The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1933
Page 5
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•PAOR SIX . __ ,___.„___._„_____..„_.„ „„.. l!r.VTI-rRVI]J,I3,_(ARK,)_ COURIER NEWS Levinsky's Way 01' Making Hay Wasj Long Giant Leader s Selection of Terry Big Surprise. EDITOR'S XOi'i:.' This Is Ilir "first of a ierlrs of articles desrrlli- . irix the dramatic rise of Bill Terry, who Is managing HIP New Vork I filanls into LI world st-rles. BY DAXIEI. .M. DAXIlIIf Convritiht. 1633. NKA Service. Inc. [ S'EW YOHK. Sept. 20.—On June 1. 1932, John Joseph McOraw. who j had managed Die New York Olr.nts j .'jicre July 10, 1C02 —a man who I had-achieved re-cognition as Ihe, fcicate.H leader baseball hud pro- | tUiced—walked iiuo the offlcc.s of' Charles A. Stoneham. president j of the club, und announced thai > \:t was through. "Chuck. I am done as inanapcr of llie Giants." snld McGraw. "1 am done with anything Uml Im.s (0 do with the running of u bull club on Ihe Ik-Id. I nm tlivd, and my doctor told me this morning (hut 7 will have to quit If I wnnt to kccy> my health. 1 suppose 1 p';iy Ihe game too hard. At. any i-'.lo, we've got to net a new manager, and we must nnme him in a hurry. I rould like lo be relieved at once." Mefiratv's Surrirlsr Then? was a series of conferences the next dav. There was .<omc talk 01 giving the post to Dave Bancroft, who bad been running t^ie GianUs under ortler.s from McGraw. who hail been away ill most of tlie spring. Frank Frisch. native of Nev York, former Giunt inul destined (o become pilot of Ihe Cardinals this summer, also wo.s considered. Ficd Ijindstrom. outfielder, who was traded lo the Pirates lust .vcintcr, was -still another candidate. Bui at the close of Ihe dav on June 2 McGraw ended the debate and .sprair: ime of Ihe .surprises of'baseball hLslory. '.''"POM up all you have been lalkiiif; about and give the job to Bill Terry." McOrtiw snld. "Terry is old enough to command , the respect of the men with whom lie has been afsociated on Ihe Giunt-s for .some years. He hasj poise, he Is cnlm. he knows n lot about baseball, he Is u great play- "r hinvelf. and he knows how to handle men." Thf Kmpfror Imparts And so It came about that when the Oiunlts gathered In (heir clubhouse at the Polo Grounds on Friday. June 3. IB32. Ihi-y found I III." bulletin posted: "From this tiny William H. Terry is the manager of (he New York Baseball Club. "Charles A. Stonehain. president.' 1 ' Short, amazing! The Giants .stood around and rend It over and over nraln. Terry was closeted in the office which for seasons and seasons had been McGrmv's private sanctum. Behind that locfce<l door. Terry was cleaning out the . papers which McGraw had accumulated over a long span of cam- pslons. John Joseph McGrnw. for 31 years boss—yes. czar, of the New York Giants—was gone! No farewell by the Little Napoleon going to self exile in a baseball Elba. No valedictory by the old general as he eased himself out of the picture. For years the Ginnts had been McGrnw. and McGrnw had been the Giants. For years, until Babe Ruth came to the Yankees in 1920. McGraw had bee;i New York baseball. Is This a JoVe? At once the strong calcium of national baseball limelight was thrown on William Harold Terry. He had been with the Giants since !92i. but now men began to ask. "Who ts (his bird, ami how come lie'Qualifics to step into McGraw's shoes? Why. it can't be! They don't mean to come out and tell Us Hint Terry can do what Graw could not accomplish! Tills thing is almost a joke." However, here are those Giants, revamped over the winter to suit Terry's notions and 1933 scheme, going Into a world series. Here are those Giants with a glory which had escaped McGraw since 1024. Terry look over a last place team, and finished the 1932 campaign in a tic for sixth p with the St. Louis Cardinals. From half of sixth place to ownership of the pennant and place in the sun Is a gorgeous advance, indeed. Who really is till! Terry person? Just a Kid's Game WED.N'KSDAY, SKm-jMIWl; ••>() i<)•?