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Hartford Couranti
Hartford, Connecticut
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con'd not be 0 murder. He then ptp-cccded to expUio what the Jaw conlidcied a mat flaagher, and obferved, as before, tbat if they pave end" to the witr.effci who tcflified of the affaults made on the prifoner and his parly, they could not fir.d hiro goilty of mar Daughter and concluded wiih faying, that if he was lty pf any cflence, itcooJd only be cxcufablc homicide 5 that this was enly hooded en the lap pcGtion of the pri orer havir given orders to fire for if this was not proved, tbty rr.nft acquis him. Judge O'iver, who fpeke next, begin with re-prcfenting, io a very nctvous and pathetic infblis and outupe h-rli 'anrtitr Court through htm. hrd ucctved 00 a fcrnes DCCjfion (meaning the trial of Richncfen) for ving hit opinion io a poir.i of law that cot withltandirig, he was itlolcdio do lis duty to his God, his King, and bis country that he derpifed both irfults and thicats atd that lie ri a r- wvuju lunju a niuiiicois cite or cor lccncc 1 for the applaufe of inilHow. He sgreed in icn- itnients witij tut Joinier Judjc, that the prifoner Wat not guilty.

Judge timing fpbke next, wajf Itit agreed cot rely with the other two, with regard to tfic prifotxr's c.fe. neither can I prrfuade myfelf he weald be nil 'sag to father fuch i piece as this. He Teems to fpeak at tho' the venerable comrnitEonert of late years had began to make fome amendments in the regulation tf the mif-fion, but is careful not to tell us what they be, nor aiTert that the people of Stockbridge, do bear their proportionable part in the fEonai cs iupport. He alfo informs, there is, not a trader in the town of Stockbridge, where elfe hat there been of late Jean or what seed of at y. now the In diaoi money and lands are chiefly gone.

And but two taverns licenced perfons, at though no others could let them have rum 2c cyder there, and ia adjacent towos too. After ail the main point remains cnrefolved, to which every thing elfe faid in that piece, were but appendagca, viz. Wherein appears ihc jodice of that condudi that maintains a m'Bionary to preach to the Indians, who spends uioiciiun half of his time in dltcharging the duties cf a paftor among she Englifh, fince they hake Dot and do bear, their proportionable part of his fupport This matter he has left Undone, and faid many things that be ought not to have faid, aad but little that he ought. If toy thing I have wrote, (hall in the iflue, be a means of God's glory, 1 fhall hae my ends fully an-fwered in his praife. I (ball leave triis writer with my bed wifties, and patiently wait fot his tcjbynder, or 'liflory, of the rife, progrefs, declention, and prefent.

(late of the miffion, and hearken to the divinely, iofpited writer. Make no friendfh'p with an angry man, and with a furious m.h thou (halt not go, lead thou learn hit way, and get a (oars to thy foul. LOU DON, January 1771 Ex'traft of a Letter from Bodon, Nov. a. 177'ij.

'T'HE principal newt fince my lad is the trial A of Capt. Prcdon, which' began onWednef day Oclobcr 24th, and was continued from day today, Sunday exeepted, 'tillTuefday the 30th, when the Jury rctarned their finding him Not Guilty. He way immediately difcharg- cd, and is now at the Caillc. I employed fhort hand writer to take down the trial, which I wall (eod you by the next vefTel. The witmf fes eximined on both fides amounted to about fifty.

The lawyers for the Crown were Paine aqd Mr Samuel Qoincy for ihc Ptifor er Mr. Auchrauty and (vjr. John Adams. Each of' them fpeke near three hours at lead. About Monday noon the Judges began their charge.

ludee Trowbridpe. who fiifft. entered Judge Lyndes cocduded. He ffcke a confi-V derable lime, and was of the fame opinion wiih the othet Judges. Towa'ds the c'ofe of his fpeech, he faid Hsppy I to find, that af-f te fuch (Iria examination, the condufl ofahel ptifoner appears in fo fair a lifiht yet I ftcll myfelf at the fame tiroe dfeafTccled, chat the affair turns put fbmach tocJifgrace ofeveryf pet foil concerned againff fiim, and fo much tcJ the Hiame of the town in general." 1 Great Numbers attended during the wbold trial which was corned co with a folemn dc eency.

