The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1944 BLYTIIEV1LLJ3. (ARK.) COURIER; NEWS v; Enemy Borer Is Of Peach Trees Fumigating With PD.B -.Will Help To Insure *Vigor Of Orchard The peach tree borer is one of the most' important insects' attacking peaches in North Mississippi County orchards, . says Kfith. ..J...J3i|l>rcy, county ne'ent. ' ' ' " The borer, ranking next (o the Sun ijosc scale as an enemy of peach trccs^.must be controlled 11 the trees arc tp bo maintained in-.the. high stateTof vigor which Is necessary for large'yieldSj'lhe county agent says. Fumigating' with psiradichlorolxMi- xencj.(ofleu called PDB) will kill tlie borer?. It has Ulie added adrau- tnges.. of being cheap and caiisjng trees. vare]y Injury by the peach tree borer is recognized by the gum and frass that-arc thrown outsat the base ol the .tree,; the county agent says This'shows (ha,t the borer'Usually works at or somewhat below (he surface of the soil. In' preparing for fumigation, ' StT« 50% On ; TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWARTS D r o f S t t r • Main & Lake Phone. 2822 stones, weeds, and grasses m.tisj be removed from aroiimi the base of the; tree; and the soil surface W- cled. Pnrndlclilorobcnwn'e should hen be evenly distributed around the trunk of the tree in a continuous band about 2 inches wide. The inside of the band should be un Inch from.the bn.rk of the tree, fl should be covered with a few shovelfuls of dirt, and then tramped down.with the shovel. It Infested trees show evidence thtit the borers arc working well above the ground, a mound of earth should be thrown up around the trees before the [Jaradichloraben- zene Is applied,,so that It will be tit Ihe same 1 level"ns'\fii highest•'bor- "s. An ounce of pnrjuiirhlorobenzcno is required for trees sis years bid or older, the county agent sajd. For trees four'or five years' olii,"(hrce- fourllis of an ounce Is necessary. On younger- trees one-fourth tc one- half ounce may be used. Since there Ls some ^dnn^er. of injuring: the tender bark 'of 'you'ng'trecs; Vb'inilhg'by hand is safer. However, the danger of Injury by 'Using - paradtchloro- benzcno can be reduced by tearing down the-mounds four to six weeks after the treatment, the. county agent explained. This Is especially important when treating young trees or when treating after November 1. Since npple trees are susceptible [to injury from paradichlorobenzenc, " this material should never IK used in apple orchards. The best time for treating North Mississippi County peach trees Is between Sept. 25 and Oct. 14. II treatment is delayed beyond the recommended time, the borers will have time to do some damage, and the damjer.of, injury to trees from the treatment' is Increased. • ' • • At Fair To Feature Most Outstanding Birds Groftn In This Section Advance' animal Poultry Show to be held ho Mississippi County Fair, beginnm^ Tuesday, point io it the U'showing of the highest qmiily poultry ever placed on exhibition in the animal poultry show. The generous premiums and : or More Eggs Feed Poultry Flock Proper Rations For Best Production offered by the. association this from all over the Ulylhcville territory, iThis year's' po.iiUry'show.wUl be* : ' no nf nlfa 1 it xi v i*AH>,-,.', 11.,,., «.in ...'