•> r_ *— — -..- — —.—_ __. ~ 'i I •" '•' i | By ! tin A glove comes swiMmiK up out of nov,iiciv. Jr.rx rfhi'.rkey take: fish Levinsky's way of making liny while thi- .--trir.s shine. The dler |»unrting away n[ the ex-champ ajjaim; "K. 1 inpcs in ib il uii (he chin! That's King- pxliiix- .shows the Chicago Jlsh pcd- ii- ii-iviu liulit. whicli Lvvlnsky won. Terry in Rookie Days •. lirv, name of their grid .sc.-a.son Fri. day aftc-rnuon UN Ihcii- own field , iii;a:ns! 'lYitmann high school. A leiHallve line-up for the game, ai cording In Coach Carroll Bird, Is i as lollnws: Gerald llt.-n.son UE; • Sam' Kdrim;ton LT; Carl Walker! l.(l: Wnltt'r I'.ILI- center; Howard 1 Kconi/ !(f; : Malcolm Taylor RT; F.'d ChiscnnaU RE; J. W. Taylor ! and Ailcn sesrave.s IIH; Billle ' Knelsoii l-'U; ilt-lvln l/lpid»K QR. ! W. E. Hunl Is Winner '• In Memphis Trap Shoot Yorkers Back 'lillo Berth As Rues Lose To Phillies. The New York Ginnts made cer- l.iin Iheir possession of HIP 1933 National league peminm yc-sti-rday <-\fii while losing. 'I1ii' Gliinls dropped a one-sided t;uiir.- to the Bt. louis Cardinals but clinched first place when I'lilibiirnh 1'lrntes split two wllh rhilllcs and Ihfir miithemati- cil pc.'slMlity became un iinpassi- bilily. 'Ihe Senators lost lo the St. lonis Drowns and their certainly of grabbing the American league pi-ima'm was poslponed. for :i dav :r. least. 'llie Giants dropped a 12 to 3 dr<-i.s:on to the Cardinals at Si. Louis. Walker, former Glunl hurl! tr. limiled Ihc- National league I'hnmps to 10 scattered hit.s '.vhlle (lie Cards blaiiU-d ont 11 blows off three New York hurlers. Sclui- ir.acher wus Ihe losing mound.s- ii'.an. Oil of the Gi.ints hit for the clicuit. The I'iitshuriMi Pirates divided iwu games with the Philadelphia I'hillii-.s and lust all hcance for Ihe National title. The Buc s lost, Ihe M-coml gnme. 3 to 2. after winning ;!ie first, '2 to 1. French hurled the winning game for the Biles and ccllins for the Phils. The lirooklyn Dodgers swamped the Chicago Cubs under n 12 to 3 .'core al. Chicago. The Dodgers limbed aboard the offerings "I three Chicago pitchers for 16 hits, I'lwers and Hutcheson of Ihe Dodgers and C'uyler of the Cubs OSCEOI.A. Ark.. S'j])t. 20.—W. E. Hiiiit of Osceolii, vice president, of the Arktinsa.s 'IVapshootc-rs associa- 'lion. '.von n cup m his class at, the annual Tri-Hlale Shoal held in Memphis Monday. Mr. Hunt broke 100 out of 200 Uiific'is lo win Ihe 1 trophy. AMD WE. GO'- 1 .- \>JA'o A'i OLD At a recent horticultural show i Mi for four bases. Bengc was the winning pitcher. '1'he 13oston Braves 'Jiut out the Cincinnati Reds 3 to 0 at Cincinnati. Urandl wa.s tlie winning pitcher and Ftey the loser. Tlic Krdleiis got but four hit.s off Hrandt. 'llie Hrowns shut out the Sena- lara 4 to 0 al Washington. Dick Coffman turned the trick, holding '.he Wii.shtnglon club to six KC.II- u-i-ed hius. Whitehill was the los::is; pitcher. 'Hit: Boston Red Sox defeated Hie Cleveland Indians 4 to 3 at Wtiland was the winning and Brown the laser. Wer- bt-r got three of Boston's hit.s In-j eluding a trlpie. TliD New York Yankees won iwoi games from the Chicago White Soxi by scores of It, to i and 10 to 3i at New York. The Yanks won the firL! behind the four hit pitching' of George Ulile ant! Ihe .second. with Charlie Devms on the mound, i Stoneham, Sewcll. Walker a:id', Gchrig hit ,honu>r s In the first game and Gehrig got ihrcc hits m the .second. The Philadelphia Athlete dt-1 feuttd the Deiroii Tigers 5 to 2 a: Philadelphia. Foxx's homer, his | 46th of the season, figiued in the' i victory. iiiggjns and Johnson also hit for the circuit. Cain was the winning pitcher. j How They Stand Anicrunn Hill Terry.... when he ua.s a yoinv^ man tryir? lo Job :U first tasi- for Ihe Ciliints — back in ig results without Ihe well-known to ihc number of gami'.s in Ihe SLIDES fy BILL 8&1UCHER. Family Scandal The Senators arc just one bl happy family. On the road, many of the bo; cart their ball