After the Jury kid returned their verdia, noj guilty, Judge Trowbridge tilted the Jury, if an of tbcm had the Jeaff dniiht in their mir ther Cpt Prertor did, or did not, give ordert id column it chiefly taken up with ah account of hit laboured invefligation of the author, which together with dcfper.te ic'proschea. is the (an and fubftaocc of what he hai wrote. To give a particular anf wet to every exceptionable fen-teoce and hard word, a fmtll volume would fcirce coataio the remarks which might juttljr Be made. I ftiall cohtedt myfelf with one or two gceeral reniarki. My deGgo it oot to render railing for railing, nor dull I pretend to match hiro io keen ia-veelivci and bitter reproaches, nor do envy hira" (he honor or pleafure of them.

Hia language is worthy of obfervation. A ffyiog attack appears through the whola performance. And here and there he throwi out many hard words. (half felefl lome of them in otdcr to coroc at the purity of hit (lile, the excellency of hia fpi-rit, and whereby it may be feen how free lie i of th at gall with which ho charges the writer. The To words are featured about in his piece as fre finds ufe for them.

Ridiculous uogenteel fcurrilout moke fiim out of his Hole weak falfe mewed up in holes and corners filly bufy -body morkifh cell barbaiifm bewildered brain vitiated tuind newt-monger wrangler and fool. He appears to be greatly oat of temper, aad the paroxyfm fcc'mi to be incurable. Bat a tboufand h.rd wordi will not amount to an argument nor dcflroy a faft. They never' fail to beget io the reader a iufpic on tbat the cauTe if not good, when the writer it obliged tdhaTcrecourfe to fiith weapons or oone. Tru-h feemt to irritate him to the lad degree, which affords a ftrong prcfumplion thai le is not fo' difintercded in ihc matter as he would be thought id be, but fume way acceffbry to the pre cnt declention of the tn ffion.

Indeed he feemj rxpert in quoting fcripture, abd applies thole words to the Writer, with what meafureye meie toothers, the fame (hall be meatured to yoo again, but appears wholly to forget to apply them to himlelf. In the traufport of hit Zeal he enq tirea where have this mighty creeled their awful tribunal or tribuoa't and judgment feats, ft cm to bo frcfhio'hii mind, at though mankind might not make obfefatioos upon the unrcafonablc conduct of one another without afTu-ning the prerogatives of the mod as though they were under no obligations to' let their light (bine be: fore men. And as though fome men were fo refpetfable in tbeir p'erfons, (o infallible io their procedures as to be above hrrmao obfefvatio and in ceed of nothing to roufe their He introduces various things foreign to his purpofe, snd bcfiJe the prefent quclliuo. He' afiurei the public thnt the writer has not fpent a mite of any thing tbwards fuppbrtiog the mif-Sbn. That other toVrii do not difablc them-felvei from maintaining their mioiders, by con tributingto the fupport of the minider of 3tock- bridge.

That he knows hew to fpeod the nieans of his fupport at a ch'riflian and a gentle man, and fucb like things. 1 fiefe eccentric obfervaticT.s I fhill leave with him to apply to' fupport of his caule. He it careful to publirV that fome other" people love to drink cyder and ram befiJej lodi-. sns irnl people that live out of Stockbridgc too," this has not been denied at he feeros to fug-geft may dcubtteft betruc, thatTome people in arid Tome out of that town, may have been to Brame by letting them have flrong clrink A'er; meladchdly confideratien ro bclament. cd in tears of blood but fomeibj0g urihcr' than all this iseoritained ia thofewcrdi by flrong' implication, and he undoubtedly' had another tbinj in view, if he had, I will leave him to the painful of hit ubgiouadcd' afpetfions io 'hit' fpber moments.