< tt .i '. year are attracting entries one of qitalityttftHicMlmn quantity ami exhibitors ' arc conditioning', their birds for a real contest'.';*. B* Mpore of Memphis, one. of (lie but- standing, poultry judges 'III 1 the ^Id-South,;\vill-judge Uic'sMv'tlitli' year. ' •• '•'.,'" '•'' ''• •The poultry wIl'Qo exlilblte(l"ln the modern, exhibil,,,coops, owned'by the fair associaljoiv., special classes being.provided, for'ppcn show, future Farmers aiifj.^-U .Olub exhibits. Special arrangements .arc ibe- imj made for poultry exhibits entered by Negro' fanners and ' ixnil- try raisers in order that all Mississippi County poultry fancier.'; may have an opportunity to exhibit their best birds in this show. The Poultry Show Is in charge of II. E. liliiyloek, veteran pouKry- man of Mississippi County and operator of the chick hatchery at Ulylhevilte. Mr, Blaylock has been In charge of the pouUry show at the Mississippi County Fair since its beginning in 1920. Entries in the poult."y show will be received from Monday until 9:00 o'clock Wednesday morning. Cata- Ifjgucs inul 'premium lists are available to a'n v ,oiie Interested In the show and can be hud by crtlllng at '.the 'office ol the county agent hi thd court House nl lllvlUcvllle 01 the office of the Kitr "Association In :the : Clty Hall at Blylnevlllc. ' ;THE OLD JUDGE SAYS... "The war sure|ias"rnadii'SM6t"'()f"clI;mgeS"itl" 1 - -"Cjr •rabber-espert9-kfiesv«liow^to ma!:c this old worldjof ours, hasn't it, Judge?" it but the problem was to get the huge fejyj i . r |,' j.mioimts of industrial alcohol needed. Al' "•' ' most overnight ttie country's beverage dis- "Plenty of jheni, Jpha, J3ne pcopte. realize Js that the rubber producing center ot the \v>orld ia now right.hereiin, tjie, ( ;, tillers stopped making wtiiskey and converted United States . ' '" ' (L \ ' 100% to the jinxluction of this vital ingredient. A high government officuu said recently this was '...analmostvjhparallcled United States .J "Whcn the Japs conquered the big natural rubber producing centers of the world they thought they ;had us licked. jBut in two , , example of the overnight conversion of an short years, (hanks' to 'American Industry;'-' "'eritire'iticiustry'frorii'peace to war.'"', we are now producing synthetic rubber enough to supply all our military and essenlial civilian needs.- "Come to think of it, Judge, it : was a mighty fortunate thing the beverage distilling industry was in existence, wasn't it?" TAu afreitiltmtnl ifantotfl bfConlmnft of AtcoWie Brrtfat* IndHilrits, Inf. ATTENTI and SERVICE STATIONS We have the largest stock of Genuine Chevrolet parts between Memphis and St. Louis.' We give maximum discounts to : aII authorized v 'garages and service stations. If our wholesale man fails to call on you please pardon us and call Mr. Shelton at 578. ich Chevrolet Co. BIytheville, Ark. Phone Day or Night 578 On The Farm Front ny 1,1:1; HANNirv United Press l-'urm Krilt'or '''lie \\'nr l''gi>il AdinlnLstrattoi Ini.s npparently lost another louiu in Its livestock price celling' ells piite with OPA. The cant rovers) revolving nround supports nn<l Itigs on hogs. \VIIK pli\cL'il before StnWli7,!i;tioii [Director Vinsoii for nrbllriulon, nncl Vlnson ruled In fnvor of the price ogency. As n consequence, liog support prices dropped « dollar null a oiiiirlOT n liutidrcd on tlie first of Hint feeding the Iny- llock Is merely providing the ncns with the.material they noci for egg production nnd Ijody'.devol- Mlss Corn, JjCc Colennni