofmen: Bottles, faaw. half pmt Tnmblcra. Gnagng YaRM in Wihehefter, witbin fix rois FOR SALE, mowiUTefpeadje laws that ate net en- Reds AVantage Screw-AuSurs, Steel- A of die meeting houie', and atlioini MM in confififnc of JrLTcWeVSf-e" atriron'eaftu from Stafibrd w5U the green, through thich runs the Water- A about 53o acres of J-nd.

lltuatcd inhe ticn of jnftice, when the Chief MagUtrai.c a.i Joa or iron raunss irom burv river turr.i town.onthc fhipsthejudget ofhis power; the law of be urn.ihed on o.ovc. Lsb, ntattrn bun. rmrtw r. Ke ao, mis from the city of Har.forcU its trrc, fd difarms -eegifiation of town the laXof VoB asto be wepropor! from whichla turnpike-road. 'the rs perauve force, by annthiUting the ef- Sa aifirtmcnt of Tj taY, uL "oned to mowing, rafturing and plowing are a 'Inlufe -SSW freedom, we HoUow Ware applied for, wiU be furled a.

R. Ayr a Nathaniel Edvrd, ent fflbt; rejeaedieauthoridescf ancUntandmod- fDtSi fs) feaodatln wr em wntert who have told us, that elefltvc WATSON Wii houlend. a blackfn.iths (hop. For farther Cdwdt water governraenreimavoidablygenerate feilrons A.Lf Jf' vm pj cf awj particulars and terms of payment enquire of hat Saions. corrnDt the cieSors, aid that Tj AS It received from New-York a very rlu- iiremiles the Iioalc The Carra cocuts ot mowing and idafiS -enlifKnrTthe paffisrisof 'Xl large fappiy of European atvd Jrtfii fubfcnber rrAwijS)N Tr pW-lands.

orchards, and a proportion of wood nSgnnd tha BROWNSON, Jr. A conflant dream of water runs through emP Siotoe eTannMat WeU-bsSearSdl, W- Wniceftcr () llicpuce on which there large never faili tv Vrnur indf rd tliat everu Gifimerev Foreil otns, ODvc Frtzc, blue rJ fpnng. For fBrthcr partrcular, and terms ot S.r'SL;,! bonded eftjblifhfnc Lion-fldn do. Baizev Flan- MtfirbiUrSsfijJhg. rnpHE fuhferibcr's DWELLING HOUSE, f.t- p.c, t0 WtER W.

GALI AT. 60. C'T 'So1- 1 Ultcd within Thtrtv Rods of the BWdge in X)ZT of the city of Hartford, or JONA I'HAM the tmth ot tmwraiauon out ymy Toiener Fancv Warieie, Moreens, Tabo- OST from a rarr cm the -tit inftaui Hartford Is ahrroft new, 50 by 16- feet, two MARSH of New-Hartford, near the farm, proud-yncy ItBt we are Wiier tnan resul Calimaocoes, WiMlwre, -L Hartford, a tow cloth bag contaicins two hj-h with a Cellar under the whole of it Hinfo-d. 19th October, igoi. ftfi7 Other natrons lave been, in deviUno Pron- RulHsi 1 Bandannas, Cottondo.

bnfliel of Tonipcr Whoever will in- we good Water within ten feet of the TTy'Trr fiAnnH Jiocs to guard atrainft the mvahons ot cifttoo,,, nnrenee Silb. -black India form the Pi where ft may be found will doon boufc is vcrv convenient and will i JL jWC- cr what is wotfe, we ignorantly luppo.c, gjjj Taffiry and Lnltring, mens" flciped and oblige CASE. bc Cou on reafonablc ter'rm. lnquireof Timothy P. Perkins Cf.

thAtourcitizerrsbyfomeriugicslrennemer.t, uiack acd colored Pclongs, belt Dec. 21. ABtEL THOMPSON. A RE now opening a vcrv general aflbrment are-improved; into more perfect beings. wKtc ai bljtflc Hofc, CIlc- extra TOR SALE, fp- Said Thompfon requefes all thfc who of ,,,,3 GOODS, ef the an.4 perhapsmore- long cotton do.

white and colored kid yNE half of a valuable Griftmill and have acoonnts open with him tocalland elofe neweft (U-hiom eonlift-rcn Jirk'Hble, isthat tixfemstKal admireri ot Calicoes and Chinties from a-yard to f. SawtniU andabotrt tweaty Btae acres sf rhem.asit very nccefla.y that aD his accounts of mry art(e ufoiny called-for in their a rrrrhlicnfr.rm of crovemmcnt. are the olivr do. nurnle do. Camels Itt .1 4aM fertfcd in, a rtlo.t time.

1: uel.r. Hnenm. UN mtctynm lit fulfiriitr tb. xotl Inf. apjZL tJmdZJAS GO ft.

19 ycm. faaj haltlmc tnc reward. WflO, Wltll UWC1UUKUUUK UJUCUlt, All in- uatetj BriftoiWeft-Britam Society. The madeeafy to the purchafcr. Apply to JDr.

I. -a -CU Hanrintcm K. B. On theJomfc aVeo" three Other good fcuatiofor Mills. 1 or tMULtnSOJIKWWLW.

rf Tf Bclat vHrt- TT r7r taltapuJlm, camanc mui.m unpeo c.vci, o.aeie has latela been putin esce'lent re- buimev. a j-aa. aoout iei filfc black Shag, biacle Crape, velvet The ffris nntomrnoniv cood. ef- asabove. Hartford, Dee, a.

