The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1933
Page 4
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WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 20, 1933 BLriiHEVlLUS, (ARK.) COUB1EB NEWS PAGE «VE EC! ION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D«i!y rale per nne ror live insertions: IFWt average words lo I | Oue lime per lino lOc Two Umes per line per day (Wei lime* l«r line per day We' (Kc, KHAL ESTATE WANT l.AND--\V •Id's. BQ's .met Ja sell IT40 irucl. See COMPANY. liavo Inyers foi ! itOi iraels C;'.n ] THOMAS LAN'U I 2Dc!;l'2 Held in Slaying of Husband i BALKM. Oiv. Fire*in 1933 i iVJl'l. — Alllioush line) \eu ran uny '. Lij:;^' i» I'.iyili'- Ylllc OU SlUHihly hl>l»!:l! >.'S tiiali It IK rculfiijj l»r. IM l;c iiU-.d lo loll you law. E. M. 'If-KllV, Ascal. Phoni* 017 or Wj 81x tune* pet line per (lay • Month rate ptr line ....... Minimum charge 60o Wo I-'OIi UKNT Ails times ordeied lor three or six 1 I-:GM. ¥ and slopped before cspLra- ! :>;<:SM. rlmi'SK Piionu ' 3i.- Ul Ash. All Classified AS'ARTMKNT. 108 „,, Adverting copy rr A "AKiiuiTii- iu. aw rs t^r:! p -< *™ *«?. ?*__ • K " ""' jjivlur.ibly mulled by cash. Hate* m«y be easily computed from above lable. No'responsiDUily will be lakl:11 lac more than one incorrect ln- ol auy classified ad. Advertising ordered lor irres lav insertions lake the one tuno rale. for m:m, he:il Phono 03. 5'.-' M:ii:i. ji-V.10-5 ATfRACTIVE bed room ("•' " icn - clow- in. Mn M. T. Moon. Cull BSD-W. 23c k3-23 Mnilcrn '.'• niiini. furnWicrl fr 1111- furnisliiMl :i|i:ii-liucnl«. m-wl.v <!••<:- ni-iilcil. over Kirliy Druir C». AM store InilliliiiR ailji'iniKK llovy 'i'hc- :itor r. Siinoi!. 120 W. Davis. Call c'l Furniture liouElU and fc" 1(l Stoves ro,:'.,!reu-Any Al,,u Maray • i W. 20|) days arc here ;. B .ii«. — EISER " Machine KtpainnB. 116 f .,_«os e . Waler-l'roof Tarpnuiiiis 7x3 S'i.75; Sxin S3.-2U-. iixVi UXI5 5U.OO; oll-tr sizes «ml "•<-• usdu lo order. Carney A and «• *>• RcgisUrert Kpenccr forscllrrc Mrs. J. J. U;ivis. Phone •!-! " L. G. -Moss Bljlhevillc's cul rale undertaker. CLEAN BBS. TAILORS ONE or two roums on North ll:iilr«:«l strcot, suitable for col ton olTki-s. Will Ux to suit iciiiinl an Ic-asi 1 . Apply (,'uiirier Now:. he aiinmcr nl 11)33 saw llic.niosl lisislioiis Oregon [orcst HITS ln| .my. (here wus u marked Ac- 1 «e In hiceiKlliivy bluzes, SUle' IL- alutb'.iiei tilt 1 cU'cllni' 'o| Forester Lynn CronemlUer presence In tlw siavo of numerous o.C.c. cuinng. with men ready to llshl fires. Most Incendiary bluwfi of rccenl years luivc been Ml by I t Operation Saved Tiny Chow Puppy COLUMBUS. O. (UP)—I'lvc (liiys Carl v. McKenzle, jii^l pljjht ;i cold which developed soon atl?r weeks ijriKlimlcd frojn Oliio Sutc the Opc-ratlon ami threatened lo University's College of Velcrln- prove fain! lo him. : ;n y Medicine, performed it c.ii'Sifv- ' - —: section oiKrAllon. Of Ihc oViMT ; \\Vchly Neiii.|iaiicr 0) Ycurs Oil}.' Kan. '" before Ijuly Uluu-Jnck. Ihorough- livo puppus, one uas alri'iidy Jriul 1 1IKLLEVILLK. Kan bred blue ol:u\v dots. w«> cx,;«i'' ivhcn Ur. McKonnlc opernlcd, and j jv:lli:vlllc Tr-lescoiic, „_ Hnimiain OH BlOUntWH Memorial to Educator WONALANCET, N bronze mcmorlAl tnhlcl newly affixed to l'i:c fucc o( u gltinl- gnin- Ite iioiildcr ;H the convergence of ilnci. 