comity humc deiiKmslrntlon' nKo'nl tills week. recommended tn Missis- County |>oiillry misers the mush nnd grain Jjystcm as tlie ffeil 1»B method Hint will, produce-('Hip "lost economically. Although ihcrc 'arc .stiverpi nietli- oil.s of feeding I'n c'uirtrtion UM>, tliirli wllh Its merits and ndvnntnges, xh< PAGE'FIVl\;-5 which fiimily-sli'.ed (nrins nre bused, farmer of today who has only is miu'li crop us his family Is able o harvest Ims no worry about 'ibtululiiK Inlw' to supplement fniu'- lly labor; nnd nt Hie present wnges IB (Milt for cotton Iwmwllns profits to be realised from farm- Ing nre greatly minimized. y 70 lief cent of fum families . being financed by tin Ru'in Secui-ll) 1 .'Admiiilslmllan new ho lisi'lsiiinc'c' fi-fyii a'ui.slnc (lie fnm- HJ' It) : liniVeSt!' tliolr cVops, consul I'flni! Hint we continue to liiwt! Inv oraUlo.;Wi'aH.vor conditions, 'llils L wIllKiu^.njiiiue, deliiy-: In ,|he pruceK ;,, theioby, no los tiU'ito^isrtilqrnllci^ln j| lc field „ ^ss of weight. A part of the ve n (jooil ' 111 Ki's, she 1 to '20 next, month, to « shnrp re- ductloii • In swine production, WPA ,"""rl 1 ..",', Imcl cndeavorod (o cull off this.' n., ln „,„, move. . . > .,....' ...""." per cent protein, nnd enough feil twlco dully to keep the lions in uoo<l body wclBlil lire iidvlsed by • the University of Arkunsus College of Agriculture ns best for llm nv- crngc Mlsslsslp])! County poultry fnrnier. Tills method not only Ims Hie widest use nnd will usimlly Blve the best resiill-s, but it. nllows 'or the (ceding of home-urown glillllS. The iniLfh, whldi provides Iliu mnteriiil nceileil by the hen to inukc ei!Bs, should be nvnllnblc In fecdns lipfore Die fJock lit nil times, Knell suck of feed sold contains n ing on which Is printed the Kuovunlued riimlysls of Hie feed. "U docs not nmller whether tiuish or pellets in'?, used," the linme. ., duiuonstriiUon "Kent, "(he pi-glcln qoiitcnl Is what counts, nnd It should rcnil 111 to 20 nnioimt of grnln ,Tl,c price d,,p wn not so concerned over the scheduled lowc-rliif of celling prices on hogs because' the reductions will not take effect until June. ' Good news comes from WTO In grain limn mash Is needed. Wnrn- i"K Hint overfeeding of grnln menus overfill hens nnd fewer eggs, Miss Colemnn snid Hint on the 100 hens will cut aljaul 10 (o IS pounds of grain cneli <lny, one-third of which should be fed In the inornliig nnc hat the cntputof nnimimltlon-for;^-^'!^^ Ifffi, "J -...„ t ..v. un^i'tiu ui 'iiiiuilillUIUJI IU1 i Ju'n r>i* iiiiii-n ni-nlut- I I I Hie guns of farmers, rnnchers nnd ' ^ ( ™, ™ c «f «• *' 1e "' c sportsme,, I S lo be Increased, from- | Ano.l er ,, hod 1 it B h bee.' of fcuclitig, llg t« D ' J ^ ro1 " *'"""* " ifirdwnrL' sloios. -Production of some of, the m^^^fpr few JZ ••»"* ° f '^™> - «' ^* uii'y start,again evenibeforc Hitler ;e'ts hl.Tifiual .come-iippniice- That is:|tlic, welcome, forecast, of Dieting imrnagcmcnt fnctorlos' 1 . „ to;,liire ciml , i.rc Ini))|lle.'i"\vho )|av<j, liuuio ' \i InUo . , ribudo'lis of fnmily members to ii'liu'd/iAi'ces. H"Ui..,>lsi)nliy s ^ ... , 'Unlly snl .hli( mi) 1 finiilly can 1 produce mm moduli Ilinn It cnii liiirvcst. Tills ri true slnlemciit, but It is n) rue to fiiiy Hint no fnmlly on " fnrm should produce moi •nniill ullier tljiiii a periodic; occupation I about six months, is the proper ystcm. This cropping system will mal-e it possible tq keep demands ^ on family r lub6r'on- »'• more* even JW kwl - t - V» 13> having sufficient labor to har- "J.3 vest cro|)s Ihe families are able to '-" pny 20 pci cent ovcr'an'd above '~ Ihcli necessary living c6s(i on their '-% o|)erathiB loans,: ..'