Ribbons, pla.d lappet, tambour -ma 4 ast)a5been proved -7HER2AS Cifcn fat.n fpr.g anJ black Mu.l.ns, cambric do An highly approved Miller a ai book, tambonr'd book, and book Muf- (a, al the teTm, of file will be CHAPMAN, of ing, Eobbim, Tapes, Threadf from No. to jvrj! endctmme its Toucdaticr.s. 1.. is be- have fc.en.etTeaedby anyfuppofable number of eneaiej The dclurnSt'trfcled frirndttrf are. liable to no vonc an tnaitne late larjigucj, the undu- influence, ufed to change.the ad- roiniiiration of the,Governmcnt, and themeafurespurruedand prtnciptes a- dopted in regard to executive officers, have, vt; two years, done more to encourage fu -uiK.

corrunt the excrcrfe of the richt of fuftrageand weaken the neccfTary refpeft than could 7f i "orlled, white wortted ana patent Tfcsiber Jn black and fancy ulkHandkcrchrefs. Laces and on to toetuawoerin nn.SjwW hand thev arc ccaled. arerequeiteci to maice payment oy me dtiirCcmpsnrs, that there will be a meering uMtmtmttbt crtdrfsr: ere f.jc.t on tne oinernana, uicy arc tanuarvnext. The that do not tW.f ,1. certificate all terfim i favored oy the pre-poudnons- or tne peop fi -IL tr, rf'ew If Mir: or de- lev, itin-tiuiacr tire tity or cMitroru, 011 2 r-crth'advaocV fecurely in the cfadr accunts the laftday ofDectmber 6o'Iock WaW A-.

Adminillrators. afternoon, for thepurpefe of appointing the teof arrccftaTe. Hence tl.yuke the denomirauon 0f and under cover of tte mle. proceed iafety. to mount mtopoScIaon of tte hon- orsandofSces of government; aad wrier.

thev. hate aequtrcc the power, they ima.t and domineer at pleafure. Were in an elective gov- ermncnt, the wills of the citizens- lefi ferlecllv free in the exercife of the right Of fuffrase the would almoft al- iravs afiicsn to the kefi men the important of- Itce's of government. ail hiftory and rh-natuie cf man forbid us to indulge the ho-e that eleSions will ever be free and un- t-iitr-d Tlr. is a folemn try that as ofR- sliluiitJr-ly beft-jwed, -c ufusliy toY Wrowd oSict', when fought after i-jcans, or with ord-nt 'rr V-c-Veii'erre''o-- -VSl-ji: acd nuke fair (a6) jq tiCEis hereby given that thehon.court IT JJ ef windh3m fl)t from this date for the creditor, t0 thc e(lat: of Mr.

Strf r.r laie of Mansfield deeeafed, to bring in their ac- counts forfettlemcnt. All whoaeglecttoexhi- bit tbdracemntswithin-lirid time properly at- will he debarred a recovery. All in- dented faid cOate are requcfted to make kn- mediate payment to TIMOTHY TURNER, Mansfield. November ts. 1801.

() ItfTRR 55s PRATT "Ja" V'LI-continue Sjlt ur Cah for FLAXbEED donDS tbc aSKS byHUDSONand GOODWIN, price 9d- Tne Female Advocate, Written by a LADY. ctecky GLEASON EUASCOWLES ELIAS COWLES. GREEK-WOODS TURNPIKE, 'THE annual Metgofdie Green-Woods Turnpite rp, be twlrten thedwelling-honfeoF Horace Htgley, the fecond Tueiday ol Jan- uary next, at which time a dividend will be ready for the Stockholders. By order of the Committee, JOSEPH BATTELL, Clerk. Norfolk, 25 Dec ioi.

dl) IX frum ttii.dtc hei-r altetved by tie Hm. Ccvrt cf Probate fir the of f. pgJsE, Ute of ErficU, deccifid all-Pcrfi, wjWiiia'jW notified' f' J. ie iLtdc fr.t ti GEOJICE PERKIXS7 AdmMf- mr if pease SUSS'- (V TaMDSPEN, IAVJI M. JJUrSTT, i.

rgos. Hl-fobTeriber-want. topurehafc a few lhoo(tni fee Qf white aff. plank, two. n- thick, fourteen feet long tSe gt ic wood panel boards two feet and a halt wide totwo feet, clear from fl.ake, and knots the yellow kind.

WILLIAM WING. Hartford, Dec. to, 1801- (7) Jonrncvtnan at the Scythe-making buf- JLX. nefs one who ha, fcrv'd a regular ap- prenticefhip at the trade, will find good encour- by applying to Witiw Wasum. Hartford, Dec.ajd, sSoi.

OST between Hartford and Eft-Wuidfor. Jon.he gthofDeeemherafablelk.nT PPxT, whoever will return the iarjc to Bcckwiths lay- em, or he prioter hereof; fcau bedfomety ded- -fT f'Jt-rOw 'Jw dTab ar '4 Io.delo 00 fnpe aWi 75 cents Coatings, Plains Stb, white, vcjJow, red aid grrrr. Swanfdowns, Rore Huicrytrifh Lioen-, Wilhores ,,,,1 rKwapt, ftriped nd plan of ni0(t aII Mlr RufiVls, Tatreer loans. India I Cottons, Galieocs and Cliimr- Black fewingSilto, Twir shawls and pocket, Handkerchiefs and ma; other article, all which hei, f.Hingat who: hc ony for cafh or the bed of credit at 1 kweft regular Ne York priced Mtford. rGon.) Dec.

i4. itit. HUDSON tS" GOODWIN, fJ 5 JASON FAIRBANKS, qq jnjent fo, the Murder O. i-Ms ELIZABETH PALES..

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