and chain along, ati pay her way—at special rates. Thi they can dig up a quiet or a lot table of bridge most any night. The players drink all the bee they want—if U-.ey can keep condition while doing It — pi (nit, bet heavily on the race Mar loud clothes, and talk loud In hotel lobbies. AH of which sho\ tfc«t Joe Cronin ts not a manag .of heavy hand, and that he's g lip. a.slrboard Hounds The first thing Ihcy call lor en arding a liain l.s a card tubi: 1 and e pasteboards. They p'.ay nuns' all the way lo llu-lr stop, ciuil- ig only for me.ils which, inci- ulnlly, are paid for by the club. Only a few ol l.'.e players dcn'l dulse wllh the rest. Among them c Bob Burke. E'.l Chapman. Moo erg. Fred Sclmltc. Monte Weaver id Joe Cronin. who just sii and Ik—mostly b.isebal'i. The best, gamblers of the bunch Luke Scwcll. Uuddy Myci. oose "Seiuiorailri" Goblin and Karl 'hltenlll. Owls The game gees on until the miil- ght snores arc heard from 111.' on-players. and l.'e tmiii'h «ener- !y wind up the name and turn to their berths. Cronin piles in;.' lower just, the same as the n-.s: : the boys. His job hasn't caiii.-d m to occupy a compartment yet. | | Your Senators sleep until noon' they like. Then a longthy monu presented them and they can ! I anything they want. All they • ave to do Is to sign the check, r.d forget about it. ciark Oninth oes the worrying about larco ap- The ghost walks twice a mon'.h. lid the players arc paid accurtlinj W. U 95 4D 80 55 . 74 61 74 12 . 09 18 ' Chicago 63 81 t-a-. Boston 5!) 81 Washington "• ! New York . INI,- I'hil.uli'lphia : Cleveland .. I Detroit son. If he's one of thus-. 1 furlun- ^ til. I.'mls iin- and rare stars who pulls down — fifteen grand a year, i.v Semlsr sets aboul SlOO a day. nu the bash, of 154 giimes. And that's mighty M\:VI si:-.av Pet. .GliO .1110 .507 .411!) .433 .1)3 89 N'ulional ixafar : w. L. pet : New York 83 55 .lilo : Pittsburgh 82 65 . 'Chicago 82 67 .550 St. Louis 80 117 .544 Boston 70 OB .528 Trumann Game Friday phila'dei^ia".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' fs II '397 — Cincinnati 57 00 .MB OSCEOI.A. Ark.. S.-pl 20.-T r - Cwci-cla Si'inlnolr.s w;ll p!:n the Dead Courier News Want Ads Seminoles Prep For Last Time Today Mat.—!0-2r,r Nile—1ll-:iSc Lee Tracy in 'THE Nt]!S/\NCE' Comedy - News ROXY Tuesday - Weds. ADM.—M ATI NEK and NMGHT— lOc - 2ac THURSDAY ONLY Matinee 10 - 25 — Nile 10 - 3;> N. R. A, FASHION SHOW Directed hij Ola Bob Harris SHOWING THE NEWER FASHIONS FOR WOMEN AND MISSES Siiecialiij Singinu and Danciny Numbers Bill Trolter, Master of Ceremonies On (lie Screen Read Comic:- r«tirs want Afls.l III!) YOU KNOW THAT— The news inai some Big Ten yriddi'rs were nearly s'.nn'ing, and that some coaehes advocated tliL- return o! the training table in a conierence, briny; t:> mind a. trip t;> Pin's training camp outside of Wlmlbtr. He... last year. . . A crowil of more Cian GO KB bruiser.-i ganged around groaning tabfe under a roof out.sid;- in tin 1 mountain air . . . potatoes, steak, bread pudding, celsry. olives, teas:, milk, tolfce, soup. Itilucc and lots of it. filled the empty niid- seclions of t!ie liunjrv lx>yi. . . . and that tr.iiiiin^ table .seemed to ayrco wilh jMk Sutherland's lad^ ... for loo/, how tr.ey '^cnl, last ye. 1 .: 1 . London, more than 1000 varieties j of orchids were exhibited by one grower. Shop and Parts Dept. open 'til 10 p. m. every night J Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Six Letters . . . From Home Each Week I here will be many n day thai oilier duties will prevent you from wriling to those al school, and there will hi; many a lime that you aren't in the,niood lo wrilc them along newsy letter. Send them iho Daily Courier News at our new reduced college rale. It's like gcilmg six tellers n \vcek from home at only , FIGHT With Phillips Holmes and Diana Wynard NEWS - - COMEDY FAY WKAY . Nil!. HAH11TON FRANCtSFVLUB tOSC,<HK«N5 Per School Year COURIER NEWS CARTOON -COMKDY

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