.';,;• ;,..-'.,, -ai'^-S cotton tlinn It cnn lull-vest, i-^rm Security Administration county Ail- Sluic.i ure coitlj— U n v c them re- iiewert where «- uotliiK euro combined wllh sujicr- tutlvo wnrkninii' their being properly Every style of repnlr'lj miiJe hcr< -RIGHT) ". ' " heal production during,, the winter. , even ,i." 11 " __ __ itj .Germany shouldi sliUJhei in, ••ttieiHilnnufaclmcd bol\vo< n now aim the "?/','-'' I 1 ,' *' •'• ''•" '•' •' '''end -of the ycni i On th6 lioine . B hlls Already car-markert an- rponc,- ngilcullurc Is of doutsc one ioniil. 125,000. tons -of steel for' or the hcliMcst usOb of <.0li(|imenl ' FOR LOTS OF TALL EGGS THESE TIMELY HELPS= ij* for '°' s °' Low-Cos t Eggs... RINA LAYENA Gol eggs with uni[orm yolKs, strong shellsj delicious flavor. Complete'(eed — your choice, mash or pellets. ^Poultry Conditioner Help jff-condifi^n tirds \urn ' '"' mora feed into eggs. Roduces inteslinal injlamrnalion, helps eliminate large totindworms. S^l^^ft Pep 'em up with CHEK-R-TON Pep Up APPETITES Step up appetites o| 6||-|eod birds. Keeps 'em eating. Also helpjul in killing large loundworms, reduces intestinal inflammalion. ^,. M ' x CHEK-R-TON iwith rApsh,.,' .'.FEEDING L IB R A RY italio managomont for must every biid or animal. Ask for lh» ones you need, WE DELIVER ASK f ABOUT OUR REGULAR ROUTES r ttui ty «n)trEnt br p^an H.«r. tt'i hit* r«r L K. Mhcrait Co. ANNUAL AMERICAN LEGION F m § ^•aPP^ •.£ LEGION PARK — CARUTHERSVILLE October 4, 5,6,7/8 WEDNESDAY; oct; ^FREE DAY^ '" , THUR., OCT. 5—GOVERNOR'S PAY FRIDAY, OCT. 6—CHlLbREN^S bAY SAT., OCT. 7—DIGNITARIES' DAY SUNDAY, OCT. 8—VISITOR'S DAY RUNNING HORSE RACES DAILY ' FREE GRANDSTAND ACTS DAILY On the Midway GREATER SHOW! '< li RIDES— SHOWS — GA^iES A 4! ; ADMISSION (Taxes Included);— 15c-3bi:'" : 1 luvcnit jjrumliloii.ii'r, kicked bec \y where our tn'oMo'WMAllD\V'O«K/\NIHONG SERVICE... going ovcr t| T](frc are t S fjiw ' '' , t| t ^^i spots some loosc..Jpiiiisitliat!luni|icr me, aiid j' (li'iiiic'my winJ ' ' w,oijld be WiiCflif'my vulvbi md'i^tiliiid b^'ii'ch-ccF.UpV JhpleVI'' •crucc mch"ddw'n-(hcrc-arV'ohl friends b'hiiiiic.'ii'icT know me* l what I need. How aboul ii? Or do I bavc lo ULl'THEVII.LE OSCEOLA BUY BONDS * SAVE SCRAP . Purinq Deplcr JHE BIGGEST HQG SHOW OF THE, l' - .' T t'i - jf * '. i * !,>'/-' '• ''. , V."i • .',- I • .'••• : "i '' ' -' *, '.'.. -' 't Fail To Visif Tfil ARKANSAS STATE DUROC SHOW ; i'>',i>.'r|.V/! r -' '.• -i -at -fhc •'-', ,•;, MISSISSIPPI CQUHTY FAIR Blytheville, Seplember 26fh fo Oct. 1 Entries have come in from all over the Middle West . . . The finest Durocs in America will be shown. I Miss. 1 County Duroc Breeders Association J "THE HOME OF CHAMPIONS" ' ij *i F$P\PefUgfee'Wnrocs^or:Sale By T]iese-Mejnbers: A K 1 C. G. SMITH & SON STANTON PEPPER GENE BRADBERRY Blyihcviilc, Ark. Huffman, Ark. Manila, Ark. J. C. BUCHANAN CASTLIO BROTHERS C. H. WHISTLE BIytheville, Ark. Luxora, Ark. Whistleville, Ark. JOE T.CAGLE BURDETTE PLANTATION L H.AUTRY - Blythevilfe, Ark. Burdette, Ark.j Burdetter^rk. ROSS D.HUGHES JR. Blythcvilfe, Ark. J_

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