1 trulls on Ihc nigged slOiK 1 .-! of Ml. Choconi.i l«»rn [ Ilil-s luscrlplion: , in Mcmorlam Hi-nry L;uvrcnce Soiilhwlck : 1663-10^ ' Mis ashes rest upon Hie mountain ; Unit. I'.L' loved so s\ell. i The iishes of Ur. Sonlnwlck, for I '.'."' ycare presiclenl of Einerson . Collciic. Uoston, were strewn over ( An ai-rc i>iii;i!iiiMy «"'» ' vs ' the nionulalnsWc rccenlly In ful- MVCII AS A 1'Allt OK OXKN ANli ' lillnienl of his deiiihbcd wish. Duri A MAN CIH'LM ri.ouiill IN A ; inj{ his life .-e Imd cllmutd Ml. PAY. Dlic wi'i-f I" " sc '" ""' I Clioconm more Ihnu 100 limes. ; KAltt.Y ROMAN KIIA. Vein. Vlili, Jllst be(ori , •„,, olci|] Df g,,,,,,,. , Vn-1 nici'iis I CAMK. I HA"- ' 1 wick cllclatcd Ihe words Inscribed «n the lublct. lUI'J—The weekly lo slvc blrlh to « lllter of piipplL-j. | tin- uiln-r one was KK> builly In-' in'W>:pa|wr. has ten published fur she died on u vclorlnnrliin's op.'r- > Juroil to Ix 1 savul. | C-! coniccullvc years. The iw]«r iithiu table from Injuries received Tlio doclor'i wife, a ertulualf: M.S csliibllshcd In Rcplcmber,' when struck by B« nulotnablK*. jniiise, although vetcnnarj 1 b-Dk.s| IMO, :nut only has had three own- However, one of her Ihrcc tin-[don't Idl much nl:onl what on?'i 1 ..:. A. Q. Miller, Jr., is Ihc prcs- H. (Uin—A I born pupplfs wns saved wl;cn Dr. |s. - i>uk| do for prcinntiirc p'.ips, nnrs-' .MI editor. OUK BOARDING HOUSE ' A crumpled tiauclkcrchlet liold to. I her I'uco. Mrs. Mary Ireno lluc- colo. :i». '.a shown abovo us Bhe cert vvtieu Meed b> acllon ot . Mrs Kd Hurdin. 1017 Wulnut. 21= k'J-21 WANTED TO i>UV^ HIGHEST PSUCi-.S paid li. 11 .' on go ilini slie sliot to Kit tiusbcnd. Tnillcy lt:ukrl thieves hon' li:;vi- inner lubes, iron, ni.-i.t.s, ir.asa- j • { {o ~ , 1 , I ,"" rt( ,| rimi . lll of the zincs, hides, cars lo vvrccr:. \voi. ' , E , c 0( ,, lc t .. lp . Arian, 128 E. Main, Pr.on" l.u. .^. s s , ]lnubi . Uu . (1 . itk js to , m i, •"• K the trolley off the overhead wire CORN' WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY and grab t!'.<-' coin box while the motunnan is replacing il. You Helii'vert in My Kulher . . . • "I \\?UH vo-i to believe In me — this, the larRCSl- ylnnln^ buslncs.s IP. Ihls section, was hniidcd down to inc. built to Us donihmnU j:o.slllon llnoiish friendly, honest nnd< helpful dealings il .shall Ire my constant desire to iiplnkl those IridUions und to further cetiu'iu your confidence h\ the .Sternberg name." JTCCNBtCG GIN AM LOW UNTIL. £GAO,M^OD&W.'3I^JU 1 , : ^ : S'i' *' ^ IDC.A. 1<B A 60OD OME.J WHY DON'T YOU BUY PARROT'? Tjtsiobs BtnN6 A PET , ur ; Also s TVAE JAR60M OF THE •"V SURt, AW THERE "DO "BE TU 1 r. f UNXiERWCR.l-O, AND HE. '(7 rW\Y GIVE VOU SOtAE. ° ' iNFORrACTON AND CLUES ,C SOMt TIPS HE ^^l(5HT rSQUANNK. OUT )/ IN THW oiXu "BUY TO YOU IN YOUR-SERVICE AS A ^_~ YOU A PRO/^AOTION TROM ABE AT ON TH COW •BELT? V.V i-Ptr r -> / <R-i V ; \ \ \\-SL-' ; ' n^-" T »»tiii«icr. i« .y^^ v \ v IV^N ^ Kor Quality rhont 180 Birncb NnWa Cleaners Loot Like Ncu phone ni Unifliic Cleaning Smit.