am a hearty friend to trie town of Stock-bridge, their pious mifficnry 'and this venerable writer. His fevere inteflivet 1 (hall impute to the warmth of his fpirit, and dill retain my idea of bis dignity, juftice and virtue', dd not can. Ctive it any way peceflVry to publilb my uame, neither cm I conceive oo what better footing He might espeStp be by letu'og the world know hit name, unlefj he expecls ibat will make up wtit'cjfeii wanting to make hir cgufe nc was aotwererj, No not Imalle OODbl nf hi tnnnrrnrf Extr.a of another ijettef frorh Bolton, in tiog and. Lby which our Readers may fci in. what an odinus ilie I- this Town arc reprefented tq the People 0 England by me Perpnt amcng us.

ft AT it nenu lie State of Society in th Ttmn sf. BoJIsn, liar afume: itelftt home, of the Mctnpolu of ttnttha Jo. reffu it paid, here to Qnerntttal pp feas pf Suiirci notion and. ft-tm ifo iuant of Jotne fapcth Power to c'linge ti for prtttHun, every Man ufpicisui of his neighbour whi j) 'i cw Dmt gtguet harangue tbe P.eoplc and. under the nati.

0 Liberty, lead them on to aflioni oj cruelty, Tand.opptejjion and Satiety Jteni allt (lf.wthiut order, withiut magiftrate Ik'inkijromhii duty and ibeDemi goguei prejbmi Io diftate to the Judgctl on feat- ofjulic the Officers ofibt are injulted end. the pttc able and quia Subjefi, vho vpuld. pat if lie it ptrftcuted, cpftrejld, lore dovil and Amidft all I hh, Glvernment ci tent, itelf mil pajing faint that ridleued it ivery Deiiv niklrh wyuTnuounicr reioivti oj tqual yitigbt, ai A jim are umuppoTtea ana the lime that largely into the contradiclcry accc-onis given by the witneffes, and declared that it did cot appear' to him that prifoner gate orders to fire but if the Jury foould think otherwifei and find it proved that he did give ft)ch orders, the cjuef-(joo would naturally be. what cfime is ty of Airily could not call it murder. Here he explained the crime cf murder in' a very cltSr, diftiocl manner, and gave it as his' opinion, that by law the prifoner was not guilty of murder obferving, the Jji'ng'had a right' to feBd hit troopt here that the commtnding' officer of thefe troopt had a rjjht to piace a ceminal at the Cudom houfe i.hat the'centinel placed there on the night cf the 5th of Marcli as In the Kingt peace tbat he' duid not quit hit pofl; that if he wa iufulted or attacked, the Captain of righMo protecl him that the prifoner and who came thee for that porpbfe, were in the King's peace that while they were at the Cudom-hcufe, for rtc protccliag the ceatmcl, it wa phtoly'proved, they had been affmlted by a great rumber of people' that the people tfcmbled there were not in iRe King "a Petee, but were by law con.

Cdered as a trotoos mob, at they attacked ib'c-prifoner and his party with pieces of ice, ft clubi, and that even one of the witceffet again!) him cdnftfTed he was armed; with a Highland brnad fword that trie rioters had knocked down one of the foldiers oFthe p'atty. laid hold pf feteral of their multoeii. and that before the foldiert fired the cry wa, Kdcck thtm doWo, Kill them, Kill tbcm that all this was fwors to by the wit-ncflei, and if the jury bclicnd ibero, the ptifooer i tf vvionijii toeviieivei in cementing Utiruni "'wirengioenwg toemjtivei in a Keltttavc lie Author ih of real A Gentleman who landed rem the Cd mem tan erednejday, fays, that French' King, fo far fran faying (asw tipned in the Papers) Let me bavt 'i War let me iate no Wary gave tit orders 4 days ago Let oil my Fle bi ready, and every Renimtht that rA fparedy be witbin 4 miles of my (hurts ne aaas, mat tbe trtneb art pojfejjed ptemy. or money wtbeut jy- Tax.".

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