The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida on October 7, 1993 · Page 43
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The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida · Page 43

Orlando, Florida
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Thursday, October 7, 1993
Page 43
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End of an era: Jordan retires The Orlando Sentinel, Thursday, October 7, 1 993 D-1 1 R '.SI tf -,, t ;t We may never see his like again. He will be missed in every small-town backyard and paved city lot where kids play one-on-one and dream of being like Mike. President Clinton He probably will come back in one year to show v everyone he's still Ct the king. I think that Michael probably ! just wants to be left alone now. Magic Johnson It's just a sad thing. It definitely caught me by shock. Michael Jordan is the only person in this entire world that I've ever met who is as competitive as I am. Charles Barkley I think the most shocking thing right now is we're wondering how do , you replace a guy ; like that? I did not - expect Michael to retire this soon. ! Scottie Pippen This is a very bittersweet day. He's t doing exactly what he wants to do and J I'm absolutely X convinced he's doing the right thing, t Jerry Reinsdorf, f Bulls owner .... r k '. . ,., r 1 1 - J Many teams eager to grab ByTimPovtak OF Tr SENTINEL STAFF Disbelief and sadness spread through the NBA on Wednesday following the retirement announcement of Michael Jordan. But there was another prevailing, and different, emotion felt in many of the league cities. There was renewed hope. The dynasty that was built around Jordan in Chicago, had fallen so suddenly. Many teams now believe they can scale the wall. A new champion, and almost assuredly one that hasn't won an NBA title in at least 14 years, likely will be crowned at the end of the 1993-94 season. After three consecutive NBA titles, after effectively squashing the hopes of so many teams, the Bulls are just another team. "There are about five or six teams now with the potential to win the championship," said Ernie Grunfeld, New York Knicks general manager. "And we're one of them." Instead of the Bulls being the favorites again in the Eastern Conference, that role moves to the Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers, two talented teams that never could get past the Bulls in the '90s. The rapidly rising Charlotte Hornets, in just their sixth season, now could be considered the third best team in the East. The Cavaliers, with All-Star players Mark Price, Brad Daugh-erty and Larry Nance, were eliminated in the playoffs last season by the Bulls for the fourth time in the past six years. The Knicks, with a veteran team built around All-Star center Patrick Ewing, were eliminated by the Bulls in six games in the Eastern Conference final last season. They lost despite earning a home-court advantage during the regular season. "I think all the teams in the Eastern Conference might be feeling a little better about their chances now against the Bulls," Magic coach Brian Hill said. "New York and Cleveland are probably licking their chops. It's a golden opportunity for them to break through to the Finals." . Jordan's departure also could snap a five-year string of Eastern Michael Jordan's career stats College G FG FT Reb Pts Totals 101 .540 .748 509 1788 NBA (regular season) YEAR TEAM G FG FT Reb Ast 84- 85 Chi 85- 86 Chi 86- 87 Chi 87- 88 Chi 88- 89 Chi 89- 90 Chi 90- 91 Chi 91- 92 Chi 92- 93 Chi 82 .515 18 .457 82 .482 82 .535 81 .538 82 .526 82 .539 80 .519 78 .495 .845 534 .840 64 ,857 430 ,841 449 .850 652 .848 565 .851 492 ,832 511 837 522 481 53 377 485 650 519 453 489 423 Totals 662 .516 .8464219 3935 Playoffs G FG FT Reb Ast Totals 111 .501 .834 741 738 Williams: Shaq already has felt limelight pressure SHAQ from D-1 "Shaq has an entirely different personality. I don't think anyone is telling him to be like Mike," Magic General Manager Pat Williams said. "I think Sha-quille is enjoying being Sha-quille O'Neal right now. He likes the limelight. He's comfortable in the limelight. As I see it, Shaq has defined his own role in the NBA. "The burden of 'OK, Shaq, you have to be the spokesman for the league.' Well, that has to a large degree already been thrust upon him and he has dealt with it well. He communicates well . . . and has a real feel for who he is. But he's not the only player in the league. There are others out there who are also in a leadership position." After all, Charles Barkley hasn't left the league. Articulate, outrageous, he's still a go-to guy for insight on every issue. And there are others like Charlotte's Alonzo Mourning, the Knicks' Patrick Ewing and the Spurs' David Robinson to fill the lane left by Jordan, though no one may ever do it quite the way he did it. But if O'Neal is the one called upon, he'lfdo it his own way, he'U cre Retirement disappoints youngsters An Evans student summed up their feelings: 'The NBA just won't be as exciting anymore." By Tim Povtak OF THE SENTINEL STAFF From elementary school to high school age, from male and female, the response among Central Florida youngsters to the-stunning retirement Wednesday of Michael Jordan was much the same: Disappointment Real disappointment. "The NBA just won't be as exciting anymore with Michael Jordan gone," said Patrick Holt, 15,. from Evans High School. "We're all disappointed. It just won't be as fun knowing he's not around anymore. When we heard it at home, my brother started crying." Holt and many other youngsters gathered to play basketball Wednesday at the Pine Hills Boys and Girls Club. Some had learned of Jordan's retirement on the late news Tuesday. Others were greeted with the news Wednesday at school. No one went very long without hearing about it. "It's kind of sad for me and my dad," said Denise Vicens, 10, from Mollie Ray Elementary School. "We'd always try and Conference champions winning the title. The Pistons won the title in 1989 and 1990 before the Bulls began their run. The Lakers were the last Western Conference team to win the title (1988). The Phoenix Suns and the Seattle SuperSonics are considered the favorites in the West. Houston, Portland and San Antonio also could be considered contenders on the next level. All of PPG 17.7 PPG 28.2 22.7 37.1 35.0 32.5 33.6 31.5 30.1 32.6 CHICAGO BULLS 32.3 PPG 34.7 AP ate his own shot at this NBA ambassador title just as Jordan did when he came along. "In the mid-'80s Julius Erving was the marquee guy. And there was great concern about whether the league could overcome losing him," Williams said. "Then came Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and then Jordan. And now, in the last two years, all of those guys have left us. It's a changing of the guard. There is a whole new pool of talent." O'Neal is like the life raft in the middle of it, seen by many as the one sure person to grab onto now that Jordan is gone, the one who can keep the NBA's rising popularity afloat. "Shaquille has his own style," Williams said. "He's an individual with his own charisma and way with the crowds." He's constantly surrounded by them but seems at ease with all the hype, comfortable being who he is. He doesn't have to be Jordan, but as everyone will, he'll always remember what Mike was like. "Jordan is a great, great player and has been great for the league," O'Neal said. "One day, when I have a son, I'm going to be able to say, 'I played with Jordan.'" v.-...q;.:,y--'f.. lj JOHN RAOUXVSENTINEL (From left) Denise vicens, 10, Patrick Holt, 15, Jasoe Crawford, 10, Korey Blount, 17, Cory Ingram, 11, and Marlon Ranger, 15, are disappointed Michael Jordan called it quits on Wednesday. watch the Bulls on television, and I'd wear my Bulls hat. That's because of Michael Jordan. It just won't be the same now." Although Jordan said in his announcement that his father's death in July had little to do with his retirement decision, many of the youngsters thought otherwise. "I think he just needed time away after his father died," said Marlon Ranger, 15, from Evans High School. "They were so close. I'm disappointed, but I think he'll be back after he gets over his father's death." "He was like a hero, an idol to so many kids," said Jason Crawford, 10, of Mollie Ray Elementary. "I would have liked to see him stick around and get 10 championship rings." those teams now feel like legitimate contenders. ,"If you're in the West; you have to think your chances of winning it all are better, knowing you won't have to face Michael Jordan in a seven-game series," Hill said. "The Bulls just had such a stranglehold on the title." Of all the contenders in either conference this season, Seattle was the last to win an NBA title GOODfYEAU GAGLC ST 40,000 Ml. WARRANTY P18570R13 $5195 PI9570IIH S4.W P20570III4 tl.tS mum M.95 P22570RI5 17.95 P2357041S 68.95 P24560RI5 19.95 P25560R15 71.95 TREADSETTER 40,000 i MILE STEEL BELTED RADIAL P17580R13 P19575R14 P20575R14 P20575R15 P21575R15 OIL CHANGE Air ISE & FILTER coupon MOST CARS I 1 0PT. SAFETY CHECK I INSTALL NEW FILTER. I REFILL UP TO 5 QTS. I 1 0 W 30 QUALITY OIL a Run PLUS DISPOSAL FEE I Ad WH AND ROTATION I ALL 4 LOCKING HUB CAPS I AND MAO WHEELS EXTRA j MOST CARS . m no . . A - t. : . "ReRefe- Am yktMT 1 J 5580R13 $26.93 29.95 31.95 32.95 33.95 LI us 4L J Jfitl mfte? baton from Bulls ! ' .- 7- s Because Jordan did not rule out the possibility of playing again if his desire returns, most of the children believe they will see him play again. "I don't think what he did was right," said Cory Ingram, 11, of Ridgewood Park Elementary. "He's supposed to set an example for all the kids. Maybe he didn't feel too good right now, but then he should of stood up and met the challenge. He shouldn't have given in so easily." . Jordan's announcement also sent other kids and adults into the various card shops around Central Florida, all looking for anything with Jordan's face on it. Alta-monte Sportscards, for example, sold almost all of its Michael Jordan cards, posters and pictures Wednesday. (1979). Boston, Philadelphia, De-' troit and the Los Angeles Lakers teams which won the title in the '80s all are just starting to rebuild. "There's a lot of hope in a lot of cities today," Magic General Manager Pat Williams said. "Teams that thought they had to go through Michael Jordan to reach the title, just don't have to do that anymore." KC?SMID0IMMEiB GOODfYEAtt tismpo GOODfYEAR T-METRIC P155R8013 50,000 Ml. 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MOST CARS MOST CARS -SfAjetf!t- 1 1 -- L .-,- , , I , I ' years missed making All-Star team. college national championship. 2 Olympic gold medate. 3 NBA championships. 3-potnter3 in All-Star games. 8 limes sooring 60 or more points. 8 most playoff pointers in a half vs. Pomana. 7 consecutive scoring titles. 8 Ail-Star appearances. 9 seasons with Buns. 10 times fouled out regular-season ca reer. 14 free throws made in a quarter, tying record. 22.1 point average in All Star games. 23 Jordan's jersey number. 32.3 regular-season scoring average. 34 times scoring 50 or more points. 347 playoff scoring average. 35 most points in a half vs. Portland in nnais. 41 record scoring average vs. Phoenix In finals. 63 league-record points scored in piayongame. . 69 points, his most in a game. 111 postseason games played. 667 regular-season games played. 1,788 points scored at North Carolina 3,041 points scored In 66-87 season. 3,935 regular-season assists. 5,000 dollars lost gambling in Atlantic Qty. 5,096 regular-season free throws. 21,541 regular-season points scored. 4,000,000 dollars, salary tor '92-93. 50,000,000 dollars, estimated annual endorsement earmnqs. Ptt. Opponent Date 69 Cleveland March 28, 1990 64 Orlando Jan. 16, 1993 63 Boston April 21, 1986- 61 Detroit March 4, 1987 61 Atlanta April 16, 1987 69 Detroit April 3, 1988 58 New Jersey Feb. 26, 1987 57 Washington Dec. 23, 1992 56 Philadelphia March 24, 1987 56 Miami April 30, 1992-x 55 Cleveland May 1, 1988- 55 Phoenix June 16, 1993- 54 Cleveland Nov. 3, 1989 54 LA Lakers Nov. 20, 1992 54 New York May31,1993-x 53 Portland Jan. 8, 1987 53 Indiana April 12, 1987 53 Phoenix Jan. 21, 1989 x playoff game. WhiluppllMtet TOYO 600 F7 $AQ99 &N RADIAL P22570HR15 OWL LIMITED OUANTTTIE3 40,000 Ml. WARRANTY ALL SEASON TREAD DESIGN 155R13 $30.95 WRANGLER AT $Q195 LIGHT TRUCK .jnl 31-105ORI5 0WI 31.95 34.95 35.95 14.95 EAGLE GA 99 WALL SEASON RADIAL P70555R16 BLK Toyo 6004-4 High Performance All Season Radial. HR Rated COBRA GTS PERFORMANCE RADIAL rt9560HRI4$41.99 R05MHR14 77.15 P21560HRI4 7127 P19S60HR1S 7U7 ti mmm 11.11 ttj P21560HR15 I5.3J F22560HIIS 15.99 PI45II5 7100 R1565HR1S 14.89 P705HR15 11.99 $49.93 50.93 44.95 51.93 34.95 54995-, mm . . REPLACE PADS OR SHOES stsw Amat 1. METALLIC LINING ?fi EXTRA I GENUINE WAGNER PADS Kmtk Stn-vi IWjiWi Con MOSTCAS "ilyilf" 1 EELT CHANGEOVER Goodyeor Lifetime Warranty eJ J 3 BELT FREal 0 (new Um) Mm WgnMi Mm UK bin tuft In war rac (on enl roofing tew buy tm gone Lit ikw m pump, oil Irn mm m inswvpi arwcmt mem veiirin wtfi tomtvn fnoc.r9e vqim. Do. I M aim -ptm few. I.rww tgK. I MOSTCS wm, m

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