- SPOUTING COOPS \Vc arc i-nntiliuiliB our Sale Offer—Conic in and aboul it. Hubbaril Hardnarc L'o. RAP10 SEKVICE RADIO SKRVICINC. Vest Eeiuippcd Shop in HAROLD SIIDWURY — NEW FORD Rental-Rcchareing-Rcpairin" 717 TIRE fc BATI-ERY STATION Knr Prompt Balltry Phone 8 AUTOMOTIVE (ioccl Mrdiaiiir - Work Guaranteed Prices Ili 19pk2-3 BABY DUGGV. rcp-sonab'e. Hcnbcsl. The ViEl'M v HALLALDYAH, STHVH'S BOOTS"ANi) HKH HUDDIKS ALL KINDS Mm, Women children':; u*d clolhins r.nd shccs. Highest cosh price. Leighton's, 350 K. i-ooin, mnv. b-j v.atcrpro'rt ;iud reatoniible. Mrs. Norris. phone 335 or 274-J. Drink ,11:t ln-.-t fur Hi 1 -.' s.'.m !H : D\Vi:iSLTl kili^ c.f beer. : - 1 MAI.K UKI.I' \VANTlil) .v:.M<—Wnnc-cl in'-'-- in I •:( McConnnn i'mdni-ts '.ii.'*. Good liviu;; inci-?.T;:ii:j; yrafit. 1 IT SEEMS , ctS-.E J 5V DOG SLED, , AVID ••it-ssaiy. Applv- by Ivt'ri- ID Mc- XiNNON ,V "COJIPAKY. D-jpl. tt'BM-397. Wi!io:i:i. Xli:ui.. STOLEN yrllnv: yrs. old. leather halter with 1'-; chain. 10:1^ >l:avp hGrn c . i-liurl dnik. b'.isii on uil. Gail .lal-.t- UN- j;!i:- Gin or n.-.ulv I'd '13pM lien Olunc 31c W-31 Su-f[!r:i f'.rls f.ons LUI.KA. Swetitli. it.' l:rror.-..' li:c irki^o Hi Sv.oJcn licis icro. access the Lak- Uiver HE PEACE f\NQ QUIET Of XVrtEK AGO l« GOME THERE IS ft CT? Ti BtPlftM OF VOICES (WSTEAP THE DIM OS HAMMERS AHO BARKIN6 HAULIM& TOO QF M£?.CHAMD>SE1. ^ TRACTOR LOt»Dt=0 VJITU RLU ihan Revolt Has Feminine Side W H EK K'S H AI -I 1 - A N' -! IA1 . V ? 8AI,FSMAN SAM ^—' 3UUCHGD (XT TME. f\T THE. ©OILED SHIRT OUT IH FRONT — RftTLOP. HftS EDGE OM SECOMO SHOE-- STRIH& f>,MD FOUR AM) HIS feov! h C'MOfJ, POODLE SET AWAY FROM THERE—IHM'5 WHERE VOU 1HKT ROISOWED POSKCHOP? DOGS NEVER PORGTTl NVBODY WHO'S 6OOP 70 THEM-OR ArWBOOY- MEAN, FeF.L?> i VEAH-SHCiLL BE \ftLftD TO &ET HOML TD GLA.D b u £5 HER OLD BED AfcM'-l - OOlMo &^-K TO BOY/ SHE'LL WtVER 6O5>H,1 DO, MR. HUFF.' I 6ER\'ED ALL S4X CHOPS AND COWE TO THE POINT OF 5EMT "fO 5HUUZ. FCR TVIW ORDER OF PORK CHOPS TO THINK OF lT,CNCf LAST MONTH, DCM'T YOU? FORGET YOU tfy LOH6 6HE - •fOUR HOU& C _, / I I-RECKLtej. r ./ 1 DO YOU RECALL ANYTH1MG ALL PECULIAR AV10UT THE IMODEKfT? LEFT OM TUB PtAje. OVER 7HC BOYS STORY, MR. HUFF, THE- HOTtL OWKIE.R , DECIDES TO DI6 DEEPER? ! L'.C'JOH FOR I f-Ti : .CKLE.'3 TO Day i Niiih*. Kcrvkf K'.a'.lo" Cninplclo Line Shell Products Repair Work at Any Phoup GOa Milton Slcrnbcrii. 13c kIO-1- I.AK6KST STUCK i:SKf) VAIMft iJrUecu Memphis and Ht. Louis Also Aiilo 6lass — Phone 06 JACKSON AUTO I'AilTS CO. 2c Aulo Glass All Kinds Installed Tlic Ark-JIo I.umlier Co. Red's Place—118 E. Main Call 308 fur Anlo r!ody anil I-'cnrler Service Formerly villh Sliousc-Llllle I" , .-^ 2Qp-k!l-2C | I ; .^'-. RIJSSKI.f. ANDKIISOS' In charge Chrj-slrr Gnra^c AVork Ouaranlrcd nn any make cir New Van Norman Borin; .ilachinc Thonc 888. 2ofk9-25 DOGS, 1'KTS Kor Heallhy Doss tccil Ililltr's Ralblls A (juick Lunch HUDUARD IIARRBWAJUi CO. \VH,L SELL cheap my house 2 lols in Blylhcvllic or trade lor used car. Bos 95 or 921 S. Lily SI. FOR SALE pracllcallv ncv:. .; rtcfciKlcr o" IV.c Piione 858-J. Mrs. J Cuban rejiric. liii^ girl rovoln- Ig'k^ lionlsl stands guanl al a B"lo lo J . I Hie Cnliatn fortress lail, wlilci sv driiikin? nr»- j !.;•: Imia u-iitirU-d ollicUis of tliB " ?0--klO-''o! ?